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It’s Grammar Time: Subject-Verb Agreement 3
It’s Grammar Time and you must follow the rules! Remember:
Rule: A singular subject goes with a singular verb. --If the subject is singular, the VERB
gets the S.
Ex: The teacher helps me with my work.
A plural subject goes with a plural verb. --If the subject is plural, the
Ex: The teachers help me with my work. SUBJECT gets the S.

Directions: Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence. Write your answer on the line.
My ________________________ plan to come visit this weekend.
cousins brother
1. The ________________________ travels back and forth between cities to transport passengers.
trains train

2. My ________________________ visits me in the hospital after my surgery.
friends friend

3. The ________________________ squeaks as it runs through the yard.
mouse mice

4. My ________________________ earn a trophy when we win the championship game.
teammate teammates

5. My ________________________ reads a book in bed before falling asleep every night.
sisters sister

6. Our ________________________ sleeps all day while the children are at school.
dog dogs

7. The ________________________ run down the court as they dribble the ball during practice.
player players

8. ___________________________ shop for new clothes for the warmer spring weather.
Family Families

9. The ________________________ surprise their grandma for her 80th birthday.
kid kids

10. The _______________________ twist and twirl in their recital performance.
dancer dancers
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