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8th 2-D Tech Formal / Informal components Intent Reflect, Revise Planning Stage Skill, CMS, &

& Refine Care

Produce original 2-D art Use Organize Es using the Ps to create Produce art from Discover, define Collect & explore Demo variety of
using variety of media technology original art a range of & solve visual inspirational skills / techniques
(pencil, marker, pastel, in VA8.CR.4a intentions problems through images, words, for 2-D & 3-D art
paint, printmaking, production (realistic, abstract, experimentation thoughts & ideas VA8.CR.3a
collage, & media) of original Create art reflecting range of concepts, non-objective) VA8.CR.5a VA8.CR.6a
VA8.CR.2a art. ideas, & subject by incorp specific Es Demo quality
&/or Ps VA8.CR.2d Revise art Takes notes of CMS through
VA8.CR.2c VA8.CR.4b through peer resources and proper use of
interactions / instructional media
3-D Apply color theory to create visual critique information VA8.CR.3b
effects & meaning (color schemes, VA8.CR.5b VA8.CR.6b
Produce original 3-D art relationships, properties) Be safe &
using variety of media VA8.CR.4c Evaluate own art Practice appropriate
(clay, papier-Mache, using artistic & techniques BA8.CR.3c
cardboard, paper, technical criteria VA8.CR.6c
plaster, wood, wire, VA8.CR.5c
found objects, fiber) Create sketches /
VA8.CR.2b drafts
Themes Approach to Presenting Responding Connecting
Incorp internal & Visualize new Participate Interpret issues of Engage in peer ID universal Demo proficiency Examine and
external insp. ideas through in art time, place & review through themes in art in art skills & habit Evaluate
Internal inspiration: mental & visual exhibits culture in selected formal & informal from past/present of mind that presence &
moods, feelings, self- imag. VA8.PR.1a art assessment & cultures support a variety meaning of VA in
perception, memory, VA8.CR.1a VA8.RE.1a idea dev VA8.CN.1a of careers (HOTS, community
imagination, fantasy Write artist VA8.RE.2a tolerance, VA8.CN.3a
External inspiration: Plan art from statement Interpret art Articulate judgement in
observ, personal exp, imagination, VA8.PR.1b considering Use language of reasons for absence of rule, Analyze
events, pop culture, personal themes, ideas, art to ID meaning making art, structure in connection
artists/art from diverse experience, Curate a moods &/or intent VA8.RE.2b include influence disorder, problem between personal
cultures. social/academic portfolio VA8.RE.1b of history, solving skills, creation and
VA8.CR.1c experience VA8.PR.1c Describe & cultures & art perseverance, relationship to
VA8.CR.1d Analyze analyze aesthetics VA8.CN.1b creativity) local / global
Investigate essential encountered of art VA8.CN.2a communities
Qu., big ideas & images in daily life VA8.RE.2c ID VA8.CN.3b
themes Documents & their influence skills/knowledge Draw a personal
VA8.CR.1b process (journal, on our views Write responses from other conclusion of Make connections
SB, BS list) VA8.RE.1c to art through disciplines that benefits on ones and apply art
VA8.CR.1e various inform planning / future from study skills to enhance
approaches execution of art of art other learning
VA8.RE.3a VA8.CN.1c VA8.CN.2b areas
SB= sketchbook, BS= brainstorm, insp= inspiration, Incorp= incorporate, imag= imagination, CMS= craftsmanship, Es= elements, Ps= Principals, Dev= development, Exp= explore