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As I recalled on the process of doing this coursework, it was an

assignment which was very difficult as it involved the use of English language in
literary texts. But, in fact I had learnt new knowledge through this coursework. I
felt thankful because my group could overcome all the problems that we met.
Meanwhile, we also managed to obtain many useful knowledge particularly
related to various literary genres such as short stories, poems and literary
devices. Hence, we gained a lot of advantages during the process of completing
this project.

In order to begin our task, we were required to find relevant information

concerning each type of genres in literature, namely short stories, poems and
literary devices. As beginning, each of our group members had tried our best to
collect all the information regarding the assignment requirement. We had done
references and accessed information from various sources and therefore we
managed to collect the relevant information based on the topic. However, to
select the relevant information was not easy. In this process, we encountered
difficulties as we could not find the suitable articles because some of the articles
which we found from the websites were too complicated to understand. After
discussing among ourselves and asking advice from our lecturer, we managed to
understand and begin to appreciate these genres. Then, we needed to create
graphic organisers for each genre to illustrate the information that we had found.
Thus, it enabled us to recognise the various genres in literature and this was vital
before heading for any deeper task or project.

Besides, the next task was to identify the literary devices used in a short
story. Although there was a list of short stories given, we needed to select one
short story only. Four of us had come to an agreement to choose the story
entitled The Snow Goose, written by Paul Gallico. After that, we would have to do
the application of the literature knowledge that we had obtained earlier. In other
words, we used the knowledge we gained before to analyse the short story that
we had selected. This means we had to read the story first and then identify the
literacy devices such as theme, character, plot, setting and techniques. In order
to complete this task, it was necessary to hold several discussions among
ourselves to identify the literary devices so that we would not miss out any
important details.

The following task was to write a simple story for primary students by
using the new found knowledge and information of different genres. To write an
interesting story, we have to apply the creative thinking to work out with the story
line, theme, characters and their characteristic, plot, setting and other elements.
However, when we were creating the story, there was an argument among
ourselves. It was because each of us holds different opinions about the story, for
instances, the storyline and story title as well as the characters involved. After
listening to each view and their reasons, we agreed to select the best and most
suitable opinions. So, while doing the task given, we were not only able to create
a simple story, but also learn to tolerate among each other.

In addition, we also realised the importance of co-operations among the

team members. If we work individually, we are surely unable to understand and
implement the various literature genres well. The piece of work that comes out
will not as well as the teamwork because we will not be able to cover so many
aspects or details in a same time individually. Besides, when we worked as a
group, we could also discuss the best method to complete this coursework.

While doing this assignment, we are aware that English can be used in a
variety of contexts and situation. Learning English also can be fun if we can
respond critically and appropriately to various literary genres. After completing
this task, we obtained a deep understanding and appreciation of language used
in literature. Certainly, it will bring a lot of advantages to us in our future teaching
and learning endeavours.