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AGE : CIVIL STATUS : __________________
ADDRESS : _________________________________________________________

1. I presently reside at 6. It is important to me that these

o Tanay facial care products are all natural
o Morong o very
o Taytay o somewhat
o Cardona o not so much
o Antipolo
o Others (specify): ___________ 7. I buy facial care products from
o Pharmacy
2. My monthly family income lies in o Cosmetic Store
o PHP 7,890.00 – PHP 15,780.00 o Beauty Shops
o PHP 15,780.00 – PHP 31,560.00 o Supermarket
o PHP 31,560.00 – PHP 78,900.00 o Online cosmetics retailers
o PHP 78,900.00 – PHP 118,350.00 o Skincare company’s own website
o Others (specify): ___________
3. I will buy facial products
designed to address facial concerns. 8. I buy facial care products__________
o certainly o Once a week or more
o probably o Every two weeks
o often o Once a month
o never o Once every few months

4. My preferred product for my face is 9. As per the current product availability in

o soap the facial care market I
o facial wash o am completely satisfied
o facial scrub o saw that most are artificially made
o Others (specify): ___________ o am searching for a natural alternative
o don’t notice any
5. While using a facial scrub my main
concern is 10. This would make me try a new facial care
o to moisturize and soothe my face product (Place a tick mark on those options
o to remove puffiness around the eyes that would make you consider in trying a
o to reduce dark circles new product).
o to remove dead skin cells and dark o From an advertisement
spots o Testimonials from satisfied customers
o to help tighten loose skin o Free samples
o to help my skin glow and stay youthful o Discounts on purchases
o to help protect my face from the o Free demonstrations of the product
harmful UV rays o Other, please specify
o Others (specify): ___________