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Often, people get tired of seeing the same political faces in the electoral process and most times

it’s because in their previous administration, they made unpopular errors generated by conflicts
between mining companies and communities of the region or by simply not fulfilling the promises
made in electoral campaign. That is the reason of the why people are looking for new options and
I agree with that.

 New young candidates will give us new expectations. Psychologically, new people give us
the impression of a new beginning, that things can change with this new person.
 They generally understand more the social, political and economic context. Thanks to the
liberal education of the last decades. Since sometimes traditionalism doesn’t let see other
alternatives as a solution.
 Draws the attention of young people. Because, Young university students feel more
empathetic with the reality of their country and search to solve problems with ideas
similar to those of politicians.

Young characters might go through some problems like the inexperience of dealing with legality
conflicts, but with intelligence, it can be solved.

I feel that new characters in politics can be a solution for the problems of social and economic
situation, as long as you are really trained in the required knowledge.