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FIM Team Speedway Under 21 World Championship Final

Outrup (DEN) – 18.08.2017 – Starting list
The riders entered for this event have been drawn to start in the following positions:
Team Riding N° Rider
1 Dominik Kubera ©
Red 2 Daniel Kaczmarek
PZM 3 Maksym Drabik
4 Bartosz Smektala

5 Wiktor Lampart

Team Manager Rafal Dobrucki

1 Dan Bewley
Blue 2 Ellis Perks ©
ACU 3 Zach Wajtknecht
4 Nathan Greaves
5 Connor Mountain

Team Manager Neil Vatcher

1 Christian Thaysen
White 2 Patrick Hansen
DMU 3 Andreas Lyager Hansen
4 Frederik Jakobsen ©
5 Jonas Seifert-Salk

Team Manager Henrik Møller

1 Filip Hjelmland
Yellow 2 Alexander Woentin
SVEMO 3 Emil Millberg
4 Joel Kling ©
5 William Björling

Team Manager Anders Fröjd

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the global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM is an independent association formed by 113 National Federations
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Committee (IOC). Among its 50 FIM World Championships the main events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance,
Motocross, Supercross, Trial, Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and Speedway. Furthermore, the FIM is also active and
involved in the following areas: public affairs, road safety, touring and protection of the environment. The FIM was the
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