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VOt )o-OUrtr'@@"rM

Nanya-Faatuh El@OrM
P.O. Box ll2l92
Cincinnati, Ohio 452I I-2192
July 24e, 2018
Central Credit Services LLC
9550 Regeucy Square Blvd Suite 500
Jacksonville, FL 8t69
To whom it may concern:
I, Nanya-Faatuh El@Orl[, Indigerous Autochthon am the Authorized representative for KINTYA LAMAR THOMAS@O'}'(IJ.C.C.
$ 3402 b\ - 673.4021 (b) in this request for debt validation and all commercial matters. I need to see that generally accepted
accounting principles (GAAP) is being followed. I must see the contract tlat allows you to collect this alleged debt but most
the bookkeeping entries. The following accounts: 010390830533 13; 010690830533 13; 01 1 I 19083053313;20924512;
2A924513.20924514. must be validated under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Title 15 U.S.C. $$ 1692-1692p
(httos:/ you are
required under oath to show me validation of the debt by a certified public accountant (CPA). Vou havolea@slqsd sa&c
lpgtteepine.entieq fi'o,m a (CPA). I
Power of Attomey in faet; SFl8t packet fax cover & transmission report to (OMB); HJR-194; S. Con. Res. 26r (IPEDSi; Pres. Barack Obama's
Statement; Pope's Motu Proprio.
32"8'26.58',N.Lat-84"33'29014'1W.Long: Shawneeiohie: Atlan/ Turtle Island
United Nations Declaration or the Rights of Lrdigenous
(.http://www.un.ors/esa/socdev/unpfi l/documentslDRlPS en.pdfl
Convention on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, and United Nations Charter: Article 55 & 56:
Presidential Proclamation 7500, H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res 26. S. 1200.
:Nanya-Faatuh :E1@OrM Authorized represertative for Kintya Lamar Thomas@CIrM Indigenous Autochthonous
Secured Party File No.l6-03-25-5215-l,UCC $3-402 (b) - O.R.C. $1303.42 ; UCC $1-103 *
O.R.C.$1303.103; UCC $l-308 - O.R.C. $1303.308 All Rights Reservei.

Affirm to and subscribed before me thisl$day o{ 2018.

Personally Known
Produced ID-b KEv\N I *:.o"o}:-.
g'' n.zozr

rypeofID, (#C + *, i:Hil':,ll1"*'"p0

,' o

r/t,t/v t
Roturn Mall Only. Do not B6nd mall to thls address.
Uee addrecs provlded on coupon bolour.
Central Credit Senrices LLC
PO Box 1280 9550 Regency Square Blvd, Suite 500 r Jacksonville, FL 32225-8169
Oaks PA 19456-1280 Toll Free: 866-947{802
Hours of Operation:
Mon. thru Thurs.8am - 9pm CT r Friday 8am - Spm CT
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June 25, 2018

Account lnfiormation
Creditor: Navient
hlhlllhtl'l'thll,pll,pllll,rlltlllhllll'lh1tllllll,lg,lh, Total Balance Dus: $34,090.02
Kintya L Thomas
E po Bax 112192 See revense side for llsting of all accounts
E CincinnatiOH 45211-2192

The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, you cannot be sued for it. ln
many circumstance$, you eaft renerrrtlrc debt and stad thetirne period for the filingof a lawsuitagainst you if you
take specific adions such as making certain payment on the debt or making a written promise to pay. You should
determine the effect of any actions you take with respect to this debt.
Dear Kintya L Thomas:
ffi Please be advised that Navient has requested our office assist them in the collection of the balance for the above
H Account(s). Repayment options are available to you. By contacting our office, we can inform you of these options
:dr and assist you in restarting your repayment. Your balance may increase due to interest or other charges as
permitted by law or in your original agreement"

The preceding information does not affect your rights set forth below:
Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt, or
any portion thereof, this office will assume this debt is valid. lf you notifl this office in writing within 30 days after
receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt, or any portion thereof, this office will obtain
verification of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgment and mail you a copy of such judgment or verification. lf you
request of this office in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice, this office will provide you with the name
and address of the original creditor, if different fom the current creditor.

Central Credit Services

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any infurmation obtained will
be used for that purpose. Calls to or from this company may be monitored or recorded.
lt*t$ *fl!l$M$ Ts ALL,

K3l{TXe ffi}#eETH*}}l[A$ H*=*r K&*!nru} &*: Hum {}*rba }fanys*f*afuh EI

Is XrcosEized as Inmgr$o[a!5r fiidallioya-shialqd$e@ri' nf tb€:6t-.6it-!& i!set!0l d:r@$s€a Losrs tn ao&fd $i|tr

ihe :Lndiprous hitDg
hoaess@B,IIXBX! E ldigEoou, ksds IIretLe Riglth SetrDetrrrh*ioi- B, virEs d$s
Itightft€ry fredy Determins ltdr foffid Sdus ald frl$ ftrsr€ Thdr Econoa*q Social, ad Grlturd Developoeot. -
Art. g tn{ D.dE:*ioeraa rhe Rights ofladssoour Faopleo-:iittv4rww.un.orf/rea/soabv/unpffUibcoqat*Slx en pdf.
Pup*,fifi sis I; %t]rgeth* l,forld

Amsicau Dedagisn on esfixf Artt e

/ Nati onLfl' arrr as s eeM o ors .p ff

Sst*= ?gxs Yrern x- & 3ilnx*, **e $aF
Guide to Personnel Data Standards (Please read the Privacy Act Statement and instructions before completing form.)

Name (Last, First, Middle lnitial) Social Security Number Birthdate (Month and Year)

-fh"wLab Krn]no, L 7- 11-n?7

Agency Use Only

Privacy Act Statement

Ethnicity and race information is requested under the authority of 42 U.S.C. Section 2000e-16 and in compliance with
the Office of Management and Budget's 1997 Revisions to the Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race
and Ethnicity. Providing this information is voluntary and has no impact on your employment status, but in the instance
of missing information, your employing agency will attempt to identify your race and ethnicity by visual observation.

This information is used as necessary to plan for equal employment opportunity throughout the Federal government. lt
is also used by the U. S. Office of Personnel Management or employing agency maintaining the records to locate
individuals for personnel research or survey response and in the production of summary descriptive statistics and
analytical studies in support of the function for which the records are collected and maintained, or for related workforce

Social Security Number (SSN) is requested under the authority of Executive Order 9397, which requires SSN be used
for the purpose of uniform, orderly administration of personnel records. Providing this information is voluntary and failure
to do so will have no effect on your employment status. lf SSN is not provided, however, other agency sources may be
used to obtain it.

Specific lnstructions: The two questions below are designed to identify your ethnicity and race. Regardless of your answer to
question 1, go to question 2.
Question 1. Are You Hispanic or Latino? (A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other
Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.)
C Yes Eil Itto

Question 2. Please select the racial category or categories with which you most closely identify by placing an "X" in the appropriate
box. Check as many as apply.
(Check as many as apply)

E American lndian or Alaska Native A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America
(including Central America), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community

tl Asian A person having origins in any ol the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast
Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, for example, Cambodia, China, India,
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine lslands, Thailand, and Vietnam.

ff Black or African American A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

ff Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific lslander A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or
other Pacific lslands.

f, wnite A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or
North Africa.

Standard Form 181

Flevised August 2005
Previous editions not usable

42 U.S.C. Section 2000e-16

NSN 7540-01 -099-3446

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Fax:1.2p/-3q5 - 3s*g

R"' 5€ IX urgent
[ql J+)Q- wu , s, cr,- Qes 2tn
fl2. Obc."ra.U 31"*er^^** / 5F tqst s*c,{-e' I I ror Review
I I Pl""r. comrnent
f--J pl".r" Repty
I Rl"rr. Recycle

g- r"oil
U 3D 2o6
TIiE 2 6t|fi/€.4'*?L7:25
SER.ll : L3,1599447

oq v)
DATE, TIIIE Et+t+ 17:18
FAX N0. /FeqFE 12823953888
DI.FATIT}I 66: 86:44
PAGE(S) 13
II. Res. 194

In the House of Representatiaes, f/. S.,

July 29, 2008.
Srhcrcns rnillions of AfricHrrs altl their descendartts rvtlre
errslaved in thc thritul Sta,tcs arrd the tB eolo-
tties frorn 1619 tltrough lltfiS;

Whereas sla.rer1, irr .r\rncriea rcsembled tto otlter form of inrrol-

itr histrtry, as Afi ic&ns were eap-
unta.r'.y sen,ittrde krrorur
turecl ancl sold trt ttuctiort like inanimate objects or ani-

Wherca.s Afiieans fot'cetl ittto slnvcry lvere brutalizecl, humili-

ated, delrumntrizcd, attd sutfeeted to the indignity of
beirrg strippcd of their uames and heritage;

Wrereas enslaved fhnrilics rvent torn apart after having beeu

soltl separatelv li'tlttt oltc tttttlthcr';

Wrerrras tlre .sy;tcm of slttvurl' ulrcl the rriseeral racism against

fxlrsons of .Africtrrt dt'st''ottt upon rvldch it depended be- etttreitt'ltctl irr tlrt' Ntttittn's social f'abr{c',;

\\,1hercns slavcry u'ers rrot officially abolished until the pa$$age

of the tlltlr i\rncrrdltrt'ttt to the United States Ctnrstitu-
tiorr in 11165 alttr tltt' t:trtl of tlrc Civil War';
lYlrercas a,f[et' etnittteipittirtrr fi'otn 24{i .years tlf slflvcn,, Af'ri-
carr-Amcrioflnli li(x)lt stru' tltt' til:etirrg political, srlcittl, atttl
ccorronric gttirru thrl' rrrHtlc tlttt'ittg ll,ccttttsttrtctiotr cvis-
ceratct] lly virrtlt'rrt t'rtcistrt, l1'rrclrirrgs, tliserrf't'ttrrcltist'tttrut.,

Illael< Orxlcs, arrd rtlcial segregatir)n larl'sr that iltrlxrsctl ir

rigirl .sys1,crn of officially satrctiontrtl rnt'ial scgrtrgtrtirxr irr

virt"uall.v till areas of lifb;
\Vltc'rcas the systenr of dc jure racia.l sepp'egtr,tiorr lcrorirr as
"Jirn Orou,," whieh an)se in ccrtain parts of thc Nutiorr
firllrnviug the Cil'il \Yar to create scparate turtl urrrrrprnl
socit'tjes for whites antl Afi'ican-Amerieans, wns a dirrct
result of the ra.eism against persons of Africm tlcsrerrt
urgendered try slavery;

\Vlrt,r'ens a century a,fter the officia,l end of slavcry irr Alnct-

icir, Federal action rvas required cluring the 1960s t,o
elitnitta.te the dejure ancl defacto system of .Iinr (lr.orr
tltrrxrghout parts of the Nation, tlrough its t cstig.cs still
Iirrgcr to this da;1,;

\Vhcreas Afi'ican-Amerieans continue to suffer fxlnr thc coln-

plex interplay between slavery and Jim Crou,-lorrg after.
bt*lr sl,stems lyere formally abolished-tlu,ouglr elor.r'rrous
tlamage and loss, both tangible antl intangible, irrcluclirrg
thc lo;s of Imman dignity, the frustration of carecr.s arrd
prof'essioual lives, and the long-term loss of inconrc arrcl

Whcrcas tlte strn1y of the ensla,vement and de jun: segr.egrrtiorr

of African-Americans atrd the delrumanizitrg
comnittecl against them should not trc purgcd fiutrr or.
rnirrirnized in tlle tellirrg of Amcrica,n histon;

\\'hrrrcas on Jul.r, 8, 2003, during a tl'ip to () Islarrd, Scn-

t'gal, a firmer slarre port, Prcsident Georgc \\'. Iluslr ar-
krrrnvloclgctl slarrcry's contirnrirrg lcgacl- in Amcrit,arr life
rurtl tllc trcul to conhrrrrt that legrrc.r, r,hen hc stirtetl tlrat
slaverl' "$'as olte of tlrc gr.catcrst er.inrcs uf histor.r-
. . . 'l'lrc t'acitrl bigrrtrl, f'rrcl b.-v slaver:)' tlid rrot t.rrtl n'itlr



slavery ot' 'noitlt segtcgrtiou. .Arttl nrnr]' of thq issncs tlrat,

still tnxrtlle Anrg'iut ltuvc rrxrts irr tlrc llittt'r' tr\ret'icrtt'tr
of otlrer timcs. IJtrt ltorvcvtr lotrg tltr, jorttrrc.r', oru'tlcstittl'
is set: litrcrty arrtl justicc fix' rll.";
Whercas Irresident llill Cliutorr rrlso aclnrou{ctlgtrd thc dcep-
sca"ted problems causcd 14' tlre toutirnrirrg lcgut..v of ruc-
ism against Afi{erur-Amerierttrs tlrtrt llug'trrr rrith sltr.ven'
lvlren lre initiated a natiorral tlialogtrr alxxrt race;

\Mtereas a genuine a,pologv is tur irnprxtrrrrt" antl rrcccssary

first step in the proculs rtf racial ret:orrriliatitxr;
Vilrereas an apologl' flir of lxttal rlclnrmarriztrtion
ancl injustiees eautrot or?ln(f the past,. lxrt conf'essiou uf
the wrottgp conrnrittctl carr spct'tl rar.itrl lrcllirrg arrtl ree-
<lnciliatiolt and help Americarrs rrnrfnrrrt tlro g'hosts of
their past;
tlre legislature of t}e Conrrnorrrrcaltlr of \rirgirria has
recently taken the lead in atloptirrg tr rcsolutiou officitrll-r,
expressing appropriatc romorte fur' $lm'en' arrd otlrer
State legislaturcs havc ackrptml or ill'(f t:orrsitlcrirrg siniilar'
resolutious; and

Wrereas it is importa,nt fbr this c.ourrtrl-, rvlrit:h lcgally I'ocog-

niz,ed slavery tlrrough its Corrstittrtiorr arrcl lts lau'$, tr.r
make a formal apolory filr slurtrrl, drrd fin'iLs sueoes$or,
Jim Crtrq', so tlra.t it can nrr)\'(, fixrrartl irrrtl scck xrc-
onciliatiou, justie,e, and hantrorrl' fil' all of its citizcrrs:
Nou', thereftrre, lle it

Iksolved, Tlurt tlrc Iftlnsc of ltt'prr:serrtativc.s-

(1) ackrror*-ledgcs that ,slrrvt,tf is irrr.orrrllttible u'itlr
tltc llasir: firurrrlirrg print:ipk's n.r.ogrrizcrl irr tJrc I)t'r.lar.a-
tirlrr of Irttlepcrttlcrrcc tltat lll lurtr 11l1i 1.1.c11fctl uprtl;

.ITBES 104 Etl


Whereas the legislature of the Common of Virginia has

recently taken the lead in adopting a ion officially
expressing appropriate remorse for and other
State legislatures are eonsidering si resolutions; and

\Yhcreas it is important fbr this country, which lcgally rccog-

nizcd slavcry through its Constitution and its laws, to
make a formal apolory for sla'rery and for its successor,
Jim Crow, so that it can move forward and seek rec-
onciliation, justice, and harmony for all of its citizens:
Now, therefore, be it
L Resrilnted, That the House of Representati'r'es-

2 (1) acknowlcdgcs the fundamcntal injusticc,

3 crueltJr, brutality, and inhumanibr of slavery and
4 Jim Crow;
5 (2) apologizes to African-Americans on behalf

6 of the people of the United States, for the wrongs

7 committed against them and their ancestors who
8 suf'f'crcd undcr slavcry and Jim Crow; and
9 (3) uprcsscs its commitmcnt to rccti$'thc lin-
10 gering consequenees of the misdeeds committed

11 against African-Amerieans uncler slavery and Jim

12 Cror,v and to stop the oecurrenee of human rights
13 violations in the future.

.ERES 194 IE

Il lru COllGltIrSS
lsr Sussrtts

Wrereas durirrg tlrc histor'1' of thc Natirxr, tlrc llnitetl Statcs

has gtrorvn irrto a sl.rrtlxrl of dcrnot:r'trc1' trtttl fi'oedonr
around the rvorlcl;

Wlrereas the legac.v of ;\ti"ieart-;\tttttit'tttrs is irrtc:nrrn'ctr with

the lrery firtrricr of tlrt, rlerttocraev anrl li'trdonr of thc
Unitcd Statcs;
Wherea,s millions of Ati'iearrs orrtl tlrcir' tlest:errclants were
enslaved in tlre lhritcd Stattrs arrtl tlrc Ii] Americtru coltr
nies fi'om I619 thnnrgh Itt{i5;

\ilhereas Afiieans forcrccl irrto slavery \r'er'r, bnrtalizcd, humili-

ated, clehumarrizccl, arrd sulljrrrtetl tc tlrtr irrdignitv of
being strippetl of tlrcil rlamrls arxi heritage;

\Vhereas many euslavctl tirrnilics rverc trn'rr allart after fhmily

men.lbcrrs u,cle soltl selxrrtrtell';

Whereas the s;,stcnr of slaytrl' atrtl tlrtr visccral raccisnr aga.ilst

people of Afi"ican dcsrcrrt lrl)()lr u'hish it, depeirtled trecarne
enmeshecl in thl: srrciul faln'ir of thc tlrritcd Statt:s;

S4rerca"s slavery u'ns rrot offiejnll,r alxrlishetl urrtil tlrc ratifica-

tion of thc llltlr anrerrtlnrcrrt to tlrt, ('orrstitntiorr of the
llnited Statcs irr 1tl(i;-r, aftt,r' tlrt' cucl of the ()ivil \Yar';

Wlrer"eas af't,trr urnalripatitnr fitrn 24(i 'r'cal's of sltrt,t1,, Afi"i-

can-Anrct'i(:rllls ri(x)l selrr tlrt' flct'tirrg, sot.ial, trnd
ceorrornir gairrs tlrtl' rrrir(L' tluritrg lil'r.olrstl.rrctiorr t'r'is-

Ei* **.:-
I r('r'rltd'rl l n' r'inr l er rt, t'rrcixrn, I.rn r cltir rpr, discr rh'at rcl risctnetrt,
llltrrh ('txlrs, atrd t'ttcinl scgrcgatiotr larrs tlrtrt irnposutl rt
rigitl slstcrtt of offlrriall.v sattt:tiorrcd racittl scgtcgtttitttr irr
virtnall.r' nll itt'ttts of lift;
\\'lrcretrs tlxr s,rxtun of tlrr juru rat:itrl segregrtiotr knrlnn trs
"Jirn ('r'rnl'", rrhitrlt ar'()] itr certain parts of thc lirritcd
Stirtcs aftt.r' tlrc (livjl \Var to crcate separate and urrcqual
socit,tics firr' \\rlrites arrcl Africau-Americans, rvas a clirect
resrrlt of tlrc raeisln appdnst per4lle of Afi{ean dcscent
thttt rrrrs ctrgerrdct'qd ll.v slavery;

\Yhertns the s.rxtcnr of .Jirn Crurr laws officially existr:d urrtil
thc I flti0s-rr rcrrturl, after the offroial end of slavery in
thc Unitctl Strrtes-urrtil Coirgress ttxrh aetion to urd it,
lltrt tht' r,tstig:s of Jirn Cxtrv contfirue to this clay;
\Ylrtrycas ,\f ictrrr-l\rnericau$ trontinue to suffer from the corr-
of slurtlr-r' artd ,Iim Oror,v larvs-long after botlr
svst(.rrlri \\'()r'c fix'rnall.t, abolisheel-tlrrough enormous
rlarnagc trrrd loss, both tangible and intangible, including
tlte losr* of lttrurrttr tligrrit.l' ancl liberty;
\{hertrrs the strlry of thc crrslarement and de jure scgregation
of Afi{ctrrr-Arncricaus and the clehumanizing a.troeities
t:ornnrittrtl ergerirrst thcrn should not be purged from or
nrirrinriztd in tlrt' tcllirrg of the history of the llnited

ft'l rtrt,n s tlxrsr .\fi' r-Anrerieans rvho suffcred nnder sluvery

arrd Jirrr (lrrlu' lun's, turd thcir tlescendarrLs, excmpli{_v the
strt.rrgth of tltt' lttrnrttr cltaraetcr a,ntl pnn'idc a nrrxlel of
r(rrr r? Hr.., crtr rr nr it ner rt, rr n tl pcrsovcrar)ee;

trip fir (}orec Isltrrrtl, lkrr-

\\'ltt,r'eas orr Jrrll' fl, 2{X):J, tlru'irrg a
egrtl, ir fortttt'r' slutc port, llresitlcrrt (icorgt \\I. Iluslr uc-
hrrou'lt, tlrt, ttrtirnrirrg legucy of slavo'r' irr lit'c irr tlre

r'SCON 20 ES


Urritul Stntes atrrl tlrtr rtcctl to crttrfirnrt tlrtrt k'gnt'.r', rrlrur

Iru statetl tlrtrt slrtvcn, "lratt ()ue of tlrt, grratcst
crirnes of historl' . . . 'IIrc rnt':ial higrrtrl' fotl b,v slrtx,r'1,
elitl rrot crrtl rritlt slavcr'.r' rlr trith scgrcgtrtiorr. Arrtl nlauv
of the issues tlrat still troublc Anrerica lrave xlots irr tlrc
bittcr experiarce'ol' otlter times. Ilut lxxvcrrur lorrg tlre
jountey, our tlestitry is set: liberty ttud justit:c fix' all.";
\Yhct'uttr Prcsident Ilill
Clintott also acknorvlcdgul tlrc dctlt-
scatctl protrlems causccl brr the eorrtinuing lcgutl' of rac-
isrn aEpinst Afican-Amcrieurs that beprrr rvitlr sla'r'trrv,
t'lruu he initiated a. national dialoguc about rnct;
\\'htrrctrs alt apolog_v for crcnturies of brutal dehrunarrizntiorr
antl ir{ustiecs cannot emse tJre past, lrtrt corrf'cssiorr uf
the rvrongs committed a,rrtl a forma.l apolog' to Afriearr-
Americans will help bincl the rvounds of the Natiotr tlrat
are rooted in slavery and ea,u speed racial hcalirrg und
rcconciliation and help the pcople of the I-]rritccl Statcs
understand the past and honor tlre history of trll llcr4rle
of tlre lhrited State.s;
\{lrcrcrts the legislatures of the Commonrvealt} of Vir ginia
arrd the States of Alabarna, I'lorida., l\Iar1'laud, arrd
North Carulina ltave taken tlte lea.d in a.dolltirrg rcsolu-
tions officially expressing appr'opriate remon;e ftx' slatu'.r',
iurd other Stats legislaturen are consiclering sirnilar rcso-
Irrtiorrs; and

\Yherr.:as it
is imlxrrtarrt for tlre pcoplc of tlrc Urritctl Statt,s,
u,lro legallv recogrrizecl slarcry thnxrgh tlrt: (klrr,stitrrtjurr
aud thc larvs of the {Initetl $hrtes, to luaht' a f'ot.rnal
nlxrlogy fitt' slnvtrw arrd firr its sllc(:orJsor, Jjrrr ('r'r)r\', sr)
th(rv rarr rllo\re fbnvard rurtl scek rccrlrrcilirrtiorr, jrrstirtr,
rrrrd hirrnorr.v firr all ptr4rlcr of tlrc Ulritctl Stirtcs: Not',
tlrortfixrr, bc it
";scoN 26 E8


1 Il.e,toh,e.(l lry th,e fJenute (the llotse qf ll.e\sresenfutt'iue,s

2 t:ott.txtn,i;ttfi, 'flrat tlttr settst' tlf tltc Ourgrcss is thtl I'ol-

3 lon'irrg:

4 (1) At,or,out' rolt rIIIi riNsldvltlllINT AND

5 IJII(Iltt (,ATI()N OI.' .\F'ItI('r\N-;\l{ElllCANS.-'flre Ctlrr-

6 gres$-
7 (A) ar,'kuot'lcdgr:s tlre firrrtlarrrental injus-
8 tice, cruclty, bmtality, a,nel inlturltrnitS' of slav-
9 ery antl Jirn (lrrxt lau's;

10 (l]) aprkrgizqs to Ati'ican-Americans otr be-

11 half of the peolllc of the Urrited Statcs, for the

12 \{rrong.{r cornrnittctl ugrrirrst them antl their a.n-

13 cestors u'ho sufftrretl urrdet slavery ancl Jirn

t4 Crtnv lau's; iurtl

l5 (C) eq)r'esses its recommitment to the

16 principle that, all ptx4rle arc creatcd equal and
t7 urdorved u'ith irrtliettublc rights to lif'e, Iiberty,
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The Holy See





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5 When the same matters are prosecuted n otherSlates theprovsons n lorce nValicanCV
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6 Theontentolaftce23olLawNo cxlxol2l November '987 whch approves the Jrdrral

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# ffice

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Locat i on : CVGKO
Device I0; .BTCO2

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