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plese talk here

no password
please tell us what are yu doing..??

profile tcont 100M type 4 maximum 102400

onu-profile gpon line FTTH
tcont 2 name 2 profile 100M
gemport 1 name 1 unicast tcont 2 dir both

onu-profile gpon remote FTTH
service HSI gemport 1

pls connect onu

one onu alread connected on pon 1

but no onu
it is connected
but pon light is blinking

showDo you have a connection splitter? us howyes

1:4 splitter
how to register onu
and please tell us this all via nms

1:4 is too small, at least 1:8

done 1:8 now

onu reg

now tell us how to pass data with vlan and also without vlan

All data need to be set up VLAN

can we do without vlan? passing the data on onu without vlan?

No, but the data coming out of ONU has removed the VLAN tag.

If Uplink has no vlan how to configure onu to pass data for that ...?? we have
given copper uplink from router without vlan

For example, VLAN10, PVID10, leaving the upper port is no VLAN. upper port means???

what if the customer wants to do wihout vlan like transparent mode

switchport default vlan 10
you mean default vlan is 10 in this olt??

yes, ONU data is vlan 10 , leave the gei_1/4/3 no vlan

the port number 3 10/100 is using for telnet

the port number 4 ge/fe is using for uplink
we want to pass the data on onu with both ways. First without vlan then with vlan

no problem
ok first without vlan

vlan 10 is no vlan in gei_1/4/3

you can test it
1/4/3 is port 10/100??

no ,GE PORT.
show us port 1/4/3on nms
ok so 1/4/2 is telnet and 1/4/3 is uplink
do we have web interface for this gpon??

C320 NO web
and please show everything via nms only. both olt & onu config. tcont gem profile

we have added another onu

how to check which configure type to select \

you can select ZTE-F641 FOR ALL onu

for 1ge without wifi or 4fe with wifi. same?
since there are 2 different type of onus.

Yes, if ONU has WIFI, you need to enter the ONU configuration
ok i am adding another onu which is 4fe+wifi

onu has been reg

yes it is
now show us to pass data via lan & wifi(bridge mode)
yes ,now bridge mode

if you want to config pppoe mode , need config in web of onu. yes got it.
but no data coming on lan for now on this onu

pls connect pc to test it

already connected via lan port 3 of
this is the router you opened on which wifi connected to this pc

I need to log on to ONU configuration, but now your WIFI and ONU network clashes,
please modify the WIFI segment.
now check onu
pls input pppoe userid password
in bridge mode to do

There is no need to configure if bridging mode.

for wifi in bridge mode

ok let me test
you did with vlan?

data came

but if customer do not want to put vlan in onu how to do that ..??

NO ,customer have to input vlan

but customer demands this here

it is possible with other gpon olts

you are shwing uswith vlan settings..???

Yes, this is just configuring VLAN on ONU. There is no need to configure VLAN on
other devices, such as computers, routers...
we know that we are talking about onus only
to pass data & wifi without vlan & with vlan. both ways as per the customers

no , all onu must

config vlan

then how to configure without vlan...???

can't do in transparent mode??

so always with vlan?
and data stopped on that onu
I don't understand
i said data on lan on that onu stopped. You said yes so i thought you know the
data no more coming on that onu

I mean to remove the VLAN label, not stop

Do you test ONU not to work?

testing onu not working

pls ping from connect onu pc

ip of pc is 172.16.1.x

this is the pcconnected to onu on which data is not coming

please do the ping that you asked


this is the pcconnected with pnu

what is the ip ?

of this pc ??
yes , connect on

pls set

the ping is normal

the onu work well

no data coming
what data ?
means internet. testing the data now again

still not coming da

Is Internet service through DHCP or PPPOE?

the onu which is connected to olt is on dhcp

pls close dhcp of onu


Re - get IP from DHCP

Please send the ANYDESK to me, I connect it directly.

you want setup file of anyd..??

ONU work ,no problem

still no internet access

why ?

it is working now internet is coming

please tell me which zte olt has web access..??

all ZTE OLT no web

all ZTE OLT no web
do huawei olt has web interface
if the customer wants trunking. Trunk vlan range in olt & onu. show us

why is this error coming