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books. and newspapers ■■ watch videos. We’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goals. To get the most out of your English program. movies. you should … ■■ go to all your scheduled classes ■■ do all practice assignments ■■ review each chapter after class ■■ preview each chapter before class ■■ practice speaking English anytime you can ■■ visit English websites to learn more about chapter topics ■■ read English magazines. and the most enjoyable way to learn English. please let us know.Welcome to ! BerlitzEnglish is the fastest. the most practical. and TV programs in English ■■ try to speak and learn more English every day! If there is anything we can do to make your learning more successful and enjoyable. Good luck with your English studies! The Berlitz Team .

nowhere 4 How is the dish 24-31 • Menu items • Ask about menu items • My burger was undercooked and overpriced. etc. simple past 2 Are you ready for 8-15 • Visitors and • Plan an event • someone. anywhere. I haven’t called the office yet. Level 3 • Table of Contents . • Reported speech: The agent asked if / said that …. look over. guests everyone your guests? • Ask for and give updates • Events • Make suggestions • Phrasal verbs: fill out. no one. everywhere. destinations destinations never been there? • Places of • Talk about vacation • Passive: “Starry Night” was interest activities painted by Vincent van Gogh. 6 Review 40-45 vi ©2013 Berlitz Languages. • Present perfect: I’ve already paid this. • Vacation • Describe vacation • Gerunds: Hiking is a lot of activities experiences fun. prepared? • Food preparation • Comment on a meal methods • Talk about • The soup was so good that • Complaints and international cuisine we ordered more. etc. anyone. • Air travel announcements hers. Inc. compliments 5 Enjoy your flight! 32-39 • Airports • Check in for a flight • Future progressive: Paul • Airport • Get around the airport will be traveling all next week. • one of the … • somewhere. • Past events and • Talk about yourself activities • Present perfect vs. etc. etc. 3 Have you ever 16-23 • Travel • Talk about travel • Present perfect with ever. • suggest + -ing: I suggest calling Eva in the morning. procedures • Confirm in-fligh • Possessive pronouns: mine. • Education and • Catch up on past employment events and news Kay hasn’t seen her friend in six years.Table of Contents CHAPTER/TITLE PAGES TOPICS SPEAKING GOALS GRAMMAR 1 Nice to see 1-7 • Greetings and • Meet people and • Present perfect: I have been introductions renew acquaintances here before. Bill has waited you again! for two hours / since 1:00.

• Road and traffic directions conditions • Talk about road and • told … to. is she? small talk before? • Make small talk • Megan is a friend of mine. • so / neither: So do I. • Ask for and give status • must. 8 What’s the best 54-61 • Car rental • Rent a car • verb + more / less: The SUV costs more than the way to get there? • Directions • Ask for and give road full-size car. etc. 9 How was the 62-69 • Arts and • Talk about events and • Present perfect with where they take place lately. vii . Inc. not reports allowed to • Passive voice (present perfect): The proposal has been submitted. • Talk about car problems • while + -ing: Don’t text while driving. Neither do I. don’t have to. 10 How’s the 70-77 • Projects • Talk about projects and • Present perfect with just budgets project going? • by + date or time: We’ll • Talk about schedules finish the project by and deadlines August 31. to do today town • Describe and ask for • to be able to • Grocery shopping groceries in a store • I had my hair cut. • John got his eyes checked. 11 Have we met 78-85 • Conversation and • Start a conversation • Sarah isn’t here. said to: The traffic conditions agent told you to return • Car problems the car with a full tank. 12 Review 86-91 Audio Script 93-103 Practice 104-123 Answer Key 124-129 Level 3 • Table of Contents ©2013 Berlitz Languages. CHAPTER / TITLE PAGES TOPICS SPEAKING GOALS GRAMMAR 7 I have a lot 46-53 • Errands and chores • Talk about errands and • I’ll have Paul paint the • People and places in chores room. • Hobbies and • End a conversation • Rhetorical questions to interests demonstrate interest: Do you? Are you? etc. recently performance? entertainment • Movies • Talk about movies • Adjectives ending in • Buy tickets for -ing and -ed: exciting / performances excited.

And you? — It’s nice to see you again. — Tom. Level 3 • Chapter 1 . Past events and Talk about yourself Present perfect vs. eventsandnews — Congratulations! — Will he be all right? My name is Frank Burke. and I’ve worked in advertising for many years. night. ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Great. you will … ■■ Meetpeople andrenew acquaintances — Nice to see you again. — We had our baby last week. we met last year at How have you been? the sales conference. — Yes. I’m now the president of our agency. have you met Lisa? — Good to see you. simple past activities In this chapter. — Doug had a car accident last ■■ Catchuponpast His name is Marcus. Kay hasn’t seen employment and news her friend in six years.Chapter 1 Nice to see you again! Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Greetings and Meet people and renew Present perfect: I have been here introductions acquaintances before. Inc. etc. I have a ■■ Talkaboutyourself degree in marketing. Bill has waited for two Education and Catch up on past events hours / since 1:00. He’s in the hospital. too.

= He has visited Rome. from the Chicago office? — Yes. She has speak spoke spoken  seen her. Telecom Expo last year. 2 HaveyoubeentoNewYorkCitybefore? I studied Chinese. Meet people and renew acquaintances 1  Havewemetbefore? 2011 now sometime in the past now Ron met Ben in 2011. Schott Flight 439 dep. He ’s give gave given gone back to work. do did done get got gotten (got UK) been to the U. Reeves Mike Garcia 12 pm Lunch w/ Sheila - < April > 1 pm Café Brigitte Call Joshua (973-555- M T W T F S S 2 pm 3271) for airport pick-up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 meeting / S. = He’s there now. 1 . Ron hasmet Claire before. 3 Nicolehasbeenbusythisweek DAY WEEK MONTH SHOW WORK WEEK SHOW FULL WEEK < April 8-12 > Monday 8 Tuesday 9 Wednesday 10 Thursday 11 Friday 12 calendar 8 am Shuttle to airport - mail 9 am Conference call . have am / is / are was / were been We met the president. We met at the — No. room 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 5 pm It’s Wednesday morning. Inc.S. ’ve PRESENT PAST PASTPARTICIPLE You talked to Valerie. Tip! Tim has gone to Rome. we have. I haven’t. — Let me introduce you to her. 5:30 pm 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 3 pm Staff meeting - 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 4 pm 3rd floor conf. but he’s not there now. haven’t come came come They had breakfast. teleconference - to-do list 1 1 am Dr. What has Nicole done this week? What hasn’t she done? Level 3 • Chapter 1 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Have we met before? — Have you met Helen. Who …? hasn’t write wrote written taken a vacation. Flight 438 dep. 10:30 10 am European office arr Chicago 11:45 am contacts appointment . Tim has been to Rome.

They’ve been married for years. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time. ❏ Rita ❏ Harry has gone back to school. 2. He / She has been married ________________________ . Sam. I haven’t seen him for four days. I know Tom.How long? 1 . Level 3 • Chapter 1 . — We haven’t seen each other since last year.Who? B. I saw Tom four days ago. Charlie! Long time no see! — Hi. He / She has been back at school ___________________ . 2 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — When did John and Susan get married? — How long have you been here? — I don’t know. 3. Tip! Long time no see! = I haven’t seen you for a long time. ❏ Rita ❏ Harry has gotten married. ❏ Rita ❏ Harry has been promoted. Catch up on past events and news 4 Ihaven’tseenhimsinceourlastmeeting I’ve known Tom for two years. Did you know that? — No. Inc. He / She has been an area manager ________________ . — I’ve been here since 2 o’clock. What’ve you been up to? — Nothing much. He / She also has traveled to Europe _______________ . Tom lives in Toronto. ❏ Rita ❏ Harry has traveled to Asia. R I haven’t seen him in four days. I met him two years ago. Are you still living in Oakton? — Yes. Where did you move to? — To Clarkridge. He moved there in 2010. we’ve moved. — Have you heard from Paul lately? — When was the last time you saw Jenny? — No. 4. 6 Longtimenosee! — Hey. And we’re not planning to move any time soon. He has lived in Toronto since 2010. And you? — Well. 5 1 What’snew? A.

from the Pratt Institute. 8 Haveyouheardwhathashappened? — Have you heard about Linda? — No. Claudia Lopez is a reporter. — No! — Yes! — That’s _________________ ! / I’m _________________________ . lost her job got married received a promotion graduated from the university was in an accident 9 Wheredidyougotoschool? Ashley Mitchell is a doctor. She studied medicine at He has a degree in graphic design She has a degree in journalism Harvard Medical School. what news? — We’re moving to Australia. — Really? When? — We’re leaving next month. Really? Really? Congratulations! Oh no. 3 . Level 3 • Chapter 1 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. from Columbia University. What happened to her? — She ________________________________ . Catch up on past events and news 7 Goodorbadnews? — Sandy. Inc. Roger Madsen is a web designer. have you heard the news? — No. That’s great / fantastic / wonderful! That’s too bad / terrible / awful. How wonderful! How awful! I’m so happy for you! I’m so sorry. I’m delighted to hear that! I’m sorry to hear that.

. Anaheim. I worked as a systems administrator for BioTec in Anaheim. Information Technology (2002) Texas Institute of Technology Tip! B. He specializes in market (2) ______________ now. jcarlton@pmail.Erica has (1) ______________ in Los Angeles (2) ______________ 2005.. TX Dallas. Systems Administrator – BioTech. This is my résumé. NY Before that. Talk about yourself 10  Tellmeaboutyourself My name is John Carlton. While I was there. Tim has (4) ______________ of PharmaLabs.Jerry Jansen has (1) ______________ a financial consultant for (2) ______________ years. Dallas. Professional Experience 2009-present Director of IT – UNIT. New York. 11 2-4 Howlonghaveyouworkedthere? A. B. Inc. Education M. New York 10538 I work in the information technology field. John Carlton 2261 Maple Avenue Springfield. He has a lot of (3) ______________ in the field. I completed my master’s degree at the Texas Institute of Technology.S. California. His résumé has a list of his important (4) ______________ . 4 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Texas. She has (4) ______________ for a media company (5) ______________ the last six years. She moved there after she (3) ______________ from Columbia University. a large firm in New York. I worked there 2003-2008 from 2003 to 2008. I have been in this position since 2009. CA My first job was as a programmer at TLT in 1998-2003 Programmer – TLT. Level 3 • Chapter 1 . Information Technology (1998) Southern University résumé C. She has a degree in law. (914) 555-0027 I am currently the director of IT at UNIT. Inc.S..Tim works in (1) ______________ .V. His friend Larry is still in (3) ______________ . I worked there for five years. He works for a large pharmaceutical company.

Elena is catching up with old friends. their teachers. — Did you enjoy living there? — Yes. but we don’t know the person well. 5 . When we talk about the people in our lives. we usually talk about friends and colleagues. and the four years they spent together. Chris? — I was there until February 2007. we use the word acquaintance when we know someone by name. a person who listens to your problems a friend from work = a colleague you like a friend from school = a person in one of your classes or a person you knew when you were in school Level 3 • Chapter 1 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. an old friend = a person you have known for a long time a good / close friend = a person you spend time with. Most of her old classmates are there. — Where did you go after you left Los Angeles? 13  Aclassreunion Elena graduated from Southwest High School ten years ago. I did. What has happened in your life since you left school? Have you been to a class reunion before? What was it like? CultureCorner In English. Talk about yourself 12  WhydidyoumovetoLondon? 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 Cyberworks DreamScape Media 5X Consulting Sydney Los Angeles London — How long did you live in Sydney. She is at her ten-year class reunion this weekend. They’re sharing memories about their school. other students. Inc. I enjoyed it very much. — So why did you leave? — I left because my husband got a job with DreamScape Media in Los Angeles.

was promoted to sales manager in 2009. to have a baby degree. •Whathaveyoubeenupto? •Whatexperiencedoyouhave? — I’ve changed jobs and I’ve started taking — I’ve worked as a systems analyst for six years. Master’s. — No.) Where did … go to school? to graduate reunion. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions acquaintance education Nice to see you again. •HaveyouandPhiltakenanytripslately? •Haveweseenanymoviesinthelastweek? — No. •Imagine you are attending a party or business conference tomorrow. to receive a ~ field. She saw her at noon. UK) No. •HaveItalkedtoyouthisweek? •HasLauraseenthedirectortoday? — Yes. v. — Yes. tell the class what you have done since the last lesson. Make a list of questions you could ask them. we haven’t taken any in over a year. class ~ What field are you in? Grammar •HaveyoutraveledtoLondonbefore? •HasScottworkedwithLaurabefore? — Yes. / No. he hasn’t. UseYourEnglish! •Imagine it’s five years from now. he has. I have. lately. — Yes. / How awful. What will you ask him or her? What do you think your teacher will ask you? Write the first part of the conversation. / No. she has.. / No. good / bad ~ consultant That’s too bad. Doctorate Yes. we haven’t seen one since last Friday. •HowlonghaveTomandAnnbeenhere? •HowlonghaveyouhadanofficeinBeijing? — They’ve been here since 8:00 / for two hours. she hasn’t. to get married résumé (C. I haven’t. Level 3 • Chapter 1 . I worked as an IT consultant. courses at the university in the last year. How would you answer them? •Keep a record of what you do from now until your next lesson. 6 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. to lose a job applicant I understand. … hasn’t / haven’t. in the … ~ I’m delighted to hear that. news. We went to — I was a sales representative for three years and France for two weeks in December. until What have you been up to? to promote to work as a … Congratulations! promotion. There will be people there who you don’t know. How about you? — Jeff and I got married last year. / No. Before that. in ages currently. and he or she invites you for coffee.V. In your lesson. — We’ve had an office there since 2010. Inc. diploma. high school ~ interview (n. You see your English teacher. Then imagine someone asking you these questions. to have a ~ in … How have you been? to have an accident to complete (a degree) Has / Have … before? to catch up on Bachelor’s. … has / have. you have. course experience That’s terrible. you haven’t.

Rexall’s Home & Office Networks Santa Monica. In 2012. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2007 – present Sales Director.berlitzenglish. Chapter Summary Reading:WherehasDanielDowdworked? Daniel Dowd 9113 Alcott Street Culver City. CA Manage US sales 2012 volume: $350 million 2001 – 2006 Sales Level 3 • Chapter 1 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. After that he was a sales manager (7) ______________ 2006. Daniel currently works for All Networks Pros. He has (3) ______________ there (4) ______________ 2007. He now works in (1) ______________ . He has over fifteen years of (2) ______________ in network equipment sales. check it out! www. Pasadena. Daniel used to work at Office Networks. CA 90035 Phone: 310-555-6057 e-mail: ddowd@anp. Inc. West Coast operations 1998 – 2000 Account Manager. He was an (6) ______________ manager from 1998 to 2000. Office Connections. Pasadena. but the job at All Networks Pros offers him more (8) ______________ . his teams (5) ______________ $350 million in network equipment and services. CA Managed sales for key corporate clients 1995 – 1997 Sales Representative.S. 7 . Daniel liked his job at Office Networks. CA Managed sales teams for U. Office Connections. CA Sold network equipment to both corporate and non-corporate consumers Answer:Completetheparagraph sold been responsibility since account sales until experience Daniel Dowd’s first job was at Rexall’s Home & Office Networks. Inc. He worked there for about three years. All Networks Pros. Inc. Los Angeles.

■■ Askforand — And have you made the dinner giveupdates reservations? — Not yet. you will … — Which caterer are we going to use? — Someone Katie recommended. look over. everyone Events Ask for and give updates Phrasal verbs: fill out. In this chapter. Why don’t we order one? 8 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. suggest + -ing: I suggest calling Eva in the morning.Chapter 2 Are you ready for your guests? Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Visitors and guests Plan an event someone. Level 3 • Chapter 2 . You can help with the invitations if you like. I haven’t called the office yet. I’ll take care of it soon. no one. I’ve already done that. — Should we order the cake or make it ourselves? ■■ Makesuggestions — I’m not very good at baking. ■■ Plananevent — And who’s putting up the decorations? — Paul and Tina are. Inc. — Have you booked the theater tickets? — Yes. etc. anyone. Make suggestions Present perfect: I’ve already paid this.

— Is anyone visiting the office next week? R — Yes. I don’t know. Plan an event 1  Whatwillweneedtodo? ACLIENT’SVISIT AFRIEND’SVISIT ADINNERPARTY prepare an agenda organize a tour plan the menu 2 Isanyoneavailable? Alex is meeting a client this afternoon. Everybody else has gone home. someone from HQ is coming. — Yes. someone will be there. Dana doesn’t have any appointments today. 9 . — Will someone meet the CEO at the airport? R — Yes. noone is visiting next week. Inc. — Is anyone still at the office? — Is Mr. I think so. All our guests are going on a tour. R She’s not meeting anyone. — No. to somebody from the Bristol office. Everyone is going on a tour. Tip! somebody = someone nobody = no one anybody = anyone everybody = everyone 3 5 What’stheplan? 8:00 10:00 – 1:00 1:00 – 2:30 3:00 – 5:00 6:30 – 9:00 Level 3 • Chapter 2 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Reynolds talking to anyone? — Just me. He’s meeting someone.

— OK. so your father and I can come to see you for Thanksgiving. Remember. Will you come to the airport to pick us up.m. _____________________________________________ 4. he dropped them off earlier today. She wrote them down. Everyone has completed the forms. We discussed the CEO’s plan. — Has Jason dropped off the documents? — Will you put up the decorations? — Yes. Inc. I asked Marcy to check the itinerary. Say hi to Kevin and the kids for me. _____________________________________________ 2. But only if you take them down. _____________________________________________ Your turn! back up give away put on throw away call back pay back send back turn on / off clean up look up take out think over 6 Guesswho’scomingtodinner? Dear Laura. 5 Pleasecallmeback give back fill out talk over writedown look over Example: Ann wrote the names on her list.S. Love.______________________ 1 . Everything has been arranged. Level 3 • Chapter 2 . It gets in at around 2 p. Laura. Here are our travel details: We’re arriving on November 21st (Tuesday) on WestAir Flight 1452. Someone forgot to return the key. Plan an event 4 Whowillpickthemup? When will Linda pickup our guests? R She’ll pick them up tonight. Who droppedoff the gift? R Jill dropped it off during her visit. _____________________________________________ 3. Mom P. your father can’t eat anything with too much salt or sugar. or should we take a taxi? Have you planned your Thanksgiving menu? Is there anything you would like me to bring? I’ll be happy to help with the cooking. Will we have time to see the Thanksgiving parade? 10 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.

— No. I haven’t bought them yet. have you called the hotel? the hotel? — Have you bought the theater tickets? — theater tickets? — Yes. … called a cleaning company. Sarah … … made a lot of phone calls. What have you had to eat so far today? So far today. 9 6 How’severythingcomingalong? To-Do List W iFi? check with conference center – reserve rooms for visit ors send out conf irmat ion letters book sightseeing tour meals? call restaurant – vegetarian Level 3 • Chapter 2 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 11 . … hasn’twrittento anyone. …hasmade only two calls. … wrote to a lot of people. Have you had breakfast today? Have you checked your e-mail? Have you made any calls? 8 Whathasshedonesofar? Yesterday Sarah … Sofartoday. Inc. …hascalleda party planner and a bakery. Ask for and give updates 7 Haveyoueatenthereyet? el ater call hot buy the tickets — John. ______________________________. Who have you spoken to so far today? ______________________________ so far today. I’ve already called them.

12 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Make suggestions 10  Anysuggestions? — I’m taking a client out to lunch next week. — Our guests want to try some of the local cuisine. — Jorge likes to visit historic neighborhoods. That sounds interesting. — My friend Eliza is interested in street art. I suggest making a reservation at least one day ahead of time. — I suggest going to a restaurant in the North End. That sounds interesting. great. — Let’s go back to the hotel and relax a while. — Then I suggest the Industrial Arts Museum. 12  Thatdepends — Would you like to visit a museum while you’re in town? — I’d love to. that depends. — I suggest showing her the Zagar mosaics. — Would you like to see the space museum? — Would you like to go to a club tonight? It’s not very far from here. 11  Thatsoundsgood! That’s a good idea! R That sounds like a good idea. — After the movie. What are you interested in? — I like art and design from the early 20th century. — I suggest taking them to the Blue Note. ahead of time = — Are they busy at lunchtime? before a time or event — They can be. Level 3 • Chapter 2 . Can you tell me how to get there? — Why don’t we go together? We can have lunch in the museum area after that. I have to leave early in the morning. — That doesn’t sound like such a good idea. — That sounds great. — Sounds good. Do you have any suggestions? Tip! — Why don’t you go to Le Jardin? They have a great lunch menu and it has a nice view of Bryant Park. Inc. good. — A walk in Old Town is my suggestion. Which one do you recommend? — Well. They have a fantastic collection of early 20th century art. — Sure. let’s get something to eat. — My guests would like to listen to live music. — That sounds like a good idea.

What to do? Who will do it? When? FYI:Expressionswithmake to arrange to make arrangements to reserve to make a reservation to call to make a (phone) call to suggest to make a suggestion to decide to make a decision to note to make a note of Level 3 • Chapter 2 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. drinks. Inc. talk about: • what kind of party or event you would like to have • when and where the party or event will be • what kinds of food. and decorations you will need • who will do what Create a to-do list. Plan an event 13  Let’shaveaparty • You would like to have a party when you complete your Berlitz program. 13 . With your classmates. • You are organizing a publicity event. Your company will celebrate its 50th anniversary next month.

She will be free on Saturday. but I haven’t — I suggest serving deviled eggs. catering company so far anniversary. Everyone is busy. — Which one has suggested the best menu? — Would you please prepare the guest list? — I think Terrace Grill has. Fill it out with a pen. Give it back to me as soon as possible. Here it is. Inc. showing how you will spend your day together. payment when he comes. write a sentence using the verb with a noun and a pronoun. — Who’s putting up the decorations? — Where is everyone? — We need to talk it over with the conference — The older kids are at the mall. someone. — Is anyone working on Sunday? — What time will the caterer drop off the cake? — No one is working on Sunday morning. anyone to write down That doesn’t sound like such no one. Level 3 • Chapter 2 . — I’m sorry. I have. and the center to see if they can manage it for us. salmon sandwiches. to celebrate caterer. Call me back after you’ve talked to them. suggested has three main courses. guest ~ to give back How is … coming along? host to look over That sounds good. younger ones are at the park. — He’ll drop it off by noon. — OK. small smoked put them up yet. On the back of each card. such as fill out. and raw vegetables. and she would like to spend the day with you. around the house. For example: Please fill out an application. — When are you picking up the decorations? • Whatdoyousuggestforanappetizer? — I’ve already picked them up. — I’ve called ten so far. — There isn’t anyone at home.) a good idea. v. • Make a list of things you want to do or need to do (at work. 14 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. wedding ~ to pick up / to drop off to make sure to make plans. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions visit decorations already celebration. anyone. The menu they — I’ve already prepared one. and he’ll pick up the but Kevin is working in the afternoon. everyone reply (n. suggestion to prepare to fill out cuisine. or in your life). — OK. not yet. no one. Why haven’t you done them yet? • Make a set of flash cards with two-word verbs. Suggest an itinerary for her. UseYourEnglish! • A friend from another country is coming to your city for a conference. everyone • Canyoufilloutthisform. She’s flying home on Sunday. to decide yet That depends. to plan to put up / to take down to suggest. / No. • Haveyoucalledthecatereryet? • Howmanyrestaurantshaveyoucalled? — Yes. but haven’t done yet..please? — Can someone help me with these bags? — I’ll fill it out after I’ve looked it over. local ~ list. Grammar • someone. to organize to talk over That sounds like a good idea.

Wouldyoutakeavisitorthere?Why(not)? ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. or districts. Chapter Summary Reading:TheLondonEye passengers usually walk popular off takes tallest visit The London Eye is a huge Ferris wheel on the River Thames. or capsule. __________________ who are free to (5) __________________ around inside it. The wheel does not (7) __________________ stop. The rotation is slow enough that passengers can walk on and (8) __________________ when their capsule is at ground level. Each capsule can hold 25 (4) . More than three million people (3) __________________ the London Eye every year. for each of London’s 32 boroughs. 15 . Writing:Writeaboutapopulartouristsiteinyourcity. It’s 135 meters tall and has a diameter of 120 meters. The London Eye has 32 egg—shaped Level 3 • Chapter 2 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. It (6) __________________ about 30 minutes for the wheel to make a full circle. It’s the (1) __________________ Ferris wheel in Europe and one of the most (2) __________________ tourist sites in the UK. The wheel rotates at 26 cm per second. Inc. There is one car.

experiences one of the … somewhere. Level 3 • Chapter 3 . Describe vacation Gerunds: Hiking is a lot of fun. everywhere.Chapter 3 Have you ever been there? Topics Speaking Goals Grammar Travel destinations Talk about travel Present perfect with ever. anywhere. you will … ■■ Talk about travel destinations Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What tourist attractions are there in your country? Have you ever gone sightseeing ■■ Talk about in London? vacation activities and describe Have you ever gone hiking in vacation the mountains? experiences What was your best trip ever? 16 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. nowhere In this chapter. Inc. never Places of interest destinations Passive: “Starry Night” was Vacation activities Talk about vacation activities painted by Vincent van Gogh.

— What did you think? — It was wonderful. Where would Donna like to go? _____________________________________________________ 2. I saw it last year. Have you? built a sandcastle? — Yes. 1 . 17 . I have. we have. What will they do there? _____________________________________________________ B. — Have you ever been to Fiji? — Yes. I’ve never been there. but we’ve never been on a cruise before. I have. Where does Mike want to go? _____________________________________________________ 2. Talk about travel destinations 1a Where should we go this year? the Statue of Liberty Ayers Rock in Uluru National Park Burj Khalifa 1b 7–8 Let’s visit a national park A. — Have you ever gone sailing? — No. — That’s wonderful. Level 3 • Chapter 3 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Where would Karen prefer to go? _____________________________________________________ 2 Have you ever …? been to Norway? — No. 1 . many times when I was a child. I was there a couple of years ago. — Oh. never. seen Ayers Rock? — Yes. — We’re going on a cruise to Alaska this year. Inc. The island was beautiful and the people were very friendly. you’re going to love it. I haven’t. Have you ever been to Alaska? — Yes.

R St. — Then you’ll have to visit Chichen Itza. The Mona Lisa were created by Shah Jahan. 6 9-11 When was it built? was built around 1653. It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.000 years ago. It was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. The Mayans built the pyramids of Chichen Itza and Uxmal. Millions of tourists visit Yellowstone every year. Talk about travel destinations 3 It’s a must-see! — Where are you going on vacation this year? — We’re thinking about going to Cancun. Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 3 . Mexico. The Taj Mahal was completed by four teenagers in 1940. The Grand Canyon is seen by over five million visitors each year. Machu Picchu was built around 1450 by the Incas. were discovered over 17. 5 The Mayan pyramids were built centuries ago Sir Christopher Wren designed St. R Yellowstone is visited by millions of tourists every year. — Is that where the Mayan pyramids are? — Yes. Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. it is. R Yellowstone National Park is managed by the National Park Service. R The pyramids of Chichen Itza and Uxmal were built by the Mayans. 18 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. It’s a must-see! 4 The park is managed by the federal government The National Park Service manages Yellowstone National Park. The cave paintings of Lascaux was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Paul’s Cathedral. You can book a tour of the area from any hotel.

One of the most popular restaurants in town is __________________________________________ . The tourist information office 1 . 8 It’s one of the best best places to go surfing Costa Rica. Some people don’t enjoy visiting museums. 3. The tourists also wanted information about ________________________________________________ . Level 3 • Chapter 3 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Have you ever tried parasailing? — Are you going hiking again this summer? — Parasailing is dangerous. 2. B. 9 12-13 We’d like some information A. 4. but it’s a lot of fun. Relaxing on the beach is what I need. 2. One of the best ways to see the city is __________________________________________________ . The hotel concierge 1 . — It can be. Sunbathing is relaxing. One of the nicest locations for a picnic is the city park. The clerk gave them some __________________ and suggested a __________________________ tour. The tourists were given a map that shows all the places of _____________ and their ____________. Talk about vacation activities 7 Hiking is fun! I can relax when I’m sunbathing. One of the most famous sights is _______________________________________________________ . most famous sights in London Big Ben. With a ________________________________ . too. The hotel guests are interested in _____________________________________ . 3. isn’t it? — Not this year. A shuttle bus leaves for River Island ___________________________________ . The music festival is ____________________________________ in the country. The concierge can _______________________________ tickets for the guests. visitors can get on and off the bus whenever they like. 4. Inc. One of the most interesting museums is _________________________________________________ . R Visiting museums is boring for some people. 19 . I’ve had so much work lately. Going on a cruise is expensive. It’s expensive to go on a cruise.

right? How was it? — No.yy Calendar Calendar Travelers Adults Seniors Children Caribbean Special offers Search Jamaica | Bahamas | British Virgin Islands Direct flights only Cayman Islands | Saint Lucia | Barbados Special offers Travel guide All destinations — Where were you last weekend. It was wonderful. Describe vacation experiences 10 It was the best vacation ever! This is the best vacation we’ve ever had! This is the best vacation ever! That’s the prettiest place I’ve ever seen! R That’s the prettiest place ever! They were the nicest people I’ve ever met! They were the nicest people ever! 11 Let’s go somewhere special We want to go to a romantic place for vacation.yy mm. it was just a weekend getaway.dd. guides were excellent. Level 3 • Chapter 3 . Jim? — How was your vacation. Inc. — There are souvenir shops everywhere. R In summer.travel_plus. 12 How was your trip? http://www. The city is full of tourists in summer. There was nowhere to eat. We want to go somewhere romantic.dd. All the restaurants were closed that day. — Wonderful! What a fascinating city Cairo is. It rained for two days. there are tourists everywhere. — Did you go somewhere special? — Where can we buy souvenirs? — We went to Barcelona. 20 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. We stayed in the hotel. And the I found a great last-minute deal. It was the perfect vacation. — The tour company organized everything. Angela? — I was in New Orleans. We didn’t go anywhere for two Search Home Flights Hotels Car Rental Vacation Rentals Travel guides Last minute Forum My itineraries About Us Flight Flight + Hotel Last minute Hotel Car Rental Flight + Car Rental Hotel + Car Rental Hotels from $50 Destinations and Special Offers Spa Flight + Hotel more >> Cruises + Car Rental Deal of the week Departure: Destination: Arrival: Return date: mm. — New Orleans? Were you on vacation? — You went on a package tour.

Inc. Is that OK? — Yes. Level 3 • Chapter 3 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Are you ready? Say “Cheese!” — Cheese! — Here you are. Thank you. parks. Let’s get away 13 A weekend getaway Museums. 21 . and other attractions Historic buildings and structures Hotels and restaurants Festivals and special activities 14 Popular tourist destinations ___ China ___ Germany ___ Japan ___ Spain ___ United Kingdom ___ France ___ Australia ___ Mexico ___ Turkey ___ United States ___ Italy ___ Malaysia ___ Brazil ___ Peru ___ Egypt Culture Corner Say “Cheese!” Photographers tell people to say Cheese! before they take a picture. — Yes? — Would you mind taking a picture of us? — Not at all. it’s perfect. Why do you think cheese is used in English? What do you say in your country? — Excuse me.

music ~ to (see) … century. yes. sightseeing camping. Read about places you have visited. — No. • How was your trip to Jamaica? • Is there somewhere we can get a bite to eat? — It was fantastic. national park active. relaxing peak season / off-season tourist attraction exhausting discount. must-see anywhere. never. hiking. / No. It’s one of the safest airlines in the world. Try to remember key information to tell visitors when they come to your city. • What activities do you enjoy the most? • Is JetBreeze a safe airline? — Skiing. years before he married my mother. tropical ~ dangerous / safe Have you ever …? cruise. / No. and sailing are my favorites. they’re only given to people who ask for them. — It’s managed by the museum and the city. Chapter Summary Vocabulary & Expressions place(s) of interest to relax. • Collect some English-language brochures from a tourist information office where you live. tent If you ever go to …. you have to discover. somewhere to take it easy whitewater rafting. but it — Thank you. We had the best time ever! — Yes. I’ve never taken one. Write down 2-3 interesting things and share them in your next lesson. nowhere Grammar • Have you ever taken a cruise? • Are maps of the museum given to all visitors? — Yes. Use Your English! • Choose one or two of the places in this chapter. Inc. Use the brochures to learn some new words. the (21st) century brochure The ticket is good all day long. • Make a list of things you would like to do some day. — Has George ever taken a day off? — Is the exhibit managed by the museum? — Yes. Who did them? — I’m not sure when it was built. Where can you do these things? In your next lesson find out if your teacher or your classmates have ever done these things. — Oh. They were painted by my father a few opened in 1954. to be ~ weekend getaway. there’s a pizza place just down the street. package tour island. he has. I have. 22 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Find out more information about them online or from friends who have been there. to design festival. parasailing everywhere. last-minute deal statue. • When was this hotel built? • These paintings are beautiful. Level 3 • Chapter 3 .

aluminum was almost as expensive as gold. Construction began in 1882. but it wasn’t finished until 1884. __________________________ was built between about 3100 BC and 1950 BC. This suggests that the arrangement of stones worked as a calendar. less than 25% of the building was complete. These ancient statues were discovered in 1974 by farmers looking for water. The planned completion date is 2026. On the longest day of the year. At the time it was Level 3 • Chapter 3 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. In 1926. It was designed by architect Antoni Gaudí. __________________________ is the tallest stone structure in the world. No one knows who built it or why it was built. the sun aligns with some of the stones. there is a change in color of the stone. About halfway up. At least 6. Building has continued off and on since then. __________________________ was built and buried over twenty centuries ago. Chapter Summary Reading: World-famous sights Sagrada Familia Stonehenge The Terracotta Army The Washington Monument 1. This is because a different type of sandstone was used to complete it.000 more soldiers are still buried. Building was started in 1848. 3. Inc. but it still isn’t finished. Writing: Write the key information about a famous building or structure in your country What is it called? ______________________________________________________________________ Where is it located? ______________________________________________________________________ When was it built? ______________________________________________________________________ Who was it built by? ______________________________________________________________________ What is it made of? ______________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. The top of the structure is aluminum. 23 .berlitzenglish. Over a thousand soldiers and horses have been found since then. The soldiers are about two meters tall and each one is different. 4. 2. __________________________ is a large church in Barcelona.

ameal — I’m sorry. and cuisine rice. It’s delicious. breaded and fried Chef ’s Salad mixed greens. vegetables. I’ll exchange it right away. 24 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. You should try it. egg How is the fish prepared? Main Courses Roast Beef What is it served with? ■■ Askaboutmenu thinly sliced and served with sautéed mushrooms and a baked potato items Pork Chop Is the pork chop grilled? served with roasted potatoes and vegetables Catch of the Day Could I have French fries fresh fish served with green beans instead of the roasted potatoes? and wild rice Desserts New York cheesecake with fresh raspberries — Excuse me. This isn’t what ■■ Commenton I ordered. ■■ Talkabout — What’s Jambalaya? international — It’s a specialty from Louisiana made of meats. methods Talk about international The soup was so good that we Complaints and cuisine ordered more. Appetizers you will … Maryland Crab Cakes classic crab cakes. cucumber. compliments In this chapter.Chapter 4 How is the dish prepared? Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Menu items Ask about menu items My burger was undercooked and Food preparation Comment on a meal overpriced. Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 4 . tomato.

it’s poached in white wine. — And what is it served with? — And what about the turkey? Is it made — It’s served with green beans and with a bread stuffing? wild brown rice. The vegetables are sautéed. it is. 2 IthinkI’llhavethechicken — What are you having? — Are you ordering the Chef’s salad? — I don’t eat fish very often. so I’d have the fish of the day. — Me. The turkey is stuffed. I’ll just have the vegetable soup. — Is the fish fried? — Is the veal breaded? — No. How about you? like something light. Ask about menu items 1  Howisthatprepared? The fish is poached. please? Would it be possible to have the salad dressing on the side? Could I have the clam chowder as my appetizer and the crab cakes as my main course? I’d like the garden salad. — No. too. 3 Specialrequests We’d like to share an order of French fries. Could we have two plates. I have to go right back to work. — Yes. Inc. The veal is breaded. 25 . but could you ask the chef to hold the cucumbers? Could I have brown rice instead? Level 3 • Chapter 4 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — I think I’ll have the veal parmesan. so I’m going to — Yes. it’s stuffed with apples and sausage.

— I recommend the Starling pinot noir. • Please give my compliments to the chef. Level 3 • Chapter 4 . 26 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. undercooked overcooked 6 Howiseverything? • Our food is cold. so I sent it back. • The salmon was superb. but a little overpriced. The food was excellent. • The fish doesn’t taste / smell right. It’s excellent. What do you recommend? — I recommend the tuna. This bill isn’t right. Comment on a meal 4 Whatdoyourecommend? — I can’t decide between the tuna and — What would you like to drink with your meal? the salmon. • This isn’t what I ordered. • Everything’s delicious. 5 The pasta is overcooked $6 50¢ booked charged over cooked under priced staffed overpriced underpriced rated The fish was undercooked. Inc. — I’m not sure. We were overcharged.

R The waiter was sofriendly(that) we left him a big tip. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring something else. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring another one. 27 . Inc. Just the check. please. R The restaurant was sobusy(that) we had to wait over an hour for our table. We were so happy about it that we told all our friends. 2. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring something else. The soup was so salty I couldn’t eat it. The service was so slow we left before our food came. The oysters _____________ ❏ The customer will eat the food. 9 Letmetakecareofthis — Would you care for anything else? — No. We had to wait over an hour for our table. Well. 8 ThelemonadewassogoodthatIaskedforanother The waiter was very friendly. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring another one. Tip! — Will that be together or separate? check — Together. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring another one. The restaurant was very busy. ___________________________ ❏ The waiter will bring something else. but this one’s on me. The veal ________________ ❏ The customer will eat the food. bill — Let me take care of the check. — All right. thank you. please. — Thanks for offering. Level 3 • Chapter 4 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. I was so full that I couldn’t eat dessert. The salad dressing _______ ❏ The customer will eat the food. Comment on a meal 7 14-16 Isthereaproblem? 1 . We left him a big tip. You paid last time. 3. thank you for a wonderful lunch.

Spanish. A Cajun meal is usually prepared in three different pots: one for rice. Talk about international cuisine 10  You’vegottotrythegumbo! Many visitors to England like to have a “traditional” afternoon tea at a nice hotel or tearoom. cookies. It is a mix of the cooking from many countries and regions including that of the French. Pavlova is a fresh fruit pie with a meringue crust. Anna Pavlova. or other fresh fruit. German. shrimp. who toured both countries in 1926. Inc. or a dessert? What foods or ingredients are in it? Where did it originate? Is it eaten at special times of the year? How is it prepared? What is it usually served with? Do you recommend it to visitors to your country? 28 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. and Native American. It is a specialty of both Australia and New Zealand. The menu consists of: • savory (not sweet) items —— small sandwiches and/or starters • scones —— served with jam and thick cream • sweets —— cakes. Level 3 • Chapter 4 . African. and one for the main dish. and pastries Cajun food originated in Louisiana in the south of the United States. Tip! Nationaldishes specialty Most countries have at least one specialty or “national dish. kiwi. a main dish. and sausage).” speciality What is a national dish in your country? What kind of dish is it —— a snack. one for vegetables. It is named after the Russian ballet dancer. Two popular Cajun dishes are gumbo (a thick soup or stew made with okra and served over rice) and jambalaya (a spicy rice dish with chicken. Afternoon tea is usually served from 3 to 5 o’clock. an appetizer. The meringue is filled with whipped cream and topped with strawberries.

Doing different things Variety is the spice of life. I’m so hungry (that) I could eat a horse. This is very easy. It’s a piece of cake! Level 3 • Chapter 4 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Inc. makes life interesting. 29 . Talk about international cuisine 11  Favoritefoodsmenu Appetizers / Soups / Salads ❖ ❖ Main courses ❖ ❖ Desserts ❖ ❖ FYI:Expressionsrelatedtofood I’m very hungry.

staff (n. to smell Please hold the … breaded. They should have four stars. so we’re overbooked. Level 3 • Chapter 4 . The menu said $38. • Translate items you recommend on food delivery menus./ underrated. satisfied / dissatisfied check. They have three stars. — Let me see … Here it is. please. over. etc. — I think we have six. superb I think I’ll have (the) … Just the check. The next time a visitor would like to order something to eat. Inc. — The box says 11 minutes. • Translate one of your favorite recipes and teach the class how to make it in your next lesson. together Please give my compliments to to recommend specialty (speciality UK) the chef. Grammar • Howwasthefoodatthenewrestaurant? • Howwasyourserver? — It was so cold that we sent it back. — He was so helpful that we left him a big tip. 30 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — So we’re understaffed tonight. to decide to originate This one’s on me.00. grilled. give / leave a ~ Could I have … instead? to share helpful Could I have … as …? special request full This doesn’t taste right. — And I sold two. — About five minutes. It’s overcooked! — Grill them for ten more or they’ll be undercooked. — How many seats did you sell on the flight? — How many servers do we have at 7:30? — I sold all of them. • Howlonghaveyouboiledthespaghetti? • Howlonghavethelambchopsbeenonthegrill? — About 20 minutes. — They overcharged you. staffed What is … served with? Let me take care of this. suggest items from your list. poached. — They’re underrated. separate ~s. stuffed to send something back Could you put the … on the side? fresh (to) tip. — How much did they charge for the wine? — How many stars does the Blue Heron Café have? — $42. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions sautéed.). How is … prepared? Would you care for anything else? delicious. UseYourEnglish! • Ask for the English menu the next time you go to a restaurant. Let me call James.

when did customers give tips? a. Chapter Summary Reading:Totipornottotip? Some people say the word tip was first used in the English coffee houses of the 18th century. to invite people 3.berlitzenglish. in European countries Writing:Writeabouttippingpracticesinyourcountry. Tips now reward prompt service —— but they don’t insure it. A box with the letters T. the answer to the question.I. after their meals 4. 31 . tipping has changed.S. to insure promptness c. In the U. Answer 1 . to increase performance b. in the 19th century c. a service charge is often included in the check (but not in every country). in the 18th century b.P. In those days..S. How much is the usual tip in the U. it’s usual to tip between fifteen and twenty percent in restaurants.P. and customers may leave an extra tip if the service was very good.” Over the years. 5-10% b. So. was put on the bar so customers could pay in advance “to insure promptness. In what countries might tipping be an insult? a. in the 20th century 2. What did the letters T. When was the word “tip” first used? a. tipping is not common. in Australia and New Zealand b. during their meals c.Whodopeoplegivetipsto? Howmuchistheusualtip?Whydopeopletipmoreorless? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. not before they order. and people may even be insulted if you offer them a tip. where servers rely on tips because their “salary” is approximately 1/4 the minimum wage. in China and Japan c. In Europe.I. The practice of tipping differs from country to country. “To tip or not to tip?” depends a lot on where you are. before their meals b. In China and Japan. 15-20% 5. mean? a.? a. and now tips are given after customers finish their meals. 10-15% c. making it difficult for travelers to know when and how much to Level 3 • Chapter 4 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Inc.

right over there. it’s my colleague’s. I just have a briefcase and this carry-on bag. hers. We will be taking off shortly. — He asked if we’re traveling together. you will … — Can I check in electronically? — Yes. announcements Reported speech: The agent asked if / said that …. Inc. ■■ Check in for a flight — Will you be checking any bags today? — No. ■■ Get around the airport — Is this bag yours? — What did the agent say? — No. Air travel Confirm in-flight Possessive pronouns: mine. 32 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. announcements Please fasten your seatbelts and put your seat in the upright position. etc.Chapter 5 Enjoy your flight! Topics Speaking Goals Grammar Airports Check in for a flight Future progressive: Paul will be Airport procedures Get around the airport traveling all next week. — Could you tell me where the baggage claim for Flight 85 is? — Baggage for Flight 85 will be arriving on carousel B. Level 3 • Chapter 5 . In this chapter. Welcome aboard! Please store your carry-on items ■■ Confirm in-flight in one of the overhead bins. etc.

Lewis will be ________________________ to ________________________ today. 5. His flight will be ________________________ in about ________________________ hours. Mr. 33 . in about half an hour. Mr. — We’ll be boarding in approximately ten minutes. 4. His flight will ________________________ at Gate ________________________ . Level 3 • Chapter 5 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Check in for a flight 1 Aisle or window? ____ get a boarding pass ____ check in for the flight ____ check your bags Tip! check your bag check in your bag 2 Flight 68 will be boarding at Gate C Our flight will take off from Chicago at 7:00. — Will you be taking a cab to the airport? — Excuse me. How soon can we board? — Yes. Lewis is checking one ________________________ . Williams arriving? — Yes. 3. I called for a 3:00 pick-up. — She’ll be arriving at 8:30 on Thursday. 3 17 I’d like to check in 1 . R From 7:01 to 9:19 we will be flying from Chicago to Miami. He would like a ________________________ seat. 2. It will land in Miami at 9:20. Inc. — Will we be landing soon? — When is Mrs.

Jones. — I said that we’re staying two weeks. It’s yours. Those are her suitcases. please do. I asked you if Did you visit your parents? you visited your parents. Do you live in Springfield? you live in Springfield. This bag is his. — No. — He asked how long we’re staying. Jones? you are Mr. — Yes. — And what did you say? — And what did you say? — I said that we don’t have any in our carry-on bag. I think they belong to the family at the check-in desk. I asked you Who did you visit? who you visited. please? How long will you be staying? Where will you be staying? Do you have a receipt for this? Did you pack your bag yourself? And has Do you have anything to declare? it been in your possession at all times? 34 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 5 The agent asked us where we are going Are you Mr. Inc. How long have you been here? how long you have been here. — The security officer said we can’t take containers — What did the immigration officer say? with more than three ounces of liquid in them. our ours. This is his bag. please. Have you been here for a year? you have been here for a year. — I think that seat is mine. What’s the purpose of your visit? Is this your bag? Could you open it. Level 3 • Chapter 5 . their theirs. I’m sorry. 6 Where do they say it? Passport. What do you do? what you do. These jackets —— are they yours? — They’re ours. your yours. 27C? — May I take the in-flight magazine with me? — Oh. — Whose bags are these? — Excuse me. Those suitcases are hers. Get around the airport 4 Whose bag is this? my mine. Where do you live? where you live.

Inc. We will be ____________________ in just a few minutes. Confirm in-flight announcements 7 Welcome aboard! emergency exit overhead bin Economy Class Business Class First Class pilot EXIT co-pilot flight attendant passengers — Is this seat 24A or 24C? — Can I put my bag under my seat? — It’s 24C. Please turn off all electronic devices until we are parked at the ____________________ . in their upright position. Level 3 • Chapter 5 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. your captain on today’s ____________________ to Vancouver. Good afternoon. Our flight ____________________ today will be four hours and fifty minutes. — You should put it under the seat in front of you. Please ____________________ your carry-on luggage under the seat in front of you or in the ____________________ bins. Please make sure your seat back and tray table are in their upright ____________________ and your seatbelt is securely ____________________ . 35 . ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. Please take your seat and fasten your ____________________ . We wish you a very pleasant flight. we will soon be ____________________ in Vancouver. Ladies and gentlemen. This is Chris Bergen. 9 18-20 In-flight announcements A. the ____________________ has just turned on the fasten-seatbelt sign. 24A is the window seat. C. 8 Please fasten your seatbelt Please store your carry-on Please make sure your Please remain in your luggage in one of the seat back and tray table are seat with your seatbelt overhead bins. B. fastened. Thank you.

a. tonight B. The airline will deliver it ____ . Miami b. What does the airline employee apologize for? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 36 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. the hotel 5. Her suitcase is going to ____ . Inc. Flight 278 b. 11 21-22 My bag hasn’t arrived A. yesterday 4. Get around the airport 10 Where’s the baggage claim? Can you tell me where the baggage claim is? Could you tell me where I can get a taxi? Excuse me. tomorrow b. Her flight landed . Where are the car rental offices? Excuse me. Did Amanda go to the airport to pick up her bag? Why or why not? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. a. today b. ____ a. 1 . Flight 287 3. 1 . customer service b. a. Level 3 • Chapter 5 . I’m looking for Terminal C. Amanda is speaking to . She was on ____ . security 2. ____ a.

Inc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ You are an announcer at the airport. Get around the airport 12 Choose your situation Situation 1: Check in for a flight Situation 2: On board the airplane Situation 3: Going through immigration Situation 4: At baggage claim 13 Airport DOs and DON’Ts 14 Make the announcements You are the senior flight attendant. Their flight will be boarding in 10 minutes. Tell the passengers: Take-off is in a few minutes. 37 . They should take their seats and fasten their seatbelts. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 3 • Chapter 5 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Tell the passengers: Passengers on Flight 579 for Madrid should go to Gate 14.

Paul. Level 3 • Chapter 5 . his. captain to check in for a flight immigration flight attendant What’s the purpose of your (passport control UK) on board. — And what did he say? — And what did you say? — He said he lives in Houston. go through the booking process in English. Try to understand the main ideas of any articles that appear interesting. • Helen asked Steve where he lives. hers. I’ll be traveling alone. — What did the flight attendant say? — What did the captain say? — She asked me if I wanted another drink. to proceed to … boarding pass pilot / co-pilot. — He said that we’ll be landing shortly. — How many will be traveling with you? — Mark’s tickets were cheap. security checkpoint baggage carousel to choose (a seat) (not) allowed. to land customs. yours. but Kim hasn’t fastened hers. — I told him that my wife had it. How much were ours? — No one. are they yours? — Excuse me. Guess the meaning of words you aren’t familiar with. but Bill didn’t give me his. liquids baggage claim check window / middle / aisle (seat) mine. • When you travel. — Will Jason be taking off from JFK? — Did the children fasten their seatbelts? — No. take the in-flight magazines with you. landing visit? identification (ID) to take off. Chapter Summary Vocabulary & Expressions to check (baggage) to go through (customs) overhead. Look at the airport and airplane diagrams. ~ bin. — Ellen gave me hers. without buying a ticket. — I think ours cost $520 each. • The officer asked me if I had my passport. they’re not mine. • Go to an airline website and. When will we be landing? — Did you get all the tickets? — We’ll be landing in about seven minutes. Are there any terms you don’t know? Write them down and look them up when you get home. ~ officer seatbelt. Inc. takeoff. look at the signs. etc. briefcase security. Use Your English! • The next time you are at an airport. — Tom fastened his. to store carry-on bag / luggage to remove to remain purse. to fasten a ~ Grammar • Where will you be going this summer? • Are these your tickets? — We’ll be visiting family in Poland. — No. he’ll be taking off from La Guardia. What information can you find there? 38 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.

food. samples used for soliciting Level 3 • Chapter 5 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. several cans of sausages. insects: Yes No (b) meats. You have brought items from your store to show to your new partners.berlitzenglish. I have (We have) commercial merchandise: Yes No (articles for sale. snails: Yes No (d) soil or have been on a farm/ranch/pasture: Yes No 3. ❏1 ❏ 2a ❏ 2b ❏ 2c ❏ 2d ❏3 ❏4 ❏5 3. You won the lottery in your country last week. I am (We are) carrying currency or monetary instruments over $10.000 U. vegetables. ❏1 ❏ 2a ❏ 2b ❏ 2c ❏ 2d ❏3 ❏4 ❏5 check it out! www. Chapter Summary Reading: Do you have anything to declare? U. ❏1 ❏ 2a ❏ 2b ❏ 2c ❏ 2d ❏3 ❏4 ❏5 4. I am (We are) bringing (a) fruits. You are a store owner from France. seeds. You have some chocolate. and some dried peppers in your checked luggage. The primary purpose of this trip is business: Yes No 2. I have (We have) been in close proximity of (such as touching or handling) livestock: Yes No 4. 39 . You are visiting a friend in Pennsylvania. You are a farmer from Australia. You are bringing the money you won (€20. or goods that are not considered personal effects) Answer Indicate which statements on the customs declaration form above must be marked yes for each of the situations below.000) with you. ❏1 ❏ 2a ❏ 2b ❏ 2c ❏ 2d ❏3 ❏4 ❏5 2. That’s why you are going on this trip to Las Vegas. 1 .S. You are going to New York for three days to discuss a scontract for a new store there. plants. You have sheep and pigs on your farm. You are a grandmother and you are going to visit your grandchildren in Dallas. animals. cell cultures. Inc. Customs and Border Protection Customs Declaration 1.S. animal/wildlife products: Yes No (c) disease agents. or foreign equivalent: Yes No (see definition of monetary instruments on reverse) 5.

Inc.! Confirm in-flight announcements Get around the airport Check in for a flight Talk about international cuisine Comment on a meal Ask about menu items Describe vacation experiences Talk about vacation activities Talk about travel destinations Make suggestions Ask for and give updates Plan an event Talk about yourself Catch up on past events and news Meet people and renew acquaintances 40 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.Chapter 6 Review Now you can .. Level 3 • Chapter 6 ..

This is what you’ve done in the last two years: • Two years ago. You haven’t seen each other for two years. You would like to go sightseeing and visit one or two museums. he will call you back later this week) • make arrangements for a photographer Action Module 3 Role Card A You are going out of town on a business trip next week. you’d like to go to a concert in the evening with your friend. Invite your friend out for coffee and ask him / her what he / she has done in the last two years. Together you have made a list of things to do. You’re very happy with it. If possible. • Last year. 41 . Inc. You are free after 10:30 on Monday and for the rest of the day. You have checked off the things you have done. • reserve conference room at hotel • call the catering company ✓ • order decorations ✓ • design a poster announcing the party • make arrangements for a DJ (you called one yesterday. Decide between you who will do the tasks that have not yet been done. you got married. Call your friend and tell him / her about your plans. Action Module 2 Role Card A Your company has a party for its employees once a year. Level 3 • Chapter 6 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. you will be meeting to give each other an update on what has been done so far. This year you and a colleague are in charge of planning the party. Your friend started a new job two years ago. you bought an apartment. A good friend of yours lives in the city where you are going. Action Module 1 Role Card A You meet an old friend on the street. • You now have a three-month old son. In a few minutes. You have appointments early Monday morning and all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

Decide between you who will do the tasks that have not yet been done. he will call you back tomorrow) Action Module 3 Role Card B A good friend of yours will be in your city on a business trip for a couple of days next week. 42 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. you started a new job. In a few minutes. This year you and a colleague are in charge of planning the party. but you were only there for eight months because you were offered a better job at a company in New Zealand. Your friend bought a new apartment two years ago. Your friend is free on Monday and would like to do some sightseeing. Action Module 1 Role Card B You meet an old friend on the street. Action Module 2 Role Card B Your company has a party for its employees once a year. Talk to your friend about the different possibilities for your day together. you will be meeting to give each other an update on what has been done so far. Level 3 • Chapter 6 . Unfortunately. • reserve conference room at hotel ✓ • call the catering company • order decorations • design a poster announcing the party (you have almost finished it) • make arrangements for a DJ • make arrangements for a photographer (you called one yesterday. many museums and other tourist attractions are closed on Mondays. • You’re getting married next summer. and their exhibits on early 20th century art are interesting. One museum is open. Together you have made a list of things to do. You have checked off the item you completed. Invite your friend out for coffee and ask him / her was he / she has done in the last two years. You haven’t seen each other for two years. Inc. He / She could also go on a sightseeing tour of the city. • You now live in New Zealand. This is what you’ve done in the last two years: • Two years ago.

43 . Tell him / her where you will meet. Your colleague has never been to your country before. you will be calling this colleague to confirm the arrangements for his / her arrival. a colleague from a branch office in another country will be coming to visit. You like spicy food. If you can. Action Module 5 Role Card A You work for NewTek. give him / her directions to the meeting point or describe where it is. so you plan to meet him / her at the airport. You’re thinking about having soup as an appetizer and a seafood dish as your main course. In a few minutes. Action Module 4 Role Card A You are going to have dinner in a four-star restaurant. Level 3 • Chapter 6 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. but your doctor has said that it’s not good for you. The restaurant was recommended to you by a friend. Next week. Inc. Find out how the meals are prepared and what they are served with. Ask him / her to recommend a soup and seafood dish for you. A server is coming to your table.

so tell him / her what you look like and what you will be wearing. A colleague from that office will be calling you in a few minutes to confirm the arrangements for your arrival. Action Module 4 Role Card B You are a server at a four-star restaurant that is famous for its New England clam chowder. lemon sauce Pacific Sword Fish — grilled and served with green beans and roasted potatoes A guest is waiting to order. tomato. Action Module 5 Role Card B You work for NewTek. creamy soup with clams. potatoes. Other appetizer favorites are the Maryland crab cakes and the spicy fried calamari. egg. and choice of dressing Main Courses Roast Beef — thinly sliced roast beef served with sautéed mushrooms and onions and a baked potato Red Snapper — sautéed. garlic croutons. You would like someone to meet you at the airport. and onions Maryland Crab Cakes — classic crab cakes. seasonal vegetables. and long-grain wild rice Idaho Rainbow Trout — almond-crusted and served with a buttery. breaded and fried to golden brown Spicy Calamari — breaded. You need to know where to go after you go through customs. served with a basil lime sauce. 44 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. The red snapper and rainbow trout are the most popular main courses. served with lemon and a ginger-tomato sauce Chef ’s Salad — mixed salad greens. Inc. You will be going to one of your branch offices in another country next week. This is an excerpt from the menu: Appetizers New England clam chowder — a thick. Level 3 • Chapter 6 . cucumber. You haven’t met anyone from that office before.

Who did you stay with? Why were you there? Did your hosts make any plans for your visit? What did you do while you were there? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about the last time an important person (or important people) visited his / her company. Who visited? Why? Was there an itinerary for the visit? What did they have to do before the visitor(s) arrived? 3 A: Tell the class about the best vacation you have ever had. Where would he / she like to go? What would he / she like to see and do there? 4 A: Tell the class about your last restaurant meal. Your Turn 1 A: Tell the class about your first job. Where did you work? What did you do there? What year did you leave? Why did you leave? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about his / her current job. Why do you prefer it? Do you fly with them often? How was your last flight? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about his / her worst airport Level 3 • Chapter 6 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Inc. When did he / she start working there? How long has he / she worked there? What does he / she do there now? What other positions has he / she had at the company? 2 A: Describe the last time you stayed at someone’s house. Are there any good steak and seafood places in town? Does he / she like international cuisine? What dishes does he / she recommend? Are the restaurants expensive? 5 A: Tell the class about your favorite airline. What happened? Was there a problem at check-in? at customs? with the flight time? When and where did this happen? check it out! www. What did you have? How was the meal prepared? Was it served with vegetables? How did the food taste? Were you satisfied with the service? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher to recommend some restaurants. Where did you go? When were you there? What did you do there? What did you like best about it? B: Ask a classmate about his / her dream vacation. 45 .

People and places chores to be able to in town Describe and ask for I had my hair cut. Grocery shopping groceries in a store John got his eyes checked.Chapter 7 I have a lot to do today Topics Speaking Goals Grammar Errands and chores Talk about errands and I’ll have Paul paint the room. where can I find spices? — They’re in aisle 7. 46 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. to get it repaired. In this chapter. who does the …? ironing vacuuming cooking cleaning — I’m going to the grocery store. Do you need anything? ■■ Describe and ask — Could you pick up some bread? for groceries in a store — Excuse me. you will … ■■ Talk about errands and chores — Where did you go today? — What did you do with the car? — I went to the hairdresser’s to — I dropped it off with the mechanic have my hair done. In your home. Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 7 .

— I don’t think he’ll be able to. What do we need? — No. — Were you able to finish your errands? — Is Patrick coming to the theater tomorrow? — No. — I didn’t know we were running low. no. Level 3 • Chapter 7 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. I’m dropping the car off tomorrow. I have to number. running low on gas. — Did Jim recommend a good mechanic? — You’ll join us for lunch. We’re out of milk. go to the bank during my lunch hour. He’s too busy. 2 Will you be able to go to the bank later? Can Joyce go to the bank this afternoon? Is Joyce able to go to the bank this afternoon? Could Stan get in touch with you yesterday? R Was Stan able to get in touch with you yesterday? Do you think the lawyer can see us tomorrow? Will the lawyer be able to see us tomorrow? — Can you stop by the store after work? — Did you take the car to the auto repair shop? — I should be able to. Inc. but Sarah was able to. — Why didn’t you buy some this morning? — Already? We just bought gas last week. won’t you? — No. Talk about errands 1a Who does what and where? Tip! bakers cut hair auto repair shop butchers cut meats bakery hairdressers make bread pharmacy auto repair shop garage mechanics fill prescriptions hair salon pharmacy chemist’s pharmacists repair cars butcher shop gas station petrol station What can you buy at a bakery? Where do you go to get flowers? Do pharmacies only sell medicine? Where do you take your car for repairs? 1b We’re out of milk — We need to stop at the gas station. I still need to go to the pharmacy. 47 . She gave me his — I’m sorry. I won’t be able to today. I haven’t been able to do that yet. We’re — Oh.

What will Steve try to have his friend do? ____________________________________________________________________________________ B. 1 . Why doesn’t Meg need help with the cooking for the wedding reception? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Vicky often does the cleaning and vacuuming. he has an accountant do them for him. She’ll have a taxi take her home. Why does Steve’s neighbor need a mechanic? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Why is Tiffany early? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. R We had the painter paint our kitchen. 4 What do you have others do? I sometimes ask my assistant to hold my calls. Isabel does the washing and ironing. — No. Inc. I sometimes have my assistant hold my calls. 5 23-25 I’ll have my mechanic call you A. Robin will call a taxi to take her home. Richard takes out the trash and washes the car. — Why don’t you have Andy do it? — I had Greg look at my car but he couldn’t fix it. Level 3 • Chapter 7 . How did she get to Jerry’s place? ____________________________________________________________________________________ C. I’ll have Bill and Lisa do it. — Does Arthur do his taxes himself? — I need help with the cleaning. — No. 1 . We wanted the painter to paint our kitchen. 1 . What is Meg’s friend going to help with? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 48 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Talk about chores 3 What chores do you do at home? David usually does the cooking at home. — Will you have Maggie write the report? — You should have a mechanic take care of it.

He will have / get his car repaired (by a mechanic). I still need to (3) _____________ the car (4) _______________ . Bob will have a mechanic repair his car. — Why is that? — They do a better job at J&J. — You’re (7) _______________ your hair (8) _______________ ? — Yes. I need to look good for my new passport picture. — When did you get the car washed? — You should get your eyes checked. — Where do you have your clothes cleaned? — I get my suits cleaned at Holmes Cleaners. — What about your suits? Did you (5) _______________ them (6) _______________ ? — No. You’re (9) _______________ your picture (10) _______________ on Friday. but I take dresses and blouses to J&J Dry Cleaning. — I got it done right after work. 7 26 What did you do today? — So did you (1) ______________ everything (2) _______________ ? — No. don’t I? — Oh. — We had the kitchen painted. He has / gets his hair cut (by a barber). that’s right. Talk about errands and chores 6 Did you have your suit dry-cleaned? John has a barber cut his hair. 49 . — Where is Suzanne? — What else did you have done to the house? — She’s getting her glasses fixed. Level 3 • Chapter 7 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. but it’s expensive to have suits cleaned there. I’ll drop them off tomorrow. Inc. I forgot. R She had the meal prepared (by a caterer). tomorrow afternoon. before my haircut. — I have an appointment next week. Jill had a caterer prepare the meal.

Inc. the next aisle. Fruit and vegetables are in … Beef. Describe and ask for groceries in a store 8 You’ll find butter in the dairy section Butter. — Where are the soft drinks? — Where can I find milk? — They are in the snack food aisle. aisle 12. Level 3 • Chapter 7 . 9 We need groceries EGGS AND DAIRY MEAT AND POULTRY FISH AND SEAFOOD SNACK FOODS • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS CANNED FOODS PAPER PRODUCTS • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ BAKERY PASTA. and cheese are in … Ice cream is in … … the dairy section. milk. … the meat section. … the frozen foods section. on the other side of the store. pork. — Milk is in the dairy section. RICE BEVERAGES OTHER • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ 50 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. next to the meat section. and chicken are in … … the produce section.

I have to run some errands

10 Where should I go?
You are working at a branch office in another country. You have just arrived and you will be
there for six months. You live in a furnished apartment not too far from the office. You have
some errands to run, but you don’t know where to go. Ask your new colleague for help.

Where can I …?
have my clothes cleaned _________________________________________________

get my hair cut ________________________________________________________

get my allergy prescription filled ___________________________________________

get my car washed ______________________________________________________

go grocery shopping ____________________________________________________

…………………………… ______________________________________________

…………………………… ______________________________________________

…………………………… ______________________________________________

11 Where do you prefer to shop?

— Do you like going to farmers’ markets?
— I prefer going to supermarkets.
— Really? Why?
— Everything I need is there, in one place.
And my supermarket is very good. It has a
lot of international and organic foods now.

Culture Corner: Weights and measures

Most English-speaking countries officially use metric weights and measures, but you
may still see older weights and measures quite often on food packaging and in recipes,
especially in the United States.

dry weights liquid measures
1 oz. = 28 g 8 oz. = 1 cup ≈ 235 ml
oz = ounce
16 oz. = 1 lb. 16 oz = 1 pint ≈ .47 l
lb = pound
1 lb. ≈ .454 kg 8 pints = 1 gallon ≈ 3.76 l
1 kg ≈ 2.2 lb. 1 liter ≈ 34 oz.

Level 3 • Chapter 7 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. 51

Chapter Summary

Vocabulary & Expressions
hair salon, hairdresser’s to be able to chores, to do ~
haircut, to get a ~ to get in touch with to check
auto repair shop (garage UK) to stop by to paint
mechanic trash (rubbish UK) to have one’s hair cut
to repair / fix cars trash can (rubbish bin UK) to have one’s eyes checked
dry cleaner to take out the trash groceries, grocery store
bakery, baker to iron, to do the ironing dairy, produce, spices
butcher to vacuum, to do the vacuuming can (tin UK), canned foods
florist (hoover / hoovering UK) frozen foods
errands to do the cleaning, cooking, etc. section, aisle
to fill prescriptions laundry, to do the ~ organic (foods)
to run out of / low on to wash the car, car wash

• There’s water coming from the refrigerator. • I won’t be able to finish this today.
— I’ll have someone call you back in an hour. — When will you be able to finish?

— I love your haircut. — Were you able to get in touch with the lawyer?
— Thanks. I had Emily cut it this time. — Yes, but he can’t see me before next week.

— Who’s paying the bills while you’re away? — How are you able to do so much?
— I’ll have my assistant take care of it. — It’s because I have such a good team.

• How often do you have your carpet cleaned? • How often do you get your car washed?
— I have it cleaned once a year. — I get it washed about once a month.

— When did you have your house painted? — When did we get the pool cleaned?
— We had it painted four years ago. — We got it cleaned last Friday.

— Where will you get your computer repaired? — Where will you have your picture taken?
— I’ll get it repaired at the store where I bought it. — I’ll have it taken at the pharmacy.

Use Your English!
• Try writing your errand lists in English this week and bring them to your next class.
• Research online whether there are any errand-running services. Write down a list of questions
you would ask if you decide to try the service for a week. Find out what they can and cannot do
for you.
• Make a shopping list. Then visit an English-language online grocery store. Could you find all the
items on your list?

52 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 7

Chapter Summary

Reading: Irish Stew

Ingredients recipe
2 lb (1 kg) lamb, cut into half-inch (2 cm) cubes Preparation time: 20 minutes
2 large onions, sliced into rings Cooking time: 1 – 2 hours
2 lb (1 kg) potatoes, cut into half-inch (2 cm) thick cubes Serves: 4 – 6
2 large carrots, sliced (optional)
14 oz (400 ml) lamb broth
2-3 tbsp parsley, finely chopped (optional) salt and pepper

a. Add the parsley, salt, and pepper, and then add the broth and cover the pot.
b. Bring to a boil, and then turn the heat down to low and cook for 1 ½ to 2 hours.
c. Cut up the meat and vegetables.
d. Put the vegetables and the meat in a large pot.
e. Serve in bowls with Irish soda bread and a glass of Irish stout.
f. When almost ready, thicken the stew by mashing a few pieces of potato and
returning them to the pot.

Answer: Put the steps of the recipe in order

1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____ 6. _____

Writing: Create a shopping list of ingredients for a traditional dish or an old family recipe
that you will make for a party

check it out!

Level 3 • Chapter 7 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. 53

Level 3 • Chapter 8 . Inc. Then ■■ Askforandgive take a left on Route 41.Chapter 8 What’s the best way to get there? Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Car rental Rent a car verb + more / less: The SUV costs Directions Ask for and give driving more than the full-size car. Car problems conditions while + -ing: Don’t text while driving. All our SUVs are rented ■■ Rentacar at the moment. 54 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. ■■ Talkaboutroad andtraffic — How are the roads today? conditionsand — They’re slippery. — How do I get to Clarksville? — Follow this road to Route 41. carproblems — What’s wrong? — The car won’t start. Road and traffic directions told … to. — Thank you very much. It will take roaddirections you straight into Clarksville. — Why is the traffic moving so slowly? — There’s been an accident. Talk about car problems In this chapter. I can offer you a full-size car with GPS. — That’ll be fine. Thank you. you will … — What kind of car would you like? — Do you have any SUVs? — I’m sorry. so drive carefully. said to: The agent told you conditions Talk about road and traffic to return the car with a full tank.

Here is your rental agreement. Do you have any full-size cars? 1 gallon ≈ 3. Would you like to buy insurance? ___ All right. that’s right. you won’t have to pay for it. We charge $8 a gallon for gas. ___ Thank you. Is that correct? ___ No. Here are the keys. But you should return the car with a full tank. ___ Here you are. R A full-size car costsmore (than a compact car). — What kind of car would you like? — Do you have any luxury cars? — All our luxury cars are rented at the moment. Thank you. May I have your driver’s license and a credit card? ___ It’s only $12 per day. gas(oline) petrol — SUVs are too big. Let’s add the insurance. thank you. of course. Rent a car 1  Whichrentalcarcostsless? compact car full-size car SUV luxury car A compact car costs $61 a day. just in case. 55 . Your car is parked in Lot A. 2 Whatkindofcarwouldyoulike? Tip! — I’d like to rent a car. Please sign here. — You can. Space 23. but you’ll have to pay more. But you’ll spend less on gas. My name is … I reserved a car online. I already have insurance. ___ Let’s see. Is there an extra charge for mileage? ___ No. And if anything happens to the car.8 liters — Yes. Inc. Here’s my confirmation. Tip! R A compact car costsless(than a full-size car). 1 mile ≈ 1. A full-size car costs $74 a day. ___ Yes. and you will be returning the car to this location. instead of here at this location? — True. ___ Hello. How may I help you? ___ OK.6 km 3 Ireservedacaronline ___ Good morning. — Can I drop the car off at the airport — Why? They’re much less comfortable. You have a reservation for a compact car for seven days. our rates include unlimited mileage. We have these models available. rent a car hire a car but we do have several SUVs. Level 3 • Chapter 8 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. SUV = Sport Utility Vehicle — You should get a compact car.

intersection. — And then? — But do we go north or south? — He said to take the third left onto Parker Street. We saidto follow Route 70. West East Go west for about 16 kilometers. R R “Get off at Exit 16.” He toldmetoturn right at the light.” We toldthemto follow Route 70. ___ Go straight ahead for a mile.” She toldustoget off at Exit 16. ___ Go south on Route 59. He saidnottoturn left. ___ Take the Route 22 East exit. miles. “Follow Route 70. Level 3 • Chapter 8 . _________________________ C. Ask for and give driving directions 4 Turnleftattheintersection traffic light stop sign highway signs highway exit at an intersection North Follow this road to the traffic light. roundabout. ___ Turn left at the traffic light. ___ Take the first exit for ___ Make a left at the second ___ Take the first exit at the Waterville. _________________________ B. — What did Bob tell you to do? — Which exit did Kim say to take? — He told me to make a right on Jenkins Avenue. She saidtoget off at Exit 16. — She said to take the Milltown exit. intersection crossroads Get off the highway at Exit 28. Go east on Route 66. Inc. Airport for about two miles.” He toldmenotto turn left. “Don’t turn left. 56 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. highway motorway South 5 27-29 You’regoingthewrongway! A. Tip! Make a right at the stop sign. He saidtoturn right at the light. — I think she said to go north. 6 Whatdidhetellyoutodo? “Turn right at the light. __________________________ ___ Follow the road for five ___ Follow signposts for Exeter ___ Follow Route 22 for six miles.

There was an accident on the I-5. — It’s not illegal to text while walking. There must be an accident. traffic is light. 57 . — How are the roads? — Icy and slippery. I’m stuck in traffic. — Hi. Paul listens to music when he works. You’d better take the subway. Nothing is moving. The road is closed because of construction. I’ll take the highway instead. 9 Atnoon. — These people had better slow down. The other cars can’t see you. — Just keep your eyes on the road. Let’s meet right in front of the theater. — Laura just got another ticket! — Sorry I’m late. There are often major traffic jams. traffic is very heavy. (he’s) driving. yes.trafficislight During rush hour. The roads are slippery. Talk about road and traffic conditions 7 You’dbetterslowdown! — It’s pouring outside. Between the morning and evening rush hours. OK? 8 Don’ttextwhiledriving drives. Call me as soon as the traffic starts moving. — He had an accident while driving to work. (he’s) reading. however. Dan. — All right. I can’t see a thing! — You’d better be careful. — I’ve never seen such thick fog. I’m going to try. either. We’d better leave early. Inc. is it? — What happened to Jeremy? — In some areas. OK? Level 3 • Chapter 8 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Was she using her phone while driving? — That’s OK. R He listens to music while (he’s) working. — Should I take Lincoln Avenue to the airport? — Not today. I’ll be ready in ten minutes. — OK. reads. — Are you going to make it in time for the play? — I don’t know. I finished my book while I was waiting. — OK.

Traffic Report: _____ What’s the problem? ______________________ What did the reporter tell people to do? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Why? ____________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ C. In the verbs. Inc. Traffic Report: _____ What’s the problem? ______________________ What did the reporter say? ________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Why? ____________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ FYI:PronunciationTip Many nouns. 58 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Would you like to drop off the car downtown? Where is the rental car drop-off? Cars sometimes break down on the highway. the stress is on the second word: to back up. I’m here to pick up the car I reserved. Talk about road and traffic conditions 10 30-33 Trafficreports A. Traffic was backed up for three miles. There was a three-mile backup on I-95.Traffic Report: _____ D. like backup. The stress in nouns is on the first part of the word backup. are made from two-word verbs.Traffic Report: _____ B. Level 3 • Chapter 8 . There has been a breakdown at Exit 16. I scheduled the pickup for 9 o’clock.

taking a look at the engine. country. To make matters worse. Inc. 59 . Getting around town 11  What’sthematter? Bert’s car won’t start. zip different drop-off location? drop-off date / time drop-off location city. state. so he’s He also has a flat (tire). state. He also has a puncture. 12  OnlineEnglish:Rentingacar carrental|specials|carstyles|locations|services|customerservice Search Commute Travel pick-up location pick-up date / time city. country. zip country of residence continue 13  AvoidI-280 Level 3 • Chapter 8 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. he’s run out of gas.

foggy authorities intersection (crossroads UK) to slow down tire (tyre UK) sign. east. Find two photos you think are interesting. Level 3 • Chapter 8 . What kind of car would you like? Go online and compare rates at three different car rental agencies.. stop ~ slippery. Use the Internet to find a map and directions. Which one has the best prices? • Think of a road trip you would like to make (e. sidewalk (pavement UK) wet. A gallon of milk costs less than a gallon of gas. London to Stonehenge). gas tank to keep going because of extra (charge) truck (lorry UK) to avoid mileage. He told me to take I-95 north to Exit 9A. vehicle all the way traffic jam. Print them out and write a description of the road conditions. sedan (saloon UK) way (= direction) heavy / light (traffic) model. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions rental. New Yorkers drive less than most Americans. was stuck in traffic on the expressway. Grammar • You’llpaymoreforanSUV. He said to take I-95 north to Exit 9A. to get a ~ for … mile / kilometer exit.TakeI-95north. west to pull over GPS to head (north) traffic ticket. highway (motorway UK) legal / illegal It’s pouring. Phil said not to take I-95 south. ~ sign insurance had better nearby road. south. carefully My car won’t start. Inc. UseYourEnglish! • You’ll need to rent a car the next time you go on vacation or on a business trip. car ~ (car hire UK) (to go) north. icy. • Don’ttakeI-95south. Can you understand the directions? Can you follow them on the map? Look up any words you don’t know. to slip to have a flat (puncture UK) to make a (left) careful. unlimited ~ traffic. Phil told me not to take I-95 south. •WhatdidyoudowhiletravelinginEurope? • Whatdidyourdaughterwant? — We stopped in many small towns while — She told me to wait for her because she driving through Germany and Austria. blocked full / empty. fog.g. Paul rents more cars than most travelers. 60 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Orion Rentals charges more than Apex. stuck in traffic gasoline / gas (petrol UK) wrong way construction (roadworks UK) several to turn around to block. to take the … exit accident compact (small family car UK) to follow rush hour SUV. • Do an image search online for traffic and weather. ~ report detour.

sometimes called San Simeon. beaches b. If you’re interested. San Simeon was built by newspaperman William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s. During the twenties and thirties. The scenery is lovely and there are many interesting places to visit along the way. San Simeon b. you can take a guided tour through San Simeon and be one of over a million tourists who visit every year. Chapter Summary Reading:DrivingfromSanFranciscotoLosAngeles the Pacific Ocean the Santa Lucia Mountains the Hearst Castle The drive along the California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful trips you can take. three guesthouses.berlitzenglish. Which of these will you NOT see along the 17-Mile Drive? a. Monterrey d. mountains e. a gorgeous 104-foot swimming pool. Level 3 • Chapter 8 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 17-Mile Drive c. If you keep going south along the coast. Los Angeles c. take Highway 1 south to Monterrey. desert c. a and c e. From there take the scenic Seventeen-Mile Drive and get ready for a view you’ll never forget –– to your right the Pacific Ocean and to your left the Del Monte Forest and the Santa Lucia Mountains. forest d. Farther south you’ll come to one of the most interesting sights in California –– the Hearst Castle. and forest. and it has many turns. la Casa Grande c. take Route 101 through the charming city of Santa Barbara and then head into Los Angeles. Carmel is the place to stop and enjoy some of the best shopping in California. Carmel b. But you get a fantastic view of the ocean. many famous Hollywood stars were invited to San Simeon. too. Answer 1 . Don’t forget to bring your camera! If you’re ready for a break when you reach the southern end of the Seventeen-Mile Drive. Highway 1 b. which is also the name of the city halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. and c check it out! www. Santa Barbara ___ 2. a. Route 101 d. the Big House 4. It includes La Casa Grande (“the big house”). From San Francisco. Put the cities you go through along this drive in the right order: a. b. a huge building with 130 rooms. What is the Hearst Castle also called? a. San Francisco ___ ___ ___ ___ e. Which road(s) do you take if you want to take the scenic route described in the above article? a. a small airport. 61 . There are some great beaches. ocean 3. Inc. and more than fifty miles of beaches. Highway 1 south from Carmel is quite narrow in some places.

Inc. but it’s supposed to be good. 62 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. ■■ Talkaboutmovies — Let’s go see Ocean Deep. That performance is sold out.Chapter 9 How was the performance? Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Arts and Talk about events and where Present perfect with lately. — What’s it about? — It’s the story of a scientist. please? performances — Are there any tickets left for the 8 o’clock show? — I’m sorry. please. — Where would you like to sit? ■■ Buyticketsfor — Could I see a seating chart. who discovers an underwater city. recently entertainment they take place Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed: Movies Talk about movies exciting / excited. — Two tickets for the Giants game. etc. Buy tickets for performances In this chapter. Level 3 • Chapter 9 . you will … EVENT VENUE football game stadium ■■ Talkaboutevents concert concert hall andwherethey exhibit museum / gallery takeplace opera opera house ballet ballet theater play theater — Have you seen the new Catman movie? — No.

Why aren’t the friends going to see Lucky Guy? ______________________________________ 2. How about you? 3 Iexpectedittobebetter — We’re thinking about going to the Flower Show. I think you’ll like it. 4 34-36 Whatdidyougosee? A. She saw Evita and The Producers last month. Beethoven and Mozart. — No. goes to museums. enjoyed it very much. — How was the show? — Much better than I expected. not lately. 2 Haveyouseenanygoodplayslately? Karen likes musicals.1 . 1 . but she hasn’t seen any operas lately. Inc. Talk about events and where they take place 1  What’shappeningthisweekend? Lisa likes to go out. too. 1 . She Her favorite composers are exhibits of modern art. She has seen several in the last ten years. What’s showing at the museum now? ______________________________________ B. It was great. It’s not very good this year. What would they like to see instead? ______________________________________ Level 3 • Chapter 9 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Karen also likes opera. What exhibit has Nancy been to recently? ______________________________________ 2. She often Last weekend. — Have you seen any good plays lately? — Have you been to any exhibits recently? — We saw Harvey last night. What did he do when he was there? ______________________________________ C. She likes an open air concert. — Don’t bother. 63 . Where has John recently returned from? ______________________________________ 2. she went to Lisa likes classical music. She has recently seen two musicals. I went yesterday.

the very end. confusing. someone feels about a person or thing. 64 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Talk about movies 5 Myfavoritemovie ■ Genre ____________________________________________ ■ Year made _________________ ■ Title ____________________________________________ ■ Country _________________ ■ Director ____________________________________________ ■ Rating  ■ Cast ______________________________________________________________________________ ■ Main Character name(s) _______________________________________________________________ ■ Plot _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 How was the movie? scary funny sad • It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing! • It was really scary. The movie was exciting. Inc. I think you’ll like it. surprising. • It was pretty good. I almost couldn’t watch it. I don’t think you’ll like it. Level 3 • Chapter 9 . The ending was Henry was disappointing. 7 confusing or confused? • Adjectives with -ing endings describe • Adjectives with -ed endings describe how people or things. Why did the boy leave his — Were you disappointed. That was so surprising. bored. boring. Henry was excited. confused. I was. The movie was so exciting until — I don’t know. What a terrible ending. surprised. — I’m confused. • It was very sad. Sarah? family at the end of the movie? — Yes. disappointed.

65 . — What’s it about? — It’s a thriller based on a true story. in the early 1900’s. they get upset and do everything they can to make their hill a mountain again. 1 . who goes to Wales to measure the heights of hills for a new map. But when he tells the people in one village that their “mountain” is only a hill. Talk about movies 8 It’sbasedonatruestory — Let’s go to the movies. What do the reviews say? — It’s supposed to be Tom Darren’s best movie yet. The movie takes place in Chicago. — Let’s hope they’re right! 9 Whatisthemovieabout? Character(s) Setting Plot Who? Where? Wants / Needs to … But … And / So … an English village in Wales measure the height the villagers are they try to cartographer and a hill of a hill near the upset when they make their village learn their mountain “mountain” is only a hill taller ______________________________________________________________________________________ The movie is about an English cartographer. The new Tom Darren movie is out. What kind of movie is Unplugged? __________________________________________________ 2. 10 37-39 Let’sgotothemovies A. What is the story about? ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ C. What is the story about? __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ B. They say the ending is totally unpredictable. What is the story about? ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Level 3 • Chapter 9 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. What kind of movie is Maybe Some Day? ____________________________________________ 2. Inc. 1 . 1 . — That sounds interesting. What kind of movie is Milligan’s Island? _____________________________________________ 2.

m. — That’s too far from the stage. / 8:00 p. Let’s see.m. — Yes. Do you have anything closer to the front? It’s OK if they’re on the sides.m.m. Sat: 2:30 p. Thu. Tue. Sat: 2:00 p. Level 3 • Chapter 9 . / 8:00 p. Mon. / 7:00 p. Here you are. Buy tickets for performances 11a Istheperformancesoldout? Chicago! TheLionKing PhantomoftheOpera Embassy Theater Hoffman Theater Majesty Theatre Mon.m Ticket prices for all performances: Center Orchestra (A-G) $275 Center Orchestra (H-N) 260 Right / Left Orchestra (A-G) 265 Right / Left Orchestra (H-N) 250 Mezzanine (all rows) 195 Balcony (all rows) 135 11b Wherewouldyouliketosit? — Do you have any tickets for tonight’s show? — I’m sorry. Wed.m. Let’s try the matinee then.m. seats E4 and 5 are free. Thu.m.m. We have tickets for the matinee tomorrow if you’d like. — I’ll take them. but only in the back. Fri: 8:00 p. / 8:00 p.m.m. Sun: 1:00 p. Tue-Fri: 7:00 p. — Do you have any seats in the center orchestra? — Yes. Sat: 2:00 p.m. Sun: 2:30 p. / 6:30 p. Seats W27 and 28 are available in the very center. — Where would you like to sit? — Could I see a seating chart? — Sure. These are excellent seats. How much are they? 66 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Tonight’s performance is sold out.m. Inc. Fri: 8:00 p. — OK.m. Tue: 7:00 p.

Jot down some information about it below. Title: ______________________________________________________________ Venue: ______________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________________ Ticket price: ______________________________________________________________ Seats: ______________________________________________________________ What happened: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Opinion: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Recommendation: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 13  Theperfectmovie ■ What’s the title? ■ What’s the movie about? Who stars in it? ■ ■ Where are they? ■ Why are they there? What are they doing? ■ ■ How do they feel? ■ Why do they feel that way? What are they going to do? ■ ■ Will the story have a happy ending? FYI:Titlesofmovies. plays. Inc. and books are capitalized: Death of a Salesman A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Phantom of the Opera Murder on the Orient Express Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Marriage of Figaro Level 3 • Chapter 9 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.andbooks The first word and all key words in the titles of movies. 67 . Talk about events 12  Youshouldseeit! Think about a performance or sports event you have seen.plays.

Write a short summary of the story in English.) Grammar •Haveyouseenanygoodmovieslately? •Haveyoubeentoanygoodperformancesrecently? — No. science fiction predictable. Inc. concert hall character. ~ in the (future) Where does … take place? title. amazed confusing. show. How about you? of the symphony orchestra. matinee ~ ballet. movie star box office. 68 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. not recently. I was very surprised. unrealistic based on a true story action. Which exhibits do you recommend? • Think of a well-known children’s story from your country. disappointing. genre. I haven’t. but the first — We were so confused by the artist’s work that we two were disappointing. sad It was better than expected. Are you going to it? — I haven’t seen any shows lately. musician to cry. on the sides famous funny in the front / back / center composer. front row. main ~ performance. It was completely predictable. disappointed to take place. The last good movie I — No. sold out scary What is the movie about? amazing. UseYourEnglish! • Find a site on the Internet that gives information about London theater or Broadway performances. to make someone ~ stage. but I did see an interesting exhibit at saw was during the summer. — Yes. It was a real disappointment. excited stop laughing. dancer. the Museum of Modern Art recently. happy ~ What did the reviews say? horror. For which night do you have tickets? •Wasthemovieexciting? •Wereyousurprisedattheending? — Not at all. Find a show you think you’d like to see and read what it’s about. Prepare a short summary for your next lesson. I have. surprised It was so funny that I couldn’t to expect bored. — Have you seen any good shows lately? — Have you bought any concert tickets recently? — Yes. unpredictable It’s supposed to be good. painting. confused It’s the story of … recently surprising. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions stadium. animation review (n. I’ve just bought tickets for the holiday concert shows. comedy. I’ve seen several very good — Yes. — What did you think of the concert? — How was the new exhibit? — The last band was amazing. opera. drama ending. etc. plot realistic. Level 3 • Chapter 9 . • An English-speaking friend of yours would like to go to a museum this weekend. western. thriller. I didn’t expect it at all. exhibit star. didn’t stay very long. performer pretty good / funny. — I’m not sure yet. Don’t bother. seating chart painter. to paint to laugh.

must-see With Percy Billings as Detective Rousseau and a cast of very fine (5) ____________________ . actors c. What is the reviewer’s recommendation? _______________________________________________ Writing:Writeareview Think of a movie. Death in the Air is a (8) ____________________ . Whose book is the play based on? _______________________________________________ 3. seats story centers around the murder of Major Patterson. the b. ending g. f. Write a short review of it. best-directed builds to a surprising (4) ____________________ . etc. Use the Internet to look up any information you need (names of actors. mystery Based on Belinda Franklin’s bestselling (3) ____________________ .). _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. 69 . One of the best-written and (7) ________________________ productions this Level 3 • Chapter 9 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. or opera you really enjoyed. What kind of play is Death in the Air? _______________________________________________ 2.berlitzenglish. Answer 1 . Chapter Summary Reading:DeathintheAir Completethetext Death in the Air (1) ____________________ last night to a packed house and finished with a standing ovation from the (2) ____________________ . a. the audience is kept on the edge of their (6) ____________________ right up to the final curtain. who is found dead in d. Inc. The play is fast-paced and e. audience h. Who is the leading actor? _______________________________________________ 4. How was the performance? _______________________________________________ 5. opened his airplane seat a few minutes after take-off. director. play.

Chapter 10

How’s the project going?
Topics Speaking Goals Grammar
Projects Talk about projects and Present perfect with just
budgets by + date or time: We’ll finish the
Talk about schedules project by August 31.
and deadlines must, don’t have to, not allowed to
Ask for and give status Passive voice (present perfect):
reports The proposal has been submitted.

In this chapter,
you will …

■■ Talk about projects
and budgets

What project are you working on now? Do you have a budget?
Which parts of the project are you responsible for?

— Are we going to complete Phase 1
on time?
— Yes. We’re right on schedule.
■■ Talk about
schedules and — Will you be able to meet the
deadlines deadline?
— I don’t think so. We’re already a
week behind schedule.

— How’s the project coming?
— Fine. Everything is going as planned.
■■ Ask for and give
status reports — Please send me the status report
as soon as possible. It’s urgent.
— You’ll have it by the end of the day.

70 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 10

Talk about projects and budgets

1 We’re working on a new project

1 2 3 4 5 6

a. _____ get the proposal approved d. _____ finalize the project team
b. _____ think of an idea for a project e. _____ start the project
c. _____ present the proposal to managers f. _____ write a proposal for the project

2 I’ve just spoken to the manager

The meeting will last from 9 to 11 a.m. Ashna and Ted finished their presentation at 10:15.
It’s 9:02. The meeting has just started. It’s 10:20. They’ve just finished their presentation.

— Have you written your proposal yet? — Have you heard anything about the project?
— Yes, I’ve just sent it to Mr. Wilson. — I’ve just spoken to David. The Board has approved it.

3 What’s the budget for the event?

Budget / Grand Opening Event In addition to the annual budget for regular
marketing expenses, such as the weekly ads
Budget Spent on the Internet, we created a separate budget
decorations $ 500 $ 450 for the grand opening of the new store.

catering 2,000 2,500
Our total budget for the event was $8,000.
audio equipment 1,750 1,500 We actually spent $9,000. We went over our
budget by $1,000. Our biggest expense was
advertising 1,500 1,600
for catering.

Level 3 • Chapter 10 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. 71

Talk about budgets and schedules

4 We must cut expenses

Cut your expenses! You have to cut your expenses.
R You must cut your expenses.
Don’t start the project until You cannot start the project until the budget is approved.
the budget’s approved!
R You’re not allowed to start until the budget is approved.

You can make the You don’t need to make the presentation.
presentation if you want to. R You don’t have to make the presentation.

5 We’re right on schedule

Carlisle Project Mon., Sept. 24
Task Due date

✓ Implementation — Phase 3 Sept. 20
✓ Complete Phase 3 Sept. 25
Submit status report to management Sept. 28
Client presentation of Carlisle prototype Oct. 1
Final project deadline Nov. 1

Michael Everett and his team are working on the Carlisle project. The final project deadline
is November 1. Phase 3 has already been completed. They finished it a few days ahead of
schedule. The project status report is due on Friday. Michael will submit it on time. The
work on the client presentation is a little behind schedule. Everything else is on schedule.

— How much time do you have to complete the project, Mike?
— Not much. But so far, everything’s going according to plan. How about your sales
project? Will you be able to finish on time?
— I think so. If everything goes as planned, we might even finish ahead of schedule.
— Good luck!

Culture Corner

Please be on time
In general, people in English-speaking countries expect things to be done punctually,
that is, on time. Deadlines, due dates, appointments, and meeting times are important,
especially in business. Party times and meetings with friends are more flexible.

72 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. Level 3 • Chapter 10

Keep up the good work! freelancer. Nancy will call Toshio ________________ she gets to work. (and not before). R He’s at work by 9 a. 1 . We can … spend time with someone or on something make time to meet someone or do something find time to do something run out of time when something goes wrong save time by working better or faster waste time by working on unnecessary things Level 3 • Chapter 10 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Peter gets to work at or before 9 a. He lost three weeks looking for catch up on a lot of work. Mr. I was away last week. and we talk about time as if it were money. — How’s the project coming along? — How far behind schedule are we.m. ______________ 2. FYI: Expressions with time The saying Time is money is well known. 2. Nancy is usually at the office . C. He finishes work at 6 p. That should help us catch up. Claudia presented the ________________ project to Mr.m. John? — The architect is running out of time. 1 . B. Henderson asked some ________________ questions.m. Everything’s going according to plan. — About two weeks. Inc. Jim has to work late tonight. a contractor. 1 . 2. R He works until 6 p. Henderson. He still has to finish a report that’s ______________ tomorrow. He plans to go home ______________ than 8 o’clock. But I’ve just hired a — That’s great. Ask for and give status reports 6 40-42 I’ll need the status report ASAP A. — Yes. and I need to — I know.m. This morning. 73 . Rick? — Fine. 7 Everything’s going according to plan To-Do List To-Do List Search To-Do List Search To-Do List Arranged By: Due Date Arranged By: Due Date prepare budget ✓ hire contractor meet with sales team ✓ get estimates for paint create focus group ✓ apply for permits file plans — Are you working late. Toshio and Nancy plan to meet tomorrow morning.

The team has managed to _______________________________________________ budget. Status: ______________________________________________________________________ . — Yes. What has already been done? What has just been done? What hasn’t been done yet? The company has found a location for the new store. Inc. She can’t complete _________________________________________________ without it. R The new employees haven’t been trained yet. George will call the contractor and try to ______________________________________ . 3. 2. The marketing campaign 1 . it hasn’t. 2. and sales are ________________________________ . it has. 9 43-44 So far so good A. — No. B. Level 3 • Chapter 10 . they have. R A location for the new store has been found (by the company). They haven’t trained the new employees yet. Status: ________________________________________________________________________ . — Has the budget been prepared? — Have the new employees been hired? — Yes. — Has the project been approved? — Have they been trained? — No. The Ashland building 1 . Response to the ads has been good. 21 Fresh ’n Light Store Project Completion Date Phase 1 find best location for new store June 30 Phase 2 buy land Dec 15 Phase 3 complete construction of new store Aug 15 Phase 4 hire / train new employees Aug 31 Sept 30 Phase 5 hold grand opening ceremony Oct 10 Today is September 24. Tara is waiting for information from the ________________________________________ . 74 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 3. Ask for and give status reports 8 What’s been done so far? Fresh ’n Light Store Project — Updated Sept. they haven’t.

and because we hired business students for this phase. Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: Every phase was completed on time. I’d love to do this kind of project again! Level 3 • Chapter 10 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. It was very interesting. 75 . Inc. come up with a proposal that: • describes what you would like to do • divides the work into phases (the work schedule) • shows how much it will cost to do (the budget) Proposed Work / Phase Schedule Budget Total time / budget required: 11 Tell me about the project Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: Our last project was a campaign to educate small business owners about recycling. In Phase 2. Talk about projects 10 Here’s our proposal Your favorite local café was damaged by a fire. With your partner(s). You have been asked to redecorate it. Ann: _________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: Oh. we went back to the companies to ask the owners and employees about their recycling experiences. too. Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: We went a little over budget —— by about one thousand dollars. Phase 1 was creating booklets and a web page for business owners and employees. In Phase 3. except Phase 3. we had to work with their schedules.000 budget. It was difficult to arrange times to meet with the owners. The biggest expense was for the printed materials –– and paying the project teams. Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: We had a $75. Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: It had three phases. Ann: ________________________________________________________________________________ ? Brad: The whole project lasted about a year. We showed them how to save production costs by recycling a number of materials. we went to the businesses and talked about possible recycling projects. I enjoyed it very much.

What kind of expenses did you have? Make a list in English of 10-15 things you paid for. and the new equipment is speeding things up. right on schedule. Write a short paragraph that explains what the project is. It must be Ten people have been hired and are being trained. The rooms have been painted and cleaned. • Can you finish the status report by 3:00 today? — When did that happen? — You’ll have it by noon. 76 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. so the proposal — How much of the budget has been spent? can’t be late. Search for “English idioms for time. to present status report / update How far behind schedule …? to approve / reject due. I have just approved the budget — I think so.” Are there similar expressions in your language? Choose one or two expressions you like and try to use them in conversation. but — Let’s see. weekly. Chapter Summary Vocabulary & Expressions project. Inc. • Think of a project you would like to do. — It’s an important project. — Yesterday afternoon. as soon as … I (don’t) think so. expenses. • Look for time- and deadline-related sayings and expressions online. yearly according to plan to plan. to spend urgent Everything is going according daily. soon. • How soon must we submit the proposal? • Have any deadlines been missed? — We don’t have to submit it this week. for the next phase. So all our deadlines have been met so far. it will look good if we do. Use Your English! • Think about the last project you worked on. Level 3 • Chapter 10 . deadline. We’re a few days ahead of schedule. Let’s send it on Thursday. — About 50%. to cut ~ to go as planned ASAP budget. — Will the project be completed by July 15? — Excellent. we’ve just completed the first phase. over / under / within ~ to take / save / run out of time How is … coming along? to complete to get back on track Keep up the good work. We’re under budget. to work on a ~ ahead of / behind schedule phase proposal (right) on schedule to go over budget to submit. received at headquarters by August 2. to meet / miss the ~ to speed things up Grammar • Well.

berlitzenglish. on or before the end of the month Writing: June update You are Steve. in a file sent with this e-mail ____ c. The printing company says they will send us new ones] To: Rebecca Shafer [rshafer@xtratech. Everything else is going according to plan (6). You are writing to Rebecca to send your June status report. Chapter Summary Reading: Status update From: Steven Bergman [sbergman@xtratech. You will finish the project by the deadline (July 15). Steve Match the underlined words in the e-mail with their meanings below ____ a. Since your last update. so there’s no extra expense to us. Sincerely. We should be able to get back on track (4) by the end of the month (5). the new brochures have arrived and they’re OK. booklets for advertising ____ b.doc Dear] Subject: Status report Attachments: status_report_May. as expected ____ f. a little ____ d. ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. be on schedule again ____ e. Please find attached (1) my status report for Level 3 • Chapter 10 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. I had to send them back. Your team had to work some overtime during the month to get the project back on track. We should have them by the end of the week. 77 . They aren’t going to charge us for this. Inc. because the ink they used comes off the paper. We are a bit (2) behind schedule right now because of the brochures (3).

too. you will … — That was some storm last night.Chapter 11 Have we met before? Topics SpeakingGoals Grammar Conversation and Start a conversation Sarah isn’t here. Hobbies and interests End a conversation Rhetorical questions to demonstrate interest: Do you? Are you? etc. Neither do I. — So do I! Where do you play? — It was nice talking to you. is she? small talk Make small talk Megan is a friend of mine. — What do you like to do in your free time? ■■ Makesmalltalk — I like to play golf. I’m glad it’s over. Inc. so / neither: So do I. In this chapter. Will you excuse me? — Of course. Level 3 • Chapter 11 . 78 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Nice talking to you. ■■ Endaconversation — I’d like to get something to eat. ■■ Starta wasn’t it? conversation — It sure was.

don’t we? We don’t have to leave. You weren’t at the CGI conference last year. — That was a really good speech. were you? — Yes. — Isuredo. Doug and Diane have a beautiful home. — That’s where I saw you. I was. Level 3 • Chapter 11 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Nice to meet you. it was. wasn’t it? — Yes. it is. — I sure am! — It sure has been hot lately. Nice to meet you. but my husband just hates it. So are you enjoying the event? — Are you enjoying yourself? — Yes. — Itsurewas. don’t you? — Yes. Start a conversation 1  Itsureiswindytoday! — This is a really great party. havewe? 3 By the way. ishe? We have to leave. I’m Lucy. Ben. I’m David Ward. don’t you? R — I just love this time of the year. 79 . I don’t think so. / Ireallydo. The kids enjoyed playing in it. wasn’t it? R — That was some speech. haven’t we? We haven’t met before. Inc. I work at United Studios.havewe? I think so. isn’t he? Bill isn’t working today. wereyou? We’ve met before. I was working at the SyncTank stand. wasn’t it? — Are you enjoying the conference? — It sure was. hasn’t it? — How do you like the tour so far? — I don’t mind. How about you? — Doug and I work together. by the way. — I just love it! 2 Wehaven’tmetbefore. — Carla Petrelli. Bill is working today. don’t they? — They sure do. It’s a great party. — I really love this time of the year. My name’s Ben. — That was some snow yesterday. weren’t you? You weren’t in Dublin. /Itreallywas. / Itreallyis. I do. my name is Ben — You look familiar. isn’t it? — Yes. dowe? You were in Dublin. isn’t it? R — This sure is a great party. — Itsureis. — Likewise. How do you know them? — I’ve known Diane since I was little.

your yours. your yours. — So what brings you to New York? — I’m here for the opening of the new museum. If your voice goes down. 80 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Inc. their theirs. I’m afriendofPaul’s. make your voice go up at the end of the expressions listed above. R Betty is a friend of ours. our ours. — So how do you know Chuck? — Who’s that tall woman? — He’s a good friend of mine. 5 That’sinteresting! Are you? Were you? Really? Have you? Do you? Did you? I see. Make small talk 4 Doug’safriendofmyhusband’s my mine. you may sound bored or uninterested. Doug is one of her friends. — Really? That’s exciting! — What did you do in Boston? — We went to a Red Sox game. Level 3 • Chapter 11 . of Sarah’s. R He’s afriendof hers. Paul is a friend of mine. — Did you? Who won? FYI:PronunciationTip To show interest.  We’re friendsofBetty’s. She’s a colleague him since college. I’ve known — That’s Laura Sullivan.

R SodoesSue. — Sue does. Make small talk 6 Miketellsmeyoulikephotography HOBBIES SPORTS&GAMES OTHERINTERESTS I like gardening. I like swimming. I belong to a book club. — I don’t like to snowboard. — He wasn’t. — I am. I play the cello. — Joe has been to London many times. either. dinner 5. She got into it about ____ years ago. I build furniture. They get together at someone’s ____ . — She doesn’t. — Neither have I. a. I collect antique postcards. R Neitherdoesshe. ten 3. — So do I. R Sohavethey. I’m interested in music. She ____ a digital camera. home b. R Neitherdidwe. too. either. I play chess. He’ll ____ Jennifer to let her know about their next event. R Sodidwe. — I used to play football in school. R NeitheramI. I like to travel. — Rick was. — We did. — I was at this trade show last year. a. Level 3 • Chapter 11 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. R Neitherwashe. — They haven’t. call b. I enjoy going to the theater. — I’m not very interested in art. R Neitherhavethey. either. too. photographer 2. 81 . — The Holts have. Inc. Steve belongs to a ____ club. e-mail 8 Doyou?SodoI! — I enjoy riding my bike on weekends when the weather’s nice. a. — I’m not. 7 45 Whendidyougetintothat? 1 . — We didn’t. office 6. a. I haven’t tried it yet. — No. — I wasn’t at the trade show in Milan. Let’s check it out next weekend. RSowasRick. — I didn’t watch the game last night. never uses 4. uses b. a. Jennifer is an amateur ____ . cook b. five b. I play golf. I like to play football. — He’s never been to Rome. too. — I belong to a ski club. either. — Have you tried the new bike trail? It goes all the way to the beach. — I’m interested in music. R SoamI. too. either. book b. too. a.

— No. Go right ahead. How did John end his conversation with Cindy? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I’m starving. That’s all he talks about. I’d like to get another drink. chess. How did the man and woman end their conversation? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 10 It’sbeennicetalkingtoyou __________________________ This guy is really boring. Jeff loves chess. Hey.Ihavetorun 1 . Level 3 • Chapter 11 . Maybe he’d like to meet her … __________________________ __________________________ 82 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. __________________________ __________________________ I have nothing in common with this guy. __________________________ I’d really like to get something to eat from the buffet. End a conversation 9a  Willyouexcuseme? — Will you excuse me? There’s someone here — Have you met Debbie? She enjoys sailing. — Of course. 9b 46-48 I’msorry. there’s Bonnie. __________________________ He should be talking to Jeff. No problem. Inc. I haven’t met her. — Not at all. — Do you mind if I go and say hello to Linda? — If you don’t mind. I’d like to talk to. too. I want to talk to someone else. chess. __________________________ Chess. — Let me introduce you. How did Lynn end her conversation with Don? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. — Sure.

Level 3 • Chapter 11 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. They are quick to address people by their first names and often may discuss subjects that in some cultures might be considered too personal. getting a drink. even people they have just met. Make small talk 11  Breakingtheice ■ You are standing next to the buffet table at a party. Americans will also look you in the eyes when they are speaking to you. Another person is there. There’s a noisy group of teenagers in the seats behind you. too. ■ You are waiting for the elevator. such as family. 83 . ■ You are waiting for a meeting to start. position in a company. A new employee is there. so some people are late. Americans often avoid physical contact with people they don’t know well and may step back if you stand too close while you’re having a conversation. For example. taking a coffee break. what is the “correct” way to introduce yourself to someone for the first time? Americans often use an informal manner with people. 12 I met an interesting person ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CultureCorner SmallTalkandBodyLanguage One of the most difficult things to learn about another culture is its social customs. A familiar-looking person is standing next to you. ■ You are in the office kitchen. Inc. There was a bad storm last night. Despite their informal manner. ■ You are on a plane sitting next to a stranger. and even money or politics.

— Neither do I. as a matter of fact. They live in Los Angeles. Search the Internet for “icebreakers for meetings” and make a list of ten icebreakers for your next meeting or training program. We met in the yoga class. we didn’t. to get to know someone by the way Will you excuse me? interests. 84 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Inc. • Ican’tplayanyinstruments. we’re not. Level 3 • Chapter 11 . you won’t. did we? — No. I’m playing a match later today. — Near San Antonio. — Yes. • Search the Internet for websites with “small talk tips. I am. either. How do you know him? — Did you? In which part? — He’s an old friend of mine. — It wasn’t raining this morning. — So am I. to have a ~ to break the ice.” Find two or three tips you like and write them down. / I sure do. — No. was it? — Your children don’t live at home. — No. She was there last May. — No. have you? — We didn’t meet at Carmen’s party. Grammar • Youaren’tfromFrance. he’s not. We’re from Canada. • Ienjoyplayingtennis. ….areyou? • Frankisn’tafriendofyours. has she? — I won’t have to attend the conference. to make ~ I just love spring. I don’t mind. — So do I. will I? — Yes. they don’t. • AreyouacolleagueofBob’s? • IgrewupinTexas. Share the list at your next lesson. Chapter Summary Vocabulary&Expressions conversation. if you’ll excuse me to have … in common You look familiar Bill tells me / says you’re to belong. do they? — Yes. make a list of questions you can ask or topics you can discuss. He’s a friend of Dave’s. Share them at your next lesson. UseYourEnglish! • Icebreakers are questions or activities that help people get to know each other. similar ~ Are you enjoying yourself? …. if you don’t mind small talk. I don’t think so. it was. she has. I don’t sing. Mike will be attending. ~ to a club So how do you know …? interested in … to get into something I see. / It sure is. icebreaker Do you mind? stranger It sure is hot. • Before you go to an event where you will have to make small talk in English. — You haven’t met Greg before. — No.ishe? — No. — Neither can I. — Kelly hasn’t been to Toronto.

asking questions about the other person c. and hobbies are important. jobs. For business. I don’t speak English perfectly. talking about your business 3. Inc. conversation partners are more interested in you as a person than in your English. Chapter Summary Reading:MakingSmallTalk Small talk is often about weather. What does the writer suggest doing if you can’t think of anything to say? a. 85 . b. “Where are you from?” This is a great conversation starter. And try to ask questions that open up the conversation. They are just waiting for someone to Level 3 • Chapter 11 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Native English speakers don’t really listen to other people. business partners want to know something about the people they plan to do business with before they enter into a new business relationship. ending the conversation b. have a short list of questions ready in your head. People will like you better. Topics like weather. Which sentence would the writer probably agree with? a.berlitzenglish. Answer 1 . Writing:Afriendofyoursisgoingtoameetinginyourcountry. c. I can never think of anything to say. Non-native English speakers shouldn’t think too much about making mistakes during small talk. he may ask. According to the writer. Is it important? The point of small talk isn’t what we talk about.Whattipsorsuggestions canyougiveaboutmakingsmalltalk? ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________ check it out! www. 2. Think about your best friend or a close colleague. why is small talk important? a. b. and learned you had something in common. In many countries. Won’t I make a bad first impression? Usually. c. Native English speakers don’t like to talk to people who don’t speak English perfectly. and hobbies. It’s about building relationships with other people. This is how friendships begin. So if one topic ends. When the other person sees you are not a native speaker. Small talk can help you build new friendships and business relationships. started talking. How did you meet that person? Do you remember what you talked about? You probably met somewhere. family. What should I do? Remember that most people love to talk about themselves. family. small talk can be extremely important. jobs.

Level 3 • Chapter 12 .Chapter 12 Review Now you can ... Inc.! End a conversation Make small talk Start a conversation Ask for and give status reports Talk about schedules and deadlines Talk about projects and budgets Buy tickets for performances Talk about movies Talk about events and where they take place Talk about car problems Talk about road and traffic conditions Ask for and give driving directions Rent a car Describe and ask for groceries in a store Talk about errands and chores 86 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.

buy food for the trip get car washed & oil changed reschedule dentist appointment pay bills bank leave house key with neighbors Ask your husband / wife for help and decide who will do what. You and your colleague are at the Plaza Hotel. You have a flight at 3 o’clock. travel guide pharmacy . Study the map and choose the route you will tell your colleague to take. Inc. so you can give directions. Here’s your to-do list: dry cleaner’s .buy map. If you drive through the city. Action Module 2 Role Card A Today is the end of the conference in Springfield. Level 3 • Chapter 12 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.get sunscreen. it takes only 40 minutes. It is now 1 o’clock. Your colleague has offered to drive. 87 . If you take the airport expressway. You are getting into the car now. aspirin supermarket .pick up clothes bookstore . ready to leave for the airport. it takes an hour or more to get to the airport because of traffic. You will be traveling by car. The two of you have rented a car. You know Springfield very well. You have a lot to do before you go. Action Module 1 Role Card A You and your family are leaving for a two-week vacation the day after tomorrow.

pick up clothes bookstore .m. Action Module 1 Role Card B You and your family are leaving for a two-week vacation the day after tomorrow. Your lunch break is from 1-2 p. Level 3 • Chapter 12 . You just heard the traffic report on the radio. so he / she will give directions. Inc. aspirin supermarket . It is now 1 o’clock. travel guide pharmacy . The two of you have rented a car.get sunscreen. Action Module 2 Role Card B Today is the end of the conference in map. Both streets have been closed. ready to leave for the airport. Your colleague knows Springfield very well. traffic is very heavy on the airport expressway. You and your colleague are at the Plaza Hotel. You still have a lot to do before you go. You are getting into the car now. 88 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. so you won’t have much time to help with the food for the trip get car washed & oil changed reschedule dentist appointment pay bills bank leave house key with neighbors You just found out that you’re going to have to work late today and tomorrow. You will be traveling by car. There may be delays of up to an hour. You learned that —— • Because of construction. You have offered to drive. Your husband / wife has made a list: dry cleaner’s . • There has been an accident at the intersection of Clark and Montrose. You have a flight at 3 o’clock.

You’re going to Times Square to meet a friend. and Mexico. Your employee is coming into your office now. You would like two tickets for tonight’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. Level 3 • Chapter 12 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. You would like to give two new projects to one of your best employees. You have just gotten into a taxi. Action Module 3 Role Card A You are at the concert hall box office. Project 2 — Your company is producing a new TV. China. You can’t pay extra money for this. you’d like to sit in one of the first ten rows of the orchestra section. Action Module 4 Role Card A You are the regional manager at Apex. a large electronics company. Compare the prices of parts made in Korea. It is very hot and humid. Your employee must call fifty of the major businesses and ask them what kind of telephones and telephone services they use. Comment on the weather. Action Module 5 Role Card A It’s August and you’re in New York City. The weather in your country is much nicer in the summer. 89 . You want to use the cheapest parts possible. If possible. Inc. 9. You are a big fan of Beethoven’s music and you want the best seats available. Japan. Project 1 — Prepare a report about the telephone industry in the city. The deadline for both projects is two weeks from now. Tell the driver where you want to go.

Inc.Row 12 — two seats together on the left side next to the aisle Action Module 4 Role Card B You are one of the best employees at Apex.Row 26 — three seats next to each other in the center section $100 Orchestra . Your boss has just called you into his / her office. Level 3 • Chapter 12 . and the weather is very hot and very humid. which is typical for this time of year. a large electronics company. You’re going on vacation with your family in two weeks. You have three main responsibilities in your work: • managing the electronic parts division • selling home entertainment equipment • selling cell phones You’re always very busy. You’re very happy about this. You’ve just picked up a passenger at a hotel. 90 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Action Module 3 Role Card B You work at the concert hall box office. Only these seats are available: $150 Orchestra . You feel overworked. You like being a taxi driver and you enjoy making small talk. You like the company. and your job is very important to you. It’s August. Ask where he / she would like to go. Action Module 5 Role Card B You are a taxi driver in New York City. You came from your country to New York ten years ago. These days you’re regularly working 55 hours per week.Row 08 — four individual seats (not next to each other) in the center section $120 Orchestra . 9 is almost sold out. Ask where he / she is from. Tonight’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

Inc. What are the biggest problems with the current system? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher how to get to his or her favorite places. What type of performance was it? What was it about? Did you have good seats? What made the performance so special? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about an exhibition he or she has recently seen. Where were you? How did the conversation start? What made it a good / bad experience? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about the last event he or she went to where he / she had to make small talk. What was the event? How many people did he / she speak to? What was the most interesting conversation he had? check it out! www. Do you have a deadline? Do you have a budget? What’s the status of the project? Do you think you will finish the project on time? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about an earlier project (at home or at work) he or she worked on. What did you have to do? What did you need to get done? Were you able to do everything you planned to do? B: Ask a classmate or your teacher about his or her errands.berlitzenglish. How much did it cost? What kinds of expenses did it have? What was the biggest expense? Was he / she able to stay within the budget? 5 A: Talk about a good / bad small talk experience you have had. Where and when was it? Why did he / she go to that exhibit? What did he / she like or not like about it? What. Your Turn 1 A: Talk about errands and appointments you had this week. was especially interesting? 4 A: Talk about a project you are working on right now (at home or at work). What different types of transportation can you take there? What’s the best way to get there during / after rush hour? 3 A: Talk about the best performance you have ever Level 3 • Chapter 12 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. What does he / she do himself / herself? What does he / she have other people do for him / her? 2 A: Talk about how you would make public transportation in your city / country better. 91 . if anything.

How about you. he wants to see the city at night. Europe and one to Asia since then. It’s so nice to see you again. don’t you think? TRACK 2 | ACTIVITY 11 | A — Yes. Are you still in marketing? — Yes. I own their stock. from Columbia University. letters this morning. Erica? — Well. Rick. She’s 18 months old now. finance since he graduated. Sandy. they made me the area manager two heads in the morning and then we’re all going years ago. He’s been a very successful consultant for many years. thanks. — Yes? — I thought it was you! Rita Bruni. we haven’t seen each — So. — Just for one day. — Yes. when is Mr. Steve. TRACK 4 | C — What about the sightseeing tour? — How many years of experience does your friend — I haven’t booked it yet. How’s everything last six years. I did. And the — That’s wonderful. That’s — And how long have you lived in Los Angeles. Audio Script 1 CHAPTER 1 — For himself. Gosh. — Actually. 93 . I’ve worked for a media company for the — Hi. And we’ve taken two trips to evening. — They probably do. river cruise is the best way to do that. I could TRACK 1 | ACTIVITY 5 ask him to send you his résumé with a list of his — Harry? Harry Benton? most important clients. we have to make the most of Mr. Australia. I have a law degree. Tim. but I’ll call and check later today. Larry? — Great. This year — A river cruise? we’re going to Africa. it is a great way to see the city. He’s leaving for Los Angeles — Good for you. Did you go? so he can meet all the department teams. — Yes. PharmaLabs. And who does he currently work for? OK? — OK. — His name’s Jerry. Bittner arriving? other in what — five years? — I’m meeting him at the airport at eight o’clock — Something like that. you were talking about a trip to — Debbie’s going to give him a tour of the office. So for about 20 — Do you know if the conference center has WiFi? years now. How’s Eric? Wednesday morning. he and I are going on a river cruise. — I see. and that’s on my list of things to do. And we — That’s a short visit. — That’s great! And you and Gina? The last time — And after that? I saw you. Inc. but I specialize in market research now. If you’d like. I started a — How long will he be here? course in environmental management last year. I moved here after I graduated visit. no. Bittner’s — Since 2005. — Really? So. — Eric and I got married three years ago. I work for a large vegetarians? pharmaceutical company now. Have you heard of it? I think The Argentine serves vegetarian dishes. What do you plan to do have a daughter. TRACK 3 | B — Have you reserved the rooms for our visitors? — Good to see you. — I sure have. Are you still at GeoTek? Tuesday morning. you’re a lawyer? TRACK 6 | ACTIVITY 9 — Yes. I’ve gone back to school. Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Rita! You look terrific! How are you? TRACK 5 | ACTIVITY 3 — I’m fine. Did you see that some of our guests are — I’m still in sales. coming along for the conference? — Hi. Celia. while he’s here? What about you? Are you still working for IMG? — We’re going to meet with the department — Yes. Jerry Jansen. going to be a long day for the two of you. In the — We sure did. I’m still waiting for one have? What’s his name again? of the agents to call me back. out to lunch. Everything’s fine so far. And I sent out the confirmation — Yes. He’s been in — OK. But call them to make sure. Talk to you later. Do you remember me? CHAPTER 2 — Of course. this is Sandy. I have.

redwoods and sequoia. But this is chicken. — Here’s your salad. How about like to start the tour? a visit to a tropical island? — That sounds good to me. the world. ma’am. CHAPTER 4 TRACK 14 | ACTIVITY 7 | One TRACK 9 | ACTIVITY 6 | One — Excuse me. one for us? — Yes. but that is veal. How many … TRACK 7 | ACTIVITY 1b | A — So where do you want to go on vacation this TRACK 13 | B year. 1940 by four teenagers. TRACK 8 | B Buses run every half hour. Here are some brochures. was built by Shah Jahan and was completed — It doesn’t taste like veal. around 1653. — On River Island. Could I bring you a salad or maybe TRACK 11 | Three a light soup? The Mona Lisa. — I’m so sorry. Could you suggest — OK. This is fine. The caves of Lascaux. These oysters don’t smell right. Donna? — Good morning. please? — Really? Where is it being held? — Yes. The cave was discovered in — There’s no need. — You’re in luck.000 years ago. And I’ve spoken to Experts believe it was painted between 1503 our manager. Level 3 • Audio Script . in Paris. Mike. I don’t want to be on a — That sounds good. Inc. I’ll have a small garden salad. sir. And could you bring some more in the country. of course. you can get on and off the bus on a cruise to Alaska? whenever you like. and 1506. look at this. pre-historic art. there are a lot of them. There’s a music festival going — I’m sorry. Let me see what I can find. 94 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. India. I think there’s been a mistake. is probably the most famous painting in — I’ll bring it right away. It was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. is an ordered veal. I’ll bring you another salad right away. contain some of the finest examples of — Excuse me. ma’am. I wanted — Where’s a good place to hear some live music? the salad dressing on the side. located in southwestern TRACK 15 | Two France. thanks. Here you are. — Oh. The paintings were created over — I’m sorry. bread. — I don’t think so. tickets? — So what would you rather do? — I can help you with that. we do. let’s look it up online. This map shows all the — What can we do there? places of interest and their hours. on this week. Audio Script 1 CHAPTER 3 — And where can we get tickets? — I can arrange tickets for you. It — I’m sorry. — Thank you very much. — We can go hiking. This is one of the most popular tours. Where can we buy the boat for our week of vacation. A shuttle bus leaves for the island every half hour. I’ve lost my appetite. It’s one of the biggest festivals — Thank you. — Would you like to order something else? TRACK 10 | Two — No. What time would you — I want to lie on the beach in the sun. located in Agra. Let me bring you something else. And some tours? of the trees in the forests are huge —— giant — Yes. This isn’t what I asked for. How would you like to go one-day pass. I The Taj Mahal. displayed in the Louvre Museum — OK. 17. They say there are incredible — And do you have information about sightseeing views of waterfalls and mountains. And if you buy a — Karen. How can I help you? — Why don’t we visit a national park? I’ve never — Do you have any tourist maps? been to Yosemite. Your meal is on the house tonight. TRACK 12 | ACTIVITY 9 | A TRACK 16 | Three — How may I help you? — Excuse me. isn’t it? excellent example of Mughal architecture. — Certainly.

on behalf of Yukon Air. And I have my laptop and one carry. Lewis? evening. — Oh. We wish you a very pleasant flight. here’s your boarding pass. Vancouver. Will you be — Flight 93 is scheduled to arrive at 9:25 this checking any bags. deliver the bag to you as soon as it comes in. My name is Amanda Taylor. And baggage delivery for Ms. We can — Hello. please. — Tiffany? You’re early! Ms. Bye. Could you Thank you. we can — Just one. Good afternoon. Come in. Here’s his card. Audio Script 1 CHAPTER 5 — Thank you. — Yes? — Flight 923 to Shanghai will board at Gate 32. 95 . I’m Amanda Taylor. — I can help you with that. I always have him work on my car. Steve? Vancouver. Have a good trip. please. Our flight time today will be 4 hours and 50 minutes. the captain has just turned — That’s OK. You said you arrived — That would be great. My friend. I don’t think so. Hi. Could you on this morning’s flight from Vancouver. — Thank you. — Would you like an aisle or a window seat? TRACK 22 | B — Window. Taylor? — I took the afternoon off. on the fasten-seatbelt sign. Please turn off all Why do you need a mechanic? electronic devices until we are parked at the gate. Steve. sir. and I haven’t been — OK. I do. Thanks. Lewis. great. We’re very sorry for the TRACK 18 | ACTIVITY 9 | A inconvenience. Jerry. down. I just arrived on — No. I have a Boarding will begin in about two hours. some errands. ladies and gentlemen. your flight from Vancouver. Just a moment. Give me just a minute. seatbelt is securely fastened. ma’am. Barry. while I check on it. give me your friend’s number? — Sure. Please store your — Would you please sign here to indicate that carry-on luggage under the seat in front of you or you’ve received the bag? in the overhead bins. Is give him my cell phone number? that right? — Yes. Ms. have it sent back to Vancouver on Flight 93 — Good morning. How did you get here? Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Hi. Good night. Taylor. How may I help you? car working at all? — Hi. Ms. please accept our apology for the inconvenience and the TRACK 19 | B mishandling of your luggage. Flight 287. If you give me your address. Maybe we could have him stop by your able to find one of my suitcases. I’ll be right Mr. and your mechanic. your captain on today’s flight to — Good night.m. I’m sorry. please. Ladies and gentlemen. please. We got in this morning at TRACK 24 | B around 10 a. Please take your seat and — Sure. — Again. on bag. Inc. — Good evening. Amanda Taylor. — My car wouldn’t start this morning. This is — Thank you. we will soon be landing in — You don’t know a good mechanic. here it is. but I’m afraid TRACK 17 | ACTIVITY 3 your suitcase is on its way to Miami. I’m just glad you were able to find it. is a very good tray table are in their upright position. — Shanghai. — And what time will it get here? — Your passport and ticket. — Hi. Chris Bergen. But let me call him first TRACK 21 | ACTIVITY 11 | A to let him know that you’re my neighbor. I’m from Yukon Air. Please make sure your seat back and — Actually. Where are you going today? later today. — That’s great. Is your — Good morning. Here you are. We will be taking off in just a few minutes. place this evening to have a look at it. claim number YA374988. because I had to run — Yes. Mr. fasten your seatbelt. Taylor. do you. — Do you have your baggage claim check. CHAPTER 7 TRACK 20 | C TRACK 23 | ACTIVITY 5 | A Ladies and gentlemen.

They played Boston. You’re having your picture directions. Meg is having a caterer do most of the near the stadium will be closed to vehicles from cooking. It’s about five miles. — There’s an exhibit of Robert Capa’s Follow the signposts for Exeter Airport for photography. On Saturday night. you’re going the wrong way. going until you see the exit for 22 East. If you must go out. — The ceremony is at 2 o’clock. That will put you onto the A30. TRACK 30 | ACTIVITY 10 | One — Do they have anyone helping them? Because of the football game tonight. East for about six miles. Go straight ahead for about a mile. So how do we get there? — We sure did. Thank you. Inc. turn left. today. Keep over after I finished my errands. Take 22 — Why didn’t you call? I could have picked you up. TRACK 26 | ACTIVITY 7 TRACK 31 | Two — So did you get everything done? Because of snow and ice. The city is encouraging fans to take I’m going to give her a call. Traffic is moving slowly through the area. TRACK 35 | B TRACK 29 | C — Hi. Shall we plan to go together? — Thanks. What a great game. public transit to the game. How was it? — Great. about two miles. If you take your car. Are we going Angeles? in the right direction? — Last Thursday. — You’re getting your hair cut? TRACK 32 | Three — Yes. TRACK 33 | Four CHAPTER 8 Watch for construction on Route 80. Then you should see the signs — I’d like to see that. — What time is the wedding on Saturday? — You’re welcome. When did you get back from Los — We’re trying to get to Waterville. We were only there for four days. When you come to the traffic now? light. all streets — Yes. The first exit will be for Waterville. — Waterville? No. take the first exit onto — Is there anything interesting at the museum Waterloo Road. but also some less well-known — What’s the best way to get to the M5 from here? paintings that were excellent. I still need to get the car fixed. tomorrow afternoon. I was in Toronto. That’s Ocean TRACK 34 | ACTIVITY 4 | A Road. Follow Ocean Road all the way to the — Did you see the Picasso exhibit last month? beach. Audio Script 1 — I had a taxi drop me off downtown and walked — Turn around and go south on Route 59. I didn’t. — No. What do you think. Can you tell me how to get to Hanley Beach? — Sure. don’t I? near Highland Avenue. haircut. streets. — Excuse me. — It was great. Follow the detour TRACK 27 | ACTIVITY 5 | A signs to avoid heavy traffic during rush hour. John. 5 to 11 this evening. I’ll drop them off tomorrow. the area. — No. that’s right. Traffic is blocked in both — Oh. The authorities are asking you to stay — What about your suits? Did you have them home if you can. I forgot. — Did you get to see a Lakers game? — OK. Expect delays on nearby — She probably needs help with the decorations. 96 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. roads are very slippery — No. At CHAPTER 9 the second intersection. before my please drive carefully. — At the roundabout. turn left. TRACK 25 | C — Thank you very much. I need to look good We have a report of an accident on Glendale Road for my new passport picture. Level 3 • Audio Script . I saw some of his most famous TRACK 28 | B paintings. and the reception will be at Meg and Brian’s place afterwards. take public cleaned? transport if at all possible. Nancy? for the M5. The police are asking drivers to avoid taken on Friday.

But will they want to? — Why? — We’re still waiting for the materials list we CHAPTER 10 need from the construction team. — OK. the marketing project. charming movie that’s not sugary sweet. It’ll be ready by noon. And texted him. — Sure. I think the final to work? score was 112-109. It’s me. and only the — We’re doing our best. life to helping people with financial hardship. Let me see what’s playing. there’s no way we’ll complete Phase 2 on time. late tonight. but I have to work him. See you tomorrow. who go on a short boat trip together. Inc. that’s right. Audio Script 1 — Who won? — Can we meet early? What time do you get — The Lakers won in overtime. Lauren. Unplugged takes place in the future. 97 . Chris and Jane are here. But there is — I’m sure it went fine. and they didn’t have anything good to say about TRACK 42 | C it. I promise. When did you get into that? Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. but I could come in at 8. Sales are businessman. Toshio. but it’s taking few people without chips —— the “noncons” —— can longer than expected. Nick Barton. We could go see by your office. I’m working on a report that’s due — How far behind schedule are we? tomorrow. — I was in a meeting presenting my proposal for — OK. What time do you want to meet? — Are you really? That’s interesting. soon will you be home? — No later than eight. a virus gets into the database. Tara? day. — About a week. That sounds good to me. The new ads look terrific and Maybe Some Day is about a millionaire response has been very good so far. And e-mailed — Hi. How did it go? TRACK 37 | ACTIVITY 10 | A — All things considered. Let me call. Funny and surprising things happen to the group before a ship finally comes and takes them home. My friends at work saw it last week. When can I see your report? TRACK 39 | C — Roger’s preparing it now. — Not really. Jennifer? about the Dover project? — I’m an amateur photographer. Henderson Milligan’s Island is the story of a group of people sometimes asks difficult questions. But one along. Mr. — I hope you’re right. who steals his money and his heart. who’s devoted his higher already. Newton. TRACK 36 | C — That would be great. His — And our advertising costs? world is turned upside down when he meets Tracy — So far. help. Will do. it went OK. There are — Perfect. The Honeymoon. TRACK 40 | ACTIVITY 6 | A — Have you spoken with the contractor? — Hello? — I’ve talked to him several times. — That’s too bad. Maybe I can speed things up. a storm and the boat sinks near a deserted island. — I’m usually here by 8:30. — Oh. I’m sorry. no more computers or schools because most TRACK 44 | B people have had a chip implanted in their heads — How’s the work on the Ashland project coming that connects them to a central database. TRACK 43 | ACTIVITY 9 | A — How’s the marketing campaign going? TRACK 38 | B — Just great. Let’s go see a musical instead. George. See you soon. Why don’t you call me as — Do you want to see Lucky Guy? It’s showing at soon as you get in? the Halston Theatre. funny. OK? CHAPTER 11 TRACK 41 | B TRACK 45 | ACTIVITY 7 — Nancy. Without that. can we meet tomorrow morning to talk — What do you do in your free time. thanks. Claudia? I came — OK. Keep up the good work. How — OK. I’ve heard it’s pretty good. we’ve managed to stay within budget. — Where were you this morning. A — Sounds like everything’s going as planned.

Have you tried Ashley’s punch yet? — No. — That’s what we call it. isn’t it? hobbies? — Oh. Several of us meet once a When did you get here? month at someone’s home. — Oh. Cindy. TRACK 47 | Two — Hi. good. Excuse me. — So am I. together. too. it was nice talking to you. Oh. and we make dinner — I’ve been here for at least fifteen minutes. especially this time of day. See you later. Ah. — It’s nice to meet you. — It sure is. I am. — Yes. — Mostly I do outdoor nature shots —— a lot of — Good morning. Give me your e-mail address. thanks. — A dinner club? — We have. — Tell me about it. too. I’m John Cabot in sales. Is it good? — It’s delicious. There’s not a cloud in the sky. yes. there’s Tina. I’ll see you later. — Oh. I’ve had too many cups already today. Don. I was afraid I’d missed it. 98 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. John. Lynn. I have a meeting in two minutes. TRACK 48 | Three — What do you take pictures of? — Good morning. — Great. Such a And what about you. Would you excuse me? — Of course. there it is. flowers. You’re not the new IT Manager. not yet. Steve? Do you have any beautiful morning. but I also use film and develop it myself. We’ve had our windows open all week. The bus is really running late. I have to run. — You. — That sounds like fun. I’m waiting for the same bus. I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s been a busy week. dinner club. Would you like a cup of coffee? They’ve just made a fresh pot. Cindy. — It is. — Has the number 10 bus come by already? — Do you use a digital camera? — No. Would you like to join us sometime? — You. but I was just about to. Well. TRACK 46 | ACTIVITY 9B | One — Hi. Have a good day. are you? — Yes. My wife and I belong to a — And the temperature is perfect. Oh. I’m sorry. and animals. — Nice to meet you. Did you just get here? — Yes. — It usually is around here. Audio Script 1 — About ten years ago. the traffic was awful. too. — I love to cook. and I’ll let you know when and where the next club meeting will be. — No. trees. — I’d love to. too. Level 3 • Audio Script . I’ve always wanted to take cooking classes. OK? — OK. I wanted to introduce Tina to a few people. good. Inc. Don. I’m Cindy Butler. It was nice to meet you.

please. The flight from New York to London TRACK 3 | B Wednesday night was easy. Here it is. Mary? a Friday evening was a little harder. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t Mr. Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Elizabeth. thank you for working it all out. — So you didn’t have any problems finding flights? — Just a little. — So can you pick up the gift for Susan? TRACK 1 | EXERCISE 5 — Sure. Weller’s trip is — Since 2009. Ellen. — Well. as a journalist since I finished my studies. — That’s great. Now she has to go back to Paris. How are you? Do you have a degree in journalism? — I’m fine. I don’t think I have the address of — Really? How wonderful! When are you moving? the restaurant. There were several flights from Paris to — So you’re a lawyer? Rome on Tuesday morning. Weller has taken clients in the past. I’ll go after work. — Not yet. — Hi. Beth. and it’s at 927 West Division — Congratulations! I don’t think I’ve met Sophie. one. — Thank you. — We met two years ago on her first day in Chicago. I studied law. Jane. Inc. — About five years. Street. — Great. OK? It’s Bistro 9. Audio Script 2 CHAPTER 1: PRACTICE — Hi. Paul. Could I look it over? going to let me keep my job and work from the — Sure. So you’ll drop it off at the restaurant. Tina. so we TRACK 6 | B decided to go together. I need to send out the invitations. The last time I saw you. See you there. including one in Paris. Thanks. Tina. you were talking about opening TRACK 7 | EXERCISE 8 a shop on the west side. Have you started looking at restaurants for the client TRACK 4 | C dinners? — How many years of experience do you have. you finish. I was really lucky. I’m moving to Paris. I do. but I found — No. They’re — Great. — Hold on. — Oh. Can I look it over? — What is it? — Hi. — Well. I talked it over with Julia yesterday. where Mr. my fiancée. — Beth. Liz. Jane. right. is French. — Will do. when Paris office. thanks. but I left it three years ago to become a consultant. I wanted to check with you — How long have you lived in Beijing. CHAPTER 3: PRACTICE TRACK 8 | EXERCISE 6 | One CHAPTER 2: PRACTICE Shall we go to the festival? TRACK 5 | EXERCISE 3 | A — Look what I found at the front desk. I was at a big company at first. — And where do you currently work? — That would be great. offices in Europe. I’ve worked New York the next weekend was also difficult. do you have the guest list for the dinner? — But what about your job? — Yes. Paul. Long time no see. Give it back to me. London to Paris on — Do you have a degree in journalism. 99 . Ellen. — At the moment I work for myself. I’ve just booked the flights and I’m going to — What degree do you have? start working on the hotels next. Correct the sentences — Hi. and then I’ll come by the How have you been? restaurant. But Rome back to — Well. Thanks. John? to see how the planning of Mr. I’ve been in the field since — Let me e-mail you the names of a few places I graduated. and Sophie. — Well. — Andrew! What’ve you been up to? That’s perfect. — In September. I’m getting married in August. Let me give it to you. this is Ellen. TRACK 2 | EXERCISE 8 | A — Hi. — Well. Write it down. I’m so happy for you. — I have a degree in East Asian Studies. But tell me about you. Foster? really know the restaurants in London and Rome. I don’t. My company has several I think we have the final list now. I’ve never worked as a lawyer. I moved there just after I graduated coming along. from Briggs University. Thank you.

Level 3 • Audio Script . it’s just one of many reasons. isn’t it. — So why don’t you make paella for Sharon’s — So what is it exactly? birthday party? I’m sure she would love it. It’s just amazing. CHAPTER 5: PRACTICE — I’ve never been. Roger. Are you sure you want to spend your TRACK 11 | EXERCISE 8 time eating? A Spanish specialty — Well. It says here It’s known all over the world. and it became the that last year it was visited by over a hundred international symbol of our cuisine. Will you be — Oh. different kinds of meat. Discovery Tour for people who want to sample a — Really? little bit of everything. Just foods from all over the country. The soup of the day is a tomato bisque. There’s also a Sweet-Tooth tour spices. — Really? What are they going to do? — So why don’t we take Sharon to Paco’s for — They’re planning to go hiking and camping at her birthday? the Grand Canyon. but I think she and her friends would today? rather plan everything themselves. It’s prepared with vegetables and — OK. It says you can taste traditional — Making a good paella is not easy. Michael. — Yes. could I have soup? — No. of course. And the featuring the local cakes. You’ll have to pay an — Is the risotto a vegetarian dish? overweight baggage fee. Ms. Ms. — So that’s why you’re interested. — That sounds like fun. vegetables and — Oh. small restaurant that in a few months was vacation together? known as one of the best restaurants in town. I’d say. Adams. — Yes. She’ll love it. look at this. this year Emma is going on a trip with her In my opinion. Spanish food. biggest festivals in the country. — That sounds good. Paco is a guy from Valencia TRACK 9 | Two who came here ten years ago and opened a — So. huh? — So you don’t ever eat paella? — Well. When I feel like having a good paella I go to Paco’s. the Internet. — Would you like an aisle or a window seat? 100 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — No. TRACK 10 | EXERCISE 2 — I’m sorry. Thank you. you know. Audio Script 2 — It’s a brochure about the local food festival. gosh. of course. And this is one of the — Yes. it’s a lot of work. sounds like fun. Inc. ma’am. — Your passport and ticket. Well. please? — Sure. preparation … oh. a look at it? — Good evening. pastries. How much is it? red rice. And the proper rice. What is your destination — Thanks. this one. — We’re only going to be here for three days. — Yes. I’d say paella is Spain’s most famous dish. is all your family going on nice. — Of course I do. Mr. And there’s a buying the ingredients takes a lot of time. Do you think Emma would like to have — Good evening. Christine. You have to buy seafood. Adams? a great time. you always say that the food is a big — Paella is a Spanish specialty. — Great. CHAPTER 4: PRACTICE — Could you put your suitcase on the scale. Your bag exceeds the How is it prepared? allowed weight limit. It — Certainly. right. Fernando? part of the local culture. — Will you be checking any bags. thousand people. please. you know. I have only this briefcase and my laptop. We were there last summer. And I have this carry-on —— my handbag. and candies. Davis? — Instead of a salad. it is the best restaurant for friends. — That’s a great idea. TRACK 12 | EXERCISE 1 | A — I still have some information about our trip Correct the sentences there. but I’ve heard that it’s a must-see. — Let’s see. Sweden. it is. I hope she and her friends have checking any bags. They have — Stockholm. — That sounds great. She’s eighteen now. And what is it served with? TRACK 13 | B — It’s served with a salad.

I’m sorry he had to wait. We need to keep the aisles clear. — But didn’t you check two bags? Laura. But — I’m afraid we can’t. How about TRACK 16 | EXERCISE 8 | A you. Vicky. but she never has time to do the — My baggage claim check. It’s different from the supermarket. We’re going to the movies after work. when I can. — It is. He’s the one who does the cooking at our house. May I store your hand luggage in the overhead compartment? TRACK 20 | Richard — I tried. I — Hi. There’s — No. TRACK 19 | David — Everything was delicious. but I don’t like to briefcase. Nancy? — No. a baker. Sarah? cleaning. I think I left it at the washing or ironing. We’ll begin boarding in about twenty minutes at Gate 21. Do you want to come with me? — No. I put my briefcase there. TRACK 17 | B — Why not? They have everything. Michael is waiting for you in the a butcher. I don’t. Inc. don’t you? delay leaving Boston. Karen. We had just a short — But you need more time for that. — Let me look. You’re a real chef. There’s one nice flight? close to my house. please. The flight attendants were not very the cleaning and vacuuming tonight. So is somebody picking — Not really. I’ll find another overhead TRACK 21 | Isabel compartment. thank you. 101 . TRACK 15 | B — Me? I can’t cook at all. is a bit of a mess at the moment. Davis. Victor? are coming tomorrow for dinner. Here it is —— in your book with your TRACK 22 | EXERCISE 7 boarding pass. he does take out the trash and wash the cars. no. a comfortable seat can make a big difference. sir. Do you like markets? — Oh. Let’s try to store it under the seat — How could he? He comes home late almost in front of you. Audio Script 2 — Aisle. — Hi. Mr. Marcus. Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. and I didn’t check any bags. so I do that myself during other airport. It’s so practical. someone who sells dairy terminal. Have a good TRACK 18 | EXERCISE 4 | Vicky trip. He’s been there about half an hour. Who does the job? — Hi. And it’s a huge help. Did you have a like to go to the farmers’ market. like frozen food. me up? Or should I take a cab? but you can find almost everything. Do you need anything from your — Do you have someone come to the house to bag before I put it away? help you. small shops in the same area. Isabel? Is someone waiting for me? — I have a woman come for the cooking and — What are you looking for. CHAPTER 7: PRACTICE — Here’s your boarding pass. When you fly eight hours. shop at the supermarket. David made the dinner. I’d love to. TRACK 14 | EXERCISE 6 | A Would you like to join us? How was your flight? — Thank you. And if I need something they don’t have. thank you! — I’m going to the supermarket at lunch time. there are some nice. products … — Oh. we do. — Does Richard help out around the house? — I understand. Welcome to Texas. My house friendly and my seat wasn’t very comfortable. but my parents — How was your flight. the weekend. Thank you for your help. every night and he works most weekends. just one. so — Sure. The checked bag and this — I need to buy some things. so I have to do — It was OK. Lisa. Steve. I’ll be off the plane — Can you buy fish there? in two minutes. — Yes. but I prefer small shops and. I’ll be quick. — It was great. — That’s no problem. but there is no room left. — I’m sorry.

But it wasn’t as good as I size cars. — No. I’m covered by my credit card. I can. but — A full-size should be OK. — Hi. Tess? credit card? — Again? Peter. I’ll be there in — Yeah. Why don’t we go to the exhibit your friend was TRACK 24 | EXERCISE 8 | A telling us about instead? Did you walk to work? — Is it old paintings? You know I’m not very — Did you walk to work. I’m sorry. I ran out of gas. — You know the corner of Albin and Fairfax? — Did you get good seats? I’m about … 102 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Audio Script 2 CHAPTER 8: PRACTICE CHAPTER 9: PRACTICE TRACK 23 | EXERCISE 1 TRACK 26 | EXERCISE 2 | A What kind of car would you like? How about an exhibit? — Good morning. What’s up? the buses were packed. I did. a gallon for gasoline. Greg. of course. I saw La Traviata when I was in London last one week. Let me check to see what we — Didn’t you go to the Opera Festival last have. Yes. I’d like to rent a car for — Yes. Inc. May I help you? — Have you seen any good shows lately. — How was the concert last night. What do you think? — I know. There were no taxis and all — Hi. — I had to. but It costs $10 a day. — Here you are. for me. TRACK 28 | C — All right. — What kind of car would you like? — I love opera. —— the A Rate? — It’s our rate for seven days if you return the car TRACK 27 | B to this location. I saw four different productions. Why? wasn’t very happy about it. — What did they play? — OK. The musicians were car with a full tank. I didn’t really want — Yes. but I haven’t seen a really good one — I’d like an SUV. expected. All our SUVs are rented. As I told you. tonight. online as soon as they went on sale. Where are you. Donna TRACK 25 | B was going to come. might be interested. awful. — Sure. month. Yes. We can summer? offer you several models of compact and full. can you come and get me? I tried to get tickets myself earlier this week. John? It’s so noisy. thanks. But I’m glad I did. we’ve seen so many movies lately. TRACK 29 | EXERCISE 8 — But why didn’t you take a taxi or a bus? It’s I’ve got tickets for the concert pouring out there. Brenda?! You’re soaked! interested in art. The A Rate sounds good. in ages. I heard that it’s sold out. Level 3 • Audio Script . He’s going to call the mechanic I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. We can take a look. — What’s the matter? Did you have an accident? but they told me at the box office that it was — No. May I see your driver’s license and — How about a movie. If you don’t. Thompson — No. It’s Greg. Ginny. I tried. I’d love to go. — Yes. I have the program here. — Believe me. we charge $6 incredible. — It was the work of two Spanish composers of the — Would you like to add our optional insurance? 19th century. — Just a moment. Jenny? — Does it include unlimited mileage? — It was great. I’m on Albin Road and the traffic is — That’s so nice of you two. Can you pick me up? sold out. I got my tickets ten minutes. what to do. but she has a business — Ginny? Can you hear me? dinner that she can’t miss. it’s a photography exhibit. My car wouldn’t start this morning. Olivia. George? — Good morning. It’s an excellent production. We also ask that you return the to go. They’re showing husband took a look at it. She thought you — Yes. I don’t remember their names. — Do you have plans for tomorrow night? I was late once last week and Mr. — I have tickets for the Black Cats concert. it does. and I really enjoyed the music. My — No. I didn’t want to be late. but he didn’t know photos from the last Olympics and World Cup. tell me where you are. What does this mean none of them was particularly impressive.

thanks. OK. on track. Can you let me know by Tuesday both on vacation there. not so good. just say — Is she a doctor? the word. and tomorrow night. — I’m so excited. Luke? like sports. — Will do. His name Things are looking better is Omar. Diane. It was a lot of fun.” I talked about her interests and how — When we spoke two weeks ago everything was much fun she is. it isn’t easy bringing — Betty! How are you? You look terrific. I didn’t know you were here. Personally and professionally. What do back. And now Ben and Ellen are — I think Clara should meet Philip. We’ll know more later this week. I was telling him about my “friend to fall a little behind schedule. What happened? so I guess he’s at least a little interested. schedule was getting tight. I’ve asked — Thank you. I’ll come by your house around Did you meet someone? 7 to pick you up. Thanks again for thinking of me. I appreciate it. TRACK 32 | EXERCISE 3 | A — You’re welcome. you think? — Are you on track with the big deadline? — That’s a really good idea. We have a lot in common. a lot in common. because we have so many similar interests. We met years ago in India. TRACK 33 | B It was a big help. Are you a friend of Jane’s? everyone on the team to help me find ways to — No. at work. Paul. But I spoke to Mr. they both belong to a book club. They have — I think so. He asked me a few questions. — And if there’s anything I can do to help. Andy. you. OK? — How was the party last night. 103 . We’re starting — Not really. though. He’s a friend of Jeff’s. I’m a colleague of her husband’s. — Are you sure they’ve never met? TRACK 31 | EXERCISE 7 — Yes. let me know. I met a lot of people I didn’t know. yes. Tell me about — Thank you. — I certainly will. Luke? — So what’s he like? — Fine. Bradley. You’re a make up the time we’ve lost. Susan? Clara? — Unfortunately. — I don’t know much about him. but we made plans to get together. they both go skiing a lot in the winter. — How are things going. so he could help the rest TRACK 34 | EXERCISE 7 of the team. he let Julie work with us for most of the week. CHAPTER 10: PRACTICE — Did you meet anybody really interesting? TRACK 30 | EXERCISE 5 — I think so. He — That’s a problem when you have such a likes old movies. Are you still working at Kramer? Level 3 • Audio Script ©2013 Berlitz Languages. We’re going to a jazz concert together — It certainly is. Rick. We’re going CHAPTER 11: PRACTICE to be right up by the stage. We just made because Ben and Ellen were sick and our small talk. Audio Script 2 — I sure did. We were — I understand. Long time — Do you need more people? no see! — At this stage in the project. work he was doing. How’s the project coming along? — Did you tell him that you’d like him to meet — How’s the project coming along. We’re working hard friend of hers. Third row. We needed to take Fred off the matchmaker. Jane and I hit it what you’ve come up with? off immediately. she works at City Hospital. But now Fred’s behind with his I’m a colleague of his own work. they both OK. — Yes. jazz. right? on it. Susan? — Yes. and modern art –– just small team. Allison? — It was great. I was a little worried last week. I asked Philip last night during the party. Inc. — The Phase 3 work has been much more difficult — I didn’t know you were such an expert than expected. — Oh. Thanks. don’t they? — If there’s anything I can do to help. Andy. center section. someone new into the picture. like me. — Hi. so things are looking better.

I haven’t received a promotion ____ five years. in 3. 4. Ann has known Peter ____ three years. done given 3. (only three) This morning. I haven’t been to Miami ____ five years. 1 . (not any) Today _________________________________________________________________________________ . Has Michael seen the report? (no) ____________________________________________ 2. Have you and Carl visited Paris together? (no) ____________________________________________ 4. Has Ms. Henry received a lot of voice-mail messages. a. Has anyone ____________________ you Mr. since b. On Thursday. Fuller responded to our letter? (yes) ____________________________________________ 3. for 5. _______________________________________________________________________________ . Has the IT team ____________________ anything about the problem? spoken 6. Mr. We have seen the client twice ____ the last week. since b. she hasn’t. Have you paid the telephone bill? (yes) ____________________________________________ 2 What have they done today? 1 . a. __________________________________________________________________________ . (three times) This afternoon. for 2. 104 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 3. a. Yesterday. Level 3 • Practice . Tanya sent more than forty e-mails. (only two) Today he has made only two calls. hasn’t she? 3 Have you seen Mary this morning? 1 . we have. Have Barbara and Andy finished the project? (no) ____________________________________________ 5. we didn’t have any car accidents. a. in b. 2. No. a. in b. We haven’t ____________________ to Klaus in a long time. in 4 I haven’t spoken to anyone this morning Example: Yesterday. My sister has been at GeoTek ____ 2009. since b. _________________________________________________________________________ . for 4. (two) This year. Clark’s number? written come 5. Have you ____________________ the report for the client? taken 4. Carmen has ____________________ to our offices before. Yesterday. Practice Chapter 1 1 Have they talked before? Examples: Have you and Tom met before? (yes) Has Connie arrived this morning? (no) Yes. Has Helen ____________________ the company car today? 2. Sonia didn’t speak to me at all. 1 . Last year. Nelson made many calls. Inc.

studying 2. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. right? 8 2-4 Do you have a degree in journalism? a. 105 . ____ e. Mr. ________ ________ 6 that’s good news! 1 . a. ________ ________ 2. She ____ worked as a lawyer. Foster graduated ____ years ago. a. 1 . Is he OK? 4. That’s terrible. Andrew’s company has an office in France. at a company Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 1 . a. 5. Nothing much. I didn’t. Sheila. Andrew and Sophie have known each other for two years. Ted was in an accident last night. What’s the news? 2. doesn’t have 2. ____ — That’s right. ________ ________ 4. Eric? ____ — You were in sales there. No. He’s getting married in the summer. it is. I’ve been there for three years now. as a consultant b. Hi. Inc. until B. a. five b. hasn’t b. a. What’ve you been up to? ____ a. Did you know that Amy lost her job? ____ d. John is ____ in Beijing. He studied at Briggs University ____ 2009. ____ — That’s a big area. 3. He currently works ____ . Practice Chapter 1 5 1 How have you been? true false 1 . I was the sales rep for the New York area. 1 . living b. Why did you leave the job? ____ — Is that the company where you currently work? ____ — I left because I got a job as a sales manager at Felton Engineering. 1 ____ — How long did you work for TTS. Have you heard about Sally? ____ b. since b. ____ — Yes. has b. Andrew has lived in Paris for two years. three 2. a. Guess what —— I got the promotion! ____ c. Tina and Andrew met recently. has C. Mary ____ a degree in journalism. ________ ________ 5. ________ ________ 3. No. What about you? 7 How long have you worked there? ____ — I worked there until May 2010.

Jane asks Paul to write ____________ the address of the restaurant. Practice Chapter 2 1 What are you planning? hosts celebrate organize agenda visitors planning guest 1 . Could you please turn the radio off? ____ c. 5. Will ________________ send the invitations out today? (someone / everyone) 3 5-6 Can I look it over? a. Beth asked Martin to give it ____________ to her. he said it wasn’t working correctly. (someone / no one) 2. the Garcías were perfect ________________ . 4. Paul is going to pick ____________ the gift for Susan. He’s also going to ____________ it off at the restaurant. Inc. thank you. 2. this weekend? 2. I’d like to ________________ a city tour for our ________________ from Japan. Why isn’t ________________ coming on the tour? (someone / anyone) 4. B. (Anyone / No one) 5. 3. Give it away. No. 3. ____ d. ____ b. Jerry and Ann are ________________ a party to celebrate our company’s thirtieth anniversary. Martin would like to ____________ over the list. She needs to send ___________ the invitations. 3. 5. Beth and Julia talked ____________ the guest list for the dinner. OK. I don’t use this cell phone anymore. Yes. 4. 2. 6. 3. Are you going to ________________ your anniversary. Do you want to leave a message? ____ a. ________________ on our team is going to the meeting. 6. I need just a little more time to think it over. Are you throwing the invitation away? ____ e. but I wrote down all the details. 4 Did the customer send it back? 1 . Someone will find it useful. 2. Why? Don’t you like the music? 106 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. I’ll call back. 1 . Did the customer send the printer back? ____ f. Peter had to meet ________________ at Apex for lunch. Yes. Level 3 • Practice . 1 . Has anyone prepared the ________________ for the meeting we’re having on Tuesday? 2 Is anyone answering the phone? 1 . As usual. You need to finalize the itinerary. We need to prepare the ________________ list for the New Years’ Eve party. Is ________________ planning the menu for the holiday dinner? (everyone / anyone) 3.

I suggest (7) ______________ them to make a reservation at (8) ______________ a week before your dinner. Has Alex called the hotel? (yes) _________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 1 . I haven’t planned it yet. Practice Chapter 2 5 Has alex called yet? Example: Have you planned your trip to Istanbul yet? Yes. 8 7 Correct the sentences 1 . (three times already) __________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 Do you have any suggestions? place usually suggest least calling sounds local depends — My boss asked me to organize a dinner for his visitors from China next week. she has already replied to forty.? — It (6) ______________ on the day. Have you and Chris contacted the clients? (yes) _________________________________________ 6 What have you done so far today? Example: Yesterday. Inc. I’ve already planned it. I sent a hundred invitations. Harry’s is the perfect (3) ______________ . 107 . Yesterday. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Patricia called two caterers for information. (fifty) __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Mr.m. (forty already) So far today. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Yesterday. Can you (1) ______________ a good place? — If you think they would like to try our (2) ______________ cuisine. Marcus and Claire called each other twice to discuss the party. If you go on a Friday or a Saturday. Yesterday. — That (4) ______________ good. / No. Weller is going to be in Europe for three or four days. 1 . we contacted three florists to ask for prices. and the service is excellent. Weller’s flights. Has the secretary looked over the agenda? (no) _________________________________________ 4. Lisa replied to twenty e-mails. Are they (5) ______________ busy at around 7 p. Liz hasn’t yet booked Mr. Have you reserved the flight? (no) _________________________________________ 2. Yesterday. They have a great menu of foods from the region. (not any) __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Ellen is going to arrange the client dinners in London and Rome. (one) __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.

A Brazilian architect ________________ the bridge over the Albion River. Did you see the Temple of Heaven in Beijing? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 6. They identified 118 Egyptian pyramids. Inc. There are many beautiful ________________ parks in Argentina. We have a lot of interesting ________________ attractions. Did your family visit you in the U. They discovered the cave earlier this year. _____________________________________________ 2. 2. The bridge was designed in 1889. Level 3 • Practice . Bill Hirsch manages the Museum of Art. Did you go sightseeing in Sydney? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 the monuments are visited by the tourists Example: Tourists buy maps of the Old City. Were your friends here? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I’d like to go ________________ . _____________________________________________ 108 ©2013 Berlitz Languages.? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. When you visit. 1 . Our PR office organizes the city tours. 2 Have you ever visited New York? Example: Did you visit India last year? Have you ever visited India? 1 .S. Which countries are you going to visit during your ________________? 5. _____________________________________________ 4 When was it designed? Example: They designed the bridge in 1889. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ 4. Thousands of tourists visit the church. 1 . 4. They built both churches in the last century. 3. Practice Chapter 3 1 Where are you going this summer? island tourist cruise designed national sightseeing 1 . Most visitors enjoy the local cuisine. I’ll show you. _____________________________________________ 3. Next year we’re going to spend our vacation on an ________________ in the Caribbean. Maps of the Old City are bought by tourists. If the weather is better tomorrow.

2. 2. dangerous / rafting / be / can / ? ____________________________________________ 3. Is the Starlight Inn a good hotel? ____ e. Why do you want to travel in October? ____ g. Because everything is cheaper in the off-season. 5. (anywhere / nowhere) Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 109 . but her friend visited it last ____________________. Elizabeth thinks Michael is most ____________________ in the Sweet-Tooth tour. Is there ____________________ we can sit and rest a while? (nowhere / somewhere) 6.000 people. (somewhere / everywhere) 3. Terrific. hotels / be / big / expensive / in / can / cities ____________________________________________ 5. tried / have / ever / snowboarding / you / ? ____________________________________________ 4. Practice Chapter 3 5 traveling is interesting Example: sightseeing / you / do / enjoy / ? Do you enjoy sightseeing? 1 . Michael picked up a ____________________ about one of the ____________________ food festivals in the country. 4. How was your trip to Japan? ____ d. I think it was my best vacation ever. No. is / some / sunbathing / people / boring / for ____________________________________________ 2. They’re going to the Grand Canyon. Last year. ____ b. Why are the hotels so expensive? ____ f. 7 I found a last-minute deal 1 . Travel is so expensive this year. There isn’t ____________________ to eat in this neighborhood. I think I’ll take the one-day pass. it’s one of the best in the city. 3. We aren’t going ____________________ this summer. In this country you can find good food ____________________ . Christine has ____________________ been to the Grand Canyon. Yes. we just need the flight. Inc. I’d like to go ____________________ nice for dinner. exciting / places / visiting / new / is / always ____________________________________________ 6 8-9 shall we go to the festival? 1 . We’re staying home. Are you interested in a package tour? ____ c. Christine’s daughter is going ____________________ and ____________________ with her friends. 6. it’s just a weekend getaway. it was ____________________ by more than 100. Any suggestions? (somewhere / everywhere) 4. The festival is really popular. (somewhere / everywhere) 5. It’s because we’re in peak season. 7. is there? (anywhere / nowhere) 2. Which ticket would you like? ____ h. There are tourists ____________________ . No. Why don’t you look for a last-minute deal? 8. Are you going to be away a long time? ____ a. 8 anywhere / somewhere / everywhere / nowhere 1 .

________ ________ 3 We were overcharged Examples: My fish is fresh. 1 ___ — Excuse me. ___ — All right. or ______________ potatoes. but it’s a bit undercooked. 4. Would you like grilled vegetables. I would prefer something different instead. Level 3 • Practice . — How is the turkey prepared? — It’s made with a bread ______________ . Would you like to ______________ the lasagna? I’m afraid it’s too much for me. Practice Chapter 4 1 Is the fish breaded? served side stuffing fresh instead roasted share 1 . ________ ________ 4. Could I have some vegetables ______________ ? 6. I think they have the best pizza in town. ___ — No. so I bought some meat instead. The food was good. ________ ________ 2. I don’t eat white rice. The restaurant is ____________________ . I’ll bring you another one. 2. (booked +) 2. but it was ____________________ . (priced +) 4 I’m sorry. We wanted to have lunch in the new Indian restaurant. please. thanks. — I’ll have the steak. ___ — Grilled vegetables. (cooked –) I’d like to speak to the manager. The risotto is prepared with brown rice. I’ll be right back with your salad. (staffed –) 3. — What would you like to have on the ______________ ? 5. ___ — I’m sorry. It’s served with soup. sir ___ — Would you like me to bring you the menu? ___ — Of course. I’d like some vegetables. ________ ________ 5. rice. And could I have a Chef’s salad? 110 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. The customer doesn’t want salad. Could I have some ______________ fruit as my dessert? 2 10 How is it prepared? true false 1 . sautéed vegetables … ___ — There’s no need. (rated –) 4. please. but we waited over an hour. I can’t eat the fish. (charged +) 1 . The customer wants a dish without meat. She can have soup instead. I think we were overcharged. It’s overcooked. That pizzeria is ____________________ . 3. Inc. sir. — What is the fish ______________ with? — With salad. The fish was ____________________ at the market. ________ ________ 3.

You can pay next time. Will that be together or _______________ ? 6. her birthday Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 4. tip 3. a. separate let 4. that he sent it back to the kitchen. George. Everything was so delicious ____ a. the b. Can I make pizza? Sure! It’s a piece of __________________ . (horse / veal) 4. a. that we couldn’t get a table at all Saturday night. make 3. Fernando says that paella is the most ____ Spanish specialty. that I couldn’t eat it. a. Roger thinks Fernando should ____ paella for Sharon’s birthday. Fernando says that preparing paella is ____ . Paella is prepared with different kinds of ____ . international b. 8. that we recommend the restaurant to everybody. one of the 6. a. that he gave us dinner on the house. a. Edward’s dish tasted so bad ____ c. Julie was so dissatisfied ____ f. The service and food are so good ____ e. The customer at table number two made a special __________________ . that we ordered just a soup and a salad. Saturday b. 6. rice b. Inc. This one’s _______________ me. Would you _______________ for anything else? take 5. The manager was so sorry ____ h. difficult b. Variety is the __________________ of life. The service was so good that Pam left a big _______________ . Practice Chapter 4 5 It was so good that I ordered another 1 . easy 4. 7. 3. (price / request) 3. The dishes were so overpriced ____ d. Paco’s is ____ best Spanish restaurant Fernando knows. 2. that I gave my compliments to the chef. (cake / pie) 8 11 a spanish specialty 1 . 111 . The Sunset Restaurant is __________________ . 5. Linda is so hungry she could eat a __________________ . 7 let’s talk about food! 1 . _______________ me pay the check this time. order b. care on 2. We change our menu every three months. The restaurant was so overbooked ____ b. that she wanted to speak to the manager. But I’ll _______________ care of the tip. Did spaghetti __________________ in China or in Italy? (traditional / originate) 2. My soup smelled so bad ____ g. (smell / spice) 6. 6 Will that be together? 1 . I didn’t like it at all. Fernando and Roger will take Sharon to Paco’s on ____ . meat 5. (underrated / overrated) 5. OK. popular 2. a.

Do you have anything to ____________________ ? 4. (our / 8:00) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The ____________________ officer asked me how long I was staying. My plane is landing at 7:30. 2. They asked me if my baggage was in my possession at all . Practice Chapter 5 1 12-13 Correct the sentences a. 1 . (Peter / his wife) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 1 . He doesn’t prefer any kind of seat. Our flight is boarding at Gate B10. My colleague is organizing the trip. _______________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________ B. I hope it won’t take long. (friends / flight) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 Please remove your belt purpose times immigration container declare through 1 . His flight will board at Gate 20. (evening / Miami) Tomorrow evening I’ll be flying to Miami. She has a laptop as a carry-on. She has to pay for an oversized bag. _______________________________________________ 2. (your / C12) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Could you please tell me what you have in the ____________________ ? 112 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. When are we arriving? (when / Sheila) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. We haven’t gone ____________________ customs. _______________________________________________ 2 Will you be taking the morning flight? Example: Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Toronto. 5. yet. Davis doesn’t have any baggage. — What’s the ____________________ of your visit? — I’m here on business. I’m travelling with my boss. Mr. _______________________________________________ 2. Adams is checking two bags. Level 3 • Practice . ____________________ 6. 1 . Inc. 3. _______________________________________________ 3. Ms.

I forgot my laptop in the overhead _______________ . 6. Is Julie a flight attendant? ___ f. ________ ________ 2. ___ c. (he) 4. 1 . — Whose seat is this? — It’s ______ . I need a glass of water for my medicine. His seat wasn’t very comfortable. (I) 2. ________ ________ 7 I forgot something in the overhead bin 1 . Under the seat in front of you. 1 . ________ ________ 2. When will we be landing? ___ e. (terminal / carousel) 5. In about fifteen minutes. These passports are ______ . (belt / bin) 3. ________ ________ B. (she) 5. Why will Steve be quick? _____________________________________________________ Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Ed said that the suitcase is not ______ . The passenger left his luggage in the aisle. (they) 5 Please keep the aisles clear 1 . Could you please tell me where the baggage _______________ is? (board / claim) 4. Who is waiting for Steve? _____________________________________________________ 2. My friends are waiting for us in the _______________ . The captain. I think this bag is mine. ________ ________ 3. When do we have to fasten our seatbelts? ___ a. 1 . Victor found the flight attendants friendly. Just call the flight attendant. 113 . Who’s speaking? ___ d. (landing / the exit) _______________ 2. ________ ________ 3. 5. During takeoff and landing. How many bags did she check? _____________________________________________________ B. Where is he waiting? _____________________________________________________ 3. Inc. The overhead compartment is full. Where was it? _____________________________________________________ 3. 1 . I think. After . What is Sarah looking for? _____________________________________________________ 2. No. 6 14-15 How was your flight? true false a. aren’t they? (we) 6. Give Ann this bag. He had a short flight. Practice Chapter 5 4 Mine or yours? Example: Excuse me. she’s the captain. 2. Are these bags ______ ? (you) 3. (I) 1 . I think it’s ______. 4. passengers can turn their cell phones on. Excuse me. The flight attendant put the bag under the passenger’s seat. 3. Did you lose your baggage claim _______________ ? (check / pass) 8 16-17 Is someone waiting for me? a. The Lees don’t know which flight is ______. Where can I put this? The overhead bin is full. ___ b.

I usually have my assistant read my e-mails. Pam? — Yes. 5. Is there a florist near here? ____ d. 3 I have my assistant hold my calls Examples: My assistant usually reads my e-mails. — You look great. 3. This week Linda’s daughter is doing the washing and ironing for her. but it was already closed. he can _________________ anything. Sure. _______________ 2. Yesterday we had Mary do the cooking. Could you stop by the pharmacy for me? ____ e. Where can I get really good steaks? ____ f. Yes. 4. Cindy. Yes. 2. Yes. 2 Can you stop by the bakery? 1 . ______________________________________________________________________________________________ . 6. There’s an excellent butcher on 6th Street. We’ve run __________________ of it. Next week a painter will paint our house. 2. — Will your father be _________________ to repair it? — Yes. Do you have a prescription? 3. You can pick them up on Saturday. _______________ 3. why didn’t you buy fruit? — I __________________ . but we have enough for breakfast. — We’re running __________________ on coffee. 4. 5. 2. — Yes. I have too many errands to run. 6. Ron. I can’t. — Did you come on your bike. I went to the __________________ this morning. 4 18-21 Who does the job? 1. A mechanic should take a look at our car. Inc. Practice Chapter 7 1 Did we get everything we need? hairdresser forgot out repair able low fix 1 . Don’t forget to buy milk. 1 . I’m sorry. my car is in the __________________ shop. ________________ 4. — Thank you. Yesterday Mary did the cooking for us. Level 3 • Practice . 3. Are you coming to the restaurant with us? ____ c. Did Jane take the shirts to the dry cleaner? ____ b. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ . ______________________________________________________________________________________________ . it’s just around the corner. Did you stop by the bakery to buy bread? ____ a. ________________ 114 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. — Peter.

Have you ever had your eyes __________________ . (prepared / painted) 5. My sister doesn’t like to have her ironing __________________ by anyone else. (prepared / cleaned) 2. 115 . Is pink pepper an herb? ____ d. doesn’t like b. but there is a small grocery store. to lunch b. We plan to have our living room __________________ next summer. No. carpets / Judy / cleaned / having / is / her / ? ________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Where did you have your car repaired? 1 . 7. a. My son needs to go to the dentist to get his teeth __________________ . Do you ever eat canned food? ____ f. Why didn’t you buy frozen? 5. Where can I find cheese? ____ a. No. she goes to the farmers’ ____. ____ g. Laura buys frozen food at ____. likes 3. Let’s get it at the supermarket. market b. shopping 2. Where should we buy the turkey? ____ c. meat 5. a. you’ll find them in aisle 7. Is there a supermarket near here? ____ e. 8. shop 4. Yes. Do you sell paper products? ____ h. No. a. hair / get / you / cut / your / should ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. it’s a spice. Do you regularly get the oil __________________ in your car? (changed / painted) 3. a shop 8 Where is the produce section. 3. (cut / filled) 7 22 Do you like markets? 1 . Excuse me. please? 1 . the market b. I couldn’t find fresh fish for dinner. bakery b. Susan? (checked / cleaned) 6. Laura’s colleague is going ____ . 1 . Inc. her / is / checked / having / computer / Ann ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ____ b. Why? Do we need fruit? 2. When she can. Let’s go over to the produce section. Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. You should go to the pharmacy and get your prescription __________________ . She can buy ____ and cheese there. I prefer fresh products. had / painted / his / kitchen / Thomas ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Laura ____ to shop in supermarkets. Practice Chapter 7 5 We had our car repaired Example: I / fixed / yesterday / car / got / my Yesterday I got my car fixed. The dairy products are in the next aisle. 6. 4. a. a. (done / checked) 4.

Ajax Rent-a-Car charges $80 a day for an SUV. it will take _________________ time to get to the stadium. Practice Chapter 8 1 23 What kind of car would you like? 1 . This month Carla Bennett has traveled twice.” (Andrew) _________________________________________________ 4. My car gets 25 miles per gallon of gas.” (Jane / me) Jane told me to follow Route 6. — I think we’re going the _________________ way. 3. follow this _________________ until you come to the _________________ . 3 Keep going! around road highway less wrong make turn intersection 1 . because his ______________________ provides insurance coverage. Your car gets 35 miles per gallon of gas. 3. Which exit from the _________________ should I take? 5. 3. To get to the bus station. Carla Bennett has traveled _____________________ than her husband.” (Tom) _________________________________________________ 2. but since all of them are rented. The A Rate includes unlimited _________________ . He would prefer an ______________ . 2.” (Kim / us) _________________________________________________ 3. — Can we _________________ around? 4 What did she say? Example: “Follow Route 6. 2 more or less? 1 . “Don’t turn right. 4. Level 3 • Practice .” (Janet / Sam) _________________________________________________ 5. “Don’t take Route 71. The customer should return the car with a full ______________________ . If you go _________________ the city. he’ll take a ______________ car instead. “Go straight for three blocks. “Make a right on Church Street. “Go north on Ellis Road. The customer decided not to buy the optional ____________________ at $10 per day. My car uses _____________________ gas than yours. Inc. Total Car Rental charges _____________________ than Ajax Rent-a-Car.” (Rachel) _________________________________________________ 116 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 2. At the traffic light _________________ a left and you’ll see the shopping center. Her husband has traveled four times. Total Car Rental charges $85 a day. 1 . 2. 4. “Take Exit 24.” (Michael) Michael said not to turn right. The customer would like to ______________ a car for a week.

Practice Chapter 8

5 What a traffic jam!

1 . Why are they slowing down? ____ a. It’s because of the construction on Front Street.
2. Do you know why Lilly came so late? ____ b. Because I was texting while driving.
3. I’ve never seen such a traffic jam. ____ c. Because the road is slippery.
4. Is traffic heavy during rush hour? ____ d. She was stuck in traffic for over an hour.
5. Why did you get a ticket? ____ e. Yes, especially downtown.

6 Why isn’t the traffic moving?

1 . Terry said to ____________________ Main Road because traffic is blocked there. (avoid / take)
2. Do you ____________________ rush hour traffic when you go home? (drive / hit)
3. Look, there is a ____________________ sign over there. Make a left. (detour / light)
4. Do you use public ____________________ to go to work? (jam / transportation)
5. Is it ____________________ to text while driving? (illegal / slippery)
6. Janet is a ____________________ driver. She’s never had an accident. (careful / carefully)

7 Why are you so late?

____ — Is he stuck in traffic?
____ — So is he walking to work?
____ — He called five minutes ago. He’s having some problems this morning.
____ — Why is Patrick so late?
____ — Yes. Just as he was leaving his neighborhood, he had a flat.
____ — No, he’s taking a taxi. He’ll be here in half an hour.
____ — No, his car wouldn’t start. So he took his wife’s car. But then he had another problem.
____ — With his wife’s car?

8 24-25 Did you walk to work?

a. 1 . Brenda is completely ____ . a. wet b. tired
2. Her car wouldn’t ____ . a. start b. stop
3. Her ____ took a look at the car. a. mechanic b. husband
4. The buses were ____ . a. full b. late

B. 1 . Albin Road is ____ . a. blocked b. noisy
2. The ____ is very heavy. a. traffic b. weather
3. John ran out of ____ on Albin Road. a. time b. gas
4. Ginny is going to ____ . a. take John home b. pick John up

Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. 117

Practice Chapter 9

1 I saw a great concert recently

bother opera ballet painter stadium expected dancers recently exhibit

1 . The ____________ is full. Thousands of people have come to watch the game.
2. — Have you seen the ____________ at the art museum? — Oh, yes. Matisse is my favorite ____________ .
3. Last night we went to a ____________ by Stravinsky. The ____________ were wonderful.
4. I didn’t want to see that movie, but I have to say that it was better than ____________ .
5. — I’d like to see the new ____________ at Lincoln Center. — Don’t ____________ . It’s not very good.
6. Have you seen any good shows ____________ ?

2 26-28 How about an exhibit?

a. 1 . George saw ____ last month in London. a. a ballet b. an opera
2. His friend ____ the Opera Festival last summer. a. liked b. didn’t like

B. 1 . Jenny says that the concert was ____ than expected. a. better b. worse
2. The ____ were Spanish. a. musicians b. composers

C. 1 . Peter and Tess ____ seen many movies recently. a. haven’t b. have
2. Tess would like to go to ____ . a. an exhibit b. a sports event

3 It was so funny that …

1 . The plot was so boring ____ a. that he wanted to see it again.
2. We laughed so hard ____ b. that my children couldn’t stop crying.
3. Paul liked the movie so much ____ c. that we almost fell asleep.
4. The reviews were so good ____ d. that most of the time I couldn’t watch.
5. The story was so sad ____ e. that we couldn’t hear the dialogue.
6. The movie was so scary ____ f. that the movie sold out the first weekend.

4 We were all disappointed

1 . The movie was so _______________ that we left after half an hour. (bored / boring)
2. The audience was _______________ . Some people left before the end. (disappointed / disappointing)
3. I was totally _______________ by the ending of the play. (surprised / surprising)
4. The actors were _______________ . What great performances. (amazed / amazing)
5. The plot isn’t clear. You’ll be _______________ unless you’ve read the book. (confused / confusing)
6. The story is _______________ . You don’t realize the movie is three hours long. (excited / exciting)

118 ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. Level 3 • Practice

Practice Chapter 9

5 Is it based on a true story?

____ — Really? I thought it was based on a true story.
____ — So, does the story take place in Sweden?
____ — No, she lived and worked in the UK.
____ — I’m not going to tell you if there is. You have to see the movie yourself.
____ — What is the movie about?
____ — I’ve never heard of a perfect city in the UK or anywhere else, so I suppose there’s
no happy ending.
____ — It’s about a woman, who is an architect. She wants to build the perfect city.
____ — It is. People think it’s fantasy, but it’s the true story of a woman from Sweden.

6 What did the reviews say?

1 . — When does the story take _______________ ? — Sometime in the future.
2. The plot was so that we knew how the movie was going to end.

3. I like _______________ , but I also like more serious movies. predictable
4. Have you seen Cherokee? It’s _______________ to be very good.
5. We never knew what would happen next. It was completely _______________ .

7 In the center or on the side?

1 . — Hi, I’d like two tickets for tomorrow’s show.
— Which one? We have a ________________ and an evening performance. (afternoon / matinee)

2. — Do you have any tickets for Friday’s performance?
— Yes, but it’s almost ________________ out. (sold / bought)

3. — Thank you. How much are the seats in the center ________________ ? (section / seating)
— They’re $120 each.

4. I don’t want to sit in the balcony. We’ll be too far from the ________________ . (row / stage)

8 29 I’ve got tickets for the concert

1 . Where is Greg going tomorrow night? _______________________________________________

2. Why can’t Donna go to the concert? _______________________________________________

3. When did Greg buy the tickets? _______________________________________________

4. Where did he buy them? _______________________________________________

5. Why couldn’t Olivia get tickets? _______________________________________________

6. Where are their seats for the concert? _______________________________________________

Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages, Inc. 119

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Level 3 • Practice . It’s __________________ for the client. I’m afraid we need to __________________ some expenses. I did. 3. 2 We’ve just spoken to the client Example: The meeting started two minutes ago. Yes. Remember. It should be ready tomorrow. To Mr. We’ve gone over budget. We’re about one week (4) _______________ schedule. No. Daniel had a meeting with Ms. — We can’t (5) _______________ the January deadline. the head of operations. (miss / meet) 120 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Practice Chapter 10 1 What project are you working on? 1 . Did you go over budget? ___ f. Was Matthew’s proposal rejected? ___ d. It has just started. Reynolds the status (1) ________________ ? It’s (2) ________________ today. Who did the budget for the project? ___ e. Who will you submit the proposal to? ___ b. We arrived at the office at 9:03. (approved / allowed) 2. but only by 2%. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 are you on schedule? according report behind due by miss — Have you sent Mr. No. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I’m happy to hear that. we’re not __________________ to spend more than $3. I’m still putting it together. Is there something wrong with it? 4. We need to __________________ Friday’s deadline to keep the project on track. I sent it this morning. Not yet. — Yes. but he needs to do more work on it. 2. Grant. Dixon a moment ago. Do you already have a team in place? ___ c. We have to finalize the proposal in three days. (over / under) 3. Inc. 1 . It’s 9:05 now. 5. The executives finished reading the proposal a few minutes ago. — How is the project coming along? Is everything going (3) ________________ to plan? — Unfortunately not.000. Have you finished the project proposal? ___ a. 6. (fast / urgent) 5. Can you send me your ideas about what we need to do to make up the time (6) _______________ tomorrow afternoon? 4 When is the deadline? 1 . Amy just told me that you’re __________________ budget. (cut / spend) 4. Are we really __________________ of schedule? That’s good news! (ahead / right) 6.

Luke got help from an employee. Can you let me know (8) __________________ Tuesday what you’ve come up with? — I (9) __________________ will. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 7 31 How’s the project coming along? — How’s the project coming along. My colleague hasn’t yet sent the status report to the division manager. The company has found a location for our new offices. Susan? — Unfortunately. who is not part of his team. so he could help the rest of the (4) __________________ . Davidson’s proposals. The project is getting back on track. — Do you need more people? — At this stage in the project. it isn’t easy bringing (6) __________________ new into the picture. Luke is working on a project with a big team. Practice Chapter 10 5 30 things are looking better true false 1 . Two members of Luke’s team were sick last week. The CEO has rejected all of Mr. ________ ________ 4. — I understand. OK. — When we spoke two weeks ago everything was on (2) __________________ . 1 . We needed to take Fred off the work he was doing. The deadlines are not difficult for Luke and his team. Andy. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. ________ ________ 2. What happened? — The Phase 3 work has been much more difficult than (3) __________________ . Inc. — And if there’s (10) __________________ I can do to help. Andy. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. But now Fred’s behind with his (5) __________________ work. We’re starting to fall a little behind (1) __________________ . Susan? — Thank you. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. not so good. We’re working hard on it. Kim and Brad have delivered the training program three times this week. I’ve asked everyone on the team to help me find ways to (7) _________________ the time we’ve lost. ________ ________ 6 the project has been rejected Example: The Board has approved the budget for the new project. ________ ________ 3. just say the word. I appreciate it. 121 . ________ ________ 5. The budget for the new project has been approved (by the Board).

1 . Omar’s / Jeff b. ____ — I thought so. Kevin isn’t eating too much. do you? 3. 5. that’s not Ian. Wait! I know who he is. Philip’s b. I thought he was the British guy we met at the concert. Ashley is a colleague of _____________________ . a. ____ c. Ian wears glasses. a. ____ e. Clara and Philip belong to ____ clubs. ____ — Who? Ian? No. party b. So that’s why he looks so familiar. similar b. Richard is a neighbor of _____________________ . 1 . ____ — I don’t know. Peter and Rose don’t have to leave. I met two of your friends. Clara is a colleague of ____ . sports b. He’s her brother. You don’t like seafood very much. ____ f. 2. He and Allison have ____ interests. My brother is a friend of ____________________ . are you? 1 . She met a friend of ____ whose name is ____ . 1 ____ — Who is that man Tracy is talking to? ____ — I didn’t know Tracy had a brother. will you? 4. a. book 3. already 4 Is Max a friend of yours? Example: This is one of Jim’s books. Didn’t we meet him at Denise’s party? ____ — Maybe. is he? 6. ____ b. Philip has ____ met Clara. a. too. ____ a. Don’t you remember? 3 32-33 Did you meet someone? a. I didn’t need to send Catherine an invitation. Allison went to a ____ last night. a. Level 3 • Practice . ____ d. a. 3. My brother is Billy’s friend. You won’t tell Thomas about our lunch. Diane’s 2. but he looks familiar. Is Anita one of their cousins? Anita is a cousin of _________________________ . 122 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. have we? 5. not yet b. Practice Chapter 11 1 You’re not going to Brian’s party. do they? 2 that guy looks familiar ____ — It’s possible. This book is one of his. jazz concert 2. ____ — Maybe he took his glasses off. Jeff’s / Omar 3. Inc. We haven’t invited Celia to the dinner. modern B. 4. Richard is one of our neighbors. Ashley is one of Heather’s colleagues. did I? 2. I met two friends of ________________________ . 1 .

Peter hasn’t met Ann yet. including their work. Not at all. Will you _______________ me? A friend of _______________ has just arrived. Pam is very interested in theater. Me? No. but I love music. (Sonia) __________________________________________________ 6. Rick works with Jane’s ________________ . (I) __________________________________________________ 3. Just small talk with friends. my name’s Frank. Will you excuse me? I have to make a call. 7. 6. 123 . Level 3 • Practice ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 3. 5. 3. 4. If you don’t _______________ . Let me introduce you to Patricia. Are you enjoying _______________ . That’s not true. Do you know her? 4. 2. 8. Nice to meet you. (my husband) __________________________________________________ 5. 4. ____ e. (you) __________________________________________________ 7 34 I’m a colleague of his 1 . (Michael) __________________________________________________ 2. ____ b. Unfortunately. of course. What did you do at the party? ____ g. 5. 2. — Hi. Inc. (I) So do I. I was in Chile last summer. (John) Neither has John. ____ c. I didn’t play sports as a child. Do you belong to a chess club? ____ h. Frank. Jane works at City ________________ . We’ve already met. Kate? — I started collecting them years ago. Stephanie? 3. 1 . ____ f. The blond woman _______________ familiar. Lisa and Paul have nothing in common. 8 are you a member of the club? 1 . Do you mind if I go and get some cake? ____ a. 6. — By the _______________ . They have a lot in ________________ . Practice Chapter 11 5 Do you mind? looks mind excuse into mine way yourself 1 . ____ d. They both like sports. 2. Yes. I can’t play an instrument. But thank you. Betty hasn’t seen Rick for a long ________________ . Were you? That sounds exciting. We’ve been to Spain twice this year. It looks delicious. I’d like to say hello. Neither can I. 6 Neither do I Examples: Mary likes sports. — When did you get _______________ antiques. Ted and Lucy collect antiques. Betty and Jane ________________ on vacation in India several ________________ ago. I’d like to get something to drink. We aren’t members of any club. I’ve never even played the game. 5. Nothing much. Andrea made small talk at the party. (we) __________________________________________________ 4.

true 4. she has spoken to me three times Exercise 5 1. come Exercise 3 1. Yes. e 5. 1. a 2. a 2. So far today. 3. a 3. c 6. (Or No. 4. someone 2. 1. written 4. Exercise 6 1. d 2. she has called one. Exercise 8 A. No one 5. Yes. Yes. over 2. I haven’t yet reserved it. organize. up 2. 3.) 4. 1. spoken 3. false 2. Why did you leave the job? (6) — I left because I got a job as a sales manager at Felton Engineering. b 2. back. they haven’t. (3) — You were in sales there. he hasn’t received any voice-mail messages 3. (Or No. given 5. 3. right? (4) — That’s right. she hasn’t yet looked it over. Inc. true Exercise 6 1. Exercise 2 1. c Exercise 7 ( 1 ) — How long did you work for TTS. we haven’t contacted any. a 3. a 2. 5. a 5. (7) — Is that the company where you currently work? (8) — Yes. celebrate 2. e 2. out Exercise 4 1. So far today. b Exercise 4 1. agenda Exercise 2 1. hosts 5. No. false 3. someone Exercise 3 A. anyone 3. they’ve already called each other three times. So far today. 1. 1. No. No. she has. b B. I was the sales rep for the New York area. she has sent only three e-mails 2. Answer Key Chapter 1 Exercise 1 1. 124 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. I have. drop 3. we haven’t. he hasn’t. (5) — That’s a big area. b 4. we’ve already contacted them. b Exercise 5 1. guest 4. f 4. taken 2. it is. look 3. Eric? (2) — I worked there until May 2010. done 6. Level 3 • Answer Key . he has already called it. true 5. 2. No. Yes. a Chapter 2 Exercise 1 1. down B. I’ve been there for three years now. I haven’t reserved it yet. she hasn’t looked it over yet. planning 3. I’ve sent fifty. So far today. No. we have / we’ve had two car accidents 4. anyone 4. 4. visitors 6. b 5. d 4. 2. a C. b 3.) 2.

never. Sunbathing is boring for some people. Exercise 6 1. true 5. usually 6. roasted 3. sightseeing 3. h 5. The Museum of Art is managed by Bill Hirsch. calling 8. everywhere 5. somewhere 6. visited. 3. fresh Exercise 2 1. 5. true 2. camping. c 2. Weller’s flights. Weller is going to be in Europe for about ten days. Hotels in big cities can be expensive. e Exercise 8 1. cruise 5. national 6. true Exercise 3 1. Have you ever seen the Temple of Heaven in Beijing? 2. stuffing 2. side 5. Possible answers: 1. overpriced Level 3 • Answer Key ©2013 Berlitz Languages. 3. f 8. 4. 2. Mr. tourist 2. hiking. overbooked 2. 2. understaffed 3. Have your friends ever been here? 4. underrated 4. anywhere 2. false 4. Exercise 4 1. g 3. place 4. 3. Both churches were built in the last century. 2. d 6. share 4. The cave was discovered earlier this year. served. Has your family ever visited you in the U. The local cuisine is enjoyed by most visitors. Ellen is going to send Liz the names of some restaurants for the client dinners in London and Rome. Exercise 5 1. local 3. Can rafting be dangerous? 3. island 4. Liz has booked all of Mr. somewhere 4. 118 Egyptian pyramids were identified. 2. least Exercise 8 Answers will vary. suggest 2. b 7. designed Exercise 2 1. depends 7. false 3. a 4. Have you ever tried snowboarding? 4. summer Exercise 7 1. Answer Key Exercise 7 1. everywhere 3.S. 125 . anywhere Chapter 4 Exercise 1 1. biggest. Chapter 3 Exercise 1 1. interested 2. The church is visited by thousands of tourists. instead 6. Inc. Have you ever gone sightseeing in Sydney? Exercise 3 1. brochure. The city tours are organized by our PR office. Visiting new places is always exciting. sounds 5.? 3.

Davis has a briefcase and a laptop. 2. landing 2. true 3. false B. 3. true 2. request 3. He prefers an aisle seat. care 5. d 3. (6) — All right. his 2. 1. b 5. 4. through 5. 1. Your flight will be boarding at Gate C12. Exercise 3 1. h 5. sir. 2. c Exercise 6 A. (2) — I’m sorry. thanks. theirs Exercise 5 1. I would prefer something different instead. B. false 2. She has to pay for an overweight bag. d 6. She’s looking for her baggage claim check. separate 6. Level 3 • Answer Key . Exercise 5 1. 126 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. Would you like grilled vegetables. mine 5. terminal 5. He’ll be quick. Peter will be traveling with his wife. (3) — No. e 8. c 7. b Chapter 5 Exercise 1 Answers will vary. horse 4. 3. I’d like some vegetables. f Exercise 6 1. ours 4. tip 2. 2. overrated 5. Our plane will be landing at 8:00. e 2. 2. My friends will be organizing the flight. please. 1. His flight will board at Gate 21. false Exercise 7 1. 1. because he didn’t check any bags. 1. container Exercise 4 1. b 5. b 3. a 4. purpose 3. bin 3. Inc. When will Sheila be arriving? 3. (4) — Would you like me to bring you the menu? (5) — There’s no need. Michael is waiting for him. I’ll bring you another one. sautéed vegetables … (7) — Grilled vegetables. It’s overcooked. declare 4. Adams is checking one bag. f 3. a 6. spice 6. Mr. hers 3. 3. 2. Answer Key Exercise 4 ( 1 ) — Excuse me. I’ll be right back with your salad. I can’t eat the fish. a 4. b 4. yours 6. a 6. 1. immigration 2. It was in her book (with her boarding pass). originate 2. Ms. 3. cake Exercise 8 1. She checked just one bag. take 4. true 3. She has a handbag as a carry-on. b 2. 5. claim 4. He’s waiting in the terminal. g 2. on Exercise 7 1. let 3. Possible answers: A. And could I have a Chef’s salad? (8) — Of course. Exercise 2 1. B. check Exercise 8 A. times 6.

Janet told Sam to take Exit 24. a 3. cleaned 2. b Exercise 6 1. a 4. a 5. Exercise 4 1. h 6. 3. hairdresser 3. Next week we’ll have a painter paint our house. d Exercise 3 1. a 3. b 5. wrong. Answer Key Chapter 7 Exercise 1 1. more 2. less 3. transportation 5. credit card Exercise 2 1. painted 5. a 4. c 7. d 3. e 3. SUV. c 2. filled Exercise 7 1. highway 5. f Chapter 8 Exercise 1 1. 3. Tom said to make a right on Church Street. Ann is having her computer checked. able. repair 4. done 4. Is Judy having her carpets cleaned? Exercise 6 1. Andrew said not to take Route 71. d 8. This week Linda is having her daughter do the washing and ironing for her. Isabel 3. more Exercise 3 1. c 2. 127 . 2. insurance. Kim told us to go straight for three blocks. g 4. make 4. 4. David 2. less 3. checked 6. forgot Exercise 2 1. rent 2. 5. turn Exercise 4 1. b 5. b Exercise 8 1. 2. detour 4. We should have a mechanic take a look at our car. careful Level 3 • Answer Key ©2013 Berlitz Languages. mileage. Exercise 5 1. b 6. 4. 2. road. tank (of gas) 4. 3. full-size 3. Rachel said to go north on Ellis Road. e 5. illegal 6. out 2. b 2. f 4. Vicky 4. You should get your hair cut. avoid 2. hit 3. e 2. around. Thomas had his kitchen painted. fix 5. low 6. Inc. changed 3. intersection 2. Richard Exercise 5 1.

boring 2. (5) — So does the story take place in Sweden? (6) — No. 1. b 4. a 2. He’s having some problems this morning. confused 6. c 6. d 128 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. She can’t go. a 2. b 2. supposed 5. Inc. He’ll be here in half an hour. b Chapter 9 Exercise 1 1. She couldn’t get tickets. Exercise 8 A. Just as he was leaving his neighborhood. a Exercise 3 1. (5) — With his wife’s car? (6) — Yes. predictable 3. b C. recently Exercise 2 A. So he took his wife’s car. disappointed 3. He bought them as soon as they went on sale. a 3. because the concert is sold out. but it’s the true story of a woman from Sweden. e 3. sold 3. 1. stadium 2. (3) — Really? I thought it was based on a true story. f 5. e 2. (7) — So is he walking to work? (8) — No. so I suppose there’s no happy ending. b 4. his car wouldn’t start. They’re in the third row of the center section. People think it’s fantasy. Level 3 • Answer Key . He’s going to the Black Cats concert. place 2. a 3. because she has a business dinner (that she can’t miss). 3. 4. matinee 2. 1. She wants to build the perfect city. b B. b 2. she lived and worked in the UK. You have to see the movie yourself. surprised 4. unpredictable Exercise 7 1. But then he had another problem. c 2. 5. exciting Exercise 5 ( 1 ) — What is the movie about? (2) — It’s about a woman. dancers 4. f 4. Answer Key Exercise 7 ( 1 ) — Why is Patrick so late? (2) — He called five minutes ago. opera. he’s taking a taxi. bother 6. 2. expected 5. he had a flat. d Exercise 4 1. (8) — I’m not going to tell you if there is. b 6. Chapter 10 Exercise 1 1. b 2. a 3. amazing 5. (7) — I’ve never heard of a perfect city in the UK or anywhere else. Exercise 6 1. b 5. (3) — Is he stuck in traffic? (4) — No. stage Exercise 8 1. painter 3. ballet. section 4. a 4. (4) — It is. 6. 1. He bought them online. 1. a B. exhibit. who is an architect. comedies 4.

allowed 2. someone 7. Don’t you remember? (6) — Maybe he took his glasses off. All of Mr. true Exercise 6 1. Inc. The training program has been delivered three times this week (by Kim and Brad). 6. his 4. hers 2. He’s her brother. a 4. e Level 3 • Answer Key ©2013 Berlitz Languages. looks 4. (7) — It’s possible. met. urgent 5. way Exercise 6 1. behind 5. false 2. Exercise 3 A. that’s not Ian. Hospital Exercise 8 1. under 3. Neither did my husband. g 2. a B. by 9. 3. Answer Key Exercise 2 1. (8) — I didn’t know Tracy had a brother. He has just had a meeting with Ms. mind 5. excuse. but he looks familiar. cut 4. e Exercise 2 ( 1 ) — Who is that man Tracy is talking to? (2) — I don’t know. 1. a Exercise 4 1. b 3. c 8. yours 3. a 5. 3. So is Michael. true 5. miss 6. anything Chapter 11 Exercise 1 1. ahead 6. So does Sonia. Dixon. (3) — I thought so. by Exercise 4 1. So have we. too. 4. schedule 2. ours 5. 2. Exercise 7 1. b 6. make up 8. report 2. c 3. common 5. 3. b 3. 2. f 4. mine 2. a 2. years 4. d 2. 4. true 3. certainly 10. own 6. husband 3. f 7. (5) — Who? Ian? No. h 5. Ian wears glasses. b 6. A location for our new offices has been found (by the company). false 4. time 2. Didn’t we meet him at Denise’s party? (4) — Maybe. 129 . d 3. Wait! I know who he is. They have just finished reading it. according 4. Davidson’s proposals have been rejected (by the CEO). The status report hasn’t yet been sent to the division manager (by my colleague). Exercise 3 1. b 2. Neither am I. theirs Exercise 5 1. expected 4. meet Exercise 5 1. 2. Exercise 7 1. track 3. So did you. So that’s why he looks so familiar. yourself 3. due 3. team 5. 5. into 6. 1. I thought he was the British guy we met at the concert. We’ve just arrived (at the office).

b 5. c 5. b 6. a 130 ©2013 Berlitz Languages. c 2. b 3. d 4. off Chapter 3 1. a 3. d 3. Answer Key Chapter Summary Reading Comprehension Chapter 1 1. Inc. c 2. usually 8. c 7. until 8. sales 2. walk 6. e. Level 3 • Answer Key . b Chapter 5 1. Stonehenge 2. 1. e Chapter 8 1. a 4. c. 3 2. takes 7. e Chapter 9 1. experience 3. a. c Chapter 11 1. a 4. f 5. Sagrada Familia Chapter 4 1. passengers 5. 2d. popular 3. d. 5 4. visit 4. b 2. a 4. sold 6. f 6. tallest 2. e 2. a 4. g 3. since 5. b 3. f 6. account 7. The Terracotta Army 4. 2b 3. b 5. The Washington Monument 3. d 2. a 2. been 4. e 8. 4 Chapter 7 1. h Chapter 10 1. b 3. responsibility Chapter 2 1. 2a.