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Joselyn Rodríguez Ugalde

Lisbeth Mora Elizondo

LM 1352 Rhetoric I 06 July 2018

Causes, Effects And Solutions to Global Warming Essay

Global warming is a significant problem to discuss on our society. The humanity and the

environment are suffering a lot of disastrous changes; for instance, floods, the melting

glaciers that is the habitat of many animals; as well as, health effects. Generally, there are

many situations might cause the global warming as it is stated in the UKEssays “The issues

that causes global warming are divided into two categories include "natural" and "human

influences" of global warming”.(2). For that reason, it is important to realize what the causes

are in order to prevent the future effects or at least to reduce the current consequences that

we are living.

Currently, climate change is one of the turning points that we are suffering. For

example, in the last two years Costa Rica suffers from high temperatures in Guanacaste. In

other words, they through for a period of drought due to the greenhouse effect which is one of

the biggest natural global warming causes. In view of; it is important to recognize the

greenhouse meaning. According to the UKEssay the “Greenhouse gases are carbon monoxide and

sulphur dioxide it trap the solar heats rays and prevent it from escaping from the surface of

the earth.”(4) It is clear; therefore, the greenhouse is a natural cause, so it is a challenge to

prevent this effect on the environment. Another natural influence of global warming, it is the

volcanic eruptions. The volcanic throws out the ashes. Sometimes the volcanic dust are

expanded for long distances.

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Moreover, some human activities have been changing the environment. There are a

lot of causes. For example, the deforestations which are very common during the christmas, it

consists to extract real trees just to decorated for a month, then people throw away. Another

reason; it is about the burning trash, people get use to burn or cook with firewood, and that

produces the air pollution. Additionally, the human produces different pollutants in its daily

life; for example, people use different chemicals, such as aerosol sprays, perfumes, and the

excessive use of electricity.

The most remarkable cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect and the human

activities. Greenhouse effect such as “carbon dioxide” and “methane”(UKEssays, par 5) can

cause the atmosphere to lead the solar radiation to become and to keep trapped within the

earth. The human activities produces the climate change, and the unavoidable absorption of

the water´s rain causing the floods.

On the other hand, the education about global warming is necessary since the

childhood with little changes. We can look up some possible solutions that can help us to

prevent the global warming. First, it is necessary to educate the future generations to change

their ways, and adopt new practices to protect the environment; for example, plant trees help

to reduce and absorb the carbon dioxide. In addition, carbon dioxide that produces cars, buses

and tractors is one of the real issues in our country; therefore, it is crucial to have green

means of transportation; for example, in Costa Rica the experts are trying to use a hydrogen

bus, this bus reduce in a great way the air pollution.

Another solution, might be the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind

and geothermal are available around the world. We can take advantage of these resources in

our daily routines. Those devices are expensive; nevertheless, they are an excellent
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investment. Also, stop cutting down trees is a necessary solution to prevent the global

warming, it means to improve the forest management in order to reduce the deforestation

which is one of the climate change causes.

Furthermore, other possible solutions might be to incentive people to reduce, recycle

and avoid burning. It is important to put into practice these possible solutions in order to

contribute with our environment. Some organization can make awareness campaigns about

the reality of this issue.They can contribute through projects to collect garbages or to promote

modern ways to handle the electronic trashes.

As a conclusion, global warming is a big problem that affect us everyday. There are

many causes and effects about it. For that reason, it is essential to consider possible solutions

to assistance our home the planet. We have to take part, and to try to stop the climate change.

If all humans be awareness of this huge problem, the global warming might reduce its

negative impacts.

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