SGA Minutes September 23, 2010

I. Call to Order: 11:28am II. Motion to suspend Article II, Section 3 “appointment of vacancies” of the SGA By-laws - by Jake Meding. Seconded by Jake Denhoft. J. Meding: We need to fill a spot because Paul Chirchirillo resigned. It would be best if we could role down to the 7th spot from elections. Question of clarification by Hannah, explained by J. Meding Motion to close by Jake, seconded by Ben Kaplan Vote to close debate - unanimous Vote to accept Joshua Longmire - unanimous President swears in Joshua Longmire at 11:31am III. Roll Call: Absent: Dr. R. Kraus, Janelle Thompson (excused), Dr. Sullivan Morgan IV. Agenda: J. Meding: Amend to move provisional recognition into policy section, add two new groups for provisional recognition. Amended unanimously V. Minutes. Motion to approve by J. Meding, seconded by J. Denhof Vote: 1 abstention by R. Nelson VI. External Committee Reports Academic Council: H. Wahlen: Rae can explain. R. Nelson: Since i am still new, would you explain Hannah? H. Wahlen: Council is currently reviewing gen ed programs, by looking at all fo the courses approved by Gen Ed committee and decided if they fit into the program. Also reviewing the program as a whole, looking for gaps. J. Denhof: Is this new program harder for students? H.Wahlen: I wouldn’t say it is harder for students, it simply requires more options, yet lets them see the value of their gen ed classes. General Education Committee: A. Romano: Gen Ed committee is currently reviewing classes, specifically History courses to be approved into the new program. Explained Tags by Hannah and Dr. Doty, ACSP: Ted Harris - about 300 students took survey. Financial aid and career development came in highest. General comments talked about the performing arts center, which was interesting. Honors Council: H. Wahlen: honors Council is currently reviewing the requirement/standards for being in the program. This year’s class had a mean ACT of 30 or 31, which is phenomenal.

Would like to increase the standards or make more class requirements. Also discussing the possibility of adding a Honors Capstone Course. L. McAllister: Please remind me if you attend a council or committee meeting so that I can add it to the agenda. VI. Committee Reports: Rachel and Student Services: voter registrations problems due to time line. We plan tol set up a booth to have students check their registration and find out how to register. Jake and Rachel met to discuss campus address by President Ray, looking at scheduling this in November. Question from R. Nelson: Will you be looking into getting information for students regarding absentee ballots. R. Hartman: Yes, this is very complicated procedure and we would like to help students on this. We are also communicating with the League of Women Voters for some ideas Reminder that the Etiquette Dinner on October 21, 2010. starts at 4pm. This will include a full meal and a lesson on formal dining etiquette. --Bob Rowley Enters-Bob Rowley: This year’s campus theme is “Still Speaking: Conversations of Faith” This is an exceptionally good year for this, due to current situations in New York, discussion on burning a Koran, etc. We will be having a Niebuhr Forum, one week from tomorrow. Comes out of the college’s strategic plan’s point on Religion in Public Life. David Brooks will give the key note address to that night. Also, tomorrow Night, Lou Cannon will be speaking on “How Reagan Changed America”. I ask that you please promote these events Rae: Urgent and pertinent to discuss religion during this time. Make this as part of our campus and generation. Bean: Talk to Rae about Interfaith YouthCore Policy Committee: J. Meding: Will tell you more about SOOP later. Denise Austin Clubis here for recognition: Hailey: Denise Austin was a Fitness Person from the 1980s. Meetings are brief, only about 20 minutes. Currently the club has a lot of nursing students who want to stay active but do not have much time. Trying to speak to students who are not athletes. H. Wahlen: Motion to provide provisional Recognition, Seconded by B. Kaplan. H. Wahlen: EC does not have any clubs like this currently on campus, This group should be able to meet some where else besides Hailey’s room. I think this group would be a wonderful addition to campus. J. Denhof: Motion to close debate, seconded by Ben. Vote on debate closure: Unanimous Vote on providing provisional recognition: Unanimous Pi Sigma Alpha - Alpha Delta Iota Chapter:

A. Romano: Pi Sigma Alpha is the political science honors society on campus, brings speakers in, hosts debates, and plan activities. The group was a recognized organization before but failed to turn in their forms and attend SORT. Would like to be a club again. H. Wahlen Motioned to provide provisional recognition , Seconded by B. Kaplan. H. Wahlen: Obviously, this is a great group that just lost track of things. They seem to be on top of things now, so we should grant them provisional recognition. R. Nelson: Motion to close debate, second by J. Meding. Vote: 1 abstention by J. Denohof Vote to provide provisional recognition: One abstention by A. Romano. American Choral Directors Association J. Meding: Not recommeded by policy - Not present today. Finance: Nothing Right now Marketing: Jim Kulich is super excited about working together. Portal should be up in the next few years. Secretary: binder information is now available, but covers are still coming. President: Please sign this agreement for the retreat during meeting, it is due at the conclusion of the meeting Advisor Reports: I. Crone: Forms for the ropes course. Please be sure to submit dietary requirements E. Sullivan: Retreat will be SO MUCH FUN. A great 30 hours for us. Find ways to get information out about Committees, Amalia and Hannah have meaty meetings, need to get the information out. J. Scott: Will there be internet at the retreat? L. McAllister: I imagine so, though we may not be able to access it. B. Kaplan: I have Hacking programs J. Meding: motion to extend the meeting time to 12:40pm, Seconded by J. Denhof. R. Hartman: Motion to close debatel, seconded by B. Kaplan. Vote: One abstention by H. Wahlen Motion to Extend meeting: Three abstentions R. Nelson, H. Wahlen, and B. Willeford. T. Harris: Finance By laws First Read of Part II Continued Academic Related Student Organizations - meeting with these groups tomorrow. Jake D: Could be get a more organized PowerPoint? Student Services Cross Center: New Section Started with LeaderShape and then added Intramural sports and Childcare Center. Not new procedures, just new section.

H. Wahlen: Do you receive monthly reports from all of these groups? T. Harris: Yes, I do. Chartwell Invoices: Ted gets all of the Chartwell invoices Facilities Charges: Same process as before. Central Printing: Same process, now written down. Funding Guidelines This is a new Section These rules have been used before, but they are just not written down. I. Crone and E. Sullivan: Funds must be used for enrolled Students. J Denhof: could we CHANGE WORDING TO MUST not BE USED? T. Harris: Okay Joe Scott: Question regarding Cigar club’s use of money? L. McAllister: they could not but cigars with the student activity money. . Ted: Donation guidelines, not donated directly to charities. Ian: On Capital Expenditures. Ted: New one would be GIFT CARDS. Cannot be given to active members. Must produce a list of those who received the gift cards. Must include “Sponsored by your Student Activities Fund”. Added: Groups should do their best to use campus services. L. McAllister: We need to hurry Off Campus Travel: Sanctions included in case of violations E. McAllister: If you have questions, please email them to Ted. FIRST READ OF PART III - SEE POWERPOINT Sources of Student Activity Fund Allocation CREATION OF: The Elmhurst College Student Activity Fee Allocation Board I. Crone: Explains allocation process; WIll now allocate money by saying “X group with get X dollars of students activities fund” Process of Student Activity Fund. J. Denhof: Motiong to Table J. Denhof: We need to move on, this is taking a long time. We need to get to other things.

H. Wahlen: We don’t need to move on - this is as important as it gets for SGA. This is a huge change in the way things are done on campus. People shouldn't rush through it and leave without understanding it, just because there is a time crunch. L. McAllister: We are working with a time line, so we need to get through these things today. J. Denhof: Motion withdrawn SGA Association Finance Committee Ultimate corporate accountability. Cooperative Funding Committee Re-explaining rules. Partnership between SGA and Union Board. Fund Allocation Process This moves up the vote on budget to starting the selection process in April. Assistant Dean of Students and Presidents have vote. Vice President of Finance only votes if there is a tie. B. Kaplan: Members of funded organizations can be on the board? T. Harris: Yes! Any student who pays an activity fee can sit on the board. E. McAllister - I am not asking for questions on this right now, please e-mail Ted. SOOP FIRST READ -- SEE HANDOUT Each semester, student receive orgs and they become the direct corespondent to that group. --Brendon leaves -B. Kaplan: Motion to adjourn, second by R. Hartman E. McAllister: We still have things to do. -- motion withdran Comments from the Gallery - none Announcements: J. Meding: Partners for Peace - COME. SGA should help out Homecoming is coming up. SGA needs a team for the dodge ball tournament. J. Denhof: motion to adjourn, Seconded by B. Kaplan Vote: Unanimous.

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