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THIS AGREEMENT made at Mumbai, on this 22nd day of July 2018, between Mr.
YudhVir Singh, aged 70 years an adult Indian inhabitant, having address at Chodhery
house, Chodhery Ara Machines, Jhalu Road, Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh hereinafter
called the “LICENSOR” (which refers to the owner/owners and includes his/her/their
respective heirs, executors, administrators)

Hereinafter called the “LICENSEES”(which refers to the tenants)

The LICENSORS are the lawful and exclusive owners of the property Madhuban
C.H.S, Flat No-53, Deonar Farm Road,MUMBAI-400 088,measuring about 1200sq.
feet super built-uparea, and more particularly described with schedule and hereinafter
referred to as the “SAID PREMISES” for the sake of brevity.

The LICENSEE being in need of Residential premises have approached the

LICENSOR with a request to permit the LICENSEE to occupy the said PREMISES on
LEAVE and LICENSE for the purpose of Residential use for a period of 12months
commencing from 1st August2018 to 31stJuly 2019, on certain terms and conditions.
1. That the LICENSORShereby grant to the LICENSEE– Leave and License to
enter into upon and remain in the said premises with existing fixtures and fittings
for a period of 12months commencing from 1st August 2018 to31stJuly 2019for
Residential use for themselves, along with amenities, facilities and utilities
provided in the licensed premises.

2. That the LICENSEE shall have no right to create any sub License or transfer or
assign or Transfer in any manner the License or give to any one the possession of
the said PREMISES or any part thereof, except for Residential purpose only for

3. That the LICENSEEshall not use the said PREMISES for any illegal or
improper purpose or as public house and shall not cause, permit or suffer upon the
said PREMISES or any part thereof anything which may be or become a
nuisance or annoyance or cause damage to or prejudicially effect the interest of
the LICENSOR or any other neighboring occupiers.

4. That the LICENSEEshall use and occupy the said premises as a person of
ordinary prudence and shall not cause any annoyance, disturbance, hindrance, etc.
to the neighbors in any manner whatsoever. The LICENSEE shall be responsible
or liable for any default or non-compliance of the Rules and Regulations of the

5. That the LICENSEES shall use the said PREMISES only for residential purposes
and in accordance with the Rules Regulations of the Society.

6. That the LICENSEESshall not do anything which invalidates the Insurance of

the society building wherein the said PREMISES is situated.

7. That the LICENSEEhave before signing of this agreement satisfied themselves

with the working of the sanitary, electrical and water supply connection and other
fittings, pertaining to the said PREMISES. The LICENSEESagree that they
shall maintain them in good condition and shall be responsible for their return in
full working condition at the time of handing over the possession of the said
PREMISES on termination/early termination of this agreement, subject to normal
wear & tear accepted. In Case of any Damage/Loss the Licensee shall reimburse
the same to the Licensor.

8. That the LICENSEEare not authorized to make any temporary nor any
permanent additions alterations in the construction of the said premises.

9. That the LICENSORshall not in any event be responsible or liable for any loss or
damage to any goods or property of the LICENSEEwhatsoever be the cause of
such loss or damage.

10. That the LICENSEE shall use the said PREMISES and shall see that the same is
used in careful and responsible manner and shall make good to the LICENSOR
all such damages or loss as the LICENSOR may sustain whether the same be
caused by the LICENSEEor LICENSEE visitors to the said PREMISES
(reasonable wear and tear and loss or damage by fire, flood, rain accident
irresistible force or act of god excepted). The said PREMISES would be handed
over to the LICENSORS exactly in the same state as it was taken possession of,
subject to normal wear & tear accepted.

11. This agreement is governed strictly under the Leave and License terms and the
Licensee shall deliver peaceful and vacant possession of the premises to the
Licensor on expiry of the period/early termination of this agreement and the
Licensor is entitled to recover possession of the said Premises on expiry of this
agreement as per Section 24 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999
(Maharashtra XVIII of 2000) as amended up to date.
12. In addition to the monthly compensation mentioned herein below the
LICENSEES shall pay electricity bills directly to the authorities concerned and
that the LICENSORS shall not be responsible for the same. The Licensees have
agreed to hand over to the Licensors all the original bills after payment of such
charges to the respective authorities.

13. The LICENSEES shall pay the monthly compensation of Rs 8,000 (Rupees
Eight Thousand only) per month to the Licensors payable before5th day of every
month in advance.

14. The Licenseehave paid to the Licensor on the day of this agreement a sum ofRs.
25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand Only) as interest free Security Deposit. .
The LICENSOR shall be entitled to adjust any claim that may have accrued
against the LICENSEE under this agreement from the said Security Deposit.
The deposit or balance thereof shall be returned only at the time of LICENSEE
vacating the said PREMISES and on the LICENSEEsatisfying the
LICENSORthat all obligations under this License are fulfilled, i.e. all bills
towards electricity, telephone, cable TV Charges etc. have been paid or
provided for.

15. After a lockin period of 1 year, if both the parties wish to continue, then as per
rule the rent-amount will be increased to additional 10% of current rent-value.

16. The Licensorshall retain 10% from the Security Deposit at the end of the expiry
period of the agreement or earlier termination thereof, for a period of one month
for the payment of any pending bills etc. and the balance, if any shall be returned
to the Licensee.

17. That the Licensee shall not apply for any new/temporary ration card on the said
18. The Licensee shall not store or keep hazardous or inflammable or illegal or
unlawful goods or articles in the said Premises.

19. In the event of expiry of this License or earlier termination, if the vacancy of the
said Premises does not happen or if the keys are not handed over to the Licensors,
the Licensee are liable to pay INR 5000 (Rupees five Thousandonly) per day
up to the date of vacating the said Premises.

20. The original key of the said Premises shall be kept by the Licensor and a set of
duplicate keys of the said Premises shall be given by the Licensor to the
Licensee for their convenience, which shall be returned by the Licensee to the
Licensor on expiry of earlier termination of this License.

21. This agreement shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction court at Mumbai.

Madhuban C.H.S, Flat No-53, Deonar Farm Road, MUMBAI-400 088,measuring

about 1200sq. feet built-up area,onOld Farm House Road, Deonar, Chembur,
Mumbai , of Mumbai Suburban District.

By the within named LICENSOR

Mr.YudhVir Singh

In the presence of ……………………


By the within named LICENSEES

1. Nadella Saikrishna(AGE 24)

In the presence of ……………………