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Match the pictures below with the

following phonetic transcriptions.

2. ˈɑːtɪʧəʊk
3. ˈəʊbəʒiːn
6. kʊəˈʒet
7. ˈpʌmpkɪn
8. ˈspɪnɪʤ
9. ˈʌnɪən
10. ˈkæbɪʤ
11. ˌbrʌslz ˈspraʊts
12. ˈkɒlɪflaʊə
13. əˈspærəɡəs
14. ˈletɪs
15. pəˈteɪtəʊ
16. ˈpɑːsli
17. ˈpepə (II)
18. liːk
19. ˈbiːtruːt
20. ˈmʌʃrʊmz
21. təˈmɑːtəʊ
22. ˈkærət
23. ɡriːn biːnz

Food can be:

1) Scrumptious, delicious, yummy. (ˈskrʌmpʃəs, dɪ

2) Quite nice.
3) Not my cup of tea.( nɒt maɪ kʌp əv tiː).
4) Horrible (ˈhɒrəbl). I do not like them at all.


Ajo Garlic
Alcachofa Artichoke
Apio Celery
Batata, boniato Sweet potato

Berenjena Aubergine ; Eggplant

Berro Cress ; Watercress
Brécol Broccoli
Calabaza Pumpkin
Cebolla Onion
Cebolleta Chive
Col rizada Kale

Col ; berza Cabbage

Coles de Bruselas Brussels sprouts

Coliflor Cauliflower
Endivia Endive
Escarola Curly endive ; Chicory
Espárrago Asparagus
Espinaca Spinach
Guisante Pea
Haba Broad bean

Hortalizas ;
Judias verdes green beans

Lechuga Lettuce
Nabo Turnip

Patata Potato
Pepino Cucumber
Perejil Parsley
Pimiento Pepper
Pimiento morrón Sweet pepper
Puerro Leek
Rábano Radish
Rábano picante Horseradish
Remolacha Beet ; Beetroot

Seta ; Hongo Mushroom

Tomate Tomato
Zanahoria Carrot
2. Sweet, orange edible root. Bug Bunny's favourite.
4. Nutricious tuber from which chips or crisps are made.
5. leaf vegetable, the main ingredient in salads.
7. Popeye's favourite food.
10. Large orange or yellow spherical fruit in the cucurbitacea family (the same as melons,
courgettes, cucumbers etc.). Common Halloween decoration.
11. It can be dark or light green, and generally has a similar shape to a cucumber, although it's
larger. It is eaten cooked, not raw.
14. Flower head green in colour, from a plant in the cabbage family, usually eaten boiled.
15. Similar to a courgette, but smaller and eaten raw, usually in slices.

1. Plant in the brassicacea family (broccoli, cauliflower etc.), that produces a large spherical
edible "head". It is usually green, but can also be whitish or purple.
3. Egg-shaped, large and deep burgundy in colour.
4. Quite large, hollow vegetable usually red or green, but also yellow and orange. Its
commonly used for stews, fried on its own or with chips, for omelettes etc. Some are hot,
e.g. chilli. Ground and dried red ones are the source of paprika (what we add to octopus).
6. Vampires are supposed to hate it.
8. White or green stem or shoot of a plant, cylindrical and elongated. They are soft and juicy
and you often find them canned.
9. Fruit of a fungus. Some are poisonous.
10. The most common herb used for seasoning in Spain, together with salt and garlic. Its dark-
green leaves are composed of three smaller parts or "leaflets".
12. Usually spherical bulb, closely related to garlic. Its flesh is organised in layers and it has a
characteristic pungent taste. It's eaten raw in salads, but more often than not cooked.
13. Red fruit, used as a vegetable. Originating in the Americas, it is the main ingredient of