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Joshua Thomas | www.joshrthomas.

com 3700 Cole Ave #242, Dallas, TX 75204 832-704-1521

Objective: To help turn the world on its head through technology by joining a team of highly motivated people where I can
contribute my passion for design and my knowledge of computer science and mechanical engineering.

Education: SMU Lyle School of Engineering, Dallas, TX Grad Date: May 2017
BS in Mechanical Engineering Overall GPA: 3.72
Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science CS GPA: 4.00
Credera – Consultant – Full Time August 2017 - Present
• Front-end web and SharePoint developer where I’ve gained experience with different front-end technologies, libraries and best
practices as well as frequently leading client meetings and participating in sales meetings with my manager
• Created an accelerator for the creation of SharePoint sites that reduced our team’s implementation time by 33%. In addition to
accelerating implementation time, the accelerator served as a valuable tool for quickly onboarding new members to our team.
• Led a sales cycle for a net-new client and worked closely with a Senior Architect to learn Credera’s method for project estimation
• Invited to join Credera’s new Machine Learning competency and taken several ML related courses in my personal time
Citi – CTI Summer Analyst - Internship Summer 2016
• Worked inside CTI’s Command Center with the Batch Management team. Shadowed project managers, worked on report
automation, and worked to increase employee engagement on the department’s internal collaboration sites.
• Worked on an accelerated intern project to fully re-design CTI’s digital help center website. Our team’s design of the homepage
and site layout is being put into production for the site.
Therma-Flite Mechanical Design Intern - Internship Summer 2015
• Intern at Therma-Flite, a company out of California that designs and builds large scale screw heat exchangers
• Worked on stress analysis of hydraulic piston, 3D modeling of mechanical parts, an oxygen sensor scope of work document, and
extensive work updating drawing files for various parts and assemblies
Programming Languages and Software Tools:
Javascript, HTML, CSS & Sass, Gulp, C#, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Python, MySQL, PHP, C++, Java, Azure Machine Learning
Studio, SolidWorks (CAD), Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Adobe Production Suite (Premiere, After Effects)

Senior Design – Low Cost Refigeration Fall 2016 – May 2017
• Worked with my team to develop a low cost refrigeration system for Rwandan dairy farmers that cools 1.5L of milk to meet
Rwandan Grade II standards through a series of rapid-prototyping sprints
• Due to our passion about working on a project that was more significant than the standard offerings, we formed our own team of
5 students and proposed our own project to work in conjunction with SMU's Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity
Enrepreneurship Map / SMU Cube Spring 2015 – May 2017
• Received an Engaged Learning grant for mapping the state of the ‘Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” at SMU and creating a graphical
map of resources on campus that will be used as a future recruitment tool for prospective new students
• Founding Member and Student Manager of the Cube, a student-run business accelerator for student start-ups.

Grüpr – Front End Mobile Development Spring 2016
• Worked as primary front end app developer on a team of 2 front-end and 4 back-end developers to create an iOS and Android
mobile app using the Ionic Framework designed to help college students create, browse, and join study sessions on campus
• Used Human Centered Design to research and come up with our idea, and then took 6 weeks to develop the app

Human Centered Design Project Fall 2015
• Learned and used the Human Centered Design process to address two projects during the semester: “How might we increase
SMU student ridership on the DART?” and “How might we increase voter turnout of young adults in local Dallas elections?”
• Worked in collaborative teams of 4-5 people to utilize the full HCD process of first person research, research synthesis and
brainstorming, and rapid prototyping to address the two projects

Appsassins- Back End Web and Mobile development Fall 2015
• Worked as a back-end developer on a team of 2 other back-end developers and 4 front-end developers to create a web app and
a companion Android mobile app
• Our project, named Appsassins, created a 21st century way to create, manage, and play games of Assassins with your friends
First Year Design Project Spring 2014
• Designed and built an autonomous, water finding and remediating robot with a team of other engineering students