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Aslam (H221 14 310). Microzonation Seismicity in Makassar and Surrounding

Area Based on Mikrotremordan Data Spt (Standard Penetration Test)
Supervised by of Sabrianto Aswad and Muh. Fawzy Ismullah.

Makassar is a metropolitan city with high infrastructure development, Makassar is far

from the focus of a great earthquake, but the most vibrations that affect building
construction are small earthquakes or mikrotremor. To minimize the damage of
buildings due to the impact of mikrotremor continuously, then mitigation is done one
of them is mikrozonation. The microzonation efforts of the damage-prone areas were
done by microtremor measurement using HVSR (Horizontal to Vertical Spectral
Ratio) and SPT (Standard Penetration Test) data. This study aims to map and
determine vulnerable areas in Makassar based on dominant frequency parameters,
amplification, S wave velocity up to 30 meters depth (Vs30), sediment thickness, and
seismic susceptibility index. Therefore, it can explain the level of seismic
vulnerability that is useful as development planning in Makassar. This research used
59 microtremor measurement points and 11 SPT data. In the determination of Vs30
with HVSR inversion and sediment thickness used SPT data to avoid microtremor
data uniqueness. The data analysis showed that the dominant frequency values were
about 1,2-19,09 Hz, the amplification value in the range 1,91-12,98, the Vs30 value
in the range 105,97-311,88 m / s, the value of sediment thickness in the range of 3, 1-
31,16 m, and seismic susceptibility index value ranged from 0,26-78,97. The
conclusions of this study indicate areas with low levels of vulnerability located next
to the eastern part of Makassar and areas with high levels of vulnerability in the west
of Makassar.

Keywords: Mikrotremor, HVSR, SPT data, Dominant Frequency, Vs30.