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THE TWELVE INJUNCTIONS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON SCRIPTS: Scripts are unconscious life plans based on early child

hood patterns. Berne strongly believed that mostly we are scripted to suffer. When we become aware of our script patterns and decide to come out of them then we become Script-Free and choose to live happily and proactively. Injunctions are the emotional messages coming from the Child Ego States of the parents and deposited in the Child Ego States of the children. The following are the 12 injunctions: 1) DON’T EXIST: The parents mostly the mother undergoes extreme physical and mental stress when the child was in the womb. After it is born the parents express their stresses and strains on the child. Then the child tends to get the following feeling and thought. Feeling of sadness ( no reason) and a thought to end life. They get into accidents often. 2) DON’T BE YOU: The child is not appreciated for what he or she is. Always he or she is expected to be different to the wishes of the parents. Then the person either looses his identity and takes the identity of the parents’ wish and becomes lifeless or rebels and does what he or she wants to do and becomes guilty. 3) DON’T GROW : The only child or the last child gets this message. He is pampered a lot and not allowed to do things by himself. Everything for him is done by parents, elders etc. He doesn’t grow. He becomes very dependent. 4) DON’T BE A CHILD: Parents who have experienced loss and seen the worst sufferings of the life give this message. The person tends to become very responsible and starts to take care of others. But he tends to feel guilty even if he enjoys simple pleasures. 5) DON’T BE IMPORTANT: The child is not allowed to mingle with elders and discouraged when he or she shares his or her view points. The person tends to be withdrawn and is happy to do things behind the screen. So his talents are not understood by others. 6) 6) DON’T BE CLOSE: This message is given with the idea that when we break relationships it is hard to heal the wounds. When this message works in the back ground the person either looses his friend or his friend leaves him and the person suffers emotionally very much. 7) DON’T SUCCEED: Because of either failures in their lives or having less confidence in their children the parents often say that “You will not be successful”. The person tends to defocus and fail in their attempts even though they may have all the traits of success in them. 8) DON’T FEEL: This message gives the idea that feelings are dangerous and a person can’t handle them so it is better to suppress them instead of experiencing them. This person bottles up the feelings and suddenly erupts like a volcano and unleashes the feelings without any control. The people who have more of Don’t be a child message may generally have this message also more. 9) DON’T BE SANE: They usually do foolish things. This is also seen high in people who have been affected by the message: Don’t grow. 10) DON’T BELONG: This message results in making people lonely even in the company of many. Always feeling that they may be getting bad effects because of the company. 11) DON’T BE WELL: These people are very well protected and often told that they are very weak and very sick. So they turn to be hypochondriac. 12) DON’T THINK: They have problems in concentration. When they are subjected to think they find it very difficult and escape into fantasy or shift their focus. They also take to many escape mechanisms.