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Poster Project: Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, and the Carbon


Teacher Name: Ms. Johnson

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY Points Possible 4 3 2 1

Processes 20 All processes One process is Two processes More than
are labeled and missing. Or are missing. Or three
included in the Two or less Processes are processes are
poster. processes are unlabeled. missing.

Inputs and 10 All inputs and One or two Three to four Most of the
outputs are inputs or inputs or inputs and
clearly labeled outputs is outputs are outputs are
and correct for incorrect or incorrect or incorrect or
each process. unclearly unclearly missing.
labeled. labeled.

Cellular 10 All processes One process Two processes More than

are clearly does not have do not have a three
labeled in the a location label location label processes are
correct specific or the location or the location missing
cellular is inaccurate or is inaccurate or locations or the
compartment. nonspecific. nonspecific. locations are
inaccurate or
Arrows 10 All processes One to two Three to four Most of the
include arrows arrows are arrows are arrows are
and missing or missing or missing or
appropriate misleading. misleading. misleading.
labels that
indicate the
sources of
inputs and the
destinations of
Chemical 5 Chemical Chemical Only one Chemical
reactions for reactions for correct reactions are
photosynthesis photosynthesis chemical missing or both
and cellular and cellular reaction is are incorrect.
respiration are respiration are included.
included in the included in the
poster and poster but are
correctly not correctly
balanced. balanced.
Paragraph 15 Paragraph Paragraph Explanation of Explanation is
provides a full provides a the processes missing or so
photosynthesis explanation of satisfactory of unorganized
the processes explanation of photosynthesis that it is not
and cellular
of the processes and cellular able to be
respiration photosynthesis of respiration is interpreted.
and cellular photosynthesis lacking in depth
respiration and and cellular and clarity.
clearly respiration. Mentions a
describes how Describes the connection
they are connection between the
connected. between the processes but
Explanation processes but does not
refers to could be explain it.
specific sub- clearer.
processes and References
molecules that most of the
are illustrated sub-processes
on the front of and molecules
the poster. on the front of
the poster.
Paragraph 15 Paragraph Paragraph Explanation of Explanation is
provides a full provides an the roles of missing or so
explanation of explanation of photosynthesis unorganized
roles of how the roles of and cellular that it is not
photosynthesis photosynthesis photosynthesis respiration in able to be
and cellular and cellular and cellular the carbon interpreted.
respiration in respiration respiration in cycle is lacking
contribute to the carbon in depth and
the carbon the global cycle, but is clarity. Specific
cycle carbon cycle. lacking slightly spheres of the
Specific in clarity. Earth are not
spheres of the referenced.
Earth are
Visuals and 5 Poster is Poster is neat, Poster could be Poster is so
colorful, neat, organized, and better unorganized
well-organized, large enough to organized. The that it is not
and everything be interpreted. full space of able to be
is large enough the poster is interpreted.
to interpret with not utilized.
Spelling and 5 There are no There are There are There are
spelling or couple minor some spelling significant
grammar spelling or or grammar spelling or
errors. grammar errors that grammar errors
errors, but they interfere with that make the
do not interfere the meaning of poster difficult
with the the poster. to interpret.
meaning of the
Collaboration 5 I contribute I could have I contribute I fail to
evenly and contributed a minimally to the contribute to
fairly to the little more to creation of the the creation of
creation of the the creation of poster. I often the poster. I do
poster. I the poster. I get distracted not listen to my
communicate listen to my when my teammates
information and teammates teammates when they
ideas clearly to when they share their share
my teammates. share their ideas and information or
I listen actively ideas and information. I ideas. I am
to my information. I communicate reluctant and
teammates and communicate information and ineffective in
encourage information and ideas to my communicating
them to share ideas to my teammates but my ideas to the
information and teammates it is often team. I am not
ideas. I respect when unclear. There respectful to
the ideas and prompted. are times when my teammates’
feelings of my I do not show feelings and
teammates. respect for my ideas.

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