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1 General Ledger Accounting Identified Process

GL creation in COA and Company

code level by considering the Group
COA and Country COA
GL master change, and block and
unblock process
Basic FICO end user process

GL Document postings without Parking

GL documents parking and Posting in
Leading and non leading ledger
GL parked document deletion
GL doc Individual and Mass
documents reversal process
GL recurring entry and Accrual entry
GL recurring entry and Accrual entry
Posted document reversal
GL faste entry postings

GL printing and GL document display

GL line item and balance display
GL manual clearing and Automatic

Currency Translation Rates updation

GL and AR and AP balance carry
forward to new year
Open and Close Posting Periods

Forex revaluation month end execution

Bank Statement process -Manual and
Cash Journal mapping
Reports required for business in GL

2 Bank Accounting Bank creation @ country level

Vendor master
3 Accounts Payable creation/Change/Vendor block

Po based Invoice processing and block

PO based Invoice reversal
Debit and Credit memo processing for
Po based invoicing
Non PO invoice processing and
approval and block
Non PO invoice reversal
Manual payment to vendor & Partial
payments and Payment via Automatic
Payment program
Vendor down payment process

Vendor line item and balance display

Void check and Check lot creation and
Check register display process
Manual and Automatic payments
Manual and Automatic Check printing
Payment File/Payment advise/IDOC
generation to bank and file format
Reports required for business

4 Accounts Receivable Customer master maintenance process

Customer Invoice creation in FI

Customer credit memo Postings in FI

Customer Invoice creation in SD
Customer Incoming payment and
Partial and Residual payments
Customer line item and balance
Customer down payment process
Customer Credit management
Dunning and Customer account
statement generation
Reports required for business

Main asset , Sub asset and Group

asset -Creation, Display ,
5 Asset Accounting change,Block,Delete
Asset acquistion , scrap and
retirement, sale process
Interco and Intra company asset
AUC process between IO To AUC and
AUC to final assets
Depreciation run postings
AA Fiscal year close and Fical year

Reports required for business

Invoice postings with VAT and WT

6 Taxation codes ans Service tax
Reports required for business

How the GR and IR posting trigger GL

8 Integration with MM entries if required

How Billing postings trigger FI entries if

9 Integration with SD required

Interface mapping and forms List of interface and forms with

10 mapping requirements
Co closings Cost center, IO, Profit
center and Cost element master data
creation and cost center and cost
element group, Profit center group
creation and OKB9 account
assignemnt Settings, Cost budeting
and Cost allocation process and IO
11 CO process settlement process
Please refer V Narayan book-Page 241
12 Other business process to 249 for more process
Please refer Training document for
basic FICO process
Inputs required for Configuration
Exchange rate difference in Open items of vendor
and Customer between the Invoice and Payment
Prepare Automatic Clearing of GL accounts based on
different criteria
Basic FICO settings

Forex revaluation process

Financial statement version creation and BS and P&L
Interco transactions

Manul or electronic Bank statement process

Bank creation @ country level

Vendor account group and Number ranges

Payment method and House bank creation

Payment term Creation
Vendor down payment Mapping

Vendor tolerance

Cash discount taken

Customer account group and number ranges

Customer down payment mapping

Dunning mapping

Customer tolerance

Cash discount given

Chart of Depreciation mapping

Depreciation areas mapping
Define Asset class with Number ranges- Currently 66
asset class

Define screen Layout rules per asset class if required

GL assignments in A090- De we need to post APC

and Depreciation separately to Non leading ledger to
different dep area apart from real dep area
Depreciation methods and Depreciation keys

Depreciation Posting frequency per company code

Depreciation should be posted to the cost center
tagged in asset master
AUC process between IO To AUC and AUC to final
assets applicable to company code or not

Condition based taxation or Account based taxation

Posting MIRO Invoice and GR posting with GL

PO and IR tolerance limit check

GL integration with SD
Controllng area settings and Profit center and Cost
center center including hirearchy settings and Order
type settings