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Specification: 99999-9-3SS-W51-00001

number lot is required. This examination shall be done by using an

alloy analyzer of sufficient accuracy to verify proper alloy content
using the sorting method.

9.3 Examine all the completed pressure boundary welds in accordance

with the applicable code below minimum requirement are to be
adhered to:

9.3.1 All welds shall be 100% VT.

9.3.2 When radiographic examination is not required by the applicable

code, all but weld joints shall be 10% RT.

9.3.3 For flammable and toxic gas systems all but weld joints shall be
100% RT.

9.3.4 Lifting and handling lugs shall be 100% MT or PT.

9.3.5 Where random spot examination is required the recorded

examination shall cover the performance of each welder and/or each
joint configuration as a minimum. Examinations shall be timed
evenly over the production.

9.3.6 If during initial 10% examination, any welds are rejected, additional
20% of production shall be examined. If this reveals an additional
defect then the remainder of (welder's) day-production shall be
100% examined.

9.3.7 Performing Ultrasonic sonic examination in lieu of radiographic

examination require prior engineering approval and The equipment
used to perform the Ultrasonic examination shall be capable of
recording the ultrasonic response data including the scanning

9.4 For repair of welding joints that originally made with SAW, FCAW or
GMAW weld repair to be done in accordance with approved SMAW
or GTAW procedure and. for SMAW procedure the size of the
welding electrode is preferably smaller than that in the original WPS
but not larger than 5/32 inch (4 mm).

9.5 For the removal of unacceptable portion of weld shall be done by arc
gouging (the maximum depth to be removed by arc gouged in a
single pass shall not exceed 1/4 inch (6.4 mm)) and/or mechanical
means such as chipping and grinding without substantial removal of
the base metal .and for arc gouging the minimum preheat of the
original WPS shall be used specially when the defect is proved to
crack, more than 5/8 inch (16 mm) beyond each end of the crack
shall be removed.

9.6 Temporary attachments shall be removed and areas finished

smooth, flush and the affected areas to be inspected by MT or PT.

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