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No. Topics Description Books
Alpha C.
۞► Basic Rules of Integrations. Chiang
۞►Definite Integrals & their Properties.
1 Integral Calculus ۞►Area Under a Curve.
۞►Consumer & producer Surplus.
14.2, 14.3,
14.4, 14.5
۞►Improper Integrals.
۞►Economic Applications of Integrals.
۞►Domar Growth Model. Dowling

۞►Homogenous & non-Homogenous Cases.
۞►Solution (Constant Coefficient & Constant Term).
Alpha C.
۞►Dynamics of Market Price. Chiang
2 First Order Linear
۞►Solution (Variable Coefficient and Variable Term).
۞► Exact Differential Equation. 15.1, 15.2,
Equations ۞►Bernoulli Equation. 15.3, 15.4,
۞►Separable Variables. 15.5, 15.6
۞► Qualitative Graphic Approach (Phase Diagram)
۞►Solow Growth Model.

۞►Definition. Alpha C.
Second Order ۞►Solution (Constant Coefficient and Constant term).
3 Differential
► Distinct Roots.
► Repeated Roots.
16.1, 16.2,
► Real Roots and Complex Root Cases.
16.3, 16.4,
۞► A Market Model with Price Expectations. 16.5, 16.6
۞►The Interaction of Inflation and Unemployment.

Alpha C.
4 Higher order ۞►Definition. Chiang
Differential ۞►Solution (Constant Coefficient and Constant Term).
Equations ۞►Convergence and the Routh Theorem. 16.7

۞►Definition. Alpha C.
First Order ۞►Solution of First Order Difference Equations.
5 Difference Equations ۞►The Cobweb Model.
۞►A Market Model with Inventory.
17.2, 17.3,
۞►A Market with a Price Ceiling.
17.4, 17.5

Chiang Equations ►Real Roots and Complex Root Cases.2 ۞►Samuelson Multiplier-Acceleration Interaction Model. ►Repeated Roots. Differential & ۞►The Solution of Simultaneous Differential Equations. Chiang Difference Equations ۞►The Solution of Simultaneous Difference Equations. Programming ۞►Kuhn Tucker Condition. 18. Alpha C. Alpha C. ۞►Solution (Constant Coefficients and Constant term). Fundamental Methods Of Mathematical Economics. 19. 18. Chiang Difference Equations ۞►Solutions of Higher Order Linear Difference Equation ۞►Convergence and Schur Theorem Again.4 8 Simultaneous ۞►Definition. Mathematical Economics. Chiang 13. Dowling. . ۞►Inflation and Unemployment in Discrete Time. (2) Edward T.4 Recommended Books: (1) Alpha C. Alpha C. ۞►Definition. 18. Alpha C. Chiang.1. 6 Second-Order Linear Difference ► Distinct Roots. 7 Higher Order Linear ۞►Definition.2 9 Non-Linear ۞►Definition.