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pleasure – the big, dumb, fun blockbuster. The Meg is the sort of treat
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Online enquiries email offices?) and we caught up with ‘The Stath’ and colleagues to discuss fishy 03

marketing and circulation
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print, PRODUCTION and DISTRIBUTION Animals. In anticipation of Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,
production manager Frances Twentyman
head of production, uK & us Mark Constance we also re-examined Charles Manson’s impact on La-La, revisited the
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Interviewed Leigh Perk of the month: seeing Met John Krasinski in
Whannell for his ace Ant-Man And the wasp London to talk Jack ryan
new film upgrade but in an almost-empty IMAX on the day of England’s first
mostly discussed John cinema. Felt like I’d been World Cup game. “I don’t
Carpenter’s the thing shrunk, too; nearly changed know anything about the
because… well, why not?  my name to Leyl-ant. soccer,” he shrugged.
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august 2018 | ToTal Film
#275 august 2018

this issue teasers
56 the meg
Jason Statham takes on
a prehistoric shark in the
summer’s most ludicrously
fun blockbuster.
11 mile 22
Wahlberg and Berg team
up again, but this thriller’s
not based on a true story.
14 sterling k. shark tale
66 monster preview brown the stath and co are up against
Fangs, claws, scales and the Why the Hotel Artemis and
a giant prehistoric shark… and
odd blast of atomic breath… The Predator star is raising
all the other monster hits temperatures right now. TF’s talked to the lot of them
stomping your way. (well, except for the shark).
16 bad times at
70 the happytime the el royale
mUrders Check in for an exclusive
Join TF on set of the look at Drew Goddard’s
filthiest puppet movie ever. cult-in-the-making thriller.
Don’t expect any rainbow
connections around here. 22 the girl in
the spider’s web
76 american animals Lisbeth Salander is back,
04 The shocking true tale and this time Claire Foy’s
that’s unlike any heist movie donning the leather jacket.
you’ve ever seen before.
27 it shoUldn’t
80 a simple FavoUr happen to a
Anna Kendrick, Blake Film joUrnalist
Lively and Paul Feig Jamie on the perils of falling
defy expectations in asleep during movies.
a Hitchcockian thriller.
We meet the trio in Vegas… 31 can we
talk aboUt
...that Ant-Man And
every issue The Wasp coda?
35 tF hero
3 editor’s letter We catch up with John
Why we need The Meg to Travolta in Cannes to
make a splash. Plus, what talk Gotti and Grease.
else we’ve been up to.
7 dialogUe total film
We dive into our postbag. buff
Turns out that people
have a lot of feelings
about Hereditary… 112 is it bollocks?
Demystifying dino DNA.
84 total Film
interview 114 the ’70s
Domhnall Buff’s decade series reaches
Gleeson is a truly electrifying era.
no stranger 122 charles
to huge manson
blockbusters Why does he still inspire
and daring pop-culture fascination?
129 60-second ‘the moments with
Chewing up dino the shark have to be
11 flick Jurassic
World: Fallen seen to be believed’

SubScribe at

big screen
76 40 ant-man
and the wasp
Is it another miniature hero,
or a giant disappointment?
42 mission:
impossible – FalloUt
Cruise’s latest really, really,
really difficult mission.
44 a sicilian
ghost story
Not an Italian remake of
that Rooney Mara film.
46 blackkklansman
Spike Lee’s latest joint is
hilarious and harrowing.
48 the escape
Gemma Arterton turns
80 producer (and still stars).

50 incredibles 2
The Parrs are back in
action after 14 long years.
52 the eyes oF
orson welles
Auteur theory.

94 a qUiet place
The little horror that made
a big noise this year.
96 ready player one
How does Spielberg’s
nostalgia-fest hold up
84 on the small screen?
98 sex, lies,
and videotape
Revisiting Soderbergh’s
Sundance breakout.
100 extras
Bill & Ted in colouring book
form: Wyld Stallyns!
102 jack ryan
John Krasinski on tackling
Tom Clancy’s CIA hero.
104 sharp objects
Amy Adams turns to telly.
108 games
The best of E3. august 2018 | ToTal Film
Mail, rants, theories etc.
Email WritE Total Film, 4th Floor, Emerson Studios, 4-8 Emerson Street, London
SE1 9DU (postal addresses will be used for the sole purpose of sending out prizes) Drop us a line

TF’s cinemaTic agony
uncle has your back.

When my fave film mag arrives 07
I always find myself heading
to Jamie Graham’s column,
‘It Shouldn’t Happen To A Film
Journalist’ [see p27]. After
reading [in TF271] about how
he told Josh Brolin he wasn’t
impressed by his movie – big
respect for that! – I wanted to STAR LETTER horror.” Whatever did you do to spark
dyEr acting
ask Jamie if he’s ever asked
a star for an autograph or photo, ★ I’ve been an avid collector of your
magazine since issue one; I can
such a heinous act of revenge from
your erstwhile partner?!? It makes
a younger Danny,
looking the business,
even though it’s probably still remember buying it and feeling John Wick look like a baby beagle. in The Business.
a big no-no in the job?
like I’d finally found a decent movie As it happens, we’ve just upped sticks
mag – one that’s kept my interest all ourselves – no promises, but if we do
these years! However, I’ve just moved find a spare issue 225 buried in one of
house and while unpacking, I found to our bottomless crates (think the final
wingman says… my horror that one issue is missing! shot of Raiders, with more rubber-
Well, let’s hand you over to After a deep investigation I discovered band balls), then it’s yours.
Guest Wingman, Mr. Jamie that when my ex and I broke up some In the meantime, Richie and
Graham… “I once got Danny time ago, her reaction was to throw everyone with a letter printed here
Dyer to sign my DVD of The away one random issue and not tell me! will receive a copy of woof-raising Isle
Business. It’s my proudest WTF?! Now I’m wondering what else Of Dogs, out now on Digital HD and on
possession! I also once bought an she ditched… maybe it’s time to go Blu-ray/DVD 6 August via Twentieth
original Apocalypse Now poster, through my Blu-ray collection. Wish Century Fox Home Entertainment.
at considerable expense, with the me luck! Oh, and if you happen to have Didn’t send an address? Email it!
intention of asking Francis Ford a spare copy of issue 225 lying about… Or your disc will be dog-gone…
Coppola to sign it… then I left I’d really appreciate it.

it on the plane.” Have you got
reFlecTive inTeresT curve™
a question for Wingy? Do you Wowzer. We went from
Thrilled Hello Tate
know where Jamie’s poster is? basking smugly in praise
enTerTained Ant-Man And
The Wasp
fever M:I
– Fallout
Have you ever left anything there to lying stricken like
Flippin’ eck! screening
Farewell Taking the wrong
World Cup
on a plane? Email me! Marlon Brando gasping,
bad Times… Paddington bridge to work Sunstroke fever pizza

week 0 1 2 3 deadline
“The horror… the august 2018 | ToTal Film
vinYl desTinaTion
New issue, new office (we’re now
not all readers spotted the on the South Bank), old tech: we
team delivering TF subscriber
received not one but two vinyl
copies last month….
soundtracks, Phantom Thread and I, Tonya. Can’t actually
play ’em, but they add some retro-class to our new digs.
HAVING IT SMALL but he’s shedding a little tear,

I ’m no doctor, but I have some
concerns about your recent cover
story on Ant-Man And The Wasp. I found
still thinking about
lando’s back! discuss…
Episode IX news invited a cynical
it terribly difficult to read as you VIA EMAIL response… “Another one to bite
made it so incredibly small. I cannot the dust then” (Wayne Griffith);
understand why you made it so tough Cheer up Tiny Tony “They’re going to ruin his character just like Luke”
for your readers to take in everything – Spidey might be gone, (Matt Stevens); “Bring back Jar Jar!” (Martyn Tupling)
about the upcoming film. Maybe next but you’ve still got Total
time you should print your cover Film (or maybe Partial sTeve Trevor’s back! discuss…
story in a bigger format for a more Film, in Thanos’ world).
comfortable, enjoyable read… now, The response to the Speculation about Wonder Woman
on with the rest of your great mag! micro-mag was so 1984… “Umm… flashback?” (Jez
MARTIN JACKSON, BLETCHLEY overwhelming we’ve Ore); “It’s a comic-book movie
gone one step further: – everyone comes back!” (Will Thorson); “Let’s just

P lease, please, please tell me that
I am the only one to have the TF
equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden
presenting the world’s first nano-mag
which – oh no, it’s just slipped under
your fingernail and is now pinging
wait till the movie comes out” (Israel Sato).

puG oF choice
Ticket! You see, on the cover of my copy about your insides like a paper Dennis
of issue 274, the Wasp seems to have Quaid in Innerspace. As for the whole Another canine visitor to TF towers
lost one of her wing filaments – take ‘hard to read’ issue, simply take the – and this one a proper movie star,
a look at the left-hand side, below the micro-mag to your local observatory who’s been on the Graham Norton
‘F’. Surely a collectors’ item worth and tack it their biggest telescope. Show and everything. Harley the pug popped by to plug
thousands of pounds. Though I’ll Security will have you tasered in his film, Patrick. Oh, and steal a few staff hearts.
settle for a year’s free cinema pass… minutes though, so read fast.
STEVE WILSON, VIA EMAIL ideal home-Time TreaTs
scary tickles

A s I can’t actually read the
Ant-Man And The Wasp micro-
mag, I thought I should give it to my
S o I go to see Hereditary, where
my fellow Glaswegians and I find
the ‘scary bits’ laughable (not gentle
Sadly not pictured: cupcakes
with Rudd/Coogan face sculptures,
damaged in transit. Happily, the
Hot Toys Iron Man figure. He couldn’t chuckles but full-on belly laughs). stand-in brownies hit the spot, chased by a home-made
wait to find out what Ant-Man was Then I read your review describing it margarita. Hmm, might need to try mixing another…
up to while everyone else was fighting as “one of the most affecting horrors
Thanos. You can’t tell from the picture, in recent memory”. Colour me The h(e)aT is on
“A little goodie,” The First Purge PR

Office spaced promised, totally unpreparing us
for the giant, behorned skull mask
Chatter ‘gems’ overheard in the Total Film office this month… that caused a few palpitations (not least as it was so
bloody hot under there). Perfect for premieres, mind.

* “I could put BBQ sauce on my shoe and eat it.” Good hair daY

* “If you meet Jason Momoa in Comic-Con,
The Ladybird Blu-ray, badge and
could you ask him to sign a fish finger?” vinyl soundtrack were all well
and good, but it was the dye that

* “What does that song mean, really caught our Jane’s eye, turning her into a pink lady

‘Scumming home, scumming home’?” (and prompting a chorus of ‘Beauty School Dropout’).

SubScribe at
Get a fRee issue Of
Start your 30-day trial today on
iPad, iPhone or Android

search For ToTal Film
on your Device

confused! Were these moments meant After much deliberation, and wishing
it’s a scrEam
to be funny? (Seems unlikely.) Is the for once there were more steps, we
Toni collette,
Glasgow sense of humour warped settled on the 14 quotes in the attached delivering another
(quite possibly – it definitely picture [see right]. Once the wood rolling-in-the-
was not nervous laughter!). stripping and sanding was aisles rib-tickler

Do the TF reviewers need complete, the mission was in Hereditary.
to toughen up? (Your call!) on to find fonts as close
Either way, I have been
yOuR say to the film lettering as
left wondering if other
readers have had their possible. Using graphite
paper to trace the phrases

funny bones tickled totalfilm on was followed by the
• videos • reviews
by ‘scary’ movies? • trailers • news challenge of painting
EMMA CACKETTE, GLASGOW at awkward angles. Some
touch-ups are still required;

H aving seen the ultra-scary and
nightmare-inducing Hereditary
recently, I know that, despite its
but it has already provided some
entertainment to friends as they
play guess the film!
undoubted quality, come awards season J AND G AXTEN, VIA EMAIL Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil
it won’t win many gongs because Rathbone. I’m up to 12 out of 14
horror is a genre that voting bodies Talk about a stairway to heaven… made – the stories are pretty good,
don’t take seriously. However, I know you two are clearly the Handy Andy but the acting is so cheesy.
it’s going to revive that old chestnut of film trivia and the Barry Norman ANDY MACLEOD, VIA EMAIL
about what the scariest films of all time of home improvement. To quote
are. Some, I’ve found, like The Blair The 40 Year-Old Virgin, do you like Elementary, would you say, my dear
Witch Project, are completely banal and to do it yourself? Sorry – have we Andy? Sorry. Any more gags like that
overrated and haven’t stood the test of gone a step too far? and we’ll be on the Doyle…
time, while Alien and John Carpenter’s
The Thing still scare me senseless. HOLMES VIEWING CORRECTION

We’ve had tons of letters about
F or health reasons, I’ve been
spending a lot of time in front
of the TV. In between the World Cup
I n issue 274, we misspelt the
surname of The Receptionist director
Jenny Lu. We offer sincere apologies
Hereditary. Yes, it frustrates that only games, I’ve been binge-watching the for the error.
two out-and-out horrors have ever

Get the best
won Best Picture (The Silence Of The
Lambs; Driving Miss Daisy); and no, our

reviewers don’t need to toughen up.
Just please could you leave the lights
on a bit longer, mister projectionist? Print
* Massive savings on the cover price
* Subscriber-only magazine content
stairway to heaven * Two Jurassic World Pop! Vinyls £22
M y wife and I took on a long-term * Exclusive subscriber-only covers every 6
project renovating a house and Visit
found a way to display our love of films. august 2018 | ToTal Film
Coming attraCtions
Back in the habit p15 Good girl gone bad p22
Batt-El Royale! p16 Harry Dean’s last hurrah p32
EditEd by Jordan farlEy


Run and gun
MiLE 22 i Mark Wahlberg gears up for the super-spy super-team fiRing squaD
actioner that’s here to tell us what Mission: Impossible is doing wrong… mark Wahlberg
plays silva, who

runs a Cia strike
our people have to get 22 miles in 38 minutes. Very simple.” Signing on to work with Berg for force that includes
To hear Peter Berg describe it, Mile 22 is your average morning the fourth time, Wahlberg went as Lauren Cohan’s alice.
commute. Make one of those people Mark Wahlberg in the role far as delaying shooting his Six Billion
he’s hoping will define his whole career, line that distance with Dollar Man reboot for the chance to
heavily armed South American mercs, and pad out those minutes with some play special-ops super-spy James
of the most bombastic action set-pieces of the summer, and you’re a bit Silva in Mile 22.
closer to whatever Berg is shrugging off. “I’ve been able to make a lot of
different movies in a lot of different
“After doing three films in a row Famous for once shooting half of genres, but I still don’t feel like I have
that were all based on reality, with Lone Friday Night Lights without even telling the movie role that really kind of
Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots his cast the cameras were rolling, Berg defines me,” says Wahlberg, speaking
Day, I really just wanted to have some is the kind of no-nonsense director at CinemaCon.
fun and make an action movie,” he who doesn’t like to brag – a guy with “I’m really hoping Silva is the
says, downplaying it again. “I liked the an eye for action and a reputation for thing. I’m hoping that the first
idea that it felt like a game. That was “shooting the shit out of it”, according thing you think of when you think
kind of the spirit this all started with.” to long-time cohort, Wahlberg. of Mark Wahlberg is Mile 22.” august 2018 | ToTal Film
When a local asset (played by his heroic Seal in Lone Survivor. “As
The Raid’s Iko Uwais in his first major my high-school football coach, Mr.
Hollywood role) discovers a missing Stunn, used to say, it takes a special
cache of radioactive powder in an breed of cat to do this job,” muses Berg,
unnamed South American city, Silva somewhat confusingly. “The agents
is hired to escort him to a helicopter that I’ve met that work for the CIA
pick-up before an entire black-ops and for Ground Branch, they really do
army catches up with them. seem to subscribe to a more complex
Ronda Rousey and Lauren Cohan version of patriotism.
round out Silva’s strike team, with John “If they get killed, all they get is
Malkovich manning a missile drone a little star with no name on the wall
from the sky – making the action a at Langley, at CIA headquarters. They
frenetic mix of martial arts, airborne don’t get big, military funerals. They
explosives and high-speed shoot-outs don’t get medal ceremonies at the
in an armoured car. White House.”
Causing chaos on the streets of Describing Silva as a black and
Bogotá, the shoot even caught the white soldier “without the luxury of
attention of Colombia’s President Juan small talk”, Berg wanted to give the
Manuel Santos, who was allowed to character an extra edge by having
“hold the camera” during one scene. him (occasionally) think twice about
All action, no nonsense, the big what he’s doing.
draw for Berg was exploring the “These people are dealing with
real-world military strike force that unimaginable scenarios and with
he caught a glimpse of in his research complicated problems that are
for Lone Survivor. Mile 22 might be his almost like Rubik’s Cubes constantly
Mission: Impossible, but Silva and his spinning in their mind,” says Berg.
team are as real “The pressure
as we’re allowed and stresses
to know about.
“The CIA
‘WahLBerg’s create almost
a bipolar, manic
has a division
called the
friendshiP is Like type of character,
and that was
Special Activities Brotherhood something that
on the run
(top left)
Division and
they take care and i never had Mark and I talked
about – having
The Raid’s iko
uwais plays the
of some of
the more
a Brother’ Silva somewhat
tormented by
asset Wahlberg
must escort
operation- peter BerG the nature across the city.
oriented of the work
hand of god
activities, traditional spying and that he has to do every day.”
director Peter
counterintelligence,” says Berg, finally Already tipped to launch a franchise,
Berg with John
in his comfort zone. “And they have Mile 22 is the first part of a rumoured malkovich, who
a division within that called Ground trilogy – as well as the starting point plays airstrike
Branch, which is their paramilitary for a live-action TV spin-off called operator
unit. And that really exists. The Kiev Exchange that’s shooting Bishop (above).
“I was aware of that group from my in virtual reality to put viewers in
time in Lone Survivor and I met a lot of the middle of a hostage situation. the Chase
Navy Seals who graduated in Ground There’s no word yet on whether Wahlberg and
uwais must
Branch and I heard about their exploits Wahlberg will return for either,
work together
and some very unique operations that but if Berg’s at the helm, you can
to fend off
they participated in. If there’s no bet he’ll be the first person he calls. an entire
diplomatic option and there’s no “It’s hard, as an adult, to army (right).
military option, Ground Branch make a new friend,” says an
generally gets called in, and they uncharacteristically sappy Berg.
call themselves the third option.” “Mark’s friendship is almost like
Calling his team Overwatch, brotherhood and I never had a brother.
Berg’s version of Ground Branch People have asked me, well, why do
is “somewhat fictional”, but Silva’s you guys keep working together?
character is based on interviews I’m like, why wouldn’t we?” PB
with real covert operatives – giving
Wahlberg the chance to play a military ETA | 19 SEpTEmbEr / milE 22 opEnS
role that’s practically the opposite of in Two monThS.

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at

take aim
(left) ronda
rousey as strike
team member
sam snow; (top)
Mile 22 marks
fourth film with
director Berg. august 2018 | ToTal Film
hot right now
Sterling K. Brown
is on the hunt…

aving been a journeyman actor
for the past 13-and-a-half years
of my career, to have these last
couple of years introduce me
to working with people like Shane Black,
it’s a dream come true.” Self-deprecating
and smooth-talking, Sterling K. Brown is
doing himself something of a disservice as
he chats to Teasers. Because although the
past few years have seen him exploding into
the mainstream, nabbing two consecutive
Emmy awards, a Golden Globe and a cadre
of high-profile roles in projects such as
Black Panther and American Crime Story,
he was hardly coasting before.
TV gigs on ER, Person Of Interest and This Is Us
primed him for his big break as Christopher
Darden on ACS (for which he won his first
Emmy), and now he’s busier than ever, not
least with his action-man role as agent Will
Traeger in The Predator, directed by Shane
Black. “Traeger is not a decent human being.
He’s not the most likeable cat,” Brown reveals
with a chuckle. “That’s something very fun for
me to play – someone who doesn’t go out of
their way to be kind and gracious – because
I am so naturally that way.”
A fan of the original Arnie actioner (“It was
heart-pounding and scary for an 11-year-old
kid”), he’s enjoyed watching Black put his
stamp on the franchise with a pseudo-sequel/
reboot, also starring Olivia Munn and Boyd
Holbrook. “This one has the thriller aspect,
but it has a great deal of levity,” he says. Levity
is something we should also expect from his
upcoming role voicing a character in The Angry
Birds Movie 2, while other projects are more
subdued but even more tantalising.
Currently on screens as honourable thief
Waikiki in Drew Pearce’s Hotel Artemis, also on
Brown’s agenda is musical drama Waves, with
It Comes At Night director Trey Edward Shults,
and thriller The Rhythm Section, with Blake
Lively and director Reed Morano. Meanwhile,
he’s shown interest in suiting up for a role
Ma ar ten de Boer / con t our By ge t t y

in DC reboot Green Lantern Corps, and Aaron
Sorkin wants to cast him as the president
in his West Wing reboot. “If you are serious,
sir, I would be honoured!” Brown responded.
No journeymen here. JW/JF

ETA | 12 SEpTEmbEr / ThE prEdATor opEnS nExT
monTh. ThE Angry birdS moviE 2, ThE rhyThm
SEcTion And WAvES ArE All in producTion.

ToTal Film | August 2018

Superior scares
We’re guessing not. It only takes
Holy ordErs one glance at the Demon Nun’s pale,
Taissa Farmiga plays pointed face to realise that what is
a novice nun sent
THE NUN I The Hallow director Corin Hardy to investigate a
living behind her eyes, to steal from
Halloween’s Dr. Loomis, is purely
conjures up a classical chiller… Romanian abbey;
Bonnie Aarons as
and simply evil.

the titular, terrifying Hardy laughs. “Bonnie embodied
his is a slightly different direction for the Conjuring universe,” sister (below). the character in The Conjuring 2 in
says director Corin Hardy, the lifelong horror nut who’s making the same way that Robert Englund
his sophomore feature with The Nun after ace monster movie embodied Freddy Krueger,” he says.
The Hallow. “It’s not what I’d call a straight-up haunted house/ “Also, one of the few times in my life
possession movie. It has a little bit more mystery-adventure [about] it.” that I practically had a heart attack
from sheer terror was in Mulholland
After James Wan’s The Conjuring and which is set in convents with gaslight Drive, when Bonnie comes out from
The Conjuring 2, plus devil-doll spin-offs and candles, it’s not hard to create behind the diner. Anyone who can
Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation, The an unnerving atmosphere. You’ll do that in a brief moment is worth
Nun is the fifth entry in a series that be hoping for the jump scares just everything. So it was great having her
already has three more movies – The to give you release!” get more stuck into the character.”
Conjuring 3, The Crooked Man and a third The plot is currently cloaked You might say that Aarons is in
Annabelle movie – pipelined. As the title in mystery as thick as the fog the habit of scaring the bejesus out
suggests, Hardy’s film focuses on the that shrouds the castle glimpsed of viewers. And Hardy is confident
unholy lady (Bonnie Aarons) who in the trailer, but we do know that she now has the perfect
made one hell of an impact in Wan’s that an exorcist, Father Burke vehicle for her talents. “We had
Conjuring sequel, and sets its action (Demián Bichir), is hired by a real-life Romanian priest come
in a Romanian castle in 1952 to learn the Vatican when the body and bless the castle before we
just how our naughty nun got possessed of a nun is found at an abbey. started filming,” he grins.
by the demon Valak. Joined by novitiate nun “The priest threw holy water
“You’ll come to know more about Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga, and it hit me in the eye. Make
Valak and how this presence has sibling of The Conjuring’s of that what you will…” JG
entered the Conjuring universe,” Vera), Father Burke
teases Hardy, promising it will be an “has to determine if ETA | 7 SEpTEmbEr / ThE NuN
eerie journey. “In a movie like this, the building is still holy”. opENS ThiS AuTumN. August 2018 | ToTal Film

‘if there’s a turn that’s
unconventional but it
excites me, i trust that
instinct and follow it’
Drew GoDDarD

ToTal Film | august 2018
Royale Rumble
cast checks in to the hotel from hell…

he less you know about this film, the more fun you’re going
to have,” announces Drew Goddard, writer/director of Bad Times
At The El Royale. It’s a worrying gambit given Teasers now has
to ask Goddard ‘fun’-sapping questions for the next 30 minutes.
“However, we really want to tell audiences that this is worth their time.
Because these days, you really have to be something special to get people
to come to the movies.”

“Something special” encapsulates cleaner salesman; Father Daniel Flynn
Goddard’s career to date. In the six (Jeff Bridges), a priest who moonlights
years since ingenious horror The Cabin as a bank robber, as seen in our
In The Woods, Goddard has kept busy, exclusive pic; Darlene Sweet (Cynthia
developing the first season of Daredevil, Erivo), a singer in the wrong place at
directing buzzy sitcom The Good Place, the wrong time; and Billy Lee (Chris
earning a Best Screenplay nom for The Hemsworth), a charismatic cult leader
Martian and signing on for Deadpool who seemingly spends the film
team-up sequel X-Force. But before shirtless. “I kept putting the shirt
the fourth-wall-smashing mayhem on him, but I turned my back and
begins, there’s Bad Times, a twisty, the next thing you know, it’s off,”
twisted crime thriller set in 1969 about Goddard guffaws. “I can’t blame him.” 17
seven strangers who check in to the Having worked with a pre-Thor
titular Lake Tahoe hotel with no Hemsworth on Cabin, Goddard had the
guarantee they’ll check out. God of Thunder in mind for the wild
“It started from a place of card character from the off, teasing
loving film noir and crime fiction,” that Lee “is a departure from what
says Goddard, who held regular you’re used to seeing on screen”. The
screenings of “noir-adjacent” films same could be said for the film, where
with Cloverfield collaborator Matt Reeves nothing is what it seems. “You don’t
for inspiration. Dreaming up that want to be audacious for the sake of it,”
barnstormer of a title before writing he explains. “But if there’s a turn that
the (spec) script, Goddard half-jokingly may not be conventional but it excites
admits, “I had to figure out how to me, I learnt to trust that instinct and
write a story that was worthy of that follow where that will take you.”
title!” First job: populating the Royale In Goddard we trust. JF
with a marvellously monikered
ensemble, including Laramie Seymour ETA | 12 OcTObEr / bAd TimEs AT ThE
Sullivan (Jon Hamm), a slimy vacuum El rOyAlE OpEns lATEr This yEAr.

august 2018 | ToTal Film
wanted to do comedy. I mean, not from

you talkin’ to me?
birth, but from an early age. Comedians
were my heroes. And I always wanted
to be able to make people laugh.

Film quotes pose as questions. Film stars try to cope. Only two kinds of men get shot
– criminals and victims. Which
one are you?
I’d say victim, but I think this quote
In the crosshaIrs thIs month: Joe THoMAS is implying that it’s better to be a
criminal, which I don’t approve of.
It’s almost like saying that victims are
You talkin’ to me? losers, and the criminals are heroes.
Yeah, I am talking to you, and I’m very Also, I’m confused, because I thought
happy doing so. I’m sorry to say I haven’t that surfing was also an option.
seen Taxi Driver. It’s insane. It’s a bit like
not knowing how to add up. But the What’s the last thing that you
shoddy way in which I’ve engaged with do remember?
our film heritage is finally paying off, What an amazingly cryptic question.
because I’ve still got all this stuff to watch. The word “do” is so baffling. The last
thing is, I thought I’d answered all the
Do you feel lucky, punk? questions quite well, but that has now
It would be nice if this was how punks gone out of the window.
spoke to each other, like how chefs
call each other “chef”. “Thank you for What would you do if you knew you
asking, punk.” I think this could be had less than one minute to live?
introduced to the punk world, and help I’d change into some shorts. I’m not
them get the respect that chefs get. But, a lover of shorts. I’m a gentleman and,
yes, I spent the summer getting paid to I must admit, I don’t think it’s a great look.
go to musical festivals – that is lucky. But the British heatwave has broken me.

You talk the talk, do you walk the walk? What do you call a blind dinosaur?
I’m better at talking than I am at A do-you-think-he-saurus! Thank you,
walking. I’m too good at talking, and not finally one I know. All the times I should
good enough at walking. Basically, I talk have seen another film, I just rewatched
for too long, and then people walk away Jurassic Park. This is the problem. I’m
– that’s the arrangement, normally. preparing for a non-existent pub quiz
that’s only about Jurassic Park.
You either surf or fight…
I have a bone to pick with this. I’m not ‘I’M quITe BrAve. I CAN go To Who brings a bag of shit to a pub?
quite sure that this is a true dichotomy.
It seems like there’s not very many
Horror FIlMS oN My owN, [laughs] “Your dad does.” “Does he?”
“Yeah, your mum.” What a cruel line.
choices there. It’s a bit harsh that lIke No SweAT. IT’S FINe’ Funny, though. That was scripted by
you have to surf. very good writers, I wish I could claim
What’s your favourite scary movie? credit. Actually, I don’t wish I could
Have you ever danced with the I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, claim credit for the bag of shit. I take no
devil in the pale moonlight? but I’m quite brave. I can go to horror credit for that. That’s all their work. JF
Taxi Driver, Dirty Harry, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Batman, The Matrix,

Chance would be a fine thing, mate. films on my own, like no sweat. It’s fine.
Scream, The Sixth Sense, Se7en, Cowboys & Aliens, Memento, Source Code,

I don’t know what this is from. To be The first thing where I really freaked out ETA | 17 AugusT / ThE FEsTivAl opEns
honest, if it’s not from Jurassic Park, was when I saw an episode of Poirot as a nExT monTh.
I have no hope, and I don’t remember kid, and there was a pair of legs sticking
Sam Neill saying that. out from behind the sofa with blood on Thomas hits the mud for
them. I was like, “Oh, God!” It really new film The Festival.
You ever have that feeling where blew my mind. So my answer to that
you’re not sure if you’re awake or is Poirot. [laughs] Not a film, not scary.
still dreaming?
I once woke up, and thought I’d invented If you could change something in your
Jurassic Park, The Inbetweeners

a quote. It was: “The carousel doesn’t life, anything at all, what would it be?
turn – we turn the funfair.” I said to my I would be really good at spontaneously
brother, “That’s fucking good, isn’t it?” coming up with witty answers. [laughs]
He was like, “That’s meaningless.” So
I do enter that stage between asleep and Do you like what you do for a living,
awake sometimes, but the results aren’t these things you see?
quite as fruitful as I think they are. I love what I do for a living. I always

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
Game on TARgET mAN
Dave Bautista’s

FINAL SCORE I A Brit action movie set military man with
Pierce Brosnan’s

in a football stadium? Back of the net. Russian rebel, Dave
whom terrorists are

desperate to kill.
e’ve had Die Hard on a train (Under Siege), Die Hard on a plane
(Passenger 57) and Die Hard on a mountain (Cliffhanger). But how How did you find headlining a movie?
I was looking for more leading roles. It’s
about Die Hard in a football stadium? Enticing? Then how about
easy for me to step into the role of villain
this… Die Hard in a real football stadium with 35,000 real fans
– oftentimes people want to cast me as the
and huge chunks of the arena blown up for real as Dave Bautista tries to take villain. I wanted to play the hero for a change
out all of the terrorists before the entire ground goes ka-boom? Awesome, no? so people could see me in a different light;
But how is it even possible? Over to Brit producer Marc Goldberg… I’m still trying to prove myself as an actor.

“My business partner is David “Ninety-five per cent of the film was You don’t play him as just a tough guy.
Sullivan, who owns West Ham [United shot in the stadium,” says director Scott There’s an emotional core…
Football Club],” he explains. “During the Mann (Heist). “We had it for about six It was extremely important. I didn’t want
to make Mike a generic character – the
final season at Upton Park [West Ham’s weeks. We went on the rooftop and said,
cold-blooded assassin, ex-Navy Seal type
home since 1904; in 2016, they moved to the ‘How awesome would it be to do a bike
guy that we’ve seen a million times. I wanted
Olympic Stadium], I asked him, ‘What’s chase here?!’ Dave did a lot of his own to give him a relationship with [goddaughter]
happening to the stadium once you stunts. He’s a physical guy. What’s the Danni [Lara Peake]. I wanted people to
leave?’ and he mentioned it was being point of having a real environment and care about these characters. Final Score
reconfigured to be apartments…” not getting the real actor in there?” is a relationship film.
Well, if it was going to be blown up, Final Score is, says Mann, a return
why not shoot a movie there first and to the action movies of the ’80s and There are some hairy stunts.
get the detonation underway as part of ’90s. “I much prefer the movies that How many did you do?
I’m not an A-type personality where I need
the spectacle? And so a plot was reverse I grew up with, where you have a more
to do it for the adrenaline and excitement.
engineered, with US military man Mike relatable threat and it’s a more personal
I have a really qualified stunt double and I’m
Knox (Bautista) visiting London to take film,” he says. “I wanted to do more than happy for him to do it because
his goddaughter to a European knockout a British action movie. Not a he knows what he’s doing and he’s going
match when Russian terrorists strike. low-rent one, but a real one.” JG to make me look great! But my fight
Somewhere in the crowd, they scenes I prefer to do myself. I’ve
believe, is ex-revolutionary Dimitri ETA | 7 SEPTEMBER / FINAL SCORE been doing martial arts for years
(Pierce Brosnan), and they’re willing OPENS THIS AUTUMN IN CINEMAS and years now. JG
ge t t y

to kill 35,000 innocents to find him. AND ON SKY CINEMA. august 2018 | ToTal Film
fly guy
Trevor Jackson steps
into Ron O’Neal’s
priestly shoes.

Or Die
Superfly I The ’70s
classic gets an update
courtesy of Director X…

onsidered one of the great
blaxploitation movies, 1972’s
Super Fly has been ripe for a
remake for years. Except that
the circulating script had little to do with
the original story of a drug dealer who
wants to make a million dollars and then
quit. When it was sent to filmmaker
Director X, he didn’t, er, dig it. “I said,
‘We need to stay true to the source
material. If I’m going to make Super Fly,
I want to make Super Fly.’”

Modernising the story, the Across The
Line helmer still kept the basic premise of
a successful narcotics peddler – Youngblood
Priest – looking for a way out of the game.
Casting American Crime star Trevor Jackson
in the lead, Director X moved the action
to Atlanta, judging that Harlem is no longer
the epicentre of African-American culture.
“There’s a Whole Foods on 125th [Street]
in the heart of Harlem,” he says. “It’s
not the same.”
Directed by Gordon Parks Jr. and
starring Ron O’Neal, the original was
particularly memorable for Curtis
Mayfield’s seminal track ‘Pusher Man’.
“At first, I didn’t want to put it in,” X
admits. “I wanted to find a modern record.
But the standard was it had to be at the
level of ‘Pusher Man’. We’d always hear
these records but nothing really fit the
scene.” In the end, he couldn’t resist.
Another thing that hasn’t changed is
the discontent in the black community
towards a film that lionises a cocaine
dealer. “People are still upset,” X says.
“Especially coming off Black Panther, there
is a contingent in the community that do
not want to see young black men being
criminals again. I understand that. But
at the same time, we shaped this SuperFly
to be a more Hollywood kind of hero.
He helps people, he doesn’t like guns
and he doesn’t want to kill anybody.” JM


ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
“Donald Trump keeps saying,
Quotable dialogue from this
‘Give teachers guns.’
i could see him saying,
month’s movies – and their stars ‘let people shoot
whoever they want
“screenwrItIng tIp: for 12 hours a year.’”
make any scene feel
The Purge is right around the corner
according to Jason Blum.

awesome by playIng
‘bIshop’s countdown’ “I’m takIng
down all the
from the Aliens tom CruIse
score on a posters In
loop whIle ClouD NINe
J.J. Abrams has
my bedroom.
wrItIng.” enlisted his Felicity and
Mission: Impossible III
maybe I’ll leave
Edgar Wright has some solid star Keri Russell for an one. two for
advice for budding screenwriters.
‘action-heavy’ role in Star
Wars: Episode IX. symmetry. ok,
the posters 21

$50 “I have sent are stayIng.”
billion for some good thing
Glen Powell proves why he’s TF’s
new favourite actor after missing out
on a Top Gun: Maverick role.
The amount Netflix
plans to spend on new
content next year, bad thing
I thought
more than any major
Hollywood studio.

we could
The number of
race them,
and then
RIP Steve
Spider-Man/Doctor Strange
co-creator, and legendary
Marvel Studios
films to debut at #1
eat them.” comic-book artist/writer
Steve Ditko has
died at the age
at the US box office Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman)
of 90.
(out of 20). is quite mad in Yorgos Lanthimos’
The Favourite.

“If a movIe can
be ruIned by
spoIlers, It’s not
a good movIe.”
James Gunn reveals his
unconventional theory on spoilers.
Ge t t y august 2018 | ToTal Film

ToTal Film | august 2018
’Beth Star
Claire Foy swaps diamond tiaras for dragon
tattoos as the new Lisbeth Salander.

here’s an element of lunacy about wanting to take it on,
in a way,” smiles Claire Foy, the latest ‘lunatic’ to take on
the role of Lisbeth Salander: hacker, private investigator and
testicle-tasering avenging angel of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium
series. “I can’t shy away from the fact that I have willingly taken on
a part where there’s an expectation.”

Those expectations stem not only “They loved each other deeply, and
from the phenomenally successful then suddenly, that got ripped away.
novels, but an already intimidating In any family, when trauma happens,
cinematic legacy, including a trilogy it’s how people cope in that moment
of superb Swedish films starring that defines how the future will be.”
Noomi Rapace, and David Fincher’s Let’s just say, as far as Camilla is
2011 remake of The Girl With the Dragon concerned, Lisbeth didn’t cope well
Tattoo, which starred Rooney Mara in the moment, and now the past is
as Salander and Daniel Craig as coming back to haunt her – a common 23
investigative journalist Mikael theme in the Millennium series,
Blomkvist. But rather than re-re-adapt in which Lisbeth takes pleasure in
Larsson’s original tales, Don’t Breathe haunting abusive men who escape
director Fede Alvarez is taking the justice. For a film made in the middle
soft-reboot approach, enlisting an of the #MeToo revolution, Lisbeth’s
all-new cast – including Borg/McEnroe’s righteous crusade took on an added
Sverrir Gudnason as Blomkvist – and level of importance.

‘they’ve been through something
so traumatic and life-changing’
CLaire Foy
bringing the fourth book in the series “It was very interesting making
(penned by David Lagercrantz following it, and that happened,” Foy recalls.
Larsson’s death) to the screen for “I would be going to meetings, and
the first time. then be going, ‘Look at the film I’m
Shooting in Sweden and Berlin making. The character I’m playing
during a bitter winter, Spider’s Web aims – crikey!’ This character came out of
to chill and thrill with an adrenalised, Stieg Larsson wanting to right a wrong,
Americanised take on the traditional and investigate this girl who has been
Nordic noir, while also offering a the victim of abuse in quite an extreme
captivating glimpse into Lisbeth’s way. He already knew that, the world
past in the shape of her sister Camilla, already knew it, and now it’s finally
played by Blade Runner 2049’s killer being spoken about.” JF
replicant Sylvia Hoeks. “They’ve both
been through something so traumatic ETA | 9 NovEmbEr / ThE Girl iN ThE
and life-changing,” Foy explains. SpidEr’S WEb opENS lATEr ThiS yEAr.

august 2018 | ToTal Film
My Movie life
top 10
The films that made Iwan Rheon weep,
wail, laugh hard and leave the cinema…

TF’s ever-evolving 2018
movie league table…
01 AvengeRs:
InfInIty WAR

If you’re allowed three, it would I remember going to see The
be the lord of The rings Jungle Book at the cinema The last film I watched on a plane
02 HeRedItARy New
trilogy. If you bring the director’s when I was young, but it must was The deaTh of sTalin,
Writer/director Ari Aster’s
cuts, that’s nine hours covered, have come out again, because it which I loved. The fact everyone
demonic horror isn’t just
at least! The books were a was the original ’60s one. And uses their own accents doesn’t
the scariest film of the year,
favourite of mine when I was that’s also one of the first movies bother you after a while, you just
it’s also 2018’s finest debut.
a kid, and the films managed to I remember having on VHS when go along with it because the
03 PHAntom tHReAd capture the essence of the books. I was a kid. It’s funny, because script is so good, and the actors
Whereas with The Hobbit, they my mate’s kid just went through deliver it so well. Usually on
04tHRee stretched it out and added bits, a period of watching The Jungle planes I watch big blockbusters
BIllBoARds which annoyed me, because Book over and over and over or films that I might not bother
05 tHe sHAPe I was such a geek about it. I look a again. And I remember going to seeing in the cinema or that I
of WAteR little bit like a hobbit, and always see Jurassic Park at the cinema. might not be interested in. But I
thought I’d play a good little I watched it again on TV not that hadn’t seen The Death Of Stalin so
hobbit. I was a bit disappointed long ago, and it really stood up. as soon as I saw it was on, I was
that never happened for me! I thought it looked great. like, “Yeah, I’m watching that.”

06 fIRst RefoRmed New
Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader
has answered our prayers with
this late career masterpiece
about a reverend undergoing THE MOVIE THAT THE FILMS THE MOVIE
08 BlAck PAntHeR I would say this, because I’m Pan’s laByrinTh really blew I’m not the biggest fan of horror,
09 A QuIet PlAce Welsh, but Twin Town. Loads me away. And Let The Right One but The shining left an imprint
of people haven’t seen it. I’m In, the Swedish film. It’s really on me. I watched it probably a bit
like, “What, you haven’t seen simple storytelling, which is too young, and it freaked me out.
Twin Town?!” But, genuinely, slightly fantastical, but you Things like Saw, I always feel
I don’t think it’s funny just believe it because the characters like, “Why am I watching these
because it’s Welsh. I think it’s are so rooted in reality. You get horrible things?” Films that are
a really good film. Because it’s pulled in by the story and you a bit more psychological, like
funny, but it’s a classic tragedy as believe it, partly because of the The Shining, they are really scary
well. Everything’s rosy and then, kids’ performances. Sometimes because they get into your head,
all of a sudden, it changes, and it kids are better at acting because and you start thinking about
10 WHItney New becomes a straight-up tragedy. they haven’t developed all these stuff you really don’t want to. JF
Kevin Macdonald’s portrait of I think it’s really good. You’ve got neurotic tendencies you pick up
tragic superstar Whitney Houston great performances, a brilliant as a grown-up. Kids are a lot freer, ETA | 7 sEpTEmbEr / HurricAnE
ge t t y

will leave you so emotional. script; what’s not to like? and you get a purer performance. opEns THis AuTumn.

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
Gory Days stEm sEll
Logan Marshall-
Green’s Grey Trace
the best he’d worked with. There are
only two shots in the movie where
we used a stuntman.”

UPGRADE I Leigh Whannell’s sci-fi action has experimental Produced by Blumhouse, the
low-budget horror specialists that
STEM tech
movie looks to the past to shape the future… implanted in his Whannell worked with on the Insidious

body to help him movies, Upgrade is a sidestep for them
consider myself a film fan, not a horror-film fan,” says Aussie writer- avenge his wife. as much as the filmmaker, with the
director Leigh Whannell, the scribe behind the Saw and Insidious production shooting in Whannell’s
franchises, who made his directing debut in 2015 on Insidious: Chapter 3. home city of Melbourne to take
“And I really, really love sci-fi noir. Films like the original Terminator, advantage of tax breaks and lean heavily
eXistenZ, The Matrix, Blade Runner. That combo – noir detective stories hidden in on crewmembers used to hopping
shadow, mixed with techie, futuristic elements – is something I respond to.” between Hollywood blockbusters and
run-and-gun indies. The result is a
Clearly. Set in a near-future much sheer luck that Logan was so capable lean, mean sci-fi actioner that recalls
like our own, but with self-driving cars with the physical stuff,” he grins. “The RoboCop, Tetsuo and Cronenberg’s early
and drones buzzing like flies, Upgrade stunt coordinator Chris Anderson [the sci-fi body horrors.
sees Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) original Mad Max, Pitch Black, Peter “I’m a child of the VHS era,”
and his wife Asha (Melanie Vallejo) Jackson’s King Kong] said he’d worked laughs Whannell. “Those sci-fi films
undergo a brutal car-jacking. with a lot of actors who just didn’t have were the last run before Terminator 2
Awakening to find himself paralysed the coordination or muscle memory to and Jurassic Park and the advent of CGI.
and Asha dead, Grey agrees to have an pick it up. Marshall-Green was one of That era was the height of practical
experimental computer chip implanted effects because it then became a lost
into his spine. STEM, as it is named, art. So when you’re looking at a film
fuses with his body and even operates from the late ’80s, you’re not looking
his limbs when he grants permission. at something antiquated. Go back
Handy if you wish to morph into an and watch An American Werewolf In
invincible fighting machine to track London or The Thing or Aliens – they
down your wife’s killers. really are flawless.”
Impressed by Marshall-Green in It is to Upgrade’s huge credit that
Karyn Kusama’s unnerving genre film it could pass as a lost cult classic of
The Invitation, Whannell offered the US the era. JG
actor the part, no audition necessary.
That he possessed a very particular set ETA | 31 AUGUST / UPGRADE OPENS
of skills was a welcome bonus. “It was THIS SUmmER. august 2018 | ToTal Film
It Shouldn’t

ay back in
1997, when
To A Film viewer, with the mix of long,
hectic days, short nights, hastily
I’d been a
film journalist
for about a
Journalist gobbled fast food and three,
four or even five back-to-back
viewings leading to heavy eyelids.
year, I attended the first screening
of Martin Scorsese’s Kundun. editor-at-large Jamie graham SNOOZE FESTS
Then, as now, I was a huge
admirer of Scorsese’s cinema.
lifts the lid on film journalism. Once, at FrightFest, I conked out
halfway through the deafening
You might say I was obsessed and relentlessly intense zombie
– I’d seen The Color Of Money, movie The Horde, my eyes
my gateway drug, more than This monTh Falling asleep in movies snapping open in the sharply
30 times, and had since inhaled inclined cinema to find my head
Scorsese’s entire canon and read thrown back and hundreds of
Well, if
every book I could find on the shia thinks people staring down into my
motormouthed moviemaker. it’s oK… wide-open gob. Another time,
Anyway, the two years since at Sundance, I watched Maggie
Casino had seemed like a painfully Gyllenhaal give a fearless
long time. I was excited. So much performance in addiction-and-
so that I literally could not sleep rehabilitation drama Sherrybaby,
the night before. I promptly dozed only for the guy next to me to
off just 20 minutes into Kundun, provide a polyphonic soundtrack
cajoled into unconsciousness by of hacksaw snores and wet
Roger Deakins’ velvet camerawork mutters during one especially 27
and Philip Glass’ shimmering harrowing sequence designed to
score. Next thing I knew, the play out in pin-drop silence. And
lights were up and everyone was this year, at Cannes, I was seated
filing out. Luckily for me, there next to a renowned international
was another screening in time critic as he missed at least an hour
for my review deadline, and that of Lee Chang-dong’s Burning. His
time, I stayed awake. tweet after, adding most heartily
busy fretting that the tin tube to the chorus of acclaim, was both
TIME ZZZONE catapulting through the sky is amusing and bemusing.
It should at this point be said, about to explode. Still, on both And that’s the thing about
trusty TF reader, that I’ve never occasions I nodded off, I saw dozing in movies: no one likes
fallen asleep during any film I’ve enough of the film to get the gist, to admit to it, even if they’re not
reviewed, and do not know of and there’s often not a screening reviewing the film in question.
a film journo who has. at these junkets at all because the My favourite thing is seeing
I have, however, twice kipped movie’s not yet locked, so it’s someone pass out and then,
in screenings put on at US junkets hardly make or break. Besides, on the way out, straight-facedly
before the next day interviewing snores were reverberating asking them what they thought.
the talent. It’s hard not to given around the screening room “I need to let it settle,” was
you fly in that day, usually getting like the grunts of wounded one critic’s evasive response,
up at 5am to make it to the airport bears long before my while another proclaimed the
in time, and the film starts at 8pm baby-warthog snuffling mid-section to be “muddled”
– or 4am, UK-time. Plus, one of (or so I’ve been told) – hardly a surprise given that
the films was The Good Shepherd. joined the medley. was the chunk he’d missed. And
The solution would be to catch Film festivals are the biggest then there was my old publisher
40 winks on the plane, but I’m too challenge to the sleepy-eyed who conked out for all of M. Night
Shyamalan’s Lady In The Water
and later labelled it, quite

‘my eyes snapped open To correctly, “forgettable.”

find The audience sTaring Jamie will return next issue…
For more misadventures, follow:
inTo my Wide-open gob’ @jamie_graham9 on Twitter. august 2018 | ToTal Film
Blue Romance
He also spent months researching
pOLes ApARt the film’s music, attending Polish folk
Joanna Kulig and festivals on the lookout for “faces and
Tomasz Kot play
COLD WAR I Pawel Pawlikowski returns passionate lovers
performers” to flesh out the period
detail. While his leading man took piano
with an exquisite and elliptical love affair… in post-war Europe.
lessons, Kulig had trained as a singer

(and even played one in Ida). It was
’ve always been interested in these love stories that are a fight to crucial they got it right. “The music was
the death, two equally strong people who love each other but fight the glue from the beginning,” he says.
dirty,” says Pawel Pawlikowski, speaking to Teasers over breakfast Already out in his homeland,
at London’s Hoxton Hotel about his new film, the award-winning Cold War has been a huge box-office hit
Soviet-era melodrama Cold War. there. “I’ve never experienced anything
like it,” he says. “It’s not political, but
Pawlikowski’s first movie since others, they eventually reunited. it hit a deep nerve, with the music, and
2013’s Oscar-winning Ida, this pared- “You have these other partners. this story of exile and a fucked-up life.
back tale explores a troubled post-war Maybe infatuations [but] then you The reviews were incredibly positive
relationship between pianist Wiktor realise they never understand you – from the right, worryingly, to the
(Tomasz Kot) and singer Zula (Joanna as well as this other person, with left. People are very moved by it.”
Kulig). Spanning from late 1940s whom you have a shared past together. It marks another artistic triumph
Communist-run Poland to early 1960s You know where they come from; following the director’s return to
free-wheeling Paris, the film’s a common experience.” Poland, though Pawlikowski has no
star-crossed lovers are incapable Winning Best Director interest in making a third black-and-
of living with or without each other. when it bowed in Cannes white movie. Instead, he’s hoping
The Polish-born Pawlikowski, who this year, Cold War took to make a doc about the Arsenal
began his feature film career in England Pawlikowski seven months manager Arsène Wenger.
with Last Resort and My Summer Of Love, to shoot, with deliberate gaps “He’s an extraordinary
was inspired by his own parents, who in the schedule allowing him individual,” says the director,
endured a tumultuous relationship. “My to sculpt and re-write scenes. himself an avid Arsenal fan.
father was the major culprit because he “With each film, I insist at the Who knows – there might
was a womaniser,” he explains. “When beginning on these gaps,” even be as many fireworks
[my mother] discovered what he was he says, noting this method as there are in Cold War. JM
up to, she gave as good as she got.” is similar to his approach
While his mother and father making documentaries ETA | 31 AUGUST / COLD WAR
divorced, going on to hook up with at the outset of his career. OPENS NEXT MONTH.

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
making frittatas. That way I could
make a frittata for three or four days,
and that’s what I would have for lunch.
I don’t love on-set lunch. It’s hard to eat
a full lunch and then go back to work,
you end up feeling kind of sick because
you’re on your feet all day long.

Worst on-set experience?
Probably me having to be covered in
blood for a month and a half straight
for the Carrie prom scenes. I was, every
single day, covered in blood, which was
really gnarly.

Have you ever stolen from a film set?
Oh yeah, for sure! I always do, I’m the
worst. I love nicking little things. Hugo
was so brilliant with how in-depth the
1920s were [recreated]; the amount of
intense attention to detail they went
into to make the set fully 1920s was rad,
so I stole a couple of fake newspapers.

Best ever wrap party?
Probably Dark Shadows because Johnny
Depp performed with Alice Cooper.
It was really rad. They played five or

BetWeeN taKeS
six of Alice’s big hit songs and Johnny 29
played… I wanna say bass or lead guitar.

Chloë GraCe Moretz
It was really fun, it was in this massive
warehouse off of Hollywood Boulevard,
and we had the premiere at the Chinese
Theatre. It was spectacular, for sure.

The Kick‑Ass and Carrie star talks film sets and frittatas… What was it like working at the camp
in The Miseducation Of Cameron Post?
What’s the first thing you do when naps during lunchtime – you try to get It was really interesting because we shot
you arrive on set? as much shut-eye as you can ’cos you’re in a German summer camp, and we
Well, the first thing you do is get your normally arriving at all hours of the day. rented out the entire place in the winter.
bearings and meet all the ADs, just We filmed there and we actually all lived
settle in with the family you’re going What’s the longest day you’ve there as well, so we were living in the
to be with for the next several months. ever spent on a film set? different rooms you see in the movie.
Every single film, you’re waking up It was intimate and strange, and put
What do you take on set with you? at crazy hours, but I’d say my longest us in a place where the movie came
I always make sure I have my script day was on Bad Neighbours 2 – it was a out feeling so organic. JW
with all my notes on me, that’s my first 26-hour day. We showed up at 8am and
and foremost. And then I always make left at 10am. It was our very last day, and ETA | 7 sEpTEmbEr / ThE misEducATion
sure my brother’s with me. I take him we were filming this exterior party scene of cAmEron posT opEns nExT monTh.
everywhere. I haven’t been on a film for literally 26 hours. It was 100 per cent
set without him yet – he’s my manager the longest party I’ve ever been to.
and best friend, so I never feel lonely,
and film sets can get pretty lonely. Hot or cold lunch?
I usually like to make my own lunch
Do you ever sleep on set? at home and then bring it. On my last
Not overnight, but definitely you take movie [The Widow], I got really into

‘My longest day was on bad
neighbours 2 – we were filMing Moretz as a teen sent to 
a gay conversion camp in The
the party scene for 26 hours’ Miseducation Of Cameron Post.
rex AUGUST 2018 | ToTal Film
Brady Jandreau displays
natural-born talent in

short Chloé Zhao’s The Rider.

The latest happenings
in movieland…

Goose Hunt
Miles Teller has landed the coveted
role of Goose Jr. in Top Gun:
Maverick, after Nicholas Hoult
and Glen Powell were also sizing
up the flightsuits. “I feel the need…”
tweeted Teller as confirmation.
He will re-team with his Only The
Brave director Joseph Kosinski
on the long-awaited sequel.

VampinG it up
The Sony Marvel Universe is set to
expand to include vampire Morbius,
played by Suicide Squad’s Jared
30 Leto. Originally a Spidey villain,
Morbius turns bloodsucker after
a failed cure on his blood disorder.
The film is expected to sink its
teeth into the antihero side of
the character, à la Venom.
Talk Rodeo
BrouGHt to Book
After the success of Lady Bird,
Greta Gerwig has lined up her
next directing project: she’ll
helm the latest adaptation of tHe riDer i How a near-fatal head injury
Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.
It’s well-trodden turf, but Gerwig’s inspired an arthouse western…

eye for character coupled with
a sensational cast (Saoirse Ronan, tarring real-life horse trainer Brady Jandreau as a rodeo But for Zhao, Jandreau
Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, rider coming to terms with life after brain surgery (which also expresses something else:
Timothée Chalamet) should has left him with a four-inch scar), Chloé Zhao’s The Rider living history. “We live in a very
make it worth a revisit. is a beautiful tribute to the old ways of the American conforming world,” she explains.
West. And this is despite the fact the 36-year-old, Beijing-born “It’s getting smaller, and we’re
sonic Boom
director was not so familiar with the western as a genre. conforming to the same trends,
The Sonic The Hedgehog movie is
speeding along, with the news that and we can’t avoid it, because
Jim Carrey will play the egg-headed “I’d seen two or three westerns own real-life family in a story that of how interconnected we are.
villain, Dr. Robotnik, in the live- before I shot The Rider,” laughs is broadly 40 per cent biographical “And so it’s always really
action/CGI hybrid. James Marsden Zhao, whose film is being hailed and 60 per cent drama. Was fascinating to me every time
and Tika Sumpter are already for its acuity in depicting the it a risk hiring so many non- I meet someone who’s so
on board in unspecified roles. life of Native American cowboys professionals? Zhao thinks not. authentically themselves. It’s
in the fly-over state of North “I don’t really see a difference almost that they’ve stopped time.
Dakota. “Before I started watching between professional actors and There’s something about Brady
movies, I grew up with manga. non-actors,” she says. “I see that carries a tradition that’s
I guess that was my introduction authentic performances and fading away. It’s encouraging
to stories told through pictures.” non-authentic performances. to see a young person who is
Which perhaps explains why In the case of Brady, I think he was a representation of that.” DW
The Rider is so visually simple born with a natural talent to be
and yet so emotionally complex, completely present. Which is ETA | 14 SEpTEmbEr / ThE ridEr
as Jandreau interacts with his good training for the camera.” opEnS in Two monThS.

SubScribe at
cAn We tAlk About...? 31

Ant-MAn And the WAsp’s codA
What does that sting in the tale mean for Avengers 4?

efore we get started, a warning: if you haven’t seen Ant-Man Scott is now trapped in the Quantum
And The Wasp yet and want to keep its surprises intact, avert your Realm, with noone on hand to bring
eyes until it’s finally released in UK cinemas on 2 August. We’re him back. Or is there? Ghost and Bill
serious. Turn the page, look away now, don’t blame us if you Foster have a working understanding
carry on reading. Giant-Man-sized spoilers coming in five, four, three, two… of quantum tech; they could prove
Ant-Man’s salvation. Alternatively,
Set in the aftermath of Civil War’s (Evangeline Lilly), Hank (Michael if Scott still has the ability to override
airport barney, a matter of weeks Douglas) and the OG Wasp are using his suit’s regulator, he could embiggen
before the events of Infinity War, a portable Quantum Tunnel to retrieve himself and escape in the exact same
Ant-Man And The Wasp is a standalone more gobbledegook juice from the way he did the first time.
affair that dodges the need to address micro-universe. But while Scott’s There’s also Hope’s tantalising
the snap heard around the universe, inside the Quantum Realm awaiting line about steering clear of dangerous
and Ant-Man’s questionable absence extraction, his comms cut out and the vortexes to consider. It could be a simple
from the preceding punch-up in three earthbound heroes disappear shorthand for conveying the Realm’s
Wakanda. Until the film’s first with a familiar haunting silence; continued danger, or it could be our
post-credits sequence, where it all Hope, Hank and Janet the latest biggest clue yet as to how the Avengers
gets a bit dusty… victims of Thanos’ universal cull. will reverse the snap. We already know,
Having rescued Janet van Dyne But more shocking than the fact thanks to Hank Pym, that “all concepts
(Michelle Pfeiffer) from the Quantum that three (more) major figures in the of time and space become irrelevant”
Realm, Scott (Paul Rudd), Hope MCU have been dusted is the fact that in the Quantum Realm. Could these
vortexes be used to manipulate time,
or even allow for time travel?
‘is it a big clue as to how the For now, Scott is stuck in the
Quantum Realm. It’s a safe bet he
avengers reverse the snap?’ won’t stay there for long. JF august 2018 | ToTal Film

Mortal thoughts
were going to shoot the mockingjay
LIfe Lessons story, he said, ‘Yeah, I don’t think
Harry Dean Stanton I’m going to be doing that tomorrow.’
LUCKY I Alien, Repo Man and Paris, Texas actor as 90-year-old Lucky,
who spends his days
I had to talk him down. Harry didn’t
think of himself as having a legacy but
Harry Dean Stanton says goodbye… pondering life with
friends such as
the movie did say something he wanted

David Lynch’s to say, otherwise he wouldn’t have
’d wanted to direct for a long time,” says John Carroll Lynch, the Howard (below). taken on, at 89 years of age, a role
sublime character actor whose 100-plus credits include Fargo, Zodiac that had 18 days of just him.”
and Shutter Island. “My friend Drago Sumonja [co-writer, with Logan Well, not just him, though he is in
Sparks] asked me to direct Lucky. Harry Dean Stanton was already every scene. The bar is full of wonderful
attached since it was about him.” character actors (“Rolodex casting,”
grins Lynch) including David Lynch
Stanton’s farewell performance sing. “But he didn’t live in a no-horse (no relation) as Lucky’s best pal
– he died, aged 91, just weeks before town in Arizona. He lived on Howard, who’s lost his turtle. Howard
the film opened in the US – would Mulholland Drive. He was quiet, is deliciously, well, Lynchian, but the
be a moving affair if entirely fictional. but very social.” part wasn’t written for the iconic
That the title character, a rather Midway through Lucky, our hero’s filmmaker, who directed Stanton in
cantankerous 90-year-old veteran fixed routine of drinking coffee, Wild At Heart, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With
who shuffles about his unremarkable smoking a pack a day and frequenting Me, The Straight Story, Inland Empire
business in a dusty Arizonian town, the local bar is disturbed by a fall. and Twin Peaks: The Return.
uses Stanton’s own biography and life He’s up and shuffling in no time, “We’d asked a couple of people
philosophies… well, it makes Lucky but it has him pondering mortality and they were unable to,” Lynch says.
damn-near unbearably poignant. and “the truth of the universe”. “And Harry said, ‘What about David?’
“Harry was on an LST [tank landing Wasn’t that a bit much for Stanton It was like there was a campfire of
ship] in World War 2, he did have that to play so late in his own life? friendship between them; you could
experience with a mockingbird [an “The mortality didn’t feel the love between these two men.”
anecdote in the movie that simply slays], seem to faze him,” shrugs Lucky is a film full of love, and
and the film is what he’d learned, Lynch. “But giving away loss. And is utterly unmissable. JG
what he felt the world was like,” his own autobiography
continues Lynch, whose quiet, unfussy made him feel too ETA | 14 SEPTEMBER / Lucky oPEnS
direction allows the performances to vulnerable. When we in ThE AuTuMn.

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
Click Bait
but Searching circumvents this issue by
CAStING A NEt making its internet indistinguishable
Dad David Kim (John
from the one we log onto every day.
Cho) searches the
SEARCHING I A father turns internet sleuth web for traces of his
“We wanted to avoid a version where
he’s using ‘FaceSpace’,” laughs
missing daughter.
to find his daughter in this year’s must-see thriller… Ohanian. To achieve this, every site

featured was meticulously recreated
nfriended, Open Windows, The Den… there’s no shortage of as it looked from 11-13 May 2016
films set on computer screens. There’s also no shortage – the three-day period over which
of bad films set on computer screens, something debut director the film is set – and then animated on
Aneesh Chaganty was acutely aware of when he started work After Effects, with Chaganty performing
on Searching, a missing person thriller that unfolds entirely on digital every cursor movement himself for
displays. “We had seen those other movies, but didn’t like them,” authenticity. The result is a wholly
an enthusiastic and bracingly honest Chaganty tells Teasers. “I feel immersive experience that feels like
weird saying that, because the production company who made Unfriended it could be happening on the screen
financed this movie… but fuck it!” you sit in front of every day.
The results also speak for
After watching “every single thing where everything is so connected, themselves, the film scooping a
ever made that took place on a screen” there’s a dad and a daughter who coveted Audience Award at this year’s
and bemoaning their failure to engage are disconnected.” Sundance. Up next for Chaganty and
emotionally, Chaganty and his Said dad and daughter are David and Ohanian – a thriller called Run. “It’s
writing/producing partner Sev Ohanian Margot Kim, played by Star Trek’s John about a mother and a daughter, and
(Fruitvale Station) had a lightbulb Cho and newcomer Michelle La. When their very, very twisted relationship.
moment, devising a devastating Margot goes missing, David turns It’ll probably be the darkest thing we
opening montage that’s Up-meets- to the internet to find her. Utilising ever make,” reveals Chaganty. “People
Google-commercial as it tracks the Facebook, FaceTime and others, his keep asking if technology plays a role.
digital footprint of a family from the investigation escalates in unexpected At one point one of the characters
birth of their first daughter to the ways, though to reveal any of the goes on a computer to search for
premature death of the mother. film’s secrets would be doing the information they desperately need,
“All of a sudden, we were like, shock-a-minute script a disservice. but the internet’s disconnected.
‘Oh my gosh, there are characters Accepted knowledge So that’s the role it plays: no role!” JF
here, there are stories here,’” Chaganty may dictate that texting,
smiles. “From then we knew this movie googling and skyping ETA | 31 AugusT / sEArching
was about the fact that, in a world aren’t ‘cinematic’, opEns nExT monTh.

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
reintroduced to it and loving it as much
staying cool as they did. The thing I love is that the
travolta’s most recent children who are introduced to it feel
movie sees him play
like it was done recently. It’s timeless.
new York gangster
[pause] I adore Olivia [Newton-John].
John gotti sr., in Gotti.
We’ve been friends for many years.

Do you still get joy from people
approaching you about classics
like Grease and Saturday Night Fever?
A film has a gift, a power. It is a part
of people’s lives. Important moments
in their lives, where they may have
changed, may have made a decision.
The film may have cheered them up
from out of a funky mood. Certain
movies have this magical power to lift
the spirit. When I was a kid, I remember
watching That’s Entertainment! with
Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire; all of those
musical numbers just made me happy.
Films can maybe make you cry when
you need to cry, when you’ve been
suppressing the grief and the tears.

How do you build your characters?
I absorb. When Mike Nichols wanted
me to do Primary Colors, he didn’t know
that I had Bill Clinton in my back
pocket. When he walked in, I said, 35

THE HERO [shakes Total Film’s hand and adopts
Clinton drawl], “Mike, it’s good to meet

you.” He went, “Oh my God.” If I hung
around with you long enough, I’d have
a beautiful duplication. I would do this
The star on Gotti, Grease and gender-swapping… [starts to freakily mimick Total Film’s tics

and body language].
aturday Night Fever and Grease made snake-hipped, soft-lipped John
Travolta Hollywood’s leading man in the late ’70s, but his career Your career’s had some wild ups and
then failed to make all the right moves, plunging in the ’80s before downs. How do you stay on an even
Pulp Fiction administered an adrenaline shot in ’94. Highlights since keel, mentally, regardless of status?
include Get Shorty, Face/Off and Hairspray, and he’s now playing notorious In the mid-’80s [when his career
Mafia boss John Gotti Sr. in family-obsessed crime saga Gotti… was rock bottom], I viewed it as an
opportunity more than I viewed it as
Did you find any similarities between One of your most famous roles downtime. I mean, certain ‘downtimes’
yourself and Mafia boss John Gotti? is another gangster, Vincent Vega… dancing king I was doing things like dancing with
I like to dress up and be of good Somebody asked me if I’m comfortable (top to bottom) Princess Diana, so it wasn’t so bad.
appearance, so that might be something playing these kind of guys. I said, seducing olivia [grins] I was asked to have dinner
we have in common. I care deeply “No, I’m confident.” I wasn’t newton-John in with the president of the United States.
about my children and my family, and comfortable blowing up someone’s
Grease; trying to I’ve always been a positive person.
resist Uma thurman
he did too. But I don’t know how much head and shooting up heroin in Pulp
in Pulp Fiction; and
more – he was a pretty rough guy! Fiction, but I was confident that I could depicting a real-life If you could live your life as one of
play it well enough for you to believe it. Mafia boss in Gotti. your characters, who would it be?
Is it unnerving to see yourself in Well, Michael was so eternal, because
old-age make-up? Does it invite Pulp Fiction turns 25 next year. he was an angel. So it would be like,
intimations of your own mortality? And Grease is now 40! “Oh, he just comes back when he
Well, I get excited as an actor, so it’s People love Grease, and they keep being feels like it, eats a lot of food, has
different. I think, “Yes, I pulled it off.” sex, smokes, drinks… and then he
I know it’s accurate because I’ve seen drops the body.” [laughs] That’s the
actual footage… In Hairspray, I was funny answer but maybe it’s the
this big woman, but I was so happy ‘i was doing things like most promising. JG
because there was this journalist
who said, “I tried to find you in
dancing with princess ETA | 24 SEPTEMBER / GOTTI IS AVAILABLE
that movie – where were you?” diana, so it wasn’t so bad’


Quantum treat…


ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
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Ant-Man And The Wasp HHHH p40
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The world’s mosT TrusTed reviews

Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Hannah John-Kamen, Michelle
Pfeiffer, Michael Peña SCREENPLAY Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers,
Paul Rudd, Andrew Barrer, Gabriel Ferrari DISTRIBUTOR Disney

the WASP
Insects appeal…
out 3 AuGuSt

ack in 2015, Ant-Man was a small hero, with
little expectation on his shoulders. Based on
one of the sillier-sounding characters from
the comics (“I thought they had run out of
characters and now they were making them up,” said
Evangeline Lilly when first offered the script), it also
suffered production problems as original director Edgar
Wright departed, replaced at the 11th hour by Peyton Reed.
You’d have been forgiven for going
See thiS in with microscopic hopes. But the
if you film turned out to be one of Marvel’s
liked… most fun origin stories, with a perfect
Honey, I SHrunk hangdog (ant-y)hero in Paul Rudd’s
THe kIdS 1989 criminal turned, well, criminal
Another miniature (but with cool tech and a righteous
marvel. With
some giant ants. mission), Scott Lang.
The scaled-down action brought
THe deSolaTIon
of Smaug 2013 a new flavour to screen superpowers.
Evangeline Lilly’s Ant-Man has since featured in Civil
kick-ass elf rules War, where he made a BIG impact on
The Hobbit: Part 2.
the side of his idol Captain America, original Wasp, Janet van Dyne loose connection (they designed
avengerS: but he was nowhere to be seen in (Michelle Pfeiffer) is lost in the the tech Scott was using, after all).
InfInITy War
2018 this year’s apocalyptic epic, Avengers: Quantum Realm; years pass, and her A freaky dream featuring Janet sets the
There’s a small but Infinity War, apparently on house arrest husband (and original Ant-Man) Hank plot in motion, which finds Hank and
crucial connection for involvement in the Sokovia Pym (Michael Douglas) thinks he’s Hope, the FBI, a shady collective of
to the last MCU film. Accords-contravening dust-up in found a way to fish her out of there. black-market weapons dealers (led by
Germany. Ant-Man And The Wasp is After that, we’re back in ‘present day’ Walton Goggins’ enjoyably oily Sonny
here to show what Scott was up to (but clearly before Thanos has done Burch) and the mysterious Ghost
during that time, and also to offer his business), with ankle-tagged Lang, (Hannah John-Kamen) crossing paths
something of a respite after the who’s serving out the final days of on the hunt for various MacGuffins.
heaviosity of the game-changingly his two years of house arrest. For all the high-tech (and mostly
ambitious Infinity War, acting as nonsensical) science on show, this is
a reminder of just how fun a light, Paul wonder a streamlined plot as far as superhero
lean standalone MCU movie can be. His involvement in the Cap vs Iron movies go, which is all the better for
It’s more an entertaining detour Man rumpus means he’s banned from letting comedy come to the fore. This
than a leap forward for the universe. contacting Hank or his daughter Hope time directing from the get-go, Reed
A brief prologue recaps that the (Lilly), who are on the run for their again proves as confident a hand
on the action as the (considerable)
laughs. Rudd’s comic chops and innate
‘ThRILLING AND FUNNY, ThIS IS likeability are weaponised throughout

– when he’s on screen, a charming
quip is never far away. Like Robert

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San Francisco’s street
windscreen-washers are
pushier than most…

smackdowns, and makes a smart foil there’s plenty of mileage to be had
Predicted interest curve™
to Scott’s everyman brand of heroism. from a problem Scott has with a
thrilled Luis unleashed Drive-in movie
As far as Marvel villains go, Ghost malfunctioning suit.
entertained House Baba
arrest Yaga Prison “You got
Post- ranks somewhere in the middle. The action, meanwhile, hits its
nodding off credits #1
Hide and
Ghost’s house
break Pez-ed” Her ‘phasing’ power looks cool but dizzy peak with a car chase through
zzzzzzzzz seek Post-credits #2
is ill-defined. Still, John-Kamen San Francisco’s sloping streets that’s
running time 0 25 50 75 100 118
manages to invest her with thrilling and funny in equal measure.
some pathos, despite a slightly Consistently entertaining, AMATW
Downey Jr., he’s as fun out of the suit overcomplicated backstory that feels is a blast of pure popcorn fun, and
as in it. Michael Peña’s Luis returns like it could have been pared down for something of a palate cleanser after
to steal every scene he’s in, reprising greater impact. It’s a plot thread that the weightier likes of Black Panther
one of his best moments from the first feels woolly where the rest of the film and Infinity War. As ever, stick around
film in AMATW’s standout gutbuster. has so much zip. To say too much for the two end-credit stings: one’s
Randall Park is also hilarious as the about Pfeiffer’s involvement would a throwaway gag, but the other is
FBI suit on Scott’s case. veer into spoiler territory, but needless absolutely crucial… Matt Maytum
to say she invests her minimal
lilly whizz screentime with the weight you’d
With Rudd on the comedy, Lilly shines expect from a star of her standing. the VeRdiCt
as the sharp, resourceful half of the There’s still a lot of fun to be had With inventive action and a gag-rate
duo as Wasp MKII. Gifted a super-suit with the scale-shifting set-pieces. that tops most comedies, this is slick
with wings and blasters, she capably Buildings and cars are miniaturised entertainment. Rudd and Lilly make
handles the film’s more serious for some cracking sight gags, and a winning double act. August 2018 | ToTal Film
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CerTifiCaTe 12A DireCTor Christopher McQuarrie STarring Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson,
Ving Rhames SCreenplay Christopher McQuarrie DiSTribuTor Paramount running Time 147 mins

Mission: iMpossible
– FallouT
Cruise gets to the chopper…

here have been five previous Mission: Impossible players old (Harris’ anarchist Lane,
movies, each fashioned by a different director Rebecca Ferguson’s MI6 agent Ilsa,
who’s been actively encouraged to bring his Alec Baldwin’s government honcho
signature style to the franchise (hiring a female Alan Hunley) and new (Angela Bassett’s
filmmaker seems to be the most impossible mission CIA chief Erica Sloan, Liang Yang’s
of all). Fallout breaks from this admirable quest for fist-flinging terrorist, Kristoffer Joner’s
freshness, with Christopher McQuarrie, the director nuclear-weapons expert Nils Debruuk).
of fifth instalment Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, There are double, triple, quadruple
returning to the chair, perhaps indicating that producer/ crosses… Whenever Ethan mutters,
star Tom Cruise is this time ready to play it safe. “I’ll figure it out,” he’s referring to the
perilous stunts he has to tackle, but
No chance. McQuarrie has no viewers could apply his catchphrase to
see This interest in repeating the elegant the thrillingly clever story.
42 iF you storytelling and suspenseful set-pieces And those stunts... wow, just wow.
liked… that brought sophistication to Rogue Impossibly dangerous set-pieces have
Top Gun 1986 Nation. Fallout is a more sprawling, always been this franchise’s mission,
Fallout’s chopper chaotic affair, crashing from Belfast to with MI:I’s chopper-in-the-Chunnel
dogfight is up there
with Tony Scott’s Berlin to Paris to London to Kashmir collision, MI:II’s cliff-face dangle,
high-altitude action. in a flurry of action that punctuates a MI:III’s bridge battle, MI:IV’s Burj Khalifa
narrative so twisty it doesn’t so much climb and MI:V’s plane-clinging takeoff
Jack ReacheR
2012 spin heads as snap necks. raising the bar for action cinema. Well,
The first Cruise/ The plot involves our IMF hero MI:VI serves up belter after corker, from
McQ team-up brings Ethan Hunt (Cruise) being given 72 a stomach-knotting Halo jump to
oomph to tried- measly hours to grab three nuclear knuckle-whitening motorbike and car
and-tested tropes. cores heading to The Apostles, a chases to Cruise, the greatest sprinter
splinter cell of terrorists set up by Rogue in the movies, propelling himself up,
Skyfall 2012
In which we learn Nation baddie Solomon Lane (Sean around and over St. Paul’s Cathedral,
that Bond is just a Harris). Hunt and his teammates then past Tower Bridge and up to the
man. Fallout takes Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon very summit of the Tate Modern.
a tentative step in
the same direction. Pegg) botch the job with terrible Hollywood’s leading man does it all
consequences: nukes go off in Rome, himself, naturally, even breaking an
Jerusalem and Mecca. And so Hunt goes ankle during one full-pelt leap. He also
into action again, this time with CIA – madly, unbelievably – pilots a chopper
watchdog Walker (Henry Cavill, all in the climactic kamikaze pursuit.
muscles, malignancy and moustache). Add in humour and exploratory
Hunt’s first task is to cosy up to emotion as Hunt, hitherto a cipher,
arms dealer White Widow (Vanessa gets to exhibit a little soul beneath the
Kirby), and then… well, best you take superspy, and you have, improbably,
the journey for yourselves to discover the finest Mission yet. You’d be crazy
how the dizzying plot accommodates not to accept it. Jamie Graham

predicted interest curve™
thrilled Holy Bathroom “…men in rubber masks”
The VeRdiCT
shit break Director Christopher McQuarrie
entertained On yer Get to the
Motorcade Village chopper! brings grace and grit, and star Tom
nodding off Bullet mayhem people
time Credits “The IMF is
London Face from Sheer Cruise brings it, period. This quick-
ZZZZZZZZZ or trailer? landmarks the past terror
witted, fleet-footed franchise The cable car didn’t seem
running time 0 25 50 75 100 147 like such a bad idea now….
shows no sign of flagging.

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CERTIFICATE TBC DIRECTORS Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza
STARRING Julia Jedlikowska, Gaetano Fernandez SCREENPLAY Fabio
Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza DISTRIBUTOR Altitude RUNNING TIME 122 mins

Uncannily good…

he first ‘twist’ this richly cinematic fable offers
is that it’s rooted in real life. Written and directed
by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, the film
was inspired by the 1993 kidnapping, imprisonment and
murder of schoolboy Giuseppe Di Matteo, whose father
was a Mafia assassin turned informant.
The events unfold from the perspective of fictional
13-year-old Luna (newcomer Julia Jedilkowska), the
girlfriend and classmate of the abducted Giuseppe (Gaetano
Fernandez). Incensed at the code of silence displayed by
the local community towards the crime, she embarks
on a search for her soulmate.
Shot by Paolo Sorrentino’s regular cinematographer
Luca Bigazzi, this multi-layered film immerses us in the
dreams and nightmares of Luna and also allows us to
experience Giuseppe’s inner world. What’s more, in
highlighting the depth of romantic feeling shared by the
two teenagers, Sicilian Ghost Story provides an eloquent,
uplifting and very moving response to the real-life
Giuseppe’s awful suffering. Tom Dawson

Newcomers Julia Jedlikowska
and Gaetano Fernandez THE VErDIcT
as Luna and Giuseppe. A dark fairytale whose extraordinary imagination is
matched by the compassion it extends to its young lovers.

Like a Neolithic Revenant, Felix The latest project from Harvard’s This low-key character study OUT 10 AUGUST
Randau’s drama imagines the Sensory Ethnography Lab centres on the awakening of Chela A stray mutt becomes a literal
existence of a hunter (Jürgen (responsible for 2012’s Leviathan) (Ana Brun), whose privileged life dog of war in this inoffensive
Vogel) 5,300 years ago. And life’s offers a starker take on Mexican among Paraguay’s bourgeoisie animation, inspired by a real-life
no picnic with snow, starvation border crossings, revealing them is jeopardised when her partner pooch that followed his owner,
and skull-battering violence. as disorientating, lonely and Chiquita (Margarita Irun) is jailed US soldier Robert Conroy, to the
While there’s no questioning the utterly terrifying. Directors J.P. for fraud. While writer/director trenches of WW1. Narrated by
camerawork or commitment, with Sniadecki and Joshua Bonnetta’s Marcelo Martinessi’s controlled Helena Bonham Carter and scored
no subtitles (the characters speak mix of still life, close-ups and handling helps sustain the mood by Patrick Doyle, it’s a pleasingly
in the ancient Rhaetic tongue) pitch-black voiceover makes of confinement, it is impressively retro affair that may enjoy an
it’s a tough watch – as tonally for an eerie arthouse collage complemented by Brun’s subtle afterlife in schools as a child-
oppressive as it is technically that turns documentary into portrayal of a woman re-engaging friendly introduction to the
impressive. Matt Glasby horror. Paul Bradshaw with her life. Tom Dawson “war to end all wars”. Neil Smith

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Edith Tudor-Hart was one of the Portuguese experimenter Salomé Set principally on a French farm, Iceland’s Hafsteinn Gunnar
finest social photographers of Lamas teams up with composer this WW1-era film centres on the Sigurdsson trains a cool eye on
the ’30s, with her shots of street Andreia Pinto Correia in this women managing the home front. mounting domestic disasters in
scenes in London and Vienna meditation on one of the final Formidable matriarch Hortense his black comedy, which sees Atli
capturing the harsh deprivations. pieces on ‘Stalin’s chessboard’: (Nathalie Baye), whose two sons (Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson)
But she lived a double life – the Communist enclave of have been conscripted, takes back at his family home after
born Edith Suschitzky in Vienna, Transnistria, a territory on the on the burden of the gruelling a marital fall-out. Despite the
she became a key Soviet spy. Moldovian-Ukrainian border. agricultural work. There’s a one-track plotting, controlled
Directed by her great-nephew A patchwork of subtitled voices, solemn beauty to the widescreen performances and steady pacing
Peter Stephan Jungk, this doc sombre visuals, poetic musings photography; performances are anchor a persuasive portrait
offers a precis of Tudor-Hart’s and extended close-ups, it walks strong too, the standout being of resentments branching out
story with talking heads, photos a fine line between hypnotic… newcomer Iris Bry as an orphaned into atrocities. Dog-lovers,
and animation. Philip Kemp and rather dull. Neil Smith farmhand. Tom Dawson be warned… Kevin Harley

Thompson, Stanley Tucci, Fionn Whitehead, Ben Chaplin SCREENPLAY Fionn Whitehead opposite
Ian McEwan DISTRIBUTOR eOne RUNNING TIME 105 mins Emma Thompson in this
masterclass courtroom drama.

THE 45

cHIlDrEN acT
All rise for Emma Thompson…

erebral and gripping in equal measure, this
resolutely grown-up courtroom drama sees
a formidable High Court judge racked by the
human cost of a high-profile ruling.
Emma Thompson’s brilliant but autocratic Justice
Maye lives a pressured life in which adjudicating on the
fate of conjoined twin babies will always scupper dinner
arrangements. The turning point comes when Maye allows
herself to visit a teenager with leukaemia (a sweetly brash
turn from Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead) who’s refusing
a blood transfusion because he’s a Jehovah’s Witness.
Adapted from his own novel, Ian McEwan’s spare,
lucid script deftly debates timeless questions: does law
trump belief? Does medical necessity override a nearly
adult’s heartfelt decision? Yet recent medical ethics cases
– like that of Charlie Gard – make it feel sharply topical.
Richard Eyres’ (Notes On A Scandal) direction pares
everything back to the performances. And while Whitehead
shows off his cocky charm, Thompson is piercingly good
as a woman whose intelligence can’t shield her from an
assault on her heart. Kate Stables

A knotty courtroom drama elevated by Thompson’s
stunning turn as a judge derailed by a difficult case. august 2018 | ToTal Film
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see this
if you
Sidney Lumet
also made Serpico,
but this is his best
undercover-cop pic.
John David’s dad
Denzel has been
in four Spike Lee
joints. And here,
he’s monumental.
Funny goings-on
involving political
corruption, an
undercover sting and
several screwy wigs.
For more
reviewS viSit

Hirsuite’s you, sir! Washington graciously
gives Driver his hairdresser’s business card.

address. The chemistry between Ron
and Patrice is strong but the romantic
subplot’s purpose is really to allow
Making Spike Lee great again… CertifiCate 15 DireCtor Spike Lee for discussions as to whether change
Starring John David washington, Adam is best implemented from within
OUT 24 AUgUsT Driver, Laura Harrier SCreenplay charlie the system or through aggressive,
wachtel, David rabinowitz, Kevin wilmott,

revolutionary action? But these are
Spike Lee DiStributor Universal niggles, not deal-breakers.
ased on a true story (or, as the opening credits
running time 135 mins
put it, some “fo’ real shit”), Spike Lee’s Following on from Lee’s energised
new joint BlacKkKlansman sees an African- Chi-Raq and update of She’s Gotta Have
American cop infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in Hauser), Ron sends his partner Flip It, BlacKkKlansman proves the director
1970s Colorado. A period piece? Yes, but its Black Power Zimmerman (Adam Driver) in his is still firing on all cylinders. It’s
rallies, N-bombs and burning crucifixes are primed to place. Together, the two cops fashion furious, relevant and funny as hell,
detonate in Trump’s America. It is, naturally, a comedy. a bigot who rises in the ranks until he’s weaving politics into a package that’s
a trusted confidante to Grand Wizard part satire, part blaxploitation-flick
Lee does well to embrace the farcical David Duke (Topher Grace). and part cop thriller. The screen throbs
nature of the situation. How else to It’s combustible material, sparked with suspense as Ron fabricates his
approach the tale of Ron Stallworth by Lee’s righteous anger. Any thoughts backstory and wears a wire in life-and-
(John David Washington – Denzel’s that the filmmaker might have death situations. Urgent cross-cutting
son), the first black cop on the Colorado mellowed with age are blown between climactic set-pieces,
Springs force, who calls up his local away as white supremacists talk of meanwhile, makes for a furious finale.
chapter of the Klan claiming allegiance? making America great again. Cut to Add in some split screens, disco,
Invited to meet with good ol’ boys documentary footage of the far-right big collars and even bigger hair – and
Walter (Ryan Egghold), Felix (Jasper violence in Charlottesville, and Trump’s you have an accessible picture by Lee,
Pääkkönen) and Ivanhoe (Paul Walter insistence there were “some very fine as well as his best work for more
people” on both sides. It ain’t subtle than a decade. Jamie Graham
– but then subtlety doesn’t go so far
predicted interest curve™
Double impact
in this age of hectoring and lying.
entertained Rallying
Lie detection
Also none-too-subtle is Ron dating the VeRdict
cry Patrice (Spider-Man: Homecoming’s This is broad but equally ballsy,
nodding off Copping out
the force
“I have
a cold”
it out
Laura Harrier), a student union with some big laughs that are sure
ZZZZZZZZZ Charlottesville
president who invites a Black Panther to stick in throats given the current
running time 0 20 40 60 80 100 128
speaker to the college to give an American climate.

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CertifiCate 12 DireCtor rawson marshall thurber Starring
neve Campbell finds herself
Dwayne Johnson, Neve campbell, chin Han SCreenplay rawson
between a rock and a hard place.
marshall thurber DiStributor Universal running time 102 mins

Rock climbing…

f you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using
enough duct tape,” blurts Dwayne Johnson in a sticky
moment here. Alas, writer/director Rawson Marshall
Thurber failed to heed such dozy DIY wisdoms when it
came to his script holes. Anyone seeking sweaty-palmed,
vertiginous silliness won’t feel short-changed by this
latest Rock-buster, but even they might ask: did sense
and self-awareness have to get stuck in the lift?
Johnson’s Will Sawyer is a safety assessor and amputee
who turns crane-scaling rescuer when his wife (Neve
Campbell) and kids become trapped in a flaming 240-story
’scraper, courtesy of Roland Møller’s Hans Gruber-lite villain.
Since Dodgeball director Thurber appears to have suffered
a humour bypass, Skyscraper is no Die Hard. Its earnestness
almost even makes Rampage look smart, yet it outranks
stodgy rubble-rouser San Andreas in the Rock charts thanks
to Thurber’s crudely efficient focus on Johnson’s can-do
commitment to cheerfully ludicrous set-pieces. Campbell 47
proves action-ready too, despite expository dire-logue
issues. “What’s going on?” she asks, hopefully. Tape up any
expectations of a sensible answer and you might have fun
with Thurber’s big, dumb, summer throwaway. Kevin Harley

the VeRdict
Logic and laughs run low, but this high-rise hokum scrapes
a three for a game-faced Rock and sense of escapist purpose.

one note the nun diRtBaG: the one oR tWo
at a time leGend of Questions
OUT 27 JULY fRed BecKey
OUT 24 AUgUsT On its initial release in 1966, OUT NOW
How did New Orleans’ music Jacques Rivette’s feature was OUT 10 AUgUsT This doc offers 1989 TV footage of
survive, post-Katrina? Answers deemed so scandalous that it Dave O’Leske’s doc paints Uruguayan citizens talking about
emerge from Renee Edwards’ was banned by the French the freewheeling Beckey as an an upcoming referendum. Should
detailed and moving doc, which government. It stars Anna Karina irascible beatnik who spent his life there be impunity for crimes
weaves a vivid tapestry of oral (Alphaville, Pierrot Le Fou) as climbing everything with a peak, committed by police and military
histories around the New Orleans Suzanne, a young woman who sleeping rough, penning books under the previous dictatorship?
Musicians Clinic’s work. Local is forced to become a nun and and telling everyone to leave Is it more important to seek
musos and stars (Dr. John, Irma then oppressed in the name of him the hell alone. But while the justice or keep the peace? The
Thomas, Clarke Peters…) reflect religion. Karina gives a moving, director finds plenty of character four-hour runtime might seem
on resilience, linked by live vulnerable performance, filmed in the nonagenarian (who died punishing, but these unedited
footage and the certainty that this by Rivette with austere in 2017), he spends a bit too long opinions are what democracy
music won’t be sunk. Kevin Harley compassion. Philip Kemp getting there. Paul Bradshaw really looks like. Matt Looker august 2018 | ToTal Film
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Gemma Arterton
Arterton, Dominic Cooper, Frances Barber, Marthe Keller SCREENPLAY
mesmerises as
Dominic Savage DISTRIBUTOR Vertigo RUNNING TIME 101 mins
the jaded Tara.

Work of Arterton…
out 3 AuGuSt

ara (Gemma Arterton) has a successful husband,
Mark (Dominic Cooper), two kids, a new home and
a life of leisure. “You’ve got it made,” she is told.
But there’s a gnawing dissatisfaction with the limited
horizons of her domestic prison. Rendered near-catatonic
with boredom and depression, Tara spends her days locked
in a routine of school runs, household chores and Mark’s
insistent sexual advances.
A veteran of verité TV dramas, director Dominic Savage
refines his style here into a suffocating symphony of
handheld close-ups. The mood is downbeat, but executed
with a keen eye for the micro-aggressions of everyday life
and a real empathy for its characters. It helps that Cooper
brings nuance to a character who could easily have been
a one-note monster, while exec producer Arterton is on
career-best form. She gives a masterclass in underplaying,
with every flinch and flicker registering deeply.
The titular flight, when it finally comes, is a palpable
release from the torment, giving Arterton – and the
audience – a chance to unwind. Yet moral ambiguity
hangs over Tara’s actions and it’s to Savage’s credit that
he doesn’t back-pedal on the implications. The film leaves
a lingering emotional afterburn. Simon Kinnear

A silent scream of a movie, this is a sobering watch – but
Arterton’s transcendent performance is a must-see.

out 27 july HEAVENLY KINGS
For some reason an elephant and out 27 july out 27 july
cat are living together in a town out 27 july “All I’ve ever wanted to do is Plundering Norse mythology as
full of humans, and decide to sail Even with some blunt exposition, dance!” sighs LA wannabe Casey if Michael Hirst’s Vikings never
in the titular fruit to rescue their it can be hard to know what’s (Sophia Aguiar) in this tale of an happened, this fantasy sees
mayor. This Scandi-mation adap going on in this third instalment aspiring performer who dreams writer/director David L.G. Hughes
of Jakob Martin Strid’s kids’ tale of the Detective Dee series. Pitted of making it big on YouTube. After crowbarring Odin (a sub-par
could have been a charmer, but against shadowy sorcerers, our a year of fruitless uploads, a slick Terence Stamp) into a hammy
instead, it’s a clunky James And hero doesn’t actually sleuth much promoter promises to make her a yarn of a dynasty gone awry.
The Giant Peach rip-off. Despite amid the frenzied action and star – but only if she jettisons her While Victoria Broom (ITV’s
smart visuals (cross-section convulsive plot twists. Director crew. John Swetham’s directorial Marcella) brings a glacial majesty
set-pieces recall The Life Aquatic), Tsui Hark’s choreography is debut might pass muster if its to Queen Alva, this lacks both
the plot soon goes you-know- imaginative, but not enough to fill choreography popped, but alas, the budget and bold vision of
what-shaped. Tim Coleman the plot holes. Stephen Puddicombe it doesn’t. Neil Smith Hirst’s series. Josh Winning

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out 3 AuGuSt out 10 AuGuSt out 27 july out now
A reporter (Vincent Lindon) is Between Winona Ryder’s After his father is murdered, Blumhouse’s cocktail of social
asked by the Vatican to lead an career-making performance and Alberto (Vicente Santos) returns comment and B-movie nastiness
investigation into claims that Christian Slater’s Jack Nicholson to his village in the Dominican gets its origin story with this
a devout French teen (Galatéa impression, Michael Lehmann’s Republic, his faith challenged fourth instalment. Staten Island’s
Bellugi) has witnessed the comedy (marking 30 years since by the differing beliefs of his black community is at the centre
apparition of the Virgin Mary, its UK release) doesn’t want for family. Nelson Carlo de Los Santos of a government-controlled
causing many to flock to the girl’s star power. But arguably the real Arias’ debut is a strange fever ‘experiment’ with an annual
village. Writer/director Xavier star is Daniel Waters and his dream, blending 16mm, digital, all-crime-is-legal tradition.
Giannoli’s (Marguerite) drama zing-laden script. As funny as monochrome and shifting aspect Centring his story on a drug dealer
offers an imposing sense of visual the film remains, it’s also sad to ratios into a kaleidoscopic feast. (Joivan Wade), director Gerard
and narrative sweep, yet becomes realise just how topical its look Repeated scenes of hysteria can McMurray toys with race issues,
over-extended as it strives to at teen suicide and high-school wear thin, but this is still really but ultimately serves up a messy
resolve its mystery. Tom Dawson killings has become. Neil Smith striking stuff. Tim Coleman ’hood-warfare tale. James Mottram

Everaldo Creary SCREENPLAY Brock Norman Brock,
Martin Stellman DISTRIBUTOR Studiocanal RUNNING TIME 102 mins


A hit-and-Idris debut…
out 31 AuGuSt

lready a successful actor, DJ and TV show-runner,
Idris Elba makes the leap to director with this
adaptation of Victor Headley’s 1992 cult novel.
Flitting from 1970s Jamaica to 1980s Hackney, it’s a vibrant
debut, thick with patois and pulsing reggae. But much
like its protagonist D (Aml Ameen), a newbie tasked with
smuggling coke to London, it promises much but never
quite delivers the goods.
We begin in gang-controlled Jamaica, as D’s older brother
Jerry (Everaldo Creary) tries – and fails – to keep the peace
with a sound-system party. Tragedy strikes, and we fast
forward six years to see D evacuated to England by crime
lord King Fox (Sheldon Shepherd). Here, he’s reunited
with his wife Yvonne (Shantol Jackson) and young daughter,
but falls foul of local kingpin Rico (Stephen Graham).
Though there’s no faulting the performances – bar
Graham’s distracting, cod-Caribbean accent – the plot is
so familiar, and the roles so underwritten, that it becomes
increasingly hard to care. Elba has a great sense of place,
but the film only springs to life when the music does,
and you get the sense his main concern is not storytelling
so much as stepping back in time. Matt Glasby

Aml Ameen’s menswear-
THE VERDICT catalogue shoot was
Despite its intriguing, under-reported milieu, Yardie proving to be his best yet.
is a hackneyed gangster flick. Killer soundtrack, mind. august 2018 | ToTal Film
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CertifiCate PG DireCtor Brad Bird Starring Holly Hunter,
Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Eli Fucile SCreenplay
Brad Bird DiStributor Disney running time 125 mins

incredibleS 2
A blast from the Parrs…

he world has changed a lot since The Incredibles.
Not the world shown in Incredibles 2 – set
directly after the first movie, this sees our
spandex-suited super-family still foiling bad
guys and still frowned on by government and public alike
– but, y’know, the real world: superhero movies have
now monopolised the multiplex and a cartoon villain
has made the White House his lair.
Both of these developments,
See ThiS each bigger than Giant-Man, impact
if you returning writer/director Brad Bird’s
liked… belated sequel to his 2004 original.
GOLDFINGER 1964 So while the set-pieces really are
Early Bond informs incredible, as effervescent as anything
the Incredibles over in the MCU, watching a runaway
movies – not least
Michael Giacchino’s hover train brought spectacularly to
brassy score. heel just isn’t fresh in the way that elastigirl feels even more super when
HALLOWEEN III: superheroes saving a city from a giant she throws in a bonus jazz hand.
SEASON OF robot was before Iron Man landed. And,
THE WITCH 1982 as for the Trump influence, Bird strains
No Michael but an
omniscient evil that a little too hard to make the franchise Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), teen daughter his gigantic corkscrew drill. We soon
enters unsuspecting great again with regular nods to Violet (Sarah Vowell), young son Dash see that little has changed: no one
lives through TV real-world politics: banished ‘Supers’ (Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack (Eli appreciates the intervention, the bank
treated as second-class citizens and Fucile)? What’s more, the soap-opera that was being robbed was insured
THE INCREDIBLES termed “illegals”; talk of media being nature of their day-to-day tasks anyway, and the programme keeping
2004 used to feed lies to the duped masses; invites serialisation. Spider-Man our Supers suited is closed down.
This tale of
super-Parrs is one and such on-the-nose dialogue as, certainly didn’t mean changing Deliverance arrives in the form
of the very, very best. “People have more faith in a monkey nappies, separating reds from whites of telecommunications company
throwing darts than Congress.” and buying triple-A batteries when DevTech, with CEO Winston Deavor
For MorE
rEViEwS ViSiT Yet despite the first Incredibles he spoke of great responsibilities, (Bob Odenkirk) and his sister Evelyn
GaMESraDar. feeling newer and, ideas-wise, more but these guys know what it truly (Catherine Keener) convincing the
CoM/ToTalFilM focused in its tale of dreary domesticity takes to keep the world on its axis. Parrs they just need a little PR spin.
rubbing up against wacky world-saving, But having analysed the numbers,
the sequel is terrific. For starters, who ENEMY MINER DevTech only wants Elastigirl (Mr.
wouldn’t want to share in the further It kicks off with a thrilling set-piece as Incredible is “too messy”), furnishing
adventures of the Parr family – Bob/ the heroic clan take on the Underminer her with a sleek grey-and-black suit,
Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Helen/ (Pixar stalwart John Ratzenberger) and a sleeker motorbike that splits apart
so she can stretch her torso and pull
off corners that London’s bendy buses
‘a genuine blaSt, brilliantly could only dream of, and in-suit

animateD anD furiouS fun’
cameras to show the public the whole
story. While Elastigirl’s off fighting

ToTal FIlM | AUGUST 2018 SubScribe at

Suffice to say they lend Incredibles 2 laboured, and it lacks that all-
Bike vs train Jack-Jack vs raccoon
many of its best gags – an unexpected important emotional undertow (odd
ThRIllED Paint the House
of Mouse red Goggle-eyed sneeze can bring explosive results given that Bird made the heartbreaking
Auntie Edna Ship – and its standout set-piece: Jack-Jack The Iron Giant). The gender-swap
NoDDINg oFF The happens
iceman Morose
“I love
“You don’t talk, you discovering his abilities while tussling career/parent dynamic feels a little
ZZZZZZZZZ cometh motel watch talk shows” Incredibles 3?
with a trespassing raccoon. It’s a right obvious, Screenslaver is no match for
RuNNINg TIME 0 25 50 75 100 125
rollicking ruckus, like Tom and Jerry the original’s oh-so-prescient toxic
leaving it all out on the floor of fanboy Syndrome, and there’s a twist
Screenslaver (Bill Wise), a foe who Q’s workshop. The visual wit and you can see coming from outer space.
controls people’s minds via, you invention are signature Bird – see also But it is a genuine blast, brilliantly
guessed it, screens, Bob becomes Elastigirl on her motorbike speeding animated and furious fun from first
a stay-at-home dad charged with under a monorail, a pursuit that recalls frame to last. And we haven’t even
coaching Violet through boy troubles, The French Connection, though Popeye mentioned Bird’s movie-stealing
relearning maths for Dash’s homework Doyle never ploughed his vehicle cameo as everyone’s favourite
and training Jack-Jack to control his through buildings, over rooftops and fashionista Edna Mode… Jamie Graham
polymorphous superpowers. onto the top of the thundering train.
Incredibles 2 is not the Godfather:
SNEEZY DoES IT Part II, The Empire Strikes Back or The VerdicT
A glimpse of said powers was provided Terminator 2: Judgment Day of animated Be sure to make family time for
at the end of The Incredibles (and in sequels. Neither is it, in fact, the Toy Bird’s flawed but dazzling sequel.
2005 short Jack-Jack Attack), but the Story 2 or Toy Story 3 of animated “Superheroes suck,” says Violet.
full range won’t be spoilered here. sequels. Its adult messages are No, they most certainly don’t. AUGUST 2018 | ToTal FIlM
The world’s mosT TrusTed reviews

Mark Cousins, Beatrice Welles, Jack Klaff SCREENPLAY Mark Cousins

Touch of easel…

efore he even touched a movie camera, young
Orson Welles knew that he wanted to be an artist,
drawing, sketching and painting. And even while
engaged in other activities – writing, acting, making films,
directing theatre – he always had a sketchbook to hand.
Hundreds of Welles’ artworks had been stored away
in a US bank, until filmmaker and critic Mark Cousins was
granted access to them by Beatrice Welles, Orson’s youngest
daughter. And, from this treasure trove, Cousins has
fashioned a visual rhapsody, an intimate portrait of the
great director from a wholly fresh angle.
Interspersing shots of the artworks, Cousins splices
in clips from the movies, excerpts from TV and radio
interviews, shots of key locations and testimonies from
Beatrice. His voiceover comes as a personal letter to the great
man, affectionate and admiring but not without touches of
irony; and towards the end Orson himself (the deep resonant
tones voiced by actor Jack Klaff) gets the chance to respond.
This is Orson Welles as we’ve not seen him before – and our
view of him is generously enriched. Philip Kemp

Welles insisted on an elevated position, tHE VErdiCt
to give his trousers the full-billow effect. A highly personal film essay on – and posthumously by –
Orson Welles from maverick filmmaker Mark Cousins.

damaSCUS COVEr Bad Samaritan POPE FranCiS: a tHE nEGOtiatOr
man OF HiS WOrd
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an There are two types of stupid OUT 10 AUGUST Jon Hamm is expertly cast as the
undercover Mossad agent in this to be found in Dean Devlin’s Wim Wenders’ tribute to Rome’s quick-thinking mediator brought
low-budget thriller from writer/ cat-and-mouse thriller, which Holy Father eschews dissenting in by the CIA to negotiate with
director Daniel Zelik Berk. Based pits Robert Sheehan’s (Misfits) voices and biographical detail in a terrorist group in this tense
on Howard Kaplan’s 1977 novel, house-breaker against David favour of what amounts to little thriller set in 1982 amid the
but updated to the end of the Tennant’s equestrian-fancying more than a straight-to-camera Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Cold War, it sees Meyers embark yuppie. The first part – an address. The Pope’s decency Rosamund Pike plays Hamm’s
on a mission to Syria, where he’s entertaining, seat-of-your-pants comes over loud and clear, as does liaison while Dean Norris is
caught in a triple cross. John Hurt Rear Window riff – is about his dismay at the controversies the agent in charge. Surprising
– in his final role – adds gravitas, suspending disbelief. The second in which his Church has become personal agendas emerge, but the
but the cut-price action and – a ludicrous romp through the embroiled. You can’t help feeling, film is so thick with exposition,
dialogue turn this into a Jason Thomas Harris playbook – is sadly though, that Wenders is more there’s little room for any real
Bore of a movie. James Mottram about stifling giggles. Matt Glasby fanboy than inquisitor. Neil Smith stand-out moments. Matt Looker

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
The world’s mosT TrusTed reviews

tHE WOmEn LEaninG intO HEartS BEat LOUd tHE mOrE YOU
tHE Wind iGnOrE mE
Reissued for the BFI’s Joan OUT 10 AUGUST A pared-back treat from Brett OUT nOw
Crawford Season, this 1939 Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy Haley (The Hero), Hearts Beat Loud Morrissey and mental illness
release remains a whipsmart creates site-specific art using avoids the obvious, erm, beats, make for uncomfortable
and entertaining classic. Leading natural materials to express his as crossroads-facing Frank (Nick bedfellows in Keith English’s
an all-female cast, Crawford plays connection to the land. In Thomas Offerman) and Sam (Kiersey ’80s-set coming-of-ager, adapted
perfume saleswoman Crystal, Riedelsheimer’s meditative doc, Clemons) form a father-daughter by Jo Brand from her 2009 novel.
who is having an affair with the the camera glides behind the band. The leads have a lived-in Sheridan Smith is frustratingly
wealthy husband of Mary (Norma artist as he visits the installations chemistry, and the supporting miscast as Gina, the unlikeable
Shearer). While it doesn’t meet and muses on his philosophy. line-up includes warm turns from mother to Smiths-obsessed teen
today’s standards of equality, with With barely any narrative there’s Toni Collette, Sasha Stone and Ted Alice (Ella Hunt). And despite
quickfire comic delivery overlaid limited sense of him as a person, Danson. Very low-key, but worth tender moments from Mark
on relatable drama, it’s still but the spaces he installs are a spin for the bittersweet tone Addy’s husband/dad, the tone is
deserving of a revisit. Matt Looker remarkable. Tim Coleman and great songs. Matt Maytum all over the shop. James Mottram

Benicio Del Toro, Isabela Moner, Matthew Modine SCREENPLAY Alejandro’s spooked at word that
Taylor Sheridan DISTRIBUTOR Lionsgate RUNNING TIME 122 mins even Keyser Söze’s involved…

SiCariO 2: 53

Cartel chase…

ften a sequel without the original’s visionary
director or leading lady might spell trouble,
but Sicario 2: Soldado is surprisingly rigorous.
It starts all over the map, quite literally, as narrative
strands jump between Texas, Kansas, Djibouti and Bogotá.
A man blows himself up at the US-Mexico border, while
suicide bombers attack a supermarket. Josh Brolin’s
CIA suit Matt Graver questions a Somali criminal,
drone-striking his home when he refuses to talk.
It becomes clear that cartels who have made money
in narcotics are turning to people-trafficking. Drafted in
to disrupt this, Graver heads to Colombia to recruit another
returning character: Benicio Del Toro’s lawyer-turned-
assassin (or ‘sicario’, if you prefer).
Though not as startlingly bold as its 2015 predecessor
(also penned by Taylor Sheridan), Soldado still throbs with
energy and tension. Featuring a couple of stunning set-
pieces – including one major highway shoot-out – it leaves
you pondering the blurred line between governments and
organised crime, and what it takes to maintain order in
a morally bankrupt universe. James Mottram

tHE VErdiCt
A robust follow-up that’s simpatico with the first’s edgy
style and suspense. A trilogy-closer would be welcome. august 2018 | ToTal Film
The world’s mosT TrusTed reviews

BOx OFFICE CHARTS 11.06.18 – 08.07.18
Uk top 10

this since Weeks
Pos Film month release out

TAG 2 OCEAN’S 8 HHH £8.5m £8.5m 2 INCREDIBLES 2
Loving this trend for films based on Everyone’s favourite bit seems to be
3 DEADPOOL 2 HHHH £3.3m £32.3m 8
kiddie games (also: Truth Or Dare); Jack-Jack vs the raccoon; in the next
but as the movies aren’t much cop, 4 SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY HHHH £2.9m £19.3m 7 one, can he please fight either a) the
can we get party bags on the way out? 5 BOOK CLUB HH £2m £4m 6 rest of the Guardians or b) other Jacks:
An intermission with a zany magician? Sparrow; Ryan; Bauer; Nicholson.
6 THE FIRST PURGE HH £1.8m £1.8m 3
7 SICARIO 2: SOLDADOHHHH £1.5m £1.5m 2
9 SHERLOCK GNOMES HH £1.1m £8.6m 9
10 TAG n/a £1.1m £1.1m 2

Still narked this has arrived in the UK US top 10 Josh Brolin continues to own summer;
a month after almost everywhere else. ICYMI, he was also George’s middle
What next? How The Grinch Had To finger in Rampage and a figurine who
Steal Easter Instead Because Of Some this since Weeks wants to wipe out half the galaxy’s lawn
Pos Film month release out
Other Sporting Calendar Disruption? ornaments in Sherlock Gnomes.
1 INCREDIBLES 2 HHHH $504.4m $504.4m 4
3 OCEAN’S 8 HHH $85.3m $126.8m 5
5 TAG n/a $48.3m $48.3m 4
6 DEADPOOL 2 HHHH $35.8m $314.5m 8
Never mind debates about law and 8 SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY HHHH $34.7m $210.8m 7 Many reviewers for this b-ball-com
order; pub conversations just got way focused less on the b-ball and com than
trickier. “I’ve seen The First Purge but 9 THE FIRST PURGE HH $31.1m $31.1m 1 the old-age make-up. Some were sold;
not the first Purge”; “I saw the last Purge 10 UNCLE DREW HH $29.9m £29.9m 2 others wondered how they got those
– you know, the ‘First’ one.” Aargh! caterpillars to stay on the cast’s eyebrows.

STILL OUT, STILL GOOD... our Pick oF the movies out noW

“No stone is left unturned in this sensitive, skilful look
at Whitney Houston, shedding real light on the pop
superstar’s psychology. Tremendous.”


“A stunning Joe Cole brings the pain in this technically
dazzling prison drama. Harrowing and brutal, it’s only
for the strongest stomachs.”
“Starring a superb Ethan Hawke, this is a stunning study of
one man’s flaws and an apocalyptic vision of mankind’s fate. “A gorgeous remembrance of a troubled childhood,
Burning with pain, desire and anger, it’s Paul Schrader’s best whose beguiling naturalism mines a deep vein of emotion.
for 20 years… a film worthy of worship.” The final scene is heartbreaking.”

ToTal Film | august 2017 SubScribe at
The world’s mosT TrusTed reviews

COMING SOON the big hitters on the cards For next month…


out 13 SEPtEMBER

he Predator series has had its ups (the
1987 original) and its downs (pretty
much everything else, though 1990’s
sequel is still good for late-night THE HAPPYTIME THE NUN A SIMPLE FAVOUR
chortles). So it’s high time the monster with the MURDERS out 7 SEPtEMBER out 21 SEPtEMBER
mask and the mouth got his due. And who better to out 27 AuGuSt [clears throat for ‘trailer voice’…] Forget pooing in the street
love the alien than Predator-actor-turned-filmmaker It’s the Muppet movie of your This year, horror goes not with – it’s time to poo your pants, as
Shane Black, who’s bringing back the fury and (if wet dreams, as pervy puppets a bang… but with a wimple! Bridesmaids director Paul Feig
reveal what really goes on The Conjuring-verse continues gets serious with this thriller
the trailer’s anything to go by) the filth. The story
below their waists in a to expand with this period about a blogger (Anna Kendrick)
sees Room’s Jacob Tremblay unknowingly sending
murder-mystery-comedy tale of a priest and a novitiate whose best friend (Blake Lively)
an alert that – whoops – invites Predators to Earth, investigating the possibly suddenly disappears. Expect
directed by Jim Henson’s
where they can flaunt their new DNA upgrades (prodigal?) son Brian. Melissa demonic death of a nun. Corin Hitchcockian vibes, red herrings
and grab a few skulls for the trip home. If this one McCarthy leads the (human) Hardy (The Hallow) directs; and some large hats, too.
does well, can Carl Weathers direct the sequel? cast; for more, get fully ‘felt’ for superior behind-the-scenes Continue the investigation
Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura for part three? up over on page 70. access, get thee to page 15. over on page 80. august 2017 | ToTal Film
The Meg


Jason Statham
takes on a 70ft
shark in The Meg,
an outrageous,
outlandish, OTT

blockbuster that’s
not taking itself too
seriously. Total Film
dons its wetsuit and
takes a deep dive into
the ‘Jurassic Shark’
monster movie that
promises to be the
most fun you’ll
have all summer…

august 2018 | ToTal Film
cover story

he first thing you need to know about
director Jon Turteltaub is that he has a
champion sense of humour. On a sunny
LA day in June, he greets Total Film with
an infectious chuckle and says, “Are you
sure you want to use the shark image
on the cover of the magazine and not
just my face?” So we suggest, “Maybe giant-shark picture that’s looking to “No, this is a much more legit,
both? If your face is on it too, it will give take a chomp out of the summer box Hollywood, holy-crap-that’s-a-big-
perspective to the shark…” He mock- office. Yes, it’s a monster movie and shark movie,” explains Turteltaub.
grimaces, before saying, “That won’t yes, it preys on primal fears to deliver “It’s based on really good science and
work. I have a 75-foot face.” suspenseful set-pieces, but it’s not really good filmmaking. We’re not
This glimpse into Turteltaub’s trying to be Jaws. making fun of shark movies, we’re
GSOH will give you a good idea of “Jon’s sense of humour comes celebrating them.” He ponders, then
what to expect from The Meg, the through on this,” confirms leading man explains, “It is first and foremost a
Jason Statham, who, with this movie, big, scary, monster movie. But I kept
goes up against a foe whose every tooth saying, ‘Instead of running from the
He'S beHinD yOu is the size of Dwayne Johnson’s head. clichés, let’s lean into them.’ That
Jason Statham, “It’s no good him doing something helps the humour. These characters
as Navy Seal meg that’s been done in the past. He has will have seen Jaws. They’re real people
expert Jonas Taylor, to find his own flavour. This smells of so they’ve seen movies. But that’s not
is no stranger to Jon because he’s a wisecrack kinda guy, the same as making a movie campy
a fishy co-star.
always looking for a funny moment.” or satirical. It’s not a joke on monster
But the film is no joke. Anyone movies by any means.”
expecting a gleefully silly mockbuster “Yeah,” adds Statham, offering
in the vein of the movies pumped out a grin that can only be described as
by The Asylum, the indie studio behind shark-like. “It’s Jurassic Park meets
2-Headed Shark Attack, Mega Piranha and Jaws. Everyone likes to say, ‘Jurassic
the Sharknado movies, will be left all at Shark.’ If you look at the poster,

sea. With a $150m budget, that would look at the creature, you know what
be an expensive stunt. you’re going to spend your money on.

pe The av

u bite-sized
shark rage great w r theories fo
TF feeds yo iggest ark Two popula e oceans cooled,
is 15 to 2 hit
don sh Mega
lodo 0ft lon e are : th ;
b lo extinction too chilly to survive
info on the to hav ns are thou g.
a don
The archaro led the

at e rang ght making me migrated to cooler
preda th
to r (C on) ru
alod illion
to 40 to 7 ed from
or their pre g their cavernous
d… meg rom 70 m rs ago. avin
ever live wat ers , le
seas illion ye
a bellies emp

2 .6 m

ToTal Film | april 2018 SubScribe at
The Meg
“I thought I’d better figure out what it’s
like to go face-to-face with a shark before
we did this film, so I went scuba diving. We
took a trip to Fiji. They handfeed these bull
sharks with tuna heads and then the sharks
circle around, and you line up behind this
coral wall. You’re within two feet of
these three-metre sharks. It was
a great experience.”
Jason statham

cOOl RunningS This is a film where people can sit Guillermo del Toro. In 2007, Speed
The Stath shoots down and get the popcorn out.” director Jan de Bont was netted. Then
a scene with Li it was a case of still waters until 2015,
Bingbing and
Cliff Curtis.
REELING IT IN when Chinese investment came on
Hollywood loves a high concept and board and Eli Roth was hooked. Only
this one – a 70ft megalodon (basically the Hostel helmer wanted to make
SHaRk life
All the underwater a stocky great white shark), thought to an R-rated movie, meaning it was
shark shots are CG have been extinct for 2.6 million years, yet another case of man overboard.
(above right, top). emerges from the Mariana Trench and Finally, in early 2016, with Warner Bros
heads for the beach to snack on human chumming the waters, Turteltaub was
HOOkeD hors d’oeuvres – sparked a feeding landed – the director of Cool Runnings,
The team (including frenzy. But here’s the fin… that was While You Were Sleeping and the National
Cliff Curtis and way back in 1997, when Disney snapped Treasure movies took the bait because
Ruby Rose) decide
up the rights to Steve Alten’s book Meg: he’d never made anything like The Meg.
watching Jaws was
A Novel Of Deep Terror before it even hit “They already had a pretty good
probably a bad idea.
stores. Then Renny Harlin’s shark-lark script, a lot of designs, they had settled
Deep Blue Sea tested the waters and on filming in New Zealand, and had
didn’t cause quite the splash expected, started the casting process,” Turteltaub
meaning Disney held back. smiles. “And then I came in and fucked
The production history since has all that up. I did what every director
resembled a tangled fishing line, and for does: ‘Great work; now let me change
many years The Meg looked like it would everything.’ I did a lot of work on
be the one that got away. In 2004, the the script, got deeply involved in
producers behind Hellboy optioned it for casting. But I kept a lot of the designs.

been But what if the megalodo
n isn’ t
Based e th have erica, five Megalod Som e bel ieve the se
on te th Am extinc t?
on fo serration alod ica, Nor , Austral
ia, was t rows of te ons had there, in
consid ssilised tee s found eg he eth predators are still down
M Afr nd ia
sed o n hand size of an . Each to ocean,
e t
includ red that a m h, it is
d in a, I
foun Americ rope. Ba hat megs . The a oth uncharted regions of the
tooth larg verage rks reg ula rly shed
what y
ed wh
ale eg’s die h u
Sout an and E is clear t aters. on re est mega human though sha
ou call s. Now tha t Jap tions, it warm w eight co lod teeth and the only ones eve
a big a t inche rd measur on
ppetit ’s oca k to s. s in le e nd are ancien t. Eve n so, best
e. the l d to stic ig softie ngth. s fou
eh? JG
like Th e b stick to swimming pools, august 2018 | ToTal Film
cover story
Some really great work had been done Statham is also perfect for a movie As for the rest of the cast, it’s an
– the look of the sets and submarines, set primarily on and under the water, eclectic mix, with Turteltaub saying,
and things like that. So I did a remodel having represented England at diving “The first guide comes from the script,
rather than a rebuild.” in the 1990 Commonwealth Games and where you have this international ocean
One of the key decisions that having been a recreational scuba diver base. So aside from one very muscular
Turteltaub made was to cast Statham for almost 20 years. bald man from the UK, I have big men
as Jonas Taylor, a Navy Seal and diving “I’ve been around swimming pools from Iceland and tiny women from
expert who has history with the Meg, my whole life, and I learned to scuba dive Australia, actors from Tanzania,
though his tale has long been met when I made the first Transporter with New Zealand, China and Japan.”
with snickering cynicism. Until, that is, Luc Besson,” Statham says. “I had an The female lead is Chinese actress,
a submersible is attacked and Taylor is unorthodox lesson with a military free pop singer, model, TV producer and
brought in to try to retrieve the crew. diver – someone who worked with all-round megastar Li Bingbing, perhaps
No prizes for guessing the cause of all Luc when he was making The Big Blue. best known in the West as Blink in
X-Men: Days Of Future Past. She plays

'i wanted a real action marine biologist Suyin, and took the role

hero who could also
because of the challenge it presented,
requiring her to go stunt-for-stunt with

bring a lot of comedy'
The Stath. Today, though, she talks not
unDeR tHe Sea
of facing off against the megalodon with
Rainn Wilson's Jack
joN TuRTELTaub Morris revels in his
its five rows of teeth but of another set
oceanic research of gnashers that impressed her.
this disruption. Yep, what follows is like I really got hooked. So I thought, ‘If station… for now “Jason is very different from the
a pulp riff on Captain Ahab versus Moby I can get paid to do this and make a good (right, bottom). characters he plays,” she says. “When
Dick, with Taylor determined to slay the story…’” His laugh sounds like a snarl. he smiled, I thought, ‘Oh, he has the
beast and serve up enough shark steaks “There’s always a fascination with WHat is tHat? nicest teeth!’ I had never seen Jason
to feed an army of pescetarians (we’re what’s at the bottom of the ocean. The actress and smile in his films. Later, I told him
gonna need a bigger barbecue…). Two-thirds of the planet is the ocean, singer Li Bingbing as that I am not a native English speaker,
Suyin (below left).
“They were down the road with and it’s the most unmonitored part of so I needed to rehearse many times
a couple of people but I wanted to go the planet. Jon said, ‘There are more before we filmed our scenes. He was so
On taRget
a different way,” explains Turteltaub. pictures of the Moon than of the bottom Just when you supportive, saying there was no way he
“I wanted a real action hero who could of the ocean.’ This is a creature that thought it was Stath could have done this film in Chinese.”
also bring a lot of comedy and then play did exist, so I think it’s got everyone’s to go back in the Another marine biologist on the
against his own type when necessary.” curiosity from the get-go.” water… (below). team is Ruby Rose’s Jaxx Herd, whose

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
The Meg
engineering skills mean she also designs required – swimming races and climbing
a lot of the underwater tech, including ropes and ladders in the water. Not that
the subs or ‘gliders’. The Orange Is The he was ever going to baulk at the chance
New Black star liked the idea of staring to play opposite a megalodon…
at screens and jabbering jargon as a “A few years ago, my mom bought
flipside to the physical roles she played my son a megalodon tooth,” he explains.
in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, xXx: “He’s always loved dinosaurs, and
Return Of Xander Cage and John Wick: megalodons were once at the top of the
Chapter 2. But then Turteltaub spotted food chain of our entire planet. They
her love of the ocean and ensured that could literally take out any other living
her character is plunged into the action. creature, even a Tyrannosaurus rex.”
“He decided he could have some fun Pause. “I know I just sounded a lot
with me,” she laughs. “I’m Australian like [The Office’s] Dwight Schrute when
and a Pisces and I’ve been surfing my I said that, but it’s all true!”
whole life, so he put me in the water.
I had a lot of training, swimming in bEaST MoDE
heavy jackets, because when I’m in Filmed on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and
the water, I’m not planning on it! at the city’s Kumeu Film Studios, The Meg
It was exhausting. Hours every day. flits between the real ocean, a gigantic
I also got stung by a jellyfish. Just a water tank and greenscreen. “If you
little one. It was like, ‘You little bastard, see a person underwater, it’s either the
I can’t even see you and I’m hurting.’” ocean or a tank,” says Turteltaub. “If you
Heroes star Masi Oki, meanwhile, see a shark underwater, it’s CG. There’s
is Toshi, co-pilot of the sub that opens no such thing as a trained movie shark.
the movie by creeping past a layer of It would have eaten my stars. So you
ice and into the deeps of previously know, ‘OK, the shark’s gonna be CG,’
uncharted ocean. “We find something but I always hate CG people in movies
that is not expected,” he chuckles. – you can tell – so we used real people
And while that something was obviously [more than 2,000 extras in one epic scene
absent during shooting (more on which off Hainan Island in China]. The goal for
later), the sub was very real. “They built us was to do all of it and make it as
the whole thing,” he says. “But they seamless as possible.”
did not put it in the ocean. We were As for the 70ft megalodon, the
surrounded by greenscreen.” biggest challenge for visual effects
Last but not least of the principal houses Double Negative, Image Engine
cast is Rainn Wilson, as billionaire Design, Instinctual VFX, Scanline VFX,
“Jaws terrified everyone out
businessman Jack Morris. It is Morris Soho VFX and Sony Pictures Imageworks
of the water. But when you
go to Universal Studios and who funds the oceanic research station was to bring the requisite sense of
see the mechanical shark, called Mana One and who, unwittingly, scale and heft.
it kind of diminishes it!” unleashes the Meg. Part villain and “A dinosaur walks past a tree and
masi oka part comic relief, it was a fun part for you know how big it is,” says Turteltaub.
The Office star to play, even if he grimaces “But a shark swims in the ocean and it
at the thought of the gruelling training it could be 70ft or 2ft. You can’t tell unless

“Sharks have lived on Earth over
500 million years. Before beginning
work on The Meg, I thought that
sharks ate humans. But I learned that
sharks only eat invertebrates and
fish. Humans are not that
delicious to sharks.”
Li BingBing april 2018 | ToTal Film
cover story
it’s against something smaller, and “Attitude,” states Turteltaub. gReat eScape
smaller things tend to go away when “He has a working-class man’s dignity; Who's idea was
a 70ft sharks show up. We needed to a sense of right and wrong and a sense this human pickle
make sure you feel the size of the shark.” of self-sacrifice. I think that’s what we jar anyway?
Statham, ahem, dives in. “I come love about him. But yeah, it’s hard to
face-to-face with this thing, and the see a guy’s abs when he’s wearing a
physical moments of me with the shark wetsuit. Still, don’t worry – we figured
have to be seen to be believed. If I just out a way around that.”
blew this thing up with a harpoon,
some kind of RPG [rocket-propelled TaSTE TEST
grenade launcher], it’s gonna be Turteltaub and his cast seem certain
uneventful, so we had to figure out they’ve landed this one, confident that
how man versus shark could be captured The Meg offers spectacle, scares and
on film to give a human element.” snorts of laughter. It is, unapologetically,
“Anytime anyone has to physically a summer event movie, stuffed to the
interact with a megalodon, there’s gills with unadulterated entertainment.
something there for them to physically “I went to secondary school, I went
interact with,” explains the director. to university; I know you’re supposed
“Nobody goes in the ocean and “We didn’t have anything as awesome to read every script and novel for what
doesn’t think about sharks. I think as Stan Winston would have built [on it is really about and not what the story
about it every minute. I went snorkelling Jurassic Park], because animatronics, is about,” smirks Turteltaub when asked
in Hawaii just recently and of course I’m
as Steven Spielberg will tell you, don’t if the movie has any subtext. “But I did
thinking about it, and looking around
to make sure there are tastier work so well underwater [the mechanical everything I could to make sure I wasn’t
people around me.” shark on Jaws was a washout]. It was often forcing the audience to start analysing
Jon turteLtauB a stick with a picture of a shark on it. and stop enjoying. It’s kinda like that
It could be a tuna. A tennis ball or book you read in the summer that isn’t
a ladder. We did build a metal frame trying to get you miserable and drinking
of a shark to use.” absinthe. It’s there for fun.”

62 'this has made me think
i should be more
careful when i swim'
Ruby RoSE

Rose shudders. “We had an “This is a film for the family,” nods
animatronic head of a shark. And a fin. Statham. “A kid’s imagination runs wild.
The shark’s head was actually terrifying. I remember watching King Kong, Godzilla,
I’ve never been scared of sharks but this Moby Dick, anything with a dinosaur
has made me think I should be more in it, or a creature that was big. It’s so
careful when I swim. But when you’re memorable. Well, this is a monster.”
out in the ocean, you only have to look But can The Meg go up against
out all around you and of course you summer franchise movies like Jurassic
can imagine a giant shark…” World: Fallen Kingdom, Mission: Impossible
And if you can’t, you bloody well – Fallout and Ant-Man And The Wasp?
can once the crew have finished Warner Bros will certainly be hoping so
preparing the shot. “One or two scenes – the advantage of the movie’s tangled
called for us to jump in and swim in production history is that Alten has used
water filled with the aftermath of a visit the time to write six more Meg books.
from the Meg, including red dye that Turteltaub shrugs. “Audiences
simulated blood, as well as prosthetics have shown they don’t want new,”
of various human limbs,” says Wilson, he says. “If they wanted new, they
half-grinning, half-grimacing. “That would have stopped going to Avengers
was… unforgettable.” movies and gone to see Rampage or
“I have been in the ocean with sharks.
I don’t think people realise how many There’s one thing niggling at Total something. That said, The Meg is kinda
animals are around them at any moment, Film, though: Statham will no doubt new but old-fashioned at the same
on land or in the sea. There are hundreds exhibit wonderful form when diving off time. I don’t think we can beat but
of thousands of species around. Things a boat and he sure knows his way around I think we can compete. I would never
that know you’re there, that can see an oxygen tank, but how do you get the expect this film to out-gross Infinity
you in the water. But… I don’t know; best out of him when he’s underwater? War or Black Panther. But it can still
it’s not a fear of mine.”
It’s his fight movies and gruff delivery do well enough for me to be able
ruBy rose
we like so much, and he can’t very to afford a beach house…”
well punch a 70ft shark after giving
it some choice verbal. The Meg opens on 10 AugusT.

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
the meg

63 august 2018 | ToTal Film
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WOrDS JOrdan Farley & JaMIe GraHaM

Starring Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn,
Jacob Tremblay Eta 12 September

Before he became a screenwriting
wünderkind selling scripts for millions,
Shane Black starred in Predator as Hawkins,
the first macho mercenary to meet the
extraterrestrial hunter’s ire. It’s an experience
that clearly left an impression as Black is
behind this summer’s big-screen comeback
for the ugliest mofo in movies, and he’s
bringing a taste of the ’80s with him.
“Part of the reason for doing this is just…
the nostalgia,” says Black, who directs and
co-wrote the script with his Monster Squad
writing partner Fred Dekker. “I wanted to
recapture the sort of moviemaking that we
would line up for on a Saturday afternoon,
the way we did for Wrath Of Khan or Raiders.”
But after 31 years of sub-par sequels and
risible crossovers, what makes The Predator
different? The answer again lies in the past.
“There’s a 30-year trail of breadcrumbs,”
Black explains. “You can go back and pluck
the elements you want, take the nostalgia,
what is iconic, and then enhance as needed.”
To that end Black and Dekker (no pun
intended) have concocted an enticingly
irreverent spin on the alpha male formula
established in the ’87 original, with a squad
of traumatised vets the front line of defence
against the galaxy’s ultimate killing machine.
Several ‘classic’ Predators will feature,
alongside a new, 10ft tall, genetically
advanced ‘Ultimate’ Predator, born
of experiments in hybridisation.
“When I make a movie that pleases me,
it tends to be that I’m not that far removed
from the actual audience,” Black smiles.
“So I’m hoping people will find it as
nostalgic and as chock-full of stuff
as we hope it is.” The hunt is on.

ToTal Film | August 2018

his ruthless passenger, though his voice
quavers with self-doubt.
Described by Columbia Pictures president
Sanford Panitch as a “spin on a horror film”,
expect Venom to take its cue from Fox’s
Deadpool and Logan to occupy less
Starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, riz ahmed, conventional, more hard-edged superhero
Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson Eta 5 October territory. An R-rating is expected, and
Fleischer, who directed Zombieland, says,
As played by Topher Grace in Sam Raimi’s “There’s a dark element and a wit that
Spider-Man 3, fan-favourite antihero Venom appeals to me,” while also stressing the
didn’t exactly put his best foot – or should horror angle by promising to explore
that be tentacle? – forward. But expect Tom the “Jekyll and Hyde” dynamic between
Hardy to change all that in Ruben Fleischer’s Brock and Venom.
Venom, the movie chosen to kick off Sony’s With Hardy issuing a statement at
Marvel Universe (which has been described Comic-Con 2017 that the movie is largely
as an “adjunct” of the MCU). based on the six-issue Venom: Lethal Protector
Hardy plays journalist Eddie Brock, miniseries (1993), there is hope that Tom
investigating the shady dealings of Dr. Carlton Holland’s Spidey will cameo – in the comics,
Drake (Riz Ahmed), whose lab is in possession Spider-Man and Venom agree to leave each
of an alien symbiote that might just aid the other alone if the latter commits no crimes,
evolution of the human race. Or, y’know, mess with Venom moving to San Francisco, where
everything up. Long story short, Drake merges Fleischer’s film is set. Meanwhile, Spawn
with the symbiote and morphs into a living, creator Todd McFarlane, who is directing
snarling oil slick with huge gnashers and the 2019 movie starring Jamie Foxx and who
a long, pointed tongue. Can Brock maintain also co-created Venom, has suggested his
control and use his newfound powers for good? two antiheroes might cross over down the
“You will only hurt bad people,” he commands line. “Might be kind of cool,” he says. august 2018 | ToTal Film
monster preview

Starring Channing tatum, Zendaya, Common,
Danny DeVito, James Corden Eta 12 October
Channing Tatum voicing a Yeti who sets out to prove
the existence of mythical creatures called humans?
Sold. This Warner Bros animation looks a great deal of Starring Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett,
fun, and we’re confident it will be, given writer-director Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill Eta 1 February 2019
Karey Kirkpatrick also wrote and helmed Over
The Hedge and scribbled Chicken Run, James “This is gonna be the pinnacle of the whole thing,” promises Jay Baruchel,
And The Giant Peach and, er, Smurfs 2. back voicing our heroic Hiccup in this trilogy-closer. And where there’s
a Hiccup there is, of course, a Toothless, with everyone’s favourite Night
Fury dragon also back in action… and finding love with a White Fury.
A scaly romance is just a part of it though, in a tale that sees Hiccup,
now chief of Berk, and Toothless, leader of dragons, fleeing a terrible
threat to the titular land of creatures. A host of starry voices return,
while all signs indicate there will be thrills and tears galore.

68 Goosebumps 2
Haunted Halloween Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins,
Starring Jack Black, Odeya rush, Madison iseman, Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler Eta 31 May 2019
Chris Parnell Eta 12 October
Fittingly, this Goosebumps sequel is shrouded in This supersequel to Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla promises to be nirvana for
mystery: originally sub-titled Horror Land, then Slappy’s monster fans, as the Big G squares off against not one, not two, but three of
Revenge, author R.L. Stine then tweeted it was Slappy his most iconic foes: Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. These mighty creatures,
Halloween, only to delete said tweet. Haunted long thought myths, rise to vie for supremacy, an almighty tussle that’s sure
Halloween is the current moniker. All we know for to destroy many humans by way of collateral damage. And what humans
sure is Jack Black is back voicing evil ventriloquist – the coolly eclectic cast of Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins, Vera Farmiga,
dummy Slappy and maybe reprising Stine again. Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, Bradley Whitford and Zhang Ziyi reads like
a who’s who of TF favourites.
MonsterVerse scribbler Max Borenstein (he also wrote Godzilla and Kong:
Skull Island) promises that Godzilla: King Of The Monsters will make the giant lizard
“a relatable, empathetic figure”, while buzz from test footage suggests the
film, by Trick ’r Treat and Krampus director Michael Dougherty, is atmospheric
and culminates with a tremendous smackdown between Godzilla and three-
headed dragon Ghidorah. One of those heads is played by motion-capture
wizard Jason Liles, aka George in Rampage.
One spoiler, mind: given Adam Wingard’s Godzilla Vs. Kong
is scheduled for 2020, there are no prizes for guessing
who will emerge triumphant. But then, what do
Slender man you expect given this will be the 35th
Starring Joey King, Javier Botet, annalise Basso, movie on the giant lizard’s CV?
Jaz Sinclair Eta 24 august
This Blumhouse-style chiller sees a bunch of teenage
girls haunted by a spindly, faceless figure with
elongated arms. It’s a fictional tale based on a viral
boogeyman created in 2009, but has sparked
controversy as, in 2014, a 12-year-old Wisconsin
girl stabbed a friend 19 times, allegedly
inspired by Slender Man.

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at

Starring eddie redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dumbledore (Jude Law) and returning magizoologist
Jude law, Johnny depp, dan Fogler Eta 16 november Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), his former pupil,
must team up to thwart GG as he leads an uprising
Set in 1927 and hopping between New York, London of pure-blood wizards against non-magical beings.
and Paris, this sequel to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Intriguingly, Dumbledore and Grindelwald once
Find Them is the second in five planned prequels to the shared a relationship, with stalwart director David
Harry Potter movies. Devious wizard Gellert Grindelwald Yates saying, “They fell in love with each other’s
(Johnny Depp) is now at large, meaning a young Albus ideas, and ideology, and each other.”
on set


It’s time to stop the music. It’s time to dim the lights.
It’s time for things to get weird as Total Film visits the
set of Brian Henson’s very adult puppet comedy,
The happyTime murders…
WORDS Paul Bradshaw
on set Phil Philips is in good
hands with puppet
veteran Bill Barretta.


Phil PhilliPs
On the street with Happytime’s puppet ’tec…
are you ready to be famous after solving such a high-profile
case? how are you going to cope with the extra attention?
Famous? I just hope I can get a few more cases out of it.
Still gotta pay the bills ya know.

What kind of movies do you usually like watching?
Uhh… I like chick flicks. It’s always a great place to find a date.

have you ever seen a puppet movie before? any thoughts?
Not so much movies, but as a kid I never missed Mister Rogers’
Neighborhood on the tube. I always wanted to meet King Friday.
He really seemed to have his shit together.

any advice for young puppets who might want to be a cop?
Yeah, try anything else first. It’s hard work, especially for us.
Most perps are faster… gettin’ in and out of the police vehicle about. “By the time I got to page she laughs. “There’s always the thing
is always a pain in the ass, and the guns are a lot fuckin’ heavier two of the script, I walked over to when you watch The Muppets or Sesame
than you’d think. Trust me, makin’ balloon animals at kids’ my husband and said, ‘I think I’m in.’ Street and you have that little inkling
parties is a lot safer. He’s like, ‘You’ve only been reading it of what happens when the lights go
for 13 seconds!’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but off. When they walk out the back door,
74 Do you think this film is going to make people see puppets there’s a big street scene in gritty LA do they go into the real world and
in a new light? is that a good or a bad thing? and they’re playing I’m Your Puppet by have a life? This is like peeking
What do I know? It’s a movie. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… Marvin Gaye…’ He told me to go away behind that curtain.”
If I was that worried about what people thought of me,
and read the rest. I came back after two Joined by Maya Rudolph as Phil’s
I’d have been a politician.
more pages and I was like, ‘Seriously, secretary, Joel McHale as an angry
What’s the biggest misconception that humans I think I’m in.’” Fed and Banks as a stripper who gets
have about puppets?
That we’re all funny or entertaining. I mean, how am
I funny? Let me understand this cause, ya know, maybe it’s me.
I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like
I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’
amuse you? What do you mean ‘funny’ – funny how? How am
I fuckin’ funny?! Sorry, I just always wanted to do that Melissa MccartHy
[Goodfellas] scene.

Tell us, how does it feel being tasked with such a high-profile Taking a producer credit alongside intimately involved with a few
case as the happytime Gang murders? her husband, Ben Falcone, McCarthy puppet Johns (“It’s very… soft,”
Well, I’ll tell ya, it was tough. I mean, I knew these puppets took a pass at the script to flesh out grins Banks. “Velvety. It feels a bit
personally. So, I guess there’s nothin’ that would have stopped her own lines but admits it was the like this tablecloth”), everyone on set
me from tryin’ to solve it anyway, whether I was tasked with concept that sold her from the start. is quick to point out that the real star
it or not. You see, nobody snuffs out puppets without havin’ “I knew they were real! Everything of the movie is Phil.
me up their ass. And I’ll tell ya what, puppets may know I thought of as a kid was right!” Watching Phil – played by veteran
what that’s like, but try finding a human that can handle it…
puppeteer Bill Barretta (best known for
if ya know what I mean.
Rowlf the Dog, Swedish Chef, Pepé the
Do you find humans difficult to work with? Prawn and Earl from Dinosaurs, among
Well, let’s see how this goes and I’ll let ya know. many, many others) – work is a strange
experience. Never breaking character,
One human specifically, is there something in your he walks around the set attached to
partner Connie that surprised you? Do you ever Barretta’s top half, talking to the cast,
admire anything she does? discussing his lines, chatting with the
Of course. I admire that she sleeps with her mouth open catering guys.
and hasn’t woken up with a beehive in her throat.
“The puppeteer never presents,
they always stay in it. If they forget
Now that you’ve finished the investigation,
are you planning any time off? their lines, the puppet forgets and the
Time off! What do I look like, I won the lottery? The last time puppet apologises, not the puppeteer,”
I took time off was when I gotta a new wristwatch. PB explains McCarthy, still in awe of her

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at SubS
the happytime murders
co-star. “Bill is so good, I just can’t Campbell and Phil go
imagine anyone else doing this. He head-to-head; Elizabeth Banks
won’t talk about it, but Phil is basically as stripper Jenny (below).
his grandfather. It’s such a personal
character and he’s so much the heart
of this film. When Phil’s upset – which
doesn’t make any sense because his
face can barely move – everybody feels
it. That’s Bill Barretta. He’s a weird
wizard at what he does.”
“He looks at me like he knows me,”
adds Rudolph, gazing over at Phil/Bill
like an old friend. “I haven’t been at
work for two weeks and I really missed
him.” Watching the puppeteers work,
it’s easy to see why everyone is so
besotted. Even surrounded by a cast
of respected comedians, Barretta and
his fellow puppeteers (including Drew invented a way to push the window
Massey, Victor Yerrid, Julianne Buescher open a little bit further but keep the
and Kevin ‘Elmo’ Clash) are the intimacy of the puppet,” says long-
funniest people in the room by a mile. time production supervisor Scott
“It’s irritating and amazing how Johnson, squeezing an old plastic water
smart these guys are,” says McCarthy, bottle attached to a rubber tube to make
“All of them improvise constantly. You a decrepit old stripper take a drag on an
can throw anything at them and they’re e-cigarette. “Look at the famous bicycle
always two steps ahead. Drew plays scene in The Muppet Movie for instance
several things in this – and every – there’s always a half-body Kermit
time he does a take it’s completely, in the foreground, and a full body
completely different. I’m like, ‘Is this animatronic Kermit in the long shot.
written down? Because I really worked When he went around in a circle we
on this script and I think you might just had hand-puppets and RC puppets
be saying stuff!’ But each pass was Between the sewing machines and switching places, back and forth,
super-specific and really funny and so, animatronic joints sits a rag-tag behind the camera at each pass. Brian
so much better than whatever I could museum of Henson’s offcuts – trays full was actually pulling one of those bikes
have come up with. I basically just got of plastic eyeballs, a cardboard box full for his dad at the time. He was on his
more jealous with each take.” of “assorted chickens”, a tote bag full school holidays!”
of weasels, and shelves stacked to the Now a year older than his father
ceiling with hamburgers, cows, crabs, was when he died, Brian’s whole life
CREATING A SCENE vultures, cats, hookers, cops, sailors, has been spent learning, perfecting and
Watching McCarthy and Banks navigate armadillos and pigs. pushing the art of puppetry. Watching
a raised stage only a few feet wide, “Some of these guys came from him work, it’s impossible to imagine
interacting almost entirely with Puppet Up!, and a lot of them are anyone else directing The Happytime
someone else’s raised right hand, background puppets from older shows Murders. “Puppetry is the art of infusing
you almost feel sorry for them – until that never had their time in the a personality and a life and a sense of
you look over into the pit full of sweaty spotlight,” says Amy Smith, production background into… [looks around] that
puppeteers crammed into armpits, manager of the Henson creature shop water bottle.” Picking up the bottle,
secreted inside fake sofas, and laying on in Burbank. “Then there are six he somehow makes it come alive as
the floor dressed in erasable green lycra. different Phils that all do slightly he walks it around the table.
Wanting to push the medium as different things. There’s a Phil that “That’s what we do. It takes you
far as he could, Henson was keen was made just for the Jacuzzi fight out of your subjective self and puts you
to puppeteer everything in the film scene.” Don’t ask… in a more objective place. Puppetry has
– including the copious amounts of Avoiding CGI wherever always done that and that’s what’s so
full-body shots that are usually avoided possible, Henson’s team great about it – you’re entertaining the
by a well-placed table-high-level used some of the same child, the innocent child inside all of
camera. “It allows the audience to see old-school tricks that us. When a puppet comes on screen
a little bit more of the puppets, and to they’ve been perfecting you make no assumptions about them.
see them doing things that they’re not since the ’70s. “Jim You wait, and you learn, like a child
used to seeing them do,” says Henson. does. And that is why puppetry has
Walking us into the on-site been around for so long and it will be
workshop, he introduces his real cast forever. That, and the fact that there’s
– 125 purpose-built puppets that are all no way I could do the stuff we’re doing
in various stages of repair and refit by a in this movie with humans…”
team of production assistants all slaving
over piles of fluff and felt and one big THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS OPENS
Jiffy bag labelled “Phil’s sex teeth”. ON 27 AUGUST. August 2018 | ToTal Film

X-Men’s Evan Peters (on
the right) plays enigmatic
ringleader Warren Lipka.

described it as “one part Ocean’s Eleven, one part Harold &
Kumar”. The idea, masterminded by college student Warren
Lipka, a sports scholar at Transylvania University, Kentucky,
was to pull off a heist at the campus library, where they
would steal millions of dollars’ worth of rare books, including
a first edition of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species.
In theory, it was brilliant. And yet none of the four men
involved had ever been involved in a crime before, which led
Layton to wonder what possessed them. “That part of it,”
he says, “was intriguing – the ‘why’ of it. And that led me
to get in touch with them. We began to exchange letters,
and the letters showed the kind of honesty you only get from
people who are probably alone a lot of the time and don’t
really have a confidante, then suddenly have a stranger to
pour their hearts out to. More than anything else, it was
those letters that took it from being a fun yarn into a more
deeply resonant and relevant story.”
Surprisingly, none of the four were especially keen to
make a movie, and a falling-out between them had held
things up even further – plus they’d promised the rights
to a Hollywood production company anyway. “Originally,
I think they just wanted to get it out of their systems and
explain some of the motivation,” says Layton. “But because
we’d traded these letters – they sent me clippings from
books and poems and movies, and I sent them stuff back
– we got to a place where we understood each other. So when Director Bart Layton didn’t want
the actors to meet their real-life
it came time for them to renew the option they had with
counterparts… but they didn’t all listen.
these big Hollywood producers, they came to me and said,
‘We’re not gonna do it, are you interested?’ I said, ‘Well, yes,
but we’re not going to pay that kind of money.’ But they naturalism, and as the four get more involved, and more
wanted to do it, and off we went.” invested, in the plotting and the planning, so the grammar
Perhaps what persuaded Lipka and co to take part in of the film starts to change: the music, the colours, and the
Layton’s production was the fact that they would literally be camera movements…
taking part. Going further with the fusion of dramatisation “All of it edges a little closer towards movie world,”
and documentary that Layton used in The Imposter, American explains Layton. “And critical to me wanting to tell the
Animals sees the four men as they are today – using talking- story was the third act after they cross the line. The fantasy
head interviews – and also as they saw themselves 14 years is allowed to go way past the point where it should have
ago. Hilariously, their biggest fear, and showing how stopped, and they are so detached from reality that when
movie-literate they actually were, was that their story they cross that line they are thrust headlong back into it.
would be turned into this year’s equivalent of 21, the slick, That felt to me the most important part – crashing back
soulless 2008 crime drama about six MIT students who tried into a world that is now uncomfortably real.”
to fleece Vegas with their mathematical card-counting skills.
Thankfully, American Animals is no 21, playing with
documentary and fictional storytelling devices to put the Real-life fantasy
audience in the protagonists’ shoes. Layton says, “I thought TF first meets Layton at the Grey Goose lounge on Park City’s
there was a way of telling the story and structuring the film Main Street, the afternoon after American Animals makes its
that would mirror the descent into fantasy for these young world premiere at Sundance. He is surrounded by his cast:
guys – they allowed it to go too far. I thought it would be fun Evan Peters, who plays Lipka; Barry Keoghan, who plays
if, somehow, the audience were to become complicit in that Lipka’s best friend Spencer Reinhard; plus Jared Abrahamson
as well.” As a result, the film starts in a place of relative and Blake Jenner, who play fellow conspirators Eric Borsuk

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
useful – I wanted these guys to be free to find their own
Warren, Spencer, Chas and Eric without being beholden
to any of that. And then Evan, channelling Warren’s
rebelliousness, completely ignored me…”
No wonder. Lipka is the film’s big enigma, the larger-
than-life ringleader whose story and motivations may or
may not have been quite what he said they were. “I just
think Warren is such an interesting character,” enthuses
Peters. “He has so much energy, and it’s also the kind of
energy that lures people in. He wants friends. We’ve all
had that person in our life. I know I had one growing up
– he would always do crazy stuff. He would always get
into trouble, and I would just follow him anywhere, because
he was so much fun to be with and he made life such an
interesting time. He made it worthwhile. So I wanted to
talk to Warren a bit and figure out what made him tick.”

Jared Abrahamson, Peters, Blake
above and beyond
Jenner and Barry Keoghan get The person that’s most taken in by Lipka’s essence is
The Transy Book Heist underway. Spencer Reinhard, the main conduit for Lipka’s crazy idea.
In real life, Reinhard was, and still is, a talented artist, but
he craved more. “In the movie,” notes Layton, “he says,
‘Art has to be about something more than my life is great
and I’m good at drawing.’ He felt that he was looking down
and Chas Allen respectively. Spookily, all eight – the cast and a future of predictable outcomes, and he needed to take a
their real-life counterparts – had been at the screening and risk. But where was that risk going to come from – that risk
after-party, further blurring the fantasy and reality. that was going to turn him into someone with something
Was there any trepidation about portraying these people? to say?” Taciturn Dunkirk actor Keoghan agrees: “Spencer
“No,” says Abrahamson. “Bart was so clear with us right didn’t really want in, but yet he did want in. He needed
from the beginning that we were going to be capturing the Warren, and Warren needed him.”
entire essence of the story – the glory they had going into it, Layton nods. “Warren provided Spencer with the closest
thinking it was going to be this remarkable thing and they thing to an adventure and a life out of the ordinary. Warren’s
were going to have this adventure. It was important to us, one of those rare people who doesn’t see limitations. Most
after, to show the remorse – how much it haunted them, of us are completely inhibited by them – what we see as our
and the weight of their crime – because they didn’t expect own limitations, or as social limitations – but Warren doesn’t
it to go down the way it did. So, for all of us, I think it was see any of them. You don’t meet that many of those people.
And often they’re incredibly successful, because they take
lure of lipka
‘We’ve all had that “[Lipka] is such massive risks, or they’re…” He pauses. “Fucked!”
Everybody laughs, but Peters steps in to defend Lipka,
an interesting
peRson in ouR life, character. He has who has since returned to college. “Now that Warren’s

Who Would alWays the kind of energy
that lures people
going back to school,” he says, “he thinks that having
that structure is good for him. He’s going into filmmaking,
do cRazy stuff’ evan peteRs
in,” says Peters. and trying to take that energy and put it somewhere good.
Which is a great thing for him, and I’m excited about
that, because I think great things will come out of it.
responsible to show the entire aspect, not make them into I think he was just misguided and lost at the time,
heroes but make them into people.” and he channelled that into a bad fantasy.”
For X-Men/American Horror Story star Peters, it was also a And what did the real Warren think of the
no-brainer. “I never had second thoughts about it,” he says. finished movie? Layton screened it to all of them
“I loved the story so much and, like Bart always says, it’s before the premiere, individually, as a courtesy.
always been a cautionary tale. So it’s interesting to go that “There was a lot of stuff that they were deeply
full arc – showing where their minds were at, dealing with ashamed of,” he says, “but they all said it was
all those different emotions as the story unfolds.” pretty accurate. They all thought it was really,
Gesturing at his cast, Layton says, from the outset, incredibly true to their memories and
he forbade his actors to make contact. “They were all their experience.” He smiles. “But
keen to have access to the real guys, as you would be, what’s interesting is that, in time,
because that’s the thing you’re trying to capture,” the memories of what really
he says. “But, first, I didn’t want the real guys to happened will be replaced
try and charm them into representing them in a by the movie, y’know?”
favourable light. But I also felt that they were now
10 years older and were different human beings, AmericAn AnimAls opens
so I wasn’t convinced that that was going to be on 7 september. august 2018 | ToTal Film

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick square up for Paul Feig’s twisty
comedy thriller, A Simple FAvour, about two friends locked
in a deadly game of one-upmanship. Total Film steps in to the ring
to meet Feig and his two tussling heavyweights.
WordS JAmes moTTrAm portrAit Tim PALen

April, 2018. In Caesars Palace, the iconic Based on the novel by Darcey Bell,
Las Vegas hotel and setting for some it follows two unlikely female friends,
classic boxing matches in its time, both mothers, with more skeletons
two of Hollywood’s finest are holding in their closets than a haunted house.
court. In the red corner, the petite When the film opens, Kendrick’s
Oscar-nominated star of Up In The Air, “mommy vlogger” Stephanie announces
Anna Kendrick. In the blue, Blake Lively, on her latest post that the glamorous
the former Gossip Girl and better half Emily (Lively), a fashion PR who works
to Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds. for flamboyant designer Dennis Nylon,
Stationed in separate rooms in the has disappeared.
Augustus Tower, Kendrick is dressed Where is she? Who exactly is
in a white bathrobe (the air conditioning Emily? And what exactly is A Simple
is cold, she reasons), looking like Favour? The presence of Ghostbusters
she’s about to step into the ring. Lively, director Feig might suggest broad laughs.
meanwhile, is nursing a hand injury. “The closest thing that I’ve been able
“You should see the other guy!” to compare it to is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,”
she quips (she actually got hurt says Kendrick, referring to Shane Black’s
on the set of upcoming spy thriller, 2005 action-comedy. “It’s not exactly
The Rhythm Section). a comedy, but it definitely makes you
Were it not for the fact that the laugh. But it’s also very much a serious
barefoot Lively has her pink heels on thriller. The stakes in the actual mystery
the table and Kendrick invites Total Film are very real.”
to “get snugly” on the sofa, you could With a plot featuring death, family
Tim Palen / lionsgaTe UK

practically hear the Rocky fanfare playing. trauma and insurance scams, it sure
These two titans are in town for Paul confused the hell out of the actors.
Feig’s A Simple Favour, a comic murder- “I remember reading the script and
mystery tale that packs more punch thinking, ‘Are you making a comedy
than most of the boxers who have or doing something entirely different?’”
ever graced this hallowed venue. says Lively. “There are some moments

ToTal Film | AUGUST 2018


AUGUST 2018 | ToTal Film
where the words we were saying
and the environment we were in… ‘It’s cat and mouse “I thought Dennis Nylon’s hero should
definitely be Tom Ford,” says Feig,
we thought, ‘Are we doing really
bad over-the-top comedy acting, between two equals. looking sartorially elegant himself in an
Anderson & Sheppard three-piece suit.
in a very earnest thriller?’”
It’s easy to see why. Characters It’s not woman against With Friend letting rip in a way you
have never seen before, he’d be a prime
are wild, hilarious and heightened.
But then, as Lively notes, there are woman, it’s a chess candidate for a spin-off. “Dennis Nylon
and Jason Statham need to team up,”
emotional scenes thrown into the
mix. “Paul said, ‘That’s what real life game they’re playing Feig jokes. “That’s the hybrid I want.”
Feig immediately began to play
is. There are moments where you’re
over-the-top and silly and there are
with each other’ pAul Feig
up other Hitchcockian elements of
the script, with Kendrick and Lively
moments where you’re really genuine unquestionably spins on the archetypal
and there are moments when you’re Hitchcock brunette and blonde.
afraid and there are moments you From the production design by Then there’s the poster, with its Saul
are intimidating.’” Jefferson Sage, particularly Emily’s Bass-style design, featuring a giant
slick designer home she shares question mark – a punctuation sign
with husband Sean, to the fabulous that hangs over this whole film.
Channelling Hitch costumes by Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, Feig even made his own Master of
As soon as he was sent the script “delicious” is exactly what’s served up. Suspense-like cameo, albeit partly
by Nerve screenwriter Jessica Sharzer, If there’s another shadow cast over the result of a production blooper.
Feig knew this was exactly what he’d A Simple Favour, it’s Alfred Hitchcock. “There’s a shot of a bus going by
been looking for. He and his DoP, John “What I see as Hitchcockian about this and my reflection is in the bus!”
Schwartzman, would frequently circle is that there’s darkness, drama and Yet it’s the central pair that really
back to the same discussion. “We tension in an unpredictable story, ties A Simple Favour together. Nobody is
would always say, ‘We want to make but there’s funny characters in it,” quite who they seem. Take Stephanie.
suburban noir.’ I like the idea of dark says Feig. “[In Hitchcock films,] big “She’s got a lot of issues… guilt about
stuff happening in brightly lit homes. personalities come in and out. That’s stuff she has done in her youth,”
It was really fun… how do we create what I think gets lost in the genre. Kendrick volunteers. “She is trying so
danger in everyday situations?” Everybody treats [it] so seriously, hard to plaster on a smile and a can-do
Feig’s watchword for the film was but let’s have fun with the quirkiness attitude that says, ‘I’ve never done
82 At the helm
“delicious”. “I drove people crazy [with Star Anna Kendrick of the people in this.” anything wrong in my life!’ The cracks
this] all through pre-production,” he discusses a scene A case in point is Dennis Nylon, start to show as the movie goes on.
says. “Everything about this needs to with director Paul the outrageous fashion guru played by I wanted it to come from a place of
be… it needs to be a feast for the eyes.” Feig (below). British star Rupert Friend (Homeland). trying to cover up guilt as opposed to

ToTal Film | AUGUST 2018 SubScribe at
an obnoxious woman who think she’s
perfect and better than other mums.”
For Kendrick, it was the ideal chance
to subvert the perky image she’s
peddled in films such as Pitch Perfect
and find something closer to home.
“All my friends know me… I can’t get
through a serious conversation without
making an inappropriate joke. I drink
all the time. I curse all the time. I have
no interest in children. So when people
are like, ‘You’re perfect to play this
upbeat, doesn’t curse, doesn’t drink
mommy blogger who is obsessed with
her kids,’ I’m like, ‘What? What the
fuck are you talking about?’”
Then there’s Lively’s Emily,
the foul-mouthed publicist who,
as flashbacks swiftly reveal, is a master
schemer. “Some of the things that
I was saying as this character, I was
so liberated… I would never speak
that way in real life!” says the actress,
blushing a shade to almost match
those pink shoes. “But when I was this
character, I was able to say the most
off-the-wall, terrible, crass things!
It’s clearly somewhere in me.” met her. I was very conservative A portrait of two women who both
Given that her own Hollywood life and probably a little uptight. Leslie… know their own minds, it feels like
brings her in touch with fashion and she says exactly what she thinks. the perfect film in the post-#MeToo
PRs, did she take any inspiration? She’s not kissing your butt to your world. Kendrick admits she can feel 83
Not exactly, she replies, but her own face, then stabbing you in the back a sea-change in the type of scripts now
rep left a huge mark. “My publicist when you walk away.” being produced in Hollywood. “There’s
Leslie Sloane is a bull!” she giggles. Kendrick had encountered Lively definitely something happening, and
“And I just remember when I first before, having worked with hubby Ryan it’s happening really quickly because
Reynolds on 2014’s The Voices. “I’d met it’s overdue. That’s for women and
her a couple of times on that set and people of colour and all kinds of stories
had a handful of conversations with that weren’t getting told are getting
her,” she says. “I just thought she was told now. It’s going to be interesting
so, so sweet. And it was actually really to see how it all shakes out.”
fun to get to know her a little better,
and see the kind of funny dark side Direct action
of her. I was a little worried about her For Feig, it’s another chance to create
being such a sweetheart that I would a female-driven story after Bridesmaids,
be offending her left and right.” Ghostbusters and Melissa McCarthy
Bringing them together proves comedies The Heat and Spy. “My
a delicious – there’s that word again – greatest joy is to work with talented
combination for a twisty narrative that women,” he says, though he’s found
frequently pulls the proverbial rug equality in A Simple Favour, casting
from underneath the audience’s boots. Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) as
While Emily initially appears to be the Emily’s husband Sean, and Andrew
domineering one – always chiding her Rannells (Girls), as a fellow parent.
new-found friend for saying “sorry” Like her co-star, Lively was bowled
– Stephanie gradually grows some over by her director. “I would work
fangs, and is not afraid to use them. with Paul Feig on every movie I do for
“I like how they feed off each the rest of my life,” she says, possibly
other,” says Feig. “She’s influenced by only exaggerating a little. “When you
myStery mumS Emily. Without Emily, I don’t think she get in the ring and they call ‘action’,
(left) Friends or could become the person she is. But he reminds you, ‘Let’s go play!’ That
frenemies? Kendrick she gets the lessons, takes them and freedom is so great.” With that, she
as vlogger Stephanie
runs with them. I like the fact it’s such picks up her shoes and heads for the
and Blake Lively as
a cat and mouse [story], but between door. Seconds out… round two.
fashion PR Emily,
whose unexplained two equals. I don’t feel it’s woman
disappearance is against woman. It’s really this chess A Simple FAvour openS on
central to the plot. game they’re playing with each other.” 21 September. AUGUST 2018 | ToTal Film
the IntervIew

Wor ds JAMIE Gr AHAM por tr AIt s t oMo Br E JC

You should be
intimidated bY the
material… i’ve said no
to bigger stuff to do
something smaller or
to do nothing at all

He’s General Hux in Star Wars, Bill Weasley in Harry Potter,
and one of the actors of his generation in movies such as Ex
Machina, Brooklyn and The Revenant. And now he’s giving the
performance of his life in The Little Stranger, a truly haunting
t oMo Br E JC / trUNK ArCHIVE

ghost story. Total Film meets the oh-so-charming Irishman…

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
the IntervIew

the second half of extra time, and be  greeted  with  a  flurry  of  grins  and 
penalties. Intense, man.” He pauses, laughs; his unforced charisma makes it
steals a yawn. “Sorry, I’m waking up. I was immediately apparent how he can share a
working late. I’m doing The Kitchen. screen with Tom Cruise or Leonardo
We  were  rolling  to  five  in  the  morning.”  DiCaprio and quietly command the
A sheepish grin. “Don’t you love it when viewer’s attention.
actors complain?” The Little Stanger is Gleeson’s best
The Kitchen, a gangster picture set in performance yet, his social-climbing Dr.
’70s New York, sees Melissa McCarthy, Faraday tending to a family of fading
Tiffany  Haddish  and  Elisabeth  Moss  aristocrats during the long hot summer of
operate rackets after their husbands are 1948. There’s sickness in their manor – the
locked up in jail. Gleeson plays a Vietnam kind that recalls Poe’s The Fall Of The House
vet who becomes a hitman for the Irish Of Usher – and disease within Faraday’s
mob. It is yet another curveball for the tall, soul, too. Our diagnosis? The good doctor
nowing that Domhnall Gleeson loves his slender actor who’s made a career of being spending time within these crumbling
football, Total Film is eager to chat to the electrically eclectic, his chameleonic gifts walls can only lead to malignancy…
35-year-old Irish actor the day after and seeming inability to strike a bum note
England have knocked Colombia out of the winning him gigs with some of the best The Little Stranger sees you reteam with
World Cup on penalties. If nothing else, filmmakers  of  our  age:  the  Coens,  Lenny Abrahamson after Frank. Was
it will make for a nice icebreaker before Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Alex Garland, Darren your relationship different this time?
talking through his sterling work in Lenny Aronofsky, J.J. Abrams, Doug Liman, Rian Our relationship was maybe closer. He was
Abrahamson’s new ghost story/romantic Johnson and Lenny Abrahamson. calm,  confident  and  interested  in 
drama/post-WW2 period drama The Little And to think, a young Domhnall everything, which is how he always is,
Stranger, and the eight stellar years leading (pronounced Doh-nall, with a silent ‘m’) but I wouldn’t say he had changed at all,
up to it: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows didn’t want to act because he feared to despite all the madness which had
Parts 1 and 2, True Grit, Calvary, Ex Machina, follow in the sizeable footsteps of his dad, happened with [intermediate film] Room.
Brooklyn, The Revenant, Frank, American Brendan,  wary  of  the  whiff  of  nepotism.  He’s the same guy.
Made, mother! and, of course Star Wars: A Tony award nomination, in 2006, for his
The  Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Only role in Broadway production The Lieutenant Were you eager to work with him again?
the ice-breaker doesn’t work out so well… Of Inishmore helped put that one to bed, If Lenny tells you, “I have a script for you
“You’re a big footy fan, aren’t you?” and in 2015 he was up against his pa for to read,” you just read it. You know if he’s
begins Total Film, to which the incredulous a British Independent Film Award. They’re involved it’s really special. But he told me
response comes, “I’m a big City fan did you close, and have appeared in several stage there’s anger and repression, and that
say?” Gleeson supports Aston Villa; productions  and  films  together.  drew me to it even more.
Birmingham City are local rivals. “Footy The N-word has never had a mention.
fan!” His horror abates. “I was about to get Gleeson’s rise has been meteoric but One of the themes is toxic masculinity.
very angry! Ah, footy fan. Yeah. I was in the his  feet  remain  firmly  planted  on  terra  Your character, Dr. Faraday, denies his
car during the game, so I was following it firma.  He’s  intensely  focused  on  movie  feelings and resolutely perseveres in
on my phone, then I got in just in time for sets, but to meet him in a hotel room is to love after being rejected…
He carries a lot of guilt and a lot of
complications because of the way he was
brought up and the things that he thinks
are expected of him by society. Lenny
talked to me about, “If you’re carrying
something explosive, you walk carefully.”
And if you keep pushing it down, it will,
at some point, explode.

The Little Stranger is a heady mix of
moods and genres, isn’t it?
You could look at it just as a ghost story,
but actually there are other things that
seem to be more compelling as it goes
along. There is Faraday’s developing
relationship with Caroline [Ruth Wilson],
and there are things about mental illness,
about pressure, about the period in which
this happens, just post-World War 2,
and about the role of men in society.
There are all these things which sound like
you could just have a film about that one 
cold shoulders
Gleeson as captain thing, but this managed to be a film about 
henry in The Revenant. all of those things, yet doesn’t feel
scattergun. It feels focused.

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
from all walks
Gleeson as dr. faraday with
ruth wilson’s aristocratic
caroline, in The Little Stranger.


Did it make your head spin at first? probably the first, too. I think he’s made to  you’ve  made  a  good  film  doesn’t  mean 
I was so excited at every turn, which is feel desperately aware at every point that people end up seeing it, so you should
unusual  for  a  film  which  seems  on  first  he is not one of them. Even when they’re enjoy it while it lasts.” In that year, people
glance to be quiet. I was just thrilled by being nice to him, it comes across as pity. ended up seeing all those movies, which is
every small revelation of who Faraday is Shame is something he doesn’t deal well a miracle. Also, Alex [Garland, writer-
and what his history is and the developing with – and he has a lot of it. director of Ex Machina] I’d worked with a
relationship with Caroline, and also what’s couple of times before [Garland co-wrote
going on in the house. I was continually This is a very different part for you. Never Let Me Go and Dredd]; Brooklyn I’d
thinking I had a grasp on it and thinking Most of them are. How do you choose? been attached to for a long time – I’d just
I knew who was responsible, and constantly The only thing that matters is if it is met John [Crowley, director] and thought he
being proven wrong interesting when was fantastic and very, very sensitive, and
in a way that wasn’t you read [the script], I really wanted to work with Saoirse
cheap but that was
more and more
I’d be really and if this character
is something you’re
[Ronan].  There  were  different  reasons  for 
going into all of those films. But you never 
interesting as it went Interested to intimidated by. You know if something’s going to go, or if
on. It climaxes on the
last page. In a lot of do a full-on should be intimidated
by the material,
it doesn’t end up being what you’d hoped
it would be. So luck comes into it.
films, the start of the 
third act is the most
horror movIe otherwise you’re
repeating yourself. Given it was Garland’s directorial debut,
exciting part, and And a lot of the time did it surprise you just how good
then you’re just tying up loose ends. you’re just following the people, as well Ex Machina proved to be?
This film goes all the way to the last page,  – good people tend to do good work, No, not really. Ex Machina was so full in his
the last image, the last word. I thought so that helps you make your mind up. head, the vision of what it would be, and
that was exceptional. he was also so into other people’s ideas –
Your radar is strong, though. In 2015 the production designer’s ideas and the
Class plays a big part, too… alone, you had Ex Machina, Brooklyn, make-up team’s ideas. He’s really into the
Yeah. Everyone just thinks of Faraday as The Force Awakens and The Revenant! collaborative thing, so I had a feeling it
the help. They’re not trying to be cruel to [laughs] That was certainly a good year. would really work out well. He has real
him; he’s just totally left out. He’s a bit All that stuff came out and made a splash.  application to the process of making
shabby, his suit doesn’t really fit, the stuff  It was funny, one of the producers of something good, and also happens to be
he has is the last of everything he has and Ex  Machina said to me, “Just because pretty fucking amazing as well. [laughs] August 2018 | ToTal Film
the IntervIew

The blockbusters you’ve done have also ever been before. I was shattered and
been of a very high standard. Have you didn’t work for seven months, until now
turned down event movies because you [doing The Kitchen]. So that was full-on.
feel there’s no depth? And then other ones, it’s not what the film 
Yeah.  I’ve  said  no  to  bigger  stuff  to  do  wants or needs. When I worked with Doug
something smaller or to do nothing at all. Liman [on American Made], he changes
It’s not a question of ‘depth’ necessarily; and throws everything out of the window
it’s more a question of whether you’re so rapidly. [laughs] If you turn up stuck in
intimidated by it or think that you can your ways and can’t be light on your feet,
bring something. [pause] Though maybe you’ll destroy yourself.
it’s possible that the films that don’t have 
any depth to them don’t raise those ideas When you find yourself opposite a
in your head, and that might be part of the major star like Cruise on American Made
reason they don’t end up being great. But or DiCaprio in The Revenant, is the
just look at the people involved. The Harry process the same? Is it just two guys in
Potter movies… by the time I came on, a room trying to find the truth?
they’d made so many good movies already, When they’re good actors, that’s what it
that hopping on board that… If those last
two movies had been crap, the only thing
gets to – two guys in a room. Because
that’s what acting is. And those guys five
that you could surmise about the reason
for that would be my involvement! And J.J.
are both really, really, really good at what
they do, so yes, that’s what it gets to.
star turns
is just so skilful and the Force Awakens And then you realise that any oddness is
script was so entertaining… He wasn’t being carried by yourself. You’re the about time 2013
going to screw up Star Wars. person who brings the feeling of, “Oh my Charm personified in his first notable leading
God, that’s Tom Cruise,” into the room. role, Gleeson brings warmth to richard
Do you still want to direct? You started Leonardo DiCaprio’s not standing there Curtis’ romcom. “If there’s one person with
off writing and directing short films. going, “Oh my God, I’m Leonardo whom a chemistry read is unnecessary, it’s
rachel McAdams,” he says of his co-star.
Have you learnt from filmmakers DiCaprio.” So any oddness is something
like J.J., the Coens that you’ve brought calvary 2014
and Aronofsky? in and have to get Gleeson takes a small but significant role
It certainly pops into
my mind now and
the revenant rid of. But those
guys are brilliant
opposite his father in this powerhouse drama,
demonstrating his bravery and range as
again, but working shoot was hard. and collaborative a cannibal-murderer-rapist-paedophile.

It felt lIke It
with people who are and easy to work
ex machina 2014
that bloody good with. There’s no In his third collaboration with Alex Garland,
makes you realise
what, perhaps, you would never end ego in the work. At
all.  And  on  a  film 
Gleeson brings ambiguity and empathy to
programmer Caleb in this tense, AI thriller.
don’t have. There is a like The Revenant, “I found it a difficult shoot in many ways,”
certain sort of thing that I feel I’d be suited there couldn’t be – it would have screwed he admits. “My character’s in every scene.”
for, but you’re looking at two years out of everything up pretty quickly.
Goodbye christopher robin 2017
your life, so it better mean everything to this A.A. Milne biopic eschews cutesiness to
you. I don’t want to miss working with Just how brutal was that shoot? examine a father-son relationship fractured
some of the people I’m working with at the It was really hard. And that’s an by PtSD, social mores and celebrity. “It
moment in order to make something that understatement. I think Tom Hardy should be about the relationships, not that
ends up not being great. But I loved it christened it The Foreverment because it we know winnie-the-Pooh,” muses Gleeson.
when I did do it. Really loved it. felt like it would never end. And it felt like
that on the second day! It felt very quickly star wars: the last Jedi 2017
“what you want to do is mix it up,” explains
What is your process when it comes to like we were chasing this thing that was
Gleeson of his blend of blockbusters and
finding characters? just running away from us all the time,
smaller projects. As hux, he perfectly
What I’ve become comfortable with in the even though Alejandro [G. Iñárritu] knew captures that Star Wars villain snootiness,
last few years is the process, or whatever exactly what he wanted. It was so crazily, injected with more humour in TLJ. MM
you want to call it, being different on every  never-endingly  difficult.  It  made  it  very 
film, and trying to find what you feel the  intense. But I was playing the captain of
film needs and then working your process  the group and I knew my character was
around that. Something like The Little going to get stronger as it went along,
Stranger was a very, very deep dive down which made it easier for me, because I was
into that. There was so much under the headed towards a more dramatic and more
surface and you had to really work that in. powerful man by the film’s end. Being the 
It was tricky because it was something man making the wrong decisions at the
different to anything I’d done before, and  beginning was weird and weighed heavily.
he  was  front  and  centre  of  the  film.  Y’know, playing the guy who makes the
It really took something out of me. By the decisions that keep ending us up in more
end  of  that  film  I  was  just  finished,  snow. I was like, “Goddammit, why
y’know,  in  a  different  way  to  how  I  had  doesn’t he just…!”

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
domhnall gleeson

Did you feel like you were making
something special, though?
That was the other thing that made it OK. GLeeSON
Every time Alejandro said, “Come and
look at this shot.” It would have really
in numbers
sucked if it felt like it was not going to be
any good. Only a couple of times in my life
have I known something was going to be

good as I was working on it – The Revenant,
I kind of knew. If it’s good, it’s worth it.
And The Revenant is more than good.

We’ve talked about working with Cruise
and DiCaprio. How is it working with
Worldwide gross
your dad, Brendan, or brother, Brian?
It certainly presents a different entry point 
of his films at the
to working with other people, and it’s a
box office.
working relationship you want to keep

pure. It means more, in a way. So even
taking  the  project  together  in  the  first 
place, you have to ask that question. But
when it gets down to it, you just want to
work with good people. And my dad and
my brother are good people, and both very Percentage of that box-office
good at what they do. gross that comes from
his Star Wars and
Are you a horror fan? Your film debut, Harry Potter films
Boy Eats Girl, is a horror-comedy, while ($5.7bn).

mother! and The Little Stranger both have 89
one foot in the genre…
I’ve always really enjoyed the effect it has 
on a cinema. It feels like cinemas were
built for comedy and horror. As a collective
experience, being scared or made to laugh?
It really fills the room up. Boy Eats Girl is as
much comedy as horror; I wouldn’t His age when he
describe mother! as purely horror; and Little made his tV debut
Stranger is many things, but it’s certainly
in Rebel Heart.
disquieting and the atmosphere is edge-

of-seat. But I’d be really interested to do a
full-on horror. You want to have an effect 
on an audience. It’s really all you want.
The  great  filmmakers  I’ve  worked  with, 
that’s what they’re after – having an effect.

Presumably you’d be more inclined
to be in something with complex Current number of
characters, such as Hereditary, rather screen acting credits
than, say, a straight-up slasher movie? to his name.

I’ve not seen Hereditary yet. It’s playing in
the theatre opposite. But everything I’ve
heard about it? Yeah. It’s exactly the sort
of film you want to be a part of.

How do you find being famous? You
must get recognised given you’re
General Hux and Bill Weasley?
It can feel intense and I’m not awards he has competed
necessarily good with that. It’s not with his father for
how I was built. But it just depends (and lost).
on the person and how they
handle themselves. I’ve got to
the point now that if I see August 2018 | ToTal Film
someone whose work I really dig, I leave
them alone because I think, “Ah, maybe
I’ll make their day better by not doing
that.” Because I’ve met a load of people, or
worked with people, who are truly famous,
y’know? Like Leo and Tom and Angelina
Jolie [who directed Gleeson in Unbroken].
They can’t really go anywhere. That’s not
my  issue.  I’m  doing  just  fine  by 
comparison. My favourite is Margot
Robbie, who is incredibly well-known and
has a very intense fan base, and she said,
“There’s nothing bad about it,
comparatively, to complain about.” And
I think, “If Margot’s not complaining…”

You saw the Star Wars prequels before
the originals. You’re not one of those
people who prefer them, are you?
I saw the prequels in the cinema, and
that’s the way Star Wars is built to be seen.
I’d never seen the originals all the way
through. But [when I did] I was personally
drawn to the original trilogy more.

What do you make of the portion of the
fans who are rabidly anti-The Last Jedi
and are even talking about raising cash
to remake it?
If you buy your ticket, you can react any
way you want. It’s great that it means so
much to people and I respect anybody’s
opinion. But it’s not the way I feel. At all.
I think Rian [Johnson] is a tremendous
filmmaker. And I don’t place anything on 
reviews, but generally feedback has been
brilliant – on the street, and people talking
about it, what they like about it and stuff. 
It’s been hugely popular. So it’s possible
that the pushback or whatever you want to
call it, that it’s been made a bigger deal of
than it is in terms of the portion of people
who have that problem.

Social media means that every film now
seems to endure a backlash, and then
a backlash to the backlash…
Totally. And the one with the most
retweets gets read the most. It snowballs
and becomes the most ‘popular’ opinion
when actually it might just be the most
widely read opinion.

Do you and Adam Driver have fun
on set? Kylo Ren humiliates General
Hux in both movies. Do you have a
laugh about that?
Adam is amazing. He also worked with my
brother Brian on Steven Soderbergh’s
Logan Lucky. My brother had a brilliant
time with him. I was very jealous. Adam
is one of those actors who… Those sets
take  five  months  to  build  and  the  shots 
take a long time to set up, so you can get

SubScribe at
domhnall gleeson

stuck in patterns or things can get
overwhelming. But when Adam looks at
you, he drags you into an actors’ place.
I love working with Adam.

Episode IX is about to start shooting.
Is there even more pressure because
it’s the trilogy closer?
That’s something you’d have to ask J.J.
– he came back because he wanted to do it
again, and that’s the only reason to do
anything, because you want to be there.
I’m sure there is pressure but you have
to enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it you should
hand in your Equity Card, because if
you can’t enjoy Star Wars, you’ll never
enjoy anything.

hallowed role
It must be a thrill to have J.J. again?
Gleeson’s bill with fellow
Well, myself and Oscar Isaac were up for
weasleys fleur (clémence poésy)
directing it, but that didn’t work out in the and arthur (mark williams)
end… J.J. is great to work with. And he’s in the penultimate Potter.
really good at making films.

How have you found returning to acting funny for kids. Seeing and hearing young The Guardian praised you in About Time,
with The Kitchen after that long break? kids really like something you’ve done? but called you “a ginger Hugh Grant”…
It’s been phenomenal. I don’t know how That’s been bananas. I’ve loved it. I’ll take it as a compliment. I don’t know
much I can talk about the character, but why the ginger thing has to separate us.
again, it’s one of those ones where you And how about Richard Curtis’ romcom But Hugh absolutely killed in those [Curtis]
follow the good people. Melissa [McCarthy], About Time? films  [Four  Weddings  And  A  Funeral, 91
Tiffany  [Haddish] and Elisabeth [Moss] Weirdly,  of  all  the  films  I’ve  ever  done,  Notting Hill].
– they’re all just powerhouses, y’know? the biggest reaction I’ve had is About Time.
And  the  film’s  set  in  the  ’70s.  They  shut  Star Wars and Harry Potter have huge Finally, you’ve worked with some
down streets in New reactions, but I’ve legends. Who’s still on the wishlist?

adam drIver Is
York. All the cars are met so many There are a lot of people I’d like to work
’70s, the clothes. people, especially with again. Alex I’d like to work with again.
It’s like, “Oh my
God, this is what
amazIng. I love in America, and
a lot of men…
My brother got to work with Paul Thomas
Anderson before I did [Brian is the doctor in
I thought movies
were when I was a
workIng wIth hIm [pause] It seems
like they were
Phantom Thread] and loved working with
him, so I’d love for that to happen
kid!” Well, it was dragged along to someday. There’s loads of good stuff being 
that and westerns. [laughs] this romcom and then called their dad to made, so many good people out there…
tell them that they loved them for the [pause] I feel if you say it, you jinx it! But
Let’s finish with a couple of oddities on first  time.  Or  people  whose  dads  have  I  still  find  myself  getting  just  as  excited 
your CV. Peter Rabbit is a whole different since passed on, they tell me it was a and just as freaked out at the notion of
flavour for you… special  film  that  they  watched  together.  working with greats. That’s how you know
Yeah, Peter Rabbit was a chance to do a I’ve had a craaazy amount of feedback to that your appetite hasn’t gone.
comedy. I hadn’t done that in a movie that film. I’m really proud of it. I think my 
before – where the only aim is to be funny, grandma would have loved it and I wish T h e L i T T L e ST r a n g e r o p e n S o n
and particularly where the only aim is to be she was around to see it. 21 SepTember.

“He’s one of the most “He’s one of the most impressive
actors I’ve worked with ever. He’s
“He is such
hardworking people an absolute phenomenon. He really, a brilliant actor.
I’ve seen. He puts his really takes his work and the part He is so good and so
very seriously. It’s amazing to work
heart and soul and with someone like that. It makes
smart. He’s an utter
hours into his work.” you a lot better, obviously.” joy to work with.”
alicia vikander margot robbie J.J. abrams August 2018 | ToTal Film
EditEd by matthEw lEyland

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New Releases 27.07.18 – 23.08.18
small screen DVD & BlU-ray

GhOST STORIES HHHH p97 small screen PlUs
Il l us t r at Ion b y l I z z y t hom a s

RAMPAGE HH p96 AUgUST 2018 | ToTal Film


enjoy the silence
Emily Blunt lEads a pitch-pErfEct suspEnsE machinE…
Evelyn (Emily Blunt), daughter Regan

A QuiEt PlAcE 15 (Millicent Simmonds) and son Marcus
(Noah Jupe). How they survived thus
far is subtly implied, a knowledge of
film extras sign language being vital in helping
out 30 July Digital HD 13 AuguSt DVD, BD, 4K extrAS Featurettes
them cope with the limitations on

idle natter – Megan is deaf-mute.
See thiS ven with the Transformers movies and other size-matters films And we learn fast what happens when
if you on his CV, sound editor Erik Aadahl was intimidated by the size silence is broken in a heart-breaking,
liked... of A Quiet Place. “You are naked,” he said about the experience no-dicking-around prologue.
AlienS 1986 of making a smaller-scale film without the protection of a multi-
Underwater stacked sound mix. But, as director John Krasinski says of that quietude Settling doorS
assailants, red-lit on three short but insight-rich featurettes, “The thing I was most scared At a time when TV remains a challenger
panic: Krasinski
channels of kind of became our superpower.” to cinema, Krasinski’s setup suggests
Cameron. Quietly. scale is not the only way to haul
BerBeriAn Krasinski’s Place did super-powered opening, signalling the method by audiences into cinemas. A Quiet Place
Sound Studio business with audiences. A $330m haul which “indestructible” monsters – who is a minimalist film that works best
Peter Strickland’s is a shut-up-and-listen result for a arrived in meteor showers pre-film – in a big, insulated context, where its
audibly enhanced $17m movie, whose lean script did not have tracked and killed their victims. sound field can enfold you without
art-horror cuts to over-spend on prattle. Nor was there Noisy environs had no hope; a picture external sonic distractions – assuming
the sonic marrow.
too much advance publicity noise: of a wrecked Manhattan is later seen. you’re not seated among popcorn
looper 2012
Blunt tools up after all, who knew Jim from The Office Instead of assuming panoramic fiends. Home viewers, make sure
as a protective (US branch) had it in him? PoVs on the world’s defeat, writers the phone’s off the hook.
mother on another Even if it takes more than silence Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski On-screen, distracting clichés are
sci-fi farm. to pull audiences in, the minimalist sharpen our attention by focusing conspicuously absent. Like stroppy
sound mix drives the purpose and on one family’s quiet-mare. Three teenagers, horror loves slamming
punch of Place. “IT’S SOUND!” screams creatures lurk near the farm house of doors; but, in one of many did-you-
a headline on a newspaper near the Lee Abbott (Krasinski), pregnant wife notice-it sonic subtleties here, closing

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
blu & vod
dvd ray

Lee’s a firm believer that
children should be seen
and not heard…
and radar-like flap-heads. Cannily,
Krasinski slow-reveals them in
Jaws-via-Alien glimpses, serving
the suspense and locking us into the
family’s limited sensory perspectives.
The pay-off arms the set-pieces
– in silo, basement, bath tub – with
fantastically focused degrees of intense
immediacy. When the feedback
suddenly stops on Megan’s hearing
aid and we cut silently to an attacking
alien, Krasinski shows a raw flair
for shredding nerves matched by his
flair for shredding emotions. While
Hereditary is a horror film about a toxic
family, A Quiet Place dares to uphold
love as an invitation to – in the words
of the Neil Young song Lee and Evelyn
dance to – “come a little bit closer”.
Once you’re in position, Krasinski’s
prime special effect is his cast. Even
if you didn’t know that Wonderstruck’s
Simmonds bonded with Jupe over sign
language on set, you can guess from
their on-screen ease. Krasinski’s

‘A test-cAse in
how to dodge

doors are absent. And although the clenched features radiate a protective
code of Silence urgency, while Blunt adds another
setup recalls the basement sequence in
John Krasinski, Emily
Blunt and kids Noah Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds, Krasinski revelatory lead to a career of many: just
Jupe and Millicent resists deploying the token survivalist watch her expression toggle between
Simmonds must
John keep shtum or
face the monsters.
nut-job of many end-of-days films
(10 Cloverfield Lane, say).
pain, terror, resignation and resilience
after a nail/foot crisis, or break into

KrasinsKi Rejecting info-drop dialogue in
favour of in-the-moment immersion,
an already-iconic one-take scream in
a bathroom scene that echoes Psycho
What’s happening with A Quiet Place 2? Place is also a test case in how to without suffering by the comparison.
Paramount announced it pretty quickly. dodge the excessive-exposition bullet. Even when Krasinski delivers
I didn’t even know. So I was like, “Oh, OK.” Everything we need to know is fed full-body creature shots at the
But I’ve got to commend them for really through newspaper cuttings, situation, climax, we’re no less focused on
letting us sit back and figure it out. I would note-boards and performance. The the wordless exchanges between a
hate to have the studio just put something
dialogue that does feature lands frightened but fierce parent and child
out where people are like, “What? You blew
with clipped clarity, full-stops than we are on the attackers. “In the
it!” I really want to come up with something
that earns all the love the audience gave us. breaking up subtitles for horror genre, there’s no more powerful
emphasis. “You. Can. Do. special effect than sound,” says Bryan
Will you direct it? This,” Lee tells Marcus Woods on the extras. Combine his
I don’t know. If I come up with an when he sends him to light claim with characters you care about,
idea that I really like, and I can see fireworks as a distraction and you’ve got a risk-taking thriller
it through, then yeah. But it’s one from what’s happening that stands tall in a headline year
of those things – I’ve never done at home, where Eve faces a for horror. Even if it can seem a tad
the directing franchise thing, but as
nasty injury, breaking waters plot-thin when shorn of its initial
franchises go, I think the best idea
and some unwanted visitors. impact, there’s no doubting the
wins. So if a director came in and was like,
“I have a really good take – this is what ILM’s creatures are a refined ferocity of its handling, or the
I want to do,” I’d be like, “Great, go with it.” marvel of deadly design, all on-point economy of the final shot:
But I’m trying to come up with an idea I love. teeth, screeching, plunging a face, a speaks-volumes expression.
If you have any ideas, let me know! MM ear canals, pick-axe arms No words needed. Kevin Harley August 2018 | ToTal Film
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geeky blinder
Spielberg makeS hard work look like play…

film extras
OUT 6 AUGUST DVD, BD, 3D BD, 4K, Digital HD EXTRAS Featurettes

ow do we start to make this movie? What do we do first?”
It’s somehow reassuring to hear that even Steven Spielberg
gets the jitters sometimes. Still, you can feel his pain: novelist
Ernest Cline’s hymn to the Atari era is a mighty mountain to
climb, demanding technical finesse, industry clout (all those copyrighted
bits, bobs and Batmobiles) and more coin than you’d find scattered on the
winds of Planet Doom.

Of course, Spielberg has all of the Smaller spectacles dazzle too – the
above – but it’s still some achievement featurette-centric extras linger on the
that he wrestled RPO to the screen in bit where our Easter-egg-hunting
such tautly rendered form. This could hero, the pixelly Parzival (Tye Sheridan),
have been Spielberg’s grandest folly is projected into the real world.
since 1941 – instead, it’s a spiritual If, however, you thought the main
cousin to the underrated A.I. (2001), feature was the ultimate geek-culture
with similarly curious tonal shifts celebration, just wait till you see Ernie
from sadness to exuberance. Mostly the & Tye’s Excellent Adventure, in which
latter wins out, especially as the action actor grills author on 1980s movies
It’s going to take more pushes towards the final IP-crazed before taking a spin in the latter’s
than nail varnish to fix
the ladder in those tights. battle, which feels like a cross between customised, full-sized DeLorean.
a GAME store and a riot in Hall H. Great Scott… Matthew Leyland

film extras IN TIME PG
OUT 6 AUGUST Digital HD 20 AUGUST film extras
DVD, BD, 4K EXTRAS Featurettes, OUT 30 JULY DVD, Digital HD
Deleted scenes, Gag reel EXTRAS Making Of, Deleted scenes,
THE SENATOR 12 Gag reel, Music videos

F ew are the films you can compare
unfavourably to San Andreas. But
somehow Brad Peyton and Dwayne
film extras
W ith its heart defiantly in the
right place, Wrinkle is a film
Johnson’s altered-beast bonanza just
isn’t as dumbly entertaining as their
2015 mirth-quake epic. Their city-
R eleased as Chappaquiddick in the US, this classy biopic,
directed by John Curran, probes the 1969 scandal that
originated on the Massachusetts island of the same name,
you want to root for, but it never quite
soars. Adapted from a US literary
favourite, it follows teen Meg Murry’s
trashing is more yawnsome than after Senator Ted Kennedy (Jason Clarke) left the scene of (Storm Reid) interstellar search for
awesome, and in lieu of cherishably a car accident that killed one of his campaign secretaries her missing father (Chris Pine).
terrible one-liners, 90 per cent (Kate Mara). Exploring the morals and media manipulation Reid’s a real find, and Ava DuVernay
of the dialogue is Johnson saying at play – with Clarke expertly toggling between guilt, daddy directs with a compassionate eye,
“George?”, “George!” or “GEORGE!?!” issues and a ruthless ambition to reach the White House but after a compelling start it gets
Still, extra point for the most – The Senator is a pertinent reminder of what an elitist bogged down in hokey exposition,
cartoonishly evil brother/sister act politician can get away with when deploying misdirection plastic-y CGI and some grating
since Blades Of Glory. Matthew Leyland and interference. Jane Crowther supporting characters. Matt Maytum

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
blu & vod
dvd ray

film extras UPRISING 12
OUT 20 AUGUST DVD, BD EXTRAS film extras
Commentary, Featurette OUT NOW Digital HD 30 JULY DVD, BD,
3D BD, 4K EXTRAS Commentary,
J essie Buckley and Johnny Flynn
generate real heat in this dark film extras
Featurettes, Deleted scenes

fable about a troubled young woman
living a closeted life on the Channel
Islands, where she comes to suspect
OUT 6 AUGUST DVD, BD, Digital HD EXTRAS Commentary,
Making Of, Featurettes W ith Guillermo del Toro out of the
director’s chair (he remains a
producer) and Idris Elba out altogether,
her new boyfriend – an outsider – of
being a serial killer. First-time writer/
director Michael Pearce deftly
T here’s a pleasing warmth to the chills in this
affectionate throwback to the anthology tales that
Brit horror house Amicus served up in the ’70s. The linchpin
this sequel looked more primed for a
nosedive than an uprising. Happily, the
apocalypse remains uncancelled thanks
juxtaposes the lovers’ fiery passion is skeptical professor Philip Goodman (co-writer/director to a buoyant John Boyega, the good-
with their society’s stultifying Andy Nyman), who investigates three seemingly inexplicable natured tone and Steven S. DeKnight’s
conformity in a film that, though cases of the supernatural. Practical effects and traditional wise decision not to try to outdo GDT’s
largely shot on the mainland, has techniques prove you can’t beat a good old-school scare, monster mastery. It’s less robots vs 97
an otherness that’s both profoundly and each tale’s haunted protagonist – Paul Whitehouse, Alex kaiju than robots vs robots, but with
unsettling and oddly seductive. It was Lawther, Martin Freeman – invites viewers to rapidly invest more charm and coherence than any
never like this on Bergerac. Neil Smith in their fates. You’ll shiver… with delight. Jamie Graham recent Bay-bot epic. Matthew Leyland

film extras film extras
OUT NOW DVD, BD, Digital HD Extras OUT NOW Digital HD 6 AUGUST DVD, BD
Short, Featurette, Music video EXTRAS Featurettes, Image gallery (BD)

A ccept that this isn’t a loving
Paddington-style treatment for
Beatrix Potter’s mischievous bunny,
N ot your typical shaggy-dog tale,
Wes Anderson’s all-star adventure
steers well clear of the sentimentality
film extras
OUT 30 JULY Digital HD 6 AUGUST DVD EXTRAS Commentary,
and there’s enough to enjoy in this that often muzzles four-legged features. Featurettes, Deleted scenes, Gallery
ruder, cruder adaptation. A starry voice Instead, it doubles down on Anderson’s
cast (Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley,
Elizabeth Debicki) flanks James
Corden’s Peter, as he terrorises the
trademark deadpan humour – to the
point, alas, where the tone becomes
so bone-dry, it feels as remote as the
A sweet teen falls for an anonymous classmate via email
and is threatened with exposure in this warm, smart
coming-of-ager. That the secret sweethearts happen to be
vegetable patch of Mr. McGregor Jr., titular wasteland. Hard to engage with, boys is what makes this all the more deft; director Greg
played with gusto by an on-point then, but very easy to admire, thanks Berlanti affectionately co-opts the tropes of mainstream
Domhnall Gleeson. The live action to the hyper-precise visuals (a sushi- romantic comedy for this mould-breaking coming-out tale.
and VFX meld slickly, and the preparation scene plays like an Oscar- True, Simon (Nick Robinson) does have an idealised, liberal
slapstick mostly lands, making winning short) and the bottomless home life and a nurturing school, but this vision of what
for an entertaining, if unmemorable, novelty of hearing a husky with Jeff acceptance and diversity can look like is both progressive
family distraction. Matt Maytum Goldblum’s voice. Matthew Leyland and entertaining. Jane Crowther August 2018 | ToTal Film
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body talk
Soderbergh beginS…

film extras
1989 OUT 6 AUGUST BD EXTRAS Commentary, Interviews, Featurette, Deleted scene, Booklet

cripted in just eight days and shot for little more than $1m, Steven
Soderbergh’s debut came from nowhere to win an Audience Award
at Sundance, followed by the Palme d’Or in Cannes, an Oscar nod
and a stack more gongs. A new voice had arrived in American cinema.

Set (and shot) in Baton Rouge, detailing their sexual experiences, she’s
Louisiana, Sex, Lies, And Videotape is appalled. Cynthia, though, is fascinated.
essentially a four-hander. Ann (Andie True, the erotic tapings now look,
MacDowell) is married to slick lawyer in the age of social media, dated. But
John (Peter Gallagher), who’s secretly the film’s fluency and wit still appeal.
getting it on with Ann’s younger sister MacDowell has never been better, and
Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo). Spader hones his ambiguous charm
This triangle is disrupted by the to insidious effect. As for San Giacomo,
arrival of John’s old schoolfriend her scene-stealing turn makes you
Graham (James Spader). Quiet and wonder why her career’s never taken
diffident, he intrigues Ann, confiding off the way it deserved. This Criterion
to her that he’s impotent. But when edition offers a 4K transfer plus new
“Ready for your
close-up?” he reveals he gets off from watching extras (documentary, Soderbergh
videotapes he’s made of women answering fans’ questions). Philip Kemp

film extras film extras
1950 OUT NOW Dual Format 1978 OUT NOW Dual Format
EXTRAS Commentary, Documentary, EXTRAS Interviews, Short
Newsreels, Booklet
S idney Poitier spent much of his
career nobly turning the other
L ove snuffed it with the hippies.”
Instead, here’s sex, politics and
raucous three-chord thrash; in other
film extras
1958 OUT NOW Dual Format EXTRAS Interview
cheek to bigotry and racism, societal ills words, punk. Derek Jarman’s snotty
embodied here by a hoodlum (Richard
Widmark) who holds Poitier’s junior
doctor responsible for his brother’s
satire (about a militant gang roaming
London, pursued by a time-travelling
Elizabeth II) is as emblematic of its
I n the hellishly punitive Deep South, two convicts
escape from a chain gang and go on the run. A few
problems, though: they’re inextricably chained together;
demise. Considered hot stuff on time as Vivienne Westwood or the one’s black (Sidney Poitier), the other’s white (Tony
its release, Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Sex Pistols. The non-plot is a work Curtis); and they loathe each other. This being a Stanley
melodrama now feels laboured and of ramshackle irreverence, but Jarman’s Kramer (Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner) movie, the moral
clunky. Yet the inclusion of a two-part queer iconoclasm and surreal assault of the tale is right there in full unmissable view: learn
documentary on the writer/director on ‘Rule Britannia’ rhetoric makes tolerance, or die. But the powerful story (which won the
and a commentary from noir expert it that rare homegrown film to marry Best Screenplay Oscar) and performances overcome the
Eddie Muller makes this dual-format Godard’s verve with Fassbinder’s preachiness – and the condemnation of race prejudice is,
reissue worth a purchase. Neil Smith nerve. Simon Kinnear regrettably, as relevant today as it ever was. Philip Kemp

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
blu & vod
dvd ray

film extras cANNIBAL GOD 18
1985 OUT 6 AUGUST Dual Format film extras
EXTRAS Commentary, Documentary, 1978 OUT NOW DVD, BD
Featurettes, Booklet

M ade before he took Hollywood
by storm, Paul Verhoeven’s
film extras
1961 OUT NOW Dual Format EXTRAS Commentary, Booklet
O ne of the stronger entries in
Italy’s 1970s cannibal-horror
cycle, Sergio Martino’s 1978 video
medieval romp has more than a touch nasty, aka Slave Of The Cannibal God,
of Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Rutger
Hauer leads a band of mercenaries,
kidnapping a young Jennifer Jason
T wenty-five years after adapting Lillian Hellman’s
taboo-busting play as These Three (1936), director
William Wyler (Ben-Hur) revisited it for less censorious
is a problematic watch. Following
Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach on
a rescue mission into the “wild and
Leigh’s aristocrat, in a film that’s times. Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine make relatable uncontaminated world” of the Amazon,
dated badly. Plenty of flesh and blood work of two teachers entangled in scandal at a girls’ school. it features the usual quota of ultra-
is on show, and some neat Jan de Are they in love? If Wyler’s take on same-sex desire verges violence and (unsimulated) animal
Bont-shot period detail of plague- on histrionic, his controlled handling of lies and prejudice cruelty, remaining crudely compelling
riddled Europe, but the ropey dialogue merging to toxic effect is precise - and perhaps still resonant. throughout. Extras include a decent
and inadvertent comic sheen make it Film academic Neil Sinyard’s passionate talk-track featurette and an apology from Martino
one of his lesser efforts. James Mottram mounts a scholarly reappraisal. Kevin Harley for any harm caused. Matt Glasby


lessons in blood Critics were divided on
whether New York’s latest
style would catch on…
Abel FerrArA vAmpS it up…

film extras
1995 OUT NOW BD EXTRAS Commentary, Documentary, Interviews

s Ari Aster’s Hereditary again sparks the “elevated horror” debate,
here’s a gleaming 4K Blu of Abel Ferrara’s hypnotic black-and-
white vampire movie to remind everyone that genre movies
have long refused to be boxed.

Shot with clarity and sensuality, the film’s blood is also clotted with
The Addiction sees Ferrara invert his Catholic despair: there are musings
King Of New York thesis that drug addicts on sin, guilt and forgiveness en route
are vampires, as NYU student Kathleen to a conclusion that the human race
(Lili Taylor) is forced to “come to terms is addicted to evil – all set to a
with my existence” after being bitten hip-hop soundtrack.
by a creature of the night. The blend of pulp and philosophy
Amid poetically rendered but staple is always arresting if occasionally
images of sinking suns, covered pretentious, while the jolts of violence
mirrors and wraparound shades, there – an academic soiree descends into a
are references to Sartre, Heidegger and bloodbath – go straight for the jugular.
Nietzsche, plus horrific archive footage The most chilling scene, though,
from the Vietnam War and Nazi offers just a few lines of dialogue,
concentration camps, and a palpable with Christopher Walken cameoing as
fear of Aids. This being Ferrara working an ancient vampire whose line delivery
from a screenplay by his long-time is so soul-shakingly evil it would make
partner-in-crime Nicholas St. John, Dracula crap his cape. Jamie Graham august 2018 | ToTal Film
The home enTerTainmenT bible




M ark next year’s 30th anniversary of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure like,
way early by getting – whoa! – your markers out. Or crayons. Or pencils.
Or how about doing some air colouring? You could pretend to be that righteous
old painter dude, Vincent Van Halen. This handsomely etched 96-pager
features all your B&T favourites – Rufus, Death… and more pics of Abe
Lincoln than you’ll find in a Washington museum. Wyld times await.

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at

N o, it doesn’t sing. No, it doesn’t
tell you when it’s time for bed,
even when you reckon you’re not sleepy.
CAMPING GEAR OUT NOW And no, battenberg’s not included (or
Chip, for that matter). Nonetheless,

S un’s out, guns out. As in world-smashing super-
lasers, right? This officially licensed tent operates
on a ‘knuckle click’ system – which sounds like
this is the teapot that’ll have ’em
gasping when your guests are, um,
gasping. It’s a replica of the Cockney
something you might get from Lord Vader for having ’pot from the original 1991 Disney
a dirty rifle, but actually means it can be assembled flick – ie it’s got a proper elephantine
in under 60 seconds, with no fiddly poles to worry nose-spout, not like the chintzy Emma
about. Two metres in diameter, it sleeps three people Thompson job. Get the kettle on!
and includes insect netting, stash pockets and hook
(for lantern/speaker/evil mask). 101


O n the left foot: Zurg. On the right foot (spoiler
alert!): his son, Buzz Lightyear. Put ’em
together and you’ve got some funky footwear that
TOY OUT NOW comes with a bonus: the heels comprise a stack
of rotating blocks featuring Woody, Jessie, Rex

T he breakout star of Stranger Things 2 was, of course, adorable mutant
cat-eater Dart. If, like Dustin, you’re desperate to have Dart as a pet but
would rather not leave your other pets headless, then spring for this plush. It’s
and Buzz. And as if that weren’t enough, they light
up when you walk and make all sorts of button-
activated crazy space noises. Unless you’re scared
got a Russian doll thing going on: one-inch pollywog Dart sits inside three-inch of heights (the heels measure 4.4in), there’s no
slug Dart, who sits inside nine-inch demodog Dart, whose gob’s been sensibly earthly reason why you wouldn’t want these. Can
sewn shut. Ideal for clutching in terror when the next season rolls on to Netflix. we have a pair with Lotso and Mr. Pricklepants? ML August 2018 | ToTal Film


analyse this
John KrasinsKi is JacK ryan in a new reboot for the cia hero…

aving previously been played on film by the likes of Alec Baldwin, See thiS the books, Ryan ends up as president
Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, Jack Ryan is a daunting if you of the United States!), the series starts
mantle for an actor to take on. “It was definitely intimidating,”
liked… with a desk-bound Ryan working as
says John Krasinski, the latest to step into the shoes of Tom PatriOt Games a CIA analyst, where he spots some
Clancy’s most famous character, when Small Screen meets him in a London Harrison Ford is unusual transactions occurring in
hotel. “Those aren’t just any actors, too: those are huge movie stars. Maybe Jack Ryan in this the Middle East. After flagging the
this was just my coping mechanism, but it was a bit of a free pass because we superior adap. suspicious activity to his superior,
were changing the format so dramatically.” the Office James Greer (The Wire’s Wendell
2005-2013 Pierce), Ryan’s pulled out from behind
Krasinski is
That change is taking the character series co-creator Carlton Cuse (Lost). irresistibly the desk and into the field on the
from big screen to small: Jack Ryan will When the chance to reboot arose, Cuse likeable as another hunt for Islamic terrorist Suleiman
stream on Amazon Prime Video, in and co-creator Graham Roland (Lost, desk jockey. (Ali Suliman). Not directly adapting
binge-friendly format. “I think that’s Fringe) jumped at the opportunity to Life in a Day 2011 a specific book, Cuse says they
one of the key reasons why I decided reposition the character. “I’d read, The doc’s global extracted certain story elements – the
empathy inspired
to do the part, because of this idea that like, eight of the novels just as a co‑creator Roland. classic hero, mosaic storytelling and
maybe a movie isn’t the best format fan,” continues Cuse. “Graham was geopolitical relevance – and “really
for Jack Ryan, because it’s only two also a big fan of the movies, and also tried to imbue it with those qualities”.
hours,” Krasinski adds. “If you’ve ever was in the military and was in the “You’re going back to the
seen a Clancy book, they’re very thick marines. The opportunity of doing beginning,” explains Krasinski,
and very rich and dense with detail. it like a long-form television project who filmed Jack Ryan for six months,
So we’re able to explore all of that was really exciting, because that was then started directing A Quiet Place
in a way that those actors couldn’t.” the thing we felt could really redefine five days after that. “This is a guy
Last seen on screen in Kenneth and reinvigorate the franchise.” who’s accomplished very little in
Branagh’s misfiring Jack Ryan: Shadow his CIA career, and just falls into
Recruit (2014), Clancy’s CIA hero Out Of Office this moment.” Another aspect
was seemingly on the wane. “It was Going back to the beginning of the that appealed to the former star
kind of a moribund franchise,” says character’s career (over the course of of the US version of The Office was

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at

John Krasinski stars as
Tom Clancy’s CIA
analyst Jack Ryan.


Ryan’s inherent goodness. “He has to be doing that, coming off this same time, because we had eight
a very strong moral compass that is long line of antiheroes.” cLancy that hours, we tried to imbue it with
Dina Shihabi
challenged,” he says. “It’s this idea (above right) plays some depth and complexity.”
of doing the right thing and being inteLLiGent strife terrorist Suleiman’s “We were aiming for entertainment
a good person, especially in today’s Another point of difference for the wife; Abbie Cornish first, but if we can slip in some
as doctor/love
world, with all the complications show is its treatment of its Islamic interest Cathy complexity and some depth, then
that are going on.” characters. “I think it’s very easy (above left); that’s great,” adds Roland. “We want
Pointing to the rut TV finds itself to have a one-dimensional bad guy,” Wendell Pierce as to tell a good story, and entertain
Jack’s boss James
in with its abundance of grizzled says Cuse. “We wanted to portray Greer (below). people.” And in a show of confidence,
antiheroes, Roland wanted to move an array of Islamic characters, and Jack Ryan has had a second series
away from that cynicism. “This basically our show is about an Islamic greenlit before viewers have even had
was a chance to take a classic hero bad guy. It’s not about a bad culture. a chance to see the first; filming starts
who’s moral and competent and We wanted to understand how he this summer. “We see each series
smart and well-intentioned and became a bad guy, and we also wanted like a different book in a series,” says
kind of a throwback hero,” he says. to show that the characters around Cuse. “James Greer and Jack Ryan carry
“But in this climate of television, him and other characters in this forward, but the second season is a
it almost felt fresh and subversive culture were not bad guys.” political thriller set in South America.”
If it’s starting to sound a bit heavy, “This is really watching the evolution
the creators are keen to stress that of someone,” concludes Krasinski.
‘we tried to they want Jack Ryan to be “big
blockbuster entertainment”:
“So every season, Jack becomes
pretty dramatically different.
imbue it with there will be explosive action So that’s always more fun

some depth and to go with the intelligence.
“We wanted to make a big
for me to play.” Matt Maytum

complexity’ blockbuster version of this,”
says Cuse. “We saw this as
CARlTon CuSe a summer movie. But at the VIDEO FROM 31 AUGUST. August 2018 | ToTal Film
cutting edge
gillian flynn meets amy adams on the dark side of town…
See thiS After Big Little Lies’ slickly sun-baked

Sharp ObjectS TBc if you
mysteries, Vallée proves equally adept
at navigating psycho-gothic depths.
show Colossal 2016 Adora’s house is coffin-like; inside,
availaBle Now | Sky ATlAnTic/nOw TV Anne Hathaway goes a duplicate dollhouse’s suggestion
home, drinks herself
silly and faces down of suffocating micro-management

eneath the torrents of arterial blood, David Fincher’s ravishing some monsters. echoes the interiors of Hereditary.
adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl took a razor to the conformist NoCturNal As Camille did, Amma and other
expectations heaped on girls. Similar themes and methods elevate aNimals 2016 local girls respond to this suppression
Adams shines in Tom
HBO’s adap of Flynn’s debut novel above TV’s crime pack. Co-written by Flynn by (roller) skating off the rails. Booze
Ford’s super-stylish,
with showrunner Marti Noxon, and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Big Little Lies), multi-layered noir. and pills are necked giddily – and it
Sharp Objects is a seductive slow-burner with performances to relish. Big little lies emerges that one “angelic” murdered
2017 girl hoarded big, scary spiders in jars.
First glance suggests another where she was raised, Camille moves Vallée directs more Adora would not approve…
Oscar-form ladies in
TV tale of murdered daughters and back in with her mother, Adora Crellin. The extremes of repression and
this dark melodrama.
community trauma, set to alt-tasteful Played by Patricia Clarkson as a rebellion build to grim revelations
music (Led Zep, M. Ward). “Dead girls, terrifically toxic cocktail of pastel, with captivating control, albeit very
everywhere,” sighs a drunk old dame, poise and poison, Adora is a passive- little warmth. As for why Camille
callously. But early shots of the gossipy aggressive control freak who just puts up with Adora, Adams is amazing
town of Wind Gap, Missouri, and the wants her daughters to be “nice”. enough to sell that nagging head-
taut-with-repression mirrored face And if they’re not? Well, now scratcher. Dressed in head-to-toe
of journalist Camille Preaker (Amy look, you’ve made her ill. black to hide her scars, she reconciles
Adams) suggest keener riffs on how Camille’s relations with the contrasts between expression and
environment can scar identities. Adora, her teenage step-sister reserve effortlessly. For high-grade
And bodies: a self-harmer, Camille’s Amma (Eliza Scanlen) and the pulp TV, Sharp Objects perhaps risks
wounds make grim reading. memory of a late sister form parallel moving too slowly. But Adams
Dispatched by her editor to plotlines to the distressing main story, hits the deep, layered truth-notes
investigate the murder of one girl and linked via dreamy, colour-coded visual needed to keep us hooked on
disappearance of another in Wind Gap, blurs of flashback, fantasy and reality. every twist. Kevin Harley

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at

meticulous, Richard Greenberg’s

ZOE 15 tbc
mOderN LOve
Ewan McGregor and screenplay struggles to convey the rules
Léa Seydoux’s pro or convince in its details. A subplot
film matchmakers give it about a new drug, which simulates the 105
AvAILABLe NOW | AMAZON a go with each other.
effects of falling in love, is particularly
contrived in its exploration of real

oe (Léa Seydoux) works Indie director Drake Doremus (Like versus synthetic emotions.
for Relationist, a futuristic Crazy, Breathe In) has long specialised in Doremus must shoulder some of
matchmaking agency that probing the robustness of relationships; the blame, though. The pacing is slack,
predicts couples’ chances of staying here, he tackles his pet theme through the acting underpowered and the tone
together. She has her eyes on colleague a sci-fi prism. Despite the concept’s is uneven, rarely quirky or sinister
Cole (Ewan McGregor), who heads potential, such tales of technological enough to command attention.
a new project to create synthetic love have become commonplace thanks Worse, Doremus’ decision to shoot
companions. Yet when Zoe (bafflingly to Her and Black Mirror, and Doremus in a realistic, day-after-tomorrow style
pronounced “Zoh”) checks her potential struggles to find anything new to say. robs it even of a memorable visual
with Cole, she’s warned they have Part of the problem is a lack of identity. Like the silent second syllable
a “fundamental incompatibility”. plausibility. Where Spike Jonze and in the heroine’s name, there’s less here
It isn’t long before she finds out why… Charlie Brooker’s world-building was than meets the eye. Simon Kinnear

17 AUG | SKY 29 JUL | SKY Despite the lighter Bear necessity,
Forging into the An age-old stalker tone, the wondrous 24 AUG | SKY 10 AUG | SKY 18 AUG | SKY part two: the
future without letting tale updated for the Gal Gadot and the Nothing could Oscar-winners galore Bear necessity, Peruvian marmalade-
the past die, Rian social-media age, with most badass Man replace Robin (Bridges, Berry, part one: telling the fancier returns to
Johnson gets the Aubrey Plaza (in her of Steel since the Williams’ man-child Moore, Elton John) off-screen origins of stare down Hugh
balance bang-on. best big-screen perf) peanut-flicking melancholy, but this in a super-spy sequel Winnie-the-Pooh, this Grant’s luvvie baddie
Boldly turning Luke the Insta-addict Superman III, sequel makes some that falls short. tale of fathers, sons as they thrillingly
Skywalker into a pursuing influencer this DCEU team-up surprisingly smart Erratically paced and nannies manages vie for a precious
rancor in a poncho, Elizabeth Olsen. just doesn’t come moves – not least and eager to outrage, to be both dark and pop-up book. You
he milks a saga-best Blackly comic, scarily together. But at favouring body-swap its highlights are decorous. You might might want to have
performance believable and least Batman capers (Jack Black music-related: the want to have a teddy your entire family
from Mark Hamill. packing some killer doesn’t barbecue as a Twitter-ing teen) Prince-scored opener, close at hand for close at hand for
Pitch porg-fect. Batman gags. anyone to death. over CG stampedes. Elton’s tantrums. the emotional finale. the emotional finale. August 2018 | ToTal Film
The home enTerTainmenT bible

harmed life
CumberbatCh faCes his demons…

show extras

he moment we first meet Patrick Melrose – brilliantly played by
Benedict Cumberbatch, in this five-part miniseries – he answers
the phone, high on heroin, to discover his father has just died.
A well-to-do wastrel who drinks, smokes and takes drugs, he
doesn’t elicit much sympathy. But based on the quintet of autobiographical
novels by Edward St. Aubyn, this superb adaptation by One Day author David
Nicholls gradually takes hold, with each episode devoted to one book.

After the ugly highs of ‘Bad News’ From the Trainspotting-like highs
(largely set in 1982 New York), we turn to the emotional comedowns, director
to Melrose’s childhood in ‘Never Mind’, Edward Berger (Deutschland ’83) puts
where we witness the damage done by you inside his protagonist’s troubled
his abusive father (Hugo Weaving) and mind. Almost like a living embodiment
alcoholic mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh). of the Philip Larkin pronouncement,
Later chapters see Patrick try to “They fuck you up, your mum and
clean up (the ’90-set ‘Some Hope’) dad,” Melrose will leave you sharing
and deal with his bitterness towards his his desperation, his despair and his
mum (‘Mother’s Milk’ and ‘At Last’, set determination to overcome his trauma. Cumberbatch has his
in the early ’00s). But even as Patrick With Cumberbatch on award-worthy eye on possible awards
for his depiction of the
finds sobriety, family life and a job in form, this is a tough watch that’s easy troubled Melrose.
law, he’s haunted by his early years. to lose yourself in. James Mottram

S.H.I.E.L.D. S4 15 show extras
show extras 2018 OUT NOW DVD, BD EXTRAS None
2017 OUT NOW DVD, BD, Digital HD
EXTRAS Deleted scenes, Gag reel
A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL 15 A las, it turns out that this is the last
we’ll see of the puzzled frown of

A lthough still trying to shake
their image as TV bystanders
to the MCU, Phil Coulson’s (Clark
show extras
2018 OUT NOW DVD EXTRAS Featurettes
Malmö cop Saga Norén (Sofia Helin),
as she’s confronted with something
incomprehensible. Over four series,
Gregg) familial group of superspies
really start rewarding loyal viewers
with Season 4. First tangling with
H aving failed to do the job in Paddington 2, Hugh Grant
has another go at murdering Ben Whishaw in this
BBC miniseries. Based on the real-life Jeremy Thorpe scandal
the ingenious Scandi noir – named
after the bridge linking Denmark and
Sweden – has played with the jokey
skull-faced fan fave Ghost Rider, of the 1970s, closeted MP and Liberal Party leader Thorpe views that the two nationalities have
the agents then explore sentient Life (Grant) is forced to take drastic measures after a former of each other (Danes being boozy and
Model Decoys before getting trapped lover (Whishaw) begins blackmailing him. Director Stephen disorganised, Swedes being cold and
in a Matrix-style ‘Framework’ overrun Frears (The Queen) and screenwriter Russell T. Davies adopt detached). The serial-killer plot that
by Hydra. If the plotting is sometimes an overly jaunty tone not entirely suited to a career-ending informs this final outing can feel a
convoluted, there’s more than enough debacle that cost one of its participants her life. Grant, touch by-the-book – but it’s Saga, and
action and Whedon-esque wit to though, gives a fabulous performance, both steely and Helin’s consistently fine performance,
keep things flying. Matt Looker sad, that proves he’s only getting better with age. Neil Smith that we’ll miss. Philip Kemp

ToTal Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
TF scores the
latest soundtracks…


classic Between his coiled
drones and ominous

soundtrack noises, sometime
Arcade Fire/Bon
Iver woodwind
experimenter Colin
Stetson aces his first
horror score. Though
hardly standalone
stuff, the rattling
‘Party, Crash’ and

highly strung
séance sequence
deliver nerve-
abstraction. Don’t
to break: echoing
Annihilation’s score, 107
1 ‘Scene d’Amour’ Vertigo 6 ‘Scottie Tails Madeleine’ Vertigo even the most
Bernard Herrmann’s music for Alfred Hitchcock’s makeover The opulent hysteria of Herrmann’s score tugs us deeper approachable cue,
movie hits its lovesick (very sick) apogee. As James Stewart’s into Scottie’s sickness during the languorous pursuit of ‘Reborn’, throbs
Scottie watches Kim Novak’s Judy ‘become’ Madeleine, the Madeleine. Erotic, melancholic, unsettling, the romantic with demonic dread.
Wagner-inspired score trembles with voluptuous lyricism, strings and nagging low-end sub-currents evoke extremes
dizzy dissonance and doomed romantic grandeur. of mystery and darkening obsession.

2 ‘The Murder’ Psycho 7 ‘Overture’ the trouBle with harry
Hitch wanted silence in the shower, but Herrmann cut in, For their first collaboration, the becalmed Hitchcock found
setting a high watermark in rule-busting scoring history a perfect opposites-attract match with the impetuous
by thrusting a strings-only sonic assault to the forefront. Herrmann. To Hitch’s delight, Herrmann matched the incredibles 2
Herrmann’s shrieking glissandos and low-end lunges tone-clash of the director’s darkly puckish comedy in the
After his Fallen
lacerated audiences’ nerves. Much-imitated, never matched. jaunty melody and doom-weighted woodwinds of ‘Overture’.
Kingdom score’s
dino-gothic chorales,
3 ‘Overture’ North By Northwest 8 ‘Conversation Piece’ North By Northwest Michael Giacchino’s
Herrmann captured what he called “the crazy dance about Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint enjoy a long ride on the Pixar return is a
to take place between Cary Grant and the world” for Hitch’s train, enfolded in Herrmann’s come-to-bed love theme. jazzy joy. Melding
wrong-man romp set during the Cold War. ‘Overture’ puts In its sensual chug of strings and sultry oboe-clarinet tux-grade John Barry
the ‘go’ in fandango, slamming Hitch’s chase thriller into clinch, ‘Conversation Piece’ proves Herrmann could do to lounge-wear
gear with agile vim. warmth and melody just as well. Marvin Hamlisch,
Incredibles 2 isn’t
his most emotional
4 ‘Prelude’ And ‘Rooftop’ Vertigo 9 ‘The Cell’ the wroNg MaN score. But the brassy
Piercing, circling, dizzying: with Inception-sized “braaams”, Deep, bassy intimations of lingering dread stalk a wrongly
arrangements brim
Herrmann’s ‘Prelude’ tugs us into Scottie’s fever-dream imprisoned jazz muso in Hitchcock’s downbeat riff on with retro spy-chic
mindset with awesome power. The sense of foreboding in a career-long theme. The mounting panic attack of sass, peaking with
the nauseous ‘vertigo chord’ of ‘Rooftop’ speaks volumes: Herrmann’s otherwise sombre, spacious score gets the Bond-ian thrust
like Scottie, we’re in over our heads. the morbid measure of Hitch’s anxieties in ‘The Cell’. of ‘A Bridge Too Parr’
and three super-cool
5 ‘The Prelude’ Psycho 10 ‘Main Title’ MarNie character themes.
The ever-confident Herrmann was emphatic that title Before they fell out over Torn Curtain, Hitch and Herrmann
sequences should always “set the drama”. With its main had one last hurrah. Though not his most innovative work,
melody rising anxiously over restlessly insistent strings, Herrmann’s theme for Hitch’s “sex mystery” toggles
the pulse-racing ‘Prelude’ sends out stark warnings long between swooning melodic romanticism and anxious
before the shower heats up. dissonance. Sure, it’s no Vertigo, but what is? Kevin Harley august 2018 | ToTal Film
The home enTerTainmenT bible

reSiDent evil 2
ETA jAnuAry 2019 | PC, PS4, Xbox One

B arely recognisable from the
20-year-old original, Capcom’s
lavish remake borrows the plot and
setting from the classic PlayStation
survival horror – a rookie officer
and a student attempt to escape the
zombie-infested Raccoon City – but
that’s all that’s been left untouched.
Its static camera angles have been
replaced with the over-the-shoulder
perspective familiar from later entries,
while its hammy voice acting and
cornball dialogue are no more. Shorn
of its inadvertent comic relief, this new
version is darker, scarier and a good
deal gorier – shooting a zombie’s arm

best of e3 2018 will cause it to swing limply by its
side before it drops off completely.

Our picks frOm the year’s biggest gaming event…

Death StranDing

S ony treated us to eight more
minutes of footage from
Japanese auteur Hideo Kojima’s
bizarre new project – essentially
an arthouse indulgence given a
blockbuster budget – and we’re
still little the wiser as to
rage 2 what it actually is. It seems
ETA EArLy 2019 | PC, PS4, Xbox One mesmerically weird, however,
with The Walking Dead’s

t he show’s most memorable introduction came during
Bethesda’s conference, as party-loving rocker Andrew
W.K. cheerfully invited an audience of startled press to “get
Norman Reedus playing
a kind of futuristic courier,
exploring desolate landscapes
ready to die”. It was a fitting way to welcome an unlikely while being stalked by invisible
sequel that doesn’t do anything by halves. While the 2011 enemies. A scene featuring DIY
original owed a debt to Mad Max, this post-apocalyptic toenail removal topped the grisly
sandbox has all the frenetic action and hyper-saturated violence of The Last Of Us: Part II as
colour of Fury Road, combining hectic first-person shootouts E3’s most unwatchable moment;
with brutal vehicular skirmishes. The publisher revealed Léa Seydoux and a de-aged Lindsay
that a special edition of the game will come with a severed Wagner are the latest additions
mutant head, which tells you everything you need to know. to an increasingly starry cast.

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at

Sekiro: ShaDowS cyBerPUnk 2077
Die twice ETA 2020 Tbc | PC, consoles TBC
ETA EArLy 2019 | PC, PS4, Xbox One

S tepping back from the formula
that brought him such acclaim
P olish developer CD Projekt Red set
a high bar for contemporary RPGs
with The Witcher 3. Its next game is
with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, some way off completion but already
Hidetaka Miyazaki is back with an aSSaSSin’S creeD oDySSey looks to have cleared it. By common
action game that focuses on poised, ETA 5 OcTObEr | PC, PS4, Xbox One consent the game of the show by some
precise swordplay. You play as a 16th distance, Cyberpunk 2077 presents a
Century shinobi, seeking vengeance
for the loss of your arm – though its
prosthetic replacement isn’t half bad,
l ast year’s Assassin’s Creed Origins might have explored the
birth of the titular creed, but Ubisoft has stepped back
even further in time for its successor. This 20th entry will
staggeringly rich and detailed future
world where guile and street cred are
as important as gunplay, offering
doubling as a grappling hook or a be set in Ancient Greece, and you’ll be given a choice of unparalleled player choice in both
torch. The high-stakes standoffs can protagonist: Alexios or Kassandra are mercenaries fighting combat and conversation. Its first-
be over in an instant: perfect parries for either Athens or Sparta in the Peloponnesian War. person perspective proved divisive,
will cause opponents to lose their The timeline may be going backwards, but otherwise this and author William Gibson wasn’t
balance, opening them up to a single, is progressive in every sense – not only giving you the impressed (“GTA skinned over with a 109
fatal blow. Rival samurai adventure chance to direct the story through dialogue choices, generic ’80s retro-future,” he tweeted),
Ghost Of Tsushima might have the visual but also offering you the opportunity to romance characters but everyone who saw its 50-minute
edge, but this will take some beating. of either gender, regardless of who you’re playing. demo came away dazzled.

tetriS effect

n amed after the phenomenon
whereby players would see falling
blocks hours after long sessions
with the game, Tetris Effect lends a
psychedelic twist to Alexey Pajitnov’s
seminal puzzler. Sensibly, it doesn’t
mess too much with a winning formula, the laSt of US: Part ii
save for the addition of a ‘zone’ meter, ETA LATE 2019 | PS4
which enables you to pause the action
to drop tetrominoes in your own time,
building a stack to accrue huge score
bonuses. But the trippy visuals and use
a n extended teaser for Sony’s much-anticipated sequel pulled no punches,
segueing from a tender kiss to a disturbingly realistic neck-stabbing. And
that was just for starters, as protagonist Ellie – a few years older than the angry
of music transform a classic game into teen of part one – tackled a gang of hunters armed with bows, blades and guns.
an entrancing experience – especially Still, the savagery of these tense, desperate skirmishes felt anything but gratuitous
in VR – with each drop and line – and if the ‘humans are the real monsters’ trope is growing stale, developer
clearance contributing notes and beats Naughty Dog has the writing chops to breathe fresh life into it. Alas, with no
to a constantly evolving soundtrack. hint of a release date, we could be in for a long wait. Chris Schilling august 2018 | ToTal Film
Back to the
(unseen) ’60s…

Featuring more
clapperboards than
klingons, this is
basically a bonus-
material Blu-ray in
book form, gathering
stills not only of
lost scenes from altercation with a raccoon (a sequence
1960s Trek, but lost
making-of footage
The ArT Of that story artist Teddy Newton came

IncredIbles 2
up with for the first film), and reams
and bloopers, too. of in-world graphics such as signs,
The latest tech’s been

P. 2 7 (R a c c oon) JeR ome R a nf t cl ay s c ul P t; R a l Ph eggl e s t on digi ta l . t he a R t of incR edibl e s 2 , f oR e w oR d b y John l a s se t eR , in t R oduc t ion b y bR a d biR d, edi t ed b y K a R en Pa iK (chR onicl e booK s , £30)
logos and cereal boxes that attest
used to clean up book to the sheer amount of invisible
photos that show you KAREN PAIK | ChroniCle
how they did FX in effort that goes into populating the
the old days; but the background of an animated world.

real showstoppers ith every new animated film wants to wallow in the world and The fold-out lighting studies are
110 are the shots of the comes the obligatory Art Of explore the details that fly by far also a lavish touch.
original crew breaking book to pore over. Oddly too quickly on-screen. While it’s not an exhaustive making
character, especially available before the film was released in Broken down into characters, of, there are production nuggets
when it’s Spock, or the UK (best to hold off on perusing this environments, vehicles and outtakes, scattered throughout – you’ll see,
a funky ’60s alien.
tome until you’ve seen it if you want to this is a predominantly visual for example, how the original plan for
avoid spoilers), The Art Of Incredibles 2 is experience, interspersed with the the Deavor siblings was very different.
loaded with the kind of sketches, digital occasional paragraph from the film’s A John Lasseter foreword now dates
funky ’60s alien. doodles and clay sculpts that you have key contributors, including writer/ the book somewhat, but serious fans
come to expect from these tie-ins. It’s director Brad Bird. Among the will still want this adorning their
an essential indulgence for anyone who highlights are doodles of Jack-Jack’s coffee table. Matt Maytum

The Fab Four battle
the Blue Meanies sTAr WArs: My GIrls: A WATchInG sKIes
once again in this ThrAWn – lIfeTIMe WITh book
50th anniversary AllIAnces cArrIe And debbIe MARK O’CONNELL | hiSTorY PreSS
graphic-novel adap of book book

the Beatles’ trippiest TIMOTHY ZAHN | CenTUrY TODD FISHER | hArPer CollinS ove the era of Jaws, Wars and
flick. Faithfully based Ghostbusters? This book is for you.
on heinz edelmann’s
original artwork,
this is one comic
P ossibly the biggest Star Wars fan
favourite yet to appear in a movie,
Grand Admiral Thrawn bags himself a
c hatty and candid rather than
tell-all and titillating, Todd Fisher’s
memoir about life as Hollywood royalty
Remember Look-In, CHiPS and the Why
Don’t You gang sitting awkwardly on hay
bales? This book is so for you. Following
adap that actually
resembles what’s sequel to 2017’s origin novel – though with sister Carrie Fisher and mum up Bond memoir Catching Bullets,
on screen. Wonky here he shares the spotlight with one Debbie Reynolds isn’t keeping any O’Connell delivers another hearty blast
panel designs further Lord Vader. The to-and-fro timescale secrets. Packed with family pictures, it’s of nostalgia. True, there’s a lot of
up the psychedelic adds a few narrative layers, but this at its best as a nostalgic account of a ’60s well-covered ground here, but leavened
ante; whack on the prequel-era tale ultimately feels childhood on the MGM backlot. Since with warm anecdotes. And it’s not just
album and you’re set. inconsequential. Still, lots of action, Carrie’s highs and lows are already well the classics under consideration, with
and it’s always fun to see two bigwig chronicled, the most revealing passages O’Connell devoting the same level
baddies passive-aggressively needle tackle Reynolds’ ruinous marriages and of analysis to the era’s also-rans
each other. Matthew Leyland unsinkable 60-year career. Kate Stables (Supergirl, et al). Matthew Leyland

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
112 122

112 126


113 128

buff Cinema Celebrated
and debated. boosting
your movie genius
to superhero
114 levels… 129

this Amber gold? the don of deCades Are you not entertAined?

issue Come out to play
eye eye!
hArd luck stories
trailer wailer
dorsal delights
PArk life august 2018 | ToTal Film

is it boLLocks?
Film Buff investigates the facts behind
box office
The BiggesT movies…
tHat sound Like kids’ FLicks
outlandish movie plots.
This monTh Jurassic Park’s
dino dna tinkering

01 ThE ConJURinG 2013 �����������������������������������������$319.5m
02 sULLY 2016 �������������������������������������������������������������� $240.8m
03 BABY DRiVER 2017 ������������������������������������������������$226.9m
04 CRoUChinG TiGER,
hiDDEn DRAGon 2000 ������������������������������������ $213.5m
05 RED DRAGon 2002 ���������������������������������������������$209.2m
06 FUn WiTh DiCK AnD JAnE 2005 �������������������� $202m
07 mAGiC miKE 2012 ����������������������������������������������������$167.2m
08 JiGsAW 2017 ���������������������������������������������������������������� $103m
09 ThE hoUsE BUnnY 2008 ��������������������������������� $70.4m
10 ThE WiTCh 2016 �����������������������������������������������������$40.4m

Extinct critters are brought back to life
via DNA from a mosquito trapped in
amber. Remotely possible? on Location
Reel spoTs Behind The cameRa
dean Lomax, PaLaeontoLogist
a at the University of Manchester 

Mosquitos in amber are pretty rare, though other blood-sucking animals
such as ticks have been found. But the amber mine in Jurassic Park is set
in the Dominican where that amber is between 20–40 million years old 1979 2018
– long after dinosaurs like the T-rex, brachiosaurus and velociraptor
were alive. Would it be possible to extract DNA? Simply, no.
Although fossilised ‘blood’ has been found in several specimens,
it is still subject to the same process of fossilisation where the original
structures are completely replaced by minerals – thus, DNA does not
survive. The only place where this might be possible is with Ice Age
animals (such as mammoths), but even then the DNA has still degraded. WHat? Brooklyn gang The Warriors reach home turf after
However, dinosaurs are still alive in the form of birds. So this concept a perilous nocturnal journey across NY from The Bronx.
of ‘dinosaurs are extinct’ should, well, become extinct itself! They confront rivals The Rogues among the rides.
There have been plans to use mammoth DNA to impregnate a living WHere? Coney Island, Brooklyn.
elephant and ‘bring the mammoth back’ – as a hybrid. Not only is this go? Take the D, Q, N or F train to the Stillwell Avenue
morally wrong, it costs huge sums of money – money that would be far stop and enjoy the rides and beach. Remember to clink
better spent protecting endangered animals than playing science fiction. glass Coke bottles together menacingly as you do…
Thanks to Richard Binks
verdict BOLLOCKS
Snapped yourself at a film location? Send us the details
Want us to investigate if a movie scenario is bollocks? Ask us at at

totaL FiLm | august 2018 SubScribe at
Boosting your movie genius
to god-like proportions

top 10

Former special forces hero,
02 A staple of Marvel comics
since 1963, Nick Fury, as played
criminal – no wonder the by Samuel L. Jackson, first
government turns to Snake appeared in Iron Man in 2008.
Plissken (Kurt Russell) to The lynchpin of the Avengers,
rescue the president from the Jackson has two films left on
max-security prison of NY his nine-picture deal. There
(and, in the sequel, LA). He are rumours of a solo Fury
never takes his eye off the prize. movie to come in Phase Four.

A Scottish wizard who lost
03 Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah)
had an eye plucked out by her
an eye in the First Wizarding martial arts tutor Pai Mei for
War, Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody being disrespectful. But that
(Brendan Gleeson) teaches only means she looks all the
Defence Against the Dark Arts more badass when swishing
during Harry Potter’s fourth year her sword… until, that is,
at Hogwarts. His new, magic eye The Bride (Uma Thurman) 113
allows for “Constant vigilance!” nabs her other orb.

05 Dr. Evil’s second in command
– called, naturally, Number
06 Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi)
is deputy bigwig of Spectre,
Two – in the Austin Powers a guy so evil he steals nukes
trilogy nods to Blofeld’s and keeps sharks in his pool.
right-hand man in Thunderball There’s no origin story to his
(see right). Played by Robert eyepatch – it’s an addition to
Wagner, Number Two wears Ian Fleming’s novel, which
a patch over his fully likens Largo’s hairy hands
functioning right eye. to “crawling tarantulas”.

John Wayne won his Oscar
playing Reuben J. ‘Rooster’
07 It’s the hidden treasure of this
17th Century pirate that our
Cogburn, a cantankerous US loveable heroes quest for in
Marshal who helps a 14-year- The Goonies. One-Eyed Willy
old girl track down her father’s doesn’t get much screen time
killer. Wayne revised the role and he’s only a skeleton, but
in 1975 sequel Rooster Cogburn, who can forget Mikey (Sean
while Jeff Bridges aced it in Astin) lifting that patch to
the Coens’ 2010 remake. find no socket underneath?

THOU? 10 To catch a real-life killer,
washed-up actor Richard
We don’t know how silver- Thorncroft (Julian Barratt)
tongued conman ‘Big Dan’ must reprise his hit ’80s role of
Teague (John Goodman) lost Detective Mindhorn, whose left
his right eye, but he’s clearly eye was replaced with a hi-tech
playing the part of the Cyclops scanner set into his eyepatch.
in Homer’s Odyssey, in the It complements his drooping
Coens’ Depression-set riff. ’tache and roadkill hairpiece. JG August 2018 | TOTAl FIlM
New Hollywood,
Movie Brats and
the birth of the
Buff’s decade-
reaches the
1970s, a time
when the
outsiders were
taking over.
Words Jamie Graham



ToTal Film | august 2018

ommonly referred to as the Last Golden
Age of Hollywood, the cinema of the
1970s was born out of an explosive mix
of socio-political and cultural ingredients.
It grew into something strange and savagely
beautiful, but could only flourish oh-so-fleetingly
before it withered and died.
In the mid-’60s and early-’70s, the studios were
managed by old white men who sank their heads into
their hands as America mutated beyond recognition.
Still cranking out Elvis Presley musicals and pastel-hued
vehicles for Doris Day and Rock Hudson, they had no
idea how to cater for counterculture youths shaped by
the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, feminism,
the pill, drugs, The Stones and The Doors, Charles
Manson (see page 122), the oil crisis and the Watergate
Scandal. Still trying to meet the challenge of TV by

august 2018 | ToTal Film

commissioning bloated backlot epics poster kids of New Hollywood – were
made in CinemaScope and Technicolor, tagged as the Movie Brats: Martin
they were flummoxed by changes Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George
in technology that made equipment Lucas, John Milius, Brian De Palma,
smaller, lighter and more mobile, Paul Schrader and Terrence Malick.
thus encouraging filmmakers to They emerged from film schools,
shoot on the move and off the cuff. as fluent in the ’50s and ’60s output
Rigor mortis had set in, and movies of Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini
were changing in a manner they could and Akira Kurosawa as they were in the
not fathom, as US pictures from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s studio pictures of
end of the previous decade – such as John Ford, Howard Hawks and William
The Graduate, Bonnie And Clyde, 2001: A Wyler. And while the groundwork laid
Space Odyssey and Easy Rider – reflected by a posse of slightly older filmmakers
the confusion and disillusionment – among them Stanley Kubrick, Mike
of the times. Poking at crumbling Nichols, Arthur Penn, John Cassavetes,
authority and pushing the boundaries Sam Peckinpah, Robert Altman, Peter
of sex and violence, this burgeoning Bogdanovich, Hal Ashby, Bob Rafelson,
movement that would become known William Friedkin and the Movie Brats’
as New Hollywood gained traction mentor, Francis Ford Coppola – cannot
when a tide of outsiders surveyed be overstated, with many of them still
the warping American landscape. flourishing and making some of the
English directors such as John decade’s finest films, it was the Movie
Schlesinger (1969’s Midnight Cowboy, Brats who made headlines.
The Day Of The Locust), Nicolas Roeg Films that
(Performance, Don’t Look Now) and Nightmare VisioNs defined a
John Boorman (1967’s Point Blank, “The door was wide open and you could decade
Deliverance) played a prominent just waltz in… there was nothing that
role, and European auteurs such was too outrageous,” marvelled Schrader 1 the FreNch
as Michelangelo Antonioni (1966’s as he and his pals were afforded a coNNectioN 1971
Blow-Up), Roman Polanski (1968’s creative freedom their director-for-hire William Friedkin brings docu-grit to the police
Rosemary’s Baby), Bernardo Bertolucci progenitors could never have dreamed procedural thriller as a NY cop (Gene Hackman)
(Last Tango In Paris) and Miloš Forman of (the exception being Orson Welles, tracks down a drug smuggler. Two years later,
(One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) who had carte blanche on Citizen Kane). Friedkin would again spin heads with The Exorcist.
arrived to strip Hollywood of its tinsel. Not ashamed to consider themselves
“There was a complete loss of as artists and auteurs, they fashioned 2 the godFather 1972
nerve by the American studios at that movies that favoured characterisation Francis Ford Coppola’s Mafia epic combines
point,” noted Boorman. “They were over plot, that shattered narrative old-school Hollywood classicism and romanticism
so confused and uncertain as to what conventions and smashed technical with a daring narrative and graphic violence.
to do, they were quite willing to cede rules, and that were populated Part II (1974) was even bolder. Could such films
power to the directors.” by antiheroes stumbling towards be hits in today’s market?
Said directors – who would, open, ambiguous or bleak endings.
throughout the decade, become the Hollywood’s dream factory was 3 chiNatowN 1974
Jack Nicholson’s nosy PI bumbles through a
1 labyrinthine plot as LA’s dark underbelly is not so
much exposed as slit open. Greed, murder, incest,
corruption, paranoia – this is not a popcorn flick.

4 Jaws 1975
The mechanical shark sank, the film went 300
per cent over budget and Spielberg became
bed-ridden with agitation, but it was worth it.
Forty-three years on, it’s still not safe to go
back in the water.

5 oNe Flew oVer
the cuckoo’s Nest 1975
Director Miloš Forman wanted Burt Reynolds
to play R.P. McMurphy, the free spirit trapped
in an insane asylum who rebels against Louise
Fletcher’s inflexible Nurse Ratched. He settled,
Ge t t y

thankfully, on Jack Nicholson.
Boosting your movie genius
to god-like proportions


suddenly in the business of ditched logic in favour of chaos and
manufacturing nightmares. insanity. “I wanted something savage
As well as the famous films featured to happen,” says John Carpenter
left, above and overleaf, the ’70s gave (Assault On Precinct 13, Halloween) in the
us such seminal works as The Last ace documentary American Nightmare,
Detail, Klute, Mean Streets, Badlands, while Craven grins, “All that bad
3 American Graffiti, The Long Goodbye, karma has gotta go somewhere.” 117
The Exorcist, A Clockwork Orange, Five A good deal of it went into Tobe
Easy Pieces, The Conversation, Night Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece The Texas
Moves, Nashville, The Last Picture Show, Chain Saw Massacre, as a group of
Shampoo, Dog Day Afternoon, Rocky, teenagers run out of petrol near an
Carrie, Coming Home, Manhattan and old house that’s home to a family of
Apocalypse Now. No genre, it seemed, cannibals. The kids, to say nothing of
was untouched by the anguish and the viewers who packed out drive-ins,
ennui, with westerns such as McCabe know they’re in trouble when the clan’s
And Mrs. Miller, Pat Garrett And Billy The most likeable member is a 22-stone

‘tagged the moVie brats,
directors like spielberg
aNd scorsese became New
hollywood’s poster kids’
Kid, Little Big Man and The Outlaw Josey killer called Leatherface who dresses
Wales rolling in the blood, dirt and in masks of flesh and wields a chainsaw
revisionism stirred up by The Wild like it’s a toothpick. Perhaps more than
Bunch, and Bob Fosse darkening the any other ’70s film, The Texas Chain Saw
musical by charting the rise of Nazism Massacre captures the fear, despair and
in Cabaret and hopping between violence of the times, brutally satirising
timeframes and fantasy and reality the all-American nuclear family while
while laying bare his drug-hoovering, offering a sickening portrait of
womanising ways in All That Jazz. a country in economic crisis and
Horror films, naturally, got in on ensnared in a guerrilla war played
the act, with George Romero (Dawn Of out on territory it did not understand.
The Dead, Martin), Wes Craven (The Last Horror movies had been dusting off
House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes) their cobwebs and oiling their creaks
and mad Canadian cine-scientist David since Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960, with
Cronenberg (Shivers, Rabid) heading Bogdanovich’s Targets and Romero’s
a pack of kamikaze filmmakers who Night Of The Living Dead also bringing

GAMESRADAR.coM/ToTALFILM August 2018 | ToTal Film

the terror home. But suddenly Dracula,
Wolf Man and Frankenstein’s monster
looked as archaic as an Egyptian
mummy next to Leatherface’s charnel
house littered with bones, meat hooks
and a dinner table freighted with
oversized, rotting sausages – all
granted snuff-movie immediacy
by the grainy 16mm images.

uNFamiliar Faces
This new wave of cinema required a new
kind of actor and actress. “Nobody had
ever seen themselves portrayed in a
movie,” said Dennis Hopper, director,
co-writer and star of counterculture
biker pic Easy Rider (1969), one of the
first movies to go looking for the
America of its time. He was right, and
suddenly films were no longer inhabited 6
by elegant stars, but instead peopled
by crumpled, awkward every(wo)men. 7 8
Think of the cinema of the late
’60s and ’70s and you think of Gene
Hackman, Robert De Niro, Harvey
Keitel, James Caan, Dustin Hoffman,
Richard Dreyfuss, Al Pacino, Jack
Nicholson, Robert Duvall and Elliott
Gould; of Ellen Burstyn, Diane Keaton,
Sissy Spacek, Shelley Duvall, Karen
Black, Meryl Streep and Talia Shire.
Even such gorgeous creatures as
Warren Beatty and Robert Redford,
Faye Dunaway and Jane Fonda, dug
deep into warts-and-all character parts,
more interested in the politics and the 9
human condition than immaculate
costumes and sparkling repartee. These
were actors and actresses trained by
method gurus such as Lee Strasberg and
Stella Adler, with many of them arriving
in LA from New York to stink up movies
with honking accents and the grime of
the city’s streets.
It should be noted, though, that not
all movies embraced the ethos of New
Hollywood. A prime function of cinema
has always been and will always be to
offer escapism, and so the ’70s was
also the decade of disaster movies,
with Airport, The Poseidon Adventure
and The Towering Inferno offering starry
ensembles battling enormous odds as a
bomb is smuggled on a plane, an ocean
liner overturns, and a state-of-the-art
skyscraper goes up in flames. By 1978,
John Landis’ raucous frat-pack comedy
Animal House was encouraging viewers
to ejaculate laughter at puerile men
behaving badly, and Grease was

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
Boosting your movie genius
to god-like proportions

revisiting the relative innocence of producers like [Richard D.] Zanuck,
the ’50s to entertain with toe-tapping rather than my contemporaries in my
tunes, romance and a dancing hotdog. circle in the ’70s,” admitted Spielberg.
Blaxploitation movies, meanwhile, Two years on, in 1977, Spielberg’s
though possessing an inherent Close Encounters Of The Third Kind would
socio-political charge, primarily traded also be a spectacular smash, though
in funky thrills – few were looking it was Lucas’ space opera Star Wars
to stain, subdue or subvert the crime that broke all records, collecting $775m
genre in the manner of, say, Chinatown, at the worldwide box office and taking
Night Moves and The Long Goodbye, merchandising to lightspeed. “Star
to say nothing of underrated gangster Wars was the film that ate the heart
films like The Outfit, The Friends Of and soul of Hollywood,” bemoaned
Eddie Doyle and Mickey And Nicky. Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and
If it’s awe-inspiring visuals and Raging Bull, and directed electrifying
heart-swelling adventure you’re after, crime movie Blue Collar. It’s not, of

‘this New waVe oF ciNema
required a New kiNd oF
actor aNd actress’
mind, then it is to the movies of course, that simple, with many of
Spielberg and Lucas that you must the ’80s blockbusters that followed
Films that train your wide eyes. Jaws, which was, proving quality fare. The downfall of
defined a in concept if not budget and execution, New Hollywood is more deservedly 119
decade… essentially a Roger Corman B-movie attributed to many of the filmmakers’
– fitting given that Corman gave many unchecked egos, for while there is no
6 star wars 1977 of the era’s greatest filmmakers and doubting that movies like Apocalypse
What better escape from Earth’s turmoil than actors the chance to cut their teeth Now and Heaven’s Gate are visionary
to visit a galaxy far, far away for a gloriously – ushered in the era of the blockbuster. masterpieces, their helter-skelter,
old-school tale of good versus evil, kitted Partly it was the pace and scope of catastrophically costly productions
out with new-fangled, dazzling effects? the thrills that unfurled so slickly on allowed studio suits to again wrest
screen, as a great white shark terrorises power away from the directors.
7 all the a seaside resort. But it was also the The dream was over as the decade
presideNt’s meN 1976 wide release on 409 screens (movies, fizzled out, but the films still grow
Alan J. Pakula specialised in paranoid thrillers in those days, were rolled out over all the more extraordinary with
(Klute, The Parallax View) but this recreation weeks and months) and Universal’s each passing year.
of the Washington Post’s uncovering of the huge spend on TV advertising, then
Watergate Scandal, leading to Nixon’s a brand-new strategy. “My influences Next issue: the ’80s – blockbusters
resignation, is his masterpiece. were executives like Sid Sheinberg and get bigger, bolder aNd brasher.

8 aNNie hall 1977
The birth of the modern-day romcom, as Woody
Allen’s neurotic comedian Alvy Singer loves and
loses Diane Keaton’s eponymous nightclub singer.
It beat Star Wars to the Best Picture Oscar.

9 taxi driVer 1976
Vietnam vet Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) surveys
all of New York’s filth through his neon-soaked
windscreen and fixates on saving child-prostitute
Iris (Jodie Foster). Film as terrifying fever dream.

10 the deer huNter 1978
Pennsylvanian steelworkers Robert De Niro,
Christopher Walken and John Savage enlist
to fight in the Vietnam War. In the words of
Roger Ebert, “One of the most emotionally
Ge t t y

shattering films ever made.”

August 2018 | ToTal Film

TWeeTs oF
If they’d had social...

Werner Herzog
@WernerH October 14 1980
Going to make history by not
using special effects when
transporting a 320-tonne ship
across Peru. #Fitzcarraldo

Werner Herzog
@WernerH December 10 1980
Lead Jason Robards has left due
to illness. We’re halfway through
but will need to reshoot entirely.
Happy to announce that Klaus
Kinski has replaced Jason.
Career InjeCtIon
Star WarS StorieS
Werner Herzog
@WernerH April 1, 1982
Done. Victory of the
weightlessness of dreams
over the heaviness of
reality. #TwoPlaneCrashes The unthinkable has happened: a Star Wars film has semi-flopped.
#BorderDisputes #LostMickJagger
Should Disney treat fans mean to keep them keen?

n, an unnamed could be feeling fatigued. Pre-Force Five
hindsighT CoRneR! actor in Solo had words Awakens, we had three-year breaks Point
Stars eat their words… to share about Disney’s between Star Wars films. After three Fix

Emilia ClarkE
approach to Han’s naming
ceremony. “They have to make [Solo]
good after The Last Jedi didn’t make
films since 2015, post-awakening fans
needed a rest: six months barely left
time to digest Luke’s cape-drop.
1 Sort out the
off-screen juggles
first, shoot second.
TErminaTor GEnisys, 2015 as much money,” he said, referring As for old fans who grumble like The backstage
to Episode VIII’s ‘under-performance’ cold wookiees when saga-diversifying troubles are
July 2014: “It just fills my heart looking habitual…
(if $1.3bn is an under-performance…). characters are introduced: stuff ’em.
with joy to be able to play strong and distracting.

“If they want to keep making Star Wars Right now, the feeling that the spin-offs
women. I’m incredibly fortunate.” Emphasise
movies, it has to be good.” are over-servicing old fans is hurting.
Oops. If Unnamed Actor was On paper, fan-service seems a safe bid; not blank-filling. If any
July 2017: “[Director Alan Taylor got] right, Lucasfilm has its work cut out. in practice, it’s anything but. There’s series should keep
chewed up on Terminator. He was Previously a box-office banker, Star Wars no future in pleasing the past, much less expanding horizons,
not the director I remembered. struggled with Solo’s theatrical Kessel in needlessly filling in blanks, between Star Wars should.

He didn’t have a good time. run, rendering the outlook cloudy for the mandibles or otherwise. Source killer
No one had a good time.” the prequels (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba After the shooting and the heavy directors. Sorry
Fett) previously thought to be following. breathing, our entry point into Star Wars to invoke the MCU,
but Jon Watts,
Rumours of producer Kathleen Kennedy’s was a young idealist dreaming of fresh
Taika Waititi and

plain Talking
exit have been added to the spice-mine horizons. It’s that spirit that needs
Ryan Coogler were
mix; so, too, has talk of suspension on re-bottling, not the old milk from on-point picks.
Learn the movie lingo
the ‘anthology’ films. Whether such the udder of nostalgia’s space cow.
Refresh and
talk is true, Lucasfilm’s next step has Sure, Solo deserved a better box-office diversify the
This monTh ‘crucial’ stamped all over it.
As for why Solo didn’t make the jump,
run. Alden Ehrenreich was terrific,
and Maul augured well for the sequel we
character range. Just
as Rose improved VIII,
Change pages L3-37’s one-liners lit
ge t t y, Il l us t r at Ion b y 17 t h & o a k

reasons aren’t scarce. After Rogue One’s might now never see. Few of us actively
New pages added to a script if troubles, production shuffles can’t have begrudge seeing old favourites again, up Solo. More, please.
additional scenes or amends are
introduced once filming has started.
They are on different coloured paper
helped: it’s harder to enjoy any ride when
the moving parts look so precarious.
so long as they aren’t the whole picture.
But it’s time for Star Wars’ Story-builders
5 Make the movies
An Event again.
A six-month break
And the ‘f’ word? Like Luke on a Yoda to regroup and make like Han at A New
and inserted into the original script, risks making releases
creating a multicoloured book.
workout, even fans who didn’t exhaust Hope’s climax: stop watching their appear routine.
themselves whining about Canto Bight backs and take risks for the future. KH

total Film | August 2018 SubScribe at
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to god-like proportions

She was definitely never going
to forget her bug repellent
on a camping trip again.

is it just me…
or was it better seeing trailers
for the first time at the cinema?

asks Marion Koob

he Star Wars trailer is out!” In the age of the internet, it’s never The heads behind Alien: Covenant
my colleague shouts. been easier for studios to market new
office-ometer might just have found a way forward.
The TF sTaFF verdicT is in!
Huddling around her movies to us. But no longer do we Ahead of the film’s release, two
desktop screen, we watch get the pleasure of discovering an ‘prologues’ were launched online
the first new images of the franchise anticipated film at the cinema, with – short films giving us background on
to be released in years. It’s awe- all the majesty of a display larger than the story (and featuring cameos from
inspiring. It’s shiny. It’s emotional. our desktop monitors. Now, in front Noomi Rapace and James Franco).
Flash-forward six months. I sit at of the big screen, we brace ourselves So why can’t we get more movie
the cinema, gritting my teeth through for a second, third or fourth re-watch. promotions along these lines? Why
ads: here are the banks, flailing to earn And it’s making us bored, and not not give us fresh material to whip up
our goodwill; the car manufacturers, a little frustrated. curiosity, alongside traditional trailers?
trying really hard not to make cars The question is, are there ways for Couldn’t the studios show new,
boring; and the smooth party scenes the studios to make it better? They exclusive scenes at the cinema and
peddling booze. The usual title cards need those bums on seats, after all, leave the trailers to the internet, or vice
flash, and it’s finally time for the and there must be less brutal methods versa? In this age of ‘content is king’,
trailers. I relax my jaw. to get them there than force-feeding perhaps more content is the way
And then, in comes the all-too the same content again and again to forward, rather than just pummelling
familiar ‘braaaam’. It’s the Star Wars captive audiences; not least because audiences with the same thing over
trailer. Again. By now, every single as soon as we recognise those familiar and over again. Or is it just me?
one of its beats is familiar – and not opening shots, we reach straight for Share your reaction at www.gamesradar.
iT’s iT’s noT
in a good way. our phones – cinema rules or no. jusT you jusT you com/totalfilm or on Facebook and Twitter.

last month are the best sequels belated ones?
Rasmus GRavesen sean mccoRmack ave chesham oswald dehneRt
No. The Godfather: Part II, Well, as long as we are Sure, the likes of Creed have The key is to make the next
Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, not talking about Die Hard been great belated sequels, chapter when the material is
Road Warrior, Back To The or Independence Day or but they’re in the minority. good enough. Some sequels
Future II. Some of the best Indiana Jones or Zoolander Studios, understandably, released soon are great, some
sequels ever. All made less than or Dumb And Dumber or will always be keen to cash are shit. Same with sequels
a decade after the originals. Wall Street or… in on an established franchise. released with a large gap. august 2018 | ToTal Film


Horror Story
Five decades on, why are filmmakers still fascinated by the Manson Family murders?
As Quentin Tarantino shoots Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Buff looks at the man
who brought an end to the Summer of Love and still haunts movie folklore.
Words Kevin Harley

ToTal Film | august 2018
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to god-like proportions


After Charles Manson died in Forty-nine years on, at least four (1974), a meticulous recounting of the
November 2017, three competing films are revisiting (to varying degrees) investigation into the murders. “There
claims emerged to his estate and the crimes. Quentin Tarantino’s Once are thousands of evil, polished con men
remains. In March, Manson’s grandson, Upon A Time In Hollywood; American out there,” noted Bugliosi, “and we’ve
Jason Freeman, was granted custody Psycho/I Shot Andy Warhol director Mary had more brutal murders than the
of the body of the cult leader, criminal, Harron’s Charlie Says; Hilary Duff- Manson murders, so why are we still
racist and failed musician. If Manson’s starrer The Haunting Of Sharon Tate; and talking about Charles Manson?”
estate remains contested, so do his Tate (with Kate Bosworth) are in various
memory and meaning: almost half states of pre/post-production. The
a century after the Tate-LaBianca films follow a recent surge of books, Criminal tendenCies
murders, the fascination with Manson TV shows, podcasts, documentaries and Perhaps, with his wild-eyed rants,
and his ‘Family’ is undiminished. more that either explore, evoke, satirise Manson personifies many people’s
On 8-9 August 1969, a group of or allude to Manson, from Emma timeless ideas of what so-called
Manson’s followers murdered eight- Cline’s breakout novel The Girls and ‘evil’ looks like. Perhaps the story
and-a-half-months pregnant actor the podcast You Must Remember This to of a disenchanted racist failure who
Sharon Tate, three of her associates TV’s American Horror Story, Mindhunter, predicted an apocalyptic race war and
(Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Mad Men, Aquarius and beyond. carved a swastika into his forehead
Frykowski) and a visitor (Steven Parent) Over the past five decades, this seems grimly timely, given the rise
on 10050 Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills. The fascination has extended to true-crime of the alt-right. Perhaps the murders
next night, Manson Family members books, operas and musicals, besides fascinate because of their time, evoking
killed LA supermarket chain executive numerous pop/rock Manson name- clichés about the dark side of the ’60s,
Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary; drops. Yet the bigger Manson mystery and the perceived end of the Summer
Manson did not commit the murders, was posed by prosecuting attorney of Love’s hippie ideals. Factor in
though he tied up the LaBiancas. Vincent Bugliosi, author of Helter Skelter Manson’s mostly female following,

August 2018 | ToTal Film

a whiff of dark Hollywood, a hint Music played key notes in Manson’s
of occultism and salacious tabloid history. In 1968, he heard The Beatles’
appetites, and you’ve got a broad range The White Album and mis-interpreted
of multi-generational fears, headlines their lyrics wildly. In ‘Helter Skelter’
and talking points in a nutshell. he divined a prophecy of a race war,
Whichever reading you prefer, from which he claimed his Family
Manson’s story unfolds thus. He was offered protection. Manson wrote
born in Cincinnati, 1934, to alcoholic songs to trigger said apocalypse.
16-year-old Kathleen Maddox and a
dad he never knew; termed No Name
Maddox for a while, he eventually FaCe tHe musiC
received the name Charles Milles He had his defenders in music, and a
Maddox, and later took his stepfather’s sort-of influence. Neil Young claimed
surname. Raised by foster parents, juvie Manson was “quite good” in his 2012
and reform schools, he turned to crime memoir, Waging Heavy Peace. In spring
early. At 13, he was accused of armed 1968, Manson and Family lived with
robbery; at 17, of male rape in prison. The Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson, who
Forgery and the transfer of women introduced Manson to record producer
across state lines for prostitution Terry Melcher; Manson thought
landed him in prison in 1960, from Melcher was his opening to rock ’n’ roll
which he emerged on 21 March 1967; fame. Wilson, meanwhile, let the drugs
by then, he had been divorced twice do the talking when he said, “Charlie’s
and fathered two sons. real cosmic, man. He’s deep. He listens
On his release, Manson headed to to Beatles records and gets messages
San Francisco hippie mecca Haight- from them about what to do next.”
Ashbury, the San Francisco epicentre of As for Manson’s musical influence,
the Summer of Love, where his ex-con one Brian Warner courted quick-fix
mystique, hippie speak, guitar skills controversy by mixing Marilyn
and messianic front attracted followers Monroe’s forename with Manson’s
– often young, middle-class women. surname for his stage name. On 1993’s
His acolytes included Mary Brunner, The Spaghetti Incident?, Guns N’ Roses
Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, covered Manson’s ‘Look At Your Game,
Leslie Van Houten and Lynette Girl’. David Bowie and Leonard Cohen “and having him write me letters made
‘Squeaky’ Fromme. After time spent invoked Manson as a kind of synonym me feel intense.” Brit-rockers Kasabian
travelling on a repurposed school bus, for dark matters on – respectively angled for some of that heaviosity
the Family settled at California’s Spahn – ‘Candidate’ and ‘The Future’; Nine when they lifted their name from
Ranch, an old western movie set; here, Inch Nails, meanwhile, recorded 1994’s Family member Linda Kasabian.
Manson’s quasi-commune seemed to The Downward Spiral at 10050 Cielo But Manson flopped as a musician.
occupy the old/new Hollywood tipping Drive. In the ’80s, Henry Rollins When The Beach Boys overhauled his
point that helped shape a generation. corresponded with Manson, intending song ‘Cease To Exist’ as ‘Never Learn
Spahn offered drugs, orgies, the illusion to produce an album of Manson songs. Not To Love’ on their 1969 album
of freedom: magnets for the disaffected. “I was very young,” Rollins explained, 20/20, Manson wasn’t credited (though
he was reportedly paid). Melcher didn’t
secure Manson a record deal, and it
may have been a desire for revenge that
directed Manson to 10050 Cielo Drive,
once Melcher’s residence.

motives For murder
Alternative motivations have also
been seeded, entangled with drugs and
Horror HoUsE racism. When Family member Bobby
Reporters swarm Beausoleil was arrested for the murder
around the Tate of teacher Gary Hinman, someone at
property following
the Family supposedly had the idea of
the Manson Family
conducting killings that made it look
murders (left);
director Roman as if Hinman’s murderers were at large,
Polanski and Sharon thus freeing Beausoleil of suspicion.
Tate during happier Another influence was drug dealer
Ge t t y

times (bottom). Bernard “Lotsapoppa” Crowe. When

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
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to god-like proportions

Kasabian was a witness. The killers invalidated in California. Manson’s
scrawled the walls of both houses with final stay in prison began in 1971:
words such as “piggies” and “helter since then, his profile has grown.
(or “healter) skelter”, in reference
to Manson’s Beatles obsession and
in a bid to frame the Black Panthers. long goodbye
A deceptively sharp merger of Manson’s
American-nightmare persona with a
PaniC in la cutesier narrative appeared on The Ben
The murders terrified LA. Mia Farrow, Stiller Show in 1992, predating Manson
Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra were satires on Family Guy and South Park. Bob
numbered among those fearing for their Odenkirk played Manson as a Lassie-
lives; Bugliosi claimed one Beverly Hills style pet to the Wilson family; he talks
store sold 200 firearms in two days. gibberish, but the Wilsons somehow
Press speculation ranged from political discern wisdoms in his nonsense,
to occultist; as Bugliosi wrote, “The even though he’s often underfoot.
towel over Sebring’s face became Manson’s presence has certainly
a white hood (KKK?) or a black hood stuck. Bugliosi birthed the true-crime
(Satanists?), depending on which genre in his book Helter Skelter. Fromme
paper or magazine you read.” returned the Family to the headlines
It took the police a few months to when she attempted to assassinate
connect the murders. Only after Family President Gerald Ford in 1975, while
members were arrested for car crimes Manson generated attention from
did the pieces click: when she boasted prison. Exacerbated by his association
to fellow inmates about the murders, with white supremacist prison gang
Atkins steered the trail to Manson. the Aryan Brotherhood, his tabloid
The trial became a media magnet. coverage increased when he changed 125
Reportedly, Rolling Stone wanted to the X on his head to a swastika.
proclaim Manson’s innocence on the Late in life, Manson gained a new
magazine’s cover. Manson carved an follower in 26-year-old Afton Elaine

Manson instructed high-school ‘tHe manson Family murders evoke
athlete-turned-Family member Tex
Watson to source money in preparation CliCHés about tHe dark side oF tHe ’60s
for Helter Skelter, Watson defrauded
Crowe, who responding by threatening and tHe end oF tHe summer oF love’
the Family. Manson retaliated by going
to Crowe’s home and shooting him; X on his forehead in protest at his Burton, who he renamed Star. Manson
when Manson received reports of a treatment; Atkins, Krenwinkel and applied for a licence to marry her in
Black Panther’s corpse found in LA, Van Houten copied him. At one point, 2015, though the marriage never took
he figured it was Crowe and readied Manson lunged for the judge; when he place. Some press reports alleged that
the ranch for the retaliatory first strike MUrdEr testified, he ranted for an hour-plus. Burton wanted to have Manson’s body
in the Helter Skelter war. THEY WroTE The tense atmosphere was for public display after he died.
Whichever version you favour, Brad Pitt and heightened during the trial by the Meanwhile, pop culture’s fascination
Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Leonardo DiCaprio death of Van Houten’s attorney, Ronald with Manson is as intense as ever.
in Once Upon A
Kasabian left the commune on 8 August Hughes. He may have drowned; or, he While former Doctor Matt Smith
Time In Hollywood
1969 to hit 10050 Cielo Drive and, may have been murdered by a Family will play him in Harron’s Charlie Says,
(top left); Susan
on Manson’s order, “totally destroy Atkins, Patricia member in retaliation for his intent Tarantino is determined to assemble
everyone in [it], as gruesome as you Krenwinkel and to argue that Van Houten was acting a huge cast for Once Upon A Time In
can”. Kasabian stood watch while the Leslie Van Houten under Manson’s influence, not of her Hollywood. Though Tarantino’s epic is
rest murdered coffee heiress Abigail after being given own volition (no one has ever been thought to focus more on Hollywood
Folger, would-be screenwriter Voytek the death penalty charged in connection to Hughes’ than Manson, it will be released on the
Frykowski, Hollywood hairdresser Jay (top); Dennis Wilson death). Family members were also 50th anniversary of the Tate murders.
Sebring, 18-year-old visitor Steven with The Beach found guilty of murdering stuntman Margot Robbie will star alongside Brad
Boys (middle right);
Parent and Tate. Frykowski suffered Donald Shea, a Spahn Ranch hired Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Cline’s The
the height of
51 stab wounds, Tate 16. hand who Manson believed reported Girls has been tapped for adaptation,
the Summer of
The next night, Van Houten, Love (bottom right); the Family to the police for car theft. and ITV has unearthed the Family’s
Steve ‘Clem’ Grogan and Manson Charles Manson Manson and his followers received home video tapes for a docu-special.
joined the same four Family members during his trial death sentences, which became life For good or bad, Manson may well be
and murdered the LaBiancas; again, (above left). sentences as the death penalty was “underfoot” for some time to come.

GAMESRADAR.coM/ToTALFILM August 2018 | ToTal Film


re you not entertained?”
Russell Crowe’s enraged
Roman general-turned-
slave roars at the baying
crowd the first time he’s thrown into
a provincial gladiatorial theatre in
Ridley Scott’s 2000 swords-and-
sandals revival. Oh yeah, we were.
Betrayed by the duplicitous Emperor
Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), his
family murdered, and hellbent on
vengeance, Maximus slices and dices
his way to the big league – Rome’s
Colosseum – to force a confrontation

ToTal Film | august 2018
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to god-like proportions


the big shot
entertains us
with his nemesis. Pitched into a battle kept 15 feet from Crowe as he ducked he’d get performing in the million
with undefeated gladiator Tigris of and dived under Malta’s blazing sun. dollar Colosseum replica set. He broke a
Gaul, Maximus find his skills tested A combo of split-screen, forced foot, cracked a hip bone, popped a bicep
by Commodus’ sneaky introduction perspective and greenscreen made the tendon, pulled an Achilles tendon and
of tigers to the arena via trap doors. action appear more red in tooth and lost all feeling in two fingers after
Sweaty, bloody, heart-in-mouth battle nail, with a tiger handler standing in a particularly brutal sword fight.
ensues… a key scene in Scott’s vision for Crowe when a beast jumps on his “I’ve done some pretty physical
of bringing ancient Rome to life – back (in reality benignly pursuing a stuff before, but this was unrelenting,”
though for this iconic moment he’d treat) and a ‘stuffie’ prop tiger used he admitted at the time. No pain, no
planned to include rhinos, switching to for close-up wrestling. gain, Russ – his essaying of a rugged,
big cats after the horned beasts proved That’s not to say Crowe didn’t get honourable fighting machine may have
too tricky to tame or render digitally. hurt. Having trained for months with hurt but it made him a global star,
Instead, five tigers were brought fight master Nicholas Powell, the burly propelled Gladiator to five Oscar
in (plus a vet with a tranq gun) and Aussie was unprepared for the battering wins and rejuvenated a genre. JC

august 2018 | ToTal Film

the tf brain
1. Who’s the odd one out? a) Angelina Jolie
b) Brad Pitt c) Will Smith d) Christina Aguilera SHARKS! 1. Jaws 2 director Jeannot Szwarc went on
to direct which ’80s superhero movie?
2. Name the rival gang of the Sharks in
West Side Story.
Just when you thought 2. In which year was Peter Benchley’s
source novel for Jaws published?
3. Which is the correct character name from it was safe to test your 3. Which Baldwin brother heads the cast
The Shallows? a) Seagull Gadot b) Sully ‘Steven’
Seagull c) John Seagull Reilly.
movie knowledge… of 2008’s Sharks In Venice?
4. Name the three ‘reformed’ sharks
4. Complete the line from Back To The Future in Finding Nemo.
Part II: “Shark still looks ___.” 5. What’s the name of the great white’s
5. “You ate my bird!” is a line in which 1999 3. Which is the correct title? a) Sharknado: first victim in the original Jaws?
shark movie? The 4th Awakens b) Sharknado: The Last
Dead-Eye c) Sharknado: Revenge Of The
4. Bruce, Anchor and Chum 5. Chrissie Watkins
Fish d) Sharknado: The Plankton Menace was nominated! HARD 1. Supergirl (1984) 2. 1974 3. Stephen Baldwin
1. True or false? Lorraine Gary is the only 4. Which 2003 shark film is based on 3. a) Sharknado: The 4th Awakens 4. Open Water 5. False – but he

actor to feature in all four Jaws movies. a real-life scuba-diving incident?
Blue Sea MEDIUM 1. False – she’s not in Jaws 3-D 2. c) Supermarket
128 Shark Tale 2. The Jets 3. b) Sully ‘Steven’ Seagull 4. “Fake” 5. Deep
2. Bait (aka Bait 3D) is set in a flooded… what? 5. True or false? Jaws: The Revenge’s Bruce AnSwERS EASY 1. b) Brad Pitt – the others all star in
a) pet shop b) bingo hall c) supermarket the Shark won the Worst Actor Razzie.

11 90
10 91● ●

● 8 92 ● ● 88

12 ● ● ● 126 124
13 14● ●
● ● 87
125 ●123 101 93 ● ●
7 127 ● 102
●122 ● 86
●100 94
● ●
15 ●121

5 128 ● ●

4 ●120 103 ● 95 ●
3 2 1 ●129 ●
● 99 85

119 104 ●● 96
● ●130 97 ●
● ● ●
16 ● ●
118 ● 105 98
117 ●
● ● ●
17 84
116 ● ● 106 ● ● 107

● 115● 108 ● ● 83
18 ● 109

114 ● 110
● 82
● ● 111
113 ● 112


● ● 81
20 ● ● 41 ● 80

21 ● ● 40 44 ●
● 39 ● 79
22 ●
45 ●
23 ● ● 38
● 78
● 37

dot-to-dot 46 ●

● ●74

24 ● ● 47 ● 75 ●73
76 ●72
25 ● 36 ● 68 ●71
66 ● 69
● 63
● ●
● 48 ● ●
65 67

26 ● 49 ●

64 ●
● 62
27 ● ● 35
50 ●

Join the dots for cinematic meditation. 28 ● ● 34 51 ● ● 61
29 ● 33
● 32 ● 52 ●

30 ● 31

● 5357 60

● ● 59

● ●
54 ● 56 58

ToTal Film | august 2018 SubScribe at
60 Second Screenplay



EXT: ISLA NUBLAR INT: SOON-TO-BE-HAUNTED-MANSION living weapons to some of the world’s
richest, dumbest people.
At the abandoned Jurassic World site, JAMES CROMWELL
a group of mercenaries explore the I’ll help you rescue the dinosaurs, MINI-TRUMP TOBY JONES
former Creature From The Splat Lagoon BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD! Mind you, I had C’mon, what’s the difference from
ride, looking for bones. Preferably a hard enough time bossing that lippy soldiers riding horses into war? Apart
not their own. porker Babe back in the day, so God from dinos preferring human flesh to
knows how I expect to get the entire small apples and sugar cubes.
NERVOUS MERCENARY 1 Land Before Time cast on a ferry.
Wait a minute – opening scene, EVIL RAFE SPALL 129
darkness, water, scary music… EVIL RAFE SPALL Buy one, get one, flee!
I may be some kind of asshole, I mean,
NERVOUS MERCENARY 2 of assistance. Now back to bed, RICH BASTARD
…And I’m not wearing any pants! Mr. Cromwell, before you catch your… I bid a squillion dollars to bring
It’s a Jaws homage! Help! death. How much arsenic would you back Steven Spielberg!
like in your Horlicks?
The giant mosasaurus makes a giant Seasoned mercenary TED LEVINE
‘mos’ of everyone. BRYCE heads to Isla Nublar with raptor decides it’d be a good idea to
whisperer CHRIS PRATT, some wholly get in a cage with the deadliest
INT: COURTROOM trustworthy mercenaries and tech nerd predator in history.
JUSTICE SMITH, who makes Moss from
JEFF GOLDBLUM The IT Crowd look like Iron Man. INDORAPTOR
So, so, so, soooooo… yeah, gosh, Seasoned my arse! I’m the Don’t-Get-
wow, gosh, uh-huh [clicks tongue, BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD Indo-Cage-Raptor, fool.
rolls eyes; rolls tongue, Hey everyone, let’s go on the
clicks eyes]. Gyro-Fear ride! Please keep your As the Indo goes on the rampage,
belongings, limbs and major organs CHRIS and BRYCE decide to stop it
JUDGE with you at all times. by any implausible means necessary.
Oh, for f… the question was, “Would After using their built-in dickweed
you like a glass of water, With impeccable timing, the Tragic detectors to kill RAFE, the dinos
Mr. Goldblum?” Mountain ride starts vomiting lava flee the house.
all over the place. Somehow the gang
JEFF GOLDBLUM manage to herd the most vicious, T-REX
So as I was saying… God creates violent dinos on to boats, but not Come on ladies, let’s get our
dinosaurs. Man destroys God. the gentle, leaf-eating ones. threequel started! U-S-Slay! U-S-Slay!
Man creates dinosaurs. Director
“How about an easy-money cameo? Oi, get back here! I’m the only one
We can do it round yours.” the viewers give a toss about! You’ll JEFF GOLDBLUM
Jeff says, “HELL YES!” be sorry when the critics say it’s Me again? Sweet. This bit’s in the
all FX, no emotion! This wouldn’t ads, so I get extra, right? Welcome to
The judge rules that dinosaurs happen in The Flintstones… Jurassic World: Fallen Ker-ching-dom!
shouldn’t be saved, and that
Jeff should try to be in the INT: COUNTRY HOUSE OF HORRORS FIN
next film a bit more; either
that or they should bring EVIL RAFE SPALL and MINI-TRUMP TOBY NEXT ISSUE:
back Laura Dern. JONES auction off the dinosaurs as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT