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Engineering Databases

Science & Engineering


How to search the engineering literature – which Databases are best for journal articles & conference papers in your field?
Aerospace Latest 2 yrs only. For 1960-present, view * is truncation symbol
print indexes in S&E Ref or ask for online search Adjacency (phrase) assumed
Applied Science & 1983-present. Indexes almost 400 science * is truncation symbol (don’t use in All-Smart Search)
Technology and technology periodicals. With Authors have first names and middle initial or
Applied Science & undergraduate focus (all in English). first and middle initials
Business Retrospective 1913-1983 also online for historical science-eng research Special features: Limit to peer-reviewed journals

Compendex 1884-present. International coverage of civil, * is truncation symbol; AND assumed

[Engineering Index] structural, mechanical engineering. & Authors have first names and middle initial or
aerospace, materials science, chemical, first and middle initials
ocean, electrical eng & computer science. Special features: Faceted filtering of results

INSPEC 1898-present. Good for computers, * is truncation symbol; AND assumed

electronics, biomedical, control, electrical and Authors have first & middle initials [except Chinese
ocean engineering, physics, including names] . Use Author Finder for guidance.
Special features:; Analyze results, Cross over to Web of
geophysics, astronomy, acoustics. Science citation index, faceted filtering of results

Metadex 1966-present. International coverage of the * is truncation symbol

[Metals Abstracts] literature published on the science and Adjacency (phrase) assumed
technology of metals. Good for applied and Authors have first names and middle initial or
Metadex & EMA theoretical materials processes. first and middle initials
EMA 1986-present. Comprehensive coverage for * is truncation symbol
[Engineered science of polymers, ceramics and composite Adjacency (phrase) assumed
Materials Abstracts] materials. Articles, conference proceedings Authors have first names and middle initial or
and newer patents. first and middle initials
EEA [Earthquake 1971-present. EERI covers the world’s * is truncation symbol
Engineering] literature in earthquake engineering. Includes Adjacency (phrase) assumed
selected technical reports, books, conference Authors have first names and middle initial or
papers & journal articles. first and middle initials
Civil Engineering 1970-present. Only complete index of all the Doesn’t cover other sources of civil eng articles
database ASCE journals, conferences & papers. from other publishers & magazines.
PubMed 1953-present. MEDLINE and genetics Rich subject terms (MeSH)
[Index Medicus] databases [National Library of Medicine]. Choose Abstract display to see UC E-Links icons.
SciFinder Scholar 1907-present. International coverage for
[Chemical Abstracts] articles and patents in chemistry, chemical Must download special client software
engineering and materials science. Special feature: search by compounds
Web of Science 1900-present. Indexes over 6,000 key * is truncation symbol; AND assumed
science journals--excellent place to start Authors have first & middle initials and no
looking for articles. Search by author, commas; Use Author Finder for guidance.
keywords, organization & cited reference. Special features: Create citation reports; Analyze results

Dissertations & 1861-present. UC dissertations 1997+ free Search by advisor (field not in Roger!), subject,
Theses to download author, university. Limited European dissertations
Google Scholar Good for quick searches of scholarly material Not always comprehensive – many journals &
some societies not covered. No sorting by years.

9/09 DK,DS
Online Book & Reference Databases for Engineering
The easiest way to find an eBook is to search in Roger by keyword or subject within electronic materials.
If you don't find an eBook in Roger, browse or search one of these collections. It searches full-text across all the books in
the collection, which is a good choice for narrow topics.
Knovel Library Over 1200 essential and authoritative Interactive tables of data in some
reference books and databases from handbooks. Search by Keyword or by
more than 30 Sci-Tech publishers. Title, Author or Subject.
CRCNetBases: Multiple book collections in Search across all libraries from
ENVIROnetBASE engineering, math, life & physical
ITKnowledgeBASE sciences, food, economics, Other than ChemNetBase, data is in
InfoSECURITYnetBASE forensics/law enforcement. pdf format only.
STATSnetBASE & more!

EngNetBase Over 1000 handbooks from CRC Try Advanced search for more precise
(largest collection in CRCNetBase) Press, Dekker, and Chapman & Hall searches. Turn off pop-up blockers &
in biomedical, environmental, have Acrobat launch within your
electrical, communications, browser. Numeric data in pdf format
nanotechnology, materials, only
mechanical, civil/structural & ocean
Springer e-books Over 20,000 books in math, science, MyCopy – most books also available
engineering, medicine, economics as softcover print copy for $24.95
Safari Books Online Over 1400 full text searchable online Browse books by category or search
computer/IT books from O’Reilly. by Title, Author, keyword, code text.
Synthesis Digital Library of Over 250 titles in this library of 50- to More lectures being added each
Engineering and Computer 100-page lecture-sized books, month. Most are in electrical,
Science synthesizing an important research or biomedical, computer & general
development topic, authored by an engineering and telecommunications.
expert in engineering.
AccessEngineering 210 McGraw-Hill handbooks & Use their DX viewer (click picture) or
advanced texts. read each chapter as a pdf.
AIAA e-books 55 AIAA Education series books Coming soon in late 2009
on aeronautics & astronautics
ASM Handbooks Useful info on metals/alloys, also
composites & engineered materials.
Alloy Phase Diagram Center Over 11,000 binary & tertiary phase Search by element, crystal data,
diagrams & phase data reaction data & bibliographic
ebrary Thousands of scientific, computer & Book titles cataloged on Roger. Install
technology/engineering books. Also ebrary viewer before reading or use
social sciences, humanities & arts. QuickViewer with your browser.
Specialty Encyclopedias Use Recommended E-Resources by
Type from the S&E web page and
choose Encyclopedias.

If you try to access these resources from off-campus, you will need to set up a proxy on your web
browser. See instructions at

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