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Name of Drug Classification and Indication and Side Effects or Adverse Nursing Responsibilities

(Dosage, Route, Mechanism of Action Contraindication Reactions

Frequency, Timing)

Generic Name: Classification: Indication:  Trouble sleeping 14 Rights of Medication

1. Right Drug/Medication
Montelukast bronchodilator  Elevated levels of liver 2. Right Client/Patient
(respiratory smooth Management of chronic enzymes 3. Right Route
asthma, allergic rhinitis
muscle relaxant);  Restlessness 4. Right Dose
leukotriene receptor & prophylaxis for
 Irritability 5. Right Time & Frequency
Brand Name: antagonist exercise-induced 6. Right Assessment
 Hypersensitivity 7. Right Approach
Aeromax asthma
reactions 8. Right Education
Mechanism of Action:
 Sore throat 9. Right Evaluation
Aeromax Tablet
 Behavior 10. Right Documentation
improves the patient's 11. Right to Refuse
Dosage: condition by  Mood related changes 12. Right Principle of Care
10mg 1 tab performing the  Nightmares 13. Right Prescription
following functions:  Headache 14. Right Nurse Clinician
Hypersensitivity to Assessment & Drug Effects
Route: Making breathing Monitor effectiveness carefully
Oral easier by reducing Aeromax Tablet is a
when used in combination with
swelling in the airways. contraindication. In
phenobarbital or other potent
addition, Aeromax
cytochrome P450 enzyme
Frequency: Tablet should not be
OD used if you have the Lab test: Periodic liver function tests.
following conditions: Patient & Family Education

Hypersensitivity Do not use for reversal of an acute

Timing: asthmatic attack.
8am Inform physician if short-acting
inhaled bronchodilators are needed
more often than usual with
Use chewable tablets (contain
phenylalanine) with caution with