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Misael Luna

MUSI 1309-02
Hector Silva
March 21, 2018

Full band french horn
Lupo Vidal is the first born son of one of the most famous singer-songwriters in the hispanic

christian community, his fathers name is Marcos Vidal. Lupo studied French Horn at the

Conservatory of Madrid for about 12 years and now that he is graduated he has followed his

dads steps by becoming a recording artist immersing in the christian community.

The event took place on Sunday February 18th at 10:00am as part of a Sunday Service at Gracia

Abundante, a church in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. He was invited to preach, as well as to

present his album and perform with the local band from the church.

The proposal was really interesting, taking into account that the mood had already been set by

the worship time and the preaching, he performed with the band some of the popular “worship

song” but lead by the french horn as the lead vocal. That was something I had never seen in a

church environment, I had seen big band, strings, a choir but all of those as harmony or

background stuff but seeing a extremely-well performed french horn lead a worship band was

something else.

There was this particular song that really impressed me by how he managed to lead it with his

instrument, its called “al que está sentado en el trono”, the song has been one of the most

popular songs when it comes to the “slow-paced” songs (or ballads) in the church repertoire, it


culture and some other facts. some others use more modern instruments as synthesizers. or in this case the horn . for example. does the melody. music will vary a lot depending on this issues. For the instruments section electric guitar. denomination. bass and background vocals. Music has a major role in a church service. The peak point of the song during the bridge after a few cuts. do not like to use some instruments in their churches like electric guitar or drums. because even though the gospel we share through the music its the same and we as christians have the same beliefs. preferences. Of course this will vary depending on the region. keys. electric and acoustic guitar. bass and drums join and create a growing atmosphere as the theme from the intro is re-stated. !2 . In some cultures the rock/pop culture its the trend whereas in some latin countries their national style will predominate in the way they compose their music.has a standard “pop-rock” instrumentation. I do not think we have discussed music like this in class since we talk mostly about a particular culture and their specific style of music. but for the “christian culture” that is the modern or contemporary style. Some denominations. The song is mostly slow. and of course communicate the gospel through a song. All of this meaning that music in a service is more than just a concert or a setlist to sing along with. the horn (lead vocal) strikes the highest notes in the song making it really emotional and exciting for all the listeners. But even though style. it takes more or less one third or even half of the service time and has an important role in setting the “mood” or the atmosphere for the preaching. drums. begins with a piano introduction with a pad in the background setting a really smooth atmosphere as the vocalist. is like another way of preaching and sharing the gospel and even outside of church is a way of communicating what we believe in. pretty standard.

!3 . Lupo Vidal/Misael Luna (me) Shelemay. Kay Kaufman. Now going back to the particular song I talked about in the beginning. 2001. it is for sure something that is not seen everyday. Soundscapes : Exploring Music in a Changing World. and even less common in a city with not much “classical music” culture. The combination between the classical and the popular world had an incredible outcome and made people get in touch for at least a service with this world of unknown instruments and see them blend with the world of popular music with standard instrumentation. a French Horn is not a common instrument in general. Meaning that seeing a horn player perform their popular music in a church context was a extraordinary experience. New York :Norton.denomination and region may vary the central message does not change and its communicated effectively by taking advantage of the sociocultural aspects of music.