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Name of Drug Classification and Indication and Side Effects or Adverse Nursing Responsibilities

(Dosage, Route, Mechanism of Action Contraindication Reactions

Frequency, Timing)

Generic Name: Classification: Indication: Body as a Whole: 10 Rights of Medication

Telmisartan and Cardiovascular agent; Treatment of essential 1. Right Drug
Back pain, flu-like syndrome, 2. Right Patient
Hydrochlorothiazide antihypertensive; HTN for patients in
myalgia, headache, fatigue. 3. Right Dose
angiotensin ii receptor whom combination
4. Right Route
Brand Name: antagonist therapy is appropriate CNS: 5. Right Time & Frequency
Micardis Plus
6. Right Documentation
Mechanism of Action: 7. Right History and
Dosage: Angiotensin II receptor CV: Assessment
80mg 1tab (type AT1) antagonist. 8. Drug approach and Right to
Selectively blocks the Hypotension, hypertension, Refuse
binding of angiotensin II chest pain, peripheral edema. 9. Right Drug-Drug Interaction
to the AT1 receptors in and Evaluation
Route: many tissues (e.g., GI: 10. Right Education and
Oral vascular smooth muscles, Contraindication: Information
Diarrhea, dyspepsia,
adrenal glands). Cholestasis & biliary
abdominal pain, nausea. Assessment & Drug Effects
obstructive disorders.
Frequency: Severe hepatic & renal Respiratory:
OD  Monitor BP carefully after
impairment (CrCl <30
Sinusitis, pharyngitis. initial dose; and periodically
mL/min). Refractory thereafter. Monitor more
hypokalemia, frequently with preexisting
Timing: hypercalcemia. biliary obstructive disorders
7am Concomitant use of or hepatic insufficiency.
aliskiren in patients w/
DM or renal  Monitor dialysis patients
closely for orthostatic
impairment (GFR <60 hypotension.
mL/min/1.73 m2).
Pregnancy & lactation.  Lab tests: Periodic Hgb,
creatinine clearance, liver
 Monitor concomitant digoxin
levels throughout therapy.

Patient & Family Education

 Report pregnancy to
physician immediately.

 Allow between 2–4 wk for

maximum therapeutic

 Do not breast feed while

taking this drug.