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16th June 2018


Elevating 1,000,000 Couples to Parenthood by 2022

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Company / Estd. Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems Private Limited / 20th Nov 2014
 Therostics (Therapeutics & Diagnostics)
 Vyabl (/ˈvaɪ.ə.bəl/)
 Gift Hope
 Fertilator
Specialty Focus Infertility incl. overall Reproductive Health
A 30-year-old working female has a reproductive age of over 42 years resulting in significantly
reduced chance of having a child naturally. Inner organs are aging rapidly due to life-style,
environmental & occupational disorders in the life of most working professional. Reports
indicate ONE out of every FIVE couple globally are infertile.
The global average success rate in Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) such as IVF,
IUI & ICSI among others is about 24% and the highest in the world is seen in Japan at 35%.
India is estimated to have a success rate in fertility care outcome of ~18%.
 Lifestyle habits and inadequate sleep has caused the regenerative capability of the
Problem(s) reproductive system to be significantly compromised leading to over 1 in 5 couple in
the reproductive age having difficulty in conceiving naturally
 Inadequate use of Health IT systems such as CIS, LIS, EMR etc. has led majority
of the decision being influenced by the biases of the practitioner as against adopting
Evidence Based Medicine practice in the specialty which produces a dismal <20%
successful pregnancy.
 With the physiological complications increasing in the reproductive system, the need
for adaptive hardware-software simulation system has been identified to help save
a large number of patients whose clinical outcomes are not good owing to the
learning happening on the patient rather than using a simulator.
India has over 3 Crore infertile couple in the reproductive age group. Japan is already facing
negative population growth. Over 20 countries globally are rapidly moving towards negative
population growth. About 18 countries globally are spending billions of dollars in addressing
infertility as a public health issue ranging from Singapore, Japan, Israel, UK to more recently
BBC quoted ‘China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy, the state-run Xinhua
Market Size /
news agency reports. Couples will now be allowed to have two children, it said, citing a
statement from the Communist Party.’
Government of Madhya Pradesh in May 2016 launched a 100 Crore scheme (co-funded by
National Health Mission) to offer free fertility care at District Health Centres across the State.
The scheme name ‘ROSHNI’ is intended to give hope & more certainty to lakhs of people
affected the State due to infertility challenges. Following this other States such as Goa &
Tamil Nadu have also initiative schemes to address infertility as a Public Health initiative.
 Our solution to addressing the rapid reproductive aging problem is a Regenerative
Medicine Solution for Male & Female Infertility that improves the physiological
conditions and functions of the reproductive system for better Clinical Outcomes
during ART procedures.
o Our Regenerative Medicine based Therapeutics is addressing both Male &
Female Infertility conditions such as: (a) Endometrial Defects incl. Thin
Technology – Endometrium, Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF), Recurrent Pregnancy
Products & Loss (RPL) & Partial Asherman’s Syndrome, (b) Poor Ovarian Reserve
Solutions (POR) & Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), (d) Erectile Dysfunction & (d)
Sperm Quality disorders such as Oligospermia & Azoospermia.
 Vyabl is a digital health platform that is intended to serve as an ecosystem for fertility
care from spreading awareness using questionnaire through diagnostics screening
to facilitation of actual fertility procedures through aggregation service.
 Haptics based Medical Simulator for Fertility Procedures and Laparoscopic
Gynaecology serving as a Training, Assessment, Certification & Pre-op System

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 Regen Med: A Clinical Study of over 130 patients have been concluded with a
>70% successful pregnancy rate. The male related clinical study is still in progress.
To date, we’ve served BAP.C to over 520 women and continue to provide a
significant success in the Clinical Outcome during ART procedures.
 Medical Simulators: Fertilator was launched at Singapore General Hospital’s
Starting Out on Assisted Reproduction 2018 (SGH’s SOAR) in May 2018 with over
36 Doctors from 6 Countries evaluating our simulator and providing rave reviews.
We’re looking at making the device commercially available by end of the year.
 Complementing the B2C initiative i.e. Vyabl is a B2B toolset including a Fertility
EMR & CDSS that is being piloted across multiple partner clinics.
 Member of India Innovation Hub Accelerator Program 1st Cohort by Facebook & T-
Hub (Govt. of Telangana)
 Winner of the India-Israel Innovation Challenge awarded by Israel innovation
Authority & Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India
 Winner @ ELEVATE100 – 2017 - Recognized as one of the 100 innovative start-
Awards &
ups in the State of Karnataka
 Second Prize Winner @ HITCON 2017 by Ahmedabad University
 Recipient of Govt. of India, DBT-BIRAC SBIRI Grant towards a INR 50 Lakhs R&D
 Finalist @ National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore Proof-of-concept
(POC) Grant in 2015
 The leadership team comprises of 4 members with average 19 years of experience
in IT, Healthcare, Biotech, Genomics and Sales.
 The Company today has 4 development centres with 40+ members:
o Information Technology >> 12+
Team o Biotechnology >> 11+
o Biomedical Engineering (Medical Simulators) >> 2 (inhouse) & 12+
o Sales & Marketing >> 5+
o HR, Admin, Finance & Others >> 6+
 Bangalore – Biotech R&D
 Hosur – IT & Data Analytics
 Chennai – Biomed Simulator R&D
 Therapeutic Labs @ Bangalore, & Mumbai
 Catering to clients in: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin, Hyderabad,
Mumbai & Pune
 We now believe that we're adequately equipped (technically) to create one of the
largest chain of technology driven Fertility Clinics across the globe within 4 years.
 We aspire to have 300 Vyabl Clinics in India & 150 Clinics outside India within 4
years. We estimate that to setup 450 Clinics (ranging from small OP based fertility
clinics to full service woman care nursing home) the budget can be well over $ 200
Goal – Scope for million but using our technology stack we can roll-out and commercially make it
Scalability viable at a budget that is only 1/8th of the brick & mortar setup but will still generate
in excess of 50% revenue compared to a brick & mortar.
 We now have 100+ Fertility Clinics across Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore,
Cochin, Pune & Mumbai using our flagship regenerative medicine i.e. BAP-C (ref.
 While our venture is primary driven by profitability considering that about 70% of
infertile couple in India cannot afford the expensive treatment our technology stack
can enable PPP initiative PAN India reducing the cost of fertility care by over 60%.
Impact  General perception is that India is overpopulated but the reality is that it’s a myth
with India reaching replacement levels of fertility by 2020. Similar to India many
would presume that China is also overpopulated but the two-child policy rolled out
by China indicates that perception is not a reality. [ref. links in page 3]

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o BAP-C is safer as compared to HRT & other drugs offered by Pharma cos.
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5. The myth of Indian Population Explosion

o India to reach replacement levels of fertility by 2020
populous-country/ due to fertility declines to near replacement levels, India’s population is also
ageing. The proportion of elderly aged 65 years and older is expected to double to 13% by
2050, and the number of working-age adults per elderly person is projected to fall from 11 to
o Asia Faces Fertility

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