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Jane Long Primary Source Investigation Your Response:

Where & When was

Mirabeau Lamar wrote this poem while vice-president, in 1838, and this source written?
What else was
he dedicated it to “Bonnie Jane.” The poem clearly declares his love Context going on at the
for Jane Long, early Texas pioneer, and “The Mother of Texas.”
Who was this
David Burnet, Sam Houston, and Lamar all stayed at one point or source meant for?
Who wrote this
another at Jane Long’s boarding house after the death of her source?
Audience &
husband in 1822. It is said that both Houston and Lamar asked her How does his/her
Author age, gender, job,
to marry them. But Jane remained a widow, and ten years later nationality, race,
Lamar substituted the name Ann for Jane in the poem. It appears religion, etc.,
impact this source?
below in its original form. What is the point of
view of the author?
Point of View What did this
person think/feel/
Why was this
Purpose source created?
What does this
document help us
Y is this
important? What makes this an
“Serenade” important text?
By: Mirabeau Lamar 1. How does Lamar express how he feels about Long?

We owe our gratitude, my love, 2. Why do you think that so many men wanted to marry her?
To Sol's enlivening ray;
And yet I prize the moonlight, love,
Above the glare of day.
O bonnie Jane, thou art to me 3. Why do you think she chose to remain unmarried after her husbands’
Whate'ver in both is best death?
Thou art the moonbeam to mine eye,
The sunbeam to my brest.
4. What does this poem tell the reader about Long’s IDENTITY?

5. Complete the hashtag based on what you’ve learned about Long through
this poem: #TexansAre_____________