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Tecnau Finishing Solutions

for Océ VarioPrint i300 sheet-fed inkjet press

p r i n t e r s
c o l o r

f o r

99 Inline finishing solutions for VarioPrint i300

Dynamic perforating, creasing, 99 Modular capabilities to match user needs
punching and cutting. 99 Dynamic sheet-to-sheet variability
s o l u t i o n s

99 Many field upgradable options

Empower your Océ VarioPrint i300 color inkjet Tecnau’s family of VarioPrint i300 finishing solu-
press with capable inline finishing solutions from tions were developed in close cooperation with
Tecnau. Choose from dynamic perforating and Canon, to offer inline finishing capabilities previ-
binding hole punching, creasing/scoring, and ously only available with web-fed printers. Many
cutting/trimming/merging modules - multiple of these finishing functions are available as field
modules may be combined to expand your upgrades to allow you to expand your capabilities
S h e e t - f e d

product offerings. down the road after installation - your investment

is protected.
Tecnau’s TC 1530 C offers dynamic perforat-
ing & punching in a variety of models to best Global service and around‑the‑clock support help
match your application requirements - optional ensure our reputation as the industry’s reliability
creasing/scoring broadens the range of finishing leader. Our products increase productivity, cut
capabilities. The TC 1530 P is the best match when labor and paper costs, and even make new appli-
punching is the only requirement. The Cutter c10 cations possible - Tecnau solutions truly empower
slits, cuts, trims, removes gutters/bleeds, merges digital print to help you do more with less.
and stacks output, allowing users to process
sheets in cost‑effective multiple‑up impositions.

Empowering Digital Print

TC 1530 C Example: different perforation, scoring and creasing patterns Tecnau Connect
Horizontal perforations and scoring Software control package
Zero, one or two horizontal perforation or The system can keep track of
scoring cylinders are available. Perforations all processed sheets and report
may be placed at repeat intervals determined missing pages among every job in
by the number of cylinders available and order to proceed with re-prints and
blades mounted. Blades with different complete customers’ orders.
lengths can be installed on different cylinders

S h e e t - f e d
Broad capabilities allowing mixed perforation and/or scoring
patterns. Unique page-by-page patterns are
for flexible product triggered by OMR or 2D Datamatrix.
Vertical perforations and creasing
offerings. Two or four perforation or creasing wheels can
be chosen to dynamically process the sheets.
The position of the perforation or creasing
wheels is adjustable for manual change
With the highly customizable between jobs.
Tecnau Finishing Solutions for the

s o l u t i o n s
VarioPrint i300 high volume sheet‑fed
inkjet press, you may produce a wide
array of applications to fulfill every
printing need.

Example: SRA4 sheet trimmed to A4 Example: SRA3 sheet trimmed to two A4

Cut-sheet cutter (slit & cut)

f o r
Printed output may be center cut
Horizontal & vertical dynamic perforations for TC 1530 P
remittance stubs, coupons & tear-out pages and slit, either with single cut & slit or
Dynamic punching and spiral coil bind double cut (chip-out) and gutter cut for full bleed applications. Example: SRA3 sheet trimmed to four A5
Dynamic cross scoring cylinders and vertical Performs two, three or four file hole punches or Full-sized printed output may be cut & trimmed down to as

c o l o r
creasing wheels for easy folding spiral coil binding punches on printed sheets. small as a 6” x 5” finished page.
The solution can be activated dynamically
Spiral coil bind or dynamic punching The Cutter c10 can be combined with multiple
or it can punch every page in static mode
facilitate a variety of binding methods
setting. Cartridges are interchangeable for easy Tecnau collecting devices, such as the Stacker s10
Example: slit merge right over left or left over right
Very short repeat lengths allow complex maintenance and application changeover. to accumulate the output in sets with offset and/
applications and maximum flexibility or the Merger m10 for merging applications

p r i n t e r s
Depending on the configuration selected, the
Field upgradeable with additional modules TC 1530 P can be installed as a separate unit
or speed enhancements (PLUS option) 6,1 mt
or incorporated with the TC 1530 C to better
optimize the overall footprint.
Complete solution overview
Example: 2, 3, 4 file hole punches and spiral coil bind Dynamic
1200 mmperforations or optional
1200 mm scoring/creasing,
1600 mm cross dynamic
400 mm punching
1700 mm and cutting



Tecnau Finishing Solutions

single cut and/or 1 cross punching 2 or 4 skip 2 cross
full bleed with : module for perforation perforation
1-2 cross cut cartridges 2-3-4 file holes knives cylinders
1 side/central slit cartridge

for Océ VarioPrint i300 sheet-fed inkjet press Preliminary drawing

Tecnau slit & cut solution for Canon VP i300

Tecnau Finishing Solutions
for Océ VarioPrint i300 sheet-fed inkjet press

Generic Solution Specifications Single Product Technical Specifications

Speed max. 260 ft/min ≈ 80 m/min TC 1530 C - Dynamic perforating and creasing/scoring
≈ 9000 duplex A4 / letter sheets / hour
speed variations primarily based on sheet size throughput Max sheet size input 15”(W) x 19,7” (H) 381 (W) x500 (H) mm

Paper direction RIGHT to LEFT paper flow Min sheet size input 7”(W) x 7” (H) 178 (W) x 178 (H) mm

Paper alignment center aligned Max perforation width 14” 356 mm

Sheet transport short edge leading (SEF) Min perforation distance of wheels
2” 50 mm
letter size sheets are long edge leading positioned on the same shaft

Paper weight 45# text - 92# cover 70 - 250 gsm Standard perforation knives 15 TPI and standard
Other weights require testing Micro perforations perforation blades 6.35 TPI. Other perforation
specifications are available upon request
Media type coated & uncoated media
1 cylinder with 1 blade: 140 mm (5.5”)
Cross perf. minimum 1 cylinder with 2 blades: 70 mm (2.75”)
repeat distance at max speed 2 cylinder with 1 blade: 6.35 - 70 mm (0.25” - 2.75”)
2 cylinder with 2 blades: 6.35 - 35 mm (0.25” - 1.375”)

Minimum distance of cross

1/4” 6.35 mm
perf. from sheet front edge

TC 1530 P - Dynamic punching and spiral coil bind

Hole punching 2-up, 3-up, 4-up or spiral coil bind

Hole diameter 1/4” or 5/16” or custom 6 or 8 mm or custom

c10 - Cut-sheet cutter (slit & cut)

14.3”(W) x 19.7” (H) 363 (W) x500 (H) mm
Max input size
or up to 26” (H) or up to 660 mm (H)

Min input size 7”(W) x 7” (H) 178 (W) x 178 (H) mm

Min output size 6”(W) x 5” (H) 152 (W) x 127 (H) mm

0.2” - 1.4” on each side 5 - 35 mm on each side
Edge trimming up to 2” on request up to 50 mm on request

• Single cut or chip out.

“first” blade cartridge • FIXED chip out with one cut (suggested) at 6.8 or 7.8 mm.
Cross Cut for head and central • VARIABLE chip out with two cuts (using a single blade) up
Single cut cuts to 13.5 mm inside the cartridge or above 52 mm into
or chip out the diverter.
(strip cut)
“second” blade • Single cut only, removing the bleed variable from 0
cartridge for tail to 85 mm
cuts in full-bleed

Central gutter (gully) cut Variable: 6.35 - 25.4 mm or fixed at 3mm, 5mm, 6mm

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