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Newsletter of Archer United Methodist Church August 2018 - Volume 8


Prayer is talking to God. It also means having a close fellowship with our heavenly Father. Fasting on the other hand, is when
one decides not to eat or drink water or juice for a period of time in order to get something from the Lord. Fasting is closely
linked with prayer. Fasting helps one to be humble and pray fervently to God. When you pray on certain things and the answer
is delayed, the next thing to do is fast and pray. Jesus commands us to pray and fast. We should follow His example (Mark
9:29). Our study is divided into three parts:
1. PRINCIPLES OF PRAYER AND FASTING: Matthew 6:5-18; Luke 11:2-4 Jesus taught us how to pray and fast as part of
His sermon on the mount. These are some of the teachings of Christ: (a) Prayer and fasting should be done in secret and not
for self-glory and praise. It is not to be done for others to see how well we can fast or pray. (b) Prayer and fasting should be
done to seek God’s glory and to have a close relationship with Him. (c) Fasting must go with prayer. If you fast without pray-
ing, you are just punishing yourself. (d) You should forgive those who offend you, if you want God to accept your fasting and
prayer (e) Prayer and fasting must go with reading and meditating on God’s word. (f) The life of the Christian who prays and
fast must be free from sin. As you do all these, God will answer your prayers.
2. PURPOSE OF PRAYER AND FASTING: Matthew 6:9-13,17 Why do we pray and fast? We pray and fast to: (i) Honor
God - Zechariah 7:5. (ii) Humble ourselves before God - Ezra 8:21. (iii) Receive more grace and get closer to God - Isaiah
57:15. (iv) Mourn over our sins, failure and pray for forgiveness – Neh.9:1-2. (v) Consecrate our lives to God - Matthew 4:2.
(vi) Seek grace and strength from God to overcome temptations and receive power to be victorious- Isaiah 40:31. (vii) Show
repentance and turn away from the judgment of God - 2 Samuel 12:16,22; Jonah 3:5, 10. (h) Save and deliver people from the
oppression and affliction of Satan - Matthew 17:14-21. (i) Receive revelation and wisdom concerning God’s will - Daniel 9:3,
21,22. (j) Open the way for the outpouring of the Spirit of God for revival.
Prayer and fasting do a lot in the lives of saved children. Take time to pray and fast and you will receive abundant blessings
from God.
3. GREAT POSSIBILITIES THROUGH FASTING AND PRAYER: Matthew 6:6,16; 17:21. Fasting should be done very
wisely so as not to destroy your health. Do not have a prolonged period of fasting. As you obey, God will give you good
health and many other uncommon blessings. Jesus said to His disciples: “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and
fasting.” When you pray to the Lord in faith with fasting, God will answer you with many blessings. God will do great mira-
cles, signs and wonders when you fast and pray. You will be able to overcome temptations. You will be free from the bondage
of Satan. Also, you will grow spiritually and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to work for God. Sinners will be saved
through your preaching. Yokes will be broken and every need will be met. These blessings will not come to sinners even if
they fast and pray. The blessings are for friends of Jesus because they are born again. First, give your life to Jesus Christ and
become a child of God today. Then you too will enjoy the blessings of prayer and fasting
MEMORY VERSE: “And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29).
1. What a Friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear; What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer. Oh,
what peace we often forfeit, Oh, what needless pain we bear - All because we do not carry Everything to God in prayer.
2. Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged, Take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a Friend so faithful, Who will all our sorrows share? Jesus knows our every weakness, Take it to the Lord in

5th Roxann Baker Linda Porter Dave & Opal Finley
12th: Sean Lane Suki Roed Vern & Vione Nieuwenhuis
19th: Steve & Ashli Landhuis Jane Schwartz Barry & Linda Nieuwenhuis
26th: Nancy McDowell & Sean Lane Stan & Jane Schwartz
Brian Schussler

If you are aware of someone in need of a pastoral call, please inform Pastor Derrick on his cell phone
605-691-6020. He would rather hear from multiple sources than from no one at all. In these times of
privacy rights, hospitals and nursing homes may not divulge information relating to a resident or pa-
tient, so it is very important that members and/or their families let the Pastor know of all needs for
pastoral care.
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