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Misael Luna

Hector Silva

MUSI 1309-02

April 23, 2018

The legacy of the MacCrimmons

Gregory Morrow, started playing the bag pipe in his hometown Weston, Mass-

achusetts at the age of seven and has been playing for over fifty years. He mentioned

in the interview that he knew the MacCrimmons “from day one”, letting us know the big

of an impact that family had on his playing and life, as he mentioned that up to this day

he still performs the popular “pibrochs” these extremely talented pipers composed

back in their days.

Morrow studied with famous pipers that were part of an award winning ensem-

ble from Scotland, but the interesting thing is that he did not learn the MacCrimmons

from them, he first knew about them when he found an old LP recording that his mom

loved. The LP included this song called “Lament for the children”, and when he lis-

tened to it he heard an amazing tale to the song about the composer who had lost 7 of

his 8 children in the period of one year and how he got the inspiration to write that

song from the unfortunate tragedy he just had experienced. That story meant a lot to

Morrow and grew into his imagination that helped him understand, or at least imagine

who the MacCrimmons were, since they had lived in the 1500s.

Morrow keeps plying pipe up to this day still using the inspiration and he ac-

quired from the MacCrimmons. He strongly believes that if you know how to play the


1 .ground well “there is something very stirring and emotional” and he has seen tears “coming to peoples’ eyes”.