Additional considerations… The above recommendations are only a starting point.

Keep in mind; there are many variables, which contribute to the overall performance of a product, and the end result.

5 Pad Choice – The more aggressive the pad. and using good techniques. 6) Product Choice . http://meguiarsonline. You must first evaluate your finish. age of paint. the more “cutting” action will take place. and then choose the appropriate product to do the job. determine your goal. 3) Machine Speed – By increasing the rpm’s of the machine. 4) Arm Speed – The quicker you move your arms back and forth. choosing the right product. hardness of paint…all of these play into which pad and product will work best for that particular application. and then choose the appropriate pad to do the job.0 M85 {formally Heavy Duty} Mequiars Compound Power Cleaner M84 Mequiars Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover {Marine} Mequiars Heavy Cut Cleaner #4 Mequiars Medium Cut Cleaner #1 Mequiars Color Restorer #44 {Marine} Mequiars DACP-Dual Action Cleaner Polish M83 Mequiars Fine Cut Cleaner #2 Mequiars Medallion Paint Cleaner #97 Mequiars Scratch-X #108 Mequiars Body Scrub A10 Mequiars Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner A30 Mequiars Swirl Free Polish #82 Mequiars Swirl Remover #9 http://meguiarsonline. 2) Pressure – Increased pressure means increased “cutting”…In some cases this is needed. a quality finish can be achieved fairly simply. The slower the arm speed the greater chance of removing defects and swirls.php?t=1556 coarses to finest Mequiars Diamond Cut 2.For example: 1) Paint – Type of paint. and in other case this could be detrimental to the surface.You must first evaluate your you automatically increase the action of the machine. determine your the less chance the product has to do it job. This means additional “cutting action” for when using products that have defect and swirl removal capability. By evaluating the finish.php?t=28407 .

0 SwirlX M83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish M205 Ultra Finishing Polish . M02. Product aggressiveness is just one factor that will affect how aggressive your defect removal process will be as all the above listed factors can and will change the aggressiveness of any product and thus your results. M85. same temperature. same paint panel. (length of time product is buffed). many people that discover our forum don't know this and have know knowledge of the different needs a body shop will have for a product to work on paint sprayed within a day or two versus what Joe Consumer wants and needs to work on his factory baked-on paint in his garage. M82. Please remember that this is a relative comparison assuming all other factors are the same. D151 will fit into the order of aggressiveness and we're not going post a scale like that because it's just too much like comparing apples to oranges. same buffing cycle. When M105 is used correctly. M09. same speed setting. for example if all products were applied with the same machine. Of course we know the detailing industry as well as the enthusiast segment of the car hobby will also use these products so we just want to set the record straight as to what these two products are intended to do and who they are primarily target towards. The above scale should be more than enough to help you understand the abilities of these products but at the end of the day the best thing to do is to wait till these products become available and then start using them yourself and dial in your own product recipe for the car's you're working on and maintaining. M04. . M66.That would be from most to least aggressive: M105 Ultra Cut Compound Ultimate Compound ScratchX 2. etc. they may only be some fine swirls left in the paint and this is what M205 is designed to remove. After seeing these products in this order some of you will want to know how some of these products can be more aggressive than our M83 DACP and yet still finish out like a fine finishing polish and the answer lies with our new super micro abrasive technology. M80. While some of you reading this understand Meguiar's has been primarily a supplier to the body shop industry since 1901 and we didn't start making car wax and car wash type product for "enthusiasts/car owners" until starting in 1973. The next question someone is going to ask is where our other Pro products like M95. M86. same downward pressure. M84. This is our new M105/M205 Tag Team primarily targeted at body shops where technicians are sanding and buffing fresh paint.M80 Speed Glaze (Different types of abrasives but close in cut ability) ScratchX (Current Version being discontinued) NOTE: M205 is specifically formulated and intended to be used with a rotary buffer on fresh paint after the initial cut is made using M105 Ultra Cut Compound. M01.


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