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Target Audience: 6 - 11

Genre: Surreal Adventure Comedy

Episode length: 11 minutes

Format: 2D
The Show
Rocking animal adventures
When Mike returns home early one day to find his pets Doggie Poggie and Catlyn performing
incredible music, he quits his job, buys an RV and the three friends set off to become the best band
in the Halloumi Desert.

But making the big time can be tricky when gig venues pay in hotdog offcuts, the most popular
act in town is a vindictive baby, and an animal catcher is out to bust Catlyn for her forged vaccine

Dogshow with Cat perpetually tour Route Zero, home to bizarro roadside museums, strange
unexplained phenomenon and a rampaging monster who hates noise! Yeah, not exactly the easiest
place to get your big break in the music biz.

But the biggest challenges facing the band are inside their own tour bus – picking who DJ’s for the
trip, dealing with Mike’s ‘scenic routes’, running out of petrol, and deciding who gets to eat the last
Pancake (it’s always Catlyn).

It isn’t all danger and PTSD though. From lying under the desert sky, to venturing into a dimension of
pure desert, playing tunes so epic the galaxy itself demands for an encore, or telling jokes so bad
they can’t look at themselves in the mirror - Doggie Poggie, Catlyn and Mike find fun and friendship
in both the mundane and the completely bazonkers.

“The best band you’ve never heard of” - Rocking Stones Magazine

What happens when a delightfully incompetent
teenage band manager takes his dog and cat
musical duo on tour through the weird and
wonderful Halloumi desert? A dogshow obvs.

e yn ie e d na o p ’s
ik tl gg ak To
Ti bl Pe
ey e
Ca Po Fl Dia rv To
ie El Su ig
gg er B
Do st
Doggie Poggie
Sensitive. Precise. Caring. Avant-garde.
Doggie Poggie is a purebred Bull Terrier, multi-instrumentalist and master-practitioner of death metal
Tai Chi. He appreciates the finer things in life like modern art chew toys and vintage electronic drum

Although he hides his emotions behind a deadpan expression, he’s a romantic at heart. He’s the mom
of the trio, cleaning up after Catlyn, trying to make sure Mike doesn’t injure himself, and always making
pancakes for the band.

He would trade all the fame in the world, or even a golden banjo, for hanging with his friends.

Goals: Fears: Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Help others, Safety of others, Show compassion, Practical, logical, Bottles his emotions,
keep the peace, strong emotions, use analytical musically talented, fear of offending, balls,
and above all animalistic thinking, lay down cooking skillz, and a bones.
else ‘be a good impulses. some ethereal solid moral compass.
boy’. synth tracks.

Doggie Poggie has a penchant for the obscure, unusual and underground: He listens to music Mike and
Catlyn don’t understand (he has first editions of all of ‘Floppy Disk Orchestra’s albums), mods videogame
controllers into musical instruments, and is forever working on his solo 50 kHz album that only dogs can

Doggie Poggie admires Mike’s unwavering optimism, even if it flies in the face of logic, reason and safety.
He is always amazed at his ability to drive the band’s RV, something Doggie Poggie is terrified to do.

Catlyn is Doggie Poggie’s muse, the rhythm to his blues, the stars to his night sky. Life without her would
just be so dull. He once tried a solo career but all his songs ended up being about how lonely he was.
Even though they fight like cat and dog there’s no one in the world he cares for more.

i n g right
“B e
isn’t tant as
impo kind.”
bein g

“How would you like

your pancakes?”

Fun-loving. Obsessive. Fickle. Naturally-Gifted.
Catlyn is a feral rescue-cat, natural born showman and chaos magnet. For her, touring as a band is all
about getting to see new stuff, new places, new pancake toppings, new everything. At her best she’s a
cheery joker, flamboyant and fun. At her worst – frenetic, selfish, sarcastic, and obsessive.

Goals: Fears: Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Be happy, Boredom, Have fun, make Naturally talented, Pancakes, impulsive,
lighten up conforming, jokes and be funny, thrives in chaos, feral ways, easily
the world, eat running out of seek out new reigning ‘I-Spy’ road distracted, ‘oh look a
pancakes, get pancakes, being things, play, own trip champion. bird!’
famous, pursue left alone. her life.
her latest

Catlyn has a new obsession every week. Last week she came first in a 48-hour crocheting marathon,
before that it was duct-tape origami. Other interests include pancakes, late-night infomercials, bad
jokes, pancakes, TV games, ‘Broccoli Babies™’ dolls, ‘Brain decimator™’ energy drink, pancakes.

Catlyn needs Mike as her accomplice in chaos. She loves encouraging his harebrained schemes just to
see how pear-shaped things can go before Doggie Poggie has to intervene.

Spending her whole life traveling around the desert, Doggie Poggie is the closest thing Catlyn has
to a home. He keeps her grounded (except for the time she breathed in too much helium), and is
always patient with her. Catlyn will always stick with Doggie Poggie, and it’s not just because he makes
pancakes the way she likes them.

r a c etrac
’s a n!”
“Life destinatio
not a

“You ce!”
die o


Naive. Overly-confident. Motivated. Impractical.
Mike, 16, is an unwavering optimist, the best worst band manager in the world and Dogshow’s
biggest fan. When things get tough, sometimes it’s only his unfailing optimism that keeps the band

He doesn’t know how to change a tyre on the RV, never mind manage a band, but what he lacks in
experience, skill or aptitude, he makes up for in heart.

The only thing Mike knows less about than managing a band is talking to girls, especially Beth, the
local animal catcher, on whom he has a massive crush. When he’s around her, he freezes up.

Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Goals: Fears:
Work hard, book Girls, Beth, impractical,
Be da bes band Giving up, can drive stick-shift,
gigs, get business incompetent, half-
manager, make conflict, regards massive
cards, get decent musician,
Dogshow the inadequecy, failures as stepping
managing skillz. always puts Dogshow’s
best band in the being da worst stones to success, needs above his own,
world, get Beth band manager. can draw band lack of preparation.
to like him. posters fairly well.

While Doggie Poggie is the head (logic) and Catlyn is the heart (free-spirit), Mike is the hand (making
things happen), and it’s often up to him to make the final call.

Catlyn and Doggie Poggie aren’t just Mike’s pets - they’re his best friends. He knows they’re good
enough to crack the big time, he just has to get them to believe in themselves as much he believes in

d a bes b
“We’ orld!”


st me.”
J u s t tru

Secret Super-Fan. Conflicted achiever. Animal Whisperer.
Beth, 21, is a serial overachiever. She was an A student, captain of athletics and president of ‘Animal
Club’. After school she got a job working for the UN as Halloumi Desert’s animal welfare officer. But
rather than spending her days helping desert creatures, she is ordered by her mysterious supervisor
to ‘rescue’ Doggie Poggie and Catlyn from Mike, who is apparently exploiting his pets for personal

Luckily for Dogshow, Beth’s secretly a super-fan of their music and tries her best not to catch them.
And she would be even more reluctant to capture our heroes if she knew her boss was actually El
Diablo, the conniving Chihuahua from Team Todd who wants nothing more than to put an end to
Dogshow for good.

Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Goals: Fears:
Do the right Smarts, animal Her drive to succeed
Pretend to Failure, whisperer, athletic, can override her
thing, attend
do her job so Dogshow’s good singer, humanity, love of band
Dogshow gigs in
she can watch safety, boss incognito crowd preventing her from
disguise, keep up
Dogshow gigs. discovering she surfing. completing mission, lets
loves the band. down her guard when
enjoying Dogshow’s

“I need t
your mer o, uh, confiscate
, ch guys.”
S o r ry sir

they again.”

Flake is an albino squirrel who silently stalks Doggie Poggie. He somehow always knows where the
band is going to be, and never misses an opportunity to stare creepily while rubbing his stomach.

It’s extremely unnerving for Doggie Poggie who wakes up almost every morning to find Flake staring
at him through the RV window.

Once, when Doggie Poggie got lost in the woods, Catlyn attached a tracking device to Flake. Sure
enough, the squirrel led them right to him. Doggie Poggie is busy working on a dog-to-stalker
translator to ask Flake why he’s being so creepy.

Goals: Fears: Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Staring at Not staring at Stare at Doggie
Staring. Blinking.
Doggie Poggie. Doggie Poggie. Poggie.

Dogshow have to overcome some stiff competition if they want to become the kings of
Halloumi Desert’s music scene: A lip-syncing baby, his obsessive mother, and her evil pet
Chihuahua make up ‘Team Todd’. And this band is willing to be dirtier than a used nappy to get
want they want.

After winning Halloumi Desert’s beautiful baby contest two years in a row (his whole life), going
into the music biz was a natural progression for Todd. Well… according to his overbearing
mother anyway.

Todd just wants what all babies want: Love, fresh nappies and to eat sand. But his mom and
her nefarious pet Chihuahua want to use his popularity and irresistible baby dimples to gain
fame and fortune.

Goals: Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Excellent at lip- Obedient without
Please mom, Mom. Obey mom. Smile syncing and dancing question, throws
be friends for the cameras. despite hardly being dangerously explosive
with Dogshow, Open up for Choo able to talk or walk. tantrums.
escape. Choo.

Todd is immensely popular in Halloumi Desert. His posters adorn street poles, he has a
massive apple sauce sponsorship and sells stack of merchandise. It’s extremely disconcerting
for Dogshow that the most popular act in town is a 2-year-old who can’t sing.

Tina has forbidden Todd to have anything to do with Dogshow. It’s a pity because Todd really
likes their music and wishes he could be friends with them - they all seem to love and care for
one another, unlike his crew.

g a a gaa.”

Fiercely competitive. Ruthless. Obsessed with appearances.
Tina is Todd’s 35-year old mother and slave-driver, and Dogshow’s nemesis. She projects a sweet
motherly image but has a fiery temper and ruthless ambition. She’s a more evil Martha Stewart.

Tina is smart, cunning and has built a burgeoning empire around her son. She forces him to lip-sync to
music that he doesn’t like and taught him to dance before he could walk. In fact, Tina gives more love to
her pet Chihuahua than her son. But that’s just because his blackened heart matches hers.

Tina started Todd’s career as soon as he could mouth the words ‘Ooh, baby’ and they’ve been touring
ever since. She’s fiercely protective over ‘her turf’ – the Halloumi Desert – and feels threatened by
Dogshow’s success.

Goals: Fears: Strategy: Weaknesses:
Monetary resources,
World domination, Powerlessness, fiercely competitive, unscrupulous, Greed, lies, only friend
control of the Dogshow’s rise good at being evil. unfeeling, evil genius is her Chihuahua.
Halloumi Desert to fame, Todd chihuahua, fiercely
music scene. growing up, competitive, good
being exposed at what she does,
as a charlatan. garners public
sympathy as hard-
working single mom.

Not y
ou, To y a kiss.
dd, th
e dog”

El Diablo
Megalomaniac. Manipulative. Deceptive. Evil.
To most, El Diablo is Tina’s harmless handbag doggie. But, in reality, he’s an evil mastermind and
uses Tina to do his bidding. He’s 50% bitterness and 50% rage, 20% conniving and got 0% for
maths. El Diablo lives in Tina’s shoulder-strap handbag. But there’s more to this fashion accessory
than meets the eye. Inside he’s built an evil lair complete with a bone-throne, supercomputer, and
corporate boardroom.

When they were pups, El Diablo and Doggie Poggie used to share a kennel at the local animal
shelter. Doggie Poggie got a lot of love and was eventually taken home by Mike, but the bug-eyed
El Diablo was neglected. Soon his resentment turned him evil.

El Diablo uses his hypnotic bug eyes to control Tina, slowly executing his grand plans for
Dogshow’s demise.

Fears: Strategy: Strengths: Weaknesses:

Big hypnotic eyes, Dependent on Tina to
Destroy Dogshow, Being exposed Use hypnotic
genius, deceptively operate, vulnerable
make moolah, as an evil powers on Tina to
cute, Tina adores without her protection,
laugh maniacally. mastermind, meet his own ends.
him, understands small and weak.
human psychology.
stepped on,

Monster Survey
and the Peeps
Deep in the Halloumi Desert is a monster the size of a skyscraper who really hates noise. Some
places have tornados, others have floods, Halloumi Desert has a rampaging beast. Monster
Survey is blessed with great hearing, but to him, it’s a curse. Even though he lives in the middle of
nowhere, he can hear a band practicing a mile away.

But he’s not the only strange creature lurking in the Halloumi. Playful trouble-makers called Peeps
follow Survey around, taunting him with their whirrs and peeps. When you see the peeps, RUN –
Monster Survey is nearby and most likely out to smoosh you.

If you encounter Monster Survey by himself, your best bet is to keep dead still – he may have
super hearing but he’s very short-sighted. Doggie Poggie thinks that deep down, Monster Survey
is a misunderstood softie. But Catlyn and Mike make sure they never hang around him long
enough to find out.

Ms. Cactus
Mike’s prickly old teacher from Halloumi High
thinks he should give up his highfalutin ideas about
making it in the music business, and start a real
career. Mike just thinks she’s lonely and tries to be
as nice as he can. He even tried to hug her once,
but his arms were swollen for a week.

Mr. Balloon
The headmaster of Halloumi High is extremely
supportive of Dogshow, and even lets them gig
in the school hall sometimes. He doesn’t get on
well with Ms. Cactus – her constant moaning
makes him feel like his head’s going to explode.

Mayor Halloumi
The Mayor is a walking, talking piece of Halloumi
cheese. He dresses and acts like he’s a hootin-
tootin’ cowboy, but he’s really quite mild. Don’t tell
him he’s soft and creamy or he’ll rap you over the
knuckles with a feather duster.

Hoagie is the know-it-all employee at Trick
Town’s only music shop. He’s a fan of
Dogshow’s music and gives them deals
on equipment. He has an encyclopedic
knowledge of music history, especially 90s
metal bands. Everything to him is ‘Rad!’
and ‘Gnarly!’

Grungy Pat
Grungy Pat is Halloumi Desert’s most famous
homeless business mogul. He lives in a cardboard
box even though he has billions – he has however
recently upgraded to double thick cardboard.
His businesses are everywhere in Tumbleweed
County: Grungy Pat’s Skating Rink, Grungy Pat’s
Diner, Grungy Pat’s Inn, Grungy Pat’s Tye-Dye
Emporium, Grungy Pat’s 24-Hour Taxidermy
Drive-Through, Grungy Pat’s This shop, Grungy
Pat’s That shop and many, many more.

Bro McKiff
Trick Town’s biggest pop star wears a sandwich
bag over his head, but that doesn’t muffle his
heart-throbbing ballads. Unfortunately for Mike,
Beth thinks Bro McKiff is the coolest guy in town.

Other Bands

KXVMP Robot Roy Hip Hop Hobos


Doggie Poggie, Catlyn and Mike come from the tiny Trick Town, capital of Tumbleweed
County, in the mysterious Halloumi Desert.

Built during the booming cheese-mining rush in the 40’s, Trick Town was once an
entertainment mecca, but has since become a bit mouldy around the edges. Some of the
old stars still live in the town, hoping to make a buck off passing tourists there to see the
world’s biggest donut.

The inhabitants of Trick Town are very insular and oddly accepting of the weird stuff that
happens in the desert. But that’s probably because they’re pretty weird themselves.

Trick Town is on the old Route Zero highway that loops through the Halloumi Desert.
Along Route Zero are bizarro roadside museums, strange eateries, and a
collection of ‘the world’s largest objects’.

As strange as it may sound, Trick Town is probably the most normal place in the
Halloumi Desert. Dogshow have played gigs in a town entirely populated by purple
electronic snails and discovered a lush forest, in the middle of the desert,
inhabited by self-aware beanbags.

And because Beth is always hot on their trail, Dogshow normally take the small side roads,
discovering weird roadside attractions like the Dinosaur Park and Creationist Museum.

Route Zero is an entertainment loop that runs around Trick Town. This is where
Dogshow with Cat play most of their shows.

Grungy Pat’s
Lookout Point



Dogshow’s Cabin


Adventure Golf Flea Market Eat ‘n Beat

o p
wn Town Hall Prison


Souvenir Park
High School

Juice Bar Movie Rental

Go Kart

Pancake Palace

Bowling Alley

Abandoned Circus


Home on Wheels
Mike spent his life savings on this fixer-upper 60’s RV motor home (based on the design
of a ‘Minni Winnie’). It’s a little cramped - but has just about enough space for our three
heroes (plus a stalker squirrel). But, as long as they’re together, it’s home.

They’ve made the RV homely by taking a bunch of creature comforts with them: Catlyn
has her treasured plastic pink flamingo, Doggie Poggie’s recording equipment is built
into the panels of the wall and Mike has his favourite cushion.

The RV isn’t in the best shape: The laminate veneers have started peeling off the
furniture and the vehicle breaks down from time to time. Doggie Poggie does vehicle
maintenance as long as it doesn’t get his perfectly white paws greasy. A baby boa
constrictor lives under the RV’s hood. Dogshow accepted her as part of the deal, but
they take turns changing the oil.

The RV has a kitchenette where Doggie Poggie makes pancakes, a small dinette for
eating meals, old built-in comfy leather couches and enough space to store their gear.
Catlyn insisted on having a TV in the RV even though it often makes the battery flat. She
uses it for TV Games and late-night infomercial binges.

Mike is the only one who can drive stick shift, though Doggie Poggie did once rig up
Catlyn’s videogame controller to drive the vehicle. That was a terrible idea.

The music for the show will be created by my brother, David Scott aka ‘The Kiffness’ (KIFF in South
African slang means ‘cool’ or ‘rad’) and myself. Greig Cameron who wrote the pilot is a recovering
metal head and will contribute with head-banging.

My brother David has been nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) for production on
his debut album, held the #1 spot for best song in the country for a while, created the music and
sfx for the Dogshow pilot and voiced Doggie Poggie. He and I share the same kind of humour and
music sensibilities for silly songs about banal subjects, often food-related, and with inane lyrics that
sometimes incorporate 8bit video game sounds. Three of my favourite songs from him:

The Kiffness - The Broccoli Song

The Kiffness - I Am The Best
The Kiffness - TV Games
My own album, 909POP - XOOX:
My Animated Goldfish Music Videos:

The kind of music Dogshow with Cat play is varied in style, often using experimental and
unconventional instruments. The song lyrics relate to the story and include everyday ditties about
pancakes, recalling their dreams, and how cool their band is. They make songs on the fly but seldom
remember them afterwards - it’s when they’re goofing around that they create their best music. Mike
looks at the menu, Catlyn starts tapping her fork on the table, Doggie Poggie whips out his pan-pipes
and before they know it they’re rapping about the optimum thickness to slice cucumbers for burgers.

The music is sometimes excellent, it’s just a shame most of their audience don’t ‘get it’.


Monster Battle of the Bands
(Pilot Episode)
The trio are in high spirits, convinced they’re da bes and are sure to win the
prestigious ‘Battle of the Bands’ at Crocodile Farm until… they get lost in the desert
because Catlyn instigated a shortcut, Doggie Poggie tried to navigate using his
moral compass and Mike was navigating using his dirty t-shirt as a map.

The ever-optimistic Mike sees this as an opportunity to play the loudest gig ever!
Catlyn is stoked to finally get out her electronic bag pipes and Doggie Poggie rigs
up a sound-system loud enough to create a sonic boom. Mike eggs them on. All
three are feeling it, they really are the best band until… they rouse Monster Survey.

Things go from bad to worse when Doggie Poggie tries to reason with the beast and
Catlyn tries to scare it. This prompts Mike (as band manager) to make an executive
decision to run for it. The trio manage to escape but run out of petrol and Monster
Survey catches up to them. Having realised that the noise-loathing monster can hear
but can’t see very well, they remain quiet and hide in plain sight.

Because they are quiet, Monster Survey is able to hear music in the distance and
heads towards it. That must be the Crocodile Farm - they were so close all along!
The trio are bleak: they got lost, missed their gig and unleashed a noise-hating
monster. They may be the worst band but decide they can’t let Monster Survey
destroy the town. The trio use their different strengths to save the day and emerge
triumphant in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ (just not in the way they thought).

The band is running SERIOUSLY late for a gig at the Bowling Alley and skip their
lunch stop to get there in time for sound check. Mike tells the guys they’ve been
promised all the hotdog offcuts they can eat, but it’s no consolation to Catlyn who
becomes increasingly hangry.

So, when they drive past the Pancake Palace, she throws herself out the moving
vehicle and charges into the restaurant to get her claws on some ‘taaasty lunch’.
But a short pit stop becomes a metaphysical detour when Catlyn chooses the latest
item on the Menu: ‘The Black hole Pancake’ - so large and so dense, that not even
light can escape its doughy centre.

As Catlyn eats the pancake, she begins to grow and grow, absorbing chairs, tables,
and soon the whole restaurant into her doughy body. Soon, even her own head
disappears into the blobby mass. But she barely notices. She’s too busy munching
down ‘Dem taaaasty pancakes’ to think about the effect her ravenous hunger is
having on those around her.

This section is compulsorily read in fantasy film narrator voice:

Doggie Poggie and Mike venture into Catlyn’s spongey body and find themselves in
a land of blueberry forests, bacon tree valleys and syrup rivers. A place of monsters
as dangerous as they are delicious. A dimension… OF PUUURE PAAANCAKE!

Okay, as you were:

They must navigate the doughy dangers, and remind Catlyn that making tasty tunes
with your friends is always better than eating delicious pancakes by yourself.

Bottled Emotions
Doggie Poggie’s morning meditation is suddenly interrupted when the RV is pulled
over by Beth, the dog-catcher. Mike is too terrified to talk to his crush and Catlyn
thinks she’s here to bust her for forging her vaccine certificates. So, they decide to
make a run for it. Doggie Poggie pleads for his friends to be sensible, but they
completely ignore him, leading to an insane car chase.


But, rather than telling Catlyn that her terrible impulsive decisions are frustrating
him, and that Mike should just man-up and tell Beth how he feels, Doggie Poggie
bottles it all up… literally – capturing a single tear of pure distilled emotion in a little
vial which he locks away in a safe at the back of the RV.

DOGGIE POGGIE EMOTIONAL STATE: Represented by a rich visual metaphor.

Doggie Poggie’s day gets even more stressful when Mike tries to hide the RV in a
drive-through carwash but accidently selects the 8-hour ultimate mega-wash
option, leaving the band trapped inside. Not bad enough for you? Catlyn soon gets
the radio stuck on a ‘sounds of rabid beavers’ marathon.

DOGGIE POGGIE STRESS LEVEL: Teetering on the edge

But when Mike mistakenly drinks the bottle of distilled emotions and starts reciting
weepy poetry about Beth, it becomes too much for Doggie Poggie to handle.


Doggie Poggie must learn to tell his friends when they’re being insensitive jerks
before he completely loses control of his emotions and transforms, Hulk-style, into
the biggest jerk of them all… THE INCREDIBLE JERK!

Manager Manual
When Mike accidentally blows up the band’s stage props instead of the
pyrotechnics during a gig at the Dojo, they go to Grungy Pat’s bric-a-brac store to
find some new set dressing.

Mike, feeling like he’s let his friends down, browses the ‘books and biscuits’
section and finds ‘Be the best manager manual’ by professional manager
Bob ‘The best’ Blatt. (And a pack of triple choc chip cookies only
two weeks past their expiry date!)

At first the nifty how-to guide works a treat: Mike buys a snazzy velvet suit, gets
the band a flea powder sponsorship deal with the Ultra Pet store, and even
organises canapes at every gig.

Catlyn is loving the perks that come with the new professional Mike, but
SOMETHING is bugging Doggie Poggie: It could be that Mike is acting strangely,
or that he’s never heard of this so-called famous manager ‘Bob Blatt’. But, it’s
most likely the fact that the book is written in evil Sumerian runes!!!

Despite Doggie Poggie’s reservations, Mike reads out the final chapter: ‘Selling
your soul the smart way’, and opens a portal to a dimension filled with demonic
music execs. They flood into the Halloumi Desert tricking everyone into signing
evil, exploitative contracts: Catlyn gets a pancake sponsorship but isn’t allowed
to eat any of the product. Mike is forced to write a tell-all autobiography about his
crush on Beth.

But Beth doesn’t notice. She’s too busy trying to catch the terrifying beasts now
reclassified as pets. But no one gets it worse than poor old Mayor Halloumi who’s
tricked into wearing a sandwich outfit.’ Sooo embarrassing!’.

When Dogshow discover that El Diablo wrote the book under the
pseudonym Bob Blatt, it’s up to them to defeat the execs, destroy the cursed
book, and assure Mike that he doesn’t need a guide book, or any discernible
skills, to be their manager.

Golf Gig
When the band arrives five hours early for a gig at the adventure golf course, Catlyn
and Mike decide to spend their free time playing a leisurely game of mini golf. But
when they discover there are prizes up for grabs, some fun in the sun turns into 18
holes of mini mayhem!

Doggie Poggie, who’s never been into competitive sports, decides to spend his day
relaxing by the water feature on the 18th hole. But he soon gets involved in a battle
of his own when frog people emerge from the watery depths and beg for his help in
defeating the dreaded Golf Ball Monster.

Our favourite canine muso discovers that he fits all the cues of an ancient prophesy
about a hero who will deliver the frog folk from the terror of the beast.

As Mike and Catlyn become increasing competitive, their attempts to navigate the
ramps, bridges and DREADED WINDMILL send more and more balls flying into the
water, further fulfilling the signs of the prophesy.

Finally, Doggie Poggie faces off against the dreaded beast to decide the fate of an
entire civilisation, while Catlyn and Mike face-off against each other to decide the
fate of… various novelty items!

S.O.U.N.D. 7000
When Doggie Poggie shreds too hard during a gig at the world’s biggest donut, he
accidentally melts all the circuitry on his trusty keyboard, Rad Red. He is absolutely
gutted, but Mike and Catlyn convince him to bury his old friend and move on.

Soon, the band takes a trip to The Gear Ranch music store to find a replacement.
At first, Doggie Poggie doesn’t think any synth could possibly fill the keyboard-shaped
hole in his heart. But that’s only until Hoagie, the know-it-all store clerk, shows him a
slick, futuristic amalgamation of keys buttons and untested military grade technology:
The S.O.U.N.D. 7000.

Doggie Poggie is sold. This keyboard sounds, plays and looks much better
than Rad Red ever did. It even makes espressos - with the perfect ph level
to bring out the floral bouquet!

But on the eve of Dogshow’s first gig with the new keyboard, they are visited by
synthborgs from the future. Half human, half keyboard, totally in tune at all times.
Amongst their number is massive mustachioed warrior fused with a very familiar red
keyboard. Doggie Poggie immediately recognises his old friend:
“Rad Red is that you?”
“Yes, but I am now known as… RADDER RED!”
Doggie Poggie’s old instrument is upset that he deserted him. But, after a very
emotional reconciliatory duet, our heroes turn their attentions back to the A plot.
The Synthborgs warn our heroes that at their gig tonight, S.O.U.N.D 7000 will become
self-aware and launch a nuclear missile strike against every competing gig on the
planet. ‘And thus begins the great battle of the bands.’

Dogshow and the Synthborgs rush to the gig venue to destroy S.O.U.N.D 7000 but the
machine has already activated itself. Together, our heroes must conquer the confusing
labyrinth of the instruction manual to stop the 4/4 count in… to destruction!

The Lineup
It’s Mayor Halloumi’s annual birthday bash and EVERY BAND in Trick Town is
invited to play at an epic show at the Town hall, including Dogshow’s nemesis,
Todd the dancing baby. Even the reclusive children’s entertainment death metal
act, Brutalz Puppetz, are emerging out of the shadows for this gig.

When the mayor goes off to get his heat-proof suit tailored (Halloumi people are
very susceptible to face melting), and leaves the bands to decide who plays in
what timeslot, the day quickly descends into a deceitful game of backstabbing,
double crossing, triple crossing, and delicious cake. Okay, the cake was a lie.
But that just goes to show you: TRUST NO ONE!

Doggie Poggie, who has recently been studying Zan Tsu’s ‘The Art of Dance’ is
convinced that some nefarious force is orchestrating the chaos, but Mike and
Catlyn dismiss his theory as “just a little bit bazonkers.”

Soon, all our heroes have their wits, emotions and loyalties tested as Catlyn
hunts for the fiend who ate all the pancakes at the backstage buffet, Mike fights
with local popstar Bro McKiff for Beth’s attention and the evil El Diablo offers
Doggie Poggie a very tempting alliance.

But when Doggie Poggie proves they are all manipulated by the conniving or,
rather canine-ving, (teehee) El Diablo, he brings the band back together and
nominates them for the awful opening slot.

Doggie Poggie’s act of selflessness caused El Diablo’s web of deceit to crumble

into a box of mixed metaphors and Dogshow with Cat rock out like never before.

My Story
Mike, the band manager, is slightly auto-biographical. I have
managed, and played in numerous bands, some good, others
awful. But all of them gave me fun and crazy experiences I’ve
channeled into Dogshow: Like handing out flyers claiming we’d
just won battle of the bands in Austria (we’d never been to
Austria). Or our guitarist leaving a venue to fix a broken guitar
string and the bouncer not letting him back in.

Doggie Poggie and Catlyn are inspired by real musicians I

played with. There was the perfectionist: An exceptional guitarist,
who practiced for hours every day, and was always obsessed
with being tight. He liked being on the road, having a captive
audience, and talking about intellectual topics. Then there was the
party animal: He was naturally talented, a pleasure to work with,
but often put ‘having a good time’ over worrying about details. He
was forgetful, late, and had a habit of losing his stuff. He made
up for any shortcomings by really giving it his all during the gigs.
The only rule was that the show must, and always will, go on.

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