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Assignment of Performance Management System


KRAs and KPAs of Training Head in an Organization

Submitted to:

Dr. Parul Jhajharia

Submitted by:

Namrata Sharma( A0101909302)

Aishwarya Mehra ( A0101909387)

Swati Pahuja ( A0101909414)

Shinjini Basu ( A0101909239)

Meeta Mohapatra ( A0101909010)

Arka Sengupta ( A0101909013)

Puja Kumari Jha ( A0101909135)

Shivika Garg ( A0101909163)

Ayushi Gulliya ( A0101909137)

KRAs of Training And Development Head:

Industry: Construction

Company: Omaxe Limited

Job Title: Training and Development Head

Job Description: Job purpose of Training and Development Head is responsibility for
planning, organizing, leading and supervising training department.

Reports to: HR Manager

Key Result Areas(KRAs) and Key Performance Areas(KPAs) :

KRA 1: Identify the Training Needs of various departments

KPA- Identify the training needs of the various positions in different departments

KPI- According to Industry Mandates and Organizational roles

KRA 2: Design the training programs

KPA 1- Types of training(on-site, in-house or both )

KPA 2- Duration of the training programs

KRA 3: Manpower Allocation for the training programs

KPA- Delegation of work

KPI- Train the trainers programs

KRA 4: Allocation of resources

KPA 1- Budget Allocation

KPA 2- Infrastructure for the training programs

KRA 5: Evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs