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GE Power

Upgrade your Waukesha*

VHP* engine with the
xCooled Cylinder Head
Conversion, Modification & Upgrade Offering

Product description cylinder head.

• SPARC spark plug sleeve design prevents
Applicable units
GE’s VHP xCooled cylinder head offers an coolant leaks
• Application of advanced manufacturing VHP F2895GSI
enhanced cylinder head design with proven
results in field-tested conditions operating processes improves component tolerance,
on high LHV fuels. By improving the flow of reducing assembly variations.
coolant to critical cylinder head components, L5794GSI
operators can expect to see increased Customer benefits L7042GSI
uptime, reliability, and performance of L7042GSI S4
• Improved reliability. Up to 40% cooler L7044GSI
Waukesha rich-burn engines. The xCooled valve and guide temperatures reduces P9394GSI
cylinder head is offered as a direct stress caused by high combustion
replacement for existing Series Four GSI temperatures while operating in rich-burn * Trademark of General Electric Company
cylinder heads, and as a simple conversion kit conditions and high BTU fuels.
for Series Two GSI cylinder heads. All xCooled • Extended intervals between overhauls,
product offerings are also available through means more up time and lower operating
cost. Up to 33% longer intervals between
GE Waukesha’s reUp remanufactured parts
top end overhauls; up to 32,0001 hours
when operating an L7044GSI engine up to
1680 BHP @ 1200 RPM continuously.
Product details • Genuine parts you can depend on. All
The xCooled cylinder head’s robust design xCooled cylinder heads are manufactured
is intended for harsh oilfield conditions and and assembled by GE to ensure the highest
low WKI fuels with the following technical quality standards are met.
• Enhanced cylinder head cooling reduces
temperatures seen by critical exhaust valve Series 4
components. xCooled >$63K
• Optimized exhaust flow path reduces
thermodynamic stresses throughout the

0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 xCooled Cylinder Head

Operating Hours

GE’s Distributed Power business’ global

service network provides life cycle support
for more than 48,000 reciprocating engines
worldwide to help you meet your business
challenges and success metrics – anywhere
and anytime. Backed by our authorized
service providers in more than 100 countries,
our service network connects with you locally 1 Intervals may vary depending on factors such as fuel quality, maintenance practices, and operating conditions.
Engine configuration must be verified for upgrade opportunity.
for rapid response to your service needs.
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