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Technology of millennial age has been playing a major role in many different areas of existence.

has been so much dependent on technology, thus, the purpose of this study RestauServe: An Online
Restaurant Reservation System is to give everyone especially food enthusiasts specifically in the area of
Cebu, a convenient means of table reservation and food ordering. This is to lessen and as much as
possible eliminate the waiting time during food ordering and adapt the quickest way of table
reservation. The system is designed for Cebu and Lapu-Lapu food enthusiasts and is developed to be
user-friendly for an easy use and easy navigation in every part of the system. The features that are most
preferable by technology geeks were thoroughly integrated as one to suffice the very need of the user.
The system will also give so much benefit to the customers (one of the major demographic targets of the
system) by making its reservation process and food ordering hassle-free and not time consuming.
Therefore, RestauServe is a useful booking application not only for food enthusiasts but for everybody.
During the course of the study the researchers have identified common problem areas encountered by
different restaurants through face to face interview especially the manual reservation of tables. Various
restaurants may have different take on the problems, they may consider the problem really minor as
they are used to the common way of reservation. .Nevertheless, majority of the restaurants interviewed
have preferred and would like to give an online reservation a try, thus, the researchers have come to a
solution to the problem which is the RestauServe. By this conclusion, we highly recommend that this up
to date system must be implemented and be used by various users to also know the impact it would
give to the public and to assess as well on how RestauServe would help them make table reservation
much easier and hassle-free.