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Development and Characterization Of Physico-chemical, Sensory and Nutritional

Snack Bars Using Red Kidney Beans And Gembili Tubers as A High-Fiber Snack Food
The new trends for consumption of healthy, innovative and practical food have led to the
growth of snack-bar market in recent years. In the native Indonesian flora, there are
somespecies still unknown, which have high potential for tuber market, such as Gembili
Tubers (Dioscorea esculenta L.). Besides, red kidney beans also has high potential (especially
in nutrition) for substituted in somefoods but rarely to use. Dietary fibre is important for our
digestive health and regular bowel movements. Unbalanced dietary consumption, lack of
dietary fiber intake and low physical activity could lead to excessive nutrients resulting in
obesity. The aim of the study was to produce high-fiber snack bars from these ingredients.
Snack bar with Gembili tubers and red kidney beans combination development through
formulation technology is addressed to obtain snack which have nutritional value especially
in dietary fiber for consumer health through balanced diet. Sensory acceptance, proximate
composition, nutritional evaluation of snack bar were determined. Consumer acceptability of
sensory attributes results indicated that snack bars were acceptable. The result showed that
Snack bars textures value were hardness 807,62 g, springiness 4,33 mm, cohesiveness 0.14,
and chewiness 767.46 gmm. Snack bars contained 47,02% carbohydrate, 28.20% fat, 7,10 %
protein, 2,35% minerals, 17% water content, 5.65% antioxidant activity. This snack bars
claimed as high fiber product according to the head of BPOM regulation number HK year 2011 due to contained 16,238% dietary fiber.
Keywords: Dietary Fiber, Snack bar, Gembili tubers, Red kidney beans