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Directions: Read carefully each statement. Choose the correct answer and write the letter
of the correct answer on your paper. Do not write anything on the questionnaire. Use

1. This story is passed down from generation to generation, and it becomes part of a tradition of a
community. What do you call this narrative?
a. epic b. folktale c. legend d. myth

2. This story is told to explain a belief, a practice, or a natural phenomenon. What do you call this
a. epic b. fable c. legend d. myth

3. This story is presented as history but is unlikely to be true. What do you call this narrative?
a. epic b. fable c. legend d. myth

4. It is a Filipino love song traditionally sung by a man wooing the woman of his dreams.
a. Harana b. sonata c. kundiman d. sarumbanggi

5. Which of the following statements is not true about the precolonial literature of the Philippines?
a. Precolonial literature includes chants, proverbs, and songs.
b. Precolonial literature includes folk narratives like folktales, epics, and myths.
c. Precolonial literature includes literature that were passed on from generation to generation
through the word of mouth.
d. Precolonial literature depicts the livelihood, customs, and traditions of the Filipinos during the
Spanish occupation.

6. Published in 1605, this book contains basic Catholic doctrines. What is the title of this book?
a. Noli Me Tangere
b. Gracias de sin sempiternas
c. Memorial de la vida cristiana en lengua tagala
d. Sampaguitas y poesias varias

7. Which of the following years are not considered as part of the postwar and contemporary period?
a. 1900-1930 b. 1947-1960 c. 1960-1975 d. 1975-199

8. Complete the following analogy:

Jose Rizal : Noli Me Tangere : : Pedro Paterno : _______________
a. El Filibusterismo
b. Gracias de sin sempiternas
c. Ninay
d. Sampaguitas y poesias varias

9. What was the medium of instruction in public schools during the American occupation of the
a. English b. Filipino c. Nihonggo d. Tagalog

10. What is considered to be the first modern Filipino short story?

a. Dead Stars b. His Native Soil c. A Child of Sorrow d. Lupang Tinubuan
11. What poetry is written and read on a mobile phone?
a. Rhyme b. hypertext c. lyric poetry d. textula

12. All pairs of words form end rhymes except one. Which pair of words is it?
a. earth – birth b. leaf – grief c. try – fully d. man – can

13. All pairs of words form “tugmang patinig” except one. Which pair of words is it?
a. wala – tama c. napapako – mapaso
b. makibaka – binabata d. panalangin – paghiling

14. What literary devices are used on purpose by a writer in his work to convey its meaning?
a. literary characters c. literary elements
b. literary meaning d. literary techniques

15. Which literary device is not inherent in a short story?

a. characters b. conflict c. dialogue d. setting

16. Which is not an element of a drama?

a. characters b. events c. plot d. stage direction

17. Which refers to the conversation between the characters in a drama?

a. dialogue b. scenes c. stage direction d. talks

18. What do you call the statements that tell the actors how they should look, move, and speak in a
a. stage actions b. stage directions c. stage instructions d. stage music

19. Which of these statements is not true about creative nonfiction?

a. It tells a real story. c. It tells a realistic story.
b. It is a major genre of literature. d. It uses a literary style of writing.

20. Supposed a woman writes about her own life from her birth up to the present. What do you call her
a. autobiography b. biography c. diary d. memoir

21. Which of these is not a literary genre?

a. fiction c. graphic novel
b. motif d. nonfiction
22. Brevity is the main characteristic of this genre of fiction. What genre is it?
a. flash fiction b. magic realism c. metafiction d. slipstream

23. What is referred to as the background of the text including biographical, linguistic, and sociocultural
factors surrounding it?
a. atmosphere b. context c. setting d. theme

24. All of these kinds of electronic literature are of the same genre except one. Which one is it?
a. hyperfiction b. hyperpoetry c. photo poem d. textula

25. Which of these works is written in Middle English?

a. The Canterbury Tales c. The Importance of Being Earnest
b. The Merchant of Venice d. Songs of Innocence and of Experience

26. Words or phrases that express meanings in a nonliteral way are referred to as figurative language or
a. figures of speech c. figures of sound
b. figures of emphasis d. figures of relationship
27. Onomatopoeia and alliteration are classified as ___________________.
a. figures of sound c. figures of emphasis
b. figures of relationship d. figures of reference

28. Which of the following correctly states why literary writers use figures of speech?
a. Literary writers use figures of speech to puzzle the readers.
b. Literary writers use figures of speech to make their works popular.
c. Literary writers use figures of speech to enhance the artistic quality of their works.
d. Literary writers use figures of speech to lengthen their works.

29. Which of the following best completes the given analogy?

metonymy : relationship :: ______________: ______________________
a. emphasis : oxymoron
b. paradox : emphasis
c. sound : alliteration
d. metaphor : sound

30. Which of the following figures of speech is used in the sentence below?
The bubbly baby babbled busily as Bobby bustled about his bassinet.
a. alliteration b. onomatopoeia c. hyperbole d. synecdoche

31. These are essential to a story as writers utilize these components to serve as the structure of and to
develop a story.
a. literary techniques c. literary elements
b. foreshadowing d. catharsis

32. Which of the following sets of words refers to literary elements?

a. plot, catharsis, setting c. characters, cliff-hanger, hamartia
b. setting, theme, characters d. anaphora, dialogue, setting

33. It is derived from a Greek word which means “purgation” or “purification.”

a. hamartia b. epanaphora c. catharsis d. tragedy

34. . The following are reasons for reading literature except for___________?
a. pleasure b. relaxation c. changing history d. acquiring knowledge

35. Characterized by beauty of expression and form and by the universality of intellectual and emotional
appeal is_________.
a. Literature b. story c. poem d. prose

36. Which among the following deals with the analysis of the theme?
a. analytic b. thematic c. historical d. universal

37. Which quality of literature appeals to our sense of beauty?

a. style b. artistry c. universality d. intellectual value

38. Which discourse uses sentences usually forming paragraph to express ideas, feeling and actions?
a. poetry b. literature c. prose d. novel

39. What do we call the quality of literature associated with the emotional power of literature?
a. suggestiveness b. style c. artistry d. permanence

40. What rhythmic imaginative language expressing the invention, thought, imagination, passion and
insight of the human soul?
a. prose b. poetry c. literature d. fiction

41. The drama that has a tragic ending just like the death of the main character is called__________.
a. monologue b. comedy c. masque d. tragedy
42. Which short simple narrative poem is composed to be sung?
a. song b. ballad c. ode d. sonnet

43. A Filipino poet known for introducing the reversed consonance rhyme scheme is __________.
a. Jose Moreno Palma b. Jose Garcia Palma c. Jose Garcia Villa d. Jose Villa Palma

44. An example of a fable is _____________.

a. Juan Pusong and his father’s cows
b. The Monkey and the Crocodile
c. The Flood story
d. The Life of Rizal

45. Which among the following is an example of a legend?

a. Juan Pusong and his father’s cows
b. The Monkey and the Crocodile
c. The Flood story
d. The Life of Rizal

46. Which among the following is a folktale?

a. Juan Pusong and his father’s cows
b. The Monkey and the Crocodile
c. The Flood story
d. The Life of Rizal

47. Who authored Lupang Tinubuan?

a. Jose Garcia Villa
b. Andres Bonifacio
c. Jose Rizal
d. Narciso G. Reyes

48. Who wrote Ang Tigang na Lupa?

a. Jose Garcia Villa
b. Andres Bonifacio
c.Liwayway Arceo
d. Narciso G. Reyes

49. Which of the following figures of speech is used in the passage below?

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
–from As You Like It by William Shakespeare

a. Simile b. metaphor c. hyperbole d. synecdoche

50. Olivia is writing a poem, and she wants it to have auditory imagery so that the reader could imagine
hearing every twang and noise referred to in the poem.

Which of the following should Olivia use in her poem?

a. onomatopoeia b. alliteration c. metonymy d. simile