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1. We live on earth. The satellite of the earth is ....

a. star
b. palapa
c. sun
d. moon

2. The center of the solar system is ....

a. earth
b. star
c. sun
d. moon

3. In the rainy season, .... usually occurs.

a. flood
b. tsunami
c. dryness
d. earthquake

4. The following are the things in the earth, except ....

a. meteorid
b. lake
c. mountain
d. waterfall

5. The Nile is the longest .... in the world.

a. lake
b. river
c. ocean
d. desert

6. Australia is the name of .... in the world.

a. sea
b. ocean
c. continent
d. island

7. It is so hot and dry in the ....

a. mountain
b. desert
c. lake
d. continent

8. A : "Does the moon have its own light?"

B : "No, it .... ."
a. don't
b. doesn't
c. aren't
d. isn't

9. We can see sparkling .... in the night

a. sun
b. stars
c. moon
d. comet

10. Indonesia is located between two continets and two ....

a. sea
b. ocean
c. island
d. lake

11. The sun is the .... of the solar system.

a. bottom
b. edge
c. surface
d. centre

12. I am so .... I want to eat

a. sad
b. sleepy
c. hungry
d. angry

13. Mr. Jamil works all day long in the rice field. He feels ....
a. happy
b. sad
c. tired
d. excited

14. Andy's bike is lost. He feels ....

a. happy
b. sad
c. excited
d. glad

15. It is raining all day long. We feel ....

a. cold
b. hot
c. warm
d. wet

16. Fina stays at home alone. She feels ....

a. happy
b. disappointed
c. angry
d. lonely

17. The snake makes me feel ....

a. glad
b. excited
c. interested
d. disgusted

18. Anita is pretty. All the boys are .... in her.

a. disappointed
b. interested
c. bored
d. frightened

19. Aliando is so handsome. Many girls are ....

a. charmed
b. glad
c. tired
d. disappointed

20. I get birthday presents. I feel ....

a. sad
b. happy
c. tired
d. bored

21. My close friend often lies me. I feel ....

a. charmed
b. disappointed
c. glad
d. excited

22. Kelud is the name of a ....

a. palace
b. lake
c. hill
d. mountain

23. A person who is travelling for a pleasure is a ....

a. driver
b. tourist
c. visitor
d. gues

24. Maharani is the name of a .... in East Java

a. river
b. lake
c. sea
d. cave

25. Rock climbing, hiking, and camping are activities on the ....
a. jungle
b. sea
c. river
d. mountain

26. People can do fishing in the ....

a. field
b. hill
c. cave
d. river

27. Surfboard is the equipment for ....

a. diving
b. surfing
c. camping
d. fishing

28. Prigi is the name of a ....

a. lake
b. beach
c. island
d. forest

29. They are names of the river in Java, except ....

a. Brantas
b. Bengawan Solo
c. Serayu
d. Asahan

30. While making sand castle, Arman and Anto can see waves They want to spend their holiday in the ....
a. temple
b. mountain
c. lake
d. beach

31. Bunaken is the name of a sea park in ....

a. West Java
b. Papua
c. North Sulawesi
d. South Sulawesi

32. A : May I borrow your pencil?"

B : " .... "
a. Sure !
b. Good luck !
c. Thank you !
d. You're welcome !

33. Don't throw the rubbish into the river! It may cause ....
a. flood
b. rain
c. landslide
d. tsunami

34. A : “.... close the door please!"

B : “ Sure.”
a. What
b. Could
c. Do
d. You

35. The room is too dark. We say ....

a. switch on the lamp, please !
b. switch off the lamp, please !
c. keep the lamp, please !
d. turn on the lamp, please !

36. The baby is sleeping. Mother says ....

a. Keep silent !
b. Keep noisy !
c. Don't be lazy !
d. Speak up !

37. Don't .... here! The floor is dirty.

a. clean
b. write
c. sleep
d. sweep

38. .... ! The rainbow is so beautiful.

a. Look
b. Listen
c. Speak
d. Seem
39. Could I .... this water. I am very thirsty.
a. eat
b. drink
c. boil
d. throw

40. Mrs. Nadia works at the hospital. She helps the doctor. She is a ....
a. dentist
b. herbalist
c. nurse
d. surgeon

41. We can call Saturn as ....

a. The biggest planet
b. The ring planet
c. The red planet
d. The smallest planet

42. This room is clean. I feel ....

a. nervous
b. lonely
c. terrible
d. comfort

43. Andi has not come yet. His mother feels ....
a. worried
b. satisfied
c. nervous
d. excited

44. Your story is boring. I am ....

a. bored
b. frightened
c. surprised
d. disgusted

45. I am shopping in the supermarket. I pay the goods in the ....

a. security
b. shopkeeper
c. cashier
d. manager

46. Father has a new car. It is .... new car

a. her
b. his
c. their
d. your

47. It is my book. The book is ....

a. yours
b. mine
c. my
d. theirs

48. Sangkuriang wanted to marry his mother. It is legend of ....

a. Banyuwangi
b. Tangkuban Perahu
c. Roro Jonggrang
d. Danau Toba

49. Ujung Kulon wildlife reservation is located in ....

a. East Java
b. Central Java
c. west Java
d. Banten

50. Rio brings a big bag, because he doesn't have a .... bag.
a. small
b. long
c. new
d. expensive
Kunci Jawaban
1. d. moon
2. c. sun
3. a. flood
4. a. meteorid
5. b. river
6. c. continent
7. b. desert
8. b. doesn't
9. b. stars
10. b. ocean
11. d. centre
12. c. hungry
13. c. tired
14. b. sad
15. a. cold
16. d. lonely
17. d. disgusted
18. b. interested
19. a. charmed
20. b. happy
21. b. disappointed
22. d. mountain
23. b. tourist
24. d. cave
25. d. mountain
26. d. river
27. b. surfing
28. b. beach
29. d. Asahan
30. d. beach
31. c. North Sulawesi
32. a. Sure !
33. a. flood
34. b. Could
35. a. switch on the lamp, please !
36. a. Keep silent !
37. c. sleep
38. a. Look
39. b. drink
40. c. nurse
41. b. The ring planet
42. d. comfort
43. a. worried
44. a. bored
45. c. cashier
46. b. his
47. b. mine
48. b. Tangkuban Perahu
49. d. Banten
50. a. small