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Process Data Outcome Data

ASCA Domain and (Number of Perception Data (Achievement,
Grade Mindsets & Behaviors Projected students (Data from surveys/ attendance and/or
Level Lesson Topic Standard(s) Start/End affected) assessments) behavior data) Implications
9-12 Session 1 M 2. Self-confidence 2/27- 10 students Students 100% of students For students in all grade
Rapport- in ability to succeed 4/14 (each responded to were able to levels, this career
building, session verbal questions, identify three development
narrative M 4. Understanding conducted which the work values that intervention can be
therapeutic that post-secondary individually) counselor noted on may be important effective in eliciting
approach to education and life- the narrative in the selection of ideas and values from
a student’s long learning are therapy worksheet. a career. the students’ own
experiences necessary for long- Students also were experiences and
with work term career success
asked for verbal perspective. Given the
feedback about effectiveness of the
interests. EI.CR.1 Understand
their reflections intervention, the intern
the meaning and
importance of career
and supervisor will
self-awareness and consider implementing
career goals. the intervention on a
larger scale (either
PS1.A1 Demonstrate individually, in a group,
behavior and or through classroom
decisions that reflect guidance) in order to
your interests, likes, give more students the
and dislikes. opportunity to explore
the messages they’ve
PS1.A4 Demonstrate received about careers
behavior and and about the work
decisions that reflect values they have.
your work
9-12 Session 2 M 2. Self-confidence 2/27- 10 students Students 100% of Because all students in
Reflections in ability to succeed 4/14 (each completed a students who this intervention session
on session Holland Code attended both were able to identify key
narrative B-LS 7. Identify long- conducted assessment to sessions were aspects of their own
session, and short-term individually) determine their able to identify career development,
RIASEC academic, career, RIASEC code. their Holland this intervention can be
assessment and social/emotional Students then code type, effective in helping
and goals filled out a fact three careers students begin their
discussion sheet about to explore,
career exploration
of career EI.CR.2 Understand themselves with three work
process. This
options and the relationship regard to career values that can
intervention can be
resources among career goals understanding be applied to
that may be and interests, to demonstrate their career
implemented on a larger
of interest. personal interests, learning after choice process, scale for students, either
aptitudes, and this session. and reflective individually or through a
abilities. feedback on group or classroom
the guidance, in order to
PS1.K1 Identify your intervention start the conversation
interests, likes, and experience. with students. Students
dislikes. verbal feedback
indicated that this time
of year is an appropriate
time to meet about
career development, as
many have more time in
the summer to do
further research and to
set up a job shadow.