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Advanced Mathematical Decision Making e-mail: freemans@fultonschools.

Grading Policy: SY 2018-2019 blog:
Course Description: Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) is a course adopted by the state of
Georgia to allow students to gain a 4th Math credit. This is a “hand-on” course in which we will work together to
explore ways that math is used in the “Real World.” This course requires you to use skills from Algebra,
Geometry, and Algebra II to investigate and solve application problems. Students will be completing many mini
and major projects throughout this course and are expected to actively participate in their groups and present to the
class. Topics include graphing, personal finance, estimation, data and statistics, research applications, and

1. Increase Math and Reading Skills
2. Increase College Career Readiness
3. Increase Parental Involvement
4. Increase Student Involvement/Graduation Track

You must come prepared and get involved to really gain an appreciation and understanding of the mathematics.

Banneker High School Mathematics Department Goal: The mission of the mathematics department is to accommodate the
mathematical needs of every student, and provide a rich mathematical experience that will optimize their education and career options.

Required Daily Materials:

AMDM Composition Notebook – provided to use during class time only
Binder to keep all classwork/homework/daily checks
Colored pencils (optional, but helpful for graphing and shading)
Graphing Calculator (strongly recommended for this class: TI-83/TI-84)
** The portfolio (Binder) should be an organized 3-ring binder with dividers. Portfolios will be
Checked at the end of each unit and will count as 2 daily checks.**

Expectations for Students:

To be successful in this class it is important for you to participate and work with other people. You will have to create
both oral and written presentations. Sometimes you may be asked to present your work to the class (as a group and

Classroom Expectations:
1. EVERYBODY takes notes.
2. EVERYBODY will treat others with respect.
3. EVERYBODY will keep their area(s) clean.

Academic Integrity:
Cheating is considered a serious matter. The parents of a student who has been involved in
cheating will be notified and the student will receive a grade of zero for that test or evaluation, and a grade of U
in conduct. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the following acts:
 Copying anyone’s answers to questions, exercises, study guides, classwork or homework assignments.
 Looking onto another student’s paper during a test or daily checks or using their calculator.
 Talking during tests/daily checks.
Students Evaluation/Grading Information:
The grading system for students is the same as the school/district grading. Emphasis is on instructional techniques, adaptations, and
compensatory skills.

90 – 100 A Summatives / Tests / Unit Exams 20%

80 – 89 B Formatives / Quizzes 10%
70 – 79 C Final Exam 20%
Below 70 F Classwork 20%
Homework 10%
Perfomance Tasks 20%
If you are in this class, you need this course to graduate!!

Cell Phones:
Students may NOT have phones OUT during class unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
Help Sessions:
Mr. Terrell and I will be teaching this course. I will be available on Thursday after school from 4:15 - 5:15. It is also
appropriate to get extra help from other math teachers; however, and you can find Mr. Terrell tutoring time as follow: Mr.
Terrell ( Tutoring: Wednesday

There will be several tests and major projects during the semester. Each test will contain comprehensive
questions from previous units.
Late Assignments:
You will only be allowed 2 days to turn in late work. Make-up work not submitted or submitted late will receive 5 point deduction(s)
per day.

Make Up Work:
Previously Assigned Work – all work is due by the end of their first day returning to school. Students must come prepared to take all
quizzes, tests, or presentations the day they return from the absence. It is the teacher’s discretion to allow the student another time to
do the work outside of class.

Suspension – Parents of students who are suspended can request assignments from student services office. Teachers will provide
assignments within 24 hours of the request. Parents can pick those assignments up from the Student Services office.

Special Requirements:
This is individually determined, based on the classroom expectations and content area.

Homework will be assigned regularly, which is monitored closely by the teacher(s). Note: It is not the teacher duty to do or get your
child homework assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to get his/her homework. The student will also have time to start
or finish homework assignments during class if they complete their assignments/classwork early.

Absence: It is very important that your child attend school on a daily basis. Attendance is pivotal for your child’s academic success.
Note: In School Suspension (ISS)/Pit Stop and Out of School Suspensions (OSS) are just what they are. When your child misses class
due to ISS/Pit Stop or OSS, he or she is missing out on important academic information.
Excused Absences – students have 3 days from their last day absent from school to makeup assignments without penalty. It is the
student’s responsibility to obtain assignments missed during any absence. This should be done before or after school and during lunch.
Students cannot interrupt instructional time to obtain missing work. If the make-up work is not completed in the time required,
students will then be subject to the late-work submission policy.

Recovery Policy/Extra Credit:

Students are allowed the opportunity to recover failing assignment after the first attempt. Students must have attempted the assignment
in order to receive an opportunity to recover. Teachers are expected to establish a reasonable time period for recovery work to be
completed for each semester. Students should contact the teacher concerning recovery opportunities. All recovery work must be
directly related to course objectives, work from OLY that semester and designated dates will be allotted for work to be completed and
submitted for that respective semester.

Opportunities designed to allow students to recover from a low or failing cumulative grade will be allowed prior to the recovery week.
When all work required to date has been completed and the student has demonstrated a legitimate effort to meet all course
requirements including attendance. Teachers will determine when and how students with extenuating circumstances may improve their

All documents sent home by the general and inclusion teacher should be returned in a timely matter. Note: Both teachers will call
and/or send various letters home for meetings/parent teacher conferences. Please keep the teachers updated with any documents or
information that changes (i.e. telephone number, address, and etc.) or any additional information that you feel is necessary for us to
know that will better assist us in helping your child be successful.

Conferences can be scheduled through the Student Services Center. Please call the Student Service Center at (770) 969-3410, Ext. 140
to schedule a conference.

Below you will find helpful websites that provide practice examples, instructional videos, practice problems, quizzes, and tests. (End-of-Course Preparation) (tutorial videos) (practice worksheets). (videos)

This class is your last math class for high school. Please understand you need this class to graduate. Seek
tutoring when you begin to struggle.

Follow the 5 P’s: Prior planning prevents poor performance.

GSE Advanced Mathematics Decision Making
Syllabus 2018 - 2019
Benjamin Banneker High School
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Since this course is based on real world applications, please read syllabus and return this page to your
teacher. Please print your name below indicating that you have received, read, and understood the
information given in this syllabus. Take the syllabus home and have at least one of your parents or
guardian(s) sign indicating that he/she has also read the syllabus.

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