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"Death Star Con t racto rs" Doug Ruff with
Jacob Atienza , Arden Beckwith, Craig Atkins, Josh Jupp , Nathan Wilkinson, and
Alberto Bontempi, Matt Bradbury, JB Casacop, Mark Charlesworth. "Un repentan t" with Lachlan
An na Christenson, Mariu sz Gandzel, Audrey Hotte, "Raith" Conley, Jordan Dixon, and Mark McLaughlin.
Jeff Lee Johnson, Jason Juta, Mark Molnar, "Anozira Sector Rangers" Vince Schelzo wi th
Ameen Naksewee, David Auden Nash, Ian Dimitri, Jim Stone, Mike Keever, and
Aaron Riley, Stephen Somers, Darren Tan , Max Stanford. "Dust Hounds" Ian "GM Hooly"
Ryan Valle, Ben Zweifel and the Lucasfilm art archives Houlihan with Martin Thomas Flanagan, Michael
Hurrell , John Pope, and Harris Shafruddin.
ART DIRECTION "Hehman's Hero's" Marty Hehman with Matthew I
John M. Taill on an d Melissa Shetler Hehman and Stephen Hehman. Riley A, Wilkes

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ISBN: 978- 1-6 3344 .. 3 14 .. 3 Prod uct Cod e: SWA47 Printed in China

For more information abou t the Star Wars: AGE OF REBELLION line, free down loads,
answers to ru le queries, or Just to pass o n gree tings, visit us o nli ne at
fea tures Engineers in several roles,
T echnology underpins everything the Rebel Alliance
hopes to achi eve, just as it supports galactic soci-
ety as a whole. It enables the key aspects of the Alli-
which FUllY OPERATIONAL expands in a va riety of ways.
This volume provides new specializations focused on
ance in this era of th e Galactic Civil War, from ordinary certain aspects of engineering that are particularly
machinery to interstellar travel, warfare, and unfath- useful to the Rebellion. Engineers are nothing witho ut
oma ble technologica l terrors. Engineers from every tech nology, and thi s book presents a wide selection
field of study and expertise keep the Alliance's vital of new gear, droids, and vehicl es. Expanded rules for
equipment operational. Engineers in combat and crafting new vehicles enable
Heroic Engineers use their Engineer characters to furth er improve their active
experience and expertise in all and creative-support aspects.
of th e Rebellion's phases of Chapter I: Building a Rebellion
operation. They maintain and presents new options for starting and
prepare machinery for sur- existing PCs, with new backgrounds,
vei llance and combat. They Motivations, and Duties for Engineers
analyze enemy sta tions and and others. This chapter introduces
....structures for critical weak- three new species- Bith, Kaminoan,
II I ,·t ~
nesses. They risk life and "..,,:.. =,1 and Skakoan- suited for Engineer
limb making dangerous characters. Three new speciali zations
repairs in the midst of enable Engineers to take on different
battle. Often, Rebel focuses: they can expand their combat
soldiers and politi- expertise with the Sapper, creatively
cians owe their lives manipulate droids as a Droid Special-
to Allia nce Engineers ist, or delve into advanced starsh ip
who perform hyper- and vehic le design with the Shi pwright.
drive repairs at the last Finally, all Engineers have new heights to
second or other feats of strive for with two new signature abilities: The
miraculous jury-rigging. Harder They Fa ll and Unmatc hed Ingenuity.
Creative Engineers turn Chapter II: Tools for Freedom introduces new
useless junk into potent gear fo r Engineers to use, create, and modify. This
wea pons and lifesaving chapter offers new armo r and other protective
equipment. They con - gear, as well as an array of new equipment. New
vert civilian items into droids, vehicles, starships, and space stations
military-capable gear. round out the offerings. New modifications and
They repair and revi ve attachments give Engi neers addi t ional ways
damaged droids and and item s with which to custo mize eq Uip-
abandoned ships for ment, vehicles, weapons, and armor.
new missions against
Chapter III: Crafting Victory presents
the Galactic Empire.
the nuts and bolts of new and expanded
They make new dis-
ru les for combat repa irs and the Mechan-
cove ries and gener-
ics skill. It also cove rs conversions and
ate new designs along
other modifications common to Rebel
the way. Without their
equi pmen t. New crafting rules provide
efforts, the Rebel Alliance
Engineers the opportunity to crea te si n-
wo uld quickly run out of
gular vehicles and starships to their own
weapons and materiel
specifications. GMs gain further advice on
and the Rebellion would
integra ting Engineer characters into th e
sputter to a ha lt.
party, three Engineer-ce ntric campaign
frameworks, and ideas for suitable
rewards for Engineer PCs.

IN STAR WARS Design engineers are typically professionals who are
acade mically traine d and work in co mmercia l or insti·
Great feats of engineering are eviden t throughout tutiona l facilities. They are responsible for creating
the Star Wars universe. The Death Star stands as t he plans for everything from equipment to vehicles to
most obvious engineering achievement. However, it structures. In Star Wars stories, these types of charac·
is not the only larger·than·life project the PCs coul d ters are rarely focused solely on these pursu its, having
encounter. The Empire is constan tly building new Star been draw n into the story due to other factors. They
Destroyers and experimenting with new technologies. might work on secret projects and become targets for
Any part of the design and assembly process could espionage, kidnapping, or even assassination. Such
become a target for Rebel attacks and operations. expe rience s might become th e impetus for Engineers
Furthe r, engineering permeates society. Droids are to forgo design work and take direct actio n
a critical part of daily life, and even commonplace Most design engineers are employed at powerful cor-
weapons are actually technological marvels. Technol· porations or within the Empire itself. Of course, the re
ogy is so ingrai ned that most citizens think little of is the occasional eccen tri c, brilliant designer working
jumping into a starship and flying across the ga laxy, individually on pa ssi onate pursuits. Such characters
oblivious to the precise calculations and centuries of may have off·the·wall ideas and be willing to take
engineering behind a jump to hyperspace. For most greater risks than those in more conventional posi·
of the ga laxy, such thin gs just work ... until th ey don·t. tions. Isolated starfigh ter designers are not unheard
Engineering is fron t and center in many Star Wars of, for example. Su ch independent Engineers also must
stories, and Engineers or similar characters appear find creative ways to fund and build their deSigns. This
throughout. Chewbacca constantly works on the Mil- can easily lead them into the shadier sections of galac·
lennium Falcon. R2 -D 2 seems to Addl e wi th anything tic society.
it comes across in order to gain an adva ntage. Rebel
mechanics alter T-47 airspeeders to operate as snow·
speeders on Hoth's arc tic surface. A young Anakin
Skywalker builds a Pod racer and C·3PO.
Practical engineers tend to be t hose who apply thei r Engin eers in the Rebel Alli ance have levels of ability
knowledge to everyday tasks. Mechanics, civil engi - and training simila r to those of Imperial Engineers.
neers, comb at engineers, and technicia ns of every Th is is unsurprislng, as many share train ing and edu-
type are some examples. These chara cters are much cational programs. Imperials have access to many
more likely than design engineers to be performing more resources than Rebels, however, and enjoy the
non-theoret ical work regularly as part of their role. use of modern equipment and ample supplies. Rebel
Engineers usually must rely on whatever resources
These Engineers may be found at almost any loca-
tion and level in society. They are hands-on, with they can salvage or stea l.
detail ed real -wo rld experience and intu itio n directing In addition to having bette r access to equ ipment,
their actions at least as much as any fo rma l training. Imperial Enginee rs can ca ll upon almost any type of
Most Engin eer Player Characters are likely to ta ke expert needed to tackle any assignm ent Rebe l Engi-
on thi s role, even if a cha racter began in the design, neers must usually work out problems fo r themselves,
research, or scientific fields. as seeking outside expertise can be difficult to arrange.


he Rebel Alliance is famously short on personn el Battle-oriented droids have largely gone out of fash-
T com pared to the Empire, but tha t doesn't mean the
Rebels are without their share of experts. Rebel Engi-
ion in major engagements. However, armed security
droids and other fighting units remai n a poten t part
neers are also frequently knowledgable in fields ou t- of the Rebel arsenal in certain roles. Droid Specialists
side their areas of expertise, as they are often called are often assigned to missions in which these or other
on to fu lfill functions ou tside their traditional trai ning. droids playa major part, providing ano ther way such
a PC could be introduced into a party filled with other
Not every mechani c or sCien tist IS competent In
typ es of combata nts and speCIa lists.
co mbat, making those who are even more highly val-
ued in t he Rebelli on. Although PCs are likely to be Droid Specialist personalities are wide ranging, but
more action oriented during gameplay, these Engi- typically include a love of machinery and a willingness
neers might still fulfi ll more tYPical functions during to do whatever it takes to get a broken droid up and
their downtime or between adven tures. running again. Many Droid Specialists regard their
charges as living beings, or at least something near to
AGE OF REBELLI ON features six Engineer specializa -
tions that cover the more common types of expertise it. Others might take a colder approach, treating each
as si mply ano ther piece of machinery. Either type
needed to wa ge an effect ive war again st the Empi re
Players might also adapt these types to other kinds of provid es for ongoing rolepl ayi ng opport unit ies, as it
Engineers they envision as their characters, perhaps doesn't take long for droids to rea lize wh ich type is
by taking multiple careers or specializations. working on them . Dealing with droid personalities is
at least as challenging as dealing with those of living
beings; some Droid Specialists might even consider
DROID SPECIALIST themselves psychologists as much as mechanics.
Droids are as vital to the Alliance 's operations as they
are to the rest of society. Like much of the Rebellio n's MECHANIC
eqU ipment, most are older mod els that requ ire fre-
quent maintenance. The harsh conditions in Rebel Th e Mechanic IS th e jack-of-a ll-tra des Engineer, mak-
locations only adds to these challenges. ing t his specialization quite common. It provides a
solid starting point if no other specialization works for
Droid Specialists are sta tioned in almos t every Rebel the ki nd of Engineer desired. This specialization covers
facility and ship. This gives these PCs many potential the most common types of engineering tasks likely to
pOints for introduction into the game. Th'ey might be occu r on a mission or adventure. Most of these center
longtime members of the Alliance who don't take a on repair and modification, along with damage control
fro ntline ro le until eve nts push them into actio n. Alter- and other emergency functions in comba t.
natively, th ey might have been impatiently wa iting
to gain t he notice of mission planners, or they have Mechanics are Widely assi gned across all Rebel Alli -
been aggressively suggesting ways to include droids ance operations and missions. Mechanic PCs run the
in operations. gamut of personalities and species, since all require
technology and maintenance tasks.

labs. They can excel where other innltrators are less
SAPPER likely to understand technical pro tocols and sClentinc
Sappers use a variety of methods to destroy or cir- jargon, thereby t ipping off enemy personnel to th eir
cumvent enemy fort ificat ions in the midst of battle, false identit ies.
typically using demolit ions rat her than standard Scie ntists may also serve key roles in Rebel surveil -
weaponry They are also often tasked with const ruct- lance and reconna issance activities to find a su itable
ing bridges to support army movement, clearing and location for a new base or outpost Scient ist PCs can
laYing mines, and crafting field defenses. These PCs be tasked with analyzing any native dangers on a
could easily begin th eir service In another branch of potential base or ou t post world persona lly; this can
military operations and transi t ion to Sappers at t he make a good set up fo r an exploration -based game.
begin nin g of a campaign . Suc h t ra nsitions during a Likewise, if an ex isti ng base has developed a strange
campaign co uld also represe nt promotiona l advance- issue- such as a mysterio us il ln ess, runaway organic
me nts past early combat ro les. growths, or problema t ic fau na- Scient ists might be
Sappers make effective demoli tion ists and can pro- sent in to t roubleshoot the problem.
vide alterna t ive methods for destroying or breaking
into enemy stro ngholds. This gives t he party more SHIPWRIGHT
options when carrying out a mission, encouraging the
PCs to act more creatively during the game. Sh ipwrights are highly speciali zed In creating and
mod ifying starshl ps and ve hic les. The Alliance has
Sappers ca rry out their operati on s while under
little in the way of shipyards and manufacturing facili -
enemy nre, whereas Saboteurs te nd to rely on stea lth
ties, so Its Shipwrights engage in mod ifications fa r
to position their explosives and escape before any-
more often t ha n t hey design and build new cra ft.
one notices. Sappers often carry specialized gear
Given the nght circumsta nces and access to adequate
designed or customized for certain tactics or to
ac hieve specific res ults in a given mission. They reg u- materials and fa cilities, it is possible to build in divid-
ual or very lim ited runs of smaller Rebel craft , such
larly use tool packs and a range of adaptab le materi-
as the B-wing starnghter. Sh ipwright characters could
als to cra ft or lury-rig solutions on the fly to address
work in such an opera tion, or might dream of setting
mission-specific problems. Some also have access to
one up and be working toward it as a long-term goa l
portable shields or similar mobile defenses to protect
individuals as they carry ou t their ta sks. It is more likely for Shi pwrights to pursue starship
and ve hicle modincations. Once aga in, due to highly
Sappers typically operate in separate units deployed
limited resources, the All iance must max imize wha t
among standard forces. Like other specialized Rebel
it has. Many of these PCs regu larly convert civilian ,
forces, they may nnd t hemselves spread thi n in real -
outdated , or underpowered craft into cra ft t hat are
world conditions- and as PCs, assigned to t he party or
effective aga inst Imperia l forces.
party's mission as a res ult Commanders must maxi-
mile their reso urces and sometimes rely on stand ard A Shipwright can also perfo rm other engineer-
units to aid or protect what Sappers are available. ing dut ies, part icularly those aboard starsh ips Such
ta lents are regularly stre tched into other forms of
SCIENTIST engineering as required by the mission or adventure
at hand. One natural story pat hway wou ld be for a
Scient ists are unusua l members of the All iance, and Shipwright to loi n the Rebels and then transi t ion
their backgrounds rare ly mesh with typical Rebel into anot her specialization. However, this cou ld be
opera t ions. However, t hey can be qu ite useful to intel- reversed. A character starting in a different specia liza-
ligence and other groups working to assess Imperial tion might become a Sh ipwright if missions or pursu its
capabili t ies. Few are rea dy to take on combat roles, regu larly involve a need to modify the party's shi p or
but SCien t ists tend to be among the most idealistic vehicles belonging to others.
of Rebels- especially in the ir opposi t ion to Imperial PCs of t his specialization co ul d come from an aca-
edicts on science and learning. This can make for a dem ic background or cou ld take a more hands-on
nat ural en t ry poi nt for PCs into the game. approach, wo rking in an expensive customiza tion
This specialization offers players an Inherent oppor- business or criminal chop shop. Since many Rebel
tun ity for acting completely out of their element while missions resemb le or outright duplicate smuggling
trying to ri se to the occasion. Scientists' potential operations, PCs with shady backgrounds can provide
connections in educational rea lms or more in flu- insight into altering cra ft to slip t hrough Imperial cus-
ential government segments can provide the party toms searches and scans. Such expertise can origi-
with additional avenues for furthering t heir missions nate with or include many ship types, from those with
or goals. Scien t ists often make for good innlt ra tors lu xury modifications to racing craft to obscure designs
when trying to obta in access to well -guarded research from species uncommon in the majority of the galaxy

ngineers are a diverse group of professionals who Academic Mechanics usually hail from techn ical
E run th e gamut from hard-bitten fie ld mechanics to
scho larly academ ics. Despite the ir myriad differences,
and voca ti onal schools. These hardy indivi duals paid
their dues in the shops, ga rages, and grease pits, and
they all sha re a deep curiosity about the galaxy, a love decided to use their expertise to teach new genera-
of work, and a passion for t heir chosen fie ld that t ra n- tions of gearheads how to properly care for t he array
scends mere ded ication to their job. Engineers are th e of machi nes t hat keep t he ga laxy runn ing Instead of
backbone of both the All iance and the Imperia l arm ed turn ing wrenches for a living, they toiled away in dingy
forces. Whi le infantry, ship captai ns, and starfighter teaching garages or high-tech academies, guid ing t he
pilots project force, it is the quiet work of Engineers educations of eager young Mechanics.
that keeps everything runni ng smoothly and efficiently.
The Alliance is always in despera te need fo r
Presented here is a selec t ion of new backgrounds Mechanics. The old, second ha nd, and usua lly poorly
appropriate for use in crea t ing Engineer charac te rs. ca red -for sh ips, vehicles, and gear th e Rebels use
While certain ly not required to enJoy the game, a need an immense amount of work to keep runn ing.
detailed background ca n help both the player and the To ensure tha t the V-wings keep flyi ng and th e blaster
Game Maste r develop the character t hroughout the ri fles and com-links keep working, Rebel cel ls heavily
campa ign. Backgrounds offer guidelines for playing recruit among academic Mechanics. Their knowledge
the cha racter, suggest personal drives, and provide and experience is In high demand, and the Alliance
t he GM with some hooks to use for building a compel- pays a pretty credit to lure them into the fold .
ling adventure for their p layers.
Saboteurs in academ ia, much like t heir Sapper
cousins, are typ icall y mil ita ry instructors. With t heir
ACADEMIC In -d epth knowledge of explosives, engin eering, and
The galaxy has coun tless educational institut ions.
covert opera t ions, academic Saboteu rs te ach the fine
art of eradicating enem y materiel and In frast ruct ure.
From t he vaunted Anaxes War College to the pres-
tigious University of Coruscant to the sma ll est back- In add ition to offering more tra dit ional classroom
inst ruc tion, they often instruct insurgents and irregu-
water vocationa l school, anywhere there are yo ung
minds to shape, th ere are academics. Academ ics are lar troops in guerri lla tac tics. Academic Sabo teurs are
pro fe ssors, researchers, and mentors who are often rare in the Allia nce, and indeed t hey are relatively
in the vanguard, developing new technologies or new uncommon throughout th e galaxy. Skilled Saboteurs
who can pass on the ir knowledge to Rebe l t roops are
ways of using estab lished tech.
highly sought after.
Academ ics who serve in the Allia nce typical ly fo und
Sappers tend to come to the Alliance from one of
the ir way there due to the actions of t he Empire Their
t vvo academic backgrounds: military en gineeri ng or
freethinking na t ure can make t hem an easy target fo r
civi l engineerin g. Academ ic military Engineers have
Imperial agents and in formers. Opinionated academ-
ta ught at one of t he many military academ ies scat-
ics In the Empire often find themselves blackba lled,
tered throughout t he galaxy. They combine practical
denied funding, fi red, or even imprisoned for defying
military ins truction and engineering theory to produce
Imperial orthodoxy. Some academ ics are so dedi-
combat Engineers who can figh t and build or demol-
ca ted to the ideals of free thought and speech that
ish wit h equal aplomb. Thei r civilian co un terparts in
they gladly t hrowaway lifelong ca reers to stand up
to the Empire. However academics find their way into civil engineering have taught at one the ga laxy's many
colleges and universit ies, where th ey have instructed
the Al liance, th e knowledge and skills t hey bring are
inval uab le to t he st ruggling Rebels. new Engineers, architec ts, and urban planners Their
focus is. obviously, geared more toward const ructing
Many Droid Specialists with an academic back- and ma intaining town s, ci ties, and planetary infra -
ground come stra ight from industry R&D labs. Th ey structure fo r private and governmental entities.
are often responsible for droid brain design and
construction and are experts in droid be havior. Oth- No ma tter where they come from, Sappers with an
academ ic backgrou nd are incredib ly valuab le to the
ers, professors who have taught t he theo rie s behi nd
Alliance. As with Saboteurs, the knowledge and skills
droid design, come from universitie s. Thanks to their
experience, ma ny have rejected the Empire's cal lous that Sappers possess are desperately needed for the
war effort. Numerous civilian- and mi litary-trained
t reatment of droids. Countless droid designers and
Engineers have thrown in the ir lot with t he Rebe ll ion.
En gineers have resigned t hei r pOSitions in protest or
Recrui te rs wo rk day and night to increase t hose num-
disgust, and have found a home caring for the many
bers to bu lk up the Alliance milita ry's engineer corps.
droids that serve the Alliance.

Scientists are the quintessen tial academics. From Droids created by eccentric Droid Specialists are
those in the secret research labs of Chiewab Amal- often indescribable wonders or dangerous perver-
gamated Pharmaceuticals and the halls of Corel- sions of engineering (or both). Eccentric Droid Spe-
lia University to those in the dusty plains and deep cialists see droids more as a list of parts and internal
oceans of countless far-flung planets, Scientists are systems than as sentient beings. They break apart
an integral part of the galaxy. and combine differe nt droids for uses far outside their
Scientists are relatively uncommon in the Alliance, stated missions and tinker with droid brain architec-
and academic Scientists are even more so. Most pre- ture and programming to create droids with surpris-
fer to assist thelf local cel ls from behind the scenes, ing and often deadly behavioral patterns.
passing along scientific information and technology in Eccentric Mechanics are equ al parts Engineer, art-
an effort to give the All iance an edge over the Empire. ist, and hot-rodder. They are constantly ti nkering with
Th ose rare Scientists willing to leave the ir tenured uni- established vehicle design s and developing new, often
versity positions or cushy, wel l-paid research jobs to unsta ble and dangerous technologies in an attempt
serve in the Al liance form the core of the loosely orga - to squeeze all availa ble power and performa nce from
nized Rebel research and development cel ls. a platform . They are the type of ras h daredevil who
Shipwrights who hail from academia are typically
mounts starfigh ter-grade ion drives on speeder bikes
trained naval Engineers well versed in naval history or adds enough armor and weapons to a walker to
and technology. Academic Shipwrights are more make it a one-vehicle armored division. For these indi-
skilled in theory than in practical, hands-on ship viduals, t here is never enough power, enough speed ,
building or maintenance. These individuals know a lot or enough firepower in a vehicle. They are masters of
about how ships are built and the decisions behind pushing vehicles to, and often beyond, the very limit
choices in materials, systems, shape, and size, but of their tolerances.
they usually know precious little about maintain-
ing vessels and even less about fight ing them. Ship-
wrights with this background are primarily employed
by Alliance R&D gro ups, developing new ships for the
Rebel Navy and upgrading existing vessels with new
and im proved tec hnology.

Eccentrics pursue engineeri ng and science wi th re ck-
less abandon. Th ough often highly trained profes-
sionals, they are unfettered by orthodox thinking,
common sense, and even morality. They see end less
possibilities in their chosen field , and they are invet-
era te inventors and innovators. Eccentrics constantly
strive to push barriers and break molds, often to the
detriment of themselves and those around them.
They are the mad scientists of the galaxy, the cranks
and dreamers who are too flighty or erratic fo r
traditional academia but whose knowledge
and skills, combined wi th t heir imagina-
tion and ambition, make for powe rful
al lies and dangero us enemies.
There are few eccentrics in t he Impe-
rial military, as the rigid conformity and
draco nian punishmen ts drive out or grind
down such individuals. The Al liance, however,
has more than its fair share of oddballs, dreamers,
and cranks. Attracted to the cause by their freethink-
ing nature, eccentrics from all manner of scientific
and engineering disciplines have found their way into
'- the Alliance. They are often brilliant, insufferable, and
difficu lt to work with. On the other hand, they have
developed numerous surprisingly successful technol-
ogies and weapon systems.
Eccentric Saboteurs combine vast technical know- JOURNEYMAN
how and cavalier, often heedless att it udes in to one
terrifying package, These are t he reck less bombers, Wherea s academics tend to be primarily concerned
t he devil-may-ca re explosives experts who keep a wi th theory, journ eyme n take a more practica l
block of detonite as a doorstop and make fireworks approach, Journeymen travel the ga laxy, le nding a
t hat put some mi litary ordnance to shame, Their hand where needed and making themselves useful to
in-depth knowledge of explosive devices and com - t he general populace, They are licensed professionals,
pounds is often warped by t heir inability to take any- ofte n with advanced degrees and unimpeachable cre -
t hing seriously and their love of huge explosions no dentials, who prefer to make direct use of t heir knowl -
matter the risk or cost Eccen tric Saboteu rs make edge and skills rather than theorize or teach classes.
excellent Rebel operatives, even though they make Journeymen are often quite mercenary at heart
the ir co ll eagues extremely nervous. They wander at will , taking work where t hey find it
Sappers wi t h an eccentric side are typically archi- and dropping it when something better comes along,
tects or civil Engin eers with a penchant for fantas- Many find homes among private militaries, tipping
t ic, often impossib le building designs They tend to t he scales in their emp loyers' favor in conflicts, Some,
see struc tures as art first and bui ldings second, This howeve r, are driven by something more than money,
can make t hem forget the human element of t heir Th ese are more dedicated to helping the needy and
crea tions, lead ing t hem to make strange decisions dOing what is right than to personal gain, Many of
rega rding proportions, materials, space, and sca le, t hese al truistic individua ls serve In t he Alliance mi li-
Fort ifica tion s and bases built by ecce nt ric Sappers ta ry, fighting the Empire wi t h tools, brains, and guts ,
follow a st range logiC lypica lly understood by the rather than blasters or starfighters,
designer alone, Wh ile thi s makes for infuriat ing and Journeyman Droid Specialists often t ravel in
confusing bi ll ets for th e troops assigned to these starships and ve hicles packed with droids and droid
bases, it also makes such bases extremely difficu lt to parts, They traffic in legal and quasi-legal goods
assa ul t or overrun, as th ey defy most common rules and occasionall y have among their collections rare,
of layout and design, antique, and strange one-of- a-kind drolds from long-
Eccentric Scientists tend to be either overly forgotten manufacturers, The Rebel Alliance aggres-
attached to their fie ld of study to the point of single- sively recr ui ts Journeyman Drold Specialists to keep
minded obsession or amora l monsters who will do ItS own batte red , old, and secondhand droid person-
anythi ng or perform any exp erime nt in pursu it of nel operati ng at peak performa nce,
scient ific mastery, with few falling be tween these Journ eyma n Mechanics are welcome everywhere
ex tremes. These are the researchers who experi ment They offer t heir services in exchange for whateve r t he
with extremely dangerous diseases or deadly sub - loca ls can pay, repa iring everyt hing from vaporators
stances just because they can or clone monstrous to landspeeders to sophistica ted in dust rial machin-
hybrids fo r the challenge of it There are very few ery Whether ou t of a sense of altruism or solely for
eccen tric SC ientists in the Allia nce, and those t end t he cred its, journeyman Mechanics rarely t urn down a
toward the absent-minded or quirky types who are a chance to learn something new or hone t heir existing
little too wrapped up In t heir work. The Empire's va ri- skills, Mechan ics are always in demand in the Alliance,
ous research labs and think tanks are ful l of ecce ntric and many jou rneymen have found a permanent home
Scien t ists. The se Individuals are responsible for bio- in motor poo ls and maintenance batta lions,
logica l, viral, and technological superweapons that
can destroy vvhole worlds in an instant. Journeyman Saboteurs are typica ll y trave ling mer-
cenaries and cold-eyed kille rs who sell their services
Shipwrights with an eccentnc streak design im pos- to the highest bidder They are the journeymen most
sible, fa nc iful ships t hat defy the norms of naval likely to have a crimina l record, and many syndicates,
arch itecture, They consta ntly strive to expa nd the crooked pol itica l orga niza t ions, and shady mercenary
boundaries of starship performance and design, often groups emp loy t hem to dea l with enem ies and rivals,
pushing new and untested tech nologies into produc- Some Journeyman Saboteurs have fo und a home in
tion be fore they are quite ready, with dangerous the Alli ance, where t heir steady nerves and know l-
results. The Alli ance's B-wing starfighter is a perfect edge of underhanded tactics make them a welcome
example of a ship designed by an eccentric Ship- add it ion to commando units and black ops teams,
wright, and a very successful examp le at that Ma ny
designs and prototypes developed are neit her as suc - Journeyman Sappers are ano ther group of wander-
cessfu l nor as viable as t he B-wing; however, those Ing alt rui sts Th ey travel t he galaxy assisting commu -
that are successful often make valuable additio ns to nities vvith the design, construction, and demol ition of
the Alliance Flee t buildings and infrastructure, They often find work in
the Outer Rim, where their skills in civi l engineering
and const ruction techniques are especially welcome

in far-flung colonies and ind ustnal or agricultura l Amateu r Mechanics neither are professionally
worlds. Like Mecha nics and Shipwrigh ts, Journeyman trained nor do they make thei r living fi Xing machines.
Sappers are in high demand; those wh o see k to join Instead, they are invetera te tinkerers and amateur
t he Alliance are welcom ed wi th open arm s. wrench turn ers who work on vehi cles for fun and occa-
Journeyman Scientists spend their time in t he sionally fix machines for friends and acquaintances.
field, examining strange alien flora and fauna. stu dy- Wi t hout formal t raining, though, they often have gaps
ing pre-technological cultures, or excavating the in their technical knowledge. While they may re ly too
rem ains of long-dead civilizations. They are the itiner- heavily on shop man uals and their work may appear
ant archaeologists, the hunters who captu re creatures slapdash, amateur Mechanics can be just as useful as
fo r zoos and research facil ities, and the unruly aca- any formally accredited engineer.
demics who prefer getting their hands dirty to teach- Amateur Saboteurs are re latively ra re. Their spe-
ing. These maverick Scie ntists are a perfect fit for the Ci alized kn owledge and uni qu e skil l set are tYP ica lly
Alli ance, and many mem bers of Alli ance R& D co unt fou nd only In profeSSionally tra ined and licensed
them sel ves as jou rn eymen rather than as aca demics. demolitions experts. That being sai d, a su rprising
Journeyman Shipwrights are second only to number of enterprrSing individuals, especi all y those
Mechanics on the Alliance leadership's most wanted from agricultural worlds or who have construction
list As an organization that lives and dies by its mobil- backgrounds, have experience setting and disarm-
ity, th e Rebel military relies heavily on its starships- ing explosives. Th ey make excelle nt apprentices to
shi ps that are often anCien t , heavily used, and held trained engineers, and many of them event uall y gain
together With ta pe, wire, and wishes. Journey men th e skill s needed to becom e profess ion al Saboteurs.
Sh ipwrights often have experience working with out- Like Sa bote urs, there are very few ama teur Sap-
da ted ship designs, know ledge th at academy-trained pers . There are, however, numerous archi te cts, con-
Shipwrights typically do not possess. Their experi- struction workers, civil engineers, mechanical engi-
ences in all manner of starships, often trading work neers, and contractors who, with their civili an training
for passage, gives journeyman Shipwrights an edge. and knowledge, make competent amateur military
Sappers. Individuals with this background tend to
TALENTED AMATEUR lea rn qu ickly once th ey begin their milita ry service
and come to equal or even surpass their professi on-
Talented ama te urs are almost th e polar opposite ally t rai ned co lleagues in a surprisingly short t ime.
of the acad emics, with little to no forma l training.
, Instead, they are passiona te autodidacts, self-taught Amateur Scientists are typically dabblers or pas-
tinkerers, or innate savants. While they typically can - sionate laypeople wh o combine passing knowl edge of
not compare to pro fessionals, they are often more th eir chosen fiel d with insatiable curi osi ty. Exam ples
creative in their approaches and think outside the might include the backyard astronomer who charts
box more easily than those steeped in rigid and hide- stellar phenomena, the natural mathematiCian who
bound academia. enjoys number puzzles, and the student fascinated
with exotic creatures. Am ateur Scien tists are surpri s-
The se talented and drive n amateurs ca n be found ingly co mmon, given tha t alm ost anyo ne can pos sess
t hroughout the galaxy. From t he fa r reaches of the an int erest in science and a drive to study th e galaxy,
Outer Rim to glittering Coru scan t, ama teu rs live wh er- even without extensive formal learning. While some
ever machines and technology are readily availa ble. have a reach t hat is much longer than their grasp,
While those who serve in the Rebel Alliance are from these individuals often bring fresh and valuable paints
an incredibly diverse cross sect ion of galactic species, of view to laboratories and research station s.
cultures, and societies, th ey are bound together by
passion and a common love of learni ng. Ama teur Shipwrights are somewha t similar to ama-
teur Mec hanics. They tend to obsess over shi p classes
Amateur Droid Specialists are typicall y laypeop le and sta rfighters, read exhaustively on nava l architec-
or technician's assista nts who enjoy both the utili ty tu re and histo ry, volunteer at museums, and gener-
and compa ny of droids. Many are simply tinkerers ally consume as much information as th ey can about
who perform light maintenance and repair on droids t he bu ilding and maintenance of starships. Many find
or fix Simple droids for some extra credits. Others are work on backwater worlds where trained Shipwrights
hobbyist remote opera tors who fly their tiny remotes are rare and expen sive. They make do wi th second-
around fo r fun or to explo re areas tha t are otherwise hand tools and lea n heavily on t he HoloNet and ship-
inaccessible or off-limi ts. Those who fin d their way yard manuals to diagnose problems. Although most
into the Rebel lion make excel lent sh op attenda nts or spacers would never step foot on a ship ma in ta ined
apprentice droid maintai ners, and they often improve by an ama teur Shipwright, let alone go into space
th eir skil ls to a professiona l level t hrough long hours aboa rd one, they are sometimes the best option avail-
and desperate work. able to the despera te crew of a busted Ship.


ngineer Duties encompass important but frequently comm unity first, while one with the Research and
E unappreciated work. Often relegated to support
positions, Engineers rarely receive the glory from a
Development Duty could look for answers in data-
bases or personal investigations. Both approaches
successful mission and freq uently shou lder the blame benefit th e Alliance. As any good Engineer knows,
when an operation fai ls. Acting as support, however, th ere are many different solutions to a problem.
doesn't mean a passi ve ro le. Duties compel characters Players can also use Duties as backup Motiva-
to be proactive. When Engineers diligently pursue their tions. Some Engin eer PC s tend to playa re active role,
Duties. they not on ly prevent disasters, but free up wai t ing for a machin e to brea k or for the sq uad to
th eir sq uad mates to pursue other goa ls. Better to be decide on a tec hni cal approach to a pro blem. Oth er
planning the next op than to be reacting to the compli- Engi neers may feel that their work pulls them away
cations of the current one. fro m their teammates. Duties can provide reasons for
The Alliance wants its Engineers to be genera l- Engineers to take charge without fee ling like they are
ists and speciali sts, a contradiction that frustrates stealing time and resources away from the other PCs.
neophytes and veterans alike. On top of that, Rebel If Engineers fulfill their Duties, then the overall Duty
characters have not only their own Motivation to join score increases. benefiting everyone.
the Alliance, bu t also a Du ty, which describes wha t an A player may select a Duty from Table 1-1 : Engi-
individual does in the Alliance-and more often than neer Duties instead of from the ones listed in Table
not, Rebel characters must place their Duty over t heir 2-3: Duty on page 47 in the ACE OF REBELLION Core
individual Motivation . The fate of a whole galaxy rests Rulebook. An Engineer's responsibilities can include
on the shoulders of soldiers with a common purpose, any of the following tasks. Some of these Duties may
but great stories come from characters who must overlap with those for other careers and speciali za -
choose one ethos over another. tions, but all have some intersection with technology,
From a Player Character perspective, an Engineer's its use, and its maintenance.
specific Duty represents t hat PC's devotion and focus
wit hin the All iance. On e PCs Duty may clash with
another's. Engineers often find them se lves
argu ing wi t h t heir squad mates or
leaders over priori t ies. Most do so
with a sense of pride. They are,
after all, experts. Engineers who
always agree with their superi-
ors aren't doing their job prop-
erly, while those who never
agree threaten unit cohe-
sion. Regardless, conflict-
ing Duties bring Interesting
conflicts and discussions to
the table. How a PC brings
Duty into play colors the
to ne of the game.
Di ffere nt Duties can al so
ma ke differe nt Enginee rs
approach tasks in va ry-
ing ways. A PC who has
the Civilian Outreach
Duty might seek infor-
mation fro m the civilian
diDO Duty Type
Il Chemical/Biological Analysis: The Pl ayer Character identifi es enviro nme nta l problems from sou rces biological (alien
flora and fauna. viruses, bacteria) or chemical (toxic gases, poisons, heavy metals in the soil). The Engineer understands

01 ~08 [ tha t environments can damage delicate machinery, make it seize up, or cause it to perform under spec. The environment I
',; can also affect the construction and destruction of structures, and harm or hinder soldiers who have to march through
the terrain.

-~ilian Outreach: The PC believes that the Alliance fights for the civilians. That includes spearheading urban repa ir as --:
! ~~I as communicating With the local population to coordinate and establish su pply agreements and recruit new trainee
09-16 'I mechanics. The Engineer's work. doesn't change, merely the focus. Sometimes, Engineers integrate themselves with the
civilian populace to provide technological resources, work with them in resisti ng the Empire, or preven t civilians from
____ II receiving retribution due to.~~_~~ctiO ~ __ ._ _______ _

Disaster Relief: While similar to Civilian Outreach, Disaster Relief involves procuring and delivering med ica l supplies, food.
17- 24

water. and temporary shelters after natural or artificial disasters. This PC destroys fallen buildings to clear areas for traffic and
repairs buildings to provide safe places to congregate. Ground vehiCles, ships. and droids need to be repaired or repurposed to
handle rubble and tight urban environments. These Engineers try to help get civilians' lives back to normal.
.- -- - --- -
Environmental Manipulation: These PCs use their skills to alter the environment to clear the way or obstruct passage. This
25-32 includes constructing and destroying bridges, burrowing around natural and artificial obstructions, and improving or impeding
movement. These Engineers also manipulate the environment of outer space, exciting the ions in a nebula to provide sensor
L_~~ver or harnessing lhe ele..=.tromagnet.i: co~~an a~~~roid to protect a fleet from a solar flare. ____._ _ _ _ ~..

I Field Training: The PC trains new Engineers and rank-and-file so ldiers to use new and old specialty equipment. Some bases
I 33-40 schedule classes and provide classroom space so that Engineers ca n become ful l-time instructors. Most Alliance outposts
. don 't have these luxuries, however, so Engineers teach by training in the field. Field training inCludes teaching civilians with
potentia!, either to assist their own communities or to serve as contracted help for the Alliance.

Munitions: This includes the maintenance and use of ammunition and weapons that should detonate at the appropriate
time, or at least shouldn't do so while within the soldier's gun or vehicle. Work. with munitions also Includes placing
41 -48 minefields, disarming explosives. and setting explosives to destroy environmental obstacles or enemy Fortifications. Those
who work with vehicles, starships, or droids often mOdify the machines to handle and use specialized munitions.
I Research and Development: Engineers also partake in resea rch and development for technologies and other applied
I solutions. Necess it y is the parent of invention, and every situation, enemy. and environm ent creates new necessities.

! 49- 56
i Research can include stea ling technology from the enemy or fi nding it in a ruin. These characters set aside time and
resources to keep theif base evolving, growing, and learning: tha t knowledge can also be passed on to other Engineers at
! other bases.
r--- 1- -- -- - - -- ------ ·-
Surveying the Enemy: This PC focuses on the technical aspects of scouting. the gathering of geographical knowledge,

' 57 - 64 II
and the mapp ing of data via the use of sensors, drones. droids. and satellites. This incl udes constructing physical and
electronic camouflage to hide a Rebel base and any vehicle movements from Empire scouts. More destructive methods
incl ude eliminating similar enemy systems with electromagnetic devices, damaging probes or satellites, and providing

L sn ipers and anti-a ircraft ordnan ce data usefu l in targeting ene my un its.
--------------------------_.. _... _---
I 65- 7 2 Siege Engineering: Engineers often set up and build defensive fortifica tions (bu nkers, trenc hes, and wa ll s) , art illery (gun
towers, and wea pon rein forcements), and orbital defense platforms (ground attack satellites, anti-ship satellites, and
I orbita l flak). Natural formations such as caves, ancient temples., canyons, and even asteroid fields can form the basis of

'1 73-80
an outpost. Th is PC em phasizes l he importance of this kind of constructive support in warfare.
- - -- - -- - - -- - .----1
Testing: The Alliance often must procure new supplies and technologies from less-than-reputable sources. This PC tests
, first and tests often. The moment an Engineer neglects safety checks., device become a dangerous uncertainty. Stolen
Imperial technology also ca rries the risk of sabotage. This PC tests resea rched technologies and m~thodologies in
1 conlrotted labs, duri ng live-fire exercises, and in the middle of battle.
- - - f -- - - --
I Transportation: Hlis PC takes on the responsibil ity of estab li sh ing protected routes to and from a base an d the fron t
li nes. The All iance uses a wide varie ty of transpo rts. ranging from swift airspeeders. agile corvettes. and blocky freighters
8 1-88
to slow, wheeled haulers and even pack ani mals. The character might also recruit private or public civilian transportation
I organizations. While an army mar.ches on its stomach, this PC would rather it rode instead.
, - -------------------~
Rescue and Recovery/Evac: This PC prepares and plans the logistics and execution of rescue operations of both
civilians and military personnel. While similar to the Transportation Duty, this work includes defense training, medical
89-96 support, survival training. observation, and rapid deployment operations. These Engineers live and die by their comms:
they need to communicate exactly where they and their personnel are and where they need to be at a moment's notice.

97 -00 Roll twice on this chart. The PC's Duty is equa lly split between two different areas of focus. and success in either is good :
•___._ __---'-_f_
g_D_u_tY_v_a_lu_e_________._ _____ •____________ .J

Bith I<amin oa n Skakoan

he Rebel Alliance needs brave vol unteers; witho ut launched chemica l, biological, and mutagenic weap-
T th em, t he figh t against th e Empire wo uld be short-
lived . Withou t gear and supp lies, their st ruggle wou ld
ons that shattered t he ecosystem and eventually
claimed nearly ail of the planetary popu lat ion. Off-
be painful an d demora lizi ng. Li ke it or not, the Alli ance world Bith tried to return , but the Bit h gove rn ments
depends on the maintenance and acq uisition of tech - set up a planetwi de quara ntine. Unafflicted Bith sca t-
nology, wh ich brings it right back to those brave vo lun- tered across the Outer Rim to work and to find aid for
teers. A mac hine functions on ly as wel l as its Engi neer. t heir homeworld
The fo llowing spec ies are we ll known for t hei r tech- In the t hree centuries since, t he Bith have suffered
nical expert ise, wh et her acq ui red through cultu ral t he effects of losing a homeworld without actually
emphasis or by necessity due to disaster. Any indi- losing It The quara ntine con vinced ou tsiders t hat
vidua l has the po tential to be a great (or ternb le) Engi- th e Bith ca rried a pl ague. Since all of the economic
neer, t hough, so Bith, Kaminoan , and Skakoan Engi- support went to repairing th ei r pl anet , Bith co lo-
neers ca n have plen ty of company from other species. nies and outposts dissolve d or integrated with oth er
commu nit ies. Clak'dor VII virtua lly disappeared from
BITH ga lactic li fe. Alt hough t he pl an et-bound Bith have
stabilized their culture and governments, the planet
Centuries ago, the Bi t h homeworld , Clak'dor VI I, was has re ma ined tox ic. A cultural split endu re s betwe en
a strong member of the Ga lactic Sena te. Its citize ns t hose on Clak'dor VII and t he ot her Bith, but all use
traveled widely, debated science and philosop hy, and t he war as an objec t lesson on the futility of violence.
helped t he ir world and t he ga laxy prosper intellectu- Disillusionment wit h the Republic led the Bith to
ally and economically. side with the Separa tists, although not in a military
Clak'dor VII was divided into city-states. Though cha - capacity. Not on ly did t hey object to the co rruptio n
otic, th iS method of governance functio ned smooth ly of the Republic (whic h mirrored their own before their
until th e Nozho-Weogar Wa r The civil war between civil war), but the Confederac y of Independent Sys-
t hese city-states was short- lived but devastating. Both tems prom ised much-needed supplies and aid. Wi th

who survived stabi lized t heir genetic drifts through
bioengineering. Now a distinct and separate sub-
species, the Y'bith are sim ilar in appearance to their
he 6ith reputation for musical skill started
T as a misperception and exaggeration. After
migrating to the Outer Rim, many struggled
genetic cousins, with darker and more orange skin
and more pronounced facial features and fingers. The
Y'bith endure a high level of social prejudice from the
to make a living. Some found themselves in 6ith even though they have the same legal rights.
one of the few available occupations: enter-
tainment. 6ith have the same level of musi· Homeworld: Clak'dor VII currently ex ists in ecologi-
cal skill as any other species, but those who cal collapse as ch em ical, rad ioactive, and biological
thrived as musicians became known for their effects from the ancien t civil war continue to ravage
abilities. 6ith in the Alliance have often used t he enviro nment The poisoned Jungles and swa mps
this reputation as a cover, as few would think are fi lled with rap idly mutating flo ra and fauna.
twice about performers at a local cantina. Bith live in domed cities, the majority of wh ich lie
A number of 6ith engineers have also designed nestled in the crags of Cla k'dor VII 's mountain ranges.
specialized musical instruments. Alliance spies They rely on subterranean engineering and urban
have used these digital flutes to sneak in record- architectural advances to burrow deeper and build
ing equipment, relying on their covers as musi- higher to alleviate t he cramped conditions. While the
cal pioneers for camouflage. planet is safe to visit (if one stays within the domed
cities], many species. including offworld Bith, find
Clak'dor VII harsh and depressing.
the collapse of the Republic. the 6ith now face the
wrath of the Empire, which uses Separatist worlds as language: The Bith language originally had a sym-
scapegoa ts for various propaganda purposes. bolical and numerical structure, but the modern
version of the language has been divorced from the
Bith have a strong history of adaptation They sur- nu merology. Some still use the old numerical words
vived the loss and slow restoration of their home- in codes or communications with other 6ith. Due to
world, and they continue to adjust to life under Impe- their depe ndence on offworld trad e for neceSSities, all
ri al rule. As the Galactic Ci vil War grows, th e Bith not 6ith learn Basic at an early age
on ly must adapt to the idea of widespread warfare,
but must decide whi ch side to support. life in the Alliance: After seceding from the Repub-
lic t o joi n the Separatists. (Iak'dor VI I found itse lf
Physiology: Wit h their large eye s, high cranial bone, fac ing a tyra nnical Em pire whose constant persecu-
and lack of a prominent nasal organ, the 6ith are one tion forced the Biths to side with t he Rebel Alliance.
of the more recognizable species. Their large black Still, participa tion in what some Bith see as terrorist
pupils allow for a wide range of wavelengths, giving atta cks have made many uncomfortable. The destruc-
them excep tional eyesight They have olfactory facial tion of Alderaan remi nds the 6ith that in any war,
folds, but don't use them to breathe: instead, they there are always unintended casual t ies.
absorb air through their skin. Despite the lack of any
obvious aural organs, Bith have sensitive hearing. While
tales of 6ith heads exploding due to sonic attacks are
a popular fiction, they do find loud noises very painful.
Society: 6ith paCifism arises less out of cultural tra-
dition than historical exhaustion . After the terrible
civil war left their homeworld devastated, paCifism
became their wa tchword. They continued to have a • Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn
vo ice in the Galactic Senate, but cen tun es of begging • Strain Threshold: 10 + Will powe r
for aid to rep air their homeworl d left them convinced
of th e Republic's corrupti on and ine ffectua lness. Bith • Starting Experience: 100 XP
are a species both with a home and without • Special Abilities: Bith begin th e game wi th one
The Republic's war with the Sepa ratists and the ran k in Perception. They still may not train Percep-
subsequent rise of the Rebellion have placed the Bith tion above rank 2 dUring character creation.
in an uncomfortable pOSition. Centuries without a sta- • Sensitive Hearing: 8ith add 0 whenever they
ble homeworld have taught th em that violence solves make a hearing-based Perception check. When
nothing, but the Empire's persecution threatens to 6ith suffer strain due to loud noises (such as from
destroy what culture they have managed to preserve. sonic weapons], they suffer twice the normal
6ith also struggle wi t h the legacy of their civil war amount of strain. Wearing ear protection negates
in the form of offshoot subspecies such as the y'bith. both effects of this ability.
The war's resultant mutations killed many, buUhose

Hom ewor ld: The thaWing at the end of its last ice age
KAMINOANS dramatica ll y changed Kamino The world, now cov-
The secretive and iso lationist Kaminoans saw th e end ered in a globa l ocean, suffers from constant storms
of an ice age flood t heir planet, and their scient ists and massive winds. Cities provide shelter from the
turn ed to genetic manipulation to survive. Society wind, rain, and water, rising high above the ocean
changed rapidly as bioengineering became an integra l surface on st ilted anchors. The cities harness elect ric-
part of their life Not content with simply altering the ity from the storms, while the warm ocea n provides
genetics of nat ive flora and fa una to prevent a mass plenty of rich nu t rients and biodiversity. Kami noan
ext incti on . the Kam inoans bega n to alter t hemselves. trade in gene ti c samples means t hat severa l offworld
creatures, suc h as the aiwha, now also live there.
Kami noans Isolated genes for inte lligence, strength,
speed, grace, abstract thinking, linear think ing, sen- Of particu lar note is t hat many stellar databases
sory perception, and in some cases, aesthetics. Th ey don't contain Kam ino's location, beyond the Outer
also d eveloped a caste-like society based on genetic Rim near the Rishi Maze, When they developed the
selection. Determ ining the caste focus of the next clon ing program for the Repub lic , the Kam inoans
generation combined a complex mixture of societa l asked to have the location of th ei r planet redacted
pressure, persona l preferences, eco nomic co nsider- to protect the ir priva cy. Si nce t he Clone Wars ended,
ations, and other current concerns. that informat ion has trickled back sporadica ll y.

Th is co ncentra tion on genetic manipu lation pu lled La nguage: Wh ile Kami noans speak their native lan -
t heir society further away from galactic interaction . guage, t hose who choose to deal wi t h ou tsiders learn
Eventually, however, the Kaminoans saw a market fo r Basic. Converse ly, very few outs iders speak Kami -
one of t heir skills: cloning. Their work attracted the noan, and those who do are rel uctant to teach oth -
attention of t he Republic, and the Kam inoa ns turned ers. Kam inoans guard the ir written language carefully,
all t heir efforts toward crea t ing its Grand Army. re lying on written Basic in the ir communicatio ns with
other species.
Physiology: Taller o n average than huma ns, Kam in o-
ans tend to be slender, With an elongated neck a nd Lif e in th e Allia nce: Kaminoa ns have a difficult rela -
oblong head. Descended from an aquatic species, tionship with the Rebe l Alliance. Their species not
t hey reta in the flowing, gracefu l movemen ts of t heir onl y developed and supplied the clone army for the
ancestors as we ll as the abili ty to see into the ultra- Repub lic, but also joined t he Galactic Senate to fight
Vio let spec t rum wi th th ei r large eyes. A lthough Kami - against the Separatists. Some have joi ned the Alliance
noans seem to favor whi te as a design aest hetic, t hey as engineers, biogeneticists, and physicians. Their
are able to discern a vast range of patterns and co lors amorality In medical matters and others' general dis-
that appear simply as whi te to other species. trust of t hem due to their ro le in the Empire's ascen -
dency pu ts these Kam inoans under scru tiny.
Unlike most species, Kaminoans util ize t heir knowl -
edge of genet ic engineering on themse lves, Whethe r
the ir cu rrent physical presentat ion is as much a prod -
uct of that engineeri ng as It is "natural" is a matter
of some debate. Kaminoa ns enjoy an extended but MASTER GENE ENGINEERS
hea lthy old age Without the usual physica l debility or
men tal degradation . Gender is cons idered an aesthetic aminoans are unusual in that widespread
choice, the only difference being that male Kaminoa ns
sport a headcrest, wh ile female Kami noans do not.
K genetic engineering of their species is as
much a part of life as it is a business. Out-
Society: Kam inoans generally main tain an air of poli te siders can find their casual amorality over
impassiveness. As a resu lt, ou tsiders conside r them such things disturbing, whereas Kaminoans
emotion less and identica l. It doesn't help t hat Kaml- believe the practice to be as innocuous as
noans choose simi lar clothing, although many impor- weaving and as sublime as art. When Kami-
ta nt individ uals wear a large, pale colla r around their noans develop a new genome and sell the
neck. In rea li ty, Kami noans express a more rel axed pattern, they view it the same way they view
emotiona l attitude with each other. writing a book and selling the copies.

As a genetica lly and sociall y engineered society, the Currently, Kaminoan SOCiety has reached a
Kam inoans remain isolationist and culturally naive. crossroads, Do they bioengineer a generation
Their caste structure assigns each Kaminoa n to a more pliable and servile in order to work with
specific duty based on genet ic and intellect ual pre - the Empire, or do they alter their genetics
disposition, Outliers do exist, and tho ugh t hey are not toward independence and rebellion? In either
shunned, they tend to become curiosi t ies as others case, the Galactic Civil War threatens to radi-
try to determ ine how the deviation occurred, cally transform Kaminoan culture once more.

SPECIES ABILITIES However, industrialist Skakoans originally avoided
membership in th e Republic, preferring not to deal
with Senate representation or political shenanigans.
Homebound Skakoans didn't care who or what empire
or government controlled the surrounding systems
as long as Skako was left alone, and the industrial-
• Wound Threshold: 9 + Brawn ists fel t that technology and industry knew no pol iti-
• Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower cal borders. This changed when Wat Tambor rose up
the ranks of the Techno Un ion, eventually servi ng as
• Starting Experience: 100 XP its fo reman and re presentative in the Galactic Se nate,
• Special Abi lities: Kaminoa ns begin the ga me th us becoming th e de facto representative of Skako.
with one rank in Medicine. They still may not train The onse t of the Clone Wars cha nged Skako's pol iti-
Medicine above ran k 2 during cha racter creation. ca l attitudes ra pid ly. Unawa re of the Sith manipu-
Th ey also start the game with on e rank of the lations, Wat Tambor and other Skakoan business
Researcher talent. interests sided with the Sepa ratists, fearing Republ ic
• Expressionless: Kaminoans add . to all Charm overreach. Although the Techno Union had officially
checks they make. Other characters add . to declared neutrality, Wat Tambor directly and Skako
all social skill checks t hey make when targeting indirectly provi ded support to the Separatists. Tam-
Kaminoa ns. bor's expansionist leanings turned the Republic
against Skako, and upon his assassination and the
dissolution of t he Separatists, the Empire inherited
5 KAKOAN 5 the prejudice.
Although it is a Core World, Skako remained discon- Currently, the Empire has Skako under emigra tion
nected from the Republic fo r millennia for several rea- restriction, and the majority of Skakoans prefer being
sons. Skako's high-pressure methane atmosphere has cut off from the galaxy. A few think th eir people have
proven uncomfo rtab le at best , and dead ly at worst, to learned the wrong lessons from the fail ures of Wa t
the majori ty of the ga laxy's life forms. Likewise, physi- Tambor. Instead of withdrawing fro m ga lactic partici-
cal participatio n in galactic cu lture re quires Skakoans pation, they wa nt Skakoans, not th e Empire, to decide
to wea r hardened encou nter suits. These challenges the fate of th eir ho meworld and citizens.
reinforced the Skakoans' cu ltural ten dencies toward
Physiology: Thin in bui ld, Skakoa ns have pal e
xenophobia and isolationism .
skin in folds , little facia l or bod y hair, nasal slits, and
While the galaxy spun around them, the Skakoans tooth less mouths. While they ingest liquid food, Ska-
developed a sophistica ted civilizat ion, harnessing the koans can sustain their metabol ism with atmospheric
power of their atmosphere, improvi ng th eir technol- methane if it remains the proper pressure. For this
ogy, and covering their planet with industry Although reason, Skakoans can't simply use a rebreather like
members of the species possess a wide variety of the Gand; they require a fully pressurized suit. Other
interests and professions, the Skakoans most will- than the pressurized methane requirement, Skakoans
ing to venture from their homeworld-even if only to resemble hu mans in physiological matters. Th ey have
nearby Skako Minor-have tended to be technologi- roughly the same lifespan and the same biological
cal industria lists. ThiS has establ ished Skakoans in the issues in health, reprod uction, and old age.
galactic eye as a technologically obsessed species.
SOciety: Logic and mathematics dominate t he dis-
The ste reotype has a measure of truth to it. The course on Skako , but its people rem ain highly emo-
massive plane twid e city on Skako requires co nsta nt t iona l and passionate Ou tsid ers mistake th em to be a
maintenance and improvemen t , and these industrial- robotic species due to t heir pressure suits and tran s-
ists have seen an opportunity to trade for tec hnolo- lator units. Skakoans see no contradictions between
gies and scie nces to bring back to Skako. Overcom- emotion and logic, though even they admit tha t their
ing their re lucta nce to deal with outsiders, they have fear of t he ga laxy is part ially irrational.
invested in com panies, negotiated limited trade wi t h
their homeworld, and maneuvered themselves in to
executive positions at various organizations, most
notably in the Techno Union


THE TECHNO UNION Homeworld: Much li ke Corusca nt, Skako hosts
a planetwide city, or ecumenopolis, demonstrat-
ing its advanced tec hno logical Civi lization. With rich ,
he Techno Union was a conglomerate of
T technology companies bonded together as
a merchant guild. It had representation in the
resources, especia lly of methane and metals, the Ska-
koa ns have had plenty With which to build and experi-
ment. Due to solar rad ia tion striklOg the dense atmo-
Galactic Senate and pushed for free trade, sphere, though, the upper layers of the atmosphere
expansion onto planets to develop heavy
are an alka lin e haze. Th is limited astronom ica l sc ience
industry, and self-regulation to prevent com-
until the development of low orbi tal flight
petition and government interference.
With a lack of cultural desire to explore the stars,
Contrary to then-current belief, the Skakoans the Skakoans focused on managing t heir planet, cov-
did not found the Techno Union, but by the ering t hei r homeworld wit h an ecumenopolls much
time of the Clone Wars, they had majority earlier th an oth er civi lizations. Their Interstel lar
control over the guild. Aggressive investment neighbors ignored t he planet. thi nking it uninhabit-
and shrewd maneuvering not only placed able and dangerous to explore. Any power signa t ures
Skakoans in high positions in the Techno they detected. they attributed to methane flares.
Union, but also moved the headquarters to Only when t he Skakoans ventured beyond their hazy
Skako Minor. By the time the Clone Wars atmospheric borders did the ga laxy ta ke notice.
arrived, the galaxy considered the Techno Still, because of Skakoan xenophobia and personal
Union and the Skakoans one and the same. secrecy about their lives and homeworld , few outsid -
Conversely, upon Imperial dissolution of the ers know much about Skako or its people.
Techno Union , Skako lostits major means of
galactic influence. Language: The Skakoans speak their native Ska -
koverbal, a complex language that shares similari-
ties with Binary. Most Skakoa ns don't learn Basic.
Skako's environment doesn't we lcome ou tsiders.
sin ce few ve nture offworld. Those who do travel
Even other methane brea t hers find t he pressure
abroad tend to rely on language translation modu les
uncomfo rtable. Skakoans find ex istence offworld
attached to their heavy pressure sui ts, adding to the
equa lly uncomfortable, and the need for hardened
myth that t he Skakoans are cyb ern etic or machine
pressure suits natural ly causes them to see t he ga l-
beings. Aga in . due to th e complexi ty of Ska koverba l,
axy as a dangerous and host ile place. This xe nop ho-
transla t ion modu les often spit out junk sounds when
bia extends to visitors to t he planet, who must wear
compressing down to simpler languages. Technology
the ir own pressure su its.
has been suc h a prom inent part of t heir li ves that the
Despite this difficulty, or perh aps because of it , curren t symbol set of their written la nguage. Skako-
Skakoans formed galactic companies such as Bak- fo rm, resembles circuitry.
toid Armo r Workshop. placing their headquarters on
Life in the Alliance: The Skakoans have suffered
Skako. forcing outsiders to adjust to Skako's environ -
greatly at th e hands of the Empi re Once t he Con-
ment wh ile living on the planet. Th is practice eventu-
federacy of Independent Systems fell , the Rep ublic
all y led t he Techno Union to do t he same.
quickly turned toward sa nctioning Skako. When t he
The logist ica l difficulties of living on Skako have Republ ic became t he Empire, the Skakoans fou nd
given Skakoans an interesting perspective on tech - th emselves shu nned as enemies of the Emperor. Most
nology. Whil e some species th ink technology invasive are co ntent, or at least willing, to rema in on th eir
or in opposition to the nat ural world. Skakoans see planet with t he Empire watching from the skies above
technology as necessary, essential, and an evolution
The ones wh o have joined the Rebel Alliance know
of nature. Metha ne being a plen t iful and powerful
that hiding from the ga laxy won't save them or th eir
fu el source, meta llic resources abundant, and oxygen
homeworld. Stil l, living among low-pressure oxy -
a controllable and usefu l waste product (although a
ge n breathers is isolating. and the heavy pressure
flammable toxin). machi nes and indust ry are a natu ral
suits increase th eir distance from t heir peers. These
and inevitable end result of their intellige nce.
diffi cu lties serve to heighten Rebe l Skakoans' mili-
Skakoans practice a mystery re ligion that IS led by tancy. They are wi ll ing to sacrifice breath, touch, and
t he Elders of the Power Mounds. Rising in the ranks their xenophobia to wo rk with outsiders. and every
of the religion allows them access to t he holy si te and moment t he Empire remains standing is a mome nt
contact with mystic artifacts. The religion bases it self away from home.
on belief in the existence of an al ternate dimension
and the mythical creature living wi thin it. Whet her or
not th iScreature exists or if the Elders can travel to this
dimension is know n only to the Elders and a select few.

SPECIES ABILITIES • Methane Breather: Skakoans require methane
to live, and wear special pressure suits to emulate
the conditions on Skako. They start the game with
a specialised pre ssu re suit with meth ane respira -
tor, which cou nts as armor with indefi nite supplies
of methane. The suit has + 2 soak, encumbrance
• Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn of 3, 3 hard points, cannot acquired unless on
• Strain Threshold: 8 + Willpower Skako [at a price equivalent to laminate armor),
and cannot be worn by other species Skakoans
• Starting Experience: 80 XP treat standard planetary air pressure and compo-
• Special Abilities: Skakoans begin the game sition as a corro sive atmosphere wi th rat ing 6 [see
with one rank in Knowl edge [Educa tion) and one page 228 of t he AGE OF REBELLION Co re Rulebook) .
rank in Mechanics. Th ey st ili may not train either
above rank 2 during character creation.

n ot unsurprisingly, Engineer spe-
cia lizations focus on using
technology in a variety
All Engineers, regardless of their
specialization, have eight core career
skills: Athletics, Computers, Knowl-
of ways. Given their roles edge [Education), Mechanics, Per-
in the Rebellion, though, ception, Piloting [Space), Ranged
their application shifts to [light) , and Vigilance. These skills
furthe ring the All iance's re prese nt the core areas of compe-
efforts to reclaim the ga laxy tency t hat all Engineers are like ly
Th e Mechan ic, Saboteur, and to possess or develop. Engineer
Scientist specializations include characters automa tically gain one
skills to mend devices and make rank each in any four of these
them work better, destroy structures skills of their choice without
and vehicles, and research and learn spending starting experience,
more about the nature of the galaxy. and they receive a discount
Depending on the speciali za tion, when they spend ex perience
Engi nee rs ca n adva nce missi o ns to purchase ranks in any of
aga inst t he Empire by repairing ves- th ese skills.
sels and imbuing them with superior Each specialization also has
capabilities, setting off devastating its own list of four addi t ional
detonations, or introducing new revela- career skills, from which players
tions that can change the course of battles. select two for their character.
FULLY OPERATIONAL provides three additional
This may allow players to select
specializat ions for the Engineer that mag- a skill twice at creation, thus
nify th e foc us on mechanical endeavors and beginn ing with two ran ks in that
techn ology. The Droid Speci alist tends to the skill. No character may start t he
many support and comba t droids used in game with more than two ranks
t he Rebellion, repa iring combat damage and in any skill. however, regard less
strengthening their offensive performance. of how many opportunities the
The Sapper has expertise not only in craft- player may have had to select
ing improvised bridges and fortifications, but it [such as by combining a free
also in removing any Imperial structures in rank from a species with one
explOSive fashion. Th e Sh ipwright designs new from the career list and one
starships and ve hi cles for Rebel operations, fro m the spec ializat io n list).
op timizing combat effectiveness.

'~~ b~+
0lTI®D0 0[;)[3CS~D01J
ike battl efield surgeons wo rking on organic soldiers, Drolds serve two purposes in the All iance: to assist
L All iance Dro id Specia lists focus on making their
charges fu nctional for combat but often must sacrifice
t heir orga nic counterpa rts and to integrate with com -
puters and oth er data storage devices. Some Droid
perfection for pract icality. A Core World droid factory Specia lists see themse lves like the sergean ts of a
may have the lu xury to produce repairs that ret urn a drold platoon, treating the ir inorganic soldiers harshly
damaged dro id to a like-new state. In the midst of hor- but fairly, sending them ou t into battle without hesi-
rific combat or in repair bays lacking proper resources, ta t ion, and working hard to ensure the droids have
though, Droi d Specialists can't be fancy. When faced the programmi ng and technology they need to come
wi th dozens of droids, havi ng to stop and reassess a back. Others have a colder pract ica li ty. Repa iring a
custom co nfiguration not only slows the repair work, damaged droid takes less time and resources than
it comp licates the Job. At the end of the day, If their rep lacing or building a new one.
mechan ical comrades are fit for another day of sup -
The topic of droid manumission rema ins a messy
port and battle, then their mission is accomplished.
one. Various bases t rea t droids differently depending
on their commander's attitude, t he soldiers' attitudes,
ARTIFICERS FOR their morale, and the ci rcumstances. Regard less, Dro id
THE ARTIFICIAL Special ists tend to be protec tive of therr inorganic sol -
diers. Whether it is because they recognize them as
Droid' Specra lists receive Computers, Cool, Mechan- sentient bein gs or as va luable machines depends on
ics , and Melee as additional career skills. Ch aracters t he individual. The Alliance as a whole treats droids
who select this as their start ing specia lization may vvith mo re cons ideration and re spect t han t he rest
choo se two of these skills and gain o ne free rank In of the galaxy. Droid Specialists advocat ing on th eir
each without sp ending starting experience. beha lf have co ntributed to this positive cha nge.
Although the Rebe lli on receives eq uipm en t en
masse, Droid Specialists can' t count on cons istency
or q uali ty. As supply lin es and alliances change, so do
their sources of parts and droids. As a resu lt, Alliance
droids tend to take on a patchwork look much like
tha t of the ir Ou ter Rim counterparts. Rebe l
agents can often tell how we ll a base is
suppli ed just by t he droids: If they look
clean and re lat ively uniform , th e base
is obviou sly well supplied. If the droids
appear comp letely different from each
ot her land have personality quirks to rival
a rogue Outer Rim droidl. t hen t he agent
knows the base IS in dire shape.
Th is is the di fficu lty most Droid Special -
ists face in Rebe l outposts witho ut a regula r
supply line. Organics tend to get the most
supp li es, followed by the machines of war:
blasters, cannons, and starfighters. At the
bo ttom of t he ladder stand the droids,
wh ich must bear t he brunt of rationed
supplies while functioning to serve their
organic commanders. Some Droid Spe-
cialists se e thi s work as a punishment.
Oth ers come to identify wi t h t heir
charges. Dro id Special ists often see
their quartermaster as the ir great-
est nemesis, the Empire being a
close second .

..,n;tu.Y OPERA11ONAL
- "

Engineer: Droid Specialist Talent Tree
Career Skills: Athletics, Computers, Knowledge [Education', Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Space), Ranged [LighH, Vigilance
DNiid Specialist Bonus Career Skills: Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Melee • PASSIVE


VVhen making a combat
check with a personal scale
weapon against a droid,
may add 0 equal to ranks
of Design Flaw..


Gain hidden SlOrage in Remove • per rank of
vehicle or equipment lhat Once per encounter make Whenever using an emer- Gearhead from Mechan-
holds items with total a Har d (+++1Comput- gency repa ir patCh, the ics ch ecks. Halve the
encumbrance equal to ers check while repa iri ng target hea ls an add itiona l credit cost to add mods
ranks in Hidden Storage. or working on a droid. For wound per ran k of Repair to attach men ls.
the remainder of the Patch Spec ia ization .
encounter, the droid ga ins
1 rank in two different
combat skills.


Remove • per rank of When making a Mechanics Cain hidden storage in
Gearhead from Mechan- check to help a character vehicle or equipment that
ics checks. Halve the heal wounds, target heals holds items with total
credit cost to add mods I additional wound per encumbrance equal to
to attachments. rank of Machine Mender. ranks in Hidden Storage.


When making a combat When making a Mechanics
check with a personal scale Once per session may make check to help a character
weapon against a droid. a Hard 1+ + +I Me<:han- heal wounds. target heals
may add 0 equal to ranks ics check on one engaged 1 additional wound per
of Design Flaw. allied droid. If successful. rank of Machine Mender.
the droid becomes immobi-
lized and staggered for I
round. then hea ls all strain
and one Crilicallnjury with a
severity rating no greater
than Hard 1+++)


Once per round, may take
Whenever using an emer- the Masler Artisan inciden- Once per encoun ter, may
gency repair patch , the tal: suffer 2 strain to take a Reroute Processors
target heals an additional decrease the difficulty of action: make an Average
,... ound per rank of Repair next Mechanics check by I , (t t) Computers check to
Patch SpeCialization to a minimum of Easy (t ). reduce one of a droid's
characteris:ics by 1 and
increase another of its char-
acteristics by 1.


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-, "

S appers have a versati le ro le in the Alliance. These

personnel are responsi ble not only for building
encampments, insta llations, landing areas, and more
to support the war against th e Empire. but also fo r
seeki ng OLit and destroying many of the same tha t the Sappers receive Ath letics, Knowledge (Warfare).
enemy possesses. This means these combat Engineers Mechanics, and Survival as additiona l ca reer skills.
must combi ne stealth, survival skil ls, and situat io nal Characters who se lect t his as the ir starting specializa-
awa reness to find sui table loca tion s and ana - t ion may choose two of these skill s and gain o ne free
lyze defensive possibilities, as well as usi ng the ra nk in each without spend ing start ing experience.
same skills to probe for enemy structura l weak- Once Sappers fi nd a good loca t ion for construc-
nesses that can be exploited wi t h tion, t hey must deal wit h the logistica l demands of
suitable exp losive s. supplies. Constructi on efforts mean they have t hree
bosses th at will never agree: the enVIronment, t he
laws of phys ics, and th eir comma nde r. Sappers pri -
oritize each d ifferent ly, and t hat decision ca n make
or break a co nstruc ti on project As wit h most sup-
port jobs, whe n Sappers do an excellent Job, no one
notices. Allia nce soldiers don' t give a second t hought
to a wa rm bunk and good lighti ng in a base, for exam -
ple, or pilots to a spacious and smoo t h-floored han -
gar If these aren't pre se nt , however, Sappers get t he
blame (and also t he overn igh t repair dut ies) .
Sappers do see battl e, perhaps mo re
so t han any ot her support personnel
save medics. Com mand sen ds Sap-
pers to sneak up to enemy fort ifica-
tions to find weaknesses and entry points This wo rk
often requi res a hands-on inspect ion of th e enemy
base, looking for cracks in wal ls, exposed power

- >
. lines or sewage pipes, or unattended guard rotat ions
and resupply sche du les. A scouting mission requires
stealth or a cover identity, and Sappers must avoid
capt ure or death from gua rds or automa ted secu-
rity systems while successfu ll y mapp ing t he enemy's
weak points.
Sappers who survive initia l scou ting missions must
t hen infi ltrate enemy sites to set expl osive charges,
carefully cu t away securi ty grids, or perform anoth er
act of sabotage, al l while avo idi ng being killed by
blaster fire or a mistlmed explosive charge. Even if
capt ure or death is unavoidable, Sappers must press
on , as the lives of man y of their comrades depend on
their sacrifice.
After all tha t. Sappers who survive may sti ll have to
"- pick up a blaster and jOin the rest of the sold ie rs In
storming the fort ific ation. Perhaps the operat ion we nt
off wit hout a hitch, and t he Al liance has provided evac
to carry Sapper teams ba ck to sa fety. Ma ny refuse to
re t reat. They can stil l carry a weapo n, and every body !

counts in batt le. In t he end , Sappers risk t he ir li ves

thre e t ime s over.


Engineer: Sapper Talent Tree
Career Skills: Athletics, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Space), Ranged ILightl, Vigilance
Sapper Bonus Career Skills: Athletics, Knowledge (Warfare], Mechanics, Survival • PASSIVE


Remove . equal to ra nks in
Construction Specialist from
checks to constru ct defens-
es, positions, forti fi ca tions,
and similar projects.


Once per session , may take Increase Blast damage
Once per session, may per- Contraption action; make a Remove . equal to ranks in dea ll by explosives. explo- "
form the Known Schematic Hard (t t t l Mechanics Construction Specialist from sive weapons. and gre-
maneuver: make a Hard check to fashion a device to checks to construct defens- nades by 1 per rank of ,
Ittt) Knowledge IEdu- solve a current problem es, positions. fortifications, Powerful Blast
cation) check Success using just the tools and and similar projects
grants fa mil iarity with a part s on hand.
building or ship's design


May make an Average
Increas8 Blast damage
dea lL by explosives. explo-
(t t ) Survival check to sive weapons. and gre-
fashion small defenses. It nadesby 1 perrankofPow- ~
providing cover for up to 4 erful Blast.
characters for the rest of
the encounter.


Spend 1 Desti ny Point to
perform a Utility Belt inci· Once per session, make a Decrease the tJ cost to
dental; prod uce a previous- Hard {tt t l Mechanics activate t he Blast quality
ly undocumer ted item or check to perform th8 on any weapon used by 1
weapon (with restrictions) Improvised Detonation to a minimum of 1
from a tool belt or a satchel. action and build an explo-
sive device. deal ing dam-
age equal to ranks in
Intellect + ranks in Meehan-
ics+* .


Once per session may
ta ke th e Weak Founda- The character may ma ke a When resolving an attack
tion ac l ion; ma ke a Hard Ha,d It t t ) Mechan- from a personal explosive
It t t ) Knowledge ics check to construct a or ordnance weapon, may
(Warfare) check. If suc- secure position . This pro· spend t:J or ($l to have the
cessfu l. for t he rema inder vides cove r for the group weapon 's Blast quality act
of t he encounterthe char- and its vehicles at short range, or medium if
acter and all all ies add
au l omalic t:J t:J or
all combat checks made
iLalready acts at short

targeting the idenl ified

fixed stru ctu re.


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~::::1CJD 7117 - ili
n peacetime, a Shipwright designs, oversees, and
I lau nches custom shi ps to grace t he hyperspace lanes.
During the era of th e Rep ublic, Shipwrights crafted
Shi pwrigh ts receive Gunnery, Knowledge (Educa·
ships with elegan t fins, spires, and curves that made tion) , M echanics, and Piloting (Space) as addi·
people wonder, "Who built t hat?" Currently, t he Empire
favors sh ip designs t hat express power and inspire fear.
The Core World shipyards have followed suit, as the
tional ca reer skills. Characters who selec t this as their
starti ng specia lization may choose two of these skills
and ga in one free ra nk in each without spending start·
Empire remains the dominant culture in the ga laxy. ing expe rience.
Elegance is a bygone ideal, a symbol of Republic cor·
ruption or a lost fancy. Even the Alliance often must In the All iance, Shipwrights prima rily maintain and
eschew aesthetics for practicality and utility, some· repair the various ships it fields. An important second·
th ing many Shipwrights in th e Rebellion understand ary task is the breaking down and ret rofi tting of com ·
but mourn . missioned starships. Since the majority of t hese ve s·
sels come from sm uggled sources, civil ian donat ion s,
or scrapya rd rescues, Shipwrights have to determ ine
If they sho uld be utilized , scrapped, or junked .
For ships to be added to the Flee t , they then over·
see t he installation of new or updated equ ipment and
basic repairs. Then comes crew training, space tri-
als and testin g, readY ing t he hull fo r hyperspace
t rave l, and, fo r some lu cky Shipwrigh ts,
nam ing and serving aboard them .
Alliance shipyards tend to be hidden, r
remote, or highly mobile- often al l t hree.
As always, materials, supp lies, and labor
are the main factors li miting construction ,
along wi t h t ime; at any pOin t , the Empire may
suddenly discover the location of th e shipya rd,
prompt ing a rapid evacuation .
Shi pwrigh ts can work on a space station or in
its shipyard . Mobil e Alliance shi pyards can house
weapon pla tforms or support min ing and refi ning
facilities. The more advanced shipyards resemb le a
fully staffed mining co lony. In such a shipyard, Ship·
wrights must incorporate industria l components in to
the ir designs as we ll as ha ndle worker accommoda·
tions and support. At t his level, Sh ipwrights re se mble
civi l engineers. Even someth ing as basic as organic
waste eli minat ion can be important to the Alliance.
On ly Sh ipWrights, for examp le, might know t hat the
sta tion's trash disposal ho ld ca n hide an alli ed light
fre igh ter attempting to illud e Imperial patrols!
On th e rare occasion when t he Alliance requires a
new sh ip deSign, Shi pwrights usually must throw aes·
thetics out t he t ransparlstee l window to aim for util ity,
safety, and re liability Primarily, their deSigns must try
to ensure th at the ship and its crew can accomplish
the mission and hopeful ly return in one piece. Good
Shipwrights keep In mind that their crea tio ns should ,•
be easy to repa ir, offer a modicum of comfort, and be
able to t hrow enough firepower at enemies to make
crews happy to fly aboard them into victory.
Engineer: Shipwright Talent Tree
Career Skills: Athletics, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Space) , Ranged llightJ, Vigilance
Shipwright Bonus Career Skills: Gunnery, Knowledge (Education) , Mecbanics, Piloting (SpaceJ • PASSIVE


After making a Mechanics or As part of resolving a suc-
May make an Average Computers check, may suf- cessful crafting check, the
(t .l Knowledge (Educa- fer strain up to ranks in Eye character may also apply a
t ion) check when at a for Deta il to convert that resu lt equivalent. t.o spend-
space dock. If successfuL many "# to 0 . ing a number of tJ eq ual
the cost and time for repa irs to his ra nks in Creative
is reduced by 25% per ran k Design. The GM may then
of Dockyard Expertise apply a result equivalent to
spending that same num-
berof @.


\'\fhen repairirg hull trau- When repairing system After making a Mechanics or
ma on a starship or vehicle, strain on a starship or Computers check. may suf- Upon successful attack
repair , additional hull vehicle. repair 1 addition- fer strain up to ranks in Eye With a starship or vehicle
trauma per rank of Solid al system strain per rank for Derail to convert that weapon, may spend 0
Repairs. of Fine Tuning. many "# to tJ. tJ. to reduce the maxI-
mum speed of the target
by 1 until the end of the
next round .


Once per session. take the As part of resolving a suc-
Once per session, may per- May make an Average Smart Handling action: cessful crafting check, the
form the Known Schematic [++)Knowledge [Ed uca-
tion) che<:k when at a
making a Ha,d [+ + + )
Knowledge (Education)
character may also apply a
result equivalent La spend-
maneuver; make a Hard
1+ + + ) Knowledge [Edu- space dock. If successful. check. Until start of the ing a number of tJ. equal
cation) check. Success the cost and time for repairs next round the ship's han· to his ranks in Creative
grants familiarity with a is reduced by 25% per rank dling increases by 2 plus an Design. The eM may then
building or ship's design. of Dockyard Expertise amount equal to U scoreo apply a result equivalent to
on the check to a maximum spending that same num-
handling of ... 4 berof @.


Instead of making 11 Knowl- Perform the Push the Specs When repai ring hull trau· As part of resolving a suc-
edge check. may take a action when in a starship or ma on a starsh ip or vehicle. cessful crafting check, the
Bought Info action; spend vehicle. making an Average repair I add itiona l hull cha racter may also apply a
credits equal to 50 times the [t t} Knowledge (Educa- trauma per rank of Solid result eq uivalent to spend-
difficu lty of the check to tion) check. With success. Repa irs. ing a number of \1- equal
pass with one :P . the ship's top speed to his ranks in Creative
in creases by 1 for a num- Design. The eM may then
ber of rounds equal to the apply a result equivalent to
character's Intellect spending lhal same num-
ber of @.


Once per round. take the Once per session. make Before attacking a starshlp
Master Artisan incidenlLll: one skill check using intel- or vehicle. the character may
suffer 2 strain La decrease lect rather than the charac- spend 1 Destiny Point to
the difficulty of next teristic linked to that skill. ignore the effects of the
Mechanics check1Jy 1, to a Massive rule for the al lLlck
minimum of Easy (t ).



Permission granted to print and photocopy this page for personal use only. © lFL © FFG
he fo llowing pages describe each new ta lent intro-
T duced in FULLY OPERATIONAL. Every entry includes
the in formation required for gameplay. See page 139
Activation: Active (Act ion)
Ranked: Yes
of t he A GE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook for more infor- Trees: Shipwright
mation on talents. Th e character may ma ke an Average (t t )
edge (Education) check when at a dry dock with
suitab le personn el and equiprnent to conduct repairs
Activation: Active (Action)
to a starsh ip, or to add attachments or modiflca tions
Ranked: No
to one. If successful, the cost and time for repairs is
Trees: Drold Specialist
reduced by 20% fo r each rank of Dockyard Expert ise,
Once per encounter when working on a droid, th e cha r-
to a min imurn of 100 credits and one day.
acter may ma ke a Hard (ttt) Computers check. If
successful, for the rema inder of th e encounter the droid EYE FOR DETAil
gains two different combat skills at rank 1, or 1 addi - Activation: Act ive (InCi den tal]
tiona l ra nk in two different existing combat skills (to a Ranked: Yes
maximum of 5), as chosen by the character. If th e char- Trees: Shipwrigh t
acter is a droid, it may perform this action on itself. After rol li ng t he dice pool for a Mechan ics or Com-
puters check bu t before interpreting th e resu lts, the
character may vo luntari ly suffer a number of strain
Activation: Passive
no grea ter t han ran ks in Eye for Detail to convert that
Ranked: Yes
rnany >tf In to t) (The character must still have at least
Trees: Sapper
>tf in the results at t he end to succeed on the check.)
The character removes. per rank of Construct ion
Specialist from checks made to co nstruct bases, IMPROVISED DEFENSES
defense works, positions, fortiflcations, t unnels, bun - Activation: Active (Action)
ke rs, and simi lar combat engineering projects. Ranked: No
Trees: Sapper
Activation: Passive
The charac ter may attempt an Average (t t ) Sur-
vival check to fa shion small defenses using scavenged
Ranked: Yes
materia ls. If the check is successful, th e structu re can
Trees: Shi pwrrght
provide cover for up to 4 charac ters (see page 227
As part of reso lving a successfu l crafting check,
of the AGE OF REBElLION Core Rulebook) fo r the res t
the characte r may also apply a re sult equival ent to
of the encoun ter. The character may spend t) t) or
spending a number of t) equa l to his ranks in Creative
~ from the check to increase the ranged defe nse t he
Design. The GM may then apply a resul t equivalen t to
structure provides to 2.
spending tha t same number of @ .
Activation: Active (Action)
A ctivation: Active (Ac t ion)
Ranked: No
Ranked: No
Trees: Sapper
Trees: Drold Specialist
Once per session, t he character may rnake a Hard
Once per session, the character may make a Hard
(t t t ) Mechanics check ta rgeting one engaged
(t t t ) Mechanics check to perform t he Impro-
vised De tona t ion act ion and bui ld an explosive device
drold. If the characte r succeeds, the droid becomes
ou t of ava ilab le materials. The deVice can be deto-
staggered and immobilized until t he end of its next
nated via any logical means (tirned delay, pressure
turn . At th e end of its next turn, t he droid heals all
activated, or even a fuse) and wh en it exp lodes dea ls
strain and one Critical Inj ury wit h a severi ty rating no
damage equal to the charac ter' s ra nks in Intell ect pl us
greater than Hard (ttt) If the character is a droid ,
ranks in Mecha nics pl us >tf on t he initial check, and
it rnay perform this action on itself.
possesses the Blast quality at an equal value. Th e
DESIGN FLAW character can spend ~ to increase t he damage by an
Activation: Ac tive (I ncidental] additional 2. © causes the device to detonate imme-
Ranked: Yes diately In t he owner's face. If the check would have
Trees: Droid Specialist been otherwise successful , the prematu re detonat ion
When making a corn bat check with a persona l scale does damage based on the successful check (and has
weapo n against a droid, the character adds t) equal an eq ui valent Blast qua li ty) . If the check would have
to his ranks of Design Flaw failed, the prernature detonat ion only does darnage
equal to ranks in Mechanics plus ranks in Intellect

Activation: Active (Action) Activation: Passive
Ranked: No Ranked: Yes
Trees: Sapper Trees: Droid Specialist
Th e character may make a Hard (+++) Mechan- Whenever t he character uses an emergency repa ir
ics check and spend 12 hours constructing a secure patch, t he target heals an additional wou nd per rank
position t hat can con tain the group and its vehic les. of Repair Patch Specialization. The sixth emergency
Th e sum of its veh icles' si lh ouettes must be 4 or less. repair pa tch and beyond each day sti ll have no effect.
The position provides cove r (see page 227 of t he ACE If t he character is a droid, it may use th is ta lent when
OF REBElLION Core Rulebook) and can have addi t ional using a patch on itself.
narrative benefits at the CM's discretion. The charac-
ter may spend tJ tJ or $ from the check to increase
Activation: Active (Ac t ion)
the ranged defense t he position provides to 2
Ranked: No
MACHINE MENDER Trees: Drold Special ist
Activation: Passive Once per encounter, t he character may perform the
Ranked: Yes Reroute Processors action on a droid he is engaged
Trees: Droid Specialist with by making an Average (+ +) Computers
Whe n this character makes a Mechanics check to help check. If successful, t he character decreases one of
a character heal wo unds, the target heals one addi - the drold's charactenst ics by one (to a minimum of 0)
tional wound per rank of Machine Mender. (TYPically, until t he end of the enco unter and increases anot her
only droids can be hea led with Mechanics checks; see of Its characteristics by one (to a maximum of 7) until
r page 233 of the ACE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook.) t he end of the encounter. If t he character is a drOld, it
may perform this action on itsel f.
Activation: Ac t ive (I nciden tal) SMART HANDLING
Ranked: No Activation: Active (Ac tion)
Trees: Droid Specia li st, Sh ipwright Ranked: No
Once per round, t he character may volu ntari ly suffer Trees: Shipwright
2 strain to decrease the difficu lty of his next Mechan- Once per session, while aboard a starship of
ics check (or his nex t check to build or mod an Item) silhouette 4 or higher, t he character may take
by one, to a minimum of Easy (+ ). the Smart Hand ling action; making a Hard
(+ + +) Knowledge (Education) check. If the
check IS successfu l, unti l the sta rt of the next round,
Activation: Active (Incidenta l)
the ship's handling increases by two plus one per tJ
Ranked : No
scored on t he chec k to a maximum ha nd ling of + 4.
Trees: Sapper
When reso lving an attack from a personal (non star-
$ can be spent to extend t he effect un til the end of
the encounter.
shiplvehicle) exp losive or ordnance weapon, the char-
acter may spend tJ or $ to have the weapon's Blast WEAK FOUNDATION
quality affect all characters within short range (rather Activation: Active (Action)
than engaged). If the weapon normally affects all Ranked: No
characters withi n short range, then t he range of effect Trees: Sapper
is increased to med iu m instead. Once per game session, t he charac ter may identify
one bunker, weapon emp lacement, or other fixed
com ba t structure (subjec t to the CM's approval) and
Activation: Active (Action)
the n ta ke a Weak Foundation action; making a Hard
Ranked: No
Trees: Shipwrigh t
(+ + +) Knowledge (Warfare) check. If the
character succeeds, unt il the en d of t he encounter
The character may perform t he Push the Specs action
the character and all allies ad d automatic tJ tJ or
when in a sta"hip or vehic le, attempting an Average
(++) Knowledge (Education) check. If the charac-
't< to all combat checks made ta rget ing the st ructure
(active character's chOice).
ter succeeds, the ship's top speed increases by one
for a number of ro unds equa l to t he character's Intel -
lec t. Th e character may spend tJ and have the ship
suffer 2 system strain to extend this effect for an add i-
t ional round, and may do so multip le t imes. The ship
still ca nnot perform actions or maneuvers it cou ldn't
perform norma ll y (e.g, actions t hat have a minimum
speed requ irement)

ike everyone in the Rebellion, its Engineers are driven
L to seek the end of the Empire. They are also driven in
other ways, usually reflecti ng their technologica lly ori·

ented profession . For most, the latter drive involves the 1- 2 Belief
penchant fo r exam ining th ings and determining how to
make them better, then doing so. 3- 4 Connection

5-6 Quest
7-9 Improve ment
10 Roll once on each of any two categories
For Engineers, the re is nothing that cannot be
improved with a bit of thought and effort. This can· Du ring character creation, players can choose the
viction reinfo rces many in strivi ng toward ending the
Motivation t hat best fits their Engineer character,
Empire and rep lacing it with improved governance.
or they can roll randomly fo r one, To choose ran ·
The techno logical impetus carries over into the per·
domly, t hey first roll on Table 1-2 : Random Engi-
sonal lives of most Engineers as well. Motivations neer Motivation instead of using the corresponding
related to these co ncepts help to determine why Table 2-5: Random Motivation on page 104 of
Engineers joined the Alliance and how they behave in the AGE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook, Players who ro ll
combat and social challenges. Improvement then roll again on Table 1-3: Specific
F ULLY OPERATIONA L incl udes the new Motivation Improvements to determine which Improve ment to
category of Improvement, specially designed for the use as the Motivation. Otherwise, players should con-
Engineer career Players with characters from other sult the appropriate table in the ACE OF REBELLION Co re
ca reers are also welcome to choose an Improvement, Rulebook (pages 104- 106) for the category rol led.
of co urse, if one fits particularly well,


diDO Improvement
! 01-10 Accuracy: Precision is important, in everylhlng from sensors to weapons. These Engineers can become passionate over
increasing exactness in all things. and might hate the Empire all the more for the way it twists truths and rewrites history.
! 11-20 Challenge: It would be easier to leave things as they are, but these Engineers view difficulty as parr of the rev-.oard and a
1 sign of their prowess. Similarly, the struggle against the Empire is perh<lps the most important challenge they face.
1---..- --.-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1
j 21-30 Lethality: It is clear to these Engineers that the more deadly the weapon, the better it is. They may also strive to make
; themselves as dangerous as possible through martial training and physical conditioning.
f--- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------- - - - - - - - - - - - 1
If - - - I - - -- - - -..- - - -
3\-40 Aesthetics: These Engineers search for ways to make their creations as pleasing IO look at as lhey are effective; some
apply this personally to improve their social interactions and thus garner more support for their efforts.

~ _--1
41 -50 Reliability: Weapons and ships that won't work cannot serve the Rebellion, so Engineers cannot allow them to become or
remain unreliable. Increasing dependability not only aids in the war, but increases morale and fighting effectiveness
-----_._--_._---------- -----
'I 51-60 Flexibility: Cood Engineers work toward making sure eve ryth ln g~from too ls to tanks~can be used in a va riety of ways.
i These En~mee~~~~~so s~ek ~~ i mpro~:~hemse l ves so that they are able to perf~~~~_ variety of tasks.

~ I
Durability: Replacement items are always an issue, so everything in the Rebe llion must last as long as possible
61 - 70 Engineers are always working to ensure weapons and vehic les fu nction longer and to craft defenses to ensure they
survive to fight another day,

Makeshift: Anyone
II c~~~rove
things giVe-n suffiCient resources, but true art;sans can ~ke ~-;~~ever
m-ig-h-t -be- ar-o-un-d- - I
r, 71-80 and craft mechanical art. While Rebels are often starved for parts, these Engineers might deliberately use improvised
. ~ems to create personalized works.

----I s~mplicity:-T-he-be-s-t-it·e-m
-s-a-re-t-he-on-e-s-t-h'-,-p-e-rr-o-rm-th-e-ir-ru-n-c-ti-on-s-i-n'a--b-a-si-c-m-,-nn-er, ,nd Engine~~ work t~:;;-minate I
8\-90 , anything that stands in the way of this goal. Lives are also lived best this way, but the Empire's harsh oversight of all

spects of its CItizenry IS in direct opposition to this idea!.


9 1-00 EfficienCY: Fuel 'n~' mat~riel

are always being wasted, and these Engineers are driven to eliminate such losses -;t e~;ry
opportunity. The Empire wastes lives and product ivity, adding yet another reason for its elimination.
L-._! . _

n addition to the specializations available within
I a given career, a cha racter also has access to that
career's signature abilities. These abilities are special.
elite talents for experienced characters of the specified
career. Th ey are fea ts on ly possible through the skill Before purchasing a signature ability or any of its
and ability gained over a long and successful career. upgrades, a character must "attach" tha t ability to t he
bottom of one of his current in-career talent trees.
Once a signature ability has been attached to a tree,
SIGNATURE ABILITY no other signature abilities may be attached to that
BREAKDOWN tree, and the attached ability cann ot be re moved
or switched to a differen t tree. A character can only
A signature ab ility is composed of three elements: the acquire a signature ability from his career and can only
nodes linking it to a talent t ree, the ability's basic fo rm, attach that ability to in-ca reer talent trees.
and a series of upgra des that augment the ability.
To attach a signature ability to a talent tree, the
character must own all of the talents along the bot-
NODES tom row of the destination talent tree that match up
Each signature ability has four nodes lined up across with the active nodes on the signature ability. Then,
its top. These four nodes match up with the fou r tal- once a signatu re ability has been attached to a talent
ents on the bottom row of a talent tree. Each node tree, the character may pu rchase the ability's basic
can either be active, showing a bracket fa cing upward, form and its upgrades using experience, just as if they
or inactive, remaining blank. To be able to attach a were talents.
signature ability to a tree, t he charac ter must own all Th e Engineer career has access to two signature abil-
of the talents along the bottom row of the destination ities: The Harder They Fall and Unmatched Ingen uity.
ta lent tree tha t match up with the act ive nodes on the
signa ture abili ty.


To acquire a signature ability, a

character must first purchase
the basic form of the ability. This
takes up the entire first row of the
signature ability tree and is pur-
chased with experience pOints. Th e
experience cost of each upgrade is
listed in its box.

After purchasing the basic form of a sig-
na ture ability, a character can further
customize the ab ility by purchasing
upgrad es. Upgrades, much like talents,
are purchased wi th experience pOintS, and
each upgrade may on ly be purchased if it con-
nects to the basic form of the ability or a pre-
viously purchased upgrade. Th e experience
cost of each upgrade is listed in its box.

Engineer Signature Ability Tree: The Harder They Fall


Once per ga me session as an incidental, the character may spend 2 Destiny PoinLs and make a Hard (t. t l Mechanics check _If successFul, for the
remainder of the encounter, combat checks the cha rac te r makes aga inst vehicles, structures. or dro ids that inflict wounds or hull tra uma automatically inflict
a Cri lica l lnju ry or Critical Hit (depend ing on the target). tJ or $ ca n be spent to trigger the attack's critical rating add itiona l times, adding + 10 to the critical
ro ll as usua l


The effects of The Ha rde r The skill check 1:0 activa te The effects of The Harder Wh ile The Harder They Fall is
They Fall extend to i:l num- The Harder They Fall ca n be They Fall extend to a num- active. combat checks that
ber of allies ,vithin med ium made using Knowledge (Edu- ber of allies with in med iu m the character makes ignore
range equal to ranks in cation) or Knowledge (VVa r- ra nge equal to one PJint of defense rating
Increase Number_ fare] instead of the Mechan- Increase Nu mber per Ignore Defenses_
ics skill.


Wh ile The Harder They fall is To activate The Ha rder They The cifficulty of the skill
active, combat checks that Fall , the character needs to check [0 activate The Harder
spend only one Destiny They Fall is Average (• •)
Point instead of the normal instead of Hard (• • •)
two Destiny Points.


ABILITY: THE HARDER Change Skill Upgrade: The skill check to ac t ivate
THEY FALL The Harder They Fa ll ca n be performed using Knowl -
edge (Educatio n) or Knowledge (Warfare) instead of
While it might be loathsome or in su lting to the ir pro- the Mecha nics skil l.
fessiona l pride, all Alliance Engineers realize they are Destiny Upgrade: To activa te The Harder They Fall,
fighting in a war, and that a great part of war involves t he character needs to spend on ly one Destiny Poin t
destruction. This Includes the destruction of buildings, instead of the norma l two.
fortificat ions, ships, and drolds-the very things they
work so ha rd to create and maintain. Their expertise Frequency Upgrade: The Harder They Fa ll can be
In these areas, t hough, makes for excellent combat used on e add itional time per game session.
abi li ties. Drawing on their know ledge of techno logical Increase Number Upgrade: The effects of Th e
vu lnerab il ities. Engi neers can hel p ensure maximum Harder They Fal l extend to a number of allies within
efficiencies in attacks they and th eir comrades make medium range of the character eq ua l to the charac-
ter' s ranks in Increase Number.
Ignore Defenses Upgrade: While The Harder They
Once per game se ssion as an incidental, the charac - Fall IS ac tive, co mbat checks the character makes
ter may spend two Destiny Poin ts and make a Hard ignore one point of defense rating per Ignore Defen ses
1+ + +l Mechanics check. If successful , for the Reduce Difficulty Upgrade: Th e difficulty of the skill
rema inder of t he encounter, combat checks t he char- check to activa te The Harder They Fall IS Average
acter makes against vehicles, structures, or droids
that inflict wo unds or hull t rauma automa tically inflict
1++l Instead of Hard 1++.l
a Critical Injury or Critica l Hit (dependin g on t he tar-
get). t) or@ can be spent to trigger the attack's cri t i-
ca l ratin g additional times, adding + 10 to t he critical
roll as norma l


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Engineer Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Ingenuity


Once per game session ason aclion, the character may spend 2 Destiny Points and make a Hard (• • •l Mechanics check_ If successful, he can add one item
quality [except Breach of Concussive) [0 a weapon or item he is holding or operating. If applicable. the item quality has a rating of 1. The character may spend Et>
to add one additional cuality to the same item . and tJ to increase an item quality's rating by 1. This alteration lasts for 2 rounds, or ten minutes of narra tive time.


The alteration from using \I\,lhen making the skill check The alteration from using
Unmatched Inge nuity lasts to activate Unmatched Inge- Unmatched Ingenuity lasts
for 1 additional round per nuity, the character adds 0 for 1 additional round per
Duration Upgrade. per Add Boosl upgrade. Duration Upgrade.

The character may also To activate Unmatched Inge-
apply the Breach item quali- nuity, the character needs to
ty to the weapon or item. spend only I Destiny Point
instead of the nonnal 2 Des-
tiny Points.

ENGINEER SIGNATURE may spend tll to add one additional item quality to
the same item, and may spend 0 to increase an
ABILITY: UNMATCHED item qual ity's rating by I . This alteration lasts for two
INGENUITY rounds, or ten minutes of narrative time.

There are few things Engineers love more than to tin - UPGRADES
ker with their equi pment Prior to going in to ba ttle
(or even in the midst of it, given the opportuni ty), Add Boost Upgrade: When making the skill check to
any Engineers worth their hydrospanners will rebuild activate Unmatched Ingenuity, the character adds D
slugthrower feeds, reposition missile detonator sen - per Add Boost upgrade.
sors, or reroute power du cti ng in blasters. In the Destiny Upgrade: To activate Unmatched Ingenuity,
minds of Engineers. there IS nothing that cannot be the character needs to spend only one Destiny Point
improved, and using weaponry as it arrived from the instead of the normal two.
logistics supply sources is a sign of laziness or lack of
skill. It is a po int of pride for them to always add some Duration Upgrade: The alteration gained from using
ingenious improvement to not on ly the ir own weap - Unmatched Ingenu ity lasts for one add itio nal roun d,
ons, but the weapons of their fellow Alliance soldiers. or an add itional five minutes of narrative time, per
Duration Upgrade.
BASE ABILITY Quality Upgrade: Th e character may also apply the
Breach item quali ty to the weapon or item.
Once per game session as an action, the character
may spend two Destiny Points and make a Hard Quality Upgrade: The character may also apply the
It t tJ Mechanics check. If successful, he may add Concussive item quality to the weapon or item.
one item qua lity (exc ept Brea ch of Con cu ssive) to a Reduce Difficulty Upgrade: The di ffic ulty of the skill
weapon or item he is holding or operating. If appli- check to activate Unmatched Ingenuity is Ave rage
cable, the item quality has a rating of I . Th e character It t Jinstead of Hard It t t J


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s a form of Infantry, combat engineers are train ed in ARAKYD LJ·40 CONCUSSION CARBINE
A the use of Infantry weapons. This includes all man-
ner of blasters, slugthrowers, and heavy ordnance. The Like many tools and weapons combat engineers use,
difference lies in how Engineers use their weapons, the U -40 began life as a field -expedient modifica-
and in their taste for high explosives. Engineers often tion of an existing weapon. A squad from the 92nd
favor pistols and carbines for their small size and light Coruscant Engineers received a shipment of power-
weight, along wi th heavy ordnance like grenade lau nch- ful and deadly U-50 concu ssion rifles accidentally.
ers for taking out empl acements. In add ition, many The squad's armorer, see ing that with modification
Engineers modify ava ilable tools for fighting. They are th e weapon s wo uld be perfect fo r breach ing wall s
often adept at using improvised wea pons like sledge- and scattering enemy tro ops, cut the rifles down into
hammers and hydrospanners to take the fight to the makeshift carbines. The undeniable effectiveness of
enemy with brutal results. The following is a selection the carbines impressed the sq uad's superior officer
of weapons commonly carried by both Alliance and Word eventually reached Arakyd Industries, which
Imperial Engineers. im mediately put the U-40 into production to sell
alongside the already popular U -50.
RANGED ENERGY The production-model U-40 has a fo lding skeleton
stock and shortened barre l. Engineers and vehicle
WEAPONS crews love t he weapon for its light weight, ease of use,
When Engineers go into battle, their weapons might and destruct ive potential As wi t h all carbines, the
be an afterthought to their essential tools and sup- U-40 suffers from a lack of range and poor long-range
port equipment. Blasters are commonly chosen due accuracy, but since most military engineers engage
to their reliability and lethality. the enemy at short ranges, this does not diminish the
U -40's effectiveness.
All • added to a combat check due to the target's
cover are removed when using the LJ -40. Additional
ammu nition costs 40 credits for magazine of 3 round s.
Nam,: ______ _~k!~1 _ Dam Lf!!!J~.arll~ri(!_~~_aritY~(ia_
1 _
Ranged Energy Weapons
, I
Arakyd U·40
(H eavy) ! 8i 3 Sh ort I. 4 IR12,500 8
Blast 4. Concussive 1.

~ 4I
Carbine i ! Limited Ammo 3
. ._-j...........--+-
BlasTech DH-17c
Short Carbine
Ran ged
[Heavy) i 3!' Medium 3 2 950 6 rAut::fire Stun ~-e-tt-ing--i
Other Ranged Weapons

Czerka M9 BlastS.
"Boomer" 5 3 Medium 3 2 1,000 6 Cumbersome 2.
Heavy Pistol Inaccurate 1

Mk VI II Gravilic Inaccurate 1.
Gunnery 4 NA Long 6 IR) 2.800 7
Mortar Launcher Prepare 1

BKX-4 Blast 8, Knockdown,

"Shockwave- 10 5 Short 0 IR) 150 5 Disorient 5, Limited
Grenade Ammo 1

Ranged Blast 8, Burn 4,
Incendia ry B 3 Short 0 (R) 125 6
(Light) Limited Ammo 1
WW-41 CryoBan Ranged Blast 6, Disorient 3,
Grenade (Light)
8 2 Short 0 220 7 Ensnare 3, Limited
Ammo 1, Vicious 2


Blurring the line between blaster pistol and blaster
carbine, th e DH-17c short ca rbin e is a re latively new
addition to the venerable DH - I 7 prod uct lin e. A short -
ened version of the DH-17 blaster rifle, It features a
snub-nosed barrel cast in the same silvery color as
the weapon's receive r. Its primary selling pOint, aside
from the smal l size, is its various fire modes. Al ong
with the standard sem i-automatic and non-lethal Stun
settings, this carbine has an automatic setting, giving
shooters an extra and unexpected ed ge in combat.
Czerka M9 "Boomer" Heavy Pist ol
While these carbines are not sold with any acces-
sories fro m the fac to ry, they are often customized
th e rou nds it fires produ ce powe rful gravity flu c-
with optics and fol ding stocks to in cre ase thei r perfor-
tuations in a broad area upon impact. These gravity
mance and usability. A number of Alliance Army engi-
fluctuations trigger mines equipped with pressure
neering units have adopted th e short carbine as their
or proximity sensors, causing them to detonate and
official-issue weapon, as its size and versatility gives
clearing the way for troops and veh icles.
the Engineers the ability to swi tc h between working
and fighting more easily than with heaVier weapons. When a gravitic round detonates inside a mine-
field. it triggers every mine within medium range.
Came Masters may use {§> {§> or @ to detona te on ly
OTHER RANGED a fraction of the mines within the gravitic shell's area
WEAPONS of effect. Undetonated mines remain active and still
pose a threat to Player Ch aracters, th eir allies, and
Enginee rs often display ex pe rt ise in ranged weaponry their vehicles.
beyond standard blasters. This can include common
slugthrowers, but also more esoteric devices tha t only
Engineers wo uld carry into battle. EXPLOSIVES
Whether deserved or not, Engineers believe them-
Known col loquially as the "hand canno n, " Czerka's Cz selves the masters of anything related to ex plosive
M9 "Boomer" is a standout in the heavy pistol market. compounds and devices, no matter how tangential.
Designed to cram as much killing power in as small For many, this belief is in fact accurate, as knowledge
a package as possible, the Boomer is a thick, squat, of how to bui ld things is often useful when determin-
large-cal iber slugth rowing pistol. Instead of standard ing how to destroy th em.
metal slugs, however, the Boomer fires small, fin-
stabilized grenades from a detachable box magazine. BKX-4 "SHOCKWAVE" GRENADE
The Boomer's grenades give the shooter respectab le
anti-personnel capabilities. The downside to all this The BKX-4 is one of a number of grenades built by
firepower is a limited payload and a weapon that is Baktoid Personal Ordnance, a subSidiary of Baktoi d
often inaccurate and difficult to use. Armor Workshop . Like its closest com petitor, t he
Merr-Sonn G2, th e BKX-4 causes damage with over-
During combat, GMs may make this weapon run
pressure and shockwaves rather than shrapnel, bara-
out of ammunition by spending ~§~ :§~ :§~ . Thi s is in
dium , or incendiary chem ica ls. The broad blast and
addition to the standard spending of @.
sh ockwave caused by a detonating BKX-4 is strong
enough to kill multiple unarmored targets and can
seriously damage structures, maChinery, and mate-
Buil t by Golan Arms, the Mk VIII launcher is an uncom - riel. These grena des are popular with combat engi-
mon weapon. Designed primaril y to clear minefields, neers, who use them to clear bunkers, sabotage
the Mk VI II is, like most mortars, a simple smoothbore installations, and generally cause immense amounts
tube equipped wi th a bipod and a firing mechanism. of mayhem and destruction.
Instead of lobbing explosive shells into cover or sup- If the user activates thi s grenade's Disorient or
pressing troops, however, it fires a special round that Knockdown qualities, these qualities affect all charac-
detonates all anti-person nel and anti-veh icle mines in ters at sh ort range from the target (even if they are not
its area of effect. Usin g advanced gravitic technology, damaged by the weapon).


Incendiary grenades are relatively uncommon among CryoBan is one of a number of chemical compounds
the galaxy's militaries. Most civilized planets, espe- used in the carbon freezing process In its processed
cially in the Core, banned their use long ago as inhu- form, it creates intense, damaging cold by absorbing
mane, and they often persecu te users for war crimes. all heat in a given area , The WW-41 CryoBan grenade
Tr,ere are st ill many places where their sa le and use by Merr-Sonn was initiall y designed as an emergency
are legal, however, and both the Imperial and Alliance fire-suppression tool and was used to put out fires
militaries use them. Merr-Sonn's WP-19 is one of the aboard ships and space stations. The grenades resem -
more common incendiary grenades on the market. ble short, tapering batons with a ring at the smaller
Filled with a volatile mixture of jellied incendiary com- end. When they detonate, WW-41 grenades spray
pound s, acce lerants, and adhesives, the WP- 19 burn s eve rything in their bla st radiu s with supercooled Cryo-
white-hot on detonation and spreads sticky, burn- Ban, These grenades also make excellent area denia l
ing incendiary gel over a wide area. Imperial combat weapons, as they can harm living organisms through
engineers are notorious for using these grenades to shock, frostbite, and nerve damage.
destroy enemy buildings and materiel, often with ene-
mies and civi lians alike trapped inside.
A character using a CryoBan grenade adds 0 to
atte mpts to put ou t a fire.

lliance Engineers and their counterparts in the ADDITIONAL DAMAGE
A Imperial Army spend a lot of time handling explo-
sives. Working with explosives covers everything from Increased damage ca used by incl ud ing additional
using shaped ch arges, to demolishi ng a stru cture, to charges. Add itional damage is typical ly a fraction of
blasting away natural features to build a road or base, an explosive's base damage, but the combined blast
to defusing a saboteur's bomb. from multiple charges can be exceedingly potent.
Setting multiple cha rges of an explosi ve compound
PROFILES FOR or device is part of t he Mechanics check made to
place or construct the charge, The maxim um size of
EXPLOSIVES an explosive charge or device is dictated by available
Countless types of explosive compounds are in use materials, common sense, and the GM's discretion.
throughout the galaxy. While a door-breaching charge
or a lump of detonite isn't techni cally a weapon, ENCUMBRANCE
such Items have many of t he same characteristics as
The encumbrance rati ng of th e explosi ve device or
personally portable and vehicle -mounted wea ponry.
one charge of explosive compound.
The profiles tha t follow are for a single unit of an
explosive charge, and they are defined using the
following characteristics:
The price for a Single exp losive device or for on e
NAME charge-or one ki logram-of explosive compound. An
(R) next to the price means that the item is restricted
The technical name or nickname of an explosive com-
and cannot be purchased on the open market.
pound or device.
The Item's rarity be fo re modifiers (see page 164 of
Damage dealt by a single charge. If the quantity of
the AGE OF REBElUON Core Rulebook).
material needed is unspecified , a single charge requires
roughly one kilogram of the explosive compound .


BLAST RADIUS If the user generat es ~ when se tting up a baradium
cha rge, it detonates immediately, dealing the cha rge's
Explosive compound s and devices deal damage to da mage (b ase plus additional da mage) to every thin g
everyt hing and everyon e in the ir blast rad ius, which is in the curre nt blast radius. Anything engaged with
measured like a weapon's range. Most charges, espe- the cha rge when It detonates should add + 50 to any
cially sh aped charges, have a blast rad ius of enga ged, su bsequ ent criti cal injury or critica l hit roils on Table
but more po tent exp losives have a wider area of 6-10: Critical Injury Result or Table 7-9: Critical
effect. If a device contains numerous charges, GMs Hit Result, in the ACE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook,
may increase the blast radiu s If they see fit. pages 23 1 and 25 8 , respective ly.
The use of explosive compounds and devices requires
a Mechanics check. Unless otherwise stated, the diffi- DETONITE
culty of the ch eck is Easy It ), and increases by on e per
additional cha rge. ¥;- scored on the check increases the Detonite is one of the galaxy's most common and eas-
damage dealt by the explosion by one per ¥;- . Failure ily acquired explosive compounds. It is an extre mel y
typically mea ns that the device was improp erly built stable, putty-like substa nce that ca n be quickly formed
or deployed and either detonates but fa ils to damage into any shape and has numerous civilian and military
its intended target or is a dud and fails to detonate at applications. Detonite is typically sold in fist-sized
all. Exp losives do not have a cn tica l rating, and they blocks and requ ires an electrica l charge to detonate.
deal personal -scale damage. Particularly powerful or The compound can be detonated remotely by com link
purpose-built explosives deal planetary-scale damage or detonator, or th e detonation can be set with a timer.
(see Starships, Vehicles, and Scale sidebar on page
236 of the ACE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook). FLEX· 5 DETONITE TAPE
Created and sold by Merr-Sonn, Flex-5 is an easy-to-
TYPES OF EXPLOSIVE use demolitions device designed to destroy small or
COMPOUNDS AND lightly armored Objects. It con sists of a bulky roil of
th ick adhe sive tape three centimeters wi de and fifty
DEVICES meters long wound around a polycarbonate reel. Th e
tape is, es sen tially, highly processed detonite that will
A dizzyin g array of explosive co mpounds and devices
stick to nea rly any surface thanks to its built-in adhe-
are in use t hroughout t he galaxy. If not used properly,
sive. Like detonite compound. Flex-5 tape req uires an
, though, they can be as dangerous to the wie lder as
electrical charge to detonate and can be set off either
they are to enemy targets.
remotely or by a timer. Alliance Engineers often use
Flex-5 to breach doors and destroy eq uipment such
BARADIUM as co mputer banks or civilian airspeed ers.
Baradium is, quite possibly, the most volatile and dan- A single charge of Flex-5 is a st rip roughly a meter
gerous explOSive compound in the galaxy. Most com- long. Since it is extremely simple to use-any trooper
monly employed as the active com pound in Class-A who has ever fixed a picture to a barracks wall or to
thermal detonators, baradium is a synthetic compound the inside of a footlocker can use the ta pe-the diffi-
that expels intense heat and irradiated particle s when cul ty of using Flex-5 does not increase pa st Easy It )
detonated. It is not often seen in field demolitions due wi th additional charges.
to its capricious nature, but often baradium charges
are employed to level enemy bases and scuttle ships.


3 +1
Baradium charge [planetary (planetary 2 [R) 750 5
scale) scale)

Deton ite 15 +10 2 50 . 2 Short

Flex-5 Detonite Tape 5 +2 1 ; 30 ! 4 Engaged

Concussive 1,
Fuel-Air Bomb 9 +10 3 150 2 Medium

Shaped Charge 15 +5 2 500 4 Engaged Breach 1 , Vicious 1


These bombs are simple explosive devi ces mad e from Shaped charges are specially designed demo litions
cy li nders of com presse d vola til e gas, most com monly devices inten ded for pin point destructio n. Such
used for welding, heating buildings, and powering devices consist of a sizable detonlte charge enclosed
ve hicles or genera tors. They tend to be extremely in a cone-shaped plasteel casing. When t he charge is
destructive thanks to t he potential energy held in gas detonated, the specially shaped casi ng focuses the
and the pressure under which the gas is kept. The cyl- force of the explosion in a small area, creating a pow-
inders often add a cloud of dangerous shrapnel to the erful jet of flne plasteel particles and kinetic energy
already-destructive blast. A large-enough blast from that can cut through the strongest materials. Shaped
one or a series of fuel-air bombs can level a building charges are typically used to destroy buildings and
or destroy a sta rship The downside is t hat, thanks to other structures by cuW ng through load-bearing and
the volatility of th e gasses, these devices are touchy; a structura l members. They can also be used to bore
careless bomb maker can easily ma ke a fa tal mistake ho les, destroy obstacles, and even create ersatz anti-
while working wi t h them. vehicle mines.
A fuel-air bomb's Concussive value increases by one Shaped charges have the Breach I and Vicious 1
for every additional charge. ~ on a check to set up qualities, both of which increase by one for every
this bomb means it immediately detonates, dealing its additional shaped charge used.
total damage to everything in its current blast radius.

lthough they are not expected to fight on the front similarly sturdy protective vests made of reinforced
A lines, most Engineers spend much of their careers
in the line of fl re. like their infantry colleagues, t hey
cloth. While such helmet and vests are perhaps not
the most effective armor, they have been known to
are issued vanous suits of armor and other prote ctive tu rn a blaster bolt or shrapnel fro m a grenade.
gear to shield them from enemy fire, shra pnel, and While wearing an Alliance engineer's helmet and
other attacks. Unlike combat armor issued to other vest, the character counts as having I rank [or one
branches, these suits are often tailored specifically for additional rank) in the Durable talent.
the unique missions of Engineers. They can provide
extra protection from impacts, explosions, and caustic
chemicals from repair or research efforts; include inte-
grated load-bearing gear or tool belts; or aid in explo-
sives and ordnance disposa l. EOD-Mk II armor by Creshaldyne is one of the most
popular explosives disposal suits in the ga laxy. Made
ALLIANCE ENGINEER'S to Creshaldyne's exact ing standards, the EOD-Mk II
HELMET AND VEST is a heavy, bulky, awkward suit of armor designed to
pro te ct an Engineer from blast, shock. and shrapnel
Similar to helmets worn by civilian engineers and
while working wi th explosive compounds and devi ces.
construction workers, an Alliance engineer's helmet
These suits are constructed of thick overlapping plates
is made of sturdy, lightweight, flber-rei nforced poly-
covered with reinforced polycarb mesh. They also
ca rbonate and fltte d with a shock-a bsorbing gel
include extra integrated hard plates backed by bal-
liner. They ca n be eq uipped with an optional fl exible
listic gel pa ds at the knees, groin , chest, and elbows.
visor to protect the face and eyes from fl yi ng debris.
A tall , sti ff co llar of gel-backed hard plates covered
These helmets are usually worn in conjunction with


Alliance Engineer's Helmet and Vest o 75 o

EOD-Mk II Armo r o 4 5,300 8 o 6

Fabricators' Protective Gear 450 o

Pioneer Armor 200 2 4


by poly mesh protects the neck, and t he head is pro- PIONEER ARMOR
tected by a sealed, full-face helmet Like most bomb-
disposal suits, th e EOD-Mk II does not come with Designed with the combat engineer in mind, pioneer
glove s in order to max imize an explosive ordnanc e armor co nsists of a rugged, reinforced jacket and
disposal (EOD) trooper's dexterity and precision. trousers; sturdy boots with piasteel toe caps; gloves;
While this gives the wearer maximum hand mobility, and a modified engineer's helmet. The suit is rein-
it leaves the hands and forearms unprotected from forced with thick layers of ballistic polymer to provide
acc idental blasts. extra pro tec tio n to sensi tive areas. What sets pio-
neer armor apart from normal padded armor is the
Due to its extremely thick pad ding and ponderous suit's integrated load-bearing system. Composed of
form, charac ters wearing EOD-Mk II armor lose their numerous adjustable loops, straps, hooks, and seal-
free movement. able pocke ts and an integrated too l bel t , t he armor
CUSTOMIZATIONS distributes weight and prOVide s easy access to tools
and supplies in the field.
EOD-Mk II Upgrade Options: EOD-MK II suits
lack any standard modification options, but can be Pioneer armor increases a wearer's encumbrance
upgraded with two val uable attachm ents. These threshol d by th ree.
attac hments are in tegrated load-bearing gear and a
data link for controlling EOD and demolitions remotes,
such as the EOD-Mk IV (see page 50). As the suits
are designed fo r t hes e upgrades, neithe r takes up any
hard pOints for the armor, bu t each upgrade can only
be taken once.
In tegrated load-bearing gear reduces the suit's
encumbrance by 3, and costs an additional 700 cre d-

its wi th a rarity of 3. The data link allows the wearer
to control a singl e EOD remote {see page 50, and
costs an extra 300 credits with a rarity of 4.


- Worn by welders, machinists, tinkerers, and mechan-

ics throughout the galaxy, fabncators' protective gear
is a catch all te rm for a vari ed collection of heavy
padded clothing These outfits are designed to offer
protection from industrial mishaps as well as combat
explosions. Most come comp lete with a full coverall ,
heavy gloves, da rk -tinted goggles or face mask, and a
reinfo rced apron. While not as effective as real com -
bat armor, they can still protect an individual from the
blast effects from splinters and shrapnel.
This armor allows the wearer to ignore the effects of
fires or acids of rating 1 or 2 (see page 228 of the AGE
OF REBElLION Core Rulebook). It has a soak va lue of 3
against damage from weapons with the Blast quality,
but onl y when t hat quality is activated and used to
inflict damage on t he wearer. It provides only 1 point
of soak against all other damage that was not inflicted
through that quality.

Pioneer Armor


A s a starfighte r is to a pilo t or a rifle to an infantry-
man, so tools are to an Engineer. The number of
specialized tools made for and used by the many tal-
ented members of the Alliance Corps of Engineers is
truly staggering. From powered shovels to droid brain Foamcast 25 2
scanners. for every Job underta ken by Alliance Engi-
neers there is a proper tool. Mode l 40 Field
Repu lsor Hoist 550 3 6
(set of 6)
CONSTRUCTION. AND Power Fence 10 .000 10 7


While many might assume Alliance comba t engineers handful of mismatched repu[sor coils mated to some
focus primarily on demolition and destruction, many magnetic work clamps and controlled by a home-
of these soldiers spend much of their time in con- made control box. It soon spread to motor pools and
struction and building. There are always new barracks bases throughou t the sector as Sgt. Alexakis worked
and landing pa ds to be assembled, as well as existing to perfect it. Eventually, after coming to the atten-
ones in need of battlefield repairs. tion of Alliance Military R&D, the fina l version of the
device wa s put into production as the Mode[ 40.
Production hoists consist of a set of six fist-sized lift-
Foamcast is the commonly used term for a type of quick- ing units that contain a repulsor coil, a power cel l, and
setting aerosol foam found in co nstru ction and bUild- either a powerfu l magnet or a mu[ti-ad heslve pad . The
ing maintenance. It comes in a ta ll ca n wi th a trigger- lifting un its are packed in to a shock-resIStan t, environ-
activated applicator, and a long, narrow tube provided mental ly sea led carrying case along With a ha ndheld
with each can allows for precision application. When control unit. To use th e Mode[ 40, an engineer sim -
sprayed into a crack, dent, hol e, or other space, foam- ply attaches the lifting units to a vehicle or machine.
cast expa nds and then qUickly ha rdens. Once dry, a Using the control unit, the trooper can move or lift the
foamcast patch is nearly indistinguishable from its vehicle safely and effortlessly.
Surroundings and has all the strength and weara bi[ity The Model 40 can lift a vehicle as large as silhou-
of p[ascrete. Foamcast can also be poured into molds ette 4 up to two meters off the ground. When sus-
to make light obstacles and temporary shelters. pended , the vehicle can be pushed, pulled , or rotated
Foamcast adds D to checks to repair struc tures and (slow[y) in any direction via an Athletics check with a
vehicle hulls. Th e GM may spend @ on such checks difficulty equa l to the vehicle's silhouette.
to indicate the foamcast dispenser can is depleted.
A can of foamcast can be made into an improvised PSF MK III POWER FENCE
explosive with a Hard (+ + +JMechanics check.
Power fe nces are specialized shield emitters designed
When used in this way, a can of foa mcast has the
following profi le: Mechanics; Damage 4; Critical 5 ; to provide perimeter protection for civilian and mili-
Range (Short); B[ast 4, Ensnare 4, [nferi or, Prepa re 2. tary instal latio ns. Power fences all have a field genera-
'Y on t he Mechanics check means the ca n ruptures tor at their heart. Simi la r to shield generators found
and covers the user in foamcast on starships, power fence generators produce a wall
of energy that prevents objects and energy beams
MODEL 40 FIELD REPULSOR HOIST from passing t hrough it. Each generator is hooked
up to a series of thin durasteel amplifier pylons with
The Mode[ 40 fie ld rep u[sor hoist began life as a flared stresscrete bases that come in heights of up to
field-expedient (aka jury-rigged) vehicle maintenance five meters. Once activated, the generators produce
lift designed by Alliance Army mechanic Lidiah A[exa- walls of crackling, translucent, blue-white energy
kis. [t is a si mple device that uses small, low-output that extend between the pylons, creating a solid bar-
repulsors to lift a broken-down vehicle so that it can rier. Power fe nces are typically flanked with an alloy
be moved, towed, and repaired more easily. The or plascrete gate, vehicle obstacles, and weapon
first field repu lsor hoist (FRH) was little more than a emplacements to provide perimeter security at both
Allia nce and [mperial military installations.


Th e PSF Mk III power fe nce by DefenStar Ltd. is a Setting up one mod ular base stru cture req uires an
popular small -scale power fence perfect for defending Easy 1+ ) Athletics check and roughly 2 hours of nar-
small platoon or company-sized instal lations. It comes rative time.
complete with a high-output PFL-99 Barricade power Delvin sells hundreds of modular structure models
fence generator and twenty amplification pylons. to customers across the galaxy. from civilian explorers
each four meters ta ll. to co lo nial govern men ts and mo re. The Alliance Mili-
Power fences can be destroyed by either attacking tary forces most commonly use the following models:
the energy walls with ion weapons or by attacking the • COM C-52 M odular Command Center: A cen-
amplification pylons with regular energy or slugthrow- ter can hold rough ly twenty depending on its con-
ing weapons. When attacked. power fences have the figuration. and grants the occupants 0 on Com-
following profile: Defense 2. Armor I. Wound Thresh- puters, Leade rs hip, and Vigilance checks. Only
old (pylons) 15 . Stra in Th resho ld (energy wall) 20. on e command ce nter can be purchased per base.

TOOL BELT • HNG F-304 Modular Hangar/ Motor Pool:

These facilities usually take the form of simple
Tool belts com e in a variety of styles tailored to spe- buildings with an open floor area; a large. lock-
cifi c jobs. While they vary wildl y in constru ction. size, able bay door wide enough for veh icles to eas-
and layout. they all have a nu mber of basic fea tures ily move thro ugh ; and two sma ller entry doors.
in common. Basic tool bel ts have multiple pouches, They can hold a number of vehicles with a com-
loops. hooks, an d straps for carrying necessary tools bined silhouette of I 2 and no single vehicle larger
and materials such as nails. bolts, gloves. tape. mark- than silhouette 4. Each also includes a full set of
ing pens, and other items an Engineer needs at hand mechanics' tools (allowing characters to perform
on a job site. Unlike bu lky toolboxes. tool belts carry Mechanics ch ecks to hea l droids or repair vehi-
only the necessities. Users each typica lly have their cl es or starship s without pena lty), and an oil bath
own unique way of organizing their belt. for droids. When used to repair starships or vehi-
cles stored inside, the cha racter repairs I addi-
The wearer counts as having a tool kit (see page
tional hull trauma or 2 additional system strain
I 98 of the AGE OF REBELUON Core Rulebook) .Once per
on a successful check.
en counter, the wearer may draw a tool from the too l
belt as an incidental. If purchased multiple times. th ey can be used
as separate vehicle storage facilities. Alternatively,
up to two additional units may be combined
MODULAR BASE together with the original one to increase the
STRUCTURES silhouette limit by 10 per addi tional unit (although
t he max im um sin gle vehic le size rema in s at
DelvlO Constructs, a construction supply company Silhouette 4).
based in the Corporate Sector, is best known for its
line of affordable and surprisingly durable prefab- • MILBAR F-221 Modular Barracks: Modular
ricated structures. Designed for use in industrial. barracks come in many configurations fo r easy
commercial. and military applications, their modular tailoring to a unit's specific needs. The F-221
base structu res use Delvin's patented Lockslab sys- model is a medium-sized building made to hold a
tem. Easily stored and transported. the Lockslabs platoon-sized unit and that unit's equipment The
making up each structure are built from lightweight barracks include a large common area; smaller
durasteel alloys. stresscrete, foamcast, and other light rooms for offices. lounges, and refreshers; climate
but sturdy materials. While not as durable as proper control; and an environmental sealing system
bases, they are more affordable and easier to set up. p roof against chemical and biological attacks.
Even the most in experi enced troops can bolt or snap
them together with a minimum of tools and effort.
Modular base structures are sold in a number of MODULAR BASE STRUCTURES
different patterns, from hangars and motor pools to
command centers and barracks, and they are highly
customiza ble using the various interior and extenor COM C-52 Comma nd Center 2.750 2
fitting kits sold by Delvin. In addition, Delvin sells
environmental adaptation kits that seal and protect HNG F-304 Hangar/Motor Pool 4.200 2
base structures against adverse environmental and
MILBAR F-22 1 Barracks 2.100 3
atmospheric conditions. They require an external
power con nection and come complete with hookups
for external util it ies.


Item Price Encum Rarity
Allia nce Engineers use a variety of devices in the field
Mme Detector , 350 L__ 1 4

to detect enemy actions, vehicles, and operatives. I

Outside of combat, they also use these devices to

aid construction efforts in actions that can be at least
~canner __ 675 L -+-=_~
as valu able as battlefield operations in sustaining the I
figh t against the Empire. I: Systems
Sh ipboard
1 4 i

G~_rve_yo_rS_E~u_'P_me_n~_L_7-_00! __-~-6- 8
_. _~ _ ~ I
Mine detectors are specialized handheld sca nners
designed to loca te buried or concealed anti-personnel
and anti-vehicle mines. The simplest mine detectors The SE-90 from CryonCorp is ubiquitous in construc-
are sensItive metal detectors that use a magnetic field tion and engineeri ng. Roughly the size of CryonCorp's
to locate mines. More advanced mOdels use technolo- EnhanceScan general purpose scanner, the SE-90 is
gies including ground-pene trating radar, ultrasound designed for inspecting existing structures. Using an
emitters, ch emical sniffers, and the like. SE-90, an engineer can determine the materials used
Using a mine detector to locate concealed mines to build a struc ture and see through walls to the hid-
requires a Hard (+ + +J Computers or Average den structures within. It can detect stress fractures
(+++J Vigilance check wi th appropriate modifica- and weak points, concealed armor and reinforced
tions for environmental conditions such as weather. sec tions, conduits, hidden spaces, and the like.
flora, ro ugh terrai n, or the composition of the ground.
On a succe ssful check, all mines and other explosive
Using an SE-90 requires an Average (++J Com-
puters check modified accordi ng to constructi on
devices withi n medium range are revealed to the user. materials and environmental interference per t he
CM's discretion. A cha ra cter who succee ds can see
through wa ll s or bulkh eads up to short ra nge un t il t he
end of the encou nter or the sca nn er is moved.


Even th e smallest, sim plest starship has a staggering

number of compu ter-controlled on-board systems. A
shipboard systems scanner is used to connect to spe-
cific systems aboard a starship to properly diagnose
any problems or failures. A typical scanner is the size
of a common data pad. Once jacked into a shipboard
system-a fire control computer, for example, or an
on -board diagnostic computer-the scanner can rea d
Mine Detector any erro r codes, trace Circuits, and even detect pre-
failure states.
A shipboard system scan ner removes . from checks
to rem ove syste m strain from starships and vehicles.

The first step in bui lding any thing on a planet is a good
land survey, so most Alliance engineers are trained
in equipment to aid in this task. Basic surveyor gear
is often little more than a laser measurement system
for calculating distance, macrobinoculars, a device for
determining the posi tion and movement of stars, a
length of chain , and a compass. More advanced sets
include various ground and terrain scanners. survey
remotes, specialized hand tools, seismic recorde rs,
and all manner of esoteric equipment.


Surveyor's equipme nt adds D D to a character's this item is not as comp rehenSive and effective as a full
Perception checks when determining locations on a EOD too l kit, it still provides the essential too ls needed
pla net's surface, measuri ng distances, plotting settie' to properly and sa fely work With explOSive devices and
ments or bases, and creating det ailed pla netary maps. compo unds in a sma ll and conven ien t package.
A dem oli tions t ool ki t co unts as a too l kit [see
TOOLS AND ELECTRONICS page 198 of t he A CE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook) for
checks in vo lvin g preparing, settin g, or defusing explo ,
Engineers are oft en judged by the ir too ls, especially sives. Whe n using it for these checks, the wielder may
in the eyes of fellow Engineers. Some are especiall y spend tJ tJ tJ tJ t o remove fJi.
sk illed in improvising or jury,rigging tools as needed,
a useful t rait in forvvard combat positions where DRAXTON DF·1S MEDIUM·
rep lacemen t tools might be impossible to find . YIELD FUSION GENERATOR
"BREAKER" HEAVY HYDROSPANNER The DF, 15 IS a sma ll fusion generator deSigned to
power worksites or sma ll build ings. It is a sma ll cube
Built by Regal is Engineerin g, the Breaker is a maSSive, ro ughly hal f a meter square With a nu mber of uni'
long,handled hydrospanner nea rly a meter long. It versa l power coup lings on each face. The uni t is su r-
is built of heavy rein forced alloys and has a forged, rounded by a sturdy frame made of bent alloy tu bing
hydraulic,asslst ed head t hat ca n be adjusted to fit t hat prOVides protection and handles for easy carry ,
most common fasteners. The long hand le all ows for Ing. It IS lightweigh t , quiet, and efficient and provides
the app lication of ext ra leverage on a stuck fastener, clean, stab le power for up to te n years
and the t ool's st urdy build prevents stri pping, wa r p,
ing, and breaki ng. Most fie ld mecha niCS keep at least As a ma neuve r, a character may use a DF- 15 to
one Brea ker in t herr too lbox and use It for more t han rec harge an energy weapo n or device that ha s ru n
just snapping off bol ts and reattaching pla ti ng. ou t of power or ammunition in th e man ner of an extra
re load/power pack (see page 197 of the ACE O F R EBEL'
Using a Breaker adds an au t oma t ic tJ to Meehan, LION Core Rulebook).
ics checks. When used as a weapon, a Breaker heavy
hydrospann er has t he follow in g profi le : Melee; Dam, ENGINEER'S HAMMER
age + 2; Crit ica l 4; Ra nge (Engaged); Cumbersome 3,
Disorient 1, Inaccurate 1. An engineer's hammer is an all -purpose construc-
tio n and demo li tions tool. It has a meter,long, rein,
DEMOLITIONS TOOL KIT forced plasteel haft capped at one end with a heavy
sledgehammer head and at the other wi t h a prybar
An essential part of any explosive ordnance disposal It is typ ica lly used to breach doorways, destroy walls,
(EOD) troo per's gear, this kit is sma ll [roughly thirteen pu ll down fix tures, and genera lly destroy structures
centimeters long closed] and constructed o f nonreac' by hand. It can also, in a pinch, be used as a melee
t ive, nonconductive mat erials. When it is unfolded, myr, wea p on , a common occurrence with Alliance engi-
iad speCialized too ls designed for working With explo, neering un its.
sives are revea led. A typica l version contai ns a pair of
pliers, cutters for both stranded and fuse wi re, a cap Using an engineer's hammer adds D D to any
crimper, multiple cutti ng blades, an electrical crimper, checks made t o build or demolish structures. When
and a blasting cap crim pe r. In addition, many o f them used as a weapon, it has t he following profi le: Melee;
featu re extensions t hat funct ion as small hammers, Da mage + 3 ; Cri tica l 5; Range (Engaged); Cumber,
carbon scrapers, bit drivers, detonite punches, and some 3, Disorient 1, Knockdown .
various ot he r demol itions,related imp lements. While

Engineer' s Ha mmer

TABLE 2-7: HlDLS AND ELECTRDNI[S The MX-M counts as a tool kit [see page 198 of
the AGE OF REBELLION Core RulebookJ. Additionally,
it reduces the time requ ired for repairs, crafting, and
• Breaker' Heavy other Mechanics-related tasks by 5 .
250 3 2

Demolitions Tool Kit 400 4 3


OF-IS Fusion Generator 550 4 4 A pioneer squad tool kit is a collection of gear essen-
tial fo r land-clearing and building-cons truction efforts
Engineer's Hammer 350 2 2 Packed into t he six impact-resistant carrying cases is
a variety of tools and gear t hat aid Alliance combat
400 4 5
engineeri ng sq uad s in t he construction of fightin g
Me rr-Son VX-A positions. vehicle and infantry obstacles, ports, base s,
Intelligent Toolbox 2.500 3 8
and airfie lds. A sta nda rd complement includes shov-
Pioneer Squad Tool Kit 4.000 25
els, axes. prybars, picks, vibrosaws, powered fastener
drivers, colla psible ladders. repulsor hoists, glow rods.
Powered Entrenching Tool 625 5 4 high-powered work lights, laser distancers and levels,
climbing and rappell ing gear, machetes, a portable
Vibro-Pickaxe 650 5 3 power generator, and various safety gear.

EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE The tools and eqUipmen t included in a pioneer

DISPOSAL (EOD) KIT squad tool kit adds DO on checks made to cl ear
land, build structures, set up obstacles, set up or dis-
Disarming and disposing of explosive compounds. able explosives, or engage in other construction or
devices, and military-grade ordnance is a tricky busi- engineering tasks in the field.
ness. It requires steady nerves, immense skill, and the
proper tools. An EOD kit is perfect for such efforts, as
it contains tools expressly designed for this danger-
ous lin e of work. A kit typi cally contain s a specialized
demo li tions multitool, a sm all hand scanner, a bo re-
scope with a holographic di splay, and various hand
too ls and cutting im plemen ts. All of the items In an
EOD kit are constru cted of nonreactive, nonconduc-
tive materials to prevent the generation of static elec-
tricity or sparks that could set off explosive devices
and compounds. Many Engineers and EOD troopers
augment their basic kit with a handful of EOD remotes
[see page 50), a powerful engineering scanner, and
various other tools to assist them in their work.
An EOD kit adds automatic 0 0 on any checks
Sample Pioneer Squad Tool Kit Case
made to detect and disarm or otherwise neutra lize
explosive compoun ds and devices.


Essentia lly a sma ll fo lding shovel at the end of a short
Produced by Merr-Son n, t his rigid backpack contains plasteel haft con ta ining a powerful pistoning mecha-
a suite of tool s and portable supplies. The backpac k nism . t his tool can be used to fo rce fu lly dig holes and
also contains two buil t-in , mu lti-join ted arms that t renches as well as level areas for constru ction. Th e
respond to the we arer's verbal commands. With a serrated blad es cast into the sides also allow it to
simple order, they can hand the wearer tools, hold slice through heavy brush and obstacles. It's rare for a
equipment, and reorganize tools once the user is combat engineer not to possess at least one of these
done with them, t hus freeing up engineers to more extremely versatile tools.
quickly repair vital battlefield weapons and vehicles. A character using a powered entrenching tool gains
au tomatic 'tf on checks to build structures.

VIBRO-PICKAXE These droids are very simply and sturdily con-
structed, with a tapering, rectangula r, slab-Sided body
Vibro-pic kaxes are heavy-du ty tools used for excava- covered in thick ferroceramic armor. Their powerfu l
tion and de molitio n. Com mon t hro ughout t he galaxy, arms ca n extend to t hree meters and are eq ui pped
these too ls have a meter-lo ng reinforced polycarbon - with broad, grasping claws. Three smaller, retract-
ate haft capped by a strong forged plasteel head. The able arms with dexterous nngers are mounted in the
two-sided head of the tool featu res a long, curved droid's chest for delicate work or tool manipulation.
pick on one side and a broad, flat horizontal blade
on the other. While they are excellent tools for gen- Most BT-series droids, especially those that receive
regular maintenance and memory wipes, have a very
eral construction, vibro-pickaxes can also be used as
stiff and businesslike attitude. BT droids that develop
weapons in an emergency.
personalities tend to be cavalier and jocular, wi th a
A vibro-plckaxe requi res two hands to use and daredevil. risk-taking attitude-especially when dea l-
adds automatic D to checks involving breaking rocks, ing with explosives-that makes their col leagues
ground clearing. and similar ac tivities. When used as extremely nervous. Some BT-series droids in military
a weapon , it has the following pronle: Melee; Dam- service with the Alliance are programmed with the
age + 2; Critical 2: Range [Engaged); Cumbersome 4, skills to perform explosive ordnance disposal duties
Pierce 3, Sunder, Vicious I. and serve in various combat engineering units.


Few branches of the Alliance Military re ly on dro ids
and remotes more than the Corps of Engineers. From
tiny surveying remotes to brillia nt research droids,
these ubiquitous automatons work side by side with
Skills: Gunnery I, Mechanics 2.
their organic colleagues to bring down the Empire.
Talents: None.
Abilities: Droid [does not need to breathe, eat, or
BT-SERIES ORDNANCE DROID [RIVAL] drink, and can survive in vacuum and underwater;
Produ ced by Bakto id Flee t Ordnance, these sturdy im mune to pOisons and toxi ns).
droid s toil away in military ha ngars and motor pools, Equipment: Built- in to ol ki t, bui lt-in ordna nce load-
loading, unloading, and maintaining ordnance and ing computer [adds D to checks made to work on
ordnance delivery sys tems. Anything from common ordnance delivery systems or with explosive devices
shoulder-nred missile tubes to sophisticated starship or compounds).
proton torpedo launchers lies within their purview.
They are programmed with an exhaustive knowledge EG-6 POWER DROID [MINION]
of th e various specialized in formation required to
Veri I Line Sys tems' EG-6 units are the most common
work with heavy ord nance.
class nve droids in t he ga laxy. Essentially walking
fusion reacto rs, these droids were designed to
provide power wherever it is needed. Thanks to
being monotask droids, they have little in the
way of personality. This is exacerbated by the
fact that these droids can only communicate
in droid and computer languages.
EG-6 droids have a sq uat, bipedal form
and cha ssis remin iscen t of two ziggurats
mounted together at the base. They
are surprisingly heavily armored
and shielded. A busy control
panel full of switches, light
power cou plings, and a hand-
ful of sensor lenses makes up
what passes for a face. They
do possess a small, meter-long
retractabl e manip ulator arm in the
center of their front pa nel; it is rare ly
used, though, and many owners have
no idea the droids have them .




EG-6 Power Dro id 3,800 2

EOD-Mk IV Remote (R1500 6 Skills (group only): Mechanics, Perception, Vigilance.
Talents: None.
GT-Series Construction Droid 4
Abilities: Droid (does not need to breathe, eat, or
RH-Series Research Droid 11,000 8 drink, and can survive in vacu um and underwater;
immune to poisons and toxins), Si lhouett e O.
These droids carry a medium fusion reactor good Equipment: Demoli tions scanner (add D to checks
for recha rging vehicl es or providing power to small made to loca te exp losive compounds or devices),
buildings or installations. They are also equipped with built-in EOD too l kit (see page 48), contro lled
a powerful sensor suite that includes a spectrometer, demolition device (as an action, the remote can
a multi-spectral scanner, and a power diagnostics detonate a single explosive device at engaged range,
package that allows them to diagnose and repair destroying the remote and the explosive and inflicting
power systems. damage as per the explosive's normal rules).

These burly-looking class five droids from Veril Line
Systems are the latest in a long line of construction
droids dating back to the ancient AM -Mk II used in
Skills (group only): Compute rs, Mechanics. the mid-Republic era . They stand two meters tall and
Tal ent s: None. have broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and powerful
Abil ities: Drold (does not need to breathe, ea t , or legs and arms that are packed with an on-board suite
drink, and can survive in vacuum and underwater: of const ruction tools.
imm un e to poison s and toxin s).
Equipment : Bu ilt-in DF-15 fusion generator (see page GT-series droids are relatively smart. Their con -
47), spect rometer, multi-spectral scanner, manipu- struction and engineering programming allows these
lator arm, power diagnostics package (removes . to droids to carry out all common functions on a con-
checks made to remove system strain from vehicles struction site, from basic labor to planning, problem
or starships). solving, logistical tasks, and supervising other con -
struction droids. They can even interface with VLS's
EOD-MK IV EXPLOSIVES I-C4a combat construction droid (see page 56) and
DISPOSAL REMOTE [MINION] are often used to replace that machine's organic crew.
These droids are overall quietly com petent, going
EOD-Mk IV remotes are produced by Industrial Autom- about the business of following orders and carrying
aton for use in construction, demolitions, and explo- out construction plans with little fuss. Those that
sive ordnance disposal (EOD) applications. These have developed personalities, such as the ones that
small. spherical remotes are designed to be operated serve with Alliance engineering units in the field. enjoy
from afar via a datapad that allows a user to maneu- working with organics. On a job site, they are quiet
ver the remote into tight spaces and see through its and focused, but off the clock they tend to be gar-
arra y of mUl ti -opt ic sensors. They are equipped wi th ru lous and occasiona lly didactic.
two manipu lator arms and a bu ilt-in EOD too l kit tha t

0 ~0
an operator can use remotely to disarm exp losive
devices. An on -boa rd demolitions scanner can detect
exploSive compoun ds and devices to assist the opera-
tor in locating hidden demolitions items. They are also
equipped with a small demolitions charge to remotely
detonate an explosive device should it be impracti-
~ ~ ca'rn
Skills: Computers 2, Mechanics 3, Perception 1.
calor too difficult to disarm. While they are usually
operated by a qualified EOD or demolitions operator, Talents: Natural Tinkerer (once per session, may
EOD-Mk IV remotes can operate autonomously, trav- reroll anyone Mechanics check).
eling in groups with preprogra mmed orders. Abilities: Droid (does not need to breathe, eat, or
drink, and can survive in vacuum and underwater;
im mune to pOisons and toxins).



Equipment: Fusion cutter (Melee; Damage 5 ; Critical

3; Range [Engaged); Breach I, Burn 3, Sunder, Vicious
3), built-in construction tools (counts as a tool kit). ATTACHMENTS
I-C4a droid interface programming suite.
The Allia nce wages a war of galactiC scale, With con-
RH-SERIES RESEARCH DROID [RIVAL] sequence s to match. The troops and opera t ives of
the Rebellion need every advantage in their strug-
RH -seri es resea rch droid s are a small-run series of sci- gle. Engineers provide on e such edge in the form of
ence droids produced by Cybot Galactica . A variant customized weapons. A faster shot or added punch
of the company's 2R-series medical droid, t hey were can make th e difference between life and death. As
designed to act as a combination research assistant always, adaptability can give the Alliance an edge
and walking database for field scientists on resea rch over the Empire, wi th its rigid protocols that bind its
missions. Only a few th ousand of these droids were troops to their factory-standard blasters.
produced , as th ey proved unpopular in the scientific
community. Most of those produced are still active, DROID BRAIN DETONATOR
though. Th ey are commonly found workin g in far-
flung labora tori es carrying ou t experimen ts that are Weapons manufacturers, combat engineers, and sab-
too dangerous for organics or assisting in th e sa me. otage specialists are constantly inven ti ng new tri ggers
Occasionally, they can even be found leading biologi- and detonators for explosive devices of all kinds, in
cal, anthropological , or archaeological field research. order to provide for every conceivable situation. One
of t he most sophisticated and uncommon triggers
RH -series droids stand just shy of two meters tall, makes use of an actual droid brain. Whereas time rs,
with a basic humanoid cha ssis covered in thick, pro- prOXimity detec tors, and other common detonators
tective pl asteel plates. Thei r hands are packed with are all effective within their narrow param eters, a
'1 various manipulators, tools, probes, lights, and other droid brain is adaptable fo r nearly any situation or
small devices that allow the droi ds to carry out numer- plan. A droid brain is able to abide by extremely spe-
ous scientific and researc h functions. They have a flat, ci fi c tngger conditions and to foll ow complex in stru c-
oval-shaped head dominated by a sin gle curving sen - tions. For instance, users might instruct a detonite
sor window that resemb les a helmet visor. RH -series charge to wait thirty minutes after several sp eCific
droids are relat ively agile and sure footed fo r droids, individuals have entered a faCility before igniting, or
and they require little maintenance to keep running. tell their frag grenade to avenge them should they fall
These droids have a reputation fo r reliability-both in battle.
mechanical and personal-wh ile working in the field. Droid brain detonators are inte nsely loyal, even by
They are detail oriented, are often work-obsessed, droid standa rds, but they tend to develop distinct per-
and can be fussy or develop various compulsive sonality quirks over their relatively short exi stences.
behaviors if t hey go too long between memory wipes. Some are an noyingly chipper and enthUSiastic, per-
Alliance R&D makes use of many RH -series droids, as haps owing to additiona l layers of obedience pro-
do many free lance scientists and scholars the Allianc e gram mi ng, while others exhibit anything from childlike
employs to discover new planets and make con ta ct naive te to nihilistic moroseness. This attachment can
with new species. be applied to any grenade or explosive device.
Models Include: CryonCorp 0 9 Demolitions Droid,
Soro Suub XS-3 Intel ligent Detonation System.
Base Modifiers: The explosive's detonator is con-
trolled by a droid brai n that can activate under any
predetermined circumstances its owner dictates.
Modificat ion Options: No ne.
Skills: Computers 2, Knowledge (Core Worlds) 2, Hard Points Required: O.
Knowl edge (Education) 3, Knowledge (Lore) 2, KnOWl- Price: 1,000 cred its.
edge (Xenology) 3.
Talents: Natural Scholar (once per seSSion, may re ro ll DROID TARGETING SYSTEM
anyone Knowledge check).
Although droids are most commonly thought of as
Abil ities: Droid (does not need to brea th e, eat , or
autonomous mobi le construc ts, the advanced arti fi-
drink, and can survive in vacuum and underwater;
cial intelligence of droid brains has been used in a
immune to poisons and tOX ins).
variety of other applica tion s for thousands of years.
Equipment: Built-in science database (ad ds auto-
A specialized droid mind equipped with sensors and
matic \1 to Knowledge ch ecks and adds automatic
miniaturized gyromotors ca n improve the accuracy of
\1 \1 wh en aSSisting with a Kn owledge check in addi- even the most experienced sentient marksman .
tion to the standard assistance benefits)


Many soldiers look down on the use of such sys- Models Include: Merr-Sonn Model 8 Smart Trigger,
tems, whi le others fi nd the vib rations as the droid SoroSuu b M k III Proximity Detonator
subtly adju sts their aim to be frus tra ting, to say th e Base Modifiers: The weapon detonates when a
least. Droid targeting systems are know n for their being or creature with a size of at least silhouette I
often bossy and im patient personalitie s. This at tach- comes within short or engaged ra nge, as determined
ment can be appli ed to any personal ranged weapon. by the user when placed. At the CM's discretion,
Models Include: Baktoid Industries T-80 Droid Tar- other sources of movement within range may cause
geter, CoCorp "Surefire" Enhancement System. the device to detonate.
Ba se Modifiers: Upgrade ability on Ra nged combat Modification Opt ions: None.
checks made with this weapon once. Har d Points Required: O.
Modification Options: I Add D to on e Ranged Pr ice : 120 cred its.
combat check per en counter Mod, I Suffer 3 st rain
to remove @ from Ranged combat check Mod. ORDNANCE IMPELLER
Hard Points Required : 3.
Price: 3,200 credits. Over the millennia, tinkerers, weapon designers, and
desperate fighters have come up with countless deliv-
GRENADE CLING ery systems for explosives, from missile tubes to com-
bat droids. One less-popular approach that nonethe-
While some anti -vehicle explosive devices and some less endures among certain demolitions experts is the
concussion grenades are eq ui pped with an electro- use of a modified grenad e or deton ite charge ca pa -
magnetic clamp as a standa rd fea t ure, such capa- ble of self-propul sion. Such modifica tions are almost
bilities are rare amon g anti -personnel grenades. With always unique, although certain small droids and other
the addition of an electromagnet. adhesive polymer, devices are a popular basis, despite manufacturer
plastoid webbing, or any of a dozen other measures, warnings. From a proton grenade with wheels to a
nearly any grenade or bomb can be made to latch hovering thermal detonator, these makeshift devices-
onto its target, preventing escape and ensuring its when successful-allow unparalleled control of an
destruction. The atta ch ment can be added to any explosive device from a considerable distance. This is
grenade or explosive device. generally achieved via a small holocam and remote-
Models Include: Merr-Sonn Munitions CN -55 EM co ntro l uni t, although the addition of a droid brain
Lo ck, SoroS uub STK- I 7 Demoli tions Device detona tor ca n be exceedi ngly effective. Thi s weapo n
Ba se Modifiers: The grenade immediately adheres attachment can be applied to any grenade or explo-
to its target and an Average [++l Athletics ch eck sive device with an encumbranc e value of 3 or less.
is needed to remove it. Among other potential uses, M odels Include: Chelrar Consortium Multipurpose
this essentially means a target struck by the grenade Repulsor Unit, Rebaxan Columni MSE-6 Repair Droid
can not avoid the blast or throw it back at the attacker, [modifi ed).
regardless of any time-delayed detonation. At the Base Modifiers: The explosrve is able to move over-
CM's d iscretion, som e types of surfaces ma y resist la nd at roughly the rate of a character on foo t . The
th e adhesion . listed pnce includes a ho locam and remote-control
M odification Options: 2 Increase damage by I to unit, allowing fo r operation and detonation of the
stuck target M ods, 2 Increase difficulty to remove mobile explosive from up to extreme range, although
adhered grenade once Mods. intervening materials may decrease this distance. Any
Hard Points Required : O. skill checks to operate the mobile explosive use Com-
Pr ice: 70 credits. puters or Piloting (Planetary) (character's choice).
M odification Opt ions: I Add ten-meter maximum
Hard Points Requi red: O.
Although certain models of mines include proximi ty Price: 500 cred its.
detonators as standard , some desire this feature for
grenades and oth er explosive devices. A proximity TABLE 2-9: WEAPON ATTA[HMENTS
de tonator adds an alternative trigger method: rather
t han detonating via a timer or on impact, the gre-
nade only detonates when it detec ts the movement
of a being or creature nearby. With t he addition of a
proximity detona to r, a simple frag grenade becomes Droid Ta rgeting System 3,200 s
a deadly trap. A we ll-placed conc ussion grenade ca n Grenade Cling 70 o 2
incapacitate an en t ire squad of pursuing stormtroop-
ers, giving Rebels better chances for escape. This Proximity Detonator 120 o 3
weapo n attachment can be applied to any grenade or
explosive device.
Ordnance Impeller soo o 4




In the cease less race between arms and armor, often

only customizations can provide a suit with the dura- Oroid Brain Defense System 5,000 6
bility needed to stand up to the latest blaster models.
For many Engineers, such modifications go far beyond Repulsor Pack 2,500 2 4
simple protection, incorporating a broad range of Uti lity Arm 2,000 2 3
functio ns to provide an edge on the battlefield.
warn the user of threats and indicate ideal cover
AUTOMATED WEAPON MOUNTING po sitions t hrough a haptic interface or by vO ice. More
advanced models incorporate a system of complex
Used by elite special forces across the galaxy-and
motors or even repulsor generators throughout the
the occasional bounty hunter-an automated weapon
arm or to literally throw th e wearer out of the way
mou nting is a sophISticated pseudocybernetic th at
of incoming fire. These droids often develop highly
allows the user to fire a blaster or other handheld
paranoid personalities, and their earnest attempts
weapon while keeping both hands free, po ssibly for
to p rotect the ir master even ou ts ide of combat can
additional weapons. Automated harnesses are most
prove highly inconvenient
commonly shoulder mounted, although a variety of
Models Include: Arakyd Industries Mk III Gua rdian
models are availabl e, some incorpo rati ng articulated
Droid, Czerka "Autoguard" Cybern etic Reflex Suite.
appendages of up to a half meter in length. Sappers
Base Modifiers: Increase armor's defense by I.
and combat engineers often find automated weapon
Modification Options: 1 Increa se defen se by
mountings particularly useful , particula rly when co m-
wh en taking Guarded Stance maneuver Mod.
bined with a droid brain targeting system, as the
Hard Points Required: 3.
mountings allow them to effect battlefield repairs
Price: 5 ,00 0 cre dits.
witho ut leaving th em selves vuln erable. An automa ted
weapon mounting may be activated by voice or neu-
ral link. For obvious reasons, these attachments are
rare ly seen outside of a battlefie ld, and they are out- While lacking the range and power of a true Je tpack,
lawed on most worlds. a repulsor pack provides a reliable-and less terrify-
A weapon must al so be modified in ord er to be ing- alte rn ative for those new to the realm of pe rson al
armor-mounted, requiring one hard point flight devices. A repulsor pack allows for controlled
Models Include: Mitrinomon Transports ·Ouicker descents from nearly any height, as well as hover-
Draw" Ha nds-Free Tri gger, Neuro- Saav Techn ologies ing speeds of up to th irty-five kilome ters per hour,
Mk II Self·Defense Harness. Its name being something of a misnomer, a repulsor
Base Modifiers: Allows the characte r to mount a sin- pack actually consists of a number of small, relatively
gle Ran ged (Light). Ranged (Heavy). or Melee weapon low-powered rep ulsor li fts mounted to the user's torso
of encumbrance 3 or less (subject to the GM's discre- and limbs. Although the sight of an experienced user
tion) on the character's armor. Once per encounter, gliding through the air is quite impressive, th e lea rn ing
the characte r can sp end a maneuver to ma ke a com- curve is steep, Perhaps due to the importance of leg
bat action with this weapon without uSing his hands or movement in most packs for controlling movement
arms. The difficulty of comb at checks made with the and speed , the devices are somet imes disparagingly
mounted weapon are upgraded onc e. ca lled "jet pants."
Modification Options: I Add . to comba t checks Models Include: Mitrinomon Transports T-8 Repu lsor
instead of increasing difficulty Mod, 2 Increase allow- Pack, Astralor Corp. Mk I Persona l Repu lsorlift System.
able weapon encumbrance by 1 Mods. Base Modifiers : Allows the user to fu nction as a
Hard Points Required: 2. speed 1, handling - 1, system strain thresho ld 2 vehi-
Price: 3,000 credits (R) . cle th at can only operate in atmos phere and has the
same silhouette as the operator. It has a maximum
DROID BRAIN DEFENSE SYSTEM altitude of seventy-Ave meters, and the operator's
Coord ination skill is used for any rel eva nt checks.
An ex t remely unusual upgrade generally reserved for Modification Options: 1 Increase handling by 1 Mod.
powered armor suits, a droid brain defense system Hard Points Required: 2
uses a full senso r suite to alert wearers to and help Price: 2,5 0 0 credits.
them avoid threats. Th e most basic models simply


UTILITYARM Models Include: Arakyd Industries Mk II Utility
Manipulator, Crozo Industrial Products H4 "Handy"
For some species, it's a mystery how humans and their Auxiliary Cyber-Arm.
ilk get by with only two arms. In fact , it's often said Base Modifiers: Provides the character with an addi-
that the fi rst armor-mounted utility arm was invented tional mechanical arm that can function as one of the
by a Dug Engineer, although another tale attributes character's normal limbs, although it does not provide
its origin to a cybern etics manufacturer with a prod- the character with additional actions or maneuvers.
uct surplus. Regardless of its origin, the utility arm The utility arm adds 0 to Mechanics checks and may
is now a common tool for Engineers and technicians modify other checks at the CM's discretion.
of all species. Moun ted on a harness or suit of com- Modification Options: 1 Add 0 to Mechanics
bat armor, a utility arm is a mecha nica l appendage ch ecks Mod , 1 Spend 1 strain to gain an addi tional
similar in fun ction to many cybern etic and droid arms free ma neuve r per t urn [character still may not per-
and ending in a man ipu lat ing "ha nd. " Altho ugh util- fo rm more th an two ma neuvers) per turn Mod.
ity arms are most often used to In crease workshop Hard Points Required: 2.
prod uctivity, combatants of all kinds have found them Price: 2,000 credits.
useful on the battlefield.

lliance and Imperial combat engineering units field a T2-E PETARD-CLASS COMBAT
A handful of specialized engineering vehicles derived
from fighting vehicles and civilian construction vehicles.

These vehicl es provide the Engineers with light armor Whereas the AT-CE [see page 56) is a construction
support and heavy construction capabilities. ve hi cle that can do a bit of fighting, the T2-E Petard
IS a fighting vehicle t hat can do a bit of construction
work. Based on t he popular T2"8 repulsor tank chas-
SPEEDERS sis, t he T2 -E was designed to provide com bat engi-
Speeders are perhaps the most common type of vehi - neering units with heavy siege capabilities while dou-
cle to be foun d on most planets, Including among the bling as a light secondary engineering vehicle. Like
armed forces on them. the T2 -8, the Petard is a light, relatively maneuver-
Engineers in particular able, low-profile repulsor tank with an angular hu ll.
employ repu lsor- Instead of the T2-8's quad laser turret, the Petard
lift vehicles features a turret-mounted demolition gun that fires
to get to large-caliber, fin-stabilized, shaped charges designed
front lines to destroy fortifications and buildings. A forward -
or other mounted fixed auto-blaster provides it with anti-
locations personnel and light anti-vehicle capabilities. The auto-
where their blaster can be switched out for a heavy flame projec-
demolition, tor for fu rther anti-installation capabi lities. In addition
repair, or salvage to the weapon systems, the veh icle is equipped with
skills are needed. a handful of con st ruction systems similar to those
mounted to t he AT-CE. An arti culated blade for push -
ing and gra di ng is mounted to the fro nt of the vehicle's
hull, and a single light tractor beam emitter give s th e
Petard light lifting and towing capabilities.

Vehicle Type/Model : Repulsor TankfT2 -E

Manufacturer: Yutrane-Trackata.
Maximum Altitude: 3 meters.
Sensor Range: Short. Marauders are often outfi tted with large, articu-
Crew: One pilot, one vehicle commander, one gunner. lated excavator blades like those used on the T2-E
Encumbrance Capacity: 20. and AT- CE, and an optional repu lsor trailer can be
Passenger Capacity: O. towed to hau l extra tools and engineering equipment.
Price/Rarity: 88.000 credits (R)I7.
Customization Hard Points: 2.
Weapons: Turret-mounted demolition gun (Fire Arc
All: Damage 8: Cri tica l 3: Ran ge (Shortl: Blast 8,
Breach 4, Inaccurate 2, Slow-Firing 3, Vicious 2).
Forward-mounted auto-blaster (Fire Arc Forward: Vehicle Type/Model: Armored Troop Carrier/UEV-
Damage 3: Critical 5: Range (Closel: Auto-fire) or M 1 Marauder.
forward-mou nted heavy flam e projector (Fire Arc For- Manufacturer: SoroSuub.
ward: Damage 4: Critical 2: Range IClosel: Blast 4, Maximum Altitude: 3 meters.
Burn 5: Slow-Firing I. Vicious 2).
Sensor Range: Close.
Forward-mounted light tractor beam emitter (Fire
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot
Arc Forward: Damage -: Critical -: Ra nge (Closel: Encumbrance Capacity: 60.
Tractor 21. Passenger Capacity: 12 com bat engineers.
Price/Rarity: 98,000 credits (R)l8.
UEV-M1 MARAUDER Customization Hard Points: 2.
ENGINEER SQUAD CARRIER Weapons: Forward- mounted auto-blaster [Fire Arc
Forward; Damage 3: Critical 5: Range [Closel: Auto-fire).
The Marauder engineer squad carrier by SoroSuub
Dorsal heavy repeating blaster-this weapon's entire
is a medium armored repulsorlift vehicle designed to
profile uses personal scale, not planetary scale {Fire
carry a squad of twelve combat engineers and their
attendant gear into the fie ld with armor support. Arc All; Damage 15: Critical 2: Range [Longi: Auto-fire,
Pierce 2, Vicious 1I.
Developed from a line of SoroSuub light armored
Dorsal turret-mounted concussion grenade launcher-
vehicles designed fo r police and security use, the
this weapon's entire profile uses personal scale, not
Marauder has a long, tapering hull with a sloped front
planetary scale (Fire Arc All; Damage 10; Critical 4;
and a blu nt aft with a drop-down loading and unload-
Ra nge (Cl osel: Blast 8, Breach 1I.
ing ramp . The ve nt ral surface of the hull is heavily
armored and steeply angled to protect it from mines
and other explosive devices, and the dorsal armor
gives the vehic le respectable protection from infantry
weap ons, shrapnel. and li ght anti-vehicle weapons. A
pilot and co-pilot operate the vehicle from a cramped,
environmentally sealed cockpit, and the rear passen-
ger compartment holds twelve humanoid-sized indi-
vid ual s on bench seats mounted to the inn er hul l.
Along with transporting combat engineers safely
into the field, this durable vehicle can provide anti-
personnel and light anti-vehicle support with ItS buil t-
in we apon syste ms. Its standard load-out includes a
forward -mounted fixed-position auto-blaster, a
pintle-mounted heavy repeating blaster for-
ward of the dorsal hatch, and a retractable
tu rret-mounted rapid-fire concussion
grenade launcher operated by the
co-pilot. In addition, each side of
the hull has firing ports from
which the embarked per-
sonnel can fire their per-
sonal weapons in the case
of heavy enemy activity.



Among some of t he oldest components of locomotion

in t he ga laxy, tracks and wheels still make more se nse
in some places t han repulsorlifts and art icu lated
mecha nica l walker limbs.
Vehicle Type/M odel: Droid-Operated Comba t Engi-
Manufact urer : Veril Line Systems.
The I-C4a is a sma ll er, mi litarized version of th e mas- Sensor Range: Close.
sive I-C2 Civil-Ind ustria l Droid. Produced by Veril Line Crew: None [dro ld operated).
Svstems for the Imperia l Corps of Engineers, it is an Encumbrance Capacity: 150.
a~tonomo u s construction and fabrication droid. The Passenger Ca pacity: 2 engineers.
I-C4a is a long, slow-moving, slab-sided vehic le pro - Price/Rarity: 750,000 credits [R)/6.
pel led by a versatile articu lated t rac k system similar Cust omization Hard Poin t s: 1.
to the one found on Corell ia Mining Corporation d igger Weapons: Dorsal heavy repeating blaster-this
craw lers. Li ke that of its larger civil ian cousin, the heart weapo n's entire profi le uses personal sca le, not plan-
of the I-C4a is a powerful and versati le fabrication sys- eta ry scale [Fire Arc All; Damage 15; Cri t ical 2; Range
tem consisting of a fusion furnace capable of producing [Long]; Auto-fire, Pierc e 2, Vicious 1)
slabs of building materials such as ferrocrete, stress-
crete, armorp las, and plasteel from raw or recyc led ADDITIONAL RULES
materia ls. The I-C4a is also equipped with dozens of Tracke d: like al l t racked veh icles, the I-C4A trea ts
lifting, tool, and fabricat ing appendages tha t al low it any terra in as if it were one step lower in difficu lty.
to clear la nd and build structures at a surprising rate
Co nst ructi on in the Field: Th e I-C4a can be used to
An on -boa rd droid brain programmed for construc - fashion cru de defense structures, fo rtifi catio ns, and
t ion and civ il engineering controls t he fabricat ion and other constru ctions at the GM's discretion even in t he
co nst ruc t ion system . In addition, two combat engi- midst of battle. To do th is, the onboard drold must
neers ride along in an open -air cockp it to monitor the
power, propulsio n, and con t ro l systems.
make a Hard It t t l M echanics check. Up to two
characters aboard the vehicle ca n assist this effort, but
Th e Im peria l Army owns t he majority of I-C4a un its, anyone do ing so [Includi ng the droid) can do noth ing
offic iall y classi fYing them as restricted mili tary -grade else each round wh ile the droid attempts t hiS check
materiel. As such, they rece ive regular memory wipes. unti l the structure is complete or the effort is called off.
Those un its that have fallen into civ ilian or Rebe l hands
Th ese structures provide cover for up to 20 charac-
develop fast-talking, obsessive, often distracted per- ters t hat adds • • to Ra nged combat checks made
sonali ties and speak in a dense mix of enginee ring aga inst them.
J3Cgon and scie ntiflc tech no babble.
Though usuall y not as quick or versat il e as speeders,
vva lkers are re li ab le t ransportat io n for many en gineer-
ing endeavors. Their abili ty to t raverse a wide vari ety
of terra in often makes them t he on ly way to reach d if-
ficult locations, and their rugged nature mea ns they
can survive threa ts from bo th nature and enemies.
Skills: Computers 2, Gunnery 2. Knowledge (Educa-
tion) 3 , Mechan ics 2, Pil oting (Planetary) 2.
Ta lents: None.
Abilities: No ne. The AT-CE combat excava tor is another 10 Rothana
Equipmen t: None. Heavy Engineenng's versatile walker series. Like its
cous in t he AT-EST exploration wa lker, the AT-CE is
a low-slung, six-legged walker. Designed for use in
construction and excavation, the AT-CE IS a sturdy
machin e that pe rforms exceedingly well in t he ro ugh -
and -tumb le co nd itions of a construction site. Its legs
are heavil y articula t ed and equipped wit h broad, four-
toed feet fo r maximum stab ili ty. A forward , open -air
tandem cockpit holds a pilo t and a syst ems operator.


While the AT-CE is not designed to fight, as a com - AINIK·CLASS SCIENTIFIC SURVEY VESSEL
bat enginee ring ve hicl e it ha s a number of defense
systems. The sturdy frame is covered in remarkably SoroSu ub's Ainik-class is a small survey vessel
heavy armor-ostensibly for deflecting falling debris, designed for remote scientific missions. Designed
colli sions. and ex plosi ons-tha t ca n easily t urn a decades ago, th ese sma ll and sturdy ships were
blaster bol t It has only a Single actual weapon sys- nam ed for the fam ou s astronomer Renn Ain ik. Popu-
tem, a pintle-mounted heavy repeating blaster that lar with the galaxy's scientific community, th e Ainik
can be fired by the systems operator to defend the class is a long, broad, three-decked vessel With much
walker from infantry and light vehicles of its intenor given over to cargo holds. sensor arrays,
and laboratory space. The top deck, which houses a
The AT-CE has a wide variety of equipment A pair of
lounge and meeting rooms, is covered in transpar-
low-output light tractor beam emitters allows th e crew
isteel, giving passengers an un pa ralleled view of the
to pick up and move equipment or lift item s or build-
surroundings. The midships deck offers crew and pas-
ing matenal into the air. A long, multi'jointed, hydrau-
senger berthing, a galley, fo ur modular laboratory
lic arm mounted to the back is equipped with a deep
spaces, and the flight deck. The bottom deck houses
excavating bucket for diggi ng holes and trenches. An
storage and engineering fac ili ties.
articulated blade mounted to the fron t of the walker
allows it to push soil and debns around, smooth out As they are primarily survey vessels, Ainik -class
surfaces, and breach obstacles. The AT-CE also has a ships are re lative ly lightly armed. Th ey carry two quad
powerful beamdrill on a long, turret-mounted hydraulic laser turrets for se lf-defense, but largely re ly on their
arm in the center of its back that can dnll through even shields and hyperdrives to survive hostile intera ctions.
th e sturdiest, densest materials. In a pinch, a com- While their hulls are incredibly sturdy and they carry a
petent crew can use these tools as weapon s to in flict respec table am ount of armor, t hese shi ps' power sys-
shocking damage on troops, vehicles, and materiel. tems have a poor reputa tion . Brown outs, burned-out
equipment, fires, and electrical failures are distress-

Illi! ~JLJt~iiIG'I":J:r~Jt;kJ ~~~~eC~~~~~get~~~ClaIlY In ships that have been In

m ~
Vehicle Type/ Model: Walker/AT-CE
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering.
15 1 1.;,1L;.11~,I ~~l:~~
o - --- - - -.. .-- -

Sensor Range: Close.

Hull Type/Model: Survey Vessel/Ainik-class.
Crew: One pi lot, one syste ms operator
Manufacturer: SoroS uub.
Encumbrance Capacity: 15.
Hyperdrive: Primary; Class 3, Backup; Class 12.
Passenger Capacity: I.
Navicomputer: Yes.
Price/Rarity: 95,0 00 cred its/6 . Sensor Range: Extreme.
Customization Hard Points: 3.
Ship's Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot, two
Weapons: Dorsal heavy repeating blaster- this
weapon's entire profile uses personal scale, not plan-
Starfighter Complement: None.
etary sca le (Fire Arc All ; Damage 15; Cnti cal 2; Range
Vehicle Complement: Two speeder bike s or one
(Long(; Auto-fire, Pierce 2, Vicious 1).
Two hull-mounted light tra ctor beam emitte rs (Fire
Encumbrance Capacity: 150.
Arc All; Damage - ; Critical - ; Range (Close(; Tractor 2).
Passenger Capacity: 6.
Beamdrill (Fire Arc All; Da mage 10; Critica l 4;
Consumables: Six months.
Range (Close(; Breach 3, Inaccurate 3, Slow-Firing 1,
Price/Rarity: 120,000 credits!7.
Vicious 1)
Customization Hard Points: 3.
Aft-mou nted articulated excavator arm-this weap-
Weapons: Dorsal and ventral turret-mounted quad
on's entire profi le uses personal scale, not planetary
laser cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range
scale (Fire Arc Aft; Damage 8 ; Critical 5; Range (Short(;
(Close(; Accurate 1, linked 3).
Breach 2, Inaccurate 3, Kn ockdown, Slow-Firing 1).
Forward-mounted light tractor beam emitter (Fire
Arc Forward; Damage -; Critical -; Range (Close(;
STARSHIPS Tra ctor 2) .

Th e Allianc e uses a number of specialized vessels and ADDITIONAL RULES

stations in combat missions. These can be used to trans- Research Labs: Characters add 0 to Knowledge
port its forces to and from battles, and al so to aid in [Edu cati on) and Knowledge (Xenology) checks th ey
maintaining and repairing the ships of th e Rebel Flee t. make whil e in this vessel.


CAISSON-CLASS ENGINEERING Like that bf most troop carriers, the Caisson-class's
TROOP CARRIER interior is barren but cramped. The upper deck holds
twen ty combat engineers and their equipment, while
A survivGr of the Clone Wars, the Caisson-class is a the lower deck is designed to carry vehicles such as
heavy dropship designed to carry combat engineers the UEV-M 1 Marauder Engineer Squad Carrier, or a
and their equipment into action. A derivative of Corel - handfu l of speeder bikes or small construction vehi-
lian Engineering Corporation's CR-20 troop carrier, cles. Few of these dropships survived the Clone Wars,
the Caisson-class is a tall, narrow, two-decked ship and nearly all of them are currently in service with
that strongly resembles CEC's Consu/ar-class cruiser the Alliance Army. The Alliance Corps of Engineers is
and YV-666 light freighter Its aft is dominated by constantly on the lookout for these ships and their
three massive ion engines that provide the blocky parts, as their age and the hard usage they are put
ship with surprising speed and agility. Directly below to are slowly whittling away the Rebels' small fleet of
them is a reinforced boarding ramp for loading and these useful vessels.
unloading the ship. A blunt-faced flight deck rises
from the fo rward section of the hu", and two small
sponsons extend down the ship's sides, carrying its
light weapons.

Hull Type/Model: Sh uttle/Caisson-class.

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation.
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 3, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Short.
Ship's Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot, one
comms operator.
Starfighter Complement: None.
Vehicle Complement: One UEV-I Marauder Combat
Engineering Vehicle (see page 55J.
Encumbrance Capacity: 110
Passenger Capacity: 40 combat engineers
Consumables: Two months.
Price/Rarity: 190,000 credits/6.
Customization Hard Points: 2.
Weapons: One port and one star-
board ventra l turret-mounted twin
medium laser cannons (Fire
Arc Port, Forward , and Aft
or Starboard, Forward,
and Aft: Damage 6:
Critical 3: Range
[Closei: Linked 1J
One aft-mounted
twin auto-blaster
(Fire Arc Aft: Dam -
age 3: Critical 5: Range
[Closel: AutO-fire, Linked 1J.

MI{ IX ORBITAL MAINTENANCE DEPOT Weapons: Eight port and eight starboard turret-
mounted light turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Aft, and
Orbital maintenance depots are an important part Port or Forward, Aft, and Starboard; Damage 9; Criti -
of any space-going navy's logistica l cha in . Often cal 3; Range [M ed ium]; Breac h 2, Slow-Firing 1).
anchored along heavily t rafficked hyperspace rou tes Four port and four starboard turret-mounted twin
or in sectors that are home to flee ts or battle groups, medium laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Aft, and Port
they serve as fa r- flung homes away from home for the or Fo rward, Aft, and Starboard; Damage 6; Critical 3;
vessels and crews in their spheres of influence. Range [Close]; Linked 1).
Core Worlds Engi neering's Mk IXs are among t he Four port and four starboard turret-m ou nted twin
largest and most we ll-eq ui pped mai ntenance depots light ion cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Aft, and Port or
currently in use. They are massive cy lindrical stations Forward, Aft, and Starboard; Damage 5; Cri tical 4;
festooned with docking arms, dry dock fac ilities, and Ra nge [Close]; lon , Linked 1)
board ing airlocks and studded wi t h countless sensor Ten hull-mounted heavy tractor beam emitters IFire
and comm unications arrays. These floating shipyards Arc All; Damage - ; Critica l - ; Range [Short]; Tractor 61.
can service nearly any sh ip curren tly in service, up to ADDITIONAL RULES
and including gigantic vessels like t he Imperial Navy's
Executor- and Praetor /I-class sh ips. Most of t he Mk M assive 3: When making an attack targeting this
IX series' prod uction and fabrication fac ilities are ve hicle, the critica l rating of any weapons used coun ts
automated to improve speed and effi ciency, but t he as 3 higher.
stations st ili have a large crew of tec hn ica lly trained Depot Resources: Red uce difficulty of re pair and con-
perso nnel and other person nel who ma intain the sta- stru ction checks performed using this station by on e.
t ion and service incoming ships. The depot's guest
faci lities are comfortable but far from luxurious; crews
tend not to linger, as they resemb le mi litary barracks NEW VEHICLE
and facili ties rathe r than resort s. ATTACHMENTS
These stations are impressively armored and Whil e the Empire has the man ufacturing resources of
sh ie lded , and are also equ ipped with a respectable a ga laxy at its beck and call, the Rebe l Alliance must
weapons load-out to defend against host ile ships. make do with much more limited resources. Ma ny of
They also have hangar facilities and are commo nl y the vehic les and ships in Its fleet and hangars are older
assigned a squad ron of gunboats for pat ro l and anti- than the Empire itself. Even those orrgina lly intended
fighter dut ies. Th ese sta t ions are rare ly attacked, for military use have been rebu ilt and repaired so
however, since they are often surrounded by powerfu l many t imes that t hey may scarcely resemble their
warshi ps waiting to dock or fresh off a refit, and t hese origina l fo rms. Of co urse, where others might see a
can provide all the defensive firepower t hat a station's lamentable sta te of affa irs, Engineers see boundless
crew could hope for. Both t he Allia nce and the Impe- opportuni ties fo r (ustom ization and ex perimentati on.
ri al Navy have a handfu l of t hese giant stat ions in ser-
Vice, an d t hey are all priority targets for dest ruct ion.
It's a tragic fact that all too often, the brave members
of th e Al liance fail to return from a mission. Neverthe-
less, even a fail ed mission can provide usefu l data for
the ca use and prevent suc h deaths in the future. In
Hu ll Type/ Model: Space Station/Mk IX OMD. such cases, an armored computer core provides an
M anufacturer: Core Worlds Engineering opportunity for t he Rebe llion to recover a record of
Hyperdrive: None. the mission from even the most devastated wrecks.
Navicomputer: None. Layers of lam inam lum pla t ing, redundant data back-
Sensor Range: Long. ups, and sometimes even an ejection fai lsa fe ensure
Ship's Complement: 20,000 offi cers, enlisted crew, the survival of a compu ter core storing astrogation
and technicians. data, a record of sh ip ac tivity, and- assuming mission
Ve hicle Complement: Six gunboat s, six shu ttles, leaders fulfill their duty- a log of t he mission . Sho uld
numerous runa bouts. the worst come to pass, the armored computer core
Encumbrance Capacity: 35,000. can survive th e sh ip's complete destruction, and is
Passenger Capacity: 22,000 . practically ind ist inguishab le from t he debns.
Consumables: Two years M od el s Include: Astra lor Corp. "Black Hole Box"
Price/Ra rity: 22,000,000 creditsl7. T-11 Armored Databa nk, Loron ar Corporation "Sale
Customization Hard Points: 9. Su rvivor" Backup Compu t er Core.


TABLE 2-11: VEHICLE ATTACHMENTS Models Include: Kuat Drive Yards Shield Boosters.
O utlaw Tec h Ray Sh ield Enha ncem ent
Item Price I HP : Rarity Base Modifiers: Once per encounter as an actio n, a
Co mp uter Core I
: 1 100
I 0 i 4 character ca n atte mpt an Average (++J Mechan-
' ! ics check to overcharge the ship's sh ields, adding two
f----------+----j------+---- -1 j

Autopilot Dro ld Brain l__

~.:.OO~ __ ~t-_ L_-__ 5 !
poi nt s of defense to all de fense zones for one round,
plus an add itional ro und fo r each tJ on the check.
Ove rcha rged Shields i 4,000 i l l --:-1 However, if the check gene rates ~§} <§} or ,@" , then the
II Plasma Drill ~!I
I !
11,000 I 1
I 4
overloaded shields Immediatel y burn out and cease
function ing un til repaired.
r Re inforced i --4-.-00-0-;+--+'- ----I Modificat ion O p tions: None.

[ A rmor Plat ing

. r--·-l.-O-OO-;+--+-1I ___
I Repu lso rlift Boost
t sil houette

i silhoue tte I
2 1


Har d Points Requi r ed: 1 .
Price: 4.000 cred it s.

~~;o-r-B=a=f='e=r====~I==(=RJ=8=.O=O=o=:====_I-~-tI===~-. _-~~ Ongi nall y devel oped for astero id m ini ng. a plasma
Base Modifiers: Incorporates a comp uter core that dril l is a superheated auger capable of bori ng th rough
records flight and system data and backs up any logs virtua ll y any ma t eria l. give n enough time. A lthough
or re cords entered into the ship's computer. The com - a plasma drill is ra rely effect ive as a weapo n. com -
pu t er co re re ma in s in tact even if t he ship suffers a mande rs and engineers ali ke have recogn ized myriad
"vaporized" Cri t ical Hit result. other uses for a vehicle moun ting on e, from t unnel-
Modification Options: None. ing under enemy fort ificati on s to excavati ng hidden
H ard Points Requi r ed: O. undergro und fac ili ties for their mvn use.
Price: 1 .100 credits. Models Include: Pret ormin Environmenta l Mk II
Therm al Auge r. Chelra r Consort iu m "Worldspli tter"
Base Modifiers: Th e vehic le can tunne l through solid
Altho ugh droids are used for co untless t asks across rock and most me tals at a speed of 1. but its handling
t he galaxy. many sen t ients remain uneasy with the is permanently redu ced by 2 due to th e substan t ia l
idea of putti ng their lives in t he m cu its of a droid add itional weight and bulk. The vehicle's operator
pilot. Statistically. droids are much less like ly to make can make a Pilot ing (Planeta ry) check to employ the
potentially disastrous mistakes; however. this has plasma drill as a weapo n with t he fo llowing profi le:
done little t o deter the stigma. A droid brain install ed Fire Arc Forward; Damage 9; Critical 4; Range (Close);
in a craft can also ma ke an effective co-pilot . which Breach 3 . Inaccurate 2, Slow-Firing 1. Vicious 1.
some individ uals find easier to accept. Modification O ptions: 1 Increase handl ing by
Models Include: Arakyd Industries F-9 Int egrat ed 1 Mod
Pilot. Industrial Automaton Overwat ch Co-pil ot. H ard Poi nt s Required: 3.
Base Modifiers: Droid brain ca n perfo rm Pilot ing Price: 4. 000 credits.
ch ecks for a vehic le or starship with a Pilot ing (Plan -
etary) or Pi loting (Space) skil l of 2 and an Agi lit y of 0 REINFORCED ARMOR PLATING
(if unassisted . it rolls (> ~ for Pi loting checks); may be
sum moned via a beckon ca ll. Over the mi llennia, ma nufact urers and shipwnghts
Modification Options: 2 Increase droid brain's Pilot- across t he ga laxy have developed co untless esoteric
ing (Planeta ry) and Pil oti ng (Space) skills by one Mods. methods of prote cti ng a veh icle or st arshi p. from
Hard Poin t s Requi r ed: 1. deflector screens to proton shields to ion diffuse rs .
Price: 6 .000 credits. Still . for many Alliance engin eers, it's hard t o beat
ext ra d urast eel layers fo r cost-effective protection.
OVERCHARGED SHIELDS Models Include: Vano us custom models
Base Modifier s: Increase the vehicle 's armor by 2 .
Most shield arrays have the potential t o generate a Red uce it s hand ling by 1.
stronger fie ld. However. th is has th e pot ential to dam - Modification Options: 2 Increase hull trauma
age th e array it se lf. leavi ng the shi p Wit h no prot ection. threshold by 3 Mods.
Despite the ris ks. some sh ipboard engineers modi fy Hard Points Req uired: 2.
t he shields to allow fo r increased output wit h on ly a Pr ice: 4 ,000 cred it s per po int of starshi p or vehicle
few momen t s' tinkering in t he midst of combat. bank - Silh ouette.
ing on t he ex t ra defense t o allow them to escape or
defeat the enemy before suffering the repe rcussions.


Some obstac les are insurmountable for even the most
These Items are new weapons tha t can be mounted
versatile and powerful of fa cto ry-standard repulsor
onto starships or ve hicles. Note that they do not
field generators. For tinkerers willing to ignore a whole
replace existing weapons, but are extra wea pons
host of safety warnings- and likely a few laws-rnost
added to offer more firepower or combat flexibility.
repulsor field generators can be pushed past factory
Table 2 - 12: New Vehicle Weapons, on page 63,
limits, allowing for a drastic , if brief, increase in lift.
detai ls weapon profil es an d lists the starship/vehicle
Such an increase ca n allow the ve hicle to "jurnp" over
silhouettes t hat are compatible wi t h each weapon.
objects, gaps, or enemy ve hi cles or to higher ground.
Some field mechani cs have even bee n known to add
specially overch arged repulsor fields to veh icles that
re ly on a different meth od of prop ulsion, just in case.
More than one tea m of Rebe l soldiers has escaped Wh ile capi tal shi ps ca n rely on tra cto r bea ms to
certain death in the face of overwhelrning Imperia l ensnare and immobilize targets, these weapons are
opposi tion, thanks to Just such mod ifications. not genera lly an opt ion fo r smaller vessels and grou nd
Models Include: Numerous custom variants. vehicles. For such vehicles, the cl osest approximation
Base Modifiers: Once per encounter as an inciden- is often the tow ca ble launcher. This ca tchall te rm
ta l, the pilot rnay have the vehicle suffer 2 system encompasses a number of different devices with sirni-
stra in in order to double its maximum altitude (or lar function. The most common models incorporate
gain a maximum altitude of 100 meters, which ever an electromagnetic grapple and a length of durasteel
is lower) and increase its maximum speed by I for I cable fired by a hydraulic launcher.
round. This can be used only on veh icles of silhouette
4 or less. Although these launchers were originally designed
Modification Options: 2 Incre ase duration by as tools rat her than weapons, a nu mber of desper-
ro und Mods. ate or inventive pilots have made use of these grapple
Hard Points Required: I. launchers in combat over the years. M embers of t he
Price: I ,000 cre dits per pOint of ve hicle silhouette. Rebel A lliance are ac customed to mak ing do with
whatever tools they have at their disposa l, and a num -
SENSOR BAFFLER ber of non-combat veh icles spo rting tow cables have
seen use in battle. In fact, some comma nders find t he
USing comb ination of broad-spectrum transmissions tact ica l uses for t hese tools versati le enough to spe -
and low-power targeted ion pulses, a sensor baffler cifically request thei r add ition to combat vehicles.
co nfuses enemy sensors, preventing them from deter- Models Include: Prax Arms "Hangman" Ha rpoon
mining a ship's precise location. A sensor baffler is not Cannon, M err- Sonn GX-3 Tow Cable Launcher.
a passive system, but actively confuses enemy sen- Base Modifiers: See Table 2 - 12: New Vehicle
sors, providing contradictory and nonsensical read- Weapons, on page 63. If the Ensnare quality acti -
ings. As a result, t he system does not truly co nceal vates, a character on the target vehicle must make
the shi p's presence from enernies. Even inexperi enced an Average (t t ) Piloting (Planetar y or Space,
sensor operators can easily see that something is depending on the vehicle) check to free the vehi -
in terfering with the ir system, but t hey are frustratingly cle (instead of an Athletics check as normal fo r the
unable to pinpoint the source. A sensor baffler d oes Ensnare quality). If the target is at least I silho uette
not include optical camouflage, and it has no effect on value lower than the attacker and ~§~ ~Q~ is generated
viSible detect ion. Despite its shortcomings, a sensor on a fa iled check, the target is drawn I range band
baffler has lower po wer req ui remen ts and requ ires a closer to the attacker.
less-sop hi stica ted manufactu ring process than a true Modification Options: None.
cloa ki ng device. ThiS makes it an attractive alte rn ative Hard Points Required: 1.
to t hose nearly unhea rd-of devices, and one available Price: 2,00 0 credits.
to a wider variety of ship ty pes.
Models Include: Fabritech "Sc rea mer" Omniband ION TORPEDO LAUNCHER
Broadcast Array, Sienar Intelligence Systems L4 Sen-
sor Baffler. The rarely seen ion torpedo fills a specialized niche
Base Modifiers: When a vehicle's sensor baffler is that a great many ship commanders and engineers
active, upgrade the d ifficulty of checks to determine overlook Lacki ng the destructive potential of proton
its locati on using sensors twice. torpedoes while inflicting more substantial physical
Modification Options: 2 Add . to Gunnery checks damage than other ion weapons, the ion torpedo
targeting the ship Mods. might provide the perfect solution for a captain who
Hard Points Required: I . wish es to end a battle quickly but still take the enemy
Price: (R) 8,000 credits. vessel (mostly) intact.



I Skill
' I '
i Dam I' [rit
I Range I' HP Price
I '
i Rarity : Special
: S[~lhmpatible
: !. I I Duettes

: I

ect omagnetlC ! I I Ensnare 5,

TowCable i Gunnery - - I Close 2,000 2 Knockdown, 2- 10 ~
I Launcher Limited Ammo 1

Ion Torpedo G 0 3 Sh 7 Guided 2. Ion. 4- \ 0 '

I',:O J
Launcher unnery : " ort 1 6,500 Limiled Ammo 4, !

r-~-~-~-a-nti~-~-n--+I-G-"-nn-e-rY-+--4-i+I--'r"~'-~, ! '00' +---6_I--'
:~:: I
Term ite Torpedo
La uncher Gunnery 3 5 Short 1 (R) 10,000
_ _-L_ _ ..
j Slow·Firing
Limited Ammo 3,
4- \ 0
___ -.-J
An io n torpedo is designed to release a powerful TERMITE TORPEDO LAUNCHER
energy pulse only after puncturing a ship's hull. Con-
sequently, powerful deflecto r shields or thick armor Although unlikely to inflict significant damage upon
can gre atly mitigate the weapon's effectiveness. Still, in iti al impact, term ite torpedoes are nonetheless
a well-placed Ion torpedo can hamstring nearly any among the most hated and leared weapons in the
ship, en suring that thi s specialized ordna nce sees galax y. Each torpe do houses dozens to hundreds of
continued use by the Alliance, particu larly on sen- sma", barely intelligent droids, variously known as
sitive missions to disable or capture experimental termites, dismantlers, disassemblers, and a number of
Imperia l vess els. less savory names. After im pact, the torpedo breaks
open to release th e droids. They scurry In all direc-
Additional ion torpedoes cost 400 credits for a set
tion s across the ship and use their laser cutters, mag-
of fou r.
claws, ion cla mps, an d other tools to burrow through
Models Include: Taim & Bak Mk lion Torpedo Tube,
the hull and attack ship systems. In short order, the
Kuat Drive Yards "Pacifier" Ion Torpedo.
droids can spread throughout a ship.
Base Modifiers: See Table 2 - 12: New Vehicle
Weapons. It can take weeks to clear an infestation-if t he ves-
'" Modification Options: None. sel survives that long. Many engineers serving with
Hard Points Required: 1. the Al liance [or aboard pirate crews) despise these
Price: 6,500 credits. weapons, as they make salvage difficult or downright
impossible. On top of this, unsubstantiated rumors
REPEATING ION CANNON pe rs ist of termite droids lying dormant in sa lva ged
systems, only to emerge and infect any vessel that
Although the repeating cannon is less powerful than inherits the affected parts.
other ion weapons, its high rate of fi re can provide a
Additiona l termite torpedoes cost 900 credits for
great advantage when employed against close forma -
a set of three.
tions of starfighters or the point defense systems of
Models Include: Arakyd Industries Dismantler Tor-
capital ships. Whil e each pu lse carries a lesser charge,
pedo, Baktoid BT-30 Termite Droid Launcher.
the overall energy requirements of a repeating ion can-
Base Modifiers: See Table 2 - 12: New Vehicle
non rival or exceed even the most powerful t raditional
Weapons. Additionally, after a ship is hit by a term ite
ion ca nnons. As a perhaps ironic resu lt, after ignoring
torpedo [whether or not it inflicts any hull traumal. for
an Engineer's warnings, a number of captains have
the remai nder of the encounter, whenever crew perform
found their own ship drifting helplessly alon gside th e
a check wh ile in the Ship, the attacker can spend ~§~ <§~
disabled enemy, its systems overloaded and drained .
to have the ship suffer 2 hull trauma or system strain,
Models Include: Sienar Fleet Systems Mk II I Cycling
and spend © to inflict a Critical Hit on the ship. As an
Ion Cannon, Oriolanis Defense Systems K5 "Ion
action, a ch aracter aboard the hit ship can perform a
Storm " Defense Battery.
Base Modifiers: See Table 2-12: New Vehicle
Daunting [t t t t ) Mechanics check to repress the
effects of the termite droids for 1 round. At the CM's
discretion other ski ll checks can be used instead.
Modification Options: None.
Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 1.
Hard Points Required: 1.
Price: 6 ,000 cred its.
Price: [R) 10 ,000 credits.



"Stop worrying about the shields!
I designed them myself, they'll hold!"
- Josiah Diar, First Engineer of Alderaan Endures
echnology powers galactic society, the Empire, and
T the Rebel Alliance. Keeping th e endless and dispa-
rate eq uipment and machi nery op erati ng is vita l to
isolated world. Some Engineers do not have the nec-
essary educational access to easily learn their trad e
or skill s. Saboteurs who must determ ine the best way
the success of everyone. This is true from the largest to disrupt equipment or an operati on on their own
mechanized society to the smallest operational com- and in secret are one example of this. At the same
bat units and individuals. As such, Engineers usually time, plenty of Mechanics and Droid Specialists who
have an important role to play in almost every Rebel are tinkerers start off working on their own gear or
aSSignment and op eration, whethe r it is to build, repair, vehicl es at a very yo ung age.
break, or destroy
Knowi ng how a character learned engineering skills is
useful both for creating detailed backgrounds and for
ENGINEER ORIGINS adding layers to an adventure or campaign. A charac-
ter with a heavy academic background might have use-
Engineers' backgrounds are as vaned as the equip- fu l contacts spread throughout academia and ind ust ry.
ment they design and work on. Generall y spea king, Such characters co uld call upon these as needed, or
they enter their en gineering fie ld via at leas t one of might find themse lves contacted by old classmates,
three typical pathways. Professional Engineers usu- teachers, or even past rivals. Vocational or tinkerer
ally learn their trade through academics. Vocational Engineers who have worked on many vehicles or inside
Engineers learn primarily though formal or informal many facilities might gain a wide variety of contacts at
apprent iceships and practical applications. Tinkerers differen t economic levels or in different social circ les in
learn mostly t hrough experience, and ma ny st umble a specific geographic area or segmen t of society.
into becoming Engineers due to circ umstances rather
t han through any planned career path.
The professional Engineers' academic approach
takes years of higher education. Their training is built An Engineer may have a multitude of social, ideologi -
solidly on theory, mathema ti cs, and formal Instruction. ca l, or ot her reasons to join the Reb el Alli ance th at
Whi le some Engineers concent ra te on and explore have nothing to do wi t h abilities or knowledge. How-
the theoretical realm, most apply their knowledge to ever, It IS likely that an Engineer's usefulness to the
more practical pursui ts through design and execution. Rebellion hinges at least partiall y on technical skill.
The Scientist and Shipwright specializations are prime Within specific missions and adventuring parties,
exa mples of this approach, tho ugh it can also apply Engineers are probably present due to their sp ecial-
to th e Sapper and some typ es of Mecha nics. Prior ized knowledge. Even wh en an Engineer's presence is
to joining the Re bel All iance, Engineers with t hese required somewhere due to social or governmental
specializa tions are likely to have worked in offices or connections, most Rebe ls expect Engineers to make
industries that focused on the particular type of engi- use of their abilities there in a way that supports the
neering they studied. ongoing battle against the Empire.
Vocational or apprenticed Engineers spend years Some types of Engineers are a more natural fit for
learning the practical application of a type of engi- tasks common to Rebel teams clashing With the Empire.
neering used in a specific trade. Some academic work Mechanics and Sappers probably find themselves act-
may have been involved, but much of these Engineers' ing within their realm of knowledge much more often
experience is from on-the-job training. MechaniCS and in this struggle than do Scientists or Shipwrights. Other
Dro id Specialists are likely to have had this kind of edu- types of Engineers might find it necessary to expand
cati on Sappers often learn t heir tra de t hrough mil itary the ir trai ning or at least figure out how to best adapt
tra ining programs that feature a healthy combination their skills to the current combat situation.
of classwork and field operations.
When creating new adventures, the GM should take
Tinkerers, hobbyists, and those who grew up in into account what types of Engineers are active in the
are as or social classes without access to formal edu- party. These characters should get regular opportuni-
cation are the Engineers most likely to deve lop the ir t ies to use their skills in some fash ion. If their exper-
skill s almost enti rel y on the job. Essentially, they learn tise is uncommon among those battling the Empire,
what they have to know for the task at hand, even the GM should have an idea of how they might con-
if they don't fu lly understand the theory or speCifics tribute by adapting what they can do to the current
behind it. Some might learn fro m a family member situation, and allowing them to build upon it during
Oth ers might be fo rced to work ou t how to acco m- the game session . The follow ing are specific examples
plish a task sim ply to survive in ha rs ~ cond itions on an of po tentia l uses for each specializa tion in the game.

Though much mal igned and often overlooked by the Most view Mec hanics as jacks of all trade s, rea dy to
citizens of the ga laxy, droids are a vital resource that enthusiastically take on any repa ir or modificati on.
the Rebellion must fully utilize in its scant workforce. Mechanics are the easiest Engineer specialists to
There is never a shortage of droids to rebu ild or repair, integrate into an adventuring party. There IS virtually
making Droid Specialists in demand throughout the always somet hing to repair, reconstruct , reprogram ,
Rebel Alliance. They may be assigned to almost any or break into on every mission, and these characters
mission type, including starship crew duty, combat usually have a good, if not the best, chance of success
units, ordnance testing, and intelligence operations. among the party members.
Given their focus, players of Droid Specialists expect Wh ether they rece ived formal traini ng, served
regular opportunities to repair, modify, and even in vocationa l ap prenticesh ips, or are self-taught,
destroy droids. The GM must take this into acco unt, Mechanics share an enthusiasm for making things
because if an opportun ity isn't granted, the player work, and work better. Some may begin t heir career
tends to seek one ou t, wh ich may or may not fi t well on a completely different path, such as a pilot who
into a planned storyline. It is easy to envision Droid becomes fascinated with improving a vehicle or
Specialists assigned to a Rebel base having plen ty wea pon system. Scavengers may learn engineering
of opportunities to use their skills. However, Droid concepts and techniques related to the parts or vehi -
Specialist PCs are usually traveling around the galaxy cles they pick apart to sell.
ra ther than sitting around in a maintenance bay wai t-
Newly minted Mechan ics wh o have left such a role
ing for work to walk through the door.
behind them could stili easi ly retain connections
There are several ways to provide regular access to with individuals th ey interacted with in that role. For
droids for the tech to tinker with while actively carry- exarnple, a cha ra cter might end up working on a ship
ing out Rebel missions or pursuing other adventures. flown by a former starfighter pilot, who could be a
The tech might own or be aSSigned one or more droids Pc. Characters might take up Mechanics as a fallback.
for use during opera tions or to work on between For example, a pilot who can no longer fly or fly effec-
scenes. The tech might have to modify the droid for tively might turn to a career as a Mechanic to remain
each mission or repa ir damage from the last one. In conn ected to that lifestyle or job.
some cases, the tech might be looking to buy droids
Due to their characters' ability to work on a wide
fo r the Alliance or to sell one to make a few credi ts.
variety of technology, players of Mechanics might
One potentially interesting ro leplaying opportunity not actively seek creative ways to apply their char-
occurs when the droid in question is another PC, and acters' skills. GMs should keep an eye out to ensure
the interaction between droid and Droid Specialist Mechanics aren't continually being left behind to work
plays out during the game. If both players are intent on the ship rather than take part in an exciting mis-
on modifying the droid regul arly for adventu res, th e sion. Mechanics shouldn 't lose out on opportuni ties to
GM may need to step in , particula rly if they begin to share in story events simply because their chara cters
exploit or game t he system too much. Any limiting fac - are the ones ex pected to keep the group's equ ipment
tor should have reasonable in-universe explanations. operational. GMs should avoid making It the norm,
For example, modificat ions take time to carry out, providing alterna tive solutions to keep Mechanics
and adequate time may not be available. Upgrades fro m being left behind. This can be as Slrnple as hav-
and modifications don't always work, and constant Ing an NPC droid take care of a required task, thereby
tinkering could multiply the opportunities for failu re. freeing Mechanics to go elsewhere. On the other hand,
Parts are not cheap , and they might be very difficult when Mechanics are separated from the party, it can
to obtain for specific droid models, especially at th e give them the opportunity to go rid ing to the rescue
fringes of the galaxy. to extract the party from a life-threatening sit uation.
Some missions may include droids as a target or
significan t obstacle. If this is known ahead of time, SABOTEUR
Droid SpeCialists can help the party plan the opera-
Engineers with th e Saboteur specializa tion are the
tion by relaying important Information about the
ones most likely to have learned their skills on the job
droid types and how best to defeat or circumvent
out of necessity. While the Rebellion does have a cen-
them. A surprise arrival of droid guards, administra-
tral training program for Saboteurs, many begin thei r
tors. or maintenance crews during a mission ca n give destructive ca reers on th eir own or at the behest of a
Droid Specialists an op po rtunity to think on their feet
small loca l Rebel cell. In so me circumstances, Sabo-
and he lp the party while under pressure.
teurs might have plenty of technical knowledge about
a facility or veh icl e th ey are trying to disable or destroy
because they work at or with the target every day.

Given their likely grassroots recruitment and expe- Sappers who specialize in fortification of structures
rience, Saboteur characters might more easily be and similar enhancements may have had more inter-
integrated wi t h th e backgrounds of other PCs operat- action With, and thus a broa der understanding of,
ing in the sa me area, eve n if they se rve In different Rebel organizations and fa cil it ies within a speC ifi c
ro les. However, once within the adven t uring party, region or operational unit. The other Player Charac -
Saboteur characters must be ready to adapt to other ters may have first met the character when the Sap-
roles unless the campaign specifically concentrates per arrived to reinforce a bunker or build out a secret
on clandestine infiltration campa igns to disable sensi - operations center The Sapper might also return to
tive targets. Saboteurs may know much in the way of expand such faci lities as Rebel operations grow.
mechanical engineering or possess specific technical
expertise that th ey can adapt to more typical repair Within the party, the Sapper is likely to propose
and bu ilding operations A lac k of pra ct ical experi- course s of action that sel ec tively destroy enemy
ence could be a limiting factor that drives Saboteurs structures, or portions thereof. Demolitions is li kely
new to the Rebellion to expand their expertise. another key go-to attack strategy, and the GM should
be prepared for this. In fact, demolitions is a natu-
As with Droid Specialist PCs, the GM should try to ral focus for Sappers within the party. One aspect
provide suitable outlets for Saboteurs to fulfill their of the specialization that should not be overlooked
expected ro le. Saboteurs likely work best with other is the Sapper's abi lity to help the group advance in
party members who are able to sneak into or other- creative ways under enemy fire. A Sapper could do so
wise infiltrate enemy faC ilities, but they can also work by tunneling under facilities, deploying transportable
with more straightfo rward demolitions experts. help such as portable sh ield generators, or setti ng
The clandestine nat ure of the Saboteur's work can up other non-traditiona l met hods for protecting t he
provide interesting roleplaying opportunities as well. In group from attackers while on the move. Player Char-
stories of a darker tone, other party members might acters who are building their own base could have the
have been caught up in one of the Saboteur's early Sapper assigned to their unit to provide military con-
operations and suffered physically, mentally, or both struction abilities as well as demolitions expertise.
as a result. A party member might be torn between
appreciation of th e operation's effect on the Emp ire SCIENTIST
and anger about a personal loss or experience On the
ot her hand, if the Saboteur's actions resulted In free ing Th e Sc ient ist is the most highly academ ic of any of
captives or obviously improving someone's immediate the Engineer specia lizations. Relatively few Scientists
circumstances, the party member might treat the char- are self-taught, although that is an Interesting story
acter as a hero worthy of respect and inspiration. possibility. Since most Scientists engage in years of
academiC studies and detailed research, they often
have much more theoretical knowledge and less field
experience than the typical Engineer character. They
The Sapper is a highly trained combat Engineer, as are also the least likely to have a natural fit with a
adept at fig htin g as at demolishing or bui lding fortifi- given mission or team aSSignme nt. The Scien tist is th e
cations. From a background standpOint, players and easiest specialization to envision as a fis h-out-of-wa ter
Game Masters could approach this character as a style ch aracter, which can actu ally make it easier for
combatant who was later trained as a Sapper, or as an the Game Master to integrate the character into the
Engineer who joined the Rebel Alliance and became party. There are many examples in stories and other
a competent fighter At minimum, the Sapper fits into media of bookish scientists forced from the lab into
most Rebel mission types as a comba tant, but a Sap- the field and having to adjust to those new realities.
per's additional abili ties can make the character much While It may not be immed iately apparent, the
more dangerou s in certain situations. Rebel Allian ce ca n make good use of Scientists in cer-
Few Sappers are tru ly self-educated in all of t heir tain missio ns and situations. A pa rty sent on explo-
skills, though som e may learn through experience ration missions might have Scien tists along to help
during missions rather than through a lot of formal assess the local environment fo r threats and benefits
military training. Knowing how to properly handle before establishing a new base or hideout. Missions to
explosives and carry out effective demolition of struc- infiltrate or attack a mysterious Imperial or commer-
tures is not something easily or safely learned with- cial facility might take a Scientist along to ascertain
out help. As such, Sappers likely have friends and what th e enemy might be developing to use against
colleagues they served with on missions who passed the Rebels or the galaxy at large. Alliance Intelligence
along knowledge fro m deta il ed mi lita ry traini ng and might use Scie ntists to ana lyze inte rcepted Imperial
practical engineering experience. Other Player Char- repo rts for simi lar reasons.
acters might be such individuals.



ust as there's more to an Engineer's skill set than
J knowi ng a hydrospanner fro m a fu sioncutter, there's
more to engineeri ng work than sim ple repairs and con·
• Perform a combat refit: The character makes
desperate repairs in the field for a personal item,
such as a bl aste r or data pa d. This return s it to full
struction . Engineers serving in the Rebel Alliance are fun ctiona li ty, bu t at th e end of the en counter [or
no stra ngers to difficult situations and active com ba t, after one hour), th e item is irre parably damaged
and they quickly learn how to apply their knowledge to an d can only be salvaged for pa rts
the situations that threaten them.
• Replenish field supplies: The character pre·
Th is se ction details sp ecial engineering actions Engi · pares an d restocks gearing grease, en gine lubri·
neer cha racte rs can use to appl y th eir skil ls on the cants, cleaning oils, sol deri ng wire, and oth er
ba ttl efiel d, as well as additional options for spending essential ite ms that often are depleted in front·
narrative dice resul ts on relevant checks. line settings. She adds automatic 4:1 to Mechanics
checks to repair damaged items forthe remai nder
NEW MECHANICS of t he session. The GM can spend @ fro m such
checks to indicate t he supplies have run out
SKILL USES • Undertake a quick structural assessment:
Chara cters with t he Mechanics skill ca n use their Turning an experienced eye at an allied building
technical expertise on the battlefiel d to assist thei r [or vehicle of silhouette 5 or higher), the character
com ra des. Whil e it never hu rts to kn ow how to fire can determine t he most efficient means of repa ir
J' a blaster, sometimes th e knowl edge and expertise If the check is successful , t he difficulty of the next
an Engin eer bri ngs to the con flict ca n prove an even check made to repair t hat buil ding or vehicle is
greater weapon, and the Rebellion is eager to exp loit decreased by I to a minimum of Simple (- ). 4:1
any advantage it can get against the Empire. Page 12 4 on th e chec k may also be spent to reduce th e
of the ACE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook ou tlines some repa ir time by 30 minutes per 4:1, to a minimu m
of th e ways this ski ll is commo nly empl oyed, and t he of 30 min utes.
followi ng are alternative uses that pl ayers ca n adopt • Write a tech manual: Spending some ti me
as well. As a base level, these skill checks should be to record tec hnical instructions allows oth ers
of Average (tt) difficulty, but t he GM should adjust to make repairs or operate devices, even when
this as needed based on the specific se tting, availa bil· lacking the requisite skills. The cha racte r identi ·
ity of raw materials, and time devoted to the effort. fi es on e device or vehicle and create s a detailed
• Craft improvised tools: The ch aracte r create s manua l for it This allows others to use a Kn owl ·
support equ ipment from su rroun ding Items, edge [Education) check instead of a Mecha nics
such as an engine support made from stray gird· ch eck to opera te or repair the item. Each manual
ers, surveying levels from vines and stones, or a must be stored on a separate datapad, and it
hammer that was once an X,wlng landing gear takes a maneuver to look up the proper details
support stru t. For the rema inder of t he seSSion , be fore performing ea ch separa te ch eck to oper·
wh ere applicable, t hese tools rem ove . from any ate or repair an item .
Mechanics chec ks she makes when the co rrect
tools aren't available.
SPENDING \1, ~, @, AND
• Create an impressive set of tools: The char-
acte r spends extra effo rt to ensure her tool s, f/J ON ENGINEERING·
sen sors, an d other im plements are im pressively FOCUSED CHECKS
displayed and polished , making them ea sily the
envy of fe llow grease monkeys A charac ter with When checks wi th an engineering foc us, such as those
such a personally improved set adds 0 to social using Mechanics, Computers, or certain Knowledge
skill checks wit h other mechanically minded skills, result in 4:1, ~ , @ , or @ , these may, as usual ,
characters (even non·All ia nce ones). The GM be spent narrative ly or on the suggested results
can spend @ from a failed Mechan ics check to described in t he ACE OF REBELLI ON Core Ru leboo k on
remove this benefi t, indicating the too ls have page 2 19. Table 3- 1: Spending 4:1, ~, @ , and ~
become besmirched with dirt or nicks. on Engineering-Focused Checks, on page 7 1,
offers further suggestions for spendin g these results.
Players and GMs can use t he effec ts from the ta ble
as presented , or adapt th em into unique effects tied
specificall y in to the ongoing session or cam paign.

Reduce to Essentia ls: The character salvages usefu l parts from the item the characte r is working on. bypa ssing
extraneous cou plings or finding elements of value amid debris nearby. For each tJ. result spent this way, the
Engineer recovers 25 cred its' worth of parts.
Inspiring Solution : The character's current work leads La in sight inlO the next project. Add 0 to the next
Engineering-focused skill check the character makes during th is encounter.

Exception al Perform ance: The character wrings ext raordinary performance from the item being worked upon . If
the item genera les 0 or removes • . It instead generates D O or removes • • instead.
Efficient M odifications: The character makes some key tun e-ups to personal tools or to the subject of a current
project. Add automatic t1 to th e next Mech an ics check the character makes during this session or to the nex t
check made to use this item du ring the current session.

Efficient Power Usage: The character improves a weapon to better utilize its power source. If the character was
making the check to repair or maintain an energy-based wea pon (including a vehicle's weapons), that weapon
cannot run out of ammun ition for the remainder of the session
Insightful Planning: The character is able to draw on past and present experiences to plan for the future. She may
cake any number of ~ after the first on the current check. remove them from the current check results, and add
that number of automatic -0 to a single Engineering-focused skill check later in the same encounter.

Surpass Limitations: Adjustments to a piece or technology allow the character to get it temporarily working at a
level beyon d its no rmal specifica tions. Before making a subsequ ent check with this item du rin g the current session,
the character may add or subtract I from any of the item's characteristics. such as increa sing the dama ge by one
or reducing the critical rating by one. This can also be used to modify a range by one band or change a vehicle's
handling by one. Afte r the check is resolved, the improvement is lost.
Reverse Engineering: After working on the ite m, vehicle, or ship, the character's comprehension of its technology
becomes dee p enough to rebuild it even better. The device has its number of ha rd points increased by one. Th is
cannot be selected more than once per item.

Some Assembly Required : The character's efforts require more work than anticipated. consuming further
resou rces or time. The cha racter must spend a maneuver (if in structured time). increase the time required to
comp lete the task by 25% (if in narrative time), or use up to 10 credits in parts or salvage ..
@ or ~ Unconsidered Variables: When making a check to acquire information. such as a Com pute rs check to draw on a
data base or archive, or a Knowledge check of any kind, the character fails to consider an important variable in the
sea rch. The GM may choose a single check the character makes when acting on the acquired information in the
futu re and add . to that pool.

Temporary Overload: Th e charac ter's effo rts to repair or use an item ca use it to become unpleasant to operate.
At the end of the encounte r, when a character using or carrying this item recovers stra in the amount the character
@ @ or@ recovers is reduced by 2.
Hit a Glitch: Something in the recent operation of an item causes it to begin operating erratically. For the
remainder of the encounter, add automatic @ to all chec ks ma de to use or ope rate tha t item.

Equipment Failure: A power surge, torn cou pling, or other failure causes the character's tools to short out and
fail. The GM selects one item or device the character is using. This item ceases to function entirely for the duration
of the encounter or narrative scene, starting after the end of the character's current turn (or after the results of
@@@ the cu rrent check take place in na rrative time). This result norma!1y on ly affects small items, such as dataspi kes,
or$ fusio nc utters, and hydrospanne rs. but the GM can spend @ or "@ to affect larger items.
Erroneou s Calculations: The character ma kes a crucial error in planning that causes trouble later on . The GM may
add • • to a related or relevant Engineering-focused check the character makes later in the session.

Too Good a Job: All ied Alliance personnel are quite enviou s of the cha racter's success in her engineer endeavors,
and upon reali zing who she is grow uncooperative and disagreeable. Unti l the end of the encou nter. add automatic
$ @ @ to all social checks the character associated with this effort makes with allied characters outside of the
(successful character's immediate circle..
check) Is It Supposed to Do That?: The effort seems to succeed , but new problems arose that are undetectable until
later use or access. For the rest of the encoun ter, any failed checks that involve use of this item inflict 2 strain on
th e cha racter.

loss of Confidence : Whatever the character was hopi ng to accomplish ends in disaster as skills and resources
rail spectacularly. Any tools or eq uipment used as part of the check are lost, and the terrible experience meanS
difficulty of any simila r checks is upgraded once until the end of the encounter due to the cha racter's self-doubt.
@ (fail ed Droid Gone Bad: The effort to repa ir a droid goes quite poorly, and buri ed dee p in its programming, it wil l always
check) remember the terrible experience. This could also occur when a droid witnesses a frightening failu re the character concerning other droids. The GM can have this droid surreptitiously sabotage efforts the PCs make, such as
by adding automatic "" to checks where applicable. or otherwise (and perhaps unconsciously) attem pting to inflict
as much pain and stress on the PCs as was infl icted on it.

ngineers work to maintain the arms and vehicles of If a Mechanics check made on an active battlefield
E the Rebellion's forces, which means more than per-
forming equipment maintenance work in a secure han-
results in ~, stray blaster fire or shrapnel might strike
the Engineer or the Engineer's project, either inflict-
gar. Sometimes, Alliance tech experts need to enter ing a Critical Injury on the Engineer or damaging the
dangerous situations or exotic environments to sa lvage item by one level (see Table 5-4 : Repairing Gear on
a cra shed fighter, get a stalled speeder runn ing again, page 172 of the ACE O F REBELLION Core Rulebook), at
or do any number of other vital but hazardous tasks the CM's discretion.
in the field. In such situations, the difference between
working in an uncontrolled environment-possibly DESERTITUNDRA
even an active combat zone-and bustling about a
workshop shows itself in many ways. Working in an isolated, desolate environment is rarely
a problem for Rebel Engineers, as long as the Alli-
This section details how working in different sorts of ance's supply lines remain able to reach them . The
environments can impact Mechanics checks to repair solitude keep s their work undist urbed, which is a rare
gear, use com ba t engin ee rin g, or perform ot her vita l adva nta ge for engineers in the field.
ta sks. These environments are typically hostile to the
work of an Engineer, but they might provide some However, extreme temperatures and blowing sands
limited bonuses or opportunities to spend positive or snow might necessitate an environmental seal
dice results alongside the penalties and restrictions of around the Engineer's workshop. Any checks to main-
such dangerous work. The main goal of these rules is tain or repair equipment or vehicles made in such
to provide new ways to keep the lives of Engineer PCs conditions without the protection of a sealed work-
challenging and exci ting. not to prevent them from place suffer • . Additionally, improvising stable cover
doing their job. At the CM's discretion, some or all of
the modifiers for an envi ro nm ent might not app ly to
a particular check.
Although the Rebellion generally avoids full -scale mili-
tary engagements against the Empire, somet imes it is
forced into a major confrontation to cove r the evacua-
T he suggested modifiers in this section are
applicable both in and out of structured
time. In certain cases, some environments
tion of a discove red base, or when a plann ed surprise might lend themselves to working in struc-
attack is anticipated. The efforts of the Rebell ion's tured time, but the scene should move at the
Engineers are necessary in these con flicts in order pace appropriate to the PCs' actions, as struc-
to keep fighting vehicles operational and to ensure tured and narrative time are both tools to sup-
losses of materiel are as limi ted as possible. port certain kinds of actions. Simply being in
Working on an active battlefield may impose up to the presence of combat is not enough to force
• • on checks other than those involving personal the PCs into structured time. Instead, the CM
equipment, depending on how close to the front lines should use structured time if it assists in orga-
the Engineer is and t he fi erceness of any nea rby com - nizing the actions of the PCs and other char-
bat. Even ope rating at the very outskirts of a battle, acters present. An Engineer repairing com-
fa r away from any actual combat, coul d impose . bat vehicles on the outskirts of a battlefield
from interrupted resupply shipments or power fail- would not use structured time, but one trying
ures. However, checks to salvage spare parts might to jump-start a getaway speeder before being
receive 0 instead, as replacement materiel and gear found by pursuing Imperial forces likely would.
should be easy to find. Depending on the location of When the party is operating in structured
the battle, other modifiers for environmenta l facto rs time, some of the environmental pressures
(such as those follOWing) may apply as well. Th e CM described here might increase at the GM's
can also decide to upgrade t he diffic ulty of Mechanics discretion, and certain large-scale projects
and Computers checks, based on the effort required could become impossible due to the difficulty
and the curren t battlefield situation. of completing them within the constraints of
a single encounter.

amid sand dunes or snowdrifts is extremel y cha lleng- SPACE
ing, increasing the difficulty of any checks to constru ct
improvised defenses or structu res once in addi tion to When worki ng in low- or zero-gravity conditions, fine
add ing any . fo r lack of ava ilable materia ls. control of one's mot ions ca n becom e difficult, which
causes problems for delicate engineering projects.
HIGH ATMOSPHERE Fortunately, most starships and space stations have
su fficient control over their gravity to make thi s a non-
Sometimes an Engineer needs to make repairs to an issue, bu t doing external work on a ship's hull or oper-
airspeeder or aenal platform, set up a listening station ating aboard a damaged vessel can be an extremely
on a mountain plateau, or work near sheer drops for difficult exercise.
other rea sons. Working in this type of location is dif-
When operating in low-gravity or zero-gravity con-
ferent from working inside a sealed aerial environment
ditions, th e diffic ulty of ch ecks involvi ng deli cate
such as a station in the atm osphere of a gas giant,
motions or fine motor control should be upgraded
which would likely count as an urban environment.
once. If the Engineer is tethered securely to a stable
Working here does not modify checks by default position or is working in an enclosed space that pre-
(unless the Engineer has a phobia concernin g heigh ts). vents dri fting, sim ply add . in stead. During struc-
but If the character roll s @ an important tool or vital tured time, making a Mechanics check in zero-g is
piece of gear might fall to the distant ground below. impossible without spending a maneuver to maintain
a stable position, unless the Engineer is tethered or
FIREFIGHT firmly held in place.

Operating in comba t conditions is an occupa tional UNDERWATER

hazard for the Rebellion's Engineers. Even when they
avoid being caugh t in true battles, combat operations Amp hibious operations are among the worst possible
often require t heir technical expertise. missions to which an Engineer can be assign ed, even
Firefights cover any situation in which small-scale, among aquatic species like the Mon Calamari. Most
standard equipment simply doesn't work underwater,
skirmish combat is occurring. Often these are a result
when enem y stumble upon each other, and neither is and a simple leak can damage everything (machines
re ady for a full battle. As such, firefig hts may overlap and personnel alike) if not dealt with swiftly.
with other environment types, except for active bat- Making Mechanics checks involving anything but
tlefields. Most firefights operate in structured time, the most basic tools is impossible while underwater,
though given the lower scale of the action a GM may unless the tools have been specifically designed to
decide to run even ts in a na rrative fashion. Mechan ics work in su ch situations. Even with the appropria te
and Computers checks in firefights typically suffer . tools, the difficulty of checks to operate on machinery
or • • but depending on the associated environment or vehicles while underwater should be upgraded at
and the exact engineering effort involved the GM may lease once or even twice, depending on the level of
apply other pena lti es. Intricate crafting efforts that exposure and the degree of waterproofi ng involved .
become interrupte d with blaster fire, for example, These pena lties do not apply to work on the rnterior
might become nearly impossible to finish at aiL of an amphibious or submarine vehicle or station ,
unless the interior is flooded.
Working in heavily wooded areas is something of a
nightmare for Engineers. Some of their tools can pose While many engineering workshops can be found in
a serious risk for starting fires, and the abundance of ci ties, operating within a proper workshop and work-
pollen , moi sture, and othe r contaminants can wreak ing on t he fly am id back streets are ve ry differe nt
havoc on sensitive equipment. circumstances. However, the streets and alleys of an
Mechanics and Com puters checks may suffer one or urban environment remain more amenable to an Engi-
more . in these lush environments. However, checks neer's work than wilderness areas or combat zones.
to fashion im provised defenses or structures can gain Working in an urban environment does not gener-
at least D instead , due to th e abundance of natural ally modify Mechanics or Computers checks. D should
materials to work with. be regula rly added to checks for crafting improvised
The GM may spend ~§> {§~ or ~ from an Engineers' defenses or structures in an urban environment, due
Mechanics or Computers check while worki ng in a for- to the widespread availabi lity of girders, wall sections,
ested to have contaminants work their way into their rubble, and other materials to use. Similarly, checks to
equipment, imposing . on future checks of the same scrounge up spare parts or fuel may gain one or more
type until they can get the offending elements remgved. D, especially in industrial districts or sim ilar areas.

he Rebel Allia nce is a powerful military force. but • The vehicle's handling is reduced by one.
T it lacks the dedicated factories, supply lines, and
other logistical elements that a true military might take
• The vehicle's system strain t hreshold is reduced
by two.
for granted. The Rebellion's forces must frequently
make do with older models of military weapons and • Whenever the vehicle incurs system strai n, it su f-
vehicles, when mi litary models are ava ila ble at all. In fers an additional point of system strain .
some cases, the Reb ell ion's Engineers must retrofit • @ on Piloti ng checks to control the vehicle cau se
civilian vehicles and stru ctures to fit their needs. it to seize up and immediatel y drop to speed O.
A re trofitted civili an vehicle is no ma tch fo r a true • @ when using the vehicle's inbuilt systems or
combat speeder or starfighter, but it can be easier to added attachments cause a system or attach-
conceal and is frequently less expensive. Similarly, a ment to fail for the rema inder of the encounter.
Rebel base might be concealed within an apartment
complex or other civili an build ing, sacriflClng iso la-
tion and security to hide in pl ain sight In either case, CONVERTING
these retrofitted examp les are typically less efficient, CIVI LlAN FACI LlTI ES
more vulnerable, and harder to maintain than their
military counterparts. but they serve th eir purpose The Rebellion some times sets up small hidden bases
we ll enough. or other faci lities within the cover of civilian structures.
These con verted buildings are never as efficient as a
dedicated base, but they are far easier to set up and
CONVERTING to conceal. In many cases, the so-called Rebel base
CIVILIAN VEHICLES on a given world is simply a tinY meeting room in the
back of a cell member's dwelling. However, when the
Most civilian vehicles are not designed for heavy local operatives ca n manage it, they typically improve
modification. However, dedicated Engin eers can typi- their headquarters with whatever upgrades they can
cally find a workaround, sacrificing effec tiveness in manage to fit
one area to add capabili ties in another.
When retrofitting a civilian vehicle,
a cha ra cter may spend 500 credo
its and make a Hard (+ + +J
Mechanics check to add a single
hard point Hard pOints added
this way should be focused
towards military use, and the GM
has final sayan how this retrofi t
is done and its purpose, as well as
which vehicles are applicable fo r
the work.
For each hard point added this
way, though, one of th e vehicle's
other capabilities also degrades.
These degradations reflect the
vehicle's systems being pushed
well past their inbuilt tolerances.
The GM may come up wi th a
custom effect to reflect this
limit breaking, or may choose
one from the following list:

upgrade ' Upgrade Description Price
Th e facility Incudes a large, reinforced room along with a wide passageway so that small vehicles can be
stored inside and kept out of sight from Imperial eyes
Hidden 600
Hanger This upgrade allows four vehicles of silhouette 2 or smaller to be secured inside the base_ credits
Th is upgrade may be purchased one add itiona l tim e.
_ __I
The facility includes a basic infirmary stocked to handle basic medical crises.
The infirma ry has cots and treatmenl space tor three patients, medical suppl ies (allowing characters to
perform Medicine checks without pena lty). and one bacta tan k wit h suppli es of bacta.
This upgrade may be taken up to two addit ional times, increasing the number of patients it can
accommodate by three and the number of bacta tanks by one each t ime.

Th e facility has a tool room fille d with spare parts and salvaged com pon ents gathered from junk yards

armor without penalty. ti t}- can be spent as *
and firefights. This alloVl/S characters to perform Mechanics checks to repair and modify weapons and
on such checks here, but the GM can spend e to
exhaust its contents and the characters must spend 100 credits to restock the room before using it again.
Th is upgrade can only be taken once
-- ----- --._ - - - - -
The once-civilian facility's security improves somewhat, better protecting the Rebels within. When this
upgrade is purchased, select one of the following:
• The exterior doors of the bu ilding gai n bette r locks that can only be opened with a special
electronic key. an Average {t t } Computers check, or a Hard {t t t } Skulduggery check ..
• The structure of the facility is reinforced, giving it an armor value of I (weapons unable to inflict
more than 1 planetary scale damage cannot damage the facility).
Security 2.2 50
Upgrades • The bui ld ing's walls are fitted with scanner baffles and sound deadening in su lation, which increase credits
the difficulty of checks to detect life signs, movement, sounds. and other signs of activity within once.
• The fac ility gains security cameras that can be monitored on terminals throughout the facility.
• The fac ili ty has a d isgu ised entrance set along a rubble-strewn wall or seemingly solid window
panelling, detectable only though a Hard ct. t ) Perception check.
This upgrade may be purchased four additional times. each time with a different option selected .

When purchased alongside anot he r upgrade, that upgrade no longer increases the risk of the facility's
discovery, thanks to dampened energy signatures, smuggled supply shipments, or other efforts made to
Concealed hide the changes. + 1.000
Upgrades credits
Up to three upgrades or upgrade repurchases may be modified this way. Add itional upgrades beyond
L-_--'-_th at nu
_ mber
_ are_
__ to fu-'-______
lly conce al. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- L _ - - . l
Possible upgrades for a converted ciVilian facility are CIVILIAN FACILITIES AND SECRECY
listed in Table 3-2: Civilian Facility Refits. PCs work-
ing out of a civilian facility can upgrade It several ways. Regularly shipping arms and medical supplies into
The simplest is to pay the cost in credits listed on the a civilian facility, or reinforcing the internal structure
table. However, credits are often tight for Rebel agents. of the walls with duracrete, tends to draw attention.
Altern atively, the PCs could acquire base upgrades as a Add ing upgrades to a civilian facility risks ma king the
reward for increasing their Contribution rank (see page facili t y an obvious hub of Rebel activity. A civilian
49 of the AGE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook) . Each time facili ty that has any upgrades not enhanced with
the PCs use this reward to upgrade their base, they the Concea led Upgrades refit grants 0 to ch ecks
receive a number of upgrades chosen from Table 3-2: characters make to notice its unusual activity or
Civilian Facility Refits equal to their new Contribu- feat ures. Every two additional unconcealed upgrades
tion rank (to a maximum of four). All upgrades added add an additional 0 to such checks. A chara cter still
via Contri bution rank are considered to be en hanced needs to be looking for signs of unusual activity or
with the Concealed Upgrades refit at no additional added security to receive this bonus, so the GM should
cost, up to the normal maximum for that option . not assume the upgrades installed in a converted
fa cility automa tica lly draw th e notice of the ISS or
Th e GM has fina l say on what upgrades can be
similar groups. However, if the PCs' activities are
selected depending on the facility used. Players with
potentially traceable back to the converted facility.
access to DESPERATE ALLI ES should feel free to adopt
th e bonus applies to any attempts to do so.
the Rebel Sa se Upgrades in that book to add more
potent (but more expansive) refits, especially for
larger and more important facilities.

T he ru les in this section provide GMs and players
with options for crafting their own vehicles and star-
ships. Whe n a player wishes to have a character cra ft
an item, the player should consult wi th the CM. The
two shou ld then co llaborate while going through the To attempt to bu il d an Item based on the chosen tem -
followi ng steps to create the new Item. As with all such plate, the character must acquire appropriate mate-
Items, anythi ng the player wants to craft is subject to ria ls for t he selected frame, engine, and hu ll types
the GM's approval The cost and ra rity of these matenals are listed under
"Material Price/Rarity" on the releva nt temp late table.
Crafting vehicles and starships follows fou r steps For mechani ca l purposes, materials count as a single
First is Step 1: Select Templates, in which the PC item with t he li sted price and rari ty. As always, at the
chooses what kind of vessel to make Here the PC GM's discretion , certain supplies might not always be
se lects a specific type of frame , type of engine, and ava ilab le for the listed price in any given market (see
type of hull from t he respective template tables. Next is page 164 of the ACE OF REBElLION Core Ru lebook].
Step 2: Acquire Materials, in whic h the PC acquires
the separate suppl ies to bui ld these three essential Because Matenal Price/Rarity for a temp late is
co re componen ts. In Step 3: Constr uction , the PC defi ned only in terms of price in cred its and abstracted
ac tually crafts t he new frame, engin e, and hull with rarity, the particular nat ure of the materials used
an associated skill check for each. After making these can vary wi ldly, and depends on the specifics of the
three checks there is Step 4: Assembly, in which t he item to be crafted. At the GM's discretio n, PCs can
PC takes t he vari ous pa rts and fashions t hem together acquire some or all of t he materials via mea ns ot her
into t he new vessel via a single Mechan ics check. Once than pu rchase (such as via sa lvage or theft, or as gifts
assembled, the new vessel is ready for battle l from Alli ance-friend ly compa nies]. Th e details of such
ac t ions and t he actual materials ca n be narratively
reso lved or become the basis for side-campaigns.
To crea te a new vessel, the player first chooses one row A[QUIRING TEJIIIPLATES FOR
in each of the three template tables (frame, engine, or JIIIILlTARY HARDWARE
hu ll ; see pages 77-81 ] The template dictates the cost
and rarity of required materials (Ma terial Price/Rarity)'
the difficu lty to build the item (Check), an estimate of
how long construction take s (Time], and the item pro-
F rom a narrative standpoint, there are many
ways a character might learn how to build
a particular item, A character might have
duced on a successful check (N ame). acquired a prototype blueprint from a secret
Eac h template can encompass a va st number of Imperial facility, invented the technology in
specific types of the item indicated. When designing isolation, or worked as part of a research
a nevv starfighter, two Engi neers might create com - team at a corporation, The Rebel Alliance
pletely differen t sh ips that fill the same battlefield role, might even provide blueprints for certain
each with Its own fo ibles and advantages. A template common components and technologies, upon
describes what a crafted item does, but not necessar- which crafters can expand and improve,
il y how it accomp lishes it or what embellishments it It is always up to the GM whether a given
might posse ss; t hose are the mark of the crafter template is available to a Pc. Generally, most
Th us, players and GMs should fee l free to be cre - templates should be available a majority of
ative in com ing up with thei r own unique types of it ems the time, The difficulty of turning abstract
that a given template can represent Inspired GMs are knowledge into a practical device is reflected
encouraged to create their own unique templates; all by the difficulty of the checks to acquire
a temp late needs is a Name, Material Price/Rari ty, materials and construct the device, However,
Check, Time, and profile for t he resu lt, which CMs ca n for more interesting stories, the GM (or the
provide to t heir players as they see fit player) can require the character to spend
time on research or even go on a short adven~
Step 1: Select Templates takes as much or as little
ture to complete Step 1: Select Templates
time as th e character spends planning be fore launch-
for a particularly special item, Alternatively, a
ing into hands-on work. After selecting temp lates, a
character's past successes (or failures) might
character moves on to Step 2: Acquire Materials.
open the door to crafting a brand,new item,

Step 2: Acquire Materials requires as much time
as it takes for the PC to physically obtain the materi-
als. ThIS could be as short as a trip to a scrapyard
or sup ply depot, or as long as an epic quest to fi nd
a rare metal, depending on the situation. After suc-
cessfully acquiring materials, a character moves on to
Step 3: Construction .

After acquiring the materials to make one of the three
items, the charac ter must make the associated check,
listed under "Check" on the relevan t table, to actually
construct that item. If the character succeeds, the item
is fully functional and has the profile corresponding The amount of t ime Step 3: Construction takes is
with t he name of its template. If the character fails on determ ined by the estim ate of working hours li sted
the ch eck to construct a templa te, the single product in the template under "Time." Every :tf the PC scores
that comes out of the attempt {frame, engine, or hull} is on the check beyond the first red uces this time by
unusable and the materials involved are lost. four hou rs (to a minimum of four hours). At the CM's
Th e tables on pages 81-85 Inclu de suggestions on disc retion , other fa ctors can also affect the time
how ta integrate other results into construction, First, req uired, such as expertise of support personnel,
crafters can use 0 and ~ results to make improve- working conditions, and the local technical level.
ments to the item. Then, the CM can spend @ and
@1 ta add flaws. Unless a limit is speCifi ed, an option
from these tables may be selected any num ber of
times, and its effects stack. In this step the PC takes the finished components and
turns them into a functional machine. To do this, the
crafter must make a Mechanics check, as detailed
in Table 3-10: Assembling Vehicles and Star-
ships (see page 85). If the character fails, the
only thing lost is the crafter's time. The character
can attempt Step 4: Assembly at the next avail-
able opportunity. If the character succeed s,
the vehicle or starship becomes opera-
tional after the number of working hours
listed in the template under "Time."
Every:tf the character scares on the
check beyond the first reduces this
time by two hours (to a minimum
of one hour). Other factors can
also affect t he time requ ired, at
th e CM's discretion, Once suc-
cessfully assembled, the vehicle or
starship is functional, using the statis-
tics provided by its core components.
Note that assembly often requires
additional resources to complete.
See Table 3-11 : Spending 0,
~, @, and @1 onAssembly (se e
page 85) for ideas on how
to integrate other results into
vehicle and starship assembly.
Fi rst, crafters can use 0 and
~ resu lts to ma ke improve-
ments to the resultant craft
Then, the GM can spend {§>
and @1 to add flaws,

hen bui lding a vehi cle or starship , the crafter
W must first constru ct the three core com ponents:
a frame, an engine, and a hull, For each of these core
components, the crafter performs Steps 1-3: choos-
ing a template, acq uiring the materials, and performing The following profiles are used fo r starship and vehicle
the listed checks over the amount of time specified , frames, which determine a craft's overall shape and
function, While each frame is presented as a vehicle
• Frame: A frame is th e skeleton of a starshi p or profi le, a fram e alone is nothing more than an unpow-
vehicle, It is treated as a ship or vehicle (albeit ered skeleton of th e craft it might even tually be,
on e that can not operate until specifi c attach-
ments are added during Step 4: Assembly), The SPEEDER BIKE
frame provides th e craft's baseline parameters,
• Engine: An engine is the craft's power source. Fast and agile, speeder bikes offe r one of the most
It is trea ted as an attachment that can only be exciting (and dangerous) ways to get around on the
attached to a frame that does not already have su rfa ce of ha bitable planets, Many aspiring designers
an engine, It provi des vehicle's speed, system have been known to build speeder bikes in the garage
strain t hresh old, and defense, from spare parts in th eir early days of tinkering,
Vehicle Type: Speeder Bike,
• Hull: A hull is the body and armor of t he ve ssel, Silhouette: 2,
It is treated as an attachment t ha t can only be Hull Trauma Threshold: 3,
attached to a frame t hat does not already have a Maximum Altitude: 15 meters,
hull, It provides the vehicle's armor and handling, Sensor Range: Close,
Once the crafter completes Step 3: Construction Crew: One pilot.
successfully for the selected fra me, en gine, and hull (by Encumbrance Capacity: 1,
spending the requ isite hours and succeeding on t he Passenger Capacity: None,
listed check as usual), th e character has the elemen ts Customization Hard Points: 6,
needed to assemble th e starship or ve hicle, At thi s
point, the crafter is rea dy to perform Step 4: Assem- LANDSPEEDER
bly, adding the engine and hull to th e fra me, Once
successfully assembled, the new vehicle or starship is Landspeeders are how most citizens get around, From
fully operational and ready for a crew to use it against civilian tnucks to battlefield tanks, they cover an incred-
the Empire! ible variety of machines,
Vehicle Type: Landspeeder
Silhouette: 2,
Hull Trauma Threshold: 6,
Maximum Altitude: 20 meters.
Sensor Range: Close.
Crew: One pilot.
Encumbrance Capacity: 5 .
Passenger Capacity: 2.
Customization Hard Points: 8.


The fastest craft in an atmosphere, airspeeders soar

nimbly through th e skies of countless worlds across
the ga laxy. While they lack the versatil ity of starships,
airspeeders are far less expensive to manufacture and
purchase, and are t hus the vehicles of choice for many
people who rarely [eave their homeworld.
Vehicle Type: Airspeeder.
Silhouette: 2.
Hull Trauma Threshold: 5.
Maximum Altitude: 100 kilometers.
Sensor Range: Close.
Crew: One pilot.
Encumbrance Capacity: 5.
Passenger Capacity: 2.
Customization Hard Points: 8.


Vehicl es wi th legs have certain advantages over those

without, includ ing (but ha rdly limited to) the ability to
maneuver across harsh terrain and in places whe re
weath er makes flight untenable. Many war machines
are built as walkers for these reasons, but also for FREIGHTER
sturdy reliability and impOSing looks. Traders from Coruscant to th e fa rthest stars of the
Vehicle Type: Wa lker. Outer Rim rely on freighte rs to move commodities,
Silhouette: 3. ship product , and manage chains of supply.
Hull Trauma Threshold: 15. Class: Freighter.
Sensor Range: Close. Silhouette: 4 .
Crew: On e pilOt. Hull Trauma Threshold: 35.
Encumbrance Capacity: 2. Sensor Range: Close.
Passenger Capacity: None. Crew: One pilot. one co-pilot.
Customization Hard Points: 9 . Encumbrance Capacity: 100.
Passenger Capacity: 4.
STARFIGHTER Customization Hard Points: 10.
Perhaps the most romanticized of all starships,
sta rfighters are small craft designed fo r close engage- SHUTTLE
ments, bombing, and harrying enemy forces. Many of
Ded icated transports are out of reach to most. Still ,
history's greatest warriors are renowned for their skill
many dlp[omats, dignitaries, and leaders make use of
in the cockpit of a starfighter, and many of the most
personal shuttles to get around the galaxy. This frame
storied Engineers are those who built and maintained
has silhouette 4 and hu ll trau ma th resho ld 25.
these legendary cra ft. Class: Shuttle.
Class: Starfighter. Silhouette: 4.
Silhouette: 3 Hull Trauma Threshold: 25.
Hull Trauma Threshold: 8 Sensor Range: Short.
Sensor Range: Close. Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot.
Crew: One pilot. Encumbrance Capacity: 50.
Passenger Capacity: None. Passenger Capacity: 10.
Encumbrance Capacity: 2. Customization Hard Points: 10.
Customization Hard Points: 7.

Speeder Bike 25011 Average (t +)Mechanics check 12 hours

Landspeeder 50012 Average (t +)Mechanics check 24 hours

Airspeeder 1.000/2 Hard (+. tl Mechanics check 24 hours

Walker 5.000/3 Hard (+. +)Mechanics check 3 days (72 hours)

Starfighter 10.000/4 Hard (+ . t ) Mechanics check 3 days (72 hours)

Freighter 50.000/3 Hard (t. +1Mechanics check 10 days [240 hours)

Shuttle 75.000/3 Hard (t. +)Mechanics check 10 days [240 hours)

Corvette 500.000/4 Daunting (t •• t ) Mechanics check 20 days (480 hours)

Frigate IRI 1.000.000/4 Daunting (t •• +)Mechanics check 20 days (480 hours)

Heavy Cruiser IRI2.500.000/5 Daunting (• • • •) Mechanics check 50 days II .200 hoursl

Destroye r IRI 10.000.000/6 Formidable (t ••• +)Mechanics check 50 days (1 ,200 hours)

Space Station 50.000.00015 Fo'midable It t t t tl Mecha nics check 100 days (2.400 hours)


Th e smallest capi tal ships in most fleets. corvettes Cruisers are far la rger and more destructive t han cor-
are nonetheless dominating war machines. capable of vettes. and the largest cru isers can even contend toe-
commandi ng wings of starfighters and inflicting untold to-toe wi t h destroyers. Wi th crews in the thousands
devastation on ta rgets in space and on land . Th is and enormous weapon batteri es. even a lone cruiser
frame has silhouette 5 and hu ll trauma threshold 45 . is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields amid
Class: Corvette. the stars. Thi s frame has silhouette 7 and hull tra uma
Silhouette: 4. threshold 95.
Hull Trauma Threshold: 25. Class: Heavy Crui5er.
Sensor Range: Medium. Silhouette: 4.
Crew: 100 officers. pilots. and crew Hull Trauma Threshold: 25.
Encumbrance Capacity: 500. Sensor Range: Long.
Passenger Capacity: 200. Crew: 2.000 officers. pilots. and crew.
Customization Hard Points: 12. Encumbrance Capacity: 5.000.
Passenger Capacity: 200 .
FRIGATE Customization Hard Points: 16.

La rger than corvettes bu t smailer than cruisers. frig- DESTROYER

ates often opera te in support capaciti es in flee ts.
keeping other sh ips supplied and laying down fire to Truly massive wa rships. destroyers loom far larger than
suppress sma iler enemy craft and drain the defenses heavy cruisers and project an aura of dread and power
of larger foes. This fram e has silhouette 6 and huil that few ca n deny. A single destroyer ca n conquer a
traum a t hreshold 80. world . raining death fro m t he skies and crushi ng any
Class: Frigate. resistance sm ailer forces attempt to mount. This frame
Silhouette: 4. has silhouette 8 and hull trauma threshold 125.
Hull Trauma Threshold: 25. Class: Destroyer.
Sensor Range: Long. Silhouette: 4.
Crew: 500 officers. pilots. and crew Hull Trauma Threshold: 25.
Encumbrance Capacity: 1.000. Sensor Range: Long.
Passenger Capacity: 250. Crew: 30.000 officers. pilots. and crew
Customization Hard Points: 15. Encumbrance Capacity: 10.000.
Passenger Capacity: 5.000
Customization Hard Points: 17.

TABLE 3- 5: SPENDING t). <§>. ctJ. speed rema in s zero no matter the engine type (other
AND WHEN [RAFTING FRAMES att ribu tes from the engine apply as norma l).
Class: Space Station.
Silhouette: 8.
Lessons Learned: The character learns Hull Traum a Th reshold: 150.
something valuable. and gains 0 on the next Sensor Range: Long.
check the character ma kes wi th th e same skil l
D or$ be fore the end of the session.
Crew: 60 ,000 or mo re administrators, techniCians,
and laborers.
larger Scope: Increa se the craft's silhouette
by one (this can on ly be selected once).
Encumbran ce Capacity: 100,000
Passenger Capacity: 40,000.
Extra Hard Point: Add one (lJstomization Customization Hard Points: 50.
hard pO int to the craft (th is can on ly be
selected once)
o t1 Integrated Improvement: Increase or decrease ENGINES
or@ the crew or passenger capacity by half, rounded
up (th is can only be selected once) The roar ing hea rt of a vehicle or vesse l, t he engin es
Reinforced Construction: Increase the craft's presented here run the gamut from high ly speCIalized
hu ll trauma thresho ld by one starfighter engin es to t he ploddi ng, re liable drives
fo und In cargo ha ulers or lumbe ring walkers.
Hard Work Recognized: The frame catches
t he attention of high-ranking Engineers;
increase the crafter's Duty by two SINGLE ION COIL
Efficient Construction: A siza ble portion of
DDD th e materia l is unused or can be recla imed Perhaps the most baSIC of subl ight drives, these
from the process: the character retains engines are sti ll attract ive due to their price.
sup pl ies worth 50% of the Material Price
needed to craft the item (t hi s can on ly be Base Modifier s: Insta ll ing this core component
selected on cel. changes a craft's speed to 1, defense to 0/0/0/0, and
Elegant Design: Reduce the craft's si lhouette i system stra in threshold to 3 x silh ouette.
by one (th is can on ly be selected once) Modification Options: 3 Increase speed by one
(to a max imum of 6) Mods, 3 Increase system st rain
Too Big to Hurt: Add the Massive 1 specia l
ru le to the craft or increase the va lue of this
threshold by silhouette Mod s.
rule by one (this can on ly be selected once). Hard Points Required : 2
Schematic: Create a schematic that
pe rmanently reduces the difficulty of creating ELECTRON BAFFLED ENGINE
frames of th is templa te by one (to a min imu m
of Simple H I
Baffled engines not only offer increased speed due to
Modifiable: Reduce the d ifficul ty of checks to the ir vectoring mechanisms, but also add add it ional
modify attac hm ents on this veh icle by one (to
a minimu m of Easy It ]].
defense to th e aft sect ions of a Ship.
Base Modifiers: Insta lling this core component
@ or @ This is a Tough One: Upon completing Step changes a craft's speed to 2, defense to 0/0/0/2 , and
4: Assembly, the character suffers 5 strain . system stra in t hreshold to 5 x sil houette.
Difficult to Integrate: When a cha racter Modification O ptions: 2 Increase speed by two (to a
attem pts Step 4: Assembly using t his core maximum of 6) Mods, 2 Increase system strai n thresh-
or '" component, upgrade the diffi cu lty of the old by silhouette Mods, 2 Increase aft defense Mods
Mechanics check once
Hard Points Required: 4
Difficult to Repair: Increase the difficu lty of
or '" checks to repair this cra ft on ce.

Faulty Wiring: The GM may spend @ @ @

or ~ that a charact er generates on a Piloting
check I-v ith th is craft to have it suffer the "Major
System Failure ' Critica l Hit res ult from Table
7-9: Critical Hit Result o n page 258 of the
AGE O F REBELLION Core Ru lebook

There are few sights more inspiring to an Engineer
than an orbital shi pyard or battle station, alight and
alive with activity as it mai ntain s, repairs, and con -
structs dozens of massive shi ps sim ultaneously When
engines are set on a space station frame, t he vehicle 's

Si ngle Ion Coil 50012 Easy (t l Mechanics Check 24 hours

Electron Baffled Engine 1.00013 Average (• •l Mechanics check 2 day (48 hours)

Ion Turbine Engine 2.00012 Average (• •l Mechanics check 2 days {48 hours)

Fusial Thrust Engine 2.50014 Hard (+••l Mechanics check 2_5 days [60 hours)

Repulsor Cluster
3.00014 Hard {+. + 1 Mechanics check 5 days (120 hours)

Ion Drive Array 5 .25015 Daunting (+•• + 1 Mechanics check 5 days (120 hours)


Reliable and compact. these engines are often found While bulkier than other engines. repulsor clusters can
in freighters seeking power without sacrificing space. offer high speed and increased protection for vehicles
Base Modifiers: Installing this core componen t operating within a planetary atmosphere. This engine
changes a craft's speed to I , defense to 1/01010, and type cannot be mounted on starsh ips.
system strain th reshold to lOx Sil houette. Base Modifiers: Installing th iS co re component
Modification Options: I Increase speed by one (to a changesa craft's speed to 4, defense to 1/1 I I 11, and
maximum of 6) Mod, 5 Increase system strain thresh- system strain threshold to 5 x silhouette.
old by silhouette Mods, 2 Increase fore defense by Modification Options: 1 Increase speed by one (to
one Mods. a maximum of 6) Mod.
Hard Points Required: 3. Hard Points Required: 4.


Fusia l engines are comm on in starfighters, where high Ion drive arrays provide excelle nt speed as we ll as
speed is often th e most important fac tor plenty of opportunities for modification.
Base Modifiers: Installing this core component Base Modifiers: Insta lling this core component
changes a craft's speed to 3, defense to 1/0/0/0. and changes a craft's speed to 4. defense to O/O/OID. and
system strain threshold to 4 x silhouette. system strain threshold to 2 x silhouette.
Modification Options: 2 Increase speed by one (to Modification Options: 2 Increase speed by one
a maximum of 6) Mods, 2 Increase aft defense by I (to a maximum of 6) Mods. 1 Increase sys tem strain
Mods. thre shold by silhouette Mod. I In crease fore defense
Hard Points Required: 3. by one Mod , I Increase aft defense by one Mod .
Hard Points Required: 4.


Though the frame gives a ship its rough shape, it is
ompared to sublight engines, hyperdrive
C modules require less thrust ducting and
other complex integration work. Thus, they
the hull plating that turns a metal skeleton into a real
Ship. Each hu ll offers differing degrees of protection,
aerodynam ics. cargo ca pacity, and man euverab ility,
are handled as a starship attachment. and Engineers mu st factor in all of these when choos-
Base Modifiers: Add one primary hyperdrive ing and building a vessel's exterior
(Class 4 or Class 8; see costs below) and
astromech droid socket (starfighters only) . SLEEK CARAPACE
Modification Options: 4 Reduce primary
hyperdrive rating by 1 (to a minimum of .5) This hull sacrifices speed for maneuverability. and
ofte n provides for increased attractiveness.
Mods, 1 Add Class 14 backup hyperdrive
Base Modifiers: Installi ng this core compon ent
Mod, 4 Reduce backup hyperdrive rating by
chan ges a craft's arm or to 0 and ha nd ling to + 2.
1 Mods.
Modification Options: 1 Increase armor by one
Hard Points Required: 1.
Mod, 1 Increase aft defense by one Mod, 1 Increase
Price/Rarity: 3,000/3 (Class 8), 6 ,000/4
handling by one Mod.
(Class 4).
Hard Points Required: 2.
SymbDls Effect
• 0 r ilJ ~ l essons learned, The character learns something va luable, and gains 0 on t he next check the character makes
o With the same ski ll before the end of the seS$ IO n.
---- --- --_._--
Enha nced Output: Increase the craft's speed by one (to a maximum of 6).
OO orilJ
~e-Tun ed Circu its: Increase the craft's system strain threshold by I.
- - - -.
Efficient Constru ction : A sizeable portion of t he materia l is unused or can be rec laimed From the process; t he I
character retains supplies worth 50% of the Ma terial Price needed to craft tr.e item (this can only be selected once) . I
000 Enhanced Power to Deflectors: Increase each vehicle defense zone's rating by one or one zone's defense ra tll1g by two
(th is can on ly be se lected once).
or ilJ
Easy to Repair: Reduce the difficulty of checks to repair
Simple H I
Criti~~.its th is eran is suffering by one [to a_.:~mum of _J
Fine-Tuned: Remove .
selected once) .
from Piloting checks ca used by navigation hazards and difficult terrain (thiS can only be I
Schematic: Create a schematic that permanentIy reduces t:e difficulty of creating engines of this lempl:~bY_On~.~
(to a minimum of Simple [- II.
@ or @ Thi s is a Tough One: Upon completing Step 4 : Assemb ly, the character suffers 5 stra in.
Diffi cult to Integra te: When a character attem pts Step 4 : Assembly using th is core component, upgrade the
difficulty of the Mechanics check once.
@ @ or'@
Treacherou s to Repair: Upgrade the difficulty of checks to repair Critical Hits this craFt is suffering once (this can
only be selected once).
------ - - - - -- - .. _----_._---1
Unrel iable Output : The GM may spend {§~ @ @ or@ that the pilot generates on a Piloting check with this craft
@@ @ to have it suffer the ·Power Fluctuations· Critica I Hit result from Table 7 - 9: Cr itica l Hit Result on page 258 of the
or '" A CE OF REBELLION Core Rulebook (this can only be selected once).
e-- -------_.
Prone to Failure: The GM may spend @ tha t a character generates on a Piloting check with th is craft to have it suffe r
t he "Engines Down" Critica l Hit resu lt from Table 7 - 9: Critical Hit Result on page 258 of the A GE OF REBElliON Core

Rulebook (this can only be selected once)
Fu el Hog : Whenever this vehicle suffers 1 or mare system strain, it suffers that amoun t plus I instead


Used for freighters, this hull allows for additional cargo The improved armor in this hull increases survivability.
space and the prom ise of paying passengers. Base Modifier" Installing this core compon ent
Base Modifiers: Insta ll ing t his core compo nent changes a craft's armor to I and handling to - 1.
chan ges a craft's armor to I and hand ling to -2 . and Modification Options, 2 Increase armor by one
adds 25 to both the encumbrance capaci ty and the Mods. I Increase encumbrance capacity by si lhou-
passenger capacity. ette Mod , 2 Increase passenger capacity by one Mod,
Modification Options: 2 Increase armor by one 1 Increase handling by one Mod.
Mods, 10 Increase encumbrance capacity by silhou - Hard Point s Required, 3.
ette Mods. 8 Increase passenger capacity by silhou-
ette Mods.
Hard Points Required : 4.


Sleek Carapace 450/3 Average (. t ) M echanics check 24 hours per silhouette

Expanded·Capacity Holds 500/2 Average (• •) M echanics check 2" hours per silhouette

Ligh tly Armored Hull 500/4 Average (.t ) M echanics check 2 days [48 hours) per silhouette

Deflective Plating 700/5 Hard (t. t ) M ech a nics check 3 days (72 hours) per si lhouette

Combat Plating 1.500/7 Hard (tt t ) M echanics check 4 days (96 hours) per si lhouette

Symbols Effect
lessons learned: The chara cte r learns
B uilding a warship is, simply put, not a one-
person job. This sort of construction proj-
ect usually requires an entire team of techni-
so mething valuable. and gains D on the nex t
check the cha racter makes us ing the same ski ll cians led by a Shipwright rather than a lone
before the end of t he session. builder. While droids can perform many tasks
o or '" , Cargo Pods: Increase the craft's enc umb rance more efficiently than organic laborers, the
I capac ity by Its silhouette If the vehicle IS a
freighter Increase Its encu mbrance bvtWIC~
effort involved in building any ship of silhou-
1 Its silhouette (If spending $ thiS Increase IS ette 5 or higher is staggering, and requires a
! doubled to Tour t imes the silh ouette) huge contingent of support personnel, poten-
I----+----~ ~---------~­
tially over the course of multiple years.
Extra Hard Point- Add one custo ml zatJon
hard pO int to the craft (this can only be 1 These efforts also generally require other
I selected once per hu ll) material and supplies to support the final
I Layered Plating. Increase the craft's armor ! assembly, These are represented in Table
by one (thiS can on ly be se lected a number of :
I t imes up to the veh icle's silhouette). I 3-10: Assembling Vehicles and Starships
f----- --tj-E-fft·C-ient c~~~~ction~~-~·i~~~;portion or"-;;1 [see page 85) as Additional Resources
Needed. They reflect the fact that ships of
ma terial is unu sed or can be reclaimed from the
varying size have extremely different needs.
process; the character retains supplies worth
50% of the Material Price needed to craft t he I The engine from an A-wing Is simply not
I or '" item (this can on ly be selected once). going to be sufficient to power an Me80 star
cruiser, for example, but an Insightful and
~__ I
Maneuvering Fins: Increase the cra ft's- J
handli ng by one [to a maximum of +3). clever Engineer might be able to find ways
--- --- - ~ . ~-----

to leverage its innovations when constructing

Integrated System: Add + 1 ha rd point to
! the cra ft. then instal l one appl icab le veh icle the massive engine needed_ The extra cost ,
attach ment that requires 1 or fewer ha rd in credits at this stage accounts for consider-
i pa ints. No check is requi red to obtain this ations such as expanding the size of certain
I attach ment, and it costs zero credi ts
core components, plus other raw materials
i Schematic: Create a schematic that needed to integrate all of the systems and
I pe rmanently reduces the difficu lty of creating I complete the assembly.
I hulls of t his t emplate by one (to a minimum of
: Simple [- JJ.
j Too Tough to Hurt: Add the Massive 1
specia l ru le to the craft or mcrease t he va lue
of t his rule by one (t hiS can only be selected I

____ _ once pervehic leJ. __ ._._ _._._ __ ~... _ __ ~

Hulls featuring t hese protective plates give a trad eoff

'-' or
I This is Tough One: Upon com pl eting Step 4:
Assembly, the character suffers 5 strain.
Difficult to Integrate: When a character
between defe nse and maneuverability
Base Modifiers: Insta lling this core compo nent
changes a craft's armor to 2 and handling to - 2.
Modification Options: 2 Increase armor by one
A attempts Step 4: Assembly using th is core I' Mods, 1 Increase fore defe nse by one Mod. I Increase
@ @ or 'If' component. upgrade the difficu lty of the
hull trauma t hreshold by silh ouette Mod.
f-_____i-_M_e_c_han ics check once .~------ --J Har d Points Required: 4 .
@ @ @ Tight Quarters: Add . to all checks exce pt
or f;J Piloting and Gunnery made white aboard t his COMBAT PLATING
_ ___ ~-~.~icle (th~~. on ly .~:--=-e~ecte~_onc~_1__
Loose Plating: The GM may spend "@ @ that Comba t plat ing offers perhaps the best protection a
I, the pilot generates on a Piloting check with this hul l can provide, but reduces t he steering to glacia l
. craft to have it suffer the "Destabilized" Critica l levels of respon sive ness .
Hit resu lt from Table 7-9: Critical Hit Result
on page 258 of the ACE OF REBELLION Core
Base Modifiers: Insta lling this core component
' -_ _ _ _'-R~leb~~k (this can only be select~d once)."~ changes a craft's armor to 3 and handli ng to - 3.
Modificati on Options: 3 In crease armor by one
Mods. 1 special rule [Massive + 1) Mod, 2 Increase
hull t rauma threshold by silhouett e Mods.
Hard Point s Required: 5.


0-1 Average (++)Mechanics check 1 day (24 ho urs]

2 Hard (+. +)Mechanics check 2 days (48 hou rs) 1.000 cred its for ad ditional supplies

3 Hard (• • +)Mechanics check 5 days (1 20 hours) 10,000 credits for additional supplies

4 Daunting (+ +++J 10 days (240 hours)

A team of 5 or more, 25,000 credits for
Mechanics check addi tional supplies

5- 6 Daunting (+++ +J
Mechanics check
50 days (1 ,200 hours)
A tea m of 100 or more, 10 0,000 credits fo r
additional supplies

7-9 Fo'midable (+++++J

Mechanics check
100 days (2 ,400 hours)
A team of 5,000 or more. 2.000 ,000 credits
for additional supplies


Symbols Effect
Lessons Learned: The cha racter lea rns something va luable. and ga ins 0 on the next check the character makes
with the same skill before the end of the session.
Improved Safety Features: Whenever a characler in this vehicle would suffer wounds or strain from a Critical Hit
the vehicle suffers, as a resu lt of working on the vehicle, or other similar occurrences, the character suffers two fewer
wounds or strain. to a minimum of I. This does not apply to strain or wounds suffered voluntarily (this can only be
selected oncel.
'I Customized Co nt.rols: Choose a pilot; that character adds 0 to Pil oting checks made with this craft [this can only
4i be selected once)
tJ. tJ. or I Under Budget: The character retains supplies worth 25% of the credit cost in the Additional Resources Needed
column during Step 4: Assembly (to a minimum of 50% of the credit cost).
Distinctive Style: Crew of the craft add D to Cha rm, Coercion. and Negotiation checks made in the presence of the
tHJO vessel (th is can only be selected once) .
Ahead of Schedu le: Red uce t he tim e required for Step 4: Assembly by 25 % (to a minimu m of one ho ur).
Masterfu l Construction: If this craft ever suffers the "Vaporized" Crit ical Hit result from Table 7-9: Critica l Hit
Result (see page 258 of the ACE O F REBELLION Core Rulebook) or should othen~ i se be instantaneously destroyed, it
suffers the "Breaking Up" Critical Hit result instead .
Assembly Plans: The crafter fashions a detailed manual covering how the item was assembled, including tips !
learned in the effort. This permanen tl y reduces the d iffi culty of assembling starsh ips and veh icl es o f this silhouette i
1 _._. ~I'
@ or ~ This is Tough One: Upon completing Step 4: Assembly. the character suffers 5 strain.

Finicky Interface: Increase the difficulty of checks to modify attachments to this craft by one (this can only be
selected once)
@@ or@"
Doesn 't Look like Much: Dec rease the price that any buye r is wil li ng to pay for t his craft by 50% [thi s can on ly be
I selected once).
t----1---------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -----------~
! Complex Construction: Increase the difficulty of checks to repair this craft once (thiS can only be selected once).
! {§} @ @ Specialized: The crafter chooses one environment of operation (such as space, low atmosphere, or high
L~-@---. ~~~~~c~t~~el~~~~~ide of this e.nv~:.~_n:~~, the pilot adds . to Piloting checks made W.i~~~iS ve:~:le {this can_:.~~~.J
Defective Seals: The eM may spend "@ @" that a character generates on a Pi loting check with this craft to have 1
it suffer the "Major Hull Breach" Critical Hit result from Table 7-9: Critica l Hit Resu lt on page 258 of the ACE OF .
REBELLION Core Rulebook (thiS can only be selected once).

T he following three campaign ideas are designed to
bring Engineer abili ties to th e fore front of the story
while still provi di ng si gnifi can t and som etim es leading
is running successfully, they can temporarily cede
co ntrol to other Rebel groups or be re assigned for
those missions,
roles for PCs of other careers. GMs should be able to
The t hreat of Imperi al discovery is important, but
use equipment, locations, and NPCs found in thi s book
imminent Imperial attack is not th e cam paign's pre-
and in the ACE OF REBElliON Core Rulebook to adapt
determined end. PC actions determine if it occu rs,
these ideas for use in th eir own campaigns as well
whet her due to fail ure to keep the shipya rd hidden
or as a result of a failed operation. A sin gle small mis-
SHIPYARD SLEIGHT OF ta ke shou ld not doom them , though , and th ey should
HAND: A SHIPYARD get a chance to recover from lesser errors. It is more
fun for the PCs to work themselves into and ou t of
CAMPAIGN jams than to be punished for every mistake. However,
a serious erro r could doom the en tire opera ti on with
The Al liance Fleet is th e Rebellion 's most important
little warn ing.
mi lita ry asset Starships are not only a vita l fighting
force, but an equally important distribution network
connecting Rebel units throughou t the galaxy. With
the exception of a few still-hidden and well-defended The PCs must first acqu ire contro l of th e shipyard or
sh ipyard s, the Rebe ls have few significant facilities for space dock. Any major or well-t raveled system can
,. pro perly mai ntaini ng thei r capital ships. Some repairs serve the needs of thi S ca mpaign. Operat ing in the
can be carried out while operati ng in deep space, Core Worlds or similar areas of Imperi al control ma kes
but major repairs and refits normally req uire a prop- the mission much more challenging. Facilities may be
erly staffed and supplied shipyard. The Rebels can- planet-side, in orbit, or somewhere unusual such as at
not maintain stationa ry targets for very long, though. an as teroid base. The ch oice of facility determines t he
Imperial military might is swift and overwh elming. A size and type of sh ips th at ca n be worked on,
ded icated shipyard or a moderately sized starship
repair space station is too much of a stationary target Th e GM may jum p-sta rt the cam paign if the PCs
to operate openly, are already involved with a facility. They could be
Rebel sympathizers moving to take adva ntage of thei r
In this cam paign , the PCs take partial contro l of a si tuation to help th e Fleet With this op tion , each
sh ipyard in order to clandestinel y rep air and upgrade PC sh ould contribute ex pert ise to specifi c aspects
Reb el starships. Operating virtuall y in plai n sight, t he of t he operation, PC s withou t this advantage must
cha racters must move ships in and out without raisin g find another way to gain control of the facility, Gen-
suspicion. They must repair the craft and see them erally speaking, the Rebellion leadership frowns on
safely returned to Rebel operati ons. The PCs must threats or outright bri bery, preferring instead to suc-
secure parts and materials to carry out t he work. ceed through rec ru itment of importan t individuals or
Essentially, the PCs must keep t he operati on hidden, sneaky ways of asSi gning the characters to importan t
suppl ied, and ready for evacuation of all person nel at pOSitions. Ultimate ly, the PCs need control of or infl u-
a moment's notice. ence over a space dock, its maintenance and repair
The GM must keep up the su spense without let- crews, its supply chain, and its security. Shipyards are
ting it domi nate every adventu re. Some operations enormous operation s, and the PCs won 't be able to
shoul d become routi ne if the PCs work ou t rea sonable control everyth ing or trust everyo ne.
met hod ol ogies to avoid drawing un due attenti on. The
mo re successful th ey are, the smoother their opera- TYPICAL OPERATIONS
t ion becomes.
Typically, the PCs must secretly sn ea k a Rebel ship
MISSION GOAL into the dock, assess its damage, and then deter-
mine wheth er t hey have th e parts, raw materials, and
In a short cam paign, th e Player Ch aracters must repair expertise nece ssa ry to effe ct repairs. Since
take over a sin gle shipyard berth to stage emerge ncy Rebel opera t ions ra re ly have enough ca sh, resources,
repairs of a specific ship and wi thdraw before anyone or personnel, the PCs must figure out how to acq uire
is the wiser, In a longer campaign, they attemp t to the m. Then, the actual repai rs must be carried out
expand con tro l of the shipyard and hold it If th e PCs as quickly as possi ble in ord er to mini mize the ri sk to
want to take on ot her ad ventures whil e t he opera tion everyon e involved.



m obile shipyards (such as the one on page
59) are gigantic mobile stardocks fit-
ted with powerful engines and hyperdrives,
Ope ration Shield Bash is a bold plan to publicly
Some aren't much more than a framework rebui ld a Clone Wars- era battl e pla t form under th e
with engines and minimal living and storage pre tense of protecting nearby Imperial orbital op era -
facilities, Others are self-contained cities ded- tio ns- and, ultimately, attack those same op era tions.
icated to traveling to and repairing stranded Secret Rebel sympa t hi ze rs within t he uppe r ranks of
capital ships and bulk freighters, th e Truwel system government have convinced the
Adapting the campaign to a mobile shipyard Alli ance of a un ique opport un ity to inflict severe dam -
changes the threats and enables the PCs to age on t he remote system's Outer Rim Imperial Navy
escape with their facility if threatened, How- waysta tion . The GM ca n use t his in a va riety of ways,
ever, acquiring one is extremely difficult, fro m fitt ing a few limited bu t importan t adven tures
as most are controlled by military forces or In to an ongoing campa ign to havi ng the PCs run the
powerful interstellar corporations, These sta- ent ire operation from its start to the fi nal attack.
tions also take considerably longer than nor- M ultip le level s of deception are req uired to succeed .
mal starships to prepare to move or jump to PCs adept at infi ltration and esp ionage must carry out
hyperspace, and typically can't jump when reco nnaissa nce missions wit hi n Imperia l opera tions.
docked with capital ships, Pilots and gunners are tasked with perform ing diver-
Sionary attacks and fe ints aga inst the Imperia ls to co n-
with a team of experts. They discover t hat a damaged vince t hem tha t ad ditiona l protection is need ed, Dip-
reactor is not stab le whe n it begins to spectacu larly loma ts and cha rac ters with so ci al connectio ns must
fail. The PCs must take emergency measures to pre- dru m up support within th e Truwel governme nt and
vent a catastrop he. If t hey fail, t he shipyard owner, the popul ation, either for th e secret Al liance opera ti on
emergency services, and Imperials intervene. or for publi c Imperial defe nse arguments. Engineers
and other technica l characters assess and reb uild the
Episode IV-Repair Strategy: The PCs develop a ba ttle plat fo rm. Everyone has a role in th e surprise
strategy for fix ing t he ship . The req uirem ents include attack at the end of the operation.
rep lacement of a gigan tic engine t he size of a smal l
starship, rep lacement of mi litary-grade sh ield genera-
tors t ha t are simply not available off the shelf, and
upgraded wea pons. The PCs must personally negoti- Irnperial Supply and Waysta tion 53 4 6, located in the
ate t he purchas e and delivery of these ite ms. If ISB rem ote Truwel system In t he Out er Rim, is an impor-
agents managed to infi ltra te the workforce, t hey trig- tant but outda ted Imperial supply and rep air stati on.
ger unfortunatel y t imed offi cia l inspections It has bee n In operat ion since t he Clone Wars, but
Episode V-Escape Valve: As t he PCs are comp let- t he Em pire kee ps it only minima lly maintained. Loca l
ing wo rk , an Imperial capi tal sh ip arrives and com - Rebe l symp at hi zers in th e governmen t beli eve [cor-
mandee rs neighbOri ng fac ili t ies fo r emergency repai rs. rect ly) tha t if the Im peria l waystatlon is des troyed ,
The ship is bad ly dam aged. It t urns ou t t hat t he Impe- the Emp ire will move its operations to newer faci lities
rial shi p was part of th e skirmish t ha t damaged t he st rategicall y loca ted elsewhere in the Ou ter Rim ,
Rebel sh ip in t he PCs' dock. The current damage to
t he Impe ri al sh ip is not from that ba tt le. The PCs must STATION STATUS
go into full divers ion mode, com ing up wi th ways to
conce al t he Rebe l ship or reinforce t heir previous The Sentinel Flore is a FireStar II- class Re ndili StarDrive
cover story. The Imperials initially are distracted by Republic-era orbital defense station [see page 89)
t heir own repairs. The Rebe l ship migh t depart with - t hat provi ded th e waystat ion's primary de fense during
out attra cti ng atten tion, or It might escape, yet st ill t he Clone Wars. A surpri se Separatist strike severe ly
draw Imperial in terest. In a worst-case scenario, t he damaged the orbi tal defense platform in th e fi nal days
Imperials realize exact ly wha t t he ship is and immedi- of fighting. Wit h t he war's abrup t end, the new Empire
ately attack to capture or incapac itate it. The Imperi- saw no need to resto re the platform and returned only
als might demand use of t he PCs' dock wh il e t he ship its core funct ionality to service. It remained as an intel-
is t here, or after it leaves. Th e PCs might fi nd t hem-
selves with a rare opportunity to sabotage an Imperial
ligence asset for a few years before being handed over
to the Truwe l planetary government. En ti re sections of
the Sentinel Flare we re left abandoned . The waysta-
vesse l while purported ly repairing it.
ti on, on t he ot her hand . received five new service sta-
tions in which to tend to Imperial starships.


he following is the general layout of the Sen- measures. About one half of the upper-track
T tinel Flare, noting the current status of each
vital section within the battle station.
weapons operate. The lower track requires a
complete rebuild, however.
Hangar Deck: The battle station's central deck The Core: The central levels of the battle sta-
is flanked above and below by the weapon rings, tion within the rings house the crew quarters,
with hangars for fighters and freighters on each administration levels, surveillance systems, and
of the four sides. About half of the hangars are communications. Most of this section is func-
operational. No fighters are currently aboard. tional. The surveillance systems are outdated.
Maneuvering Clusters: Each corner of the han- Reactor levels: The reactors sit below the core,
gar deck extends beyond the rings and ends in surrounded by the lower weapon ring. About
a cluster of thrusters for maneuvering the sta- half are operational. The rest normally power
tion. These are fully operational. the weapon systems and must be restored.
Weapon Rings: The weapon rings are a pair of Upper and lower Spires: Three spires each
circular platforms with tracks to allow laser tur- extend from the core well above and below the
rets and missile pods to rotate to the side of the rings. The spires house additional weapons and
station where they are most needed. The design surveillance equipment. The lower spires are
is susceptible to damaged weapons' clogging heavily damaged and abandoned below the
up the tracks, but damaged weapons can be reactor levels. One upper spire is functional; the
ejected if the situation demands such drastic other two are only partially so.

A Rebel hit-a nd-run attack against t he waystation Forward. Aft, Port. or Starboard; Damage 10; Critical
provided t he inspiration to local sympathizers fo r 3; Range (Long); Breach 3. Slow-Firing 1I.
Operation Shield Bash. As the Imperials searched fo r Six forward, six aft, six port, six starboard, four
ways to cheaply ,"crease defe nsive operations, th e upper ring. and four lower ring turret-mounted quad
sym pathizers seized their opportun ity. After meeting laser cannons (Fire Arc All ; Damage 5; Criti ca l 3;
loca! Rebels, they managed to convince the Imperials Range [Close); Accurate I. Linked 31.
to allow the Sentinel Flare to be rebuilt and upgraded. Two forward, two aft, two port, two starboard. fou r
upper nng. and four lower ring turret-mounted assault
FIRE5TAR II-CLASS concussion missile launchers (Fire Arc Forward. Aft, Port.
ORBITAL DEFENSE STATION or Starboard; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Short]: Blast
4, Breach 5. Guided 2, Inaccurate I. Slow-Firing 1I.
The FireStar /I-class battle station was designed to
provide concentrated firepower from a smaller. less ADDITIONAL RULES
expensive, and more easily produced sta ti on th an the Massive 2: Wh en making an attack targeting this sta-
original FireStar. tion, the Critical rati ng of any weapons used counts
as 2 higher.
Though damaged and badly in need of repairs, the
battle station still is form idable in the right hands.
Hull Type/Class: Orbital Defense Platforml FireStar /I . • Defense: 1 in aH zones.
Manufacturer: Rend ili StarDrive. • Armor: 7.
Hyperdrive: None. • Hull Trauma: 80.
Navicomputer: None. • System Strain Threshold: 50
Sensor Range: Long. • Ship's Complement: Down to 100 offi cers and
Ship's Complement: 300 office rs and enlisted crew enlisted crew
Encumbrance Capacity: 5.000, depending on sta- • Encumbrance Capacity: 3.000.
tion configuration. • Passenger Capacity: 100.
Passenger Capacity: 200. • Consumables: Six months.
Consumables: One year. • Customization Hard Points: 4.
Price/Rarity: 8, 500.000 credits (RI/8 • Weapons: Half of turbola sers are damaged. Half
Customization Hard Points: 5 . of upper ring weapons are damaged. All lower ring
Weapons: Six forward, six aft, six port, and six star- weapons are damaged. Half of non-ring-mounted
board turret-mounted medi um turbol asers (Fire Arc missile launchers are dest royed.

The following is an example fram ework for a campaign: A COMBAT ENGINEERING
Assignment: Newer PCs are assigned to aspec ts of CAMPAIGN
the campaign that best match their abilities. Veterans
may be placed in charge of the operation and may As the Rebellion grows, so does the need fo r secure
deal with the comp lexities of strategy as well as the shelters, hideouts, and bases, With facili t ies spring-
immediate mission difficulties. ing up across the galaxy, the need fa r outstrips the
num ber of qualified Engineers and defense systems
Episode I-Vacuum Packed: The PCs make a full experts availabl e to harden a location. While some
assessment of the abandon ed lower levels of the sta- loca l Rebe l operat ions are perfectly cap able of
t ion. Shi fting debris cu ts them off, fol lowed by th e defending the mse lves, most Rebels and Rebe l sympa -
re lease of dormant buzz droids trapped in th e wreck- thize rs are not military defense spe cial ists One way
age. The PCs must hunt them throughout the station the Rebellion tri es to compensate for this deficiency
and contend with Imperial concerns and investiga- is through the use of combat engineering teams and
tions prompted by the ensuin g chaos. systems experts.
Episode II-Gear Up: The PCs go to another sys- In this campaign, the Player Characters serve as
tem with a bulk freighter to retrieve an assortmen t th ese mobile speciali sts. They travel across the gal-
of parts, turbolasers, and shi eld generators. They're axy to provide exp ert ise to fledgling Rebe l cells and
also secretly seeking a large cac he of powerful longer- organized milita ry operations alike. Upon arri val, th e
range missil es, and are hop ing to secure t hem wit hout PCs must assess the best way to help the loca l Rebels,
letting the Imperials find out. If the PCs are discov- obtain the raw materia ls and equi pment needed to
ered, the Imperials confiscate the weapons. Diplo- fin ish the job, and move on witho ut attracting Impe-
mats visit local Imperial leaders to repair any loss of rial attention. As one or more of the PCs are also
trust in the process. experienced Sappers, it's not uncommon for the local
Episode III-Rebel Pressure: The Rebels stage an operation to lean on them for explosives experience
attack on the waystation. The PCs participate in the or even draft them into performing missions. Add-
attack or playa ro le in establishin g Sentinel Flare as a ing to the da nger is t hat th e PCs often break on e of
so lid Imperia l al ly during the attack. Th ey migh t well t he most basic ru les wh en dealing with secret Rebel
play bot h sides. celis: by necessity, the PCs often learn where and who
they are, Capture and interrogatio n by Im perial forces
Episode IV-Support and Suspicion : Unfortunatel y,
could be devastating to Rebel operations throughout
the operation draws th e interest of local authorities
a sector or region of the galaxy.
and the Imperials. The PCs must allay the fears of
Imperia l investigators or rebuild support for th e
project among local politicians. The PCs provid e
tec hnical explanations for their upgrades or incidents. The PCs must reinforce Rebel operation s, assist mis-
Diplomatic cha racters persuade, bribe, or otherwis e sions where needed , and avoid capt ure. All param -
cover up an y problems at government offices or high- eters are adjusted to the exact conditions of the
class entertain ment events. The PCs' success or failure mission at hand. The GM may send them to support
affects the Imperials' readiness against the ultimate anything from th e smallest Rebe l safehouses to the
attack on the waystation, largest secret bases.
Episode V-Ignition: USing the station, the PCs
launch a devastating attack against the Empire wi th MISSION TYPES
reco n missions establishing the way. The chara cters
staff the weapo ns and direct all damage control on Below are typ ica l missions for the team . Eac h type
the Sentinel Flare. The Im perials have rein force men ts can be use d more than once, but the specifics and the
stan ding by, thanks to the previous attacks. The loca l personalities should be very different each time,
strength and speed of the reinforcements depend • Hideout Hardening: Whether it's an apartment,
on the PCs' previous success in deceiving or inhibit- underground cavern, bunker, abandoned star-
ing the Imperials, The Sentinel Flare sustains heavy Ship, or royal estate, every hideout has its own
da mage, and it is up to the PCs to save it or escape. unique quirks and requirements. Fortifying or
If the PCs fail to drive the Empire out of the syste m, a hardening the area includes in stallment of rein-
new campa ign migh t start wi th t he PCs' defend ing the forced plating, sen sor gri ds, encrypted comm uni-
local sympathizers from Impenal repri sa ls, or evacu at- ca tio ns, elec tronics countermeasure s, shi elding,
ing them altogether. Station survival is temporary, as and even booby-t raps. Th e PCs must obtain the
an Imperial flee t eventually arrives to destroy it. raw materials and systems and th en Install them
without alerting neighbors or the authorrtles.


T he Bunker Builders campaign introduces the

Player Characters to a wide-ranging selection
of Rebels around the galaxy. The PCs arrive at
main characters the PCs deal with. This helps
the players differentiate between the characters
and keeps the Rebel Non-Player Characters
each location with their own plans or notions from becoming overly generic.
of how to best accomplish the mission. On top
The GM should take into account the NPCs'
of that, they likely have specific orders from
species, role in the Rebellion, status among the
their Rebel commanders as to what they are to
local Rebels, and background. Some leaders
achieve, and in what capacity they are allowed
should have an overabundance of personality,
to act. One or both of these sets of opinions
whether that makes them very easy or very dif·
are likely to run counter to what the local Reb-
ficult to work with. Others might be weak or
els want or need. Part of the mission is for the
insecure leaders, looking for the PCs and overall
PCs to facilitate the process and smooth over
Rebel Alliance to add legitimacy to their status.
any difficulties. While the PCs must get the
job done, they also don't want to create rifts Also, the GM should consider what Duties and
between the locals and distant Rebel leaders. Motivations drive the local leaders. Using these
elements helps tie them into the ACE OF REBEL-
With so many different Alliance characters
LION setting and could provide some meaningful
involved, the Game Master should spend some
hooks into PC backstories. Those elements are
time developing distinct personalities for the·
also useful for fleshing out NPCs on the fly.

o Vehicle Upgrades: Modern military gear being selected Site, the overbearing ce ll leader demands
diffi cult to obtain , most Rebels must upgrade th eir help to destroy an importan t commun ica ti ons
civilian veh icles and vesse ls for co mbat duty. The tower. Its loss helps hide Rebel actions for weeks or
local units usually have the vehicles, although th e mon ths before it can be repaired.
state of repair varies wi dely. The PCs skill fully
Episode Ii - Operation Ordnance: The PCs are
enhance suc h craft quickl y and effectively. Some
transported to a secret asteroid hangar complex.
enhancements are fo r specifi c missions th at t he
There, they work with a hundred other Rebel tech s
PCs coul d be drafted into.
to urgently upgrade dozens of freighters to serve as
o Base Building: The Rebels need t rue mil itary esco rt vessels and raiders. These ships were designed
bases of ope ration. Given their secret nat ure, the to sneak into Im pe rial co nvoys and bases in order
locations are remote and often in inhosp ita ble to steal military weap ons and su pplies. The PCs are
environments. The PCs are selected to build or ordered to go along to complete upgrades aboa rd
expand a remote base. Th ey must contend with one straggling vessel as the mission begins. and they
the extreme en vi ronment, local wil dlife, and tem - soon find th emselves integra l members of an in fi l-
peramenta l. patched-up syste ms. They may also tration and demolit ions team. Th eir Sapper ab ilities
need to work closely wit h natives accustomed to prove to be key in circumventing enemy fortification s
th e local hazard s, some th ing tha t may be as dif- around an enormous supply and munitions depot.
fi cu lt as the actual engineering work.
Episode III-Enemy Ter r itory: A call for imm ed iate
o Base Protection: It' s not enough fo r a base sim- aid sends the PCs to an impo rtant Impe ria l Core World
ply to exist- it needs defenses as well. The PCs to re build and better conceal the hidden command
may need to construct defensive trenches. lay in center fo r the world's Rebel cell s. The PCs must physi-
and test shield genera tors, and survey the sur- ca lly con ceal the loca tion and install adva nced se n-
rou nding area for locations suitable for forwa rd so rs for local protect ion and intel ligence gathering All
defensive positions. work must be completed whil e deceiving active Impe-
rial Security Bureau investigati ons. To achieve this, the
EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN PCs al so bui ld a decoy stronghold fo r the Imperials to
discover and destroy. In a bid to fu rt her con fu se Impe-
Th e following is an example fram ework for a campaign rial intelligence, the base also holds a treasure trove
that ca n be adapted as needed : of disinformation about Rebel operations
Episode I- Blasting and Building: The Player Char- Episode IV- Imperial Reckoning: By now, Imperial
acters are fi rst assigned to help a Rebe l cell build In telligence has li kely asse mbled enough information
a secure bunker In the rugged canyons at th e out- to target the PCs directly. How long and effective the
skirts of a major metropoli tan area. Th e local cell has pursuit becomes depends on how successfu l the PCs
selected several potential si tes; the PCs must decide were at avoiding Imperial incidents in the previous
which one to use and carry ou t co nstruction. At the

episodes. The Imperials set up a trap of their own, Episode V- Starfighter Base: The PCs are ordered
either in revenge fo r being duped in the previous epi- to carve a sm all base suitable for a starfighter squad-
sode or because they have learned something spe- ron in a range of bluffs and crags made of crumbling
cific enough about one or more of the PCs to draw conglomerate rock. The PCs discover that no single
them in. If the Imperials know how to con tact any of cavern is stable. They must design a network of caves
the PCs, they pose as Rebel sym pathizers wanting to and facil ities to make the operation work, Cave-ins
join the Alliance. If the Imperials don't have a way to are a constant threat, and hardening all areas is key,
contact the PCs directly, they instead arrest or put
Unfortunately, materials are in short supply every-
pressure on any of the PCs' relatives or friends they
where, except In the black market. Other options are
have been ab le to Identify, fo r the Player Characters to contribute to bu ilding
Wh en the PCs com e to investigate, the Im peria ls known locations such as Tierfon Outpost or Arda I. If
attempt to arrest or kill them . They also attempt the ca mpaign takes place in the setting fo r the Rebels
to seize any starshi ps, droids, and record -holding television series, thi s episode could be replaced with
devices, hoping to find information about Rebel s one in which the PCs help establish Chopper Base on
throughout the galaxy. The PCs must rescue any cap- Atollon . Th is episode can serve as an optional end for
tured allies and retrieve lost data and equipment. If the campaign .
they can't, the PCs must alert their Rebel superiors Episode VI-The Big One: If the PCs succeed in the
and immediately take steps to protect any Rebels previous episode (and th e timeframe is compa tible),
they worked with previously. they are ordered to move on to building one of the
Alliance's main bases, possibly on Yavin 4 or Hoth.
Yavin 4 requires adap ting the original temple site to
Alliance requirements. Hoth offers the challenge of
carving caves in the ice and contending with cold and
creatures. Assuming t hey re main long enough , the
PCs could participate in the events of the mov-
ies. On Yavin 4, they might be tasked with
preparing the fighters for th e Deat h
Star assau lt. On Hath, th e PCs
likely end up he lping with the
evacuation , although a few
likel y fight as well.

ngineers run the same risks as any other members
E of th e Rebel Alliance once they take to the ba ttle-
field. Even operating behind the fro nt lines is no guar-
antee against the myriad weapons and agents of the
Empire. On top of risk ing life and limb alongside their Like any ACE OF REBElLION characters, Engineers stand
co lleagues, Engineers also see their handiwork-from to flse through the ranks as their Duty increases and
customized ve hicles to unique droids-blown apart by they prove their capabilities. As Al liance High Com -
the enemy. When one considers how strongly they may mand's esteem of a PC grows, so do the resou rces avail-
feel a se nse of attachment to their creations, it is no able to the PC-a nd the PCs accompanyi ng respo n-
wond er that Engineers shou ld stand to gain as much as sibil ities. These often ta kes th e form of a promotion,
they lose in order to sustain their efforts. along with the req uisite facilities and subordinates.

Rewards fo r Engineers can take any number of Skilled Shipwrights might be placed in charge of
forms and can be as unique as the campaigns t hat a hanga r in a hidden base or aboard a capital ship,
provide them. This section presents guidelines for or might oversee maintenance of an en tire fleet
some of the narrative and mechanical rewards uniq ue with anywhere from a handful to hundreds of lesser'
to Engineer characters. They can gain these rewards ranked Engineers reporting to them. Al th ough this
as a result of the game's story and personal character comes with obVIOUS advantages, increased responsi-
arcs, alongside those benefits of Duty, XP, and credi ts bility is a double-edged vibrosword. While the addi-
that apply to all characters. tional resources could be invaluable for working on
the party's own ships, the Shipwright might also be
expected to prioritize a certain squadron, perhaps
even rivals to the PCs. Scientists who make a name
for themselves could suddenly find th emselves over-
seeing a top -secret development projec t, ordered to
kee p the detai ls from their comrades.
Responsibility often also means difficult decisions.
Should Drold Specia lists wipe the memory of all the
droids under th eir pu rview, even if one saved thei r
life? Does a Sapper trigger the demolition
charges on a bridge's supports even though
doing so risks stranding allies or civilians in
the line of th e Imperia l advance? Such
challenging situations present great
roleplaying opportunities for all
players involved in the situation.
While capable sentient assis-
ta nts and subordinates can be
extremely helpful. droids make
for useful rewards for even the
most independent Engineer, or one
for whom the man tle of command cou ld
never sit ri ght. Blurring th e li ne with more
t rad itiona l rewards in the form of gear,
characters must dec ide for themselves if a
droid is a simple tool or something more.
In any case, even a single pit droid can
greatly increase an Engineer's work out-
put, while a whole team of droids could rival
the production of a small factory. Although
many models of droid, from dedicated repair
droids to astromechs, are designed spe-
cifically to assist in engineering and similar
mechanical tasks (perhaps due to a bias on
the pa rt of their designers), Engineers of any
specia liza t ion are likely to mod ify a droid to better A character wi t h prove n expertise may spend 00
sui t their needs. Droids are li kely to be assigned to an as *- on relevant checks, as determined by the eM.
Engineer as part of the increased resources that come These most commo nl y in clude checks for crafting,
with a promotion in rank, or simply to he lp the Engi- item repa ir, and attachmen t in stallation. However, the
neer wi t h a particular task. Sim ilarly, non -drold aides effec t is not necessaril y li mited to Mechan ics checks;
and interns co uld also be assigned to help the char- the characte r's expert ise may prove useful when
acter with projects. Such support droids or organics bartering for pa rt s, impressing an important NPC,
might be reassigned once the task is comp lete, unless or identifying the origin of a device. The character is
t he PC convinces superiors of a co ntinued need for simply so proncient in the specialty that failure will
t he assista nce. not occu r wi t hou t some sort of extenuating circum -
sta nces, even In the sort of challengi ng or narratively
Ultimately, promo tions and increased responsib ili ty
important si tuation t hat norma ll y ca lls for a ch eck. In
are meant to serve as rewa rds. Whil e they may put a
fact, t he GM should take a character's proven exper-
PC In d ifficult situations at tim es, t he PC shou ld gener-
t ise into account whe n de term in ing whet her a task
all y be able to reap the benents. These ca n come In
requires a check.
t he forms of ad dit ional 0 on relevant checks making
use of t he PCs fa cilities, or ac cess to the parts needed Proven expertise IS not an abili ty a character gains,
to mod an attachment at no cost. The Enginee r migh t as wit h a talent, but a way to mechanically reflect a
ord er huma n or dro id assista nts to undertake routi ne facet of the character revea led by the ongoing story.
maintenance tasks, freei ng t ime up for experimenta - There is no particular requ irement a character must
tion and pe t projects. meet in order to qua li fy for proven expertise. A player
might set t he distinction as a goal, having a Sapper
Rega rd less of rank, Engi nee rs who prove them -
Player Character foc us on developing unique ly effec -
selves capable migh t suddenly find new responsi-
t ive methods for demolishi ng enemy fortifications, or
bili t ies thrust upo n them , whether through pragma-
having a Mechanic spe nd every minute of downtime
tism or sheer necessity This t ype of situation cou ld
tinkering wit h the other PCs' weapons. However, as in
form the basis of entire game sessions or adventures
many parts of the narrative, a ro ll of the dice could
(although t he eM should , of course, make sure eac h
provide the pe rfect inspira t ion. For in stance, after
cha racter gets suc h a time In t he spot light). A superior
migh t take a Sh ipwright off other duties with orders
noticing a player freque ntly rolls 41 when repa iring
or custom izing blasters, a eM might suggest to t he
to oversee the retneva l of a damaged capita l ship, or
player tha t the character has proven expertise in this
even of the newly discovered wreck of an ancien t and
area. Whether a player req uests proven expert ise or
powerful vessel. Likewise, a Droid Specialist might
t he GM suggests It based on in-game events, the two
be gi ven the urge nt task of salvaging a d roid with
sho ul d work together to develop a field of expertise
vital data In its memory ba nks, or a Sapper could be
tha t re flects the cha racter's abi lities,
pl aced in charge of fortifyi ng defenses for an immi-
nen t Imperi al attack. Regard less of the sit uati on, the Ty pica ll y, a character shou ld not possess proven
eM should help all players nnd a way for their charac - expert ise in more than one area. Such broad profi -
te rs to co ntribute. ciency is better demonst rated wi t h appropriate skill
ranks and ta lent s. However, as a cha racter contin ues
PROVEN EXPERTISE to grow and change, the player and eM might work
toge t her to t weak, shift, or slight ly expand a charac -
Even within a given specialization, an Engineer might ter's area of expertise.
demonstrate truly remarkable profi ciency in a nar-
rower neld. Whether a Mecha nic whose modified blast- MAKER'S MARK
ers are the envy of nghters the galaxy over or a Droid
Specia li st whose astromechs are know n for unerring The greatest of crafters and artisa ns are known th e
accuracy, an Engineer with proven expertise is a tru ly galaxy over, and their work is easily recognizable by
exceptional craftsma n in a narrow area of specia lty. any expert in such ma tters. Wheth er it is an act ua l
This stellar proficiency In turn brings rewards. stamp bearing t he name of the creator or the crea tor's
co m pany, a specia l feat ure, or an inimi tab le q ui rk of
Proven expertise is available to Engineer PCs at the
design , such a maker's mark is a sign of quali t y and
eM's discretion. In ord erto qua li fy, the charac ter must
demonstrate in -game exceptional abil it y in designing
dist i nctiveness.
or co nstructing a spec ific t ype of equ ipmen t or in car- In ACE OF REBELLION , a maker's mark rep resents
rying ou t a pa rt icular task. The eM and player shou ld an Engin eer character's unique approach to crafting
wo rk toget her to denne this area of expertise and sum a particu lar variet y of item. Any Engineer character
it up as briefly as possible. For instance, a charac ter may develop a maker's mark , with the GM's permis-
might have proven expert ise in blasters, starfighters, sion. Once a character has reac hed an appropriat e
weapon attac hme nts, or battlefield repa irs. point in the game's narra t ive, based on the character's

experience with and success as a crafter, the player
and GM can work together to decide the form that
Engineer's mark takes in'game, as well as the mechan, While other characters might hope for spoils of war or
ical benefits. awards from their superiors in the forms of weapons,
A maker's mark can be virtually anything that dis, armor, scientific devices, or vehicles, for Engineers,
tinguishes an item as the work of a particular charac, the best reward is often simply the parts and dia'
ter At its most basic, this is a literal stamp or engrav, grams needed to build their own, Not only are such
ing bearing a name or logo. More soph isticated marks custom,built items often more effective than the'r rac'
cou ld include a certain personality quirk shared by all tory,standard counterparts, but using them provides
droids a character deSigns, uniquely balanced vibro a sense of pride and accomplishment.
wea pons, or except ional ly efficient ion drives on all An Engineer needs two primary elements :0 craft
ships from a man ufacturer. or modify an item: the raw materials and me <!lowl,
A fun damental aspect of any maker's mark, how, edge of how to fit th em together, The latt€' S gener,
ever, is not Just its presence, but the fact that other ally obtained from consulting plans and sche~a::cs or
Engineers and experts quickly recogn ize the charac' disassembling an extant unit. whether it 's - :>foper
ter's handiwork; such characters' reputations precede working condition or not. While many CO~~(l"e nts
them, perhaps even more than they realize. This can and schematics are relatively easy to acq~" on the
prove a boon when dealing with others in their line of open market, and others within the Rebe "- some
work. At the GM's discretion, this might grant 0 or rare materials and designs might only be a a 30.e as
more on social skill checks dealing with technicians a narrative reward.
or experts who know the character's reputation. How, To truly fee l like a reward, a materia or "esign
ever. such a reputation can also be a liability. Although must be something the PC would have grea: " "1cul ty
most Engineers and designers hold the proper respect acquiring normally, and certainly not with SI-"e skill
for their co lleagues, some who are lacking in their checks. While the prohibitive factor mao re ~rce or
own expe rt ise may resent t he character Such jealous rarity, the most memorable rewards are those --,a; are
NPCs might impose . on social skill checks, or even either unique or perfectly tai lored to the ("3'3::e(s
plot to sabotage the Pc. In extreme cases, a maker's goals, if not both. Examples of such resou't:e5 "C ude
mark co uld have a sign ifica nt impact on the storyline. an ancien t suit of Cortosis*weave armor, a "O'o:ape
For in stance, Imperia l agen ts might recogn ize a cus, with the partial schema tics for a true cloa 'rg =evice,
tomized blaster recovered from an attack as the PCs a unique sensor suite, or a krayt dragon pea~
work, makmg that character a target.
Such material rewards are the most me mora~ e and
To represent the particular nature of a character's have the most im pact when they come as a -a:m al
work, a maker's mark also has a mechanical effect. result of the narrative. This could be as Simp e as a
A maker'S mark works hand,in,ha nd with the craft, high·ranked officer rewarding the PC with a CO'"'PO'
ing rules presented on page 76. When the GM nent important for a pet project, or as fo rtuitous as
and player work together to decide the form a mark a grateful civilian or ally gifting the character \\ ,;h a
takes, they also decide how best to represent it in the simple trinket from their home planet, which just nap,
resu lts of the character's crafting. After selecting the pens to be made of the torbidium ore the Engineer
most appropriate template or item type, they con, has been looking for.
suit the relevant table for spending O , ~, @ , and $
during Step 3 of crafting, and choose the result t hat While materials and diagrams might come as gifts or
best matches t he maker'S mark. For all future crafting rewards from NPCs, they can also come into the Engi'
checks, the chara cter reduces the 0 cost of this ben, neer's possessi on by simple chance, or as the resu lt of
efit by one, to a minimum of one. a specific plan. For an Engineer in service to the Rebel,
lion. perhaps the most probable way to obtain a usefu l
With the GM's permission, a character's mark resource is through salvage. Salvage is always impor'
might apply to more than one type of related item, ta nt in wartime, but it is doubly so for the Rebell ion,
although the mechanica l effects should be simila r, or which lacks so dramatica lly in resources compared to
correspond in a way that makes sense to everyone. the Galactic Empire. One advantage to providing raw
For instance, the character's unique method of fold, materials or damaged but repairable components in
ing durasteel might improve droid chassis as much as the aftermath of battle is that such "lucky finds· need
vehicle plating. These additional effects need not be not appear as rewards at all. Whether dragging a dam-
gained at once, and should probably accrue over the aged war machine back to base for study or findi ng
course of a campaign as the character demonstrates valuable data on a computer in ancient ruins, such
increased ability. Such versatility is the mark of a true experiences provide the player with a useful reward
master, and should be earned through additional ro le' while reinforcing the breadth of the galaxy and enhanc-
playing and in'game dedication to the craft. ing immersion in the game setting.

With a galaxy's worth of resources at Its disposal, the Empire believes Itself to
be utterly invinCible However. after continued losses to under-eqUipped forces
with out-dated weaponry, its confidence has been shaken. Due to the ingenUity
of Rebel Engllleers, the Empf(e's weaknesses have been exposed and explOited
Counter the Empire's technological supremacy in FuLlY OPERATIONAl. This
sourcebook expands upon the ACE OF REBElLION ROLEPLAYING GAME , presenting
n€\\! options for Engineer characters as well as any other characters
interested in expanding and maintaining the Rebellion's arsenal. Design and
build new custom starships and vehicles, demolish enemy fortifications, and
demonstrate the true strength of the Rebellion!
ThiS supplemental rulebook Includes:

New signature abilities that allow Engineers to better customize eqUipment
Nel\! weaponrY. armor, gear, and vehicles for combat englneenng missions
GM gUidance for running Engineer-themed campaigns, crafting Engineer
rewards, and converting ciVIlian vehicles and facilities for combat operations

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