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Kenya Roads Board Official Newsletter Issue 13: JANUARY 2015

01 New CEO takes over

Best Employee,
Elizabeth Sidi Feted 02

KRB At The Standard

03 Chartered Marathon

04 KRB Fund To Surpass


OUR VISION: “An efficient road network for a prosperous Nation”

OUR MISSION: “To fund, oversee and coordinate road development, rehabilitation and maintenance.
We shall ensure prudent sourcing and optimal utilization of resources for socio-economic development.”

In comes Eng. Jacob Ruwa
Eng. Jacob Z. Ruwa was appointed the Executive Director of Kenya
Roads Board in December, 2014. Eng. Ruwa who previously held
the post of General Manager at the Board holds a Bachelor
of Science Civil Engineering, is a registered member with
Engineers Registration Board and Institution of Engineers
of Kenya and has over fifteen years’ experience in road
planning, design, construction and maintenance.

In 2005, he served as Deputy Principal of the Kenya

Institute of Highways and Technology a school well
known for the Labour based road management
that gave rise to the Roads 2000 Programme. At
the Institute, he was involved in development of
training manuals for road works training as well as
administration. He also served as Provincial Roads
Engineer for Coast and North Eastern Regions.

In his previous capacity as General Manager for

Planning and Programming in KRB, Eng. Ruwa
achieved key milestones in the preparation of the
Annual Public Works Programmes which outlines Eng. Jacob Zecha Ruwa

projects to be funded by the road maintenance

levy fund annually. He also oversaw the development Editorial Team
of the first Road Sector Investment Plan (RSIP) which is the Eng. Jacob Z. Ruwa
blue print for roads prioritization and long term planning. Executive Director
In his tenure, there was a marked increase in compliance
levels for axle loading following strict monitoring of axle Lucy K. Gathika
load limits. Managing Editor

Rosemary Wangui
As Executive Director of KRB, he will be responsible for strategic
planning, operations and administration, organization and
control of all functions, employees and assets of the Board.
One of the key challenges he faces in of funding the backlog Eng. Wilson Kosgey
maintenance and bridging the gap between funding and Martin Agumbi
requirements. From his past record, Eng. Ruwa is clearly up Angela Heza
to the task and we wish him all the best in the new role. William Ong’ondi
Mariamu Mwakina

Roads 2000 Strategy provides 4,000 jobs annually

R2000 Strategy is a method of road development and management that ensures

optimum utilisation and development of locally available resources where
technically; and economically feasible and in a socially responsive manner.
The strategy was conceived with the aim of implementing a new approach to
rapidly bring roads to a maintainable standard and place them under effective
maintenance with the optimum use of local resources.

The Roads 2000 Strategy supported by Kenya Roads Board provides over 4,000
jobs annually, routine maintenance of 34,135 kms, periodic maintenance of
12,221 km. Rehabilitation and Spot Improvement of 1,362Km
The Programme creates Employment of 23Million person days equivalent
to 104,274 full time jobs annually. The training of 1,316 Road agency staff
and 994 labour based contractors/consultants ensures that is continuous
capacity building for labour based contractors .

No. INTERVENTION Planned Achieved %

(KM) (KM) achieved
1 Routine Maintenance (PR) 1,599 2,203 138

Routine Maintenance (UR 24,857 55,434 223

2 Periodic Maintenance (PR) 112 631 565
Periodic Maintenance (UR) 1,405 11,532 821
3 Rehabilitation/ Spot 51 305 604
Improvement (PR)
Rehabilitation/ Spot 122 315 259
Improvement (UR)
4 Reconstruction (PR) 15 0 1
5 Upgrading / Expansion (PR) 106 19 18
6 New Construction (PR) 1 0.2 18
New Construction UR) 100 - -
TOTALS 28,367 70,441 248

In summary, R2000 strategy implementation

KRB to fund Pumwani Foot Bridge
achieved 248% on physical, 84% on financial
KRB has allocated funds for the construction of
expenditure, and 50.5% on employment created a footbridge at Pumwani Girls. The bridge which
collapsed 2 years ago is a connector of Pumwani
against the annual targets for FY2013/14. Also Girls. The bridge is a critical link of the premises
of Pangani Girls and crosses Juja road. The project
12% was achieved on training against the 5 year to be implemented by the Kenya Urban Roads
Authority will cost Kshs. 100 Million.
target of 1,466 persons. Women employment
This comes after the successful completion of two
stood at 40%.
footbridges along Mombasa Road (Bellevue and
General Motors). The bridges have since been
opened the public.

Best Director and Staff feted
The overall best director Mr. Osman H. Ibrahim could not hide his joy.
Serving his 6th year in the Board, the appreciation could not have come
at a better time. He is punctual, committed and has been there to support
the Board achieve its vision.

The Technical Compliance department carrying on its shoulders

audits of works worth over Kshs. 25 Billion Shillings annually. The
department manages 7 consultants who undertake technical
and financial audits countrywide and also has an inhouse team
of engineers and financial auditors. Headed by Eng. Stephen
Ndinika, the department was voted the best for being the
most organized, excellence in service delivery, teamwork
and achievement of set goals.

Mr. Osman H. Ibrahim

Elizabeth Sidi tells why she
was voted best employee
Elizabeth was voted the overall KRB best employee the year 2014. For Elizabeth, work is not what it is; work
is a service’. She sees every person who comes to her desk including staff as clients and ensures provision
of the best service possible. Elizabeth’s job entails attending to KRB visitors, switchboard operations and
performing other front office duties.

And it is not always rosy. Last year, she recalls an incident which involved an irate client whom she managed
to control and turned out to be one of the most loyal friends of the organisation. “It is just as simple as a
smile and reassuring the person that all will be well. The problem will be sorted out and that he/she’s in
the right place,” says Elizabeth.

As a front office person, she has many interactions with both external and internal customers, and one
lesson she has learnt is to remain calm and courteous to all the customers while maintaining a positive
attitude in order to give an excellent service.

What are her key challenges? Dealing with many people with different types of personalities and
performing multiple tasks quickly is sometimes stressful. Patience!!!!!! Is all I need especially when dealing
with challenging customers’. I’m always ready to help any person who needs my assistance, learn and also
take advice from colleagues in order to better myself.

She realizes that the body needs time to recharge and special
attention to make it healthy and fit. After a long day
at work, her sewing hobby is what helps her
relax her mind and concentrate her
positivities. We wish Liz all the
best in her job. Elizabeth receives her gift from Eng.
Joel Wanyoike, Chairman

KRB Fund to surpass Target
Kenya Roads Board disbursed Kshs. 13.4 Billion towards maintenance of various roads in the country for
the period July to December, 2014 against a ceiling of for FY 2014/2015.
The Board is expected to surpass its forecast following an increase in collections. The Fund is expected to
reach the Kshs. 30 Billion mark for since its inception
The funds have been disbursed to the road agencies as shown hereunder:

Road Authority/Agency Road Class Disbursements

Kenya National Highways A, B, C (Major Trunk Roads) 5,370,143,742
Kenya Rural Roads Authority D, E & Others (Rural Roads) 5,999,800,328
Kenya Urban Roads Authority Urban Roads 1,952,400,984
Kenya Wildlife Service National Park Roads 113,960,066
TOTAL 13,436,305,119

59,000 Kilometers maintained in FY 2013/2014

Over 59,000 kilometres was financed through KRB Fund during the financial year 2013/2014 at a cost of
Kshs. 26.4 billion. This represents a 38% coverage of the network. Out of this, 9,193 kms were national
roads, 47,594kms rural roads while 1,365kms urban roads and 1,527kms park roads were maintained. The
implementation of works was largely in compliance with the approved annual public roads programme.
The funding gap and backlog maintenance of approximately Kshs. 400 billion continues to present a
huge challenge to road maintenance. Further, KRB requires at least Kshs. 50 Billion annually to meet the
maintenance needs of the current road network.

KRB at the Standard
Chartered Marathon

As always, the KRB family was not left behind for the 10th edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon in October,
2014. With over 10,000 runners, KRB staff and family joined in the run and fun. From the 3km children’s race to the
21km, the only race were not represented in was the 42km but we are working towards it. After the race, the family
gathered for a luncheon satisfied that they had delivered sight to a Kenyan. Kudos!

Kenya Roads Board
Re- Towers, 3rd Floor Off Ragati Road, upper Hill
P.O. Box 73718 - 00200, City Square NAIROBI,

+254 20 4980 000, 2722 865/6,

Kenya Roads Board

OUR VISION: “An efficient road network for a prosperous Nation”

OUR MISSION: “To fund, oversee and coordinate road development, rehabilitation and maintenance. We shall ensure prudent sourcing and optimal utilization
8 of resources for socio-economic development.”