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Middle Grammar Science Syllabus

TOG Year One 2018-2019

Teachers: Jenny Veleke and Emily Mecimore

This year the Middle Grammar students will be studying science through the six days of
creation. We will be using the Science in the Beginning curriculum by Dr Jay Wile, the author of
the Apologia science curriculum. The textbook is not required, but the curriculum is very full and
rich and we will only be covering parts of each day of creation, so we encourage you to buy the
book and go more in depth at home if you so desire. A schedule of the lessons we will cover is
included in this syllabus.

24 pk Crayons
Colored pencils (minimum 12, preferably 24)
2 Ultra fine tip black Sharpies
6 tabbed notebook dividers, labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc. through Day 6
1” binder
Ruler (hard, not flimsy), must measure centimeters as well as inches

Each week the students will be given notebooking pages to go into their binders. Some pages
will be completed in class and others will be assigned as homework. In addition, we will be
recording experiments and making various scientific drawings. Please assist your child in
adding each week’s papers to their binder, as well as completing any assigned work at home. A
weekly email will be sent on Thursdays to give you a summary of what your student learned and
any homework that was assigned. Homework will be checked weekly and completed work will
earn prizes from the class treasure chest.

In addition to studying science through the days of creation, we will be conducting an

experiment in the first few weeks of class to understand the process of mummification. In unit
four, each child will also be responsible for researching and preparing a presentation to the
class about their favorite animal. More details on this presentation will be given in February.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year. We look
forward to exploring creation with your children this year!

Jenny and Emily

08/22/18 Mummification and Let There Be Light!
08/29/18 Mummification Part Two and Colors in Creation
09/05/18 Mummification Part Three and Absorbing & Reflecting
09/12/18 FIELD TRIP, no science class
09/19/18 Reflection, Absorption & What Else and Light Can Carry Information
09/26/18 Water & the Expanse and Solids & Liquids
10/03/18 Why Things Float and Will it Float?
10/10/18 Don’t Forget About Air and Air Has Weight
10/17/18 Land, Sea & Plants, More Dirt on Soil, and The Rock Cycle
10/24/18 The Water in the Sea and More on Seawater
10/31/18 Plants - The Beginning and The First Stage of Germination
11/07/18 FIELD TRIP, no science class, record plant growth for next class
11/14/18 Plants - The Importance of Leaves, continue recording plant growth
11/21/18 THANKSGIVING, continue recording plant growth
11/28/18 The Sun and Using the Sun to Mark Time
12/05/18 Colors in the Sky
12/12/18 What is Moving? and All of Earth’s Motion
01/09/19 The Solar System and More on the Solar System
01/16/19 Vertebrates and Invertebrates
01/23/19 Some Way Invertebrates Move in Water & How Most Vertebrates Move in Water
01/30/19 FIELD TRIP, begin working on Animal Presentation
02/06/19 From the Water to the Air
02/13/19 The Basics of Flight and Takeoff & Thrust
02/20/19 Designed for Flight, Parts I & II
02/27/19 Land Animals & People, Legs and No Legs
03/06/19 SPRING BREAK, finalize Animal Presentation
03/13/19 Land Vertebrates, Animal Presentations
03/20/19 Depth Perception in the Sense of Sight, Animal Presentations
03/27/19 The Sense of Smell, Animal Presentations
04/03/19 The Sense of Hearing, Animal Presentations
04/10/19 The Sense of Balance, Animal Presentations
04/17/19 FIELD TRIP
04/24/19 The Sense of Taste, Animal Presentations
05/01/19 The Sense of Touch, finish Animal Presentations
05/08/19 Seventh Day: Rest