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Underwater Mineral Mapping Using TDEM Method

by : Siti Nurjanah, Widodo


Surface mining had been depleted the mineral deposits. Residualt of the minerals can
be found in subsurface but its area and potential still be an unsolved question. Mineral
mapping needs a new method that can be done in offshore. TDEM method is a
geophysical method with the aim of minerals detecting based on its conductivity. The
offshore mining necessity is acquisition above the waters, yet TDEM instrumentations
should be set in the ground. Hence TDEM innovation is considered to answer the
challenges. The research scheme is make floating loops of transmitter and receiver that
use pipes on its configuration. The configuration is flexible so as easy to adjust in
circumstances. Before acquisition in the field, forward modelling to be prominent.
Forward modelling will require geology data and software Emuplus. The result of
modelling will bring the subsurface model out and it can be used to assure the
effectiveness of TDEM innovation. Parameters within forward modelling will be the
field references of acquisition. Final result of this research is TDEM innovation which
can float and it can be applied to mineral mapping in offshore.

Keywords : Mineral mapping, TDEM innovation, floating loop, forward modelling,

Emuplus, field references.