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The M3D PRO 3D Printer User Manual

8mm x 177. For updated specifications. and . and watch as you bring an object into the world through 3D printing.16mm x 33.75 mm. Let’s see what you print! Specifications Lower Build Volume: 177. The M3D Pro is ready right out of the box to make your custom creations come to life.printM3D. hit print.STL.4mm Upper Build Volume: 152. technical articles.8mm x 152. the first “self-aware” 3D printer. Find new software. accepts 3rd party filaments Nozzle Diameter: and travels (non-print speed) at speed up to 120mm/sec Software: M3D and support 3rd party software Supported File Types: .com/ www. .40 mm (other sizes available from M3D store) Speed: Typically prints filament up to 60mm/sec.4mm x 137.PrintM3D. plug in the printer.7 lbs www. and information visit www. languages. Just download our software from https://printm3d. download the Visit and explore our website for new content.02mm Layer Resolution/Layer Thickness (Vertical Resolution): 25 to 350 Microns Filament Diameter: 1.PrintM3D. and in-depth View our expansive customer support network. 3D models. . and FAQ.Welcome to 3D Printing! Thank you for purchasing The M3D Pro 3D Printer. documentation.ZIP System Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux Power Supply: 45W UL/CE/FCC/RCM/PSE listed power supply USB: 2.0 and above Weight: 4. This Manual is subject to change. and news. The M3D Pro is designed to use a closed-loop feedback sensor network to ensure reliability and error correction leading to more successful printing. features.

Remove power supply. Next. Flip box over gently and let the M3D Pro slowly slip out of the box onto a flat surface.0 Unboxing The Pro The unboxing should be performed carefully to avoid damage to the unit. DO NOT let the printer fall out of the box for any reason. Lastly. remove any additional tape and packaging. Safety Considerations Caution: Hot! Keep your fingers away from the Nozzle Tip and Black Insulator when the printer is on as these areas reach temperatures over 200 degrees Celsius. . 1. Always be sure to keep your hands away from moving parts when The Pro is in operation. flip the printer over and remove the foam from the top of the printer. Once the Pro is completely free of the box. remove the foam from the bottom of the printer.

. Please visithttp://www. Insert the other end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer. DO NOT use another power supply! Plug the country-specific external power supply into a wall socket. Rear view of The Pro showing the USB and *Power Off* To power off The M3D Pro.0 Downloading M3D Software 1. Then. DO NOT turn off your printer or computer during firmware and software updates.0 Connect and Power The Pro Insert the M3D provided M3D USB cable into the USB port at the back of the printer. go to our support page at "http:// www. this will prevent Windows prompts. Please allow your printer to update to the most recent firmware. Your computer is now ready to Pro is in operation." and search “USB 3” for solutions. If you have issues with USB 3. wait at least 10 Power ports. and the M3D logo on the front of The M3D Pro should light up. Download the M3D Software to a known location. Insert the M3D provided genuine M3D power supply into the round hole on the back of the printer. running a Windows PC. 3. 3. disconnect the USB ​ to download ​ your Operating *Turn Windows Automatic Updates to Inform Only* When System specific M3D Software. Run the M3D Software after it has fully installed. Automatic Updates from restarting your computer (resulting in a print failure) while The 2. seconds before detaching the power supply from the back of the printer.PrintM3D.0. turn Automatic Updates to “Check for like your Desktop.2.printm3d. Run the installer and continue through all windows and updates. automatically detect any M3D printers that are connected. but let me choose whether to download and install them” from the Control Panel.

If it is not. A good way to test if the External filament is filament is “caught” is to lightly pull back and installed via the external forth on the filament. Showing the filament path taken on which filament type you are using. DO NOT attempt to load both ports at the same time during printer extrude this first and then insert your filament of printing. apply constant force on tube. feed port located at the top of the extruder head. you need to feel the underneath the print bed filament “catch” the extruder gear. you can type in either ABS or PLA or TGH (for Tough 3D ink) depending Figure. If the filament does not pull out.0 Installing 3D Ink (Filament) Filament Installation is accessed by selecting the 3D Ink button in the top left *NOTE Factory Filament * corner of the M3D Software. Your 3D Ink™ Cheat Code is written on the front of your Micro Spool. then you have engaged with the gear. let the Internally. Always keep a clear path between your filament 3D Ink Cheat Code spool and the print head. the path begins In both scenarios. the filament to push it forward into the extruder gear. When you through the black filament are loading filament. . You will be guided to install filament Externally or There may be factory filament installed externally. When installing internal Notes for Loading Filament filament. choice.4.

If not. so all you have settings. sites like Thingiverse. There is the M3D Software.5.STL or .0 The First Print! 1. Select the Open ​ Model button​ in the top Nozzle Height Peeling/Warping Please visit left corner of the M3D Software to browse Only a piece of paper You should typically www. We recommend printing option in the M3D Software to manually this model first as a test calibration. Recalibrate! corner. should fit between stop your print and videos and documents regarding calibrating Other models can be downloaded from the print bed and adjust the User nozzle tip.OBJ file and Yeggi. select your first model.PrintM3D. Load the First Model 3. adjust the calibration height of your Pro. Then go to the Calibration section to do is press print! where you can select Advanced Calibration. . Keep the printer on a level/stable surface Your first model is already loaded in the during any calibration sequence. This will begin the Quick watching the first few layers of your print and Calibration process. we have already the Gear Icon to open the printer pre-loaded the best settings. Offset Values in that The Pro. Watch Your First Pro Print! Often a successful first print layer leads Click the Green ​ Button to open the print to a successful print! To be sure your settings menu and begin your first print. These files must be .com/support for detailed for other 3D Models on your computer. Calibrate 2. For printer is ready for its first print. which should take no paying attention to the following two things: more than 5 Loading a model into the printer is *DO NOT TOUCH The Pro During simple. *Look Out!* Now select the Recalibrate Bed Location We encourage you to get into the habit of button. just drag the model from the ​ Calibration* Recent Models library ​to the printer.

position. For additional language support. and when should I have it turned on? Support Material is needed when printing 3D models with overhangs. it the adhesion of any filament. rotated. A hollow print will have nothing on the interior. What is my Bed Location. With higher quality prints you will A heated bed is a feature for 3D printing and has many benefits that will help have smaller layer heights and longer print times.". assists in first layer adhesion especially with Fill Density of a print is the amount of filament printed inside the model (the part filaments such as M3D Professional filament. This dramatically improves the print quality by will weigh less but can be easier to break. Search our technical articles. require more filament. individually adjusted using the scale bar. otherwise you could mode. and orientation? The bed location is the position of the Nozzle Tip relative to the Print Bed. density print will weigh more. or manually entered into and print bed. A high keeping the extruded plastic warm which aids in the prevention of warping. please visit "http://www. often this means the Bed Location is off. A heated bed helps with removing a printed What is Fill Density? model from the printing surface. you would turn support on in this situation to print the model properly. . The “Zero” position is when the nozzle tip is hovering Models can be scaled by all three dimensions simultaneously by using the right- just above the print bed.0 Troubleshooting In the event of any printer issues. visit the M3D support page online at “http://www. What is Support Material.6.printm3d. and ABS as well as assisting of the model you do not see).com/support" to find documentation in your language. You will see a menu on your left where models can be scaled.printm3d. only a piece of paper should slide between the nozzle tip mouse button. but is stronger. videos. improve the quality of your prints. you can! To adjust models click on the image of The Pro to enter adjustment printer needs to know where the print bed is when printing. 7. or be printing in mid air or digging into your bed. An extreme case is if a sphere is floating in mid air in the 3D model. and why should I care? Can I adjust my model size. and documentation for troubleshooting solutions or contact customer support. The Yes. lifting. Use the Calibration Program to moved by adjusting the options on the left. Good bed location usually means good prints! If your first layer is the number box.0 Print Settings What is Print Quality? What is the heated bed for? Print Quality refers to the height of a layer. “Zero” the bed location.

After extended or improper use. additionally. MAINTENANCE . and/or non-transferrable. the heated bed can: Reach temperatures as high as 90C (194 F) Can cause burns or damage to persons with prolonged contact while in use. drug delivery. extruded" . All parts of the Repair/Service section apply to the purchasing customer / first end-user and are non-transferrable. The M3D Pro 3D Printer is NOT A TOY. the nozzle and/or its cover may need to be replaced or cleaned. PRECAUTION . the extruder may need to be purged or cleaned. Use M3D’s products in a well-ventilated area.If any allergy develops as a result of direct or indirect contact using M3D’s products. the print bed and/or the material sheets covering it may need to be replaced. Use M3D’s products only as intended. exposed" All parts of the Repair/Service section apply to the purchasing customer / first end-user and are non-transferrable. For tips on removing 3D printed objects see the support page at "http://www. when using the heated bed. PRECAUTION .The M3D Pro 3D Printer and its consumables may include small parts that may constitute a choking hazard.printm3d. and the filaments may need to be purged or replaced. and areas near the nozzle may be extremely hot. Warning: Please note. CAUTION! The printhead. All software sales or licenses are final. M3D recommends removing the bed from the printer when possible before attempting to remove a 3D printed object. children under the age of 14 should use the product under adult supervision. non-refundable. or ingestion. PART REMOVAL: Be mindful of your fingers when using sharp objects during part removal. Therefore. these products may be used to manufacture objects that may themselves constitute a choking hazard. as described by the user manual and/or this agreement and/or described within the software. PRECAUTION .com.printm3d. This agreement may be found by logging into their user account at "http://www. discontinue use immediately.None of components of The M3D Pro 3D Printer or parts printed from it should be used for medical applications. Keep fingers away from the printhead and extruded material unless it has been unplugged for at least 10 minutes. REPAIR/SERVICE: Repair/Service terms were provided to the purchasing customer in the customer purchase agreement. This agreement may be found by logging into their user account at www. RETURNS: Return terms were provided to the purchasing customer in the customer purchase agreement. Do not leave M3D’s M3D Products running while unattended.Safety SAFETY AND WARNINGS: CHOKING HAZARD . it is extremely important that you take necessary precautions to M3D Protect yourself and others. or from the 3D printed objects.printm3d.None of components of The M3D Pro 3D Printer or parts printed from it or using M3D filaments are certified for food safety nor should they be regarded as food-safe therefore should not come in contact with the mouth or foods/liquids that will be ingested by humans or animals. such as pets and children. such as but not limited to implantation.

and liabilities that result from any of the following conditions: 1) modification of The M3D Pro 3D Printer. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify M3D from any personal injury purchase does not imply inclusion of those consumables with a future purchase. You understand and agree that M3D is not responsible for any enhance. 7) M3D through downloadable updates. entities. you must access a digital copy of the manual from our end-user agreement. including but not accuracy. You agree operating system functionality. print quality. and accept the terms of this purchasing customer and first if you are not the purchasing customer. 4) use of third-party power supplies or USB cables. 5) use of third-party consumables such as print SOFTWARE: M3D software will be included with a limited.” This includes links M3D consumables. you must not accept this agreement. corporations are screened against various export enforcement. patents pending. business interruption. imM3D Proved. The M3D software includes terms and agreements that privileged information. legal suit. build volume.Legal Conditions M3D END USER AGREEMENT: This agreement between M3D LLC (a company incorporated under the CONDITIONS OF USE: You understand and acknowledge that the user manual for M3D’s products. and information that may circumvent safety features of M3D products and software. which contains important disclaimers. If you are on the blacklist. All terms and conditions of this agreement are intended for use under the guidelines M3D Provided in the user manual and this agreement. *please note that any modifications to M3D firmware will result in a voided warranty INDEMNITY: You understand that 3D printers are an experimental technology and that they were and could lead to unsafe operating conditions. laws of the State of Maryland in the United States). print bed surfaces sheets. saving. decompile. a result of using M3D products. and 8) Printing of custom objects be expanded or modified by the software through updates. a. warranty. state. and individuals. M3D reserves the right to log your acceptance You understand and acknowledge that the user manual only describes the best practice for of this agreement locally in your computer or as needed and allowed by law. These include but are not limited to: which results in any physical hazard. reverse engineer.printm3d. 3D Ink®. opportunities. . M3D software updates include firmware updates which INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: M3D and its M3D products and services include M3D proprietary and may be pushed to The M3D Pro 3D Printer. and safety information. indemnity. Software development updates are intended for ongoing M3D Product performance limited to loss of anticipated profits. which describes this end-user agreement. or attempt to injury.a. As an end-user. you agree to read the M3D Pro 3D Printer user M3D products and software indicates agreement with these terms. print bed adhesives. trade secrets. Specifications of the printer and software functionality may operation of The M3D Pro 3D Printer or use of M3D filaments. components. non-exclusive license as part of each beds. or enabled. and the limited warranty may have been provided as a physical copy where important disclaimers. contents are protected by law. Attempts to deconstruct / reverse engineer the software are considered illegal as provided by copyright law and fair use. and federal laws where applicable. printer speed. and/or software. business. damage and/or loss of accessories. M3D Consumables will operating The M3D Pro 3D Printer. and Print Anything® are registered differ from the customer purchase agreement. downloading remote software updates. subject to change. All parts of this section apply to any end- user and are fully transferable to any user. also known as trade secrets. and that even the best practice for operating the printer is not be made available by M3D and its distributors. and filaments. 3) use of any custom 3D models. You acknowledge that you manual.k. with the initial customer purchase. You are responsible for any damage or injury that may occur as agree that without the written consent of M3D. or tamper with. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify M3D from having any additional server in future versions of the software for the purpose of comparing software versions and responsibilities to anyone other than you. and additional local. the END-USER. you that results from using its products. 6) use of The M3D Pro 3D purchase of a M3D Pro 3D Printer. the end-user. as described in the user’s manual. consumables. 2) use of third-party software. or any other disapproval of M3D’s features are tested. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY as continuing this installation process and using Before attempting to use The M3D Pro 3D Printer. safety instructions. Design and utility patents pending. user agreement can be found online at www. and print resolution and that there is no circumstance where M3D will be held liable for any damages. attempt to identify trade secrets. M3D is bound by US law and cannot send occur during the use of the M3D product. repair. software information. or access to software products. modify. If you are not the have read and understand this agreement in its entirety. A digital copy of this agreement and the end- information about its products and govern the conditions of use. and limited warranty required by law. and you. and/or intellectual property infringement. M3D®. you will not disassemble. The M3D software is proprietary and its design and trademarks of M3D LLC. Any consumables included as part of an initial always presumed as safe. such as may be necessary by law. M3D reserves the right to contact our remote products or services. “blacklists. or deals due to late delivery. The M3D software is under development and is supported by Printer and/or its components in any way other than intended. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify M3D from any its M3D products to any customers in embargoed locations. improvement and may require temporary reversion to older performance parameters as other performance characteristics. website.

and Print Anything" are registered trademarks of M3D LLC in "M3D". www. MD .printM3D. 3D Ink.