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G G U ’s S t u d e n t M a g a z i n e

These are important keys to succeeding in your commitment. You have come to Golden Gate University from another place. For some of you, that place is geographic: You have left family and friends in another part of the world or nation to attend GGU. You may have stayed in your same geographic place but come to GGU in cyberspace. Or perhaps that other place is professional: You are preparing to end the type of work you’ve been doing to make a career move. For most of you, the place that you’ve come from is personal. You’ve set into motion a change in the direction of your life. For many of you, all of these apply. But whether the place you came from is a different latitude and longitude, a line of work that no longer fits, or a reordering of your life, this journey requires a multi-level commitment. If all you do is bury yourself in books, then you’ll wear yourself down and out. To function at an optimal level, you want to be charged with the right grade of fuel – enough sleep, the best food and adequate exercise. long run, hurt success. Getting at least 8-hours of sleep a night is optimal. A rested mind is a Junk food may seem easier – but in the long run, sharp mind. you’ll pay a price. Good nutrition is another essential part of mental functioning. While some foods can help you think more clearly (like blue- This means exercising more than your eyes and berries), better yet is a well-rounded diet that em- hands (that thing that happens when you read phasizes foods that are green in color (the darker from one page or screen to the next). But it also the better) and that you can eat without open- doesn’t mean going to extremes. One small examing a can or box. You’ll experience rewards from ple is taking a break every 90 minutes instead of planning ahead, cooking for yourself and bring- pushing through another two hours in the library. ing your own food to campus. For times that Walk around the block – or just around the camdoesn’t work, our GGU Café in the Student Services pus. This kind of light exercise is re-energizing and Center has wholesome soups, salads, fruits and helps your mind work efficiently. During the week, vegetables – and some nearby restaurants also walk when you could ride (take the stairs unless offer fresh foods to help you making the grade. you’re carrying a very heavy book bag). You’ll also probably get to your destination faster. Another idea is to check out this nifty website for a list of terrific ways to experience the Bay Area’s beautiful It turns out that getting enough sleep improves natural world. Scroll down to “ongoing activities” not just memory, which helps with total cognior click on any month for some ways to regenerate tive abilities. This helps all around and not just your energy when you’re not in class or at work. at exam times. Skimping on sleep will, in the



Sleep If you find that you’re getting stuck, it can help to get support and reinforcement from someone who isn’t going to judge what you’ve been doing or not doing. The friendly staff of Wellness Resources is glad to help you create a plan. We’re here to help you study well -- and live well. Wellness Resources 415-442-6578

By Silvia Alejandra Chan
The Fall and Winter seasons are coming soon and this means flu season isn’t far behind. There are many ways to prevent a cold or flu. In this article, I will discuss five ways to prevent that bothersome ‘ACHOO!!!’. It is very important to live a healthy life and follow these rules:

Flu shot:
One of the most effective ways to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot. The flu vaccine is available in two forms, a shot and a nasal spray. According to Highlight Health, the flu vaccine is 80% effective against influenza in healthy adults. If you do not know where to get the vaccine flu shot, and try the newly enhanced Flu Clinic Locator, powered by Google, which provides information on where to find seasonal flu vaccinations near your home.

Load up on Antioxidants and Vitamin C:
Antioxidants are nutrients in our foods that can enhance immune defense and therefore reducing the risk of catching a cold. Most commonly known antioxidants are found in blueberries, tomatoes, liver oil, broccoli, squash, nuts, eggs, fish, and peaches. In addition, Vitamin C can also help protect you from catching a cold or flu. Vitamin C is essential for a healthy and strong immune system. You can buy Vitamin C supplements at your closest drug store.

Wash Your Hands:
Wash your hands and do not touch your face: Most cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. The most common way to catch the flu is to touch your own hands, nose, face, or mouth with dirty hands. Someone who has the flu sneezes onto their hand, and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, a kitchen glass would definitely pass the germs to your body. The germs can live for hours so please remember to wash your hands often. If you can not find a sink nearby to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer which is also very helpful.

Exercise is for the Wise:
Exercise and get the right amount of sleep: By exercising three times a week for 30 minutes per day and sleeping 7 to 10 hours per day, you can live a healthier life and prevent a cold or flu.

H2O is the way to go:
Water flushes your system, washing out the poisons as it rehydrates you. A typical, healthy adult needs eight 8-ounce glasses of fluids each day.

The annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration 2010 was held at the Civic Center Plaza, June 26-27, 2010.
This event is held yearly to support San Francisco’s advocacy of equal rights in the United States. This year’s theme was “40 and Fabulous”, celebrating 40 years of this well-known San Francisco tradition. The occasion was met by an array of festivities including the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Parade down Market St with almost 200 colorful floats. Stalls were set up with a view of City Hall, in which bracelets, multi-colored sunglasses, awareness campaigns, rainbow feathered boas, food stalls with sizzling meats (hotdogs, barbeque, etc), were being sold and promoted. Of course, what made the event spectacular were the people attending wearing all sorts of rainbow-colored costumes, most wearing next to nothing at all!

There was dancing in the streets, rainbows in clothing, flags, flashy beads, pins about every corner you turn. Of course, the altruistic purpose of the whole celebration was not forgotten as there were volunteers left and right offering pins to be purchased in suppport of equal rights. The crowd ranged from the youth to the older generation, with the youth prancing about in swimwear and skin tight suits while the older generation patronized the likes of Cher, Liza Minnelli, and other icons in this colorful community. Masks were even being sold with the faces of these icons, making the crowd quite a sight to see. It was an exhilarating celebration held on one of the sunniest days of June, that consisted of performances, music, exhibitors, and celebrating the colorful and free-spirited LGBT community of San Francisco.

By Sofia Soriano, MS IMC

Take Me Out To The BallGame GGU Community Days

As a student at GGU, the old work-before-play cliché exists, however it’s nice once in a while to take part in off-campus events that bring the GGU community together. The Giants vs. Mets game on July 17th was a great example of such an event since it afforded a unique experience and opportunity for many GGU and international students to learn about a sport long heralded and treasured as “America’s Favorite Pastime”. The Giants v Mets game is just one of several events throughout the year that the Office of Student Affairs hosts for GGU students, alumni and their guests to get involved with exciting activities hosted by the City, and an opportunity for the student population to re-connect with the local community. Tickets sold fast; the phone hotline was ringing non-stop with demands from students to save them seats. Food, drink and conversation flowed easily; the sounds of chatter, excitement (and lastminute explanations and predictions!) filled the air.

from the Office of Student Affairs and the IAA (International) Department during the Tailgating Party held before the game at AT&T Park. On entering the stadium, we were greeted by a huge baseball glove and Coke bottle, one of the main attractions of AT&T Park. We should all feel proud and fortunate that we have one of the best baseball stadiums in the nation so close to GGU. Huge screens entertained us before the players walked onto the field. The stadium erupted with cheers. It wasn’t long before rulebooks were soon tossed aside as we found ourselves chanting and cheering along with the crowd, our eyes riveted to the field. We couldn’t help but be swept up by the energy and excitement that filled the stadium. The day concluded with a fireworks display. I can’t think of a more perfect way to have ended the night than with the night sky lit up with bursts of color. All in all, it was a thrilling experience. And who knows, hopefully by this time next year, I won’t even be needing my rule-book.

GGU and the City while You Study
We live in a time where there will always be too much to do. So, stop and ask yourself two questions: “What do I need to do?” and “What do I want to do?” Here are some tips to help you find time to take care of yourself with free or inexpensive activities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Arrange to meet with a librarian as early in the term as you can. You are welcome to stop by the reference desk, call 415 442-7244 or e-mail askalibrarian@ggu. edu to make an appointment. Bring your syllabi and our librarians will help you map out a research plan for your course assignments so you can save time and avoid late term stress. You can click on the Research Assistance link on the University Library website http:// to access research guides for the subjects you are taking and guidance on how to cite sources appropriately. You can also link to the amazing Assignment Calculator, where you can type in the date your assignment is due, and the calculator will help you plan your research step-by-step. It is more efficient to start research in the library with the help of a librarian. We are here to save you time and help you use the most effective resources more efficiently for your research.


The weekly Lunchtime Stress Break sessions sponsored by Wellness Resources are moving to Wednesday noon. Check with Wellness Resources resources, for more details on the Lunchtime Stress Break sessions and also Wellness Wednesdays. Did you know you can take a stress break any time, anywhere, for any length of time? Even a few minutes of meditation can help restore the spirits on busy days.

You can also check the San Francisco City Guides website for information about free walking tours of the city. Check out free museum days at You can learn about other events from the calendar on the GGU website. Be sure to join us for GGUtopia! on September 15, from 3-6 pm in the plaza at 536 Mission Street. It is one of many events sponsored by GGU Student Services Consider joining GGU clubs and professional organizations. While membership may not be free, students can often join at a reduced rate. Benefit from the opportunities they provide for networking and learning more about your field. You may also wish to volunteer to work with a nonprofit organization that can help you network and build your resume. Take advantage of the wonderful events and resources provided by Center for Academic and Professional Success Math and English tutors are available to support you online or in-person at labs located in the University Library. The Office of Career Planning staff can help you plan and prepare for your next career move and work with you in-person, by phone or online. Register for an account at www. to access online career tools and subscribe to CareerFlash, a popular, weekly newsletter with career tips, recent job postings and information on upcoming events. The library staff will also be glad to help you research companies and industries for your career development as well as your course assignments.

On the University Library Website you can also click on The Update to see a list of free events and activities, including free film showings, local festivals and free music concerts. The list changes every month, so be sure to e-mail adietrich@ggu. edu to receive The Update in your e-mail at the beginning of every month. See The Update link on the University Library website for details. Explore Pocket Parks and Other Magical Places near GGU on the second Thursday of every month. We meet at noon in the lobby at 536 Mission Street and explore magical places nearby - iconic, trademark San Francisco areas that you definitely cannot miss! Check out your local visitors’ bureau. The San Francisco Convention and Visitors’ Bureau has an office at Powell and Market Street.

Informational Interviewing: How It Can Help You Get Ahead
By Sara Saeed- Intern, Office of Career Planning/Student, M.A. Psychology-Counseling
An informational interview, when conducted properly, can be a useful networking tool. It can help you build a network of contacts in your field of interest and it’s a great way to get the inside scoop on what it really is like to work in a particular job. Start by researching what industry you want to work in. Then narrow it down to a few companies, and some particular jobs. Find people in those roles at those companies and ask them if you can meet with them for 20-25 minutes. Let them know that you are interested in their career field and want to know a little bit more about the job they do. One way to get in touch with potential contacts is through the GGU group on LinkedIn. Many GGU alumni are members of the group and since these are people you already have something in common with, it is a good way of establishing connections. Remember that an informational interview is not about you; it is about the person you are interviewing. It is an opportunity for you (the interviewer) to gain a better understanding of an industry, company, or a particular job. This practice takes you beyond job descriptions and skill or education requirements. Ask your interviewee what a typical day on the job is like for them. Ask them to tell you about the culture of the company and what skills and characteristics one must possess to succeed in that role. Ask them what steps they took to get to where they are right now and where they see themselves in five or ten years. Conducting informational interviews will not only help you gain important information that could boost your career but it will also get you comfortable with the idea of interviewing and communicating effectively. It can increase your self-confidence and prepare you for a job interview in your field. Informational interviews are a great way to pick up key topics of interest for people in the company or job that you want to see yourself in. Ask your interviewee what economic, political, and social issues are affecting their career field. Informational interviews are also a great way to expand your network. Ask your interviewee if they can refer you to any colleagues that you can speak with. Keep in touch- this does not mean start adding them on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and every other social networking site Be clear about what you want to gain out there. You could ask them to connect from the interview- know what your interwith you on LinkedIn or even short email ests are. This will help you ask questions after a few months will suffice. Ask them that can get you the information you need. how they are doing and let them know of your progress in your career search. Be thankful- sending a thank you card after your interview will not only show that Be polite- remember that this person is you were appreciative of their time, but taking time out of their day to speak to you. also help the person remember you.


• •

Informational interviews help you build a long-lasting network. Effective informational interviews can even lead to an internship or a job offer sometime in the future. At the very least, the information you gain from your interview can help you improve your resume, cover letter, or interviewing skills. For more ideas and tips, log onto GGU careers and access tutorials on informational interviewing through CareerBeam. You can also make an appointment with a career counselor at the Office of Career Planning to help review your request letters, thank you letters, or interview questions.

• •

Taking any GGU Online Classes? Prepare for MOODLE!
By Lynette Webb and your CyberCampus Team
OK, so what on earth is a “Moodle”? a) A cross between a poodle and a maltese b) Wisconsin specialty: A casserole featuring noodles and mayonnaise c) Google’s new mood-sensing plugin (it offers suggestions like: “Why not search for ‘Michael Jackson lyrics’ when you’re less cranky?”) d) None of the above Answer: d) None of the above

Moodle is actually the name of the award-winning learning management system that Golden Gate University will be adopting in Summer 2011. And, if you’re really curious, the strange name is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (although the “M” originally stood for “Martin” in honor of the system’s inventor Martin Dougiamas). Moodle is being used to teach courses in big schools, small schools, local schools (like San Francisco State University) and international schools (like Open University in the UK which is the largest online education provider in the world). In fact, as of January of this year, more than 32 million students in over 3 million courses use Moodle. And Moodle will arrive in GGU’s own CyberCampus in 2011!

CyberCampus, Golden Gate University’s online learning department, has delivered classes for more than a decade now. Over the past 13 years CyberCampus’ learning platform has shifted a few times, but in 2011 its shift to the Moodle system will mark the biggest leap in design and function for students to date. What will this mean for you and your online courses? Well, your fully-online CyberCampus courses and your Blended, Hybrid and WebEnhanced courses will have a fresh new look. And, some of the semantics will be a bit different too. For instance, if you’ve ever turned in papers to the “Dropbox” area of CyberCampus you’ll now be turning in papers to the “Assignments” area.

Courses will still have lectures and discussions as well as components like quizzes, videos, PowerPoint slideshows, etc. But, there’s more to look forward to, like a greater availability of materials that can be viewed on portable devices like your iPhone or Blackberry. Another of Moodle’s many features allows you to “subscribe” to any discussion so that you’ll be automatically emailed if there is activity in it. Don’t worry, CyberCampus will provide student tutorials before the platform is launched so that you can get comfortable with all the features before the Summer 2011 semester begins. What will Moodle mean for Golden Gate University? One of it’s most appealing characteristics is that it will be easier for GGU to customize Moodle’s interface and functions so that it best fits your needs. Moodle is open-source software, meaning GGU can freely choose from the many improvements made by Moodle programmers worldwide. Ready to make the move to Moodle yet? You’ll be happy you did. Mark your calendars for next summer!

A Message from CyberCampus
MAD FOR MOODLE GGU’s NEW COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM By now you are no doubt aware of the university’s decision to migrate onto a new Course Management System, Moodle. It is a decision that has launched a complex project of course migration, training and implementation that will present challenges as well as vast opportunity; a project that will benefit greatly from thoughtful planning, total commitment and collaboration. At this early stage (instruction on the new platform will not begin until the summer of 2011), I would like to introduce the names of some of the individuals who will be playing significant roles in this effort. They will be serving as major conduits of information, both within the project and emerging from it. Kathleen Hance ( - A former employee of GGU/CyberCampus, Kate will be serving in the role of Project Manager. Alan Roper ( - Another former employee and currently an adjunct colleague, Alan is chairing the Faculty Senate’s technology committee. Bob Fulkerth ( - A member of the full-time faculty, Bob is coordinating the fall Faculty Retreat during which more information on Moodle will be provided. Please feel free to contact me (, the CyberCampus Help Desk (, or any of the above individuals with your questions, concerns and suggestions. Marvin Weinbaum Dean CyberCampus

Greetings Students! I would like to express my warmest welcome to all you new students. Being a student at Golden Gate University is your opportunity to make a difference in your life as well as others. It is a chance for you to reach a higher potential and improve yourself. It is your time to SHINE! Golden Gate University is full of vivid student cultures, and the Student Government Association (SGA) is here to ensure that along with their studies, students can participate in this cultural mix, making their experience at GGU a memorable and remarkable one. From maintaining the Student Lounge which is located in the Plaza Level, to hosting different educational or entertaining events, the SGA is focused in building the student community and enriching students’ lives outside of classrooms! We understand that adapting to a new environment (or for many of you, a new country) is always difficult. However, you are not alone. The SGA is always here to offer support and assistance for students whenever needed. We are a fully-student run organization and are the representative body of students. Students always welcome to submit your suggestions or comments to the SGA, and we will try our best to get your voice heard. Our office is located in the Student Lounge on Plaza level of the building. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves, or reach us via email at We also welcome you to join the SGA’s Group on Facebook for updates, participate or even volunteer for future events and become part of the GGU community. We look forward to having a fun-filled year with you. Sincerely, Shirley Ho President, Student Government Association

Profiles: Student Government Association SHIRLEY HO
Current Positions President- SGA Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science- University of Wisconsin-Madison About Me Currently pursuing MS in Integrated Marketing Hobby and Interests Enjoy living in San Francisco and exploring its charming local restaurants and endless events in the Bay Area, traveling, listening to music, meeting new people and learning about different cultures and languages. Contact Email

Current Positions Vice President (Public Relations)- SGA Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics- Mumbai University, India Diploma Engineering in Digital Electronics- MSBTE, India About Me Currently pursuing MBA in Information Technology Hobby and Interests Sports, technology, music, reading, exploring places and learning new things about them Contact Email

Current Positions Vice-President (Finance)- SGA Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Engineering in Computer ScienceUniversity of Pune, India. About Me Currently pursuing MBA with emphasis on Operations and Information Technology. Hobby and Interests Listening Music, Volunteering for Non Profit organizations, Playing and Coaching Basketball, Learning more about technology and its application in everyday life, Visiting National parks and exploring wild life Contact Email

Current Position Vice President of Public Administration- SGA Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Commerce & Master of CommerceGujarat University, India About Me Currently pursuing MBA Finance Hobbies and Interests Play Chess, Cricket & Volleyball & Listening Music. Contact Email

Unusual Food Finds Within Walking Distance of GGU
In case you are not aware, GGU is prestigiously positioned (not just academically) geographically in San Francisco’s Financial District. Being among the concrete forest may not seem the most interesting location for food finds. However, if you pay attention, you may find a lot of hidden treasures that you may not notice even though you walk pass these streets on a daily basis. We may have already tried or tired of the familiar nearby restaurants such as Salthouse, Yank Sing, Osha Thai, and not to mention, fast food chains such as Chipotle, Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, etc. This article focuses on introducing the less noticeable eateries nearby campus that you may not be aware of....Happy Food-spotting!

If you are In the mood for:
If you like to get creative with your salads, this is the place to be! Located right next to GGU, this place usually attracts long queues during lunch hours. It offers organic, healthy, and fresh greens which you get to choose a wide variety of mixings, dressings or simply order one of the Sandwich: The SenTinel (37 pre-designed salads or sandnew MonTgoMery STreeT) wiches. Prices may be slightly Want to jazz up your usual sand- high for a salad, but the portion wich lunch a little, check out is huge and would surely leave this cool little sandwich shop at you with a satisfied, full belly. the corner of New Montgomery and Stevenson! It has a simple menu with only a few regular items, the rest are seasonal or even changed daily. Recommended: Corned Beef Sandwich with Cabbage, Russian Dressing, and Swiss – made with thick and slightly buttered bread, the sliced, juicy corned beef, cabbage and melted cheese just makes your day even more delightful. remaining juicy and tender. The brown rice is option is a plus and the chewy texture goes perfectly with the flavorful curry… Akiko’s Restaurant (431 Bush Street) This uniquely-designed restaurant serves nigiri and sashimi made with only the freshest catches of the day. Also has innovative sushi rolls, such as the “Volcano” and “Vivi”, as well as delicious udon noodles.

Salad: MixT greenS (560 MiSSion STreeT)

This “hole in the wall” joint is a true gem! Reminder: Japanesestyle curry is different from Indian/Thai-style, with a little bit of sweetness mixed with spiciness in the thick authentic sauce. The tonkatsu (pork cutlets) are always freshly fried while the meat

crepeS: creperie ST. gerMain JapaneSe: Muracci’S JapaneSe (546 howard STreeT) curry (307 Kearny STreeT) Located right by the parking

lot across from GGU, this crepe cart is open weekdays from 8am-3pm and 9pm-4am on Fridays and Saturdays for clubbers catching a late bite. It serves both sweet and savory crepes made with organic buckwheat and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Whether it’s for a light lunch on a sunny afternoon, catching up with friends while sipping tea in a low-key evening, or simply unwind your mind from projects/exams, Samovar is always the satisfying spot. Located in the Upper Terrace of Yerba Buena Gardens, this is the ideal place for relaxation-beautiful views, soothing atmosphere, wide variety of tea selection, culturally diverse menu… right in the heart of the city.

Tea: SaMovar Tea lounge (730 howard STreeT)

indian: curry up now food carT (225 BuSh STreeT; checK TwiTTer for daily locaTion)

One of the most interesting current food trends in SF is to follow the movable food carts. They tend to travel around the Bay Area and the way to find out their locations is by following them on Twitter. Curry Up Now is the first Indian mobile street vendor that brings uniquely flavored (mostly spicy) Indian cuisines such as chicken tikka masala burrito and Kathi roll(made with roti, pickled onions, chutney, and chicken) on wheels. So “curry up” and catch them if you can!



This is a hidden venue takes seafood-lovers to right to cloud nine with a clean, modern interior and nice ambiance. It serves creative appetizers such as “Angels on Horseback” (bacon-wrapped oysters with a special Remoulade sauce) and “Warm Sea Urchin, Dungeness Crab, and Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce” served in a half sea urchin shell. The fish entrees are also tastefully cooked with to the perfect texture.

Seafood: anchor & hope (83 Minna STreeT)

Forget Starbucks or Peets. This small café across from GGU spreads big aroma every morning serving the famous Blue Bottle Coffee. The drinks are either individually brewed or made into espressobased drinks, such as its specialty, New Orleans style ice coffee that adds in the chicory taste.

coffee: Special xTra (46 Minna STreeT)

Bowling Off Some Steam
Students, faculty, staff and friends from both Golden Gate University’s Law and Business schools were invited to participate in some friendly competition at the third annual Griffin Bowling Tournament which was held on March 26 at the Yerba Buena Skating and Bowling Center in San Francisco. Pro bowlers and newbies alike took to the waxed floors in friendly team match-ups while munching on refreshments and proudly sporting their GGU Griffin T-shirts. Winners of the top prizes were the Law School Staff team (Amy Barron Chung, Tom Clark, Michael Hart, Nate Chung and Sandra Derian) with first place, followed by the MarCom team (Enver Sedolli, Gilli Assa, Laura Browne, Morgan Dodge, Ryan Badowski and Tasia Neeve), and in third place the team of Walt Stevenson, Peter Cottan, Katherine Sindac, Dhwanil and Bizu.

Golden Gate University students and staff were transported to the legendary Sin City at the 2010 graduation bash held on April 29 at Infusion Lounge on Ellis Street. Jointly sponsored by the Student Government Association and Campus Currents magazine, the theme of the party was Destination: Vegas, where attendees tried their luck in a roomful of classic casino games such as blackjack, craps and roulette amidst a backdrop of one of San Francisco’s premier party lounges. Free drinks and an all-night DJ complemented the event which was attended by GGU President Dan Angel and Board of Directors Head Les Schmitt, among others. The party went long into the night, once again proving that GGU students and staff do indeed know how party just as hard as they work.

G G U ’s S t u d e n t M a g a z i n e

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