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Juror 3:

 Dominant Character – Intimidates others – Defensive Communication
 Personal problem - Estranged son – Takes case personally
 Cognitive dissonance – When he asks Juror 5 not to take the case personally
 Relies on Juror 4’s logical argument throughout. When Juror 4 changes mind, he feels
 He is not willing to listen to others’ opposing arguments. He plays Tic Tac Toe during
 His point that “I will kill you” is meant when a person says it is disproved when ends up
threatening Juror 8

MBTI – INFJ – Introvert , intuition, feeling judging

Juror 4:

 A logical person who believes in factual information
 Does not involve emotionally while judging a case
 He was convinced that the accused was guilty on hearing the Police Officer testify against
the accused
 His stance is challenged when he felt that the witness (old woman) might have worn her
spectacles at that time

MBTI – ESTP extrovert, sensing, thinking , thinking