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The graph below shows the amount of goods transported in UK from 1974 to 2002

Intro: transported
The line graph illustrates the number of how things carried in UK between 1974 and 2002 Commented [i-[1]: Of things carried

Generally, four mediums of carrying goods, like as land, ocean, train and vessel, fluctuate over a Commented [i-[2]: They are different from road, water, rail,
and pipeline, only rail and train are substitutive
period of 28 years. One of the highest medium used is land which stood at about 70 million tons Commented [i-[3]: Maksudnya mediumnya atau jumlah barang
yang di pindahkan yang fluctuate?
in 1974 and achieved the summit in 2002. Whereas, the vessels` usage as goods carrier shows
Commented [i-[4]: Better to use “its peak”
the lowest number occurring steadily. In 1974, it was used less than 20 million tons and gotten Commented [i-[5]: “Meanwhile” is better to be used

the top number only about 22 in the end of year range. Commented [i-[6]: 22 apa?

Body 1:
As a favorite medium in for moving equipments, the road usages get variative diverse condition
along 28 years. It declines slightly from 1978 to 1982 and between 1990 and 1994. The amount
of people relying on land to move their belongings surged up to 100 million tons in 1998 and got Commented [i-[7]: Belongings is ok but properties is better in
this context
a plateau four years later. In comparison, the pipeline is the first lowest medium used showing Commented [i-[8]: What does it mean?

less than 10 million tons in the first year, 1974, and getting to flatten out across 20 million tons Commented [i-[9]: Actually you can let the adjective clause
without reducing it
in 1994. It`s amount plateaus between 1994 and 2002. To enrich the variety of sentence form in your writing

Body 2:
In the middle position, there is ocean and train experiencing up and down condition for the same
need. Train is the second lowest medium chosen by people after the pipeline. It `s usages Commented [i-[10]: It’s or its

dramatically fall from 1974 to the middle year of 1982 and 1986 stood at about 30 million tons.
However it increases marginally from about 1984 to 1992. Nevertheless, a peak was also
happened in that year for about 30 million tons, an equal number with the rise. Furthermore, the
growth of this medium usage can be found about two years before 1998 to 2002.
The third lowest number is belongbelongs to water illustrating constant amount, about 40 million
tons between 1974 and 1978. In the four years later, it was getting higher by 60 million tons. Commented [i-[11]: Better to use “ in the following four years”

Unfortunately, this number was stagnant and showed a downward trend over a period of 17 years
later. However, it increased sharply up to more than 60 million tons a year between 1998 and
2002. Commented [i-[12]: Remember to use “past” form if you talk
about something in the past

The pie charts below show the spending of a school in UK from 1981 to 2001
The bar chart below shows the participation of children in selected leisure activity in
The table below shows consumer spending on different item in 5 countries in 2002

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