Name of the project : 8 Objective /Vision

User of the system

Functional Requirements

Online Ticketing Plan a ticketing application completely in a local language, including a payment gateway. This service is to be delivered without any assistance from a helper. 1. An average user like yourself. 2. Application managers. 3. Service providers such as airlines, railways. Consumer: 1. Simplicity. 2. Easy intake of users¶ needs: Origin, Destination, Dates, Price-preferences. 3. Payment possibilities in local language. (Simulate what the credit/device card/element could look like.) 4. End-to-end functions for ticket booking. 5. Simple interface for Terms & Conditions. 6. Double verification with minimum time-out between finalization of trip, re-verification of travel details and completion/confirmation of ticketing. 7. Print-out in local languages. Second copy in English. Application Managers: 1. Track usage of services in languages. 2. Track validity of translations of services provided if there are reports of problems. 3. Ensure simplicity and correct correspondence of services purchase. 4. Find approaches to simplify transactions. Service providers: 1. Track number of tickets being booked in local languages and use it to enhance user experience in those languages. 2. Ensure original information is perfectly localized to remove any duplication or ambiguity of specifications. 3. Ensure completeness of user experiences in local languages. 4. Some of these are design aspects and you could provide templates for these activities. Devise approaches and principles for these to be done.

Non-Functional Requirements

Optional Features User Interface Priorities Reports

1. Error correction: Ensure users can correct errors with minimal problems. For examples if source or destinations have been slightly mis-stated, then correction should be easy. 2. Double confirmation from users before booking. 3. Reliable ticket printing and stamp of authenticity. 1. Simulation of trip-cancellation. 1. Completely local language interface. 2. Contextual error-correction. 1. Details of consumers and usage 2. Trail of user logon and usage. 3. Trail of services delivered and received. Analysis and matching of payments received and payments

SOA y y ROSE/RSA / WebSphere Modeler Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory y WebSphere Portal/ WAS/ WAS CE / WPS y DB2 Express ± µC¶ or DB2 UDB y Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server Linux will be the preferred OS. 1. Online or offline help to above said users. XML.Other Important Issues Team Size Technologies to be used Tools to be used made. Assurance for user that the ticket is authentic. Web 2. Database backup and DDL Script D. e-Forms.war/. 2 ± 4 members UML. Web-services. Payment process simplification. Assurance for user that payment is secure. 3. Final deliverables must include A. Application deployment executive and developer B.0. AJAX. J2EE.ear ) with source code C. Application archive ( . 2. Complete Source code Documents .

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