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May 23, 2018


OIC District Engineer
DPWH Cebu City District Engineering Office
V. Sotto St. Tinago, Cebu City


Dear Engr. Gauran,

Good day!

We would like to ask assistance from your good office to check on several of our Brgy.
Camputhaw, Cebu City properties with regard to their Expropriation status as lands
affected by the DPWH Road Widening Project on Escario St. The following are the
properties in question:

TCT No. 107-2016003051
Lot 5 of the Consolidation-Subdivision Plan (LRC) PCS-22910, approved as a non-
subdivision project, being a portion of lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, Block 11, PCS –
389, L.R.C. Record No. 5988, situated in the Barrio of Camputhaw, City of Cebu, Island
of Cebu.
Area on Title: 1,104.30 SQM
Area taken by the Road: 150 SQM

TCT No. 107-2013002682
Lot No. 1 Blk-4 of the subdivision plan FLS-1036-D, being a portion of Lot. No. 1395-A,
PSD-279 of Banilad Friars Lands Estate, G.L.R.O. Record No. 5988, situated in the Barrio of
Camputhaw, City of Cebu, formerly Municipality of Cebu, Province of Cebu.
Area on Title: 443.60 SQM
Area taken by the Road: 51 SQM

TCT No. 107-2014001133
Lot 1 Blk. 4 of the subdivision plan PSD-07-040589, being a portion of Lot 886, Banilad
Estate, situated in the Barrio of Camputhaw, City of Cebu, Island of Cebu.
Area on Title: 70 SQM
Area taken by the Road: 4 SQM

(Attached here are the Title and the Sketch map of the Properties)
The lands titles of these properties are now under the names of Black Diamond
Development and Real Estate Corporation, First Capitol Inc. and Red Bark Treasures
Development Corporation respectively to which Coast Pacific Group of Companies
manages. As of the moment, our legal team are consolidating our properties and are
preparing for a Masterlist thats why we have uncovered these loose ends. At the
moment we are trying to clarify from your good office the following issues:

1. Since we have a certification from District Engineer for Property 1 that is it under
expropriation proceedings by the DPWH, what is the status of the case and has
the property taken already paid and to whom? (attached here is the
Certification letter made by Nicomedes Leonor Jr.)
2. For Property 2 and 3, was there an expropriation case initiated for these
properties and what is the status on these?

We appreciate any light you can shed on these matters, if needed be please feel free
to contact our office number 266-2872 for further clarifications or documentations to
these properties.



Corporate Legal Officer